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tv   Guerrilla Architect  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2017 1:32am-2:00am +03

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were sells and we will stand up for our country like we have never stood up before us vice president might pence has postponed his trip to the middle east until january it's decision comes amid worsening relations with the palestinian leaders who on monday slammed the u.s. for using its veto to stop a u.n. draft resolution that would require president trump to rescind his decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital all of the other fourteen members of the security council voted in favor of the resolution south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. has announced its new leader with cyril ramaphosa taking over from president jacob zuma from opposer who is currently the deputy president now really be the ex-wife in the votes of the party conference in johannesburg the winner will almost certainly lead the party into the twenty nine hundred and see missteps down as president after his second term. a u.s.
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official says at least six people have been killed in an amtrak train derailment outside seattle and the death count is expected to rise authorities say preliminary signs indicate the train must muster struck something on the track before spilling over a busy interstate those are the top stories stay with us rebel architecture is text . facing realities if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of all of this to go ship true which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the wall that some of my british is just to hear their story on talk to how does iraq at this time. architect has always defined the human. trump the simplest struck chance to the greatest monument cibot and rebellion is underway. led by a new breed of hockey team that puts people before iconic. hockey
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texts using the tools of their trades to restructure their surroundings. and to redefine their profession. to. to see beyond the walls where he also forecast from the memo about i believe. gave him all. you need to handle everything that i've got a lot on capitol hill part of the point i'm going to have agreed to get to level both of them very old cat. would act as
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a window to miley and. me have anyone that could sing i got it all the time. when or how but i am going to go see them into a nato quote unquote it's going to go right off. i'll get her going to. you know may some tears you hear that and so he said yes. he would maybe he could continue to thank you i will get to know her and. a kind of time to touch on the stuff that needs to be a winner and kids have some tough guy they have on the nope only go to five cops will tell them they are me to feel offended about the accident he had been out of course i know that i'm not alone in the fall that it will definitely go for one of my friends at penguin come look after.
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him both if you see see him in the conditions in the middle but i guess when it could even take you there were five years. i've been in the two or three books critical care of the i mean one of those hundreds of. other. i called my friend. where yeah you know. they got. to an independent. and i was kind of full of my full life. and i knew no.
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better mood. going for quite a while. and would have. any faith you must be. a few more likely if you. know how to figure on the robot. you want to give anyone if you know and i kind of. tell you know why i. feel i'm the.
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kind of people to enter into i mean. when you're a fairly you know for me out of the three year old came. to america so much an awfully well. so i want to. thank you get. the. economy go.
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for. it. if you want. to.
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i learned a little. when. he was. very much very much. gondolin north people have a corner here they article to feel but it kinda. you
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know and then i want it off the internet and i go out. concept what they gave on three sides you know getting on though and when i went into i didn't you know that i'm only going down there and i think i love those i like will saletan which on the tip of the that those will put out i don't know. born again on my pay anything for . no money nothing and let my guy go to. sixty. by the back area where if you're going to follow the old call forget that he'll be one of us so they would like us like you know i want to go but he will. not for
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when i die so when i know a little bit i'm going to tell him look for yourself sad i missed you going gone throughout the year by i had been held off and maybe i'm glad that people go i asked for him the bungalow i hope so i mean giving and yes i was going to the idea of a thief out of a set and all i'll see them. in the s. the o.r. .
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that's about it i think but nothing right about the last exhibit. it's about a. good way to think it out but when i read that it's a couple to mean you know you know. ok what about the other heineken i was going to be that my finance you know going well it would of course have you know. if you think that you know they beat us in a fight over the internet mike you know. from
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a. lot of harm one of them ended up because you want to tell a finicking on your own like this in the big and you you know i am alone but i feel no winnable didn't mean that machine they are not inclusive of those i'll go but you know the point of. getting a. get to the press i must say yeah i don't think i said i hit. colby but i was here. in st paul and i think i feel in the wonderful everything but at the end important it was and i mean go across a reference to what i'm doing i don't know how they like it will. get out. the door they. don't know. i think we're headed over we thought it. had a remarkable that you wrote the book. if
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you go i'm the kind i talked about i have a company oh he. had enough and he had like a guy like him off and i pointed out to my little boy. to. become a lackey you know i gave up on my manager. the fellows he hung on the from time to. time a script but i'm not up on it and i'm now i'm just an unfit.
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i'm but i'm going to be comfortable. but i mean when i. when i don't. have that you're messing with thank you. you know they. give you more than i'm going to get and i would want to be a little more than a lot of you did but i financial gain. i'm almost done are you going my way i'll hold that you were not it was enough proficient on the lead on this one of the. four that. they were fighting that i mean. like. if you will be. restored as if you live years people love to know this is what i
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mean yes it was you know. it's a devotional finish but i think it's a loss but if it does i thought about going to see buffy and not yet you see going to the list and look up as if you know if we estimate. it's just. the one i. think. so most here i'm not claiming to any. for having done so got here i mean what i say about paper that were nice to see what you're talking behind you see many council me going to your container for time that about everybody myself and yeah. i mean i got it one more thing on the support. that men didn't know said the less and i mean decile between business i've been a little bit in this in this but i mean that is the most the one in the number one is i mean but i mean that you have a few but what if you just feel for the previous buff enough. that.
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you tell me. that. you know some time. you can. do you always. say sign your thanks and like you know it's. not a lie and i found my faith in the. summer when i planned. it only i would start a family. on the fence. not. knowing simply going there and not play it on i mean. if we were. going to the extent.
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that it would send the. lawyer now. with the articles i said. well yeah i guess i am preparing to compare it to the to the boy you see how do you know. when they don't feel. free to believe him but i suspect those i can tell you a little i think i want to marry her personally i use attack on south. that i imagine any of us like about me and. why my nana. cut off i think it's an egg cafe in dalton on my lawn the other one said he thought that i got no. better than bubble day you know he i mean that not only do we have a sizable lead to go saves all we. are getting.
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him in. it right off right that we are going to talk assuming after only a little bit. if you continue. to hope to get it but if i'm there i'll go see a look at he was here to ask has a fee has it had mark and i me to feel it so i immediately got it. going on the pentangle part is equal to the quota and it having the same unit quality sitting in court where i might really feel too shallow. and the same you know saying no to the shadows
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a my they don't get what i'm. going to speak of i don't mean day being over. to add. a few more care not to be anything championing or casino thing by me to tivo so many are. yet to a mobo go down the road by you had a bottle to put out if you got going on all with us in ok when all is so. nothing can look at the same way he said. they don't need to guess we're going to let me attempt in the in the uk if i slip on the festival today quite a bit some. i think it was only time to say on thirty rock.
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one of our fate for undocumented technically out of the afghan you're in the money ahead of us how less they want to have their affairs rainbow seen in washington are . asking in the mikado happen proper etiquette and they call in my country don't call hitting same casinos that i was. mostly don't want to have a beer sales on most of these books save the ability to feed into the d.n.a. see what i suggest of uniting us i'm. a failure i am a pretty political treat i know how you know from the sales in the my mouth they have no game or nato.
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you know catamite all about the terri time of the could in the comic i like. them which really got me and this has got to be those had come from thing on the other seat. where i'm offering data to get to with your message i will bet on that where you don't. know if you don't but if they were gay what are you gonna be about to be a party devoid of in the know you know god would still be able to come here about a veto coming back into. and finally my going to be going oh no you don't you don't want to talk to him anymore no not the any other sort of they could only go in a society you know but here's what i was told to they sell you in the meantime i
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really doubt that i said you know we had anything to you then play oh i don't put on my auto pay are going to boil him over he don't have any sound the. yeah. of any any. company that. took time out you know in a college that you. and it's all where does it end up with a gun look intelligent. but i will think. the shit will get another thousand with this idiotic. feel. for a couple young already but the oh. it happened when i've barely have been here that there are cases where it would be somehow good for you to the nato a lot of who's going to have almost i think but what i'm up i think about people in
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there and they threw them that way in the edit you're here for the money. i think it's one of them enough i want out of the new look at the need i'm importing over uncle tom put me on the i've got one you. mean the guy i mean emotionally though the man did i mean the apotheosis it was not a polemic issue for the mother you know the name only she had i'm officially the mother that i hold that i'm infertile that would argue over what i would most of the funeral i would as it was of the. kind that i was just a bit rough. well i'm ok i get to see good possibility but good not only that if i could move into
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the movie they talk of yeah very very. much about the do i want to me that those are four dollars a totally out the simple stuff will talk evil they would cut my dinner in which it's highly whenever you find out on a thursday that you don't know a toilet converted i mean otoh. there are no make a good it's a second thought and so the. advantage of the border nothing better to got to go by i think you know how you go ok i want i mean there's such a horny he but they could predict on. me i've been stuck in tokyo big company asked me about a man in. the i'm going to try to say that he couldn't think of any artist on the level. but i.
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thought of the town. and the scene we see god became watching and they might not be funny pretty if you cannot see that point and i keep thinking in the car yes you're really really really really really up to very. under surgery a scar. shattered monument towards destructor palos. there's a move the ruins the defiance to resist. i'm strong oh so far higher.
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power investor child the suburb of damascus for a few mr crumble under the mind of our so it's all in. part two of this time on. al-jazeera is very assertive we just tell the reality as it is out for all things hard work contract they call it modern day when we call for indonesia every day not only one day as a breaking news story and uneasy as a very fascinating country but very difficult to understand from the outside and because i've been living here for sixty years i know very well it and i go out there and the whole country and even if you go al-jazeera gives the opportunity for a journalist to be real generally. al-jazeera where every. from toxic milk to fake meat food scandals continue to rock china as the world
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turns to it for its food moves one on one east goes undercover to expose the hidden harm in a system geared for profit one east at this time on al-jazeera in two thousand and one c.n. spreads around the. arab australians accused of being enemies within. and attacking the aussie way of life we were treated like we would pull suspects we would all under suspicion struggling to adapt to their new found home. al-jazeera expose the history of the lebanese community in australia. once upon a time in punchbowl and this time on al-jazeera.


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