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that's a. really. serious debate up front at this time. it really is the international perspective that. our other news outlets beyond. our means journalism is about public service and making a difference in people's lives i'm amazed every day reporting on al-jazeera and the places that my colleagues it inspires me to take a different approach to how i. live
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from. the talks on syria. not with. sites one of the big questions has been the future of president assad's government. said that no one can tell them what to do we're live in geneva. also the scale of myanmar as a military offensive in its troubled state is thrown into the spotlight. all doctors without borders now believe these six thousand seven hundred. killed during just one month of violence a figure the. official tally plus the mysterious interstellar. space that suiting through our solar system will tell you why a strong. powerful telescopes are trying to determine if it's more than just
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a rock. and people across india are glued to state elections waiting to see if the prime minister's party will succeed or fail in the place he calls home i made a chapell send us your questions and comments throughout the show using the hash tag. you're with a news group or live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com it's looking like the same old sticking points will stand in the way of any breakthrough at the latest round of talks to end syria's war namely the future of president bush said the opposition's delegation in geneva has met the u.n. special envoy stefan de mistura as has the government side so just moments ago they had government negotiator but he said there will be no direct talks between them and the opposition as long as they maintain that president assad must go home david
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chaytor following the talks joining us from geneva itself so what else the bus side of have to say just a few moments ago. yes essentially the positions have not changed this is the eight round of negotiations which is ended in failure and bashar just body was actually saying that he thinks the syrian opposition groups the delegates were setting a precondition and as long as a precondition was in place they would be no direct talks that position has not changed the the opposition have said in the circle riyadh to statement that they want the syrian president bashar assad to step down to step away from the whole process and as long as that is the position of the syrian opposition group about sharjah far he said the syrian government delegation will not even recognize them so there's been no movement no signs of progress but he did actual so mention
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during a very long forty minute doorstep interview here that they would be accepting the invitation to go to sochi the russian invitation to move the talks to sort and that means that perhaps a new delegation new opposition delegation he was hoping to start talking to with wide of use without that precondition now that could be what he's hoping for but it's unlikely to happen but we do understand also that there are other talks taking place at the moment including a senior loyalist to the bashar. government and also other senior opposition members outside of the opposition delegation here in geneva and they have been talking ideas trying to get the peace process revivified because it's going nowhere here in geneva at the moment and those talks have been taking place every month
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it's being funded by some scandinavian countries and also the united kingdom so it seems an attempt is being made to stay within the united nations but to extend the group. talking at the moment though no direct talks at all eight rounds of negotiations here in geneva they've hardly been anywhere near each other in the so-called proximity talks and they certainly have not been beating face to face that has not happened it will not happen as far as. he was saying as long as the opposition group of putting forward preconditions and he was saying very clearly that he thinks the opposition groups were trying to sabotage the u.n. mediated talks all right david chaytor with the updates from geneva thank you for that well syria is one of the range of topics that the russian president vladimir putin talked about during his annual media conference that took place in moscow so
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he spoke for several hours and at one point suggested that the u.s. may be sparing some syrian fighters in the hope that they'll try to topple president assad's government or putin visited syria on monday to the clear victory in russia's fight against i saw there sonja gago joining us from moscow to talk more about what putin had to say let's just first focus on the big foreign policy issues obviously he did talk about syria what it what else did he have to say and and what did he say about other foreign policy issues. well starting off with syria as well this is coming off the back of that visit where he commended syria russian troops of having fought brilliantly as he put it and that they could go home as victors and very important for him to be seen to be doing that to visit the troops and to tell them like that they could go back although the extent of that is still unknown but the risk here for the worry for
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many russians is that any involvement in syria would potentially turned into another afghanistan for russia a war which for russia ended in a humiliating defeat with this he was able to declare some kind of success and also kind of put a sort of finishing point to it but make no mistake of course and this president putin did allude to this also in his conference that there is still a lot of work to be done russia while russia has said that it has defeated isolators also said that it needs to focus more on talks and also resulting the situation with refugees as well one point he said that there really needs to be an international partnership with this as well one point which he wanted to make was concerning also the educational or providing educational facilities for those young syrians caught up in those refugee camps to stop them from becoming radicalized or from in effect creating a lost generation that's what he was saying that but he said that russia could not
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bear the brunt of the burden of all of that also it wasn't just over syria that the u.s. came in for quite a straight criticism is also north korea as well he blamed the u.s. for really and also for north korea for actually engaging in a situation situation which would be escalating but he did lay the blame also on the u.s. as well saying that the u.s. did not stick to its part of the agreements which it had made previously with north korea as. well and stated what really needed to happen was really an end to this escalation and all not no he welcomed comments recently from the secretary of state rex tillerson saying that it was a step forward but of course this is something which is going to be negotiated with the russians and they want to be seen to be the power brokers and certainly part of that to be treated as equals and not just as some kind of agent between the u.s.
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and the north koreans and so on is just for the sake of time let me jump in here for just a moment because the guy who spokes person particularly important press conference why is that. well i forget of course that it's only a few months to go until it's the presidential elections and. putin has already stated that he's throwing his name into into the hat to actually go forward as an independent candidates and certainly welcoming the political support of other groups as well but this is especially important as well but of course russia has seen quite a bit of of challenges name in the economy as well as something that. mr putin is very much concerned with too concerned with the demographics of russia russia has a shrinking population if it's going to power its heavily oil dependent economy it's going to need more people to be able to do that and ways of diversifying its
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economy so in order to push that through and in order to actually be able to sort of make good on its foreign policies as well it's going to need a lot more people to be able to do that a lot more of a stronger economy to do that as well i want to go thank you for giving us the update from moscow so europe sonia referring to the syria announcement how is it playing out domestically in russia manner or argues that the syrian victory kickstarted putin's election campaign and the writer says that moscow's triumph in syria remains one of the most powerful means to electrify voters amid a deepening economic crisis caused by western sanctions over putin's boldest the most catastrophic political move all things sonia was just discussing but you can read his analysis on al-jazeera dot com under the russia which you'll find on our home page. back to sonia because she mentioned north korea which has been the subject of diplomacy going on in three countries so in pyongyang
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a delegation from russia's defense ministry has sat down for talks with north korean military officials elsewhere south korean president moon jai in is in beijing for a meeting with china's leader xi jinping relations have been frosty since south korea installed a new missile system and during a trip to tokyo the u.n. chief antonio with terrorists warned the world against quote sleep walking into war over north korea or china correspondent adrian brown tells us more about what happened in beijing. well this is a very difficult visit for president moon his first to china since becoming head of state and the strains in the relationship between china and south korea were i think very evident on thursday afternoon now after the bilateral between president xi jinping and mr moon there was to be no joint statement apparently the two sides are going to wish to separate statements that points to an existing diplomatic
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impasse over of course china's continued opposition to the anti missile defense system that south korea deployed early this year in response to all that north korea's been doing however there was one area of agreement the two sides did sign a memorandum of understanding to expand trade the tween the two countries this ceremony was watched over by some of the business executives who are accompanying president moon on his trip to china there was no one discordant moment a south korean photographer was badly beaten up by security guards as he was attending a trade function and now south korean government officials have lodged a formal protest with china that is a reminder in the sense that relations between these two countries remain very strained indeed the tone of this visit is very different to the one for president donald trump who was here of course exactly five weeks ago there's been none of the fanfare that we saw in china is doing just enough to ensure that south korea
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doesn't lose face while the president is here in china. well is there a way to avoid war on the korean peninsula that's a million dollar question posed by professor alexander in this opinion piece he describes the situation on the korean peninsula as the most tense and dangerous peace and security issue humanity currently faces you can read it on al-jazeera dot com and you can send us your comments and questions here to the news grid you can tweet us at a.j. english we're on facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid or you can send us a whatsapp at plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine and use the has tag a.j. news grids well. gathered many thousands of supporters and a show of force to mark thirty years since it was established the leader. livered a combative speech saying that he is salutes the beginning afraid and revolution
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this is an response to u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the palestinian political party was formed in response to israel's illegal occupation of the west bank the gaza strip alan fischer has been reporting from among the crowds. rallies like this are often a way to judge the support for a party and here in southern gaza we saw thousands if not tens of thousands of people attend this rally in the square they had from senior hamas figures including political leader ismail haniya he said that the decision by donald trump to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital had left the united states politically isolated every other country in the world had spoken out against it he pointed out that hamas had always been against the idea of the oslo accords and that's important in terminally because of course they're involved in discussions with fatah political union and if there are elections on the rise and they want to make
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sure that there's a distinction between themselves and fatah but he also talked about the fact that he'd like to see a day of rage in muslim countries every friday to make sure the world doesn't forget the position of jerusalem and he also said that hamas would never recognize israel the thousands here left happy that their voices had been heard and the intention is that on friday there will be a massive protest stretching the length of gaza they're calling it a million man march and they're expecting a huge turnout here while there are regular updates on the situation in the occupied palestinian territories and israel on al-jazeera dot com this page right there u.s. jerusalem move all the latest where you want to head to for the latest information and you'll find a jerusalem tab on the home page that's al jazeera dot com a medical aid group estimates at least nine thousand died in mean more in just one
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month earlier this year almost seven thousand of them in violent attacks by troops doctors without borders says almost seven hundred children were among those killed during the military crackdown which started in august but meehan mars' government is painting a very different story as mohammed general reports. doctors without borders estimate that nine thousand role hinge a died in the month that followed the start of the military crackdown in me and more which began in late august most of the rohinton who died were killed violently . the estimate contrasts sharply with me and mars government total it said four hundred refugees were killed that month doctors without borders says their estimate is conservative and the actual total is likely to be far higher we have published the most conservative fake arish we had its. and if you look at the surf a.v. ditz he interviewed more than twelve thousand people which were venom the sample
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from a fellatio six out of thousands they have heard stories of complete families which were killed so the belief that yes this number is about the belief is the lower range and our saying it's actually higher in reality the doctors without borders report states that at least nine thousand rohinton died mostly violently in iraq and state between august twenty fifth and september twenty fourth some of these atrocities according to the refugees we talked to are commits it's by military by police by local military forces and nation if that will and we still talk to people who have just arrived in the last few weeks who are still tilting about's firelands which affected them in the last two weeks so this is only going at least six hundred twenty thousand roll him to refugees fled to bangladesh from morocco and state since fighting started between me and more government security forces and rohinton gunman on august twenty fifth. army commanders in me and maher say troops
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responded to coordinated attacks on border posts by a rebel armed group they've consistently maintained no what trost of these were committed the u.n. however has called the army's actions against the rohinton a campaign of ethnic cleansing. research by doctors without borders also reveals at least seven hundred thirty rohinton children below the age of five years old were violently killed in that first month. the seeing these numbers are staggering doing it helps or if it is will spark off a general health survey in them before the realized what the finding spare the simply couldn't sit on this information while me and more in bangladesh signed an agreement last month for the return of hundreds of thousands of rohinton refugees few details of the deal have been revealed. well al-jazeera is virtual reality team and amnesty international have sought a virtual reality three sixty film showing they were just plights forced to flee
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it's called it was shot in late october in bengal deaths which is now home to more than six hundred twenty thousand refugees who fled with the un called ethnic cleansing in neighboring manned mars rakhine state since late august so in this immersive film which you'll find on our website you can get a glimpse off the scale off the crisis just had to al-jazeera dot com and search for virtual reality. moving to state elections in india that are having a big impact on national politics people are voting in the home state of prime minister narendra modi the result there will be closely watched by modi's government ahead of general elections that are due in twenty eight nineteen difficult hollande has more from the largest city in goods. the b j p has been in charge of this state for over two decades uninterrupted so many thought a win for them would be a foregone conclusion but analysts say they got
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a wake up call in the first face of these elections on december ninth when turnout among the b j p's committed voters was less than expected over the past year there have been rumblings of discontent particularly amongst the rural areas which make up half of the voting bloc many here say that the congress party has managed to launch a campaign that's resonated amongst those who feel like they've been marginalized by the government and its economic policies we spoke to some of the voters to find out what issues will be influencing the way they vote. as a businessman economic conditions are very important. looking for the market condition that i know it's a very slow. this is my first world so i am definitely excited and those issues that like him and economic the rest of the countries watching these elections closely as the stakes are particularly high for the country's leader narendra modi he was chief minister of goods or out state for thirteen years before he became
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prime minister and used his governance here and the economic model he set up here at the heart of his campaign to win over the country in the elections now a loss here for him would be seen as a loss of face for him and the lack of confidence in his policies for robin gandhi he recently was crowned the leader of the congress party a win for him would validate his position also make him a credible opponents for narendra modi and the twenty nineteen national elections so that's them via reporting from the ground and you're monitoring what voters in goods are saying online what are they saying well voters in gujarat woke up this morning and started discussing the election online many are using a hash tag around to his debut was saying this is more than just a state assembly election and as you can see in this map here much of the nation is talking about it online we're also seeing quite a bit of interest in this story outside of india in the united arab emirates where
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two million indians are living and i'm sure this will be a big story in the united states as well where there are about a million alone now is one of the richest and fastest growing states in india has a population the size of italy's and there are more than twenty one million people who are eligible to vote in this particular election which will elect the next state government now prime minister modi says that he's devoting his life for the better. it's of crores or tens of millions of people of gujarat and across india saying he's been fortunate to have their blessings in past elections where his party has helped our for twenty two years he's calling for b.j. pizza receive what he calls an overwhelming majority now his supporters and party are sharing images like this one you're about to see here something that you don't
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see every day of a prime minister patiently queuing up like everyone else to vote in the election before casting his ballot. now some b. j. p. supporters are sharing images like this one reminding us of the corruption scandals and the sagging economy which damaged the party the congress party when it was dominant in the ninety's you can see this person here said lotus versus luda but of course much has changed in modi's opponents say that rahul gandhi is trying to weaken him in his home in home states neeraj here is watching the race for mumbai he's hoping that the congress party will basically crush what the lotus of arrogance and his words with its mighty hand he's combining the symbols of the two parties here now the journalist in a kilt woggle says that whatever the outcome of this election in one thing is very clear crystal clear now rahul gandhi and the congress party certainly know how to
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fight back in the lead up to the second round of this election things have been pretty heated this week and particular and kind of sound similar to what's happening in the united states prime minister modi accused congress leaders and the former prime minister manmohan singh of colluding with pakistan to sway the election and keep b j p from winning singh fired back accusing modi of spreading falsehoods to score political points in what he calls a lost cause now exit polls that we're seeing in the past few minutes show the b j p ahead but we'll we'll have to wait until monday to find out the official results until then let us know what you think this state election might mean for the rest of the country and prime minister modi you can connect with us as always using the hash tag aging is good. well we're just getting news we'd like to tell you about and what we're hearing is that egypt has ordered al-jazeera journalist mahmoud hossain to remain in prison for another forty five days he was arrested in egypt a year ago while visiting family and it's now the tenth time his detention has been
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renewed al-jazeera continues to demand his release he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny her saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail now to a big deal in the media world because disney is buying a chunk of twenty first century fox for almost fifty two and a half billion dollars the acquisition includes film and television studios as well as cable and international t.v. businesses can really help covering the story joining us from washington d.c. so how big a deal is this deal talk us through its significance. it's significant because it's really a reorganization of the media land landscape and it's a result of changing viewing patterns and specifically sort of the patterns of younger people that are making up a larger and larger part of that market and have been demanding kind of an all
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a carte experience that we often find from netflix or google or amazon who have been increasing their online video offerings in recent years and it's made it harder for these traditional companies film companies like twenty first century fox to compete this is an established company it has put out movies like the sound of music the first star wars even marilyn monroe films very well known in the united states and around the world for its historic value but not a company that's been able to keep up with the trends in the demands of consumers so what this deal is doing essentially is addressing that it will certainly as you point out take a big chunk of the film division of fox take it away allow disney to sort of consolidate all of that efforts but what it separates is the news and sports division of fox leaving that separate so that it can tightly focus on its mandate or wonder what what it means for the media industry as
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a whole and how. to have this deal will receive. well what it does is it creates a lot of uncertainty as you see with any sort of mega merger and if course it does have to be approved by antitrust regulators but a lot of people because are calling this a historic deal because of the scale and the scope of it but in terms of how that will play out that could mean job losses it could mean executives could sort of be falling by the wayside as they try and bring these two companies together so there's that aspect but on the consumer side a lot of people saying this is pretty important because what this means is it could also mean additional offerings in the global marketplace seeing this company allowing for say india for example or other areas that certainly could increase those sort of online video traffic seeing that increase that could benefit consumers so it depends on where you fall and how this could play out but a lot of people saying well this is something is still is subject to approval it
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could have positive news for the consumer all right carol thank you and if you'd like to connect with kimberly you can do so she's on twitter and can really help if you're watching us on facebook live in just a moment you'll see a look at the competitive world of indigenous sports in mexico and coming up in just a moment on the news grid a massive corruption investigation rocking lot in america there is one if it's biggest names yet we'll tell you who coming up. and it's no surprise to find winter coming from the caucasus across iran two was just kind of stunned it's december after all they would be surprising to find that we've only got thirty centimeters of snow it's raining how science and beaches just north of the capital of afghanistan but that is the case in this bit more snow to come in that system which totals back through and lee's kind of that fact is
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generating the potential war and we could be realized in the far south in the cause . of iran the circulation here is well mostly we're talking about clear skies maybe an onshore breeze or produce a bit more clout in aid for example beirut which is still enjoying about twenty degrees by the certainly getting cold nights now getting that low single figures turkey and the levant probably in iraq as well but we're twenty during the day in the sunshine this drop down to the arabian peninsula and you saw what's happening on the iranian coast and that circulation suggests the cloud will produce rain here but it's spread south into u.a.e. maybe the eastern side of a man come saturday so cloudy and wet an unusual combination but they're all the same in south africa enjoy the sunshine for a couple of days if you're in zimbabwe and expect more rain as it suggests.
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singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business smuggling when they will take the same there is still the sand is are using this beautiful beach behind it is something that's not so full of tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand walls at this time on al jazeera when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullets my life when people need to behead a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rolled in just have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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headlines on al-jazeera and this is what's trending right now on our web site the
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top story is really minister. invites the saudi crown prince to visit israel a second story all having to do with israel and jerusalem it's been a big story for us this week here at al-jazeera so you can read all the updates by heading to zero. zero five years ago a young man once and to school in the u.s. state of connecticut and shot dead twenty children and six teachers the sandy hook massacre as it's become known shocked america and the world but it wasn't enough to change gun laws and there have been mass shootings ever since she had written c. reports. just what is the national rifle association saying here they use their media to assassinate real news they use their schools to teach children that their president is another hitler they used their movie stars and singers and comedy shows an award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again to many it
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seemed like a cool for violent civil war or perhaps it was a sign that the n.r.a. was worried about historical trends until the. war guns are purchased often during democratic ministrations. under president obama under president trump gun manufacturers have reported large drops of revenues you are the true friend and share in the white house so although that may be so. presidency has been bad for business which may explain the n.r.a. switch from gun advocacy to a far right wing agitator but this is ministration congress all potentially good for the legislative goals it's already spent more this year than it did in all of twenty sixteen lobbying congress some four point one million dollars its key aims are to convince legislators to deregulate the sale of silences and make sure all states recognize each other's concealed carry licenses the right of
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a gun owner to carry their. covertly in public but the n.r.a. faces a complex demographic challenge posed consistent majorities for gun control and safety measures nonetheless gun ownership has held steady for years at around a quarter of adults it's young people who are a particular challenge for the n.r.a. . the polls show they support concealed weapons under sold weapons sales their least likely to own a gun they support sales restrictions and a national gun registry and have the least regard for the n.r.a. have different beliefs about guns and have often been the case they've lived in a world with concealed carry for their base in their entire life throughout most of the nation and they also live in a world with a lot of mass shootings defining guns rather than violence really the inner cities as we talked a lot about in the eighty's in the early ninety's. the n.r.a. however appears to have decided it's best course is to appeal to the extreme right
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wing nationalistic and socially conservative impulses of people gun safety advocates hope this is precisely the wrong strategy to win over a new generation of gun owners. she ever times the al-jazeera well jeremy richmond lost his daughter of yellow in the sandy hook shooting so he started a nonprofit organization in her name which works the study of the neuroscience behind violent acts he says that mental health problems persist among the victims' families and survivors. it's hard to express to people. that kind of loss. there are answers we just need to start turning over the rocks and looking under that don't look here let's get practical don't look at the firearm look at the shooter. let's talk to william bizarre he's a professor emeritus at california state university and the author of shots in the dark the policy politics and symbolism of gun control he's joining us from
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sacramento in california so this issue of gun control of the debate around it just keeps reemerging after each deadly shooting in the u.s. for the benefit of for international audience you know a lot of viewers just wondering why congress doesn't act after these shootings that take place in the u.s. what's your response of the short answer quite simply is the republicans have controlled congress for the last seven years and as long as they do there isn't going to be any form of farmed regulation moving through congress. there's a lot more to it than that. americans generally support. gun regulation as abstract concepts but they have been solidified around any specific set of proposals and the supporters tend to be relatively an enthusiastic in their support i mean gun
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control is way down the list of priorities for most supporters on the other hand for the opposition it's the number one issue so when you have even a minority opposition to something but it's very very intense and broad based lukewarm support. it's not an unequal opposition and when you have a powerful lobby groups like the n.r.a. for example how much further does that complicate the situation and what is it that makes the n.r.a. so powerful. but what makes the n.r.a. powerful was is the fact that again they have. very very strong set of supporters several million members who believe fervently in their position. some of their strength is economic their ability to contribute to.
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various candidates but more importantly they can turn out votes in certain swing districts and the structure of the united states' political system is an advantage for them. in the sense that you know every state has two senators and that means wyoming has the same voting power in the senate for instance as california even though it has one seventieth the number of people so there are a number of reasons. in addition to the existence of the second amendment which restricts how far you can go with firearms regulation but there are a number of political reasons that. gun control just hasn't had the salience in the united states. that other issues have ok william has are we thank you for speaking
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to us from sacramento where you can get a sense of the sale of the problem our web team put together this page where you can read about the deadliest mass shootings in the u.s. in the past two decades on al jazeera dot com. staying in the americas where there are new developments in the scandal surrounding brazilian construction giant autocrats the company's admitted paying bribes to politicians across the region to win contracts the latest big name to fall is ecuador's vice president jorge gloss who has just been sentenced to six years in prison there is a big reaction online andrew to the story well dream we've been following the other brecht story for a while now the corruption scandal has been trending virtually every day in the region for much of the last year as more high ranking officials government officials and businessmen in latin america are implicated this time it's ecuador's vice president and also the president of peru the former head of
6:40 pm
a direct has confirmed it paid peru's president pedro pablo could kaczynski up to five million dollars in exchange for favoring a brazilian company and it's what her message she denied this but says he will cooperate with any investigation. but i go to you and my entire career as a public servant i have never favored any company i'm willing to clarify anything that needs clarifying before the congress and before the public ministry i have nothing to hide now with the president implicated in the case peruvians have started an online campaign asking for pedro public in an s p p k to step down carlos here writes that the people demand an honorable job honorable work and no impunity for corruption and if you didn't know a direct is one of the largest construction companies in the world and since the one nine hundred forty s. it's helped build much of the infrastructure that's across latin america but under that business empire the company has paid somewhere around four hundred thirty nine
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million dollars to public officials in these countries in the form of bribes they then had to pay the largest bribery fines in history so you can see peru here down at the bottom amounting to about twenty nine million dollars in bribes and colombia has about eleven million now prove has been one of the country's leading the investigation that has implicated presidents of several countries including colombia and ecuador and brazil even led to the impeachment of former president dilma rousseff through a criminal investigation which you may have heard of known as operation car wash we will continue following this story in the months and maybe years ahead if you want to share your thoughts with us on twitter just use the hash tag a.j. news good andrew thank you sue turton is joining us now from london with more of the international news hi sue. thanks terry it's a prime minister to resign may his meeting with european union leaders in brussels
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less than a day after an embarrassing parliamentary defeat on breck said on wednesday night parliament back trying to mend meant giving them a legal guarantee of a vote on the final breaths that deal struck with brussels to resume is hoping e.u. leaders approve an agreement to move the negotiations on to a second phase while our u.k. correspondent barnaby phillips is in brussels barnaby did you think this humiliation the treason may suffered in the in the commons is going to affect any o.c.a. she is moving forwards where you are. i think potentially yes it is embarrassing and it does we can position and it raises that question in all the future negotiations which are going to take place throughout next year what authority does she bring when she sits down here in brussels with john go or donald tusk what sort of mandate does she have at home it raises the question of potential
6:43 pm
future defeats to come as more bracks that legislation makes its way painfully through the house of commons back in london having said all that i think there's also some sympathy here in brussels for to reserve may day on the whole european union heads of government see her as the into luca that they want the partner that they want in the process someone with whom they can work with and of course many are not unfamiliar with the difficulties of being in a minority government back at home and i think she'll get her way here i think that the european union other twenty seven heads of government are going to say yes sufficient progress quotes has been made on the terms of britain's departure from the e.u. and it is time to move on to that second stage of talks which will look at britain's trans. one seed has formally left the european union in march of twenty nineteen and the outlines of
6:44 pm
a future trade deal although even there although that is what the british want to be talking about you are hearing from european heads of government here you know we need a little bit more clarity from to reason may he needs to face up to some of the contradictions within our own party and be more specific with us when we sit down with her probably in march or april of twenty eighteen to learn a little bit more about what sort of future relationship how close she really wants to be to the european union many thanks finally be phillip's there with the latest from brussels. a memorial service has been held six months on from the grenfell tower fire in london which killed seventy one people. from the royal family the u.k. prime minister and emergency service personnel who worked on the night of june the fourteenth attended the service at st paul's cathedral under the families were left homeless after the firing gulf the twenty four story building and many are still
6:45 pm
living in temporary accommodation thousands of people have been on the streets of the greek capital athens as part of a nationwide strike against the government's latest austerity measures. ten thousand protesters gathered outside parliament as politicians prepared to debate the twenty eight hundred budget that will go to a vote next tuesday the government has agreed to cut spending reduce tension benefits and tighten strike rules for unions as part of its latest bailout review. ten members of a u.k. criminal gang have been jailed after they were caught on camera smuggling contraband using a prayer to a prison using drones the operation was caught by chance last year on remote cameras set up to film wildlife in the middle and county of west a ship. to say drugs phones and weapons with an estimated value of more than a million dollars were smuggled into hugo prison it's alleged a prisoner straighted the operation from behind. so from
6:46 pm
a phenomenon back to dairy. soup thank you very much well we have viewers with us from rwanda from mexico and from spain wherever you're watching us from this is going to be of interest to you because we're going to look at a mysterious object that's been getting astronomers very excited ever since it shot into our solar system so this is an illustration there it is off the cigar shaped asteroid called only that's a hawaiian word which means a messenger from a far arriving first so it's the first object discovered in our cosmic neighborhood that appears to have come from elsewhere in space research or is involved in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence or sexy have been scanning it for signs off alien life let's talk about the speak to louis other broke he said astronomer at the university of amsterdam and author of planet hunters the search for extraterrestrial life joining us via skype from ny megan in the netherlands good to
6:47 pm
have you with us on this newsgroup so are they going to find signs of alien life and i don't know do. i think it is unlikely that they will but there's no harm in looking what else are they going to be tracking for what are scientists looking out for. i think if the current campaign isn't talked about it is a radio astronomy complaints that are looking for radio radiation from this object which can be reflected ready ation from further out in the solar system or on a hunch they hope it might be actually a be instructed to communicate but like i said i find the possibility unlikely so they're listening to it if there is no signal no sort of audio signal then what else can they find out well they are already also tracking this object with optical
6:48 pm
telescopes so telescopes that measure visible lives that you know we can also see and from that a lot more about the object can be found out learned it wasn't made of and loves its shape means so far as sharp image of his object has not been made so that's already going to be of much value to astronomers to find out where it is object has come from and how it was forms ok well you know some people think perhaps there are other one was as it's called that are lurking around could they pose any sort of danger to us if if they are look around and if they come close. well. in a sense you have to imagine space is very big and very empty so the odds of us being well a. track are such an object are also very slim it would be very interesting if we
6:49 pm
would be able to find more of these objects because did this object is coming from another solar system from another star is the first such big object that we have ever see come so close to us and if it doesn't come too close we're only excited about it and that's just speak hypothetically here for a moment what happens if it does come close is that likely first of all and if it does what happens it's also it's unlikely if it. gets close to us we wouldn't really. really be bothered by too much unless it really hits the earth in such a thing impacts the earth at such high velocity yet then we're in trouble. such a thing has happened previously but which comments within the solar system and they go also at very high velocities so if an asteroid hits the earth well one of them killed the dinosaurs and it may very well kill us if that hits us but it's very
6:50 pm
unlikely that it will be and if we find out about it in time to deflect it somehow then we might be able to avert disaster i'm just going to show my viewers for just a moment one what exactly looks like people saying that in fact it looks like a cigar shape does that say tell us anything about it at all no gas. well it tells. most of these objects in our solar system are more sterkel so it tells us that likely it has been eroded a lot on it's large you have to imagine just thing has been around since even before europe existed and it has ever since traveled billions and billions of kilometers through interest outer space being blasted with cosmic radiation on the way it's really like an ember in the fire that is just completely lost its initial shape all right so the costs are broken we thank you for
6:51 pm
a speaking to us i got to get your thoughts on al-jazeera on the news good thank you thanks very much larry well just a moment peter will be here to tell us about what people are talking about in sports and south america online on thursday as the brazilian argentinian football rivalry tech center stage what happened we'll tell you after a snapshot of the world weather stay with us.
6:52 pm
thank. you.
6:53 pm
find out what people are talking about in sports today has peter had a survey of one of the most followed football clubs on the planet you would think both the owner roman druid right but we're talking about brazilian team flamingo who were playing in the final of south american football competition because pursued amerikana they were taking on argentinian side independent ten just take a look at this heat map showing the concentration of tweets across south america using the terms flamengo independent entity matter cannot which is where the game was taking place and sued amerikana the sea even created millions of tweets but
6:54 pm
that didn't ensure a memorable day out for one team as a nice home and now reports. the. flamingo have an estimated fanbase of dirty three million people worldwide but just sixty three thousand could pack into radio de janeiro's famous maracana stadium for the final of south america's second biggest club competition tensions were high before the game as they face argentinian side independently at a two hundred ten thousand travelling fans from one side was not the sound of the other as they call us racists but flamengo fans were inciting violence telling us you were going to die you have to run and they don't think anything of it i don't like this atmosphere and football football's a sport if you go to other countries up north this wouldn't happen it only happens in south america. independent anti held a two one lead from the past like at that time i but the my go well for the fight is that i'm for their first continental title since nineteen and she won
6:55 pm
was. lukas parkhead to strike in the thirtieth minute level the tied one one but the arjun times restored their advantage just before half time was all the pressure rested on the hosts and they came close on a couple of occasions. was that independent entity held on for three to look at the jury or as i am ok then your muscle memory when you that we had a rival with a very big history in a mythical stadium one of the cathedrals of world football we knew it would be very tough i'm very proud of this group of players i trusted the decisions made by my technical stuff medical crew and the entire club which are focused on trying to achieve this was the it's the argentinian second title in this competition the
6:56 pm
party will continue back in what is cyrus elease home and al jazeera we want to follow up. on that story from yesterday there four times to the france winner chris froome had tested positive for excessive amounts of illegal asked him a drug at the tour of spain in september it was plenty of social media reaction to it both for and against the british cyclist and the trend is continue today i want to show you this one scout you're using the a.j. news group the hash tag to get in touch with us she says cycling is no duty here than any other sport the difference is that it is transparent and that's why i do see athletes are exposed german cyclist tony martin posted a fairly angry response on facebook this one translated from germany claim there is a double standard being played out here and that firm is being treated leniently and before more australian anti doping boss richard is treated a response to froom the britain had said he did not break any rules but ins here points out that in fact he has provisionally broken an anti doping rule and froome
6:57 pm
well he has also tweeted again to profess he's innocence he's also seen in league coming up for all asthmatic athletes at the same time in this tweet we can hear from him now i can understand a lot of people's reactions especially given the history of the sport but i think this is this is obviously a very different case this is not a positive test. as it stands the u.c.i. have asked me for more information regarding my use of of some beautiful which is a very common medicine used in treating us my thing all are all asthmatic. will know what salvia small is. and obviously only been too happy to try and try and help the u.c.i. . get in the blanks. you can get in touch with us anytime using that a.j. news group hashtag on instagram or twitter you can also tweet me directly at the
6:58 pm
school save it and i'll be back in the eight hundred g.m.t. with another sporting update of a melon going to hand you back to dream peter thank you one last thing before we go and a look at some art display art on display in new york what makes this interesting is that the works are by guantanamo bay in mates well the idea for the exhibit was born when a lawyer started bringing pieces back from the prison camp after a long and strict screening process as you can imagine thanks for watching the news grid we'll see you back here in studio fourteen at fifteen g.m.t. on friday see you then.
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the sky. should be no borders up here why only horizons one as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a rowing football of us to go where we need to go way to feel the things we want to feel. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's
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a strange thing for us to be a part. of our ways going places together you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been the criminal mind or if you join us on sect no evil person just wakes up of in the morning and says i want to cover the world of darkness this is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion the lie about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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a shocking new estimate for the number of muslim or henjak killed by security forces in my.


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