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no money on the uses a new service it's called learning droid it's for women cus it just only drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty fourth's of a monitoring of dr as the war on terror begins with but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something to hide they have prepared a significant propaganda machine and guess what not one w m d shite was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq a deadly deception at this time on al jazeera. they. did celebrations as india's ruling b.j.
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pillock set to hold on to the prime minister's home state i'm. richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. protests over the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital it's to the united nations. a close contest south africa's ruling a.n.c. party votes to choose a new leader to replace jacob zuma plus. two point five billion people across the world don't have a bank accounts many of them live right here in africa by now that's how a small city police company is using not banks but in old traditional saving methods to try to bridge this gap. and he is ruling be j.p. looks set to retain prime minister narendra modi's home state of his rod overcoming a child. and for the main opposition party after early poor showings the p.g.
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paper moved ahead in the election which was seen as a test for modi he's been the chief minister of chris rock for three terms and the party has ruled the state for twenty two years in his life largest city amid a pot so. what's what's the work coming from the beach a.p.'s sense of relief perhaps that they seem to pull this out. that's right official results haven't come in yet but what is clear is that they have a majority of the legislative assembly yes huge amount of relieved this is b j p state it's been a b j peace day for the past twenty two years and in fact it's the prime minister's state and he's a b j p is part of the b j p of course and he was here personally to come and campaign personally here flew in from new delhi to cost his vote so a loss for the b j p would have been a humiliating not only for the party but for the leader of the country but what's
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also interesting is that congress has managed to make some inroads that means many are seeing it as they have led a campaign the strongest challenge against the b j p they say this century and making them a started start to be a force that could be reckoned with in the state so what message does the election what does this mean for the rest of the country. for the rest of the country they've been watching very closely particularly because the has been using the states the economic model of development here and his governance here as reason for him to be the leader of the whole country so losing here would have meant that if estate doesn't have confidence in him the rest of the country should have confidence in him but it's also because this is seen as a stage for the twenty nineteen national elections gandhi's leading the congress party recently which. president who is being closely watched also to see if he's
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a worthy leader of the party in whether he is able to maintain the campaign he lead here throughout the rest of the country in the coming weeks and months eight other states are going to go to election so the rest of the country is watching closely prime because this would mean our this would tell them what kind of selection or what kind of fight is up in the polls for this country right to make a holler my friend gets right to here thank you. john move has written a biography of modi he says this hasn't been an easy victory for the ruling the. bill for the first time in the last three and a half years with some of these being really seriously challenged by an opposition leader and it so happens that i will go on the has just chosen this particular moment to take charge of the congress party so definitely the next one in the half years before elections parliamentary elections are held in the middle of two thousand one thousand is going to be
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a huge me challenging period from some of the social really important because there will be several state elections between now and the parliamentary elections and in a few of these important states mr moody's party is not a challenger but has been coming from the experience from which iraq in the previous two the smallest you don't walk shows that mr moody and his party is not very good very different in the states where they are in power their objectivity going in challenging moments of an incumbent government so this is something which is going to have a bearing over the next two years in indian politics really is definitely going to cause some of these government to be more economic leap populist in its programs he's going to look at various other schemes to move the poor he has to shade somehow the rule elite image which this government has acquired in the last three and a half years. at least twelve people have died after
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a building collapse due to a fire in the indian city of mumbai rescuers managed to save many trapped workers the fire swept through a sweet store before dawn when workers were still asleep in the building because it's still under investigation an attack is under way at a military training center in kabul gunmen stormed a partially constructed building near an intelligence training center in the west of the city explosions and gunfire have been heard it's believed several attackers are inside that building a government spokesperson says afghan security forces are firing back and reinforcements have been sent witnesses in the area say they can hear the battle. at first a few explosions took place in the area and now there is heavy gunfire going on. survivor as a sunday suicide attack on a church in pakistan say they will not be to tear from attending christmas services at least nine people were killed after two suicide bombers stormed a packed church and quite police say one of them died while the other exploded
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a suicide vest about four hundred people were inside that church at the time of the attack. really in the spirit so high peaceful and not discouraged we are not afraid of the tourists we will be attending go places of worship. and security council that later on monday on a draft resolution regarding the status of jerusalem and follows a u.s. decision to recognize tourism as israel's capital move the sparks almost two weeks of protests around the world there was more anger across the palestinian territory overnight with protesters burning effigies of u.s. president donald trump and israel's leader benjamin netanyahu and egypt is circulating a draft resolution calling for the u.s. recognition of jerusalem to be withdrawn it states that any decisions and actions which purport to have altered the character status or demographic composition of the holy city of jerusalem have no legal effect are no one for way unless they were ascended in compliance with the sizing its veto within the security council the
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resolution as it stands at the moment is actually a restatement of the un's position on jerusalem as outlined through decades of security council and general assemblies a resolution the most recent being in november this year in which the general assembly voted overwhelmingly to declare any unilateral acts in jerusalem as null and void phrase null and void is contained in the current draft resolution the drop resolution calls on all states to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions within. i understand the palestinians somewhat angered they didn't want to single out the u.s. by name however it appears from this draft resolution that egypt and the u.k. have had their way too in attempt to avoid the u.s. veto however it would appear that that vetoes likely to happen with israel's enthusiastic backing which describes the resolution as
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a palestinian attempt to reinvent history despite the fact that it is rooted on u.n. resolutions as they stand at present but palestinians making very clear that should the u.s. veto this resolution in the security council they will attend to have it introduced in the general assembly where there's nobody to at play this really military says it has attacked a hamas training ground after rockets were fired from the palestinian territory of gaza this video said to show the israeli airstrike on the hamas facility deaths were reported it was in response to two rockets being fired into israeli territory where no one was killed rocket strikes from gaza have encreased since president trumps jerusalem moved. voting is now wrapped up in johannesburg to elect a new leader for south africa's ruling party then head of the african national congress will lead the party into the two thousand and eighteen general elections current deputy president cyril ramaphosa and forces on
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a dylan dylan mini zuma were formally nominated as candidates on sunday battle for the top job has exposed deep divisions within the ruling party president jacob zuma who has head of the a.n.c. for ten years is stepping down many say that after years of zoom is rule soaring unemployment and corruption have left millions of poor black south africans frustrated with the a.n.c. deputy president cyril ramaphosa who is a wealthy businessman is backed by the business community which believes he offers the best hope for the economy and see veteran causes on a so many zuma who is an ex-wife of president zuma is expected to deliver a continuation of his policies should she when she is also saying is more likely to protect zuma from the seven hundred eighty three corruption and fraud charges against him stephen cruz's is the host of a radio seven zero two and a writer for the daily maverick he says many south africans see this as the moment of much needed political change. what you're really seeing i think is the start of
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a sort of fracturing a breaking up of the political system we have now into many smaller parties driven in part by a structure which is proportional representation like you see in many parts of europe and scandinavia the meanies room is polling numbers among general south africans not a.n.c. members they really are very low one poll who has a around the country sixteen percent of potential voters think she would be a good leader for the a.n.c. from opposes numbers forty three percent think he would be a good leader for the a.n.c. just looking at that polling number you can see how important this will be for the twenty nine thousand elections i think what many south africans are really worried about and very upset about is corruption and state capture and president jacob zuma has become the symbol of that he has a friendships he calls them with people and then as the cop the family that becomes very influential get they came from india they say with nothing in around one thousand nine hundred three suddenly they seem to have a political pull to land wedding guests at one of our main air force bases and don't suffer any consequences and they've been all sorts of claims recently about how much money they're alleged to have stolen they threw the cup to leaked e-mails
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which is a really awful amount of information that is folded into the public domain and there really is detailed claims there of corruption how it was actually down the row that president jacob zuma played and all of that many people feel that if it goes i do mean as soon as way that pattern will continue and but if from the polls or wins it will be a chance to we use the phrase recall president jacob zuma and stop that corruption at the very least it would disrupt the current patronage network i think it would probably do more than that next the end of the state capture corruption as we call it here that we've seen over the last few months. so ahead on al jazeera. cycling the refugee crisis i'm joined the whole of these are bad sort of trends recovered from refugee camps being made into bags and backpacks while the refugees who are themselves making a new life here in greece. the power cut causes transport chaos some of the world's busiest airports.
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hello there for many of us in japan there's been an awful lot of wintry weather recently and there's more still to come see this little area of cloud to gradually drifting its way eastwards doesn't look too spectacular but it's certainly giving us a lot of snow or more still to come during the day on tuesday to the south of japan though largely fine and dry for us here tokyo should get to around thirteen degrees and further towards the west largely settled for us as well we're looking at four degrees of the maximum in beijing the temperatures getting a little bit higher there as we head through the next twenty four hours or so probably making it to seven or eight the further towards the south has been bitterly cold here for many of us over the past a few days but the temperatures are all recovering a little bit so we'll see shanghai up to around ten degrees on tuesday maybe even
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making it to eleven as we head into wednesday for hong kong we should be back up to around twenty but all this cloud of rain towards the south they all storm contact is working its way west away from us but still for some of us in the philippines there's plenty of showers following it so we're expecting more very heavy rains there's the remains of all storm tack then as it gradually is making its way towards the southern parts of vietnam there's a potential of seeing it we intensify but i think the strong winds high up in the atmosphere will stop that what we'll actually see is just them that we very heavy rain. once welcome now fear. dividing the nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world to be. done soon the. almost money those are is that you get those people who don't think it's going to be. one german and i'm rocking the
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new germans at this time on al jazeera. says al jazeera and these are the top stories this hour and is ruling he has overcome a challenge from the main opposition party to retain prime minister in the interim odis home state of iraq but the main opposition party has made significant gains in a state under control for twenty two years and security council will vote later on monday on a draft resolution regarding the status of jerusalem it follows the u.s. decision to recognize tourism is israel's capital there was anger across the
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palestinian territory overnight with protesters burning effigies as president and israeli prime minister. voting for the top post for south africa's ruling party has concluded deputy president cyril ramaphosa and president jacob zuma exwife imposes on it to let me zoom are the top contenders and an election that's deeply divided the a.n.c. . has become the latest latin american country to shift to the political right by electing conservative billionaire sebastian pinera as president and how to easily overcame his center left opponent in this runoff vote his second time he's been elected. chile's billionaire president elect to got what he wanted another crack at the presidency for the second time in twenty seven years chile has swung from the center left to the center right both times the civil stamping it out the markets favorite the former president
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a successful businessman promises better times ahead as he extends an olive branch to the uk if he does i want to renew our commitment to old chill lanes a commitment to unity and dialogue and so i invite all of our previous presidents to share their experience and advise with me so that we can reach national agreements to tackle our biggest problems. at the headquarters of center left candidate. there were long faces had run on the promise of accelerating the social reforms started by the current government of president michelle bachelet but the former journalists inexperience and chilly sluggish economic growth ultimately gave the conservatives the upper hand bennetta has been linked to several shady business deals and political scandals but clearly it did not matter i think the general issue is that politicians announce a discredited that people just assume that they are lions of thieves whatever and then choose between the lesser of two evils chileans have made their decision
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joining the recent american swing towards the political right but in this country you know would not have an easy time of it not only because the electorate has proven itself to be more demanding but also because you will not enjoy a majority in the legislature. which means speaking it i will have a hard time rolling back on still popular social reforms as is happening in brazil and neighboring argentina being you know government is going to be more of an administrative go it's going to going to be very similar to what we saw in his first term in power it's going to be more short term oriented it's going to be related to jobs. but this time round of us stamping it out will have to be less accommodating to the business elite the election has shown that chileans have become far more demanding and are expecting results no matter how hard they may be to deliver. c n human i just see done something. and sort of qatar is celebrating its national day it commemorates the gulf countries unification and
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eight hundred seventy eight this year celebrations come in the middle of a six month long crisis in the gulf saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut ties with qatar back in june accusing it of funding terrorism a charge doha has strongly denied. airstrikes have hit a wedding procession and yemen killing eleven women that the officials say aircraft from the saudi led coalition fired on the group as it headed for a village and mar a province the bribe was said to be among the victims. egypt has ordered al jazeera journalist i'm going to sing to remain in prison for another forty five days he was arrested in egypt almost a year ago all visiting his family as now the tenth time has detention has been renewed al-jazeera continues to demand his release he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny on wood has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail. the greek government has begun
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closing some of the refugee camps across the country as it continues with its policy of integration on the fight at camp north of athens was closed in early november many of its seven hundred residents have been moved to apartments in athens some want to stay put on a whole reports. while misery continues to stall those on the refugee routine to europe get a little where the athletes and some lives a changing for the better right now yes. i'm. happy now. right you have you have. a spring. here refugees from afghanistan pakistan and iran run a business making bags and backpacks using old tents and other material from the camp they want lived in i can support my family i take care of my children
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better as long as i have a job here. i have to stay here lisa campbell founded the ngo that set up this business what it does is give them a reason to be able to stay here because they are safe here their kids can go to school here they have medical care here there are there are reasons to stay angry if you have a job. the greek government has closed a number of refugee camps on the mainland preferring to try and integrate refugees into society all that remains of camp is the sitemap and whatever these budding entrepreneurs could salvage this is a pile of beds recovered from a recently closed refugee camp this canvas will soon be turned into designer items it is if you like upcycling of the refugee crisis this business turning a lot of misery it was a little bit of hope and happiness made in greece here at least the exercise in
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integration is going well so i think it's a great improvement for the area and people can get to know what these refugees and organizations are doing. but lisa campbell knows they're really only scratching the surface of a much bigger problem i want to know that i've done made a difference in these lives. and maybe the example somebody else can pick up and maybe other people can do the same thing to help those thousands upon thousands of dollars. but it's a start and the bags are selling like hotcakes online go to whole al-jazeera greece people in togo are back on the streets of the capital demonstrating against the president firing a single day is in nigeria for a summit of the economic community of west african states but political crisis that's not on the agenda that has angered some people say they want the president
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to step down in a two term limit to be introduced. peace talks aimed at ending south sudan's civil war due to get underway in ethiopia. it's been four years since the fighting began which has forced more than a third of the population from their homes or prisoners the south sudan's president salva kiir and rebel leader rima shar are expected to attend morgan has more from juba. this round of talks in the capital addis ababa is regarded as the last chance for peace. to end the civil war which started in december twenty third scene and i was a peace agreement which was august twenty fifth here in the capital juba but then a fighting broke out in the capital in july last year between the rivaling course there's the government and the opposition and the rig machar after which declared the peace agreement has collapsed now the intergovernmental body on our development into governmental authority under development i get a regional block as we look around the region there to south africa sudan kenya and
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ethiopia to try to bring together all the were not just the opposition under it much are and the government the different other factions that have emerged after the fighting in july last year to try to iron out their differences and look for the way toward to end the conflict in south sudan regional partners and international dollars which are backing the peace agreement have described this as a critical and unique round of talks to end this conflict and that this may be the only way forward for south sudan and it wants to keep on fighting for years to come . nearly eleven hours after an electrical alvan shut down parts of the world's busiest airport power has been restored atlanta's hartsfield jackson international more than a thousand flights were canceled on sunday because of that outage airport authorities say an electrical fire was the cause and task time reports. after hours of near darkness five. lights flicker back on at atlanta's hartsfield jackson international airport much to the delight of exhausted travelers
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i started what. yeah yeah you know i'm just excited to be. going now we can power up our cell phones it is just wonderful look around the airplanes happy again. but not everyone is happy while the power has been restored the travel chaos continues i literally spent a whole seven hours on an airplane without food or water and then they finally let us off they finally let us off too and then i walk into a dark room where everyone sleeping on the floor and i still haven't got my confirmation i was on the phone with delta for about two hours still nothing the southern u.s. airport is one of the world's busiest more than one thousand flights were grounded after it plunged into darkness over eleven hours on sunday just days before the start of the christmas travel rush passengers say airport staff appeared quick to
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deal with the power outage and that there was little help from first responders they have these elderly people with handicapped people lined up the little cheers like twenty that could not do nothing because it could get down the escalator and it's sad that people are helpless they can't get out they can't get downstairs. i mean it was just it's a nightmare. the outage was caused by a fire in an underground electrical facility it was apparently so intense it damaged two substation. serving the airport including its redundant system that should have provided backup power and the best occasion is under way power estimated to be restored by midnight so i would like to thank you all for your consideration. atlanta is the heart of the u.s. air transport system and is a hub for delta airlines airport officials have promised services will return to normal by monday afternoon a major challenge to help the nearly thirty thousand travelers impacted in time
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al-jazeera. more than two and a half people worldwide don't have a bank account that means they have to have no access rather to things like loans or insurance a small startup in senegal is hoping to change that though by combining angel saving practices with new technology. they get together every month hard earned money on hand to runs a fruit stall sells chickens clothes they're all working women and yet none of them have a bank account and banks one gavin ts people trade they make it difficult for women we don't have millions just to five hundred thousand there are ten thousand central african francs max financial institutions see the poor as unreliable prone to debt and unlikely to pay back loans for traditional banks to go on low income earning customers is costly and not worth the risk two point five billion people across the
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world have no bank account in africa more than half of the continent's population are financially excluded this is especially the case in the francophone region where eighty five percent of the population have no access to banks. the economy is booming people continue to trade and save but without bank accounts they put their monthly savings into a communal pot. each month one of them gets to take home the sum total this cycle continues until everybody has had to turn to get the one thousand dollars saved together they call this eighteen it's a widespread saving practice used across the continent for centuries. tontines gives me time to think and plan ahead if i kept the money in my pocket i would have spent it without thinking and never saved this much this nigerian entrepreneur believes providing services to poor women saving as a group is not a risk but a safe bet you do tontines with your friends your family your mom sister or brother
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so there's a really really low we're to ration for you two for you to default on not taunting right and that's why twenty one because every developing country does it a form of replanting have default rates of one to two it was and so bernie and his sister created an online platform it brings don't teens and financial institutions together providing services traditional banks refused to offer to poor women depending on their repayment rate each gets a score like a credit rating the higher the score the more services they are offered i didn't say i'm human if there's an emergency someone dies we don't feel the costs anymore we have insurance we have health care things we never thought we could get. after your model t. has just five hundred customers it's still more profitable getting banks to invest in african startups is difficult too but with so many without a bank account getting told teens believe there's an untapped potential in the
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region. for these women are time to come together. share their body and celebrate things you just can't do easily in the back. of the. car. these are your headlines on al-jazeera and this prime minister has declared victory in two state elections including closely fought race and some state. voters for their trust in the ruling twitter party also managed to snatch power from the congress and i'm a child pradesh. the un security council will vote later on monday on a draft resolution regarding the status of jerusalem and follows the u.s. decision to recognize true islam is israel's capital there is anger across the palestinian territory overnight with protesters burning effigies u.s. president and the israeli prime minister. the israeli military says it has attacked
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a hamas training ground after rockets were fired from the palestinian territory of gaza video set to show the israeli air strike on the hamas facility no deaths were reported it was in response to two rockets being fired into israeli territory were no one was killed. for the top post for south africa's ruling party has concluded deputy president cyril ramaphosa and president jacob zuma ex-wife encloses on its way. zuma are the top contenders in the election that is to deeply divided the a.n.c. . state of qatar is celebrating its national day commemorates the gulf countries invocation and eight hundred seventy eight this year celebrations in the middle of a six month long crisis in the gulf saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut ties with qatar back in june accusing it of funding terrorism a charge doha a strongly denied. an attack is underway in a military training center and kabul gunmen stormed a partially constructed building near an intelligence training center in the west
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of the city explosions and gunfire have been heard but it's believed several attackers are still inside the building witnesses in the area say they can hear the battle. for the throat of the by the very first a few explosions took place in the area and now there is heavy gunfire going on. a selected conservative billionaire sebastian pinera as its president defeated his center left opponent in a runoff vote shifting the country to the right it's the second time he's been elected to the highest office. those are the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story keep it or.
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spain's prime minister calls for a return to normality in catalonia as the region prepares to yet again to vote but after the council on dream of an independent ordered by government leaders in madrid what is.


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