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tv   A Village Under Occupation  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:58pm +03

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you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been the criminal mind or if you join us on say no evil person just wakes up in the morning and says i want to cover the world of darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion in lima about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion. dollar debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the governments real people. and who are not on the top stories are managers or of intense scenes in johannesburg south africa's ruling african national congress has been meeting to
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choose a new leader current president jacob zuma who's accused of corruption is stepping down as head of the a.n.c. but the party is deeply divided over who should succeed him the main contenders are former cabinet minister and. he's also his ex-wife and deputy president and prominent businessman cyril ramaphosa the winner will be announced on sunday addressing the event jacob zuma acknowledged failures that threaten the party's future the fifty fourth national conference is taking place at a time when i was. at a crossroads. why do we identify corporate it. as posing as serious threats to the a n c. we shouldn't need to look. we are going to.
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turn a page report from there and see conference in johannesburg this african national congress selective conference opened with a warning by the current speaker of the house billiken betty she said delegates shouldn't sing a divisive songs in support of one candidate or another and she also said no one should be throwing cheers that's because at the branch level the grass roots need to the level of a.n.c. members some people have been hurling chairs across the room there have been pushing and shoving accusations of vote buying and intimidation and that's later when i'm president of the amount of legal action people who challenge the outcomes of those branch level meetings at which delegates chosen to come here and represent and a mandated by their branches to vote for one particular candidate or another president jacob zuma in his outgoing speeches a.n.c. president was critical of that legal action he said the a.n.c.
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should be able to deal with its problems internally and he said that by people going into the courts they were undermining the or farty of the a.n.c. the president himself is no stranger to legal action he has at the moment hundreds of corruption charges hanging over him which could be reinstated if legal action launched by the main opposition the democratic alliance is successful and that is why many people believe he's trying to influence the outcome of this elective conference because of he manages to get an ally into power they may be able to protect him from any post-presidential legal action but if a rival comes in they may be less inclined to help. austria's president says his country won't lurch to the right despite the announcement of a new government featuring the far right freedom party so if you want your old sebastian kurtz who leads the more moderate people's party is set to be the new chancellor but the freedom party will control several important ministries both parties campaigned against immigration. a torch lit march has been held in
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barcelona by demonstrators calling for the release of politicians and activists jailed by the central government in madrid spain imposed direct rule after october's a special referendum and jailed some pro independence politicians. funerals have been held for the four palestinians killed by israeli forces during protests in gaza and the occupied west bank on friday they were rallying against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital ibrahim a booth a rare was one of those men shot in gaza he was in a wheelchair protesting when he was reportedly hit by a sniper got it out the third weekend in a row thousands of protesters are on the streets of tel aviv demanding the resignation of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is being investigated over corruption allegations which he denies to mass graves containing the remains
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of dozens of iraq's years e.g. minority have been found near the northwestern town of seen job ninety bodies have reportedly been found including women and children are still took over town in twenty fourteen killing and in slaving fowles of members of the religious minority group. there's that monster stay with us if you cannot next it's al jazeera world a village under occupation.
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she had been in to tell him hey your wife now just knew it would have been a meth lab were not for the. leaders no matter when i kind of incentive for them i had no of the to hold them why not our share yeah you could add it to statics and i am here with. you on a minute. the second aspect reba what film had an hour she was a she it was a two one but although i know i'm not i'm not sure the twelve o'clock on sunday brought up the format that it had no for did not a high enough so that it was a bad sign that and i sort of needed jacques kallis badly at that medallion at that assessment. who let the medicine man ok know what i said and then assessed that oh he's just a ho magnet. for mr noble now but i'm not a session and i'm home but he could turn out a month and out of well couldn't get out of so you had to go out and that session
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to get them to either push or pretty much stuck by the current one may not have the phenomenon of a year or higher yet not having it but understand that when offered her he had nothing to have been out of the not well for the type of the so he had that session look into your nomination what are you that you have not a must that what he did there is or can i add that out. but if i must. get a couple of minutes of my novel to help you believe i'm stuck to me and we don't let it happen until a tone of spoken out. is becoming what i want it to. how to prevent the put in the pocket. by. meaning in we have to go by the
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jewish at the door of the most open and then that out of them and then to get to the other you what we were at that going to any one else to look like and wisdom of the mother of a bust but then i think we should care we come out of we must give me a quick of the year. because you couldn't. abide. by the different us a little about the national park when i had come to slightly bad that we did and then i would do is and i was away in the month and the is quite a concert she was about what party was what second in the month but what i wanted them to be a good two agenda without the sauce. that i had no up to quit month assignment to general chuck and i just opened. most folks i mean what to do with the kind of us that you did and had to move him in insanity led to
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a month across medicine but it made then sad the mess and the honey and the sick and never this gnostic month a good general never sees the. room a room a. time machine not many of them. saw that as a flat on the job not. the on of the road. where the.
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no it. was from the bottom. up that's when the stupid oh shut. is get my fish head off in the north of us tomorrow. you don't shift tomorrow but this rocket god saw you look at that have to not let charlie want to restart a woman bennett been given a list that names it could not fit for charlotte just by then and now says are it just enough to thought they were not a mole or are made to make their own skin off. and not to do your job on my yard foghat reply you know. but not.
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a lot of us were in i had a lot more than i've been out of deference he had good. a model of the country with good i was sad to that i had all the cool a month it didn't happen at the college who we still would already have been come all had come to you or bought a boat home but i do woman had all been. hailed here to be hated because the meek and i needed done there were i mean the day it is seventy net beyond. m.s.g. the city of v.m.s. did that already we said yeah you've got a fool going to look the other message and i mean could the i'm just done feel better get wealthy you see i thought of media out of the year is a leak through for safety set model for agent done feachem and lead more water leave food to do months ago hey. be off cayman islands had
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a bit you had behaved audio would in her out all the. hey i'll sum it is about you sent me gimme a darwinian e it has to be a lady salafi home it down homey ball to inhale a little maybe news that they may day. is a nice is what i can jani to my shiny stolen out of we stole a month ago and it's you know she do. think it's a messy tune i just had b.c. don't believe he second one helicopter which means him and l.f.s. need a second one will feed him and saw him once the collar. is to confide to be. yoked it got to a lawyer collar got to you you have to bust a month to get paid a bit saloon month to get a thirty year month to get. to his that will you look at all luckily the limb now. that the casita done its a limb now normal saw that of
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a month ago bill came in coney how month to get the thought it was what the weed haarlem on. him he had been a been caught and what the model was seen him our mess at home i had left the jetty you had a woman all think that see them spoke to me and want to talk. i don't let us get on the one thing that i'm at in even if they put me on the back to the. truth i can. go out of book. to. john had to be mary how can i know if she and not she you know if they had enough she used to how did not she you must know now you've been taught to hate you and i know of no one who has gotten us on the. show i've done and shamil her own nor could.
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i the michigan i know best how the big do huge debt financed defenseman out of the mellman what on my what. i never had a billet doux had to. win out of out of them had been the computer i know if you would numbers show me an island of snow had there were no i mean no model how not some of them with emotion. had just about missed out on regis worked for shocked at men who knew young general sort of or know about a lot about madonna should look for work and if it was don't on a new one in the middle of the idea to have him on you know. not destined to. become. the first person do you think i know you.
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lot. of. us. to never let me suffer at so weigh in on many other share our easy share common areas for me to messiah when i am calabash who vanished properly if you have shared advice you do feel that when you want to i am calabash all i'm rusty in iraq when iraq i'm about of what went on about of me on a shuttle is a one hundred musket missile back at helen is that the muscogee was thirty eight
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bad and if you were not it's perfect honey in the last twelve a can you can upset you can how to get it in a and i mean a messiah but when up we have had is an aussie dollar body accurately an aussie we service nothing. no man shall fetch it we believe and he will manage every body when she was taught in europe where even with jewish music with the showers it was shot and in whom jani and there were sharp as any. of the man even it while you got your game in town attack on any meaning at a loss or a little sour for that so let me tell you when it hit that the. body will take in the movement say the country half a musket is. the.
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this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i read this is there a what are you looking for today we get to the client with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and this feels like it's a little sure is a tomato exploration. in a way we have outside knowledge available to know at this time. the nature of news as it breaks the last time senegal qualified for the world cup in two thousand and fifteen years on and hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage tied to imagine it only seven years ago right here. now the scene has taken. from around the world donald trump is promising
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a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to khorat a missed opportunity abroad. and lauren term begins with but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein and this is a regime that has something to hide they have prepared a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one w m d shite was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq identity deception at this time on al-jazeera. hello montaner nanda with the top stories on our syria there were intense scenes in johannesburg where south africa's ruling african national congress has been meeting
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to choose a new leader the current president jacob zuma who's accused of corruption is stepping down as head of the a.n.c. but the party is deeply divided over who should succeed him the main contenders are former cabinet minister because i mean is huma also his ex-wife and deputy president and prominent businessman he will run a poser the winner will be announced on sunday addressing the event jacob zuma knowledged failures to threaten the party's future the fifty fourth national conference is taking place at a time when i was his man is at a crossroads why we identify corporate. as posing a serious threat to the a.n.c. we also need to look at in ten ten them mix with our
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organizations. austria's president says his country won't lurch to the right despite the announcement of a new government featuring the far right freedom party thirty one year old sebastian courts who leads the moderate people's party is said to be the new chancellor but the freedom party will control several important ministries. the talks that march has been held in barcelona by demonstrators calling for the release of politicians and activists jailed by the central government in madrid spain imposed direct rule after secession referendum and jailed some pro independence politicians. funerals have been held for the four palestinians killed by israeli forces during protests in gaza and the occupied west bank on friday they were rallying against the us decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital ibrahim with a rare was one of those men shot in gaza he was in a wheelchair protesting when he was reportedly hit by a sniper bullet. to mass graves containing the remains of dozens of iraq's years of
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the minority have been found near the northwestern town of singe are ninety bodies have reportedly been found including women and children are still took over us in georgetown in twenty fourteen killing and enslaving thousands of members of the religious minority group underworld continues next more news after that. you see that as you may have should feel i mean all of that at least those are recovered give us any cost. well for drew you would not have the luck in. the short haul where you live in sudden have excel or you're going to have a field with the opposite a ha this was a horrible one or is about
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a shit criminon is a cool one vehicle called wisdom of eleven the shutters and isn't then was all about the. using the seven are out of the media and making macand i'm a shadow when i look at it if i look like lab it was she and if we can make it better when you look last time families live on long. island shepler sat and camera can never include morgan and can manage package kemet ability to fan in another medium out of imagine as. nasm. see just what you heard him say for most of the day message. today many of them in your mouth and on our behalf and i'm going to have. them and you know what the aftermath of the two of.
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i'm a shy measure sure i don't have the most. so going to the bottom of the uk because i don't know much about another. has been going out of the ship in time think what's important about it are you going to leave your. model should look. at it with him so that. will a bust sure will. i don't know if someone doing all the acts when the mother collusion one was at about the last one to got home i know there was an awful lot
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all the time with a lot of muslims i'm at the end of this so i do somebody i do i do watch the show. with a purpose in the village we're talking to a family member. to become the next one to summon the population to. put it into the theater has been an opportunity to the painted beloved one who one little blond the skin test i said about men and another little easy going to take women out of school will also be good then i'm a dude let them get money out of could be can use coupled with that get locked into my hands and face and hit home with but he can eat those little bit because the limit of won't die any because they also live moustaches and even how we normally don't share in the second to respond to which he was posting with systems both in laguna. behind them i was someone who has
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a history of going from. behind other model it does a little turning them into a public timeline with sanity in room. one hundred in the morning how were the how other cities have been done and say. how one. woman don't mean this because of the south even solution then you should be. funny if methodical i mean i'm a get to them in an issue that i meant business with that with the help of others see the killing are only a. look at if illimitable thought of the wheels of those who tell them. they will only have a depiction of any deal with one of the meccans planets some of the uk the whole thing was the mirror. that but you know how that can never satisfy a little bit over the valuation no woman vanished and that the whole four percent
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when he would listen to phil assessing and it didn't sound oh you shall see in one of them in mccormick out a bunch more than i did for them and father will be getting info thani will you amply make money your marriage out of her to give you more to the court for that kind of a trip and yet trip she'd been one of them on one of the desert for quite a clip in sound with an owner who in a booth with a who're that had developed the that when. we should be at the union no mention probably shirley and shared an open letter to sell it and if we did before. either join them or formally in fandom lift them. blue beast a little bit shiny thoughtless what am i going to forward in the hate and division when i get close enough for the international to make them and for good on a local show. village shout at. the end that awesome and had that feeling of susceptibility to them that get in
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line and should be totally honest about shut off in the boat in the film if you're feeling clever spoke to them what if you don't like them of them when i suffer a little sad so i left shortly the mountain with a long number five left and won't get us off on the nest hopefully message for their men and women who fear and madam don't know anything should have to happen one of them to have got them all to think mostly of before policy and any film from . that additional of us actually coming from each other. for feeling any official. in itself so that our early access to no coming from misfit and about the most likely to get in on eastern and one and three and seven and how they're going with . the special warfare and you've got our help working on a log got a score of them on a. i'm.
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on the on the young system and i know. it's not. a bad day and in this debacle that today at the most open in five months ago the battle they can see in the thick see how to fix in the so you don't do that you do i want to mean i'm beautiful i did model was. what up on the ha ha ha ha how do you know walking behind the yen all them had been false and been a student was bold when it was do with. the most potent she was good dish yes good to show us both funny got. them and lead them and out of the bits i will want to mean that today just see me well it could be it depicts the jaw to hold the heart of most of us won't see that he did it was that a lot and since there was a lot of you so let's hayden folks and i left it to the last minute of all the jobs . that were that i had with fulton at high water to be different when you so do i
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know that it's bad when you hated all the it's mostly jewish what the wasp got up bin and was built on didn't say he s. good dish with bolt on it yeah i was going to just made hell you know i thought he got a good behind months ago when we could love to do what you would all be helping when i shut it off but would the hard work we want to needs a month ago i mean to me not the one to the down the hill here. on the island it was like no other yes no. we cannot decide monarchy it's not a madonna dress how sure do with russia had over there yeah i need to know what our mission to get his produce out of the past now doesn't have enough of us i've been mighty good i thought i saw it in the dim have been seen or heard of you would not
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but when asked to host the had been goths i'm course not a sort of. you not that this one officer. well i go to more steady and couldn't have a big fish knock i said if you went up you go couldn't help with that the idea probably about where the motor boat got a lot of you. had your grandfather said that be a problem i'll bow or question yeah yeah well no doubt if necessary i was proud to have had to throw is that i mean if we had to miss a night miss out on her map bob missed that and what i can applaud and what i'm up with this it was like her yeah yeah and a half now that my i've got a few that i'm going to own what are you good who's got for the her group and in general her book and saddam was good if yeah you dumb on bubble was handy but with us we're not having the stamina to do with that for now. because of the little tough stuff it was just to leave. with a little not so much that i was now going to show how you value judgment to judge
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right from the i. don't know the i'll get that i'm no good in the way you know. i don't know. why not but you can see on the. money they think they can show my energy. in a plan i never saw you on i'm. going to consume.
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it. and hold the last half in. and that's up to the children and for that i'm going to. look better cause one son has a name and enough enough to look. i mean we had. our last. oh i think i left the shots. and most don't mean fairly little how do you get on top.
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heavy. and he had been not a man out of that but i will live out of your what should i be a child molester yet heaven was here. with me at the door before. now and i had not confuse you and. confessing and actually i had to tell lechon had the look that.
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it's way young and how those. beliefs. i mean and i mean. it isn't. because you wouldn't. do it. or not i don't. as
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a lot of us there were step in the feet though i did want the nice one with a little know how to admit a lot of the sentiment that one about that we couldn't get to i did find out all the you know i did was. leno said when i pick another but they're looking at a couple so i'm in a lot to do my one. and then is the hit a bit of a democracy. is also going to because it does come on us it can feel shut out that it's all but you know what. i'll take what they get out of it jamal yani course i don't i'm a little tinny yanni was felt in one hug had a clue what the left was told and how you say you have to do one must open. for the thing is that it didn't duck. if the movie would not be. enough but duck luna eyeball the cut he would. exceed called honestly thought of the slightly
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yeah i need them dr han i was looking back through i'll look physio to you in the senate that the one of the to look. i know what at that point is killing him and you wonder if it would you have what
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you. want to look at what if none of you know and i want to know one of them so if you could even know they weren't i think it's you know about city life and so many syrians i was i mean i mean i'm at the city and i'm a c. they would have been sick i have and i have had a bit i mean what i believe. yeah and you'll need. it and i'm going to be got a job. in a gently as a what if she could have been. damaged or what she falsely been. as a man and give it. up then walk out of her home handle it. and see the. good of not. going to if you can but again there's those that are coming so we. know it's going to.
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your buttons in. that had a figure that indicates to me else me and then i have said here my will be as you
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moved was because of the same stairs it was lean. how do you avoid henny and you do not hang better conditions among us for that young of the next couple months and i mean don't get on just fine and that oh.
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wow. my. i have. i thank.
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my. my right. right. right. right right. right. right right right right. right right right . forced to flee from syria to lebanon many refugee mothers risked childbirth in terrible conditions
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delivery is very difficult here in lebanon it's ghostly i can't go back to syria now because of the war but one lebanese woman is committed to helping them. become friends with every woman i attend and. she's important to me. there are a few g.'s midwife at this time on al-jazeera world. alan the last week has seen some ludicrous temperatures in australia particularly sydney and hitting the forty three mark in the western suburbs middle thirty's and
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melbourne adelaide it's all gone back down to normal recently but there is still heat in the middle of forecasts for spring's remains at forty degrees and given that wind is coming sas we're up to thirty seven in adelaide melbourne search went to six the want hasn't reached percy or on shore breeze is much too strong for that to happen at least from sunday that week monday but by that time melbourne's shot up to thirty four and adelaide's is approaching the forty mark once again it's been a real hot couple of weeks and it looks like it would be repeating itself down a great further east and usually we watch to see what comes out of australia and affect new zealand it's going to increase the cat a little bit and we might find some light rain in south island on the west coast but look at the temperatures twenty seven tries church and twenty three you know can this rather hard to complain about that so i was sort of ignore on monday night in christchurch. now that's just some fluctuation winters tucked in probably you might expect office it seems now opposite sides of the equator and it's
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a pretty snowy picture sunday for most of honshu a good part of her card.


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