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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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after fifty years of occupation and un condemnation of illegal israeli settlements . i'm from tokyo and i want to preserve the safety of the village i've clashed several times with us on the. al-jazeera world tells the story of a palestinian village that's struggling to survive and the growing threats to the residents desperate to preserve their homes village under occupation at this time.
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man accused of trying to sell missile parts on behalf of north korea is arrested and all straight. shot here this is al jazeera live also coming up worldwide outrage grows against the u.s. decision to recognize true son as the capital of israel tens of thousands converge on the american embassy in indonesia. decision day for the a n c south africa's ruling party prepares to choose a successor to president jacob zuma. a state of emergency in southern chile after a live landslide early destroys an entire village. place in australia have charged a man they say was a loyal korea who tried to sell missile components and call on the global black market australian resident chen hand choi was arrested in sydney. after allegedly
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trying to make sales on behalf of pyongyang worth millions of dollars in north korea's cash flow has been severely restricted under u.n. sanctions aimed at pressuring the government to stop its missile program australian prime minister says north korea is trying to support itself by selling illegal goods north korea is i dined tourists reckless criminal regime threatening the pace of the region it supports itself by breaching u.n. sanctions not simply by selling commodities like call and and other goods but also by selling weapons by selling drugs by engaging in cyber crime it is vitally important that all nations work relentlessly to enforce those sanctions because the more economic pressure that can be brought on north korea the sooner that regime will be brought to its senses and thomas has more from sydney. china is
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a naturalized australian citizen but police say he was working here as a loyal agent for north korea trying to earn money for the regime by selling missile components weapons expertise i'm told on the heart of the regime that's what activity breaks united nations sanctions under strain sanctions it also breaks australian law will specifically designed to prohibit the development or production of weapons of mass destruction is the first person ever to be charged under a lot of the weapons of mass destruction act passed by the parliament here back in one thousand nine hundred five. will be alleging in court this man was brokering the silence missile component three and typical expertise from north korea to other international into teaching. we believe this may be too surprising discussions about the siloed missile components reached from north korea to other entities abroad as another attempt to try and rise revenue for the government in north korea we don't know much about those other entities except that at least some of them are
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said to have been in indonesia and viet nam the place of not so they think any weaponry was actually moved anywhere nor do they think choi hench and was trying to line up any customers here in australia but they do say that about half a million dollars was transferred between accounts and i think that if the traits of going ahead then it would have raised tens of millions of dollars for the north korean regime or to pronounce key is a former australian ambassador to south korea and he says the case shows how desperately young it's getting we don't know who he is selling this equipment to or what kind of a quip and it is it's all very hazy at this stage i must say of course these strange security forces justifiably pleased that they caught someone like this and yes it does represent if true a proliferation hazard but who is he say selling the equipment to we simply don't know he's trying to so-called i think to vietnam and didn't measure as well but
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we're not sure where the nuclear components are going if you're going to put sanctions on a country like north korea or any any country they'll do what they can to sell what they have and what north korea does have with the courtesy of technology already bought from pakistan and other countries is missile technology and nuclear technology now if there's a market out there for this material and these technologies they're going to sell it so i think in a sense you could say a desperate country is going to look wherever it can to sell what it can and i don't think we should be tough to moralistic about this because the largest weapons trader in the world as we know is the united states. followed closely by russia and britain the french of those doing the same thing the not selling nuclear technology is such about you know i think we have to be very careful about not imposing too strict a double standard on what the north koreans a trying to do saying with north korea and thousands of people are marking the
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anniversary of the death of kim jong il in the capital pyongyang the former leader died in two thousand and eleven and was replaced by his son kim jong il and laying flowers and bowing to statues and portraits of past leaders is a ritual in north korea on all major anniversaries and holidays. around the world against the u.s. decision to recognize to islam as israel's capital are gaining new momentum tens of thousands rallied in indonesia against washington's decision earlier this month they demanded president donald trump stop plans to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem it's the largest rally in indonesia since the u.s. announcement and muslim clerics there are calling for a boycott of american products as area and he has more from jakarta. than of thousand indonesians are gathering here in the late this and the biggest rally to protest u.s. president are not trying to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel men women
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children carrying palestinian flags and banners condemning them will feel the national monument in jakarta as early as today wearing what muslim people traveled from out of town to show solidarity to palestine held hands in prayers and call israel to leave palestinian soil in indonesia the largest muslim population have joined the global condemnation of trump's announcement saying that it is a blown effort and race sparking more violence indonesia has been the longtime supporter of independent palestine cold for a peaceful resolution in the conflict and to continue fighting for any sign. there were more marches in solidarity with the palestinians and other parts of the world as well demonstrators marched in washington d.c. and in major cities in europe and the middle east trucks decision has been widely criticized because palestinian territory under illegal occupation by israel. professors have also rallied in tel of a further thirty second in
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a row demanding the resignation of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu and he's being investigated for corruption which ain't in eyes very fosset reports these protests have been going for a year now against the corruption allegations leveled at the israeli prime minister but it's really this month that they have intensified as people have been especially angered by a lot of politicians who are trying to push through the israeli parliament the knesset which many felt was trying to shield the israeli prime minister from the allegations against him so they've been here on the streets of tel aviv began shouting shame shouting b.v. his nickname go to jail and also shouting for the corrupters to go home this is the third weekend to descend on the tel aviv a scene scenes like this. throughout december this is what saturday night in downtown tel aviv has looked like while international attention has been on the latest crisis in the peace process with the palestinians these protests is the focus is on domestic politics and the corruption allegations against prime minister benjamin netanyahu we don't want the perhaps the government to this day don't be
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swell up the people's go home bibi must leave. on friday police arrived in netanya whose residence to question him for a seventh time one case concerns allegations he tried to manipulate media coverage in his favor and other centers on expensive gifts received from wealthy foreign business executives in the thick of. the prime minister denies one leak from the investigation suggesting he and his wife requested expensive cigars and champagne when stocks were running low from hollywood producer on the strain billionaire james packer and others welcome to a palace that has already hit his lawyer has admitted what he calls netanyahu as weakness for wealthy people his wife sarah is awaiting indictment on a separate case involving alleged misuse of public funds they're seen as working very well together to heal and mystically well flies again strange first here
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not the kind of person told. the public or readers who are able to show there's increased scrutiny to regarding another case involving alleged corruption when german submarines were bought for the israeli navy netanyahu is not a suspect and he hasn't been questioned but two of his closest and most senior associates have been detained benjamin netanyahu is insisting that when these investigations have run their course he will be proven innocent again on friday on to this latest round of questioning his spokesman quoting him said that he was more certain than ever that it would be proven that there is no there there however the close of these investigations get to the final conclusions the more the political pressure is mounting on the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu. some breaking news to bring you now gunmen have attacked a church and southwest pakistan at least five people have been killed about a dozen injured what happened told us two attackers detonated a bomb and then opened fire on worshippers in this building and quite
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a city this is during a service security forces have surrounded the church and are exchanging fire with the gunmen and we will keep you posted on that. a state of emergency has been declared in southern chile after a landslide devastated an entire village at least five people were killed and dozens of homes destroyed in vs. rescue teams are still searching for fifteen people who are missing and reports. of devastation as far as the eye can see tridgell brain triggered a landslide that tore through the village of something lucio on saturday thousands remain without electricity while the rescue workers search for survivors. in this have i had uncles who went missing i have been. part of the valley was engulfed by a huge amount of mud from surrounding mountains the villages around one thousand
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kilometers south of the capital such jago local media reported a usually heavy rain during the previous twenty four hours president michelle bachelet declared a state of emergency in the area. i have ordered rescue workers to put all the resources necessary towards protecting the people of vieques. dozens of people were airlifted to a neighboring town rescue teams continue their search to lucy is near corcovado national park which is popular with tourists sports volcanoes and forests the disaster happened on the eve of the runoff election to choose she lays next president if he has time. and that election is expected to be the most fiercely fought and decades to satisfy voters are demanding changes to share the wealth from the most stable economy in latin america but their presidential candidates have very different ideas about which direction to take santiago here's our latin america. is
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a community leader in this community of fifty families living in an informal camp they love what their homes made out of anything they can find like amalia almost all of them work. a lot of people don't have money to pay for rent it's too expensive on a minimum wage and if you have to pay for education food and medicine you are forced to resort to this. when seventy six year old. became a widow she could no longer pay for rent on her meager pension now her main priority is her health. i haven't been able to see a doctor for a year even though i have chronic illnesses every month i ask for an appointment and when i go it's been changed or there's no doctor. chile so-called free market economic miracle isn't working for too many people in the last four years the
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number of families living in informal settlements and houses like this one has jumped from twenty seven thousand to forty one thousand chiles two presidential candidates say that they have the solution but the methods that they propose are very different to the former conservative president. a successful billionaire says he knows how to spur sluggish economic growth and that this time around he will ensure better basic services but he believes the market rather than the government should regulate. the center left hander good promises to accelerate the social reforms started by the current government. the former journalist has little experience and isn't part of the political establishment he barely made it to the runoff but is now technically tied with pineda backed by a new wave of progressive chileans who are tired of politics as usual some people.
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maybe there's a part of the society. be being pension for on pensions be health or be an indication that you know maybe we don't want the market to rule everything. chile is indeed at a crossroads and will have to choose between two very different models to try to really make latin america's most stable economy work for everybody. to see in human scent. still ahead on al-jazeera television diversity or transgender they're trying to ministration hands to yourself seven words and phrases like. i'm wayne hay in the vietnamese capital hanoi will tell you why motorbikes could soon be disappearing from the city's streets.
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hello and welcome back as we look at the weather across southeastern parts of asia is this area of cloud across the philippines which is causing problems as the tropical depression current tie the winds are particularly strong with everest giving fast amounts of rain and because it's very slow moving that rain is going to continue through monday elsewhere we've got some heavy rain affecting parts of java and bali through towards east timor some heavy showers a stand up through them on a plane into singapore. looks largely drawn further north it's a pretty decent picture across much of thailand cambodia and central and southern parts of vietnam and that continues over the following twenty four hours at that stage card type should be moving away from the philippines down into a strait is warming up in many places here but you see this area of low pressure across western areas and that while bring some rain into parts of western australia during the course of monday so the chance of a heavy shower for perth we're looking at a pretty warm conditions though for sydney thirty one degrees adelaide thirty seven
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and temperatures so for sydney rising but for this front pushes through beginning to fall back somewhat heavy across into new zealand we've seen some showers affecting the north and that's continuing through monday choose they should see some brighter weather here with highs of twenty four in oakland. this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking like today we get to assist the client with their day to day tasks and give them more and definite sense this was our customer that oh yes that sure is the tomato exploration process with so many of the new and we have the technology available to know this to our own knowledge is zero.
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try to help us here and these are the top stories right now protests around the world against the u.s. decision to recognize true islam as israel's capital are gaining new momentum tens of thousands rallied outside the u.s. embassy in indonesia earlier to ministers marched on washington d.c. and in major cities in europe and the middle east breaking news to update for you gunmen have attacked a church and southwest pakistan killing at least five people enjoying a dozen others two attackers detonated a bomb and then opened fire on worshippers and quite a security forces have now surrounded that church and they are exchanging fire with the gun. place in australia have charged a man with acting as an agent for north korea by trying to sell missile components
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and coal on the global black market study and resident chen one choice was arrested in sydney after allegedly trying to make sales on behalf of young worth millions of dollars. tropical storm kai tak is causing chaos in the philippines as floods and landslides killed at least three people in the provinces of late today in eastern samar high winds downed electricity cables ferry service is being canceled that stranded thousands of filipinos in various ports many others have sought safety and evacuation centers. parts of santa barbara county in california are being evacuated as the u.s. state battles its third largest wildfire and decades whens and dry conditions are hampering efforts to contain the fires which began earlier this month more than seven hundred homes in southern california have been destroyed so far thousands of firefighters are working around the clock to try to stop those flames. south africa's president has pleaded for unity in the ruling african national congress as
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it prepares to elect a new leader jacob zuma who is facing corruption allegations as stepping down as head of the party on sunday the contest has been marked by deep divisions within the party tanya page reports on johannesburg. the conference started with two warnings don't to sing divisive songs and keep the chairs on the ground everybody at speeds that will be flying around this conference or we can say that real not here in this conference. a.n.c. members from competing factions have hurled cheers at one another in the build up to this crucial event there have been allegations of vote buying and intimidation those accusations have led disgruntled members to take legal action that delayed the start of the conference by several hours but the trend to turn to the country's courts was criticized by president jacob zuma and his last speech as party leader
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it is actually. we can begin to believe that the courts. some believe he has eroded the a.n.c. he's all for it. under president zuma the party has lost considerable support he's no stranger to legal action himself he's fighting an ongoing battle to keep hundreds of corruption charges at bay this race is as much about the old leader as it is about the new if the president's preferred candidate isolated she may be able to protect him from legal action and his post-presidential years but if i wyvil is selected they may be less inclined to help so there is a lot of stake for jacob zuma one commentator said president zuma is legacy is a damaged a.n.c. possibly he might be the worst president has ever had.
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the alliance is almost nonexistent. the a.n.c. has lost fifteen percent of its in across the hall. so is the average day and see the day ended with the nominations in a race that some predicts could be close between current president civil remedy and in courses on a dummy's zuma the president's supposed favorite whoever wins has an enormous challenge to unite the a.n.c. at a time when its divisions have been laid to be a tiny page al-jazeera johannesburg. catalonia are holding final rallies before the election on thursday it was called after the spanish government imposed direct rule in the region in response to this is session referendum and as karl penhall reports from barcelona in this campaign and dependent supporters are making their voices heard. she's emerging as the great hope of the
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anti independent school if you. are you feeling i was i. to catalogue you from southern spain a decade ago. as regional leader of the citizens party she's promising a catalonian spring. to defeat politicians pushing for separation. but it was time to vote for the citizens party is a vote to the full scale but not to break it out. tax laws and tackle corruption both parties catalonia must remain part of spain and. in the latest opinion polls the citizens party is running neck and neck with the biggest pro independence party but if you need a mother's hope to control the capital parliament they'll have to build
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a coalition thank every mother says prosperity message points already echoing this crowd. of seventy separatists and the separatist movement you can't break out spain that's impossible. there are many more of us who are opposed to independence but we kept our mouths shut at the time is here and they can no longer keep us silent draped in spanish planks the school friends are too young to vote program to take part in. no more i think we have more doors open to the world of catalonia as part of spain and that way we have access to the rest of europe. government leaders in madrid of extra security to protect the most candidates from opposing separatist groups in the campaign the election on december twenty first an hour a mother seems relaxed surrounded by her loyalists and confident she can pull in
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the votes. split. the chamfer ministration has told officials at the top the u.s. public health agency not to use certain words and documents relating to their budget staff at the centers for disease control have been told to avoid phrases evidence space and science base also on the list vulnerable entitlement and diversity or criticized by some trump supporters has reflecting a liberal bias also not to be used fetus and transgender echoing previous steps taken by the administration in pursuit of its social agenda earlier this year at the department of health and human services which oversees the c.d.c. removed information relating to sexuality and gender issues from its website down to sing us are from planned parenthood federation of america says such political interference is dangerous this directive from the trump pants administration is unprecedented it is unimaginably dangerous to think that the career professionals
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at c.d.c. are forbidden from using certain words to describe health issues and describe their mission this is a group of nonpartisan non ideological per fashionables whose sole mission is to protect and advance the public health in this country and this kind of political interference is downright dangerous how does your pastor has more. this list of banned words puts the twelve thousand some employees of the c.d.c. in a tough spot for example how do they continue researching the zico virus without using the banned word fetus in describing the birth defects that can be caused by the virus or how do they continue a program to for aids prevention aimed at the transgendered community without calling them transgendered another bad word by name these are all tough issues and the day to day impact of these scientists and doctors in doing their work without
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using more of the banned words scientific science based evidence based and indication of difficulties and what critics call an attack and a continued attack on the scientific community from the trump administration this is not the first time we've seen this if you look at the disappearing websites from federal servers a website dedicated to helping the community with child adoptions and with the victims of sex trafficking they have disappeared from federal servers and scientists with environmental protective agency have said in the past that they have been silenced or censored in discussing climate change publicly the critics are calling this just another one president did attack an injection of partisan politics on the science community in the u.s. and they say it has potentially dangerous consequences. motor bikes are the way to go and vietnam and more than five million on the road but the brakes have been
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applied to the boom and bikes are now banned traffic jams and pollution reports. vietnam's road to economic success is becoming cloaked one of the costs of the communist governments embrace of capitalism is traffic congestion. narrow streets of hanoi can't cope with the influx of cars and motorbikes so government leaders in the capital have decided that after a gradual phase out motorbikes will be completely banned from the city center by two thousand and thirty. it'll be a major change for vietnamese so reliant on to will transport our culture i said i think it's kind of an convenient. yeah they've let us make. it. in vietnam using metal bikes it's like a tradition for people but i think traffic is getting worse so if the government does this i think you'll be good to reduce traffic jams. even some who have
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benefited from the motorbike boom think it change won't be so bad. the number of bucks coming here to be repaired it may go down but it won't affect me too much because maybe i can focus on quality rather than quantity. as recently as the late ninety's the roads were significantly quieter more people rode pushbikes which is something today's government also wants to revive and this is a big part of the motivation a construction boom combined with the increase in vehicles has resulted in falling a quality the fact the government is even considering this law is perhaps a sign that vietnam is becoming a victim of its own success it has one of the best performing economies in the world and while there are still big problems with poverty wages are rising and with that comes an increase in purchasing power. but not everyone can afford a car and if they could in the congestion and pollution problems would get a lot worse so if the government's plan is to work public transport will need to
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play a big part but construction of a rail network in the capital has ground to a halt because of funding problems experts say all forms of public transport will have to be overhauled. the government needs to prepare to guarantee the policy can be implemented for example the public bus system needs to be improved to meet increased demand before the new law can be introduced city leaders in hanoi have already done the easy part by passing the law now the hard work begins to try to put it in practice and free up the city streets wayne hay al-jazeera hanoi. a second christmas to leverage it's on its way to the international space station. the engine start to roar. and lift all three crewmembers blasted off from kazakhstan on the fourth and final manned launch of this year they're following an unmanned cargo capsule which was sent into orbit on saturday both are due to talk
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with the space station on tuesday the soyuz spacecraft is carrying a russian cosmonaut as well as two astronauts from the u.s. and japan. these are the top stories on al-jazeera and we began with breaking news a gunman gunman to rather have attacked a church in southwest pakistan killing at least five people and injuring about a dozen others these two attackers detonated a bomb and then followed that up opening fire on worshippers salt this is all happening in quite a security forces have surrounded the church and they are exchanging fire with the gunmen. artists around the world against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital are gaining new momentum tens of thousands rallied outside the u.s. embassy in indonesia earlier timmons traitors march in washington d.c. and in major cities in europe and the middle east police in australia have charged a man with acting as an agent for north korea trying to sell missile components and
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coal on the global black market australian resident and choice was arrested in sydney after allegedly trying to make sales on behalf of pyongyang worth millions of dollars australian prime minister says north korea is trying to support itself by selling illegal goods. north korea is i dined reckless criminal regime threatening the pace of the region it supports itself by breaching u.n. sanctions not simply by selling commodities like call and and other goods but also by selling weapons by selling drugs by engaging in cyber crime it is vitally important that all nations would relate was simply to enforce those sanctions because the more economic pressure that can be brought on north korea the sooner that regime will be brought to its senses a state of emergency has been declared in southern chile after a landslide devastated an entire village at least five people were killed and
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dozens of homes destroyed in the center alysia fifteen others are still missing sastre happened on the eve of chile's presidential runoff vote for the first time in almost three decades a conservative coalition could be swept into power and voters dissatisfied by the performance of the center left government those are the headlines news continues on al-jazeera after techno keep it or. witness documentaries open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. living life in partial or total darkness according to the world health organization approximately two hundred fifty three million people globally the vision in pads were attached to the blind. today on tech night some of the latest
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innovations making it easier to help people the site that is now.


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