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talks out there and what happens there matters. stunning images from the niger delta through the unflinching eyes of a look up for. an artist on a mission to demonstrates the good under his beloved. documents the effects of the black. disfigured. and showcases the traditional moment between. tribal culture and the new. global protests over u.s. policy on jerusalem as the u.n. prepares to vote on a call for the decision to be withdraw. there
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in chile mcdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up us russian cooperation putin phones chum to thank him for cia information which helps oil isolette in russia canteens well underway in chile's presidential run off of what could be a pivotal moment in the history of the side american nation and heading into also territory spain's prime minister makes aware campaign stop in catalonia ahead of thursday's calls. the u.n. security council will vote on monday on a draft resolution submitted by egypt calling for the withdrawal of us recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel egyptian resolution affirms that any decisions and actions which purports to have altered the character status the demographic. the composition of the holy city of jerusalem has no legal effect our
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knowledge void there must be rescinded in compliance with the relevant resolutions of the security council i can has more now from the united nations. the draft resolution being circulated in the united nations has been drawn up by egypt with input from other parties it would appear now the resolution may change in form or shape before it's actually voted upon probably in the scumming day however the resolution as it stands at the moment does not mention the us by name i understand that various parties such as the united kingdom and indeed egypt wanted to try and keep the language as neutral as possible in an attempt possibly vain to keep the u.s. from exercising its veto within the security council the resolution as it stands at the moment is actually a restatement of the un's position on jerusalem as outlined through decades of security council and general assemblies
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a resolution the most recent being in november this year in which the general assembly voted overwhelmingly to declare any unilateral acts in jerusalem as null and void that phrase null and void is contained in the current draft resolution the draft resolution calls on all states to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions within jerusalem i understand the palestinians somewhat angered they didn't want to single out the u.s. by name however it appears from this draft resolution that egypt and the u.k. have had their way too in attempt to avoid the u.s. veto however it would appear that that vetoes likely to happen with israel's enthusiastic backing which describes the resolution as a palestinian attempt to reinvent history despite the fact that it is rooted on u.n. resolutions as they stand at present but palestinians making very clear that should
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the u.s. veto this resolution in the security council they will attend to have it introduced in the general assembly where there's nobody to at the plague. well it was another day of protests in several countries in support of the palestinians al-jazeera game reports from ancora. the turks have always been passionate about the palestinian cause despite the encore a chill protesters spent three hours listening to music and speeches they waved turkish and palestinian flags and a fair amount of anti-american signs using hundreds of turkey is a majority muslim country that acts unified and to get should lead in the muslim world if muslims are united i'm hopeful that your recent in problem will be sought it. since u.s. president donald trump broke with decades of american policy and recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel the turkish street has been vocal and president
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read. and has emerged as a potent advocate for palestinians he's pushing for leaders to take their condemnation and transform it into action. murder one is taking on this case and security council where he says he hopes to quote an old transit decision and it's unlikely he'll get much traction given that the united states holds a veto power but he says barring success there he'll move on to the u.n. general assembly it's clear turkey plans on going to new and to persist and highlighted this issue only to go to old age. old women and i am actually very glad of the trumpets a decision as it serves to unite the muslim world and get them into action. in the most populous muslim country an estimated eighty thousand indonesians marched to the american embassy in jakarta muslim clerics are calling for a boycott of american and israeli products until truck reverses his decision saying
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it is not much that i want all muslims to unite and to the president of america to reconsider his decision for the good of all of humanity. that's unlikely considering that trump says this is a recognition of reality that it's in the best interests of the u.s. in the israeli palestinian peace process but protesters don't see it that way in karachi thousands showed up for what was called the holy city million mark almost two weeks after trump's announcement people continue to show their solidarity for palestinians and in doing so i've also revived global attention to their plight natasha going to zero. russian president vladimir putin has phoned his u.s. counterpart donald trump to thank him for an intelligence tipoff from the cia that's believed to foil the series of ice or attacks russia's security services say
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they have arrested seven suspected i saw members who were coming attacks on targets including cats on cathedral in st petersburg putin said he would return the favor if russia security services learned of any planned attacks on the united states it comes as robert miller the leader of the investigation into whether russia meddled with the u.s. election has been accused of illegally obtaining e-mails by a lawyer working with the trial team well diane estabrook is in washington for us hi there diane so just how unusual is it then for the russian president a full u.s. president on something like this. well julie it's not unusual for the two countries to share information as it relates to terrorism but it is highly unusual for president trump to get two phone calls within just a few days of each other from president putin he called today to thank him for the information regarding this terrorist plot in st petersburg but he also called him just a few days ago to congratulate him on the economy now what makes this unusual is
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the optics this all comes in the middle of this investigation by special prosecutor robert mueller in two russian meddling into last year's election and what possible role the trump campaign might have made so you know it looks as if the two have a cozy relationship which makes it seem a little unusual at this time now president trump says this just demonstrates that even though these two companies these two countries have been adversaries that there are some things that they can work together on and i am what is known about these particular allegations against special pencil lead role that miller. well in attorney for president trump transition team has accused him of taking getting e-mails thousands of e-mails that he wasn't authorized to get that were traded between trump officials before the president and his administration took office last year now these e-mails were being held by the general services services
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administration which is a federal agency the trump attorney says that that muller was not the agency wasn't authorized to turn these e-mails over that these were privileged that they were private but the g.s.a. says that it had warned the administration that these e-mails could be subject to audits and they could be turned over to law enforcement so that the attorneys are asking the attorneys for the president are asking for a can grow the congressional oversight office to look into this democrat on that committee says there's nothing to those that did not do anything wrong in this all comes at a time where there's been rampant speculation about whether or not the president might fire moeller and actually today he said that he has no intention of firing robert mueller dianne estimate there joining me live from washington d.c. .
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the polls have closed the vote counting is underway in chile's presidential elections who says would choosing between conservative billionaire sebastian pinera and the center left candidate handle gear so far with twenty five percent of the votes counted pinera it's leading the vote with fifty four percent while gear lags behind forty five percent results will determine if chile remains on its center left course or joins the tighe of latin american nations turning to the right recent years a latin america at this silly season newman says the election is expected to be very close indeed. the vocoded is already underway we're at the national stadium this is chile's largest polling station right behind me and the ballots are being read out one by one and from what we're hearing. and his rival. are more or less tied but that's only here and at this table in fact this election is expected to be very very close as close as thirty thousand votes by some
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estimates which would be the closest election actually in recent chilean history the proposals are very different one is the former president is asking for a more for less government control for the market to rule here both promising to bring better health education and pensions to the chilean people while the center left candidate would continue and in fact try to accelerate the reform process started by the current government we don't know when the results will come out but if they are as close as some people predict it could be for several more hours yet . election day in southern chile has been overshadowed by a major natural disaster a states of emergency has been declared after a landslide devastated an entire village because five people were killed and fifteen people are missing after dozens of homes were destroyed and until they see it. reports. of devastation as far as the eye can see. triggered
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a landslide that tore through the village. on saturday thousands remain without electricity rescue workers search for survivors. who went missing on. part of the valley was engulfed by a huge amount of mud from surrounding mountains the villages around one thousand kilometers south of the capital santiago local media reported a usually heavy rain during the previous twenty four hours president michelle declared a state of emergency in the area. i have ordered rescue workers to put all the resources necessary towards protecting the people of. kenya dozens of people were airlifted to a neighboring town while rescue teams continue their search. is near corcovado national park which is popular with tourists sports volcanoes and forests the
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disaster happened on the eve of the election to choose she lays next president. more still to come here on. the children hoping for a brighter future as sixteen million people wait for the results of one of the world's largest regional elections going over the edge to passengers in switzerland who are braving the wilds this railway. welcome back certain looking summary across much of a straight here at the moment and through monday adelaide is going to be enjoying some really warm weather but that will change we have got a front just pushing through the bite and so temperatures will drop away low pressures also affecting parts of western australia so we could see some storms pushing into personally as i move the forecast through to choose day and it becomes
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largely dry in perth but there's a big drop in temperatures for adelaide as that front moves through but ahead of it we've got a warm trench those sydney thirty seven degrees and rising now as you move across into new zealand weather conditions across the north island generally looking rather cloudy with some showers now the south island seeing the best the weather thinks in the course of monday and then on tuesday probably reverse there will be some showers pushing up on the flow into the south on the north on and should be largely dry and fine right away temperatures looking quite good into the low to mid twenty's as we head up into northeastern parts of asia the flows coming in from the north so to me to tell you that's a pretty cold aeration so temperatures gently stroking sapporo will stay subzero through the day but it shouldn't be too bad for tokyo nine and indeed through choose stay with the house flow from the southwest it should warm up but on the western side of honshu we like to see some fairly heavy snow showers.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time. our minds of those top stories here on al-jazeera global protests continue over u.s. policy on jerusalem night in the united nations is to vote on monday on
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a draft resolution condemning president trump's decision russia's president vladimir putin has formed his u.s. counterpart to thank him for a cia to help file a series of suspected i saw a tax on st petersburg the can is underway in chile presidential runoff election with a close race expected between the two candidates. south africa's ruling party the african national congress has begun the process to choose who will succeed president jacob zuma as the two front runners this new deputy president. and zuma is exwife. may have been formally nominated as the time that the a.n.c. is decision is expected on monday the battle for power has exposed deep divisions within a posse that's led south africa since the end of apartheid twenty three years ago it has been shopping losing public support. well the a.n.c. says four thousand seven hundred seventy six delegates will vote in the secret
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ballot in the past vote buying and intimidation are acknowledged to have swayed leadership contest after years of seumas rule soaring unemployment and government corruption have left millions of poor black south africans restricted with the a.n.c. the candidates then to replace them are as we said deputy president cyril ramaphosa is a wealthy businessman backed by the business community which believes he offers the best hope for the economy and a.n.c. veteran and calls design a meanie zuma is jacob zuma six wife she's expected to deliver a continuation of his policies and is seen as more likely to protect him from the seven hundred eighty three corruption and fraud charges currently levied against him how do you pay just more from the conference in johannesburg. all of the nominations for the top six positions in the african national congress have now been confirmed and as expected it is down to a two horse race between courses on a gloomy news zuma who is the outgoing president jacob zuma as preferred candidate
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and would be the first woman president of the a.n.c. if she succeeds pitted against jacob zuma as defeating president so will. they had been expected to be one vote to elect the top six and the other members of the national executive committee but they have decided to split the vote into there have already been long delays firstly because of legal action a.n.c. members who weren't happy with the processes at the grassroots level taking meds challenges into the country's courts and secondly here at the a.n.c. elected conference they need to check all the credentials of all the delegates to decide who is and to isn't allowed to vote and that slated to be expulsion the disqualification of four hundred delegates delegates who are believed to have been in favor of. the so that may cost or if the race becomes really close in those. final numbers are really tight the whole contours for the presidency is being
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framed as pitting the faction of reformers for a small room across a against affection of patronage led by meanies zuma is perceived to be a continuation of outgoing president jacob zuma style of leadership governance and politics who wins this hotly contested race for the presidency will have an enormous challenge to try and unite a deeply divided and. to suicide bombers have attacked a church in southwest pakistan killing at least nine people and injuring dozens more gunman wearing explosive vest tried to storm the christian methodist church in queta city opening fire on the sunday worshippers region's home minister says the attackers were intercepted at the entrance he shot one of them dead whilst the other extol did his best i still claimed responsibility for that attack come all hide as more now from islamabad. and they're gone
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a method dish deals. don't leave the number of people dead many more wounded now according to the security forces had come under attack a few years ago and because of the heavy guard guard the warship was. sunday now according to up to four hundred women and children and warship was will present inside the church however to the time of the action by the security guards that killed at least one of the. big eight the other one was able to get close to the hall however unable to penetrate inside aidid to warding gauge and blew himself obstacle in be a deadlier tag once again on a dime wearing a cross country there was because of the christmas holidays and all sort of have been watch again shrines and mosques. and they still have an afghan peace
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officers have been killed after taliban fights this attack their checkpoints in helmand province in southern afghanistan is also in the two police force in the provincial capital lashkar gah the latest in a series of deadly attacks on afghan security forces claimed by the taliban has a strong and growing presence in helmand. and in neighboring kandahar province an afghan woman was killed after a car bomber attacked a nato convoy for other civilian bystanders included a spokesman for the nato mission said none of the troops in the convoy were jurist . eleven women have reportedly been killed after air strikes hit a wedding procession east of the yemeni capital the strikes thought to be launched by the saudi led coalition killed the women as they walked to the village in merritt province there are reports the bride was among the victims it's a tradition and rule yemen of the bride's friends and relatives to this court her to the wedding ceremony typically is waiting to libya with sons of people have
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taken part in rallies across the country in support of renegade general hurley from huff's are calling on him to take charge after a two year un backed mandate expired on sunday but the u.n. maintains that its mandate for the libyan government remains in effect until a new one is introduced. the seventeenth of december has arrived and go through it with the end of what is the so-called shook your agreement therefore all institutions created by this agreement of void these institutions have not obtained through legitimacy since the first day they started working and as of today libyans feel that they have lost patience and that the promised period of peace and stability has become a dream of sixty million people in western india waiting to hear who their leaders will be results from thursday's legislative assembly election and good to be
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announced on monday the opposition congress party is making a comeback with a strong challenge to the ruling. party its been in power for twenty two years and the discipline highlighting the state school economic reforms botts many rural communities say they've been left out as difficult part of the ports. i am government statisticians say less than fifteen percent of the students will graduate from secondary school i one hundred and thirty five year old school was once one of the main education centers in the village of bizzare. now the government's boys' school competes with five modern private schools classes said this school had been reduced facilities are inadequate. and teachers are not long ago top students from all social backgrounds now only have children from low income families six of what these conditions give the children an inferiority complex they
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feel they're not with the of a good education so they don't need to study further or graduate. analysts say the school is just one of many institutions suffering from government neglect and the state's privatization drive but i read schools are given more place. and the public schools are starved of loneliness and even appointments our lord made similarly that things are very bad in case of has. despite good drugs being one of india's top three states in terms of economic growth lags behind the rest of the country in many social indicators. including primary education infant mortality and women's health for years people in rural areas have been promised the benefits of development and economic reform but many now say they're losing patience with the government and since the rural population makes up more than half the electorate it's seen as one of the biggest challenges to the ruling party in the state elections. frustration boiled over two years ago when
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a community called the party darst representing students traders and agricultural workers took to the streets it ended in a violent crackdown. part of their patel says it's what's made his community reconsider their support for the ruling b j p the party dark community which makes up nearly fifteen percent of voters in gujarat say the government's economic initiatives only benefit major companies and have killed smaller industries calmness in the initial police if congress comes into power there would be a teens in industrial policy in the past they support the small industries and so clear to jokes was i the b j p has ruled the state for the past twenty two years many here are considering what another two decades in power would mean for their children's future to be gopalan. several hundred supporters of the former georgian president mikheil saakashvili have tried to storm a public building in the ukrainian capital kiev thousands of people turned out for
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suckers philly's latest anti-government rally calling for the impeachment of ukrainian president petro poroshenko second really was governor of ukraine's the desa region but resigned after accusing poroshenko of blocking his anti-corruption efforts he was detained earlier this month and is accused of trying to stage a russia sponsored coup to topple poor shingled denies the allegations of list released on monday. catalans will head to the polls on thursday to vote in the election that could decide if their problems breaks away from spade early a spanish prime minister mariano rajoy made a rare campaign stop in catalonia his party stand the full chance of winning the election roy hopes that a coalition of unionist parties could stop cock lonia from seceding karl penhall reports now from saloon. with an awkward smile the spanish prime minister enters the political battleground mariano rajoy he was here to rouse loyalists from
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his people's party in the fight against the catalan separatist movement going to feel as part of the thank you for defending spain thank you for defending the constitution thank you for defending the law according to opinion polls roy's party has no chance of winning thursday snap the general election. the challenge is to form a majority bought with other anti secession parties and stop catalonia breaking away there's also a high possibility separatist parties could score a majority. there wouldn't be any problem if the independent parties fulfill the law and the constitution after the spanish government ruled catalonia is october referendum illegal or thora he's arrested keys secessionist leaders on charges of rebellion and dissolve the catalan parliament officials were carefully orchestrating about ois message allowing journalists only to record the arrival and departure at this point now event told the noises there are asking journalists and their cameras to leave the event from now on the speech will only be broadcast by
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official government cameras and official party owners. party supporters like what they heard. we must win to get rid of these radicals from catalonia we're fed up with these people we can't live with. across the road a small group of protesters calling for the release of their jailed separatist leaders they describe as political prisoners. a night before in barcelona other activists rallied for the same demand cymbidium the situation in the festive season is we have always protesting peacefully but they cheat us right up starts in terror that's why these leaders have been jailed. the issue of capital and independence plunged spain into its worst political crisis since the end of dictatorship forty years ago whatever the outcome there seems
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little chance the day's election will help heal those deep political divisions col pinholes spain. strong winds are continuing to power a massive wildfire in the u.s. state of california so-called thomas fire is now the third largest in the state's history has burned more than two hundred sixty seven thousand heck tears at the same area as new york city nearly eight thousand five hundred firefighters are battling the blaze which has destroyed more than one thousand structures and threats and they seem thousand more the fire department says it's now forty percent contained. earlier this week i referred to this fire is a beast and it's a monster we all recognize that but we will kill it the team behind me the men and women out in the field i have no doubt they will take care of business and we will put this fire out who are all seekers from the killer railways opened in
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switzerland and it's being hailed as a significant achievement for european technology the futuristic looking train climb seven hundred forty three meters up the mountain from chivvied sin central switzerland to the alpine village of still say now the barrel shaped carriages of special tilting floors so that passengers can stay upright even as they speed up gradients of nearly fifty degrees it took fourteen years to build and its developers say it's not just a tourist attraction but it will actually help connect communities you can find out much more about the stories we're following on our website you can see our story front and center there about what's going to happen at the u.n. security council tomorrow and egypt's proposal see a bit later. not
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a quick look at those top stories making the news here on al-jazeera u.n. security council will vote on monday on a draft resolution submitted by calling for the withdrawal of u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel comes as demonstrations have been taking place across the world against the decision by president dilma trump name was a major event in turkey's capital on corruption in addition to all the turkish coast . they're also hearing signed into the lot of the entire bill consented it such as the president and i simply had no one has emerged as a ticket for the palestinians and he's been rallying other aerobic and islamic parties specifically to show their solidarity and the real against president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of rio russian president vladimir putin's phoned u.s. president donald trump thanking him for the cia's help in fighting a terrible incident petersburg russia security services say they've arrested seven
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suspected i saw members who were planning attacks on targets including cousin cathedral in sindh petersburg hussein said he would be happy to help the united states in a similar situation came some way in chile and what's expected to be a close presidential runoff vote is in the south american nation are choosing between conservative billionaire and former president sebastian pinera and center left candidate gear so far with sixty seven percent of the votes counted pinera is leading the vote with fifty four percent while gear lags behind forty five percent . south africa's ruling party the african national congress has formally nominated two candidates for election as their president they are in see their chin on because i mean these are former wife of the current president of the a.n.c. leader jacob zuma deputy president several calls that. two suicide bombers have
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attacked a church inside west pakistan killing at least nine people and injuring dozens more gunman wearing explosive vest tried to storm the christian methodist church in queta city or playing far on the sunday worshippers eisel has claimed responsibility. you are up to date is coming next witness joins a team of white helmet rescue workers in syria he said they live in a country plagued by poverty in years billionaires like his number. one when east meets the new model rogers at this time when i was iraq.


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