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you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so full of tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound walls at this time on al jazeera. this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's from thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking for today we get to assess that client with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom this feels like it's a little gift that sure is a tomato exploration process. we have that technology available to us techno at this time on all jazeera. victims of syria's war stare at an uncertain future as another round of u.n.
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bank talks fail. sami's a dam the sal just live from down so coming up the anger refuses to die down more protests across the world against the u.s. president's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. in spain a long hard slog we started off with not pain the latest vindicated at last an investigation in australia finds institutions failed to protect tens of thousands of victims. and the un takes a firsthand look at extreme poverty in the united states. of us no end in sight for millions of syrians who suffered years of turmoil after
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the latest round of geneva talks failed to bring about any hope of face all sides are blaming each other for the lack of progress this leaves many syrians continuing to live either under siege or in camps sound enjoyed reports from the camp in northern syria syrian children made homeless in their own country struggle to understand why they have to live in tents of the six and a half million displaced syrians almost three million are boys and girls. mohammed remembers going to school before his leg was blown off in an airstrike he blamed the assad government. his scars are a painful reminder of the surgery and shrapnel that hit in leg. he tires easily these days and misses going out to play football well. it's too hard for me to go to the toilet we go to the caravan used by everyone else i want to preserve the clegg i dream of becoming a driver maybe a pilot or i could study to become
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a doctor me syrians into our camp are forced to leave their homes in homs city after a three year siege the government told them they could survive if they surrendered their homes five and a half thousand came to this camp but basic facilities a plastic sheet is what separates the people in sight from the really cold wind that you can feel out in this camp and you can see the conditions because this is what they have for sewage there because charities are providing help but it's not enough the refugees put on layers of clothes to stay warm during the harsh winter because there is no heating the managers of the camp say just sending more aid is not a long term solution. bringing us aid boxes or heating doesn't solve our problem the problem is the regime solve that and the people will return home we do such as and they have more urgent needs. there's only been my child has a blood disease and he needs medicine i'm the wife of the martyr and have four orphans i lost my husband and there's no one to help i don't want anything i want
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just medicine her story resonates with the syrians forced from their homes and more are becoming homeless as the war enters its seventh winter they fear the world doesn't care anymore but it's hoped when the children such as noor aren't giving up despite being told not to run he wants to show the world he's still capable and still have a chance of a better future some of the job made out of the euro zone for a camp. david has more on those failed talks from geneva. the eighth round of negotiations and yet another failure for the united nations in geneva the syrian government's team refused point blank to meet face to face with their opposition counterparts they say no talks will be held with the opposition as long as it insists on president assad's removal from power and the opposition has presented us with a new position and has imposed preconditions on the talks in geneva these come from their handlers on the other side the un's mediator stefan de mistura couldn't hide
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his frustration he said carriage was needed to win the peace a big meat opportunity i golden opportunity at the end of this year when in fact duty there a clear indication by many thighs that the military operations are coming to a cloth the leader of the opposition delegation though was equally forthright pinning the blame for the failure squarely on the shoulders of the team from damascus. the regime has refused to wreck talks refused indirect talks refuse even the agenda put forward by. to everything it means the regime rejected the peace process after nearly seven years of civil war in syria with the death toll now stretching beyond four hundred thousand and with millions of refugees force on the home now is the time to find a new initiative behind the scenes talks are underway to find
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a method to revive this peace process but ultimately solution lies in the hands of two leaders in washington and moscow david chaytor al-jazeera geneva. well from palestine to pakistan malaysia to japan protests are underway against the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel has already been rallies in tokyo and this one in kuala lumpur where hundreds marched through the streets the outrage over don trance decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem hasn't died down since the announcement last week it was widely condemned with muslim leaders instead declaring jerusalem as the capital of palestine. let's go live now to harry forces in jerusalem so how are things going out for it's supposed to another day of protests there harry. that's right and the city the israeli forces are gearing up in slightly different style
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from what we saw last friday the protests that took place in the square just outside damascus gate in the old city behind me if i just part of the shot a look at the currents or maybe just just show you what's going on what they've done is cordon off just a couple of paths through the steps down towards the entrance into the old city so people who want to go to pray at the locks the mosque compound can do so the police are saying there are no age restrictions on friday prayers today but they do seem to be trying to preempt any aftermath of friday prayers spilling into the square last friday we saw a number of protesters standing on the steps chanting there were repeated scuffles with police and forces israeli forces during that period so whether they're just trying to prevent that happening again or whether they have intelligence that suggests there might be wider scale protests and clashes coming up the police spokesman isn't saying what we do know is that palestinian factions have been calling for larger protests all week especially in light of the organization of
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islamic cooperation conference that took place in turkey earlier this week and so it may well be that the protests here in occupied east jerusalem and in the occupied west bank as well could be of a larger scale this friday. or i will leave it there for now thanks so much. now european leaders are wrapping up a final day of talks on briggs and negotiations in brussels they've assured the u.k.'s prime minister through the may enough progress has been made may met with twenty seven leaders at the summit on thursday urging them to be creative when talks move to trade the meeting comes only a day after she suffered a defeat in parliament over her blueprint for quitting the e.u. . go live now to the philips he joins us from brussels so today's meetings are going to be a rubber stamp of the move to the next stage. it looks that way yes sami went to resume
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a made her presentation here in brussels late last night she was warmly applauded by the other e.u. twenty seven heads of government and that is indicative of the fact that fellow europeans certainly still regret bricks it certainly this is not a process that they want to be going through but there is a feeling around the table that if they have to do it to reason may is about as good as they will get from the british side she is their desired him to look at they're aware of domestic weakness but they see her as someone who's worked very hard to get the talks this far and she is the person they would like to carry on negotiating with so yes i expect that that agreement will be rubber stamped and the critics will then move on to phase two which can loosely be described as the future relationship between britain and europe you know what most analysts are saying though given everything that's happened in phase one don't expect the next stage to
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be simple. no not at all and in fact i would say that even the conclusion of phase one involved a fair amount of ambiguity particularly perhaps on that irish border question and that ambiguity could yet come back to haunt the two sides and the eventual success of these talks but let's just talk about phase two it's rather complicated what is likely to be agreed is that when britain leaves the european union in march of twenty nineteen it will then be in a transition phase probably of two years that's what the british government have suggested during which technically britain would have been no longer a member of the european union out of the common market out of the customs union but in practice not very much will change at all and that is really what
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business is finance industry in britain wants to hear it's pushing the british government very hard it's saying we need some clarity we're going to start making our plans early in twenty eighteen we're going to start moving out in some cases shifting jobs abroad in less we know what's going to happen after march of twenty nineteen at the same time there are going to be negotiations about the eventual relationship between britain and the e.u. after the transition phase and perhaps after twenty twenty one if you follow me and there are two there is a lot of scope for disagreement i think there is a feeling here in brussels that the british government has not really resolved the contradictions in terms of what sort of relationship it wants how much access does it want to the european single market in the long run how many rules is it prepared to accept from brussels in return or would it like to really break free sign free trade agreements all over the world and is it then prepared to lose an awful lot of
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access to europe so so many questions so many doubts that need to be resolved over the months and i would say years to come. phillips there from brussels. now a commission in australia is calling for a law forcing religious leaders including catholic priests to report child abuse it follows a five year inquiry that uncovered evidence of tens of thousands of children who've been sexually abused in australia the commission investigated catholic churches schools and sports clubs over several decades report makes their four hundred recommendations for event child abuse including vatican reform the prime minister malcolm turnbull said the investigation has exposed a national tragedy i want to thank and on are the courage of the the survivors and their families who've told often for the first time the dreadful. stories of abuse that they
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received from people who actually owed them love and protection. he spent a long hard slog we started off with not being believed not pain not people not wanting us to talk about it the churches and charities in institutions putting pressure on everyone not to believe this that we were lying that it wasn't true and the royal commission is saying that enabled all of us to to step up and say yes now people believe this it is true. papua new guinea's supreme court has ruled in favor of refugees in a prison camp a man a silent the judges dismissed an attempt to stop compensation for the asylum seekers it also ruled human rights of all those sent to a straight is controversial offshore refugee camp had been breached well the camp was closed a month ago but many refugees refused to go saying they feared being attacked still
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ahead on al-jazeera. the evidence is undeniable the weapons might as well have had made in iran stickers on right. around denies it but the u.s. says it has proved to have done is supplying arms to whom the rebels in yemen plus zimbabwe's ruling party mates to chart out the country's future after president mugabe. halloa daily share of the tropics is typically and you have two hundred millimeters on a bad day and they're more like sixty seventy the moment unless you're a concentration as we got currently in central philippines as a huge figure of twenty four hours if i showed you the two day figure it would almost be up to my waist well it's a tropical storm that's the reason it's been around for two or three days it takes all the energy out the atmosphere so there are showers for the south there
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a big gap to see much of borneo it is clear to see all of sudden thailand malaysia in the blue skies and most of sumatra but there will be a few showers around maybe sasa singapore and hitting jakarta of the next day or so as this slowly spins through the central philippines dropping the same amount of rain again quite possibly that's of benefit to those for the south dropping south of the equator by a long way we've been talking not so much about the amount of rainfall in there been some big showers in northern territory but the temperatures unsubtle straightly abuse it was over forty in the western suburbs of sydney it's cooling down a little bit now the wind direction is change will cause a bit more of the cooling breeze certain city twenty four in melbourne so a good ten to fifteen degrees down below what we were however he's cooler still in coming weather in person she down to nineteen degrees whereas adelaide up again to thirty four.
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they live in a country plagued by poverty but for india's billionaires life is all about glamour luxury and pristine. wonder when east meets the new maharajah at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to you. as iraq. welcome back you're watching hour just zero time to recap our headlines down
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there's no end in sight for millions of syrians who suffered years of turmoil after the latest round of geneva talks failed to bring about any hopes of peace all sides are blaming each other for the lack of progress means many syrians continuing to live either under siege or in camps protests are underway against the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel it's already been rallies in tokyo and this one in kuala lumpur where hundreds marched through the streets trump announced to be moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem last week. the commission in australia is calling for a law forcing religious leaders including catholic priests to report child abuse it follows a five year inquiry that uncovered evidence of tens of thousands of children who've been sexually abused in australia. china and south korea both say they won't tolerate war with north korea united message was delivered during president moon jane's first state visit to beijing he was hoping to repair relations damaged by
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the deployment of a u.s. missile defense shield china fears the systems powerful radar can penetrate deep into its territory and reassure china it will only be used to defend against north korean missiles kathy novak has more from seoul. president moon j.n. is continuing his four day state visit to china with a meeting with the chinese prime minister and parliamentary leader it's all part of an effort to improve relations that were strained over a dispute over the u.s. missile defense system known as that being installed here in south korea there was no joint statement or news conference after the meeting between presidents moon and she but we're told by president moon's office that the two leaders agreed to forge general principles on north korea that there should be no more war on the korean peninsula that the korean peninsula must be nuclear free that into a korean relations must be improved and that china and south korea must work
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together to pressure pyongyang to come to negotiations but in a sign that the relationship still remains quite frosty we're told that chinese president xi jinping reiterated his position on the third missile defense system saying that he hopes south korea takes the situation seriously and that it takes a long time to recover from a setback but relations are now improving fast we're told that president moon did ask china to play a bigger role when it comes to north korea but that he did not specifically mention the request that china put a full oil embargo on that country now japan is imposing additional sanctions on north korea because of its nuclear weapons threats north korea has repeatedly five missiles towards japan in defiance of u.n. sanctions and international condemnation north korean banks coal and transport firms have been added to the japanese blacklist. the united states may negotiate a for north korea has reiterated that direct diplomacy combined with economic
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pressure is the best way to handle the situation joseph you made the comments during a visit to thailand ways been trying to see cooperation for the u.s. effort reports. the visit to thailand by joseph un is part of a campaign by the government in the united states an effort to increase economic pressure on the government in north korea by getting countries to either cut off or reduce diplomatic and trade ties with pyongyang there are several countries in southeast asia including thailand that have traditionally had very strong relations with north korea the ties for their part are saying that very recently over the past year that trade with north korea has gone down by around ninety percent and in fact by the end of this year within the next few weeks that all trade with north korea will come to an end in a very brief media conference in bangkok joseph you and also backed up what the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said this week when he said that the u.s.
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is open to unconditional talks with pyongyang just a few in the media conference saying that he is optimistic that the u.s. policy of maximum pressure and in gauge meant will work but when asked what is the next step from the united states if north korea refuses to return to the negotiating table he simply said we'll have to wait and see. how the united states has presented what it calls undeniable evidence iran is supplying weapons to fight is in yemen the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. the key haley showed off or washington says parts from an iranian made ballistic missile iran denies the allegations though our state department correspondent rosalind jordan reports. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations making paling travel from an institution devoted to diplomacy to a military base on thursday to point the finger at iran the trumpet ministration is accusing to han of illegally supplying weapons to groups across the middle east
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explosive boats drones and high am short range ballistic missiles haley told reporters she was standing in front of one of those alleged missiles these are the recovered pieces of a missile fired by who the militants from yemen and a saudi arabia the messes the nestles intended target with a civilian airport in riyadh. the november fourth attack on the riyadh airport is one of the many clashes between the saudi backed government and who the rebels trying to conquer the country and the attack is mentioned in the u.n. secretary general's latest report on iran's compliance with the nuclear deal but officials say that mention is not a confirmation there's no conclusive evidence about the provenance of those missiles but you can read the report for yourself even before the press conference was over the iranians rejected haley's charges these accusations seek also to cover up for the saudi war crimes in yemen with the u.s.
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complicity and divert international and regional attention from the stalemate war of aggression against the yemenis that has so far killed more than ten thousand civilians displaced three million crippled yemen's infrastructure and health system and pushed the country to the brink of largest famine the world has seen for decades as the un has warned the swedish ambassador to the un told reporters he is concerned the u.s. is trying to find new reasons to scrap the iran nuclear deal as far as i mean for him for that agreement is being implemented by iran on the nuclear issue now we would be very happy to discuss with american and other. as you know the broader role of iran in the region analysts say while checking iran's behavior is important the trumpet ministration is taking a risk i would hope that there would be more evidence put forward in general and for that matter for that's really. important she claims to have evidence evidence
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for that haley made it clear the u.s. is doing what needs to be done for the sake of national security you will see us build a coalition to really push back against iran and what they're doing well and warning to taliban at least for now supply cross alone jordan al-jazeera washington and now zimbabwe's ruling zanu p.f. is holding an extraordinary conference that would signal the end of the robert mugabe era the meeting will ratify the removal of former president mugabe successor and the sentiment is expected to renew his call for the removal of international sanctions and child how to path of his country's future how much has more from harare. the president says extraordinary congress on friday will make decisions and resolutions that will take zimbabwe forward in a similar go to place robert mugabe as leader of both the country and the ruling zanu p.f. party last month after the military intervened and mugabe resigned but that god was
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a technique or option is a priority for the party he again want those accused of breaking the exchange control by illegally stashing money abroad to return the stone in cash in exchange for amnesty i release. in the margins. those who are. oh no. there's a shortage of foreign currency long queues outside banks form at the end of every month many are angry desperate and frustrated at the poor state of the economy or the kind of issues that we want them to discuss issues that will positively impact on the ordinary person on the street so we just have that they'll be able to come up with a major discussion around the economy. the president says he'll call for the removal
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of sanctions imposed in the early two thousand by some western countries for alleged human rights abuses he believes the end of sanctions will help the economy improve more quickly president in a similar way is promising to stabilize the economy improve productivity on farms and create jobs that could mean a mending off scrapping some controversial government policy. then you agriculture minister has ordered people who have illegally occupied farm lands to leave immediately the finance minister says indigenous ational a policy that favors blacks and will be more investor friendly some analysts say when i go will try to unite a seemingly divided party several but not all of our lives have been fired there's always an after effect of a political process particularly in a takeover presidency will be remnants of other factions but again they'll try and manage it friday as congress will be the first without robert mugabe since one
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thousand nine hundred eighty when i got plans to announce who will replace mcgovern's wife grace as head of the party's women's week. al-jazeera. well the president of peru is resisting demands to resign because of a corruption scandal but. is being warned impeachment proceedings are about to begin in congress. because he denies involvement with the brazilian construction company or the brecht is implicated in corruption scandals in various countries and he india i mean if you start them being the president has said he will make him the available to the public ministry of the judicial powers and napsylate transparently below bring up all this bustle information so as not to leave any kind of doubt about the work that he might have done turning he might have had and the absolute legality of what he has done an efficient sewage systems in parts of alabama and political neglect impacting hurrican area relief efforts in puerto rico united
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nations expert on extreme poverty says he's shocked by what he saw during a two week tour of the us and is expected to reveal more i think alec reports you actually see the mayor warr fly in rural alabama the un's expert on extreme poverty witnessed firsthand what residents have been dealing with the years in the states blackbelt region many can't afford basic sanitation open pools of rule sewage sit where children play it's often flushed back into people's homes and hookworm a parasite normally found in sub-saharan africa has been reported in shocking numbers residents have asked for help instead campaigners say some of being threatened with criminal charges now they may at least get recognition for some might have to come from the united nations this figure out of a solution to a problem that the united states. is really really say to me i mean because. they're want they're saying they want to make america great again this is
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not making america great again philip alston spent two weeks visiting some of the u.s. is most vulnerable people activists say his presence is cause for national shame it's embarrassing that i had to go outside of alabama to get help to deal with this that's embarrassing i think there is there are people in alabama they can solve this problem they get to have the where with they do it we came to lock up everybody for things that happen here when there are things that they people have no control over as part of his tour philip olsen came here to washington d.c. where poor neighborhoods can be found within streets of the capitol building in past reports alston's pulled no punches but this may be his most sensitive mission yet investigating poverty in the world's richest nation will mean nothing if the current administration chooses to ignore his findings officially more than forty million americans live in poverty some put that figure much higher alston's already called what he's seen in the u.s. shocking and says in many places basic needs are not being met it's then up to the
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government to try to explain why it's not being met because they could afford to do it so that would mean that taking a political decision just to exclude certain people and not put resources into giving them a decent standard of living the un's final report will be published in the spring of two thousand and eighteen billion dick ations are that all students findings could make for uncomfortable reading the world's wealthiest nation and a gallica al-jazeera now a distant solar system is now known to have as many planets as our own with the help of google glasses caplet telescope found a new planet known as kepler ninety i and that so the system of finding shows eight planets in the system the largest known solar system outside of dallas orbit a star more than two and a half thousand light years away. and
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let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now there's no end in sight for millions of syrians who suffered years of turmoil after the latest round of geneva talks failed to bring about any hope of peace all sides are blaming each other for the lack of progress this leaves many syrians continuing to live either on the sea or in camps protests are underway against the u.s. president's decision to recognize truth to them as the capital of israel has already been rallies in tokyo this one in kuala lumpur where hundreds marched through the streets trump announced to be moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem last week a commission in australia is calling for a law forcing religious leaders including catholic priests to report child abuse it follows a five year inquiry that uncovered evidence of tens of thousands of children being sexually abused in australia prime minister malcolm turnbull says the investigation
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exposed a national tragedy i want to thank and on are the courage of the the survivors and their families who have told often for the first time the dreadful. stories of abuse that they received from people who actually owed them love and protection papa new guinea supreme court has ruled in favor of refugees on a prison camp on manna silent the judges dismissed an attempt to stop compensation for the asylum seekers the camp was closed a month ago but many refugees refused to go saying they feared being attacked. japan has announced it will impose additional sanctions on north korea over what it calls the repeated threats posed by pyongyang's nuclear program the assets of more than nineteen korean institutions will be frozen business is on the blacklisting food banks coal and mineral traders and transport firms european leaders
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are meeting for the last day of bragg's in negotiations in brussels they have assured the u.k.'s prime minister it's reason enough progress has been made to move on to the next day it's one i want to stay with us. witnessed documentaries. at this time on al-jazeera. i don't even. believe. the nationalistic nature of the come. from glitzy wedding to luxury yacht and the sea. india's billionaires live in a world of extreme glamour and lavish spending. while many indian still.


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