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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2017 11:00am-11:34am +03

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so i torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could. stay with us. i got this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir accountability and if you can give them the opportunity to wonderful thing stop. look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and tell president toasting about that as was i donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation will banks have to go. back she's very kind of says gas subsidies i believe it best to prevent the media getting anywhere and it was good for the call that. he achieved something that never happened before.
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south korea's president makes his first visit to china as regional pressure mounts on north korea has nuclear missile tests. and i mean this is al jazeera life from coming up in the program conflicting claims of ethnic cleansing in minute talks about borders say six thousand seven hundred refugees were killed in one month alone. a test of popularity for india's prime minister as elections are held in his home state of gujarat. plus a look inside what the u.s. military thinks will be the army of the future. so then north korea's recent nuclear and missile tests once again the focus of regional and international leaders a delegation from russia is in pyongyang right now and russia has the u.s.
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and south korea to engage north korean diplomats instead of economic sanctions in tokyo you interviewed general antonio terraces called for the unit see if the u.n. security council to allow for the possibility of diplomatic engagement with north korea. we have also the opportunity to discuss the. nuclear threats that we today face erosion to the north korean problem it is very clear that security council resolutions need to be fully implemented fully implemented by north korea first of all but fully implemented by all the other countries rule is crucial in order to make sure that the sentients are put in place and that they achieve the result that we all which is the nuclearization of the korean peninsula and south korea's president will enjoy in his on his first state visit to china tension remains over the u.s. deployment or nancy missile system in south korea let's hear now from kathy novak has more from seoul south korean president moon and says this trip is very much
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about rebuilding trust between china and south korea there was a dispute over the u.s. missile defense system known as that south korea says it was installed on south korean soil to protect against the threat from north korea but china had concerns over its strong radars posing potential security risks it says against china but in october the two countries agreed to move past this dispute and it's hoped that this meeting between the presidents will allow the two countries to focus more on other issues including the threat from north korea both countries have a border with north korea and want to prevent war on the korean peninsula at all costs particularly when the united states at times has reminded north korea that the military option remains on the table u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said that china is putting preparations in place
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for the potential influx of refugees from north korea so when president moon meets president xi jinping in beijing there will be a hope for discussions on how to promote peace and stability in the region. medical aid group doctors without borders say that more than six thousand seven hundred written job would killed in the month after violence broke out in myanmar. government's official figures only four hundred its military denies committing what the u.n. calls a campaign of ethnic cleansing in mammals northern rakhine state aid groups numbers based on survivors of violence from the ethnic minority sheltering in refugee camps invited us six hundred forty six thousand are injured have fled the country since august. at least ten people have been killed in a bomb attack on the main police academy in somalia's capital a suicide bomber blew himself up during a police parade inside the training camp in mogadishu officials say he was wearing police uniform the group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the time muslim
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leaders have rejected u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the organization of islamic cooperation has declared easter islam the occupied capital of palestine the fifty seven member group to denounce the american action is dangerous and is a violation of international law but the u.s. insists it supports a two state solution and will continue to work as a mediator as you all well know the president is committed to this peace process as committed as he has ever been and that has not changed that type of rhetoric that we heard has prevented peace in the past and it's not necessarily surprising to us that those types of things would be said we remain hard at work in putting together our plan we believe that that will benefit both the israeli and the palestinian people but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's unimpressed by the stumble declaration. were going to for the studio it would be
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best for the palestinians to recognize reality and act for the sake of peace and not for the sake of extremism and to recognize another fact when it comes to jerusalem not just that it is the capital of israel we also preserve freedom of worship in jerusalem for all religions and we are the ones who preserve the safeguard in the middle east in a manner that no one else preserves it and which others have also failed sometimes miserably therefore all of these declarations do not impress us the truth will come out and many countries will yet recognized or islam as the capital of israel and move their embassies. us one of the main palestinian factions call for an uprising against israel soon off to donald trump's announcement on jerusalem the palestinian political party with an when was formed thirty years ago as a response to israel's illegal occupation of west bank and the gaza strip and its myth charts the history of the group. hamas was born out of the first palestinian uprising or intifada in one nine hundred eighty seven its founder and spiritual
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leader was shaken seen almost blinding quadriplegic you seen was a hero to palestinians frustrated with the peace process israel blamed him for a series of suicide bombings and rocket attacks in two thousand and four they killed a scene with a missile strike near his home in gaza a month later another missile killed his successor abdul aziz on t.c. next came khalid mashal already a survivor of a botched israeli poisoning attempt in nine hundred ninety seven. unda mashal hamas capitalized on his popularity and scored a surprise victory in two thousand and six palestinian elections. but heightened tensions with the fatah faction of the palestinian authority the violent confrontations followed. a rival government in gaza but faced with international condemnation they struggle to govern effectively it's not easy for a movement like hamas as it is distance movement they believe the
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only way to. to anybody palestine is to continue their military struggle. when when you lose start to think to change then the whole war closed the door in front of you. in the eleven years how much ram gaza have been three wars with israel more than two thousand seven hundred palestinians have been killed by israeli security forces israel has sealed off the territory unemployment is around forty three percent the highest rate in the world according to the world bank. hamas is famous slogan has islam as a solution but people didn't buy it must fail to fix problems of health education they can't to me they got money one way or another but used it for employing that assistance and ignored the obligation of the government that's what bore down employment increased under its new political chief
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a smile when err on the left here who took over from howard mashal on the right hamas is giving political control of gaza back to the palestinian authority in the end a move prompted by pressure from the p.a. and egypt which then resulted in a reconciliation deal in october these are some of the people getting ready for the first three celebrations hamas has even changed its charter to accept the idea of a provisional palestinian state within three nine hundred sixty seven and i should try. group's image there still no mention of israel by implication has to be another state on the other side of. his longtime opposition to the oslo accords paid off in the wake of the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the polls taken just after donald trump's announcement suggest it. would win the palestinian presidential election but it's mitt i'll just iraq gaza now then voting is underway
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in india's goodreads state for the second phase of local elections the slowing economy as well as the introduction of a new tax structure and some of the issues on voters' minds the election is also being seen as a test of popularity for prime minister narendra modi who spent weeks campaigning in his home state goodreads has been controlled by modi's party the b j p for twenty two years is facing a surprisingly strong challenge from the opposition congress party which is led by it rahul gandhi david pollock has more now from made about. it is a personal challenge for both narendra modi and for raul gandhi from there under modi he was the chief minister of the state for thirteen years before he became prime minister and he tatted the governance of the state and what he's done economically in this state as a model for the rest of the country and this is the heart of his campaign to win over india and become prime minister so loss here would be a loss of face for him and also many say would show a lack of confidence in his current policies as for raul gandhi he was just
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recently in the past few days crowned the leader of the congress party a win here would validate his position here and make him a credit credible opponent for the twenty one thousand elections national elections which many say will pick gandhi against modi on the world stage or in a larger stage no one is more surprised than the b j p themselves that they have such a strong challenge against congress and this came and became particularly apparent last week in the first phase of these elections on december ninth when the turnout among the b.j. peace committed good voters was less than expected they're hoping that today which is the final phase of voting in many and half the states and for hof the seats in the legislative assembly they hope that they would be able to make up those numbers today but many people say that there has been discontent over the past years that been protests there been agitations particularly amongst the rural sector which
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makes up half the voting bloc and congress has someone somehow won the hearts with their hearts with a campaign that seems to resonate from those who feel they've been marginalized by the government's current policies the u.n. special envoy for syria is urging russia to convince the syrian government there is no time to lose on reaching a peace deal speaking to a swiss t.v. channel staffan de mistura said failure to end the war quickly could leave her fragmentation of syria cold and russian president vladimir putin to push bashar al assad's government to accept the hearse to be a new constitution and new elections for those comments come as the eighth round of u.n. brokered talks continue in geneva the process a stalled because of the government's refusal to engage in direct talks with the opposition david chase reports now from julie. it's the eighth round of negotiations and the syrian delegations have still not met face to face at the same table after nearly seven years of war and deaths numbered in the hundreds of thousands of peace appears no closer. the syrian government's team of negotiators
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in geneva refused to go into direct talks while the opposition is calling for a syria without president bashar al assad. the bombs are still falling on the besieged damascus suburb of eastern goten it's a so-called deescalation zone held by rebels four hundred thousand civilians are trapped beneath the bombardment the united nations say they're facing a complete catastrophe. syria's opposition arranged to skype call to a mother and her children inside the enclave with delegates and press in the swiss capitol on wednesday the video link was far from perfect so the message was powerful. it's unfair and unjust for us to have to store once instead of bread we beg you to break this. i look through the window and i see the bombings in front of me i see the fire that is being showered down. what
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a disappointment what frustration what a shock what a tragedy what a catastrophe we're living today in the twenty first century i asked the family if they had a message for the delegates in geneva and the outside world. we are calling for peace but we will not concede we will not give up the sacrifices we have made with the blood of our martyrs the russian president vladimir putin announced mission accomplished in syria this week and the partial withdrawal of his troops but millions of refugees cannot think of returning to a country whose government is starving its own children to death. david kay to al-jazeera. still ahead here on al-jazeera. it's out of envies hand the u.k. prime minister defeats one the promises to make bricks occasions even more
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complicated. plus will speak to victims who say they were gang raped by men in uniform during kenya's recent presidential election. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis how there's been a lot more snow overnight and there's more rain falling it's just one front after another with this it's coming in now from the atlantic contains a lot of moisture and the ice to bossa quite tight so it's increasingly windy weather and if you follow the origin that's a northerly wind so it's getting cold again but before that happens we have got yet more snow to come for this without a lot of it by which i mean a meter or so on top of what's a fairly unstable base following that large rain showers not very warm six to eight
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degrees and the still rain to the size not so much in the post valley weather's too foggy but there's the potential for that in the following twenty four hours to take you overnight tonight and the next day more snow falls with eventually that front will push through and give some rain to northern italy the western med typically and once again that's the adriatic so croatia for example following that well the sun's come back as a temp she's having very very much in other words as one would winter south of all this really the winds the opposite direction we've been seeing cloud drawn out throughout syria and libya and some about cloud has produced the old spotted right either actually as far west as mauritania in the forecast the chances are we'll see rain developing in southern algeria for the breeze coming out of the interior says quite warm in tunis. the weather sponsored by qatar and nice. you are making. when they're on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminal
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or if you join us. in the morning and says i want to cover the world of darkness this is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the police. at this time on al jazeera. again you're watching. the top stories this hour in south korea's president. is in beijing to hold talks with his chinese counterpart she paying the threat from north korea is high on the agenda moon is also looking to improve bilateral relations after the u.s. deployment of an anti missile defense system china. medical volunteer group doctors
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without borders says that more than six thousand seven hundred were killed in the first month after violence broke out in a member of the group's numbers based on a survey done among the survivors of violence as government official figure is only four hundred. voting is underway in india's state for the second phase of local elections which is seen as a test of popularity for prime minister the renderer modi who spent weeks campaigning in his home state. our let's return to the top story on the south korean president visit to china brown joins us live now from beijing and adrian this visit of. necessary but tricky. that's right nic this is a very difficult visit for president moon his first to beijing since becoming head of state early this year and the strains in the relationship between south korea
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and china are going to be very evident today for instance will be no joint statement after president xi jinping and president moon hold their bilateral talks on thursday afternoon that is a possible sign of a diplomatic impasse that remains that impasse of course is over the fact that south korea deployed an anti missile defense system early this year china is vehemently opposed to the system believing it poses a direct threat to china's domestic security so for the interests though of trying to prevent war on the korean peninsula these two leaders have come together in beijing but there is much that they do not have in common they are trying to find common ground they have for instance signed a memorandum of understanding to expand trade between the two countries which have a free trade pact at the moment but this is by and large symbolism because this memorandum is not regal really sort of legally binding so yes you know south korean
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companies have been frozen out of china during the past year because of china's anger over those companies want to get back into the chinese market because of course china is south korea's most important trading partner and south korea is china certain most important trading partners so these two countries do need each other they have to get over their differences but china saying ok we're going to get agree to disagree but we haven't forgotten the fact that you have the missile system and we regard that as actually a threat to us and what about this kind of multi-pronged approach to this to the north korean problem and especially this russian delegation in north korea right now. well that's right there does seem to be an awful lot happening on various fronts right now when it comes to diplomacy we have this russian delegation from russia's defense ministry now in pyongyang of course just last week a senior united nations official made what was the first u.n.
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visit to pyongyang in six years he left saying that the door was still a jar and now we have the south korean president here in beijing and of course while they are discussing trade nick it is quite clear that north korea is very much top of the agenda that is the dominant issue in the talks between president xi and president moon the problem is they have very different ideas as to how to you know ease tensions on the korean peninsula president xi jinping is pushing what he calls this freeze for freeze whereby north korea would halt the development of its advanced missile program in return for south korea and the united states calling a temporary halt to their military exercises now the united states says that's not on south korea appears to be going along with that china is also pushing diplomacy it still believes that diplomacy is the only way this crisis will be resolved it is it's against the idea of further sanctions i think you'll probably hear president
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xi telling president moon that is also against the idea the call for china to cut off oil to north korea fitting that would exacerbate an already very dangerous situation interesting all right david thanks very much indeed agent brown reporting there from beijing to kenya now where dozens of women have told human rights investigators how they were gang raped during the recent presidential election campaigns some men also made complaints against attackers often wearing police uniforms kenya's inspector general of police says the allegations of propaganda and lack evidence catherine soy has more from nairobi. we're not identifying her for privacy reasons but she shows us police and hospital documents she's held since august she says she was raped by a man whose face is known to her at the height of kenya's recent election tension in a nairobi shanty town she's one of sixty eight women from the city and western kenya who spoke to human rights watch about their ordeal. one held
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a knife to me then they took me to a bush told me to take off my clothes then they beat me and one ripped me i report by the rights body says that while some women like the one we interviewed criminal gangs others accused security forces of carrying out the abuses we would like their governments to create. judicial inquiry commission to look at the practices of their parties around election period including any involvement in sexual violence about half of the women interviewed by human rights watch say they were raped by men in uniform some did not report to the police all go to hospital because of fear and stigma in a statement to al-jazeera the inspector general of police dismissed part of the report accusing government forces as force. full of propaganda and lacks married and evidence. community workers say while rape in slums like this is
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common they have received increased reports from women who say they were sexually violated between the presidential election and the repeat paul in october. people are just so emotional because of the politics from different communities were attacking anyone particularly women that's why there was an increase in group cases in that period this of a tells us higher tackle was not a policeman but a man who lives in her neighborhood and is still walking free she's not hopeful that their level be justice for catching. nairobi. the united nations is warning that more than four hundred thousand children under the age of five in the democratic republic of congo could die within months without emergency intervention eighteen months of violence and the displacement of one point four million people in the region has led to severe food shortages the u.n. says many children there are acutely malnourished it is urging the international
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community to get behind emergency response to the crisis or risk a human catastrophe next year thirty thousand refugees from the english speaking region of cameroon a fleeing to nigeria trying to escape fighting between separatists and the french speaking government forces dozens of people have been killed in the violence over the past year i would address has more from nigeria's cross river state next to the cameroon border. cameroonian refugees who had to flee their homes because of ongoing military activity in soudan and in one particular camp there are more than ten thousand refugees like this as we've been told by relief workers they all arrived with their stories sad stories in fact treatment friends who lost their father who sold their father shot by the military in cameroon and then the mother died a few days later leaving them at the mercy of community members and government and nongovernmental organizations in the nigeria side of the border we also met a woman who tried three long days to arrive the nigerian side and
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a few days later she delivered a boy now what they're saying is that they are not willing to go back home now because of the tense situation where they need assurances before they go back because they hear that the continuing military operations in southern cameroon is still happening and they want reassurance there's before they go back home now this particular camp in this particular camp we heard stories of deprivation people needing help the health assistance food and shelter the human governmental organizations around are trying to help out as much as they can but they'll be smart enough evidently at least thirty people have been killed in a saudi led airstrike in the yemeni capital of sana'a many others were injured in the raid which struck a rebel military police camp it's thoughts are around one hundred eighty people were being held inside who inside who c.t.v. says all those who died were prisoners the saudi led coalition backed by yemen's government has been fighting the iran backed with rebels since two thousand and
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fifteen. ecuador's vice president has been sentenced to six years in prison after being found guilty in a corruption scandal george plus was convicted for accepting more than thirteen million dollars in bribes from the brazilian construction giant brecht to win business contracts five others including classes uncle were given similar sentences . hundreds of people have demonstrated in brussels calling for a new e.u. migration policy protesters and human rights groups are accusing the bloc of aggravated the suffering of refugees on the southern shore of the mediterranean they want to see you members to open doors for migrants for them to try to seek asylum in. britain as president goes asians are expected to be further complicated after a rebellion within the prime minister's party and a vote in parliament eleven pro european conservative m.p.'s sided with the opposition defeat by four votes means a parliamentary vote will be needed to approve britain's final deal to leave the
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european union to resume may had promised what she called a meaningful vote on breaks it would opposed make it binding. well in what could be a pivotal pivotal week for breaks in negotiations across one of bobby phillips is being to gauge the mood in a part of england which voted to leave the european union. on the essex riviera east of london this is bret's it country so today feel everything is stuck or flowing smoothly in the right direction. like many fisherman jack smith wanted breck's it so that he would be allowed to catch more of a bigger quota of fillers if he could have at least going to be quicker so i mean we can. get more money with it more poachers nursing. just takes as long as it takes. to clean up his customers and remain as if to resume a has taken on board that she can handle. the looks back at spiritually
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she does she do it because it is taking forever and a day but i'm not surprised really because you've got britain standing on its own now against the rest of the year and narrow. by you want and you know we're going to become very small fry again one and a half years after the bracks it vote the country is still divided roughly down the middle opinion polls show that very few people regret their decision that still vote exactly the same way today somehow the prime minister has to bring a divided country together statement the prime minister she believes she's doing that securing last week's deal on britain's withdrawal times this is good news today people who say she had to leave the war is that we was so bogged down in the negotiations torturous negotiations it was never going to happen it's good news for
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people who voted remainder worried we were going to crash out without a deal we are going to me but we're going to do so in a smooth and orderly way. for now progress it and peace are ready to trust the prime minister even as they grumble about the tens of billions of dollars britain will have to pay as it leaves me what i will not have been agree to is any kind of money being used as a as a bribe you know we don't we're a big enough country not to feel that we have to bribe anybody but i do think we should pay. that we have me and set me up until the time we need european leaders are likely to agree to start talks about a future relationship with britain it's slow but brecht's it seems to be moving forward although he expects storms ahead final destination far from certain phillips al jazeera essex.
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part time to recap the top stories here on al-jazeera north korea's recent nuclear and missile tests are once again the focus a regional and international leaders south korea's president is in beijing to hold talks with his chinese counterpart xi jinping and a high level defense delegation from russia is visiting pyongyang the u.n. chief has called for the unity of the security council to allow for the possible possibility of diplomatic engagement. we have also the opportunity to discuss the. nuclear threats that we today face in addition to the program it is very clear that security council resolutions need to be fully implemented fully implemented by north korea first of all but fully implemented by all the other countries was rule is crucial in order to make sure that the sanctions are put in place and that they achieve the result that we all age which is the nation of the
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korean peninsula medical volunteer group doctors without borders says that more than six thousand seven hundred reinjure were killed in the first month after violence broke out in myanmar according to me and marked self the official figures only four hundred groups number is based on a survey done among the survivors of violence from the ethnic minority six hundred forty six thousand range or have fled the country into pike there since august. at least ten people have been killed in a bomb attack on the main police academy in somalia's capital a suicide bomber blew himself up during a police parade inside the training camp in mogadishu officials say he was wearing police uniform the armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack muslim leaders have rejected u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the organization of islamic cooperation has declared east jerusalem as the occupied capital of palestine fifty seven member group denounce the american action as dangerous and as a violation of international law voting is underway in india's
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a good state for the second phase of the local elections is being seen as a test of popularity for prime minister narendra modi who spent weeks campaigning in his home state which rats has been controlled by moody's party b j p for twenty two years and is facing a surprisingly strong challenge from the opposition congress party led by a whole gandhi all right today with headlines coming up next we have the stream. facing the realities if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chance of this take a ship through which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the what some of my producers just to hear their story on talk to how does iraq at this time. hi i'm funny i say and i really could be hurricanes are my jose and maria are long
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gone but the path of destruction.


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