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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged sat and some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business when they will take. the stand in our area if you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound walls at this time on al jazeera.
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this is al jazeera. i'm jane dutton this is the news live from doha coming up in the program. will take all necessary steps to achieve a denuclearization and ensure that this regime can not threaten the world donald trump is wide ranging national security plan singing russian china's main threats to the u.s. . what we witnessed here today in the security council isn't an insult it won't be forgotten washington's ambassador vetoes a u.n. resolution on jerusalem and lashes out at her colleagues. a new leader and a new era in south african politics we look at the challenges ahead for. as he takes charge of the african national congress home. as fate for dozens missing off
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to a tropical storm through central philippines killing over forty people. china and russia have criticized the u.s. president for labeling them strategic rivals trump single the pair out as a main threats to america when he was outlining his new national security strategy i watch house correspondent committee reports from washington populism has been a hallmark of his presidency and donald trump again struck that note as he announced a strategy for u.s. national security is an approach he says began when voters rejected the security policies of his predecessors on january twentieth two thousand and seventeen i stood on the steps of the capitol. to herald the day the people became the rulers of their nation again in
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a rambling and often disjointed address skim through the substance of his plan including highlighting a desire to pursue an almost cold war like mindset identifying china and russia as key u.s. adversaries despite working with russia recently to avert an attack in st petersburg received a call from president putin of russia thanking our country for the intelligence that r.c.a. was able to provide them there was no specific mention of the kremlin's meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election just allusions to china and russia as use of technology to shape a world counter to u.s. values. and only a vague mention of how trump intends to combat the ongoing nuclear threat to the united states by north korea america and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve a denuclearization and ensure that this regime cannot threaten the world overall
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trumps message was thin on details he's laying out this case of you know the world is really bad it was really bad before i got here and now i'm going to fix it so it's not really about the strategy itself so much as you know the persona of president trump determined to fix these problems. and there was only one reference to the middle east in his remarks although his strategy specifically calls on countries to combat extremist groups like eisel locally it was a speech further highlighting one of the biggest challenges for the trumpet ministrations since taking office cohesion and foreign policy success it is a challenge that appears likely to continue given the divergent positions of trumps national security plan kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington let's get the reaction from russia and china brown is standing by for us in beijing but first let's speak to sonja gager in moscow i'm sure this didn't go down too well there.
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well that's certainly the been really reaction from the spokesperson for president putin as well who rejected the fact that what was mentioned in that was that russia was perceived to be a security threat towards the u.s. however saying that he did also say that this was once again according to dmitry peskov of putin's spokesperson that it was again a sign of the u.s. is unilateral nature it's still imperialist tone that it sees itself in the world however that was tempered somewhat by saying that of course this was just taking a look at the document a glance and that more detail needed to be looked into as well and fleshing out that detail of course there wasn't so much of that that was explicit yesterday part
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still there seemed to be a response to what president trump mentioned yesterday certainly how he mentioned president putin thanked the u.s. for the intelligence that was given in relation to the planned petersburg attack saying that that was one example of cooperation that was something that was received saying course whenever the u.s. is ready to to cooperate that russia is still there but in a more supportive centric fashion and not in that you know electoral fashion that they say the u.s. is still proceeding jane thank you that's on your not aging brown joins us from beijing with the latest reaction from there and what is a beaut. well i think chinese officials are going to be studying president trump speech for the coming days weeks and months to see what it means for their relations in the coming years i think the language that
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president from use seemed to me to be quite restrained almost moderate compared to what we've heard in the past remember during the presidential campaign he said that china had raped the u.s. economy he cues china of being a currency manipulator we heard none of that language in his address so i think there was possibly a sigh of relief here in beijing that it could have been much worse i don't think there was anything actually in that speech that's going to give chinese leaders any lost sleep that said though china went on the offensive after president trumper delivered his address we got reaction from the chinese ambassador in washington he pointed out the contradiction he said on the one hand you know the united states refers to china as a friend a trading partner but on the other hand it refers to us as an adversary and i think the message that has actually been coming through loud and clear today is this yes china and the united states can be rivals but we don't have to be enemies now at the foreign ministry press briefing the daily press briefing today the foreign
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ministry press spokesman. really fired a warning shot and this was the language she chose to use your words ending the how we think eventually for any country it's futile for them to distort the facts or to china we are the u.s. saying to stop distorting china's strategic tina tchen and abandon a zero sum game and cold war mindset it will only bring harm to everyone. and jane i think china is also saying look you keep bashing a sober trade the fact that we export far more to the united states and you send to us we could fix that problem overnight says china if you would allow us to buy some of the technology we're after but sanctions that were applied after the chinaman square massacre in one thousand nine hundred nine means that china can't buy a lot of the technology that it wants because of those sanctions but in the meantime it says that trade actually is still working to both of our benefits it says a two way trade between china and the united states stood at fifty five billion dollars
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last year and that some two point six million american workers jobs are indirectly dependent on that trade so you know china is saying yes we can agree to disagree but let's not lose sight of the big picture and remember we need to work with each other over north korea so yes criticize us on trade but remember we need each other when it comes to the much bigger picture ok agent thank you trump positive game of north korea promising to take all necessary steps towards achieving denuclearization on the korean peninsula kathy novak has more from pyong chat. in the written statement the national security strategy warned that north korea is developing nuclear weapons that threaten hundreds of millions of americans it also says the country is pursuing chemical and biological weapons that can be delivered by missile the united states says the north korean government is starving its own people while spending hundreds of millions of dollars on weapons and separately in
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an op ed in the wall street journal the national security advisor thomas bosshard says north korea was behind the want to cry its cyber attack that affected more than two hundred thousand computers in oh about one hundred fifty countries earlier this year that attack used a virus that used ransomware that demanded money so that victims could access their own computers so now you have the united states saying that north korea is developing nuclear chemical biological and cyber warfare but when it comes to donald trump's remarks there was little new in terms of what the u.s. intends to do about those threats of course last week rex tillerson the secretary of state caused some confusion when he seemed to suggest that the united states was open to negotiations with north korea without preconditions but he later seemed to walk back from those remarks and the white house and state department said that the u.s. position on north korea has not changed japan's government has approved the use of the u.s. military's aegis missile interceptor system it's in response to north korean
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threats and follows pyongyang's launch of two missiles over japan this year in november north korea test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile that landed in japanese waters the government says the new weapon system will take years to come online south korea's foreign minister has arrived in tokyo to be japanese leaders for a rare talks the country's a frosty relations stemming from japan's wartime sexual exploitation of korean women but they've been pushed to build an alliance recently against north korean aggression bellus reports. a re a visit by the south korean foreign minister to japan killing one kong and her counterpart title kono have an unlikely match maker and kim jong il and the north korean leader facing them into talks not sane and two and a half years. as foreign ministers they have just ten months experience between them and yet they have the difficult task of ensuring security against their
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increasingly aggressive neighbor. just three weeks ago kim jong own testified an intercontinental ballistic missile for hire and longer than ever before kong and co no are expected to recommit to stronger sanctions. and i'm sure we will exchange our opinions regarding north korea during our bilateral meeting we will share our opinions and put pressure on north korea to deny clear eyes. japan's government symbol tiny asli announced a nearly two billion dollar missile defense system. at today's meeting we discussed in uprooted decisively improve our ballistic missile defense system to prevent a new war the neighbors need to find peace with the ghosts of another the issue of the so-called comfort woman has divided the two nations many south korean woman suffered sick chill and other abuse during japan's wartime occupation of the one
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nine hundred through she says and forty. two years ago a deal was reached south korea would put the scandal behind it if japan apologized to made a nearly nine million dollar donation to support victims. you're right we have been expressing our feelings of remorse and apology on this issue as the previous governments have and such position will not be changed from today japan and south korea will enter into a new era i hope this agreement will serve as a momentum for japan and south korea the critics slammed the deal and in july south korea launched a review of the agreement. the south korean foreign minister is expected to discuss the dispute further with prime minister shinzo visit the two countries separated by a strait hoping the two day talks will listen the distance between the shallop bellus al-jazeera pins voyage on the news hour including a new report says sixty five jenna's have been killed this year we look at the most
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dangerous places for reporters to work. what led to high speed train to derail in the u.s. state of washington killing several people. and he's done it again in the world surfing champion gets another crowd details coming up later in sport. the palestinian leadership has condemned the u.s. veto of a united nations draft resolution on. jerusalem's status it would have required president donald trump to withdraw his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital all of the other fourteen security council members voted in favor of the resolution michaela reports from the united nations. those against. the u.s. exercises its veto when the resolution fails and then at some bastard a sharpie attacks the fourteen other members of your security council that voted in
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favor what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten it's one more example of the united nations doing more harm than good in addressing the israeli palestinian conflict the palestinian representative is adamant that the veto is a final confirmation that the u.s. cannot be regarded as an honest broker in the region. and this resolution affects the status of the united states as a peace broker and it actually stresses its bias and it undermines its role in any future peace process earlier ambassador after ambassador outlined why they would support the resolution the united kingdom will vote in favor of the egyptian text on jerusalem because it is in line with our longstanding position on jerusalem it is in line with previous security council resolutions israel the only other nation
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that backed the u.s. position they can vote on this issue again and again and again even one hundred more times but it will never change the fact that he was a limb eve has been it always will be the capital of israel but the matter is not going to end here even before the vote was taken palestinian leadership insisted that would take the matter to the u.n. general assembly where there is no veto such a resolution would be non-binding but it would highlight the massive division between the u.s. and the vast majority of other nations on the issue of jerusalem and the possibility too that the palestinians may now push for the international recognition of east jerusalem as the capital of palestine. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. is the assistant minister for foreign affairs for palestine he says
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the u.n. vote is just the beginning of palestinian action the first step is that you put a complaint against those who violate international law those who violate security council resolutions those who stand to stand against the will of nations and consensus the international consensus by going through the security council which is interested with the maintenance of international peace and security this is that all of the security council this is why the security council has been established in the first place and this is why it's there and the veto power that the us has used yesterday in the security council is runs contrary to everything that this institution has been the established for including the yuan charter the decision is null and void and the security council resolutions and the general assembly and the i.c.j. advisable pinion and all other international instruments that has been dealing with this issue and spoke about it including the national law and the un charter which
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speaks about the little illegality of position off that it only by force or it is as it stands now is null and void the problem is that the u.s. has as you all in this peace process and this role the u.s. has been given under the bottom meters which are which include security council resolutions including resolution two forty two and the question here is what is the all of the u.s. and the future of all of the u.s. in this peace process and i think it was confirmed yesterday once again by the u.s. by stating that it doesn't want to play a role to have any future role in the peace process and it insists on abdicated its role. so the africa's ruling party the a.n.c. has announced its new leader cyril roma pose who is currently the deputy president will take over from president jacob zuma he beat xoom his ex-wife and. zuma in the vote at the party conference tanya page reports from johannesburg hundred seven
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member because as the new president of the african nation now. several rounds of posters supporters erupted into cheers as he was led to the stage they've penned the hopes of the african national congress and the country on him i'm so happy about the president because the president has been a member of the n.a.c. with every the president has been in the business sector for a very long time. i'm sure during the close in the crisis that we have economy clearly is a country will have some improvements and i'm of course a has a hit for business and that could be what's needed to get the economy back on track so millions of unemployed south africans can have hope he helped write the constitution and helped negotiate the peaceful transition to democracy from apartheid skills he will need as the top six new a.n.c.
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officials and all his allies these are the food outcomes for the organization i think we have good widespread it is sad to create a unit in the a.n.c. . but i'm opposed and here it's a deeply divided and see one split between the politics of petron age of president zuma who said passively as the results were announced and those who feel the a.n.c. has lost its way prison soon this tenure has been tarnished by controversy it was the rape charge he was acquitted of and hundreds of corruption charges related to a multi-million dollar arms deal it will take a lot to undo the damage to the party of nelson mandela to ram a poor. i campaigned on an empty corruption message promising a fresh start in the clean up more transparent style of governance and to beat him on his business and turn me on to build a stronger economy to create millions of desperately needed jobs perhaps i'm
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opposes. the current president's ex-wife was too tainted by association with zuma even her track record as a strong politician in her own right with a passion to promote the needs of the country's poor wasn't enough but saddam opposes tosk is enormous unite a divided a.n.c. and prevent its slide in support from becoming terminal ahead of the two thousand and nineteen general election let's go over to tanya page who is in johannesburg and i'm wondering how people are responding what the papers are saying about this. well i think generally across all forms of media there is a cautious sense of optimism that the signals a kind of change in direction. detail that a little bit in a moment let's have a look at some of the papers the new age raising. and calling it a unity win and they're doing that because i'm
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a poster didn't win outright i mean he won the position as president but three of the members in the top six of the a.n.c. a from his rival in courses on a. kemp if you like so this paper at least says that that means that the delegates voted strategically they want people to come together from both sides of a contested presidential race and work together in a unity and sort of a step away from that list take a look at the citizen big picture picture of the man of the moment and just introducing him to take some concerns saying that you know he's going to really struggle to divide to unite. the last one i have for you here. biggest challenge all the way to that other extreme. described as being. in the. top six he's got the top job most
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powerful people underneath him from. that he really struggle to introduce the kinds of changes down on corruption that he campaigned on. going to be a tell us more about where you are now and what the feeling is there. we're at a market. which is an enormous township area is one of. the end. where. it's from and we've been talking to people here over the last couple of hours about what they think of the new man in charge of the. it's a good thing that we were we're you know we were. big
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. you know. you grew up in so it so you know. the people i think. of. as tanya mentioned in a reports unifying the campaign will be an immediate challenge for rahm oppose a three of the top six party officials elected on monday belong to president zuma scum he could have a hard time getting them on board to support his vision. it's clean up the party's image which has been battered by allegations of corruption in. he said years and of course the economy will be at the forefront at a time when unemployment in south africa is at a fourteen year high the growth is down to your point seven percent the lowest in any a decade grant masterson is the head of the program the electoral institute for sustainable
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democracy and joins us from johannesburg good to see you grant so he's got quite a job ahead of him hasn't he let's talk about those three close to him who are in jacob zuma as camp who are known to be close to the doctors behind the state state capture how's it going to work alongside them who's going to push his vision forward. well that's kind of the problem jane is that said we had this kind of scenario for the past five years with the top six of the agency has been split three and three and it looks as though that situation is going to continue you know we had brought up polls it has been indexed the president that's obviously the most popular position but as you right you see it next time he says well the student most powerful positions beneath the president belong to people going on this is senator the on board with roe was a vision and the major issue that most people agree on is that we had government with relatively good here policies and that any policies as long as they were here
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and consistent and predictable would be an improvement on what we've had in the pasta and fortunately with us not top six it looks like it's going to be very difficult will the new president today see to begin to oppose any kind of vision any kind of change which is just immediate on the spot i mean hearing the word perique victory had at this stage on tell me what sort of role will jacob zuma play to telling any sort of successful around the present to make sure that he could possibly win the elections in two thousand and two. and this is a very interesting dynamic because because it is future power and he is the future of the country so the power is shifting towards from also right now of course use the deputy president of the country. or maybe president of south africa and has all of the constitutional powers that the president of the country has and so did actions and twenty nine t. the a.n.c. has voted in the pasta said that there should be no two since is how they go
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constructs of the a.n.c. and government and yet for the next eighteen months or so that's exactly what we'll have we have two persons booth refuses to struggle to get along and live on the other group much and i'm not going to have to work to get that as they get at the a.n.c. as they did a government to. make the next eighteen months and that's a goal for everyone has got a number of reflects hanging over him and the country is really hoping and looking to preserve the a zero zero zip to deal with some of these groups he's going to deal with some of the scandals of president and there's a real concern within the agency that. these scandals of the current president of south africa are dealt with that the a.n.c. may may have the next the first president in their post party to speak will not be president and also to stop the rot on the attack on the democratic process right i mean we've seen attacks on media we've seen the justice system the law enforcement
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agencies they've been penetrated been compromised. that's right september state capture has become very popular and very familiar to say that britain says that a troubled e-mails linked to the vigils will around the president and their ongoing state and cities and other state institutions has become public knowledge the scandals of deep and sadness have become very familiar with this idea of the state capturing that of the state being captured by private interests and interests book personal gain and so the hope is that the new president of the. cause will be able to. stop the rot and even reverse that rug of course from a cause that has got a storied history in south africa is first arrived at mark to see if you were the chief negotiator for the n c in creating the constitution which governs all such that there is a lol so he has a vested interest it seems he has
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a lot of that constitution yet she rolled it and the expectation is that you will be a constitutional president of course and this bill is directed at you since i should because the president of the country right now has demonstrated that he has a list. of the constitution isn't that useful it's pretty great getting a thoughts gone thank you. and if you guys who have the way that with rob who's standing by but still ahead on al-jazeera the hacker has revealed the u.s. blames north korea behind this is most widespread cyber security breach a territorial conflict in southern mexico is forcing thousands of indigenous people to leave their home. and support a big night for the l.a. lakers all time leading goal scorer.
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binny's pink skies by the touch my heart. or as the sun sets in the city of angels . after australia i thought you might not see the video this is sort of it's a case of hang on a minute just watch it'll happen and last of so in the coal spider lightning this was actually photographed at night in adelaide his part of a system of storms culled from fairly regular occurrence during the summer you know straight a whole lot goes east was it's not just pretty that chilly knocks out the power been thirty or forty thousand people without power and set of victoria the whole thing went across it's a cold front that's where it lay two three hours ago as it just came in to melbourne for melbourne's overnight attention last night was a good last twenty four can by day until the cold front arrived and of course all that white cloud is still in the stuff his words look at the time she's actually these the absolute have she is a cursor on this side is the hot air behind it you drop back down at least twenty
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six is ten below what it was for the call for went through but absolute doesn't tell the whole story the difference from the average is no more important fourteen about arjen melbourne eight above in cambra ten above in hobart so overseas things go through is a big difference and in sydney the sea breeze gets blown by beach a cooling field but forty four was a record in penrith. the weather sponsored by cats and peace. on the surgery a scar on. a bomber shattered monument towards destructive powerless. government the ruins the defiance to resist. and somehow or survive. people in power investigates how this suburb of damascus has refused to crumble under the might of assets army. joba part two of this time i'm now
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jazeera. our judges here. every. again the top stories this hour china and russia have criticized the u.s. for calling them strategic rivals u.s.
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president donald trump to single them out as major threats in his new national security strategy the kremlin says. the strategy has an imperialist character and beijing called on trump to its growing influence. allison leadership has condemned the u.s. veto of a u.n. draft resolution on jerusalem present on trying to rescind his recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital all of the other fourteen security council members voted in favor of the resolution. here is vice president mike pence is perspiring a trip to the middle east palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas one of egypt's top religious leaders have refused to meet parents following the uproar over the u.s. decision on jerusalem. while the trumpet ministration is singling out north korea as one of the largest threats to global security a senior advisers accuse north korea of being behind this is one of cry cyber ransom attack that rapidly hijacked computers around the world tom boss of the homeland security adviser to president donald trump claims north korea was directly
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responsible for the attack and wrote in the wall street journal that the country's behavior and methods have become increasingly great egregious in recent years that attack exploited security flaws in computers operating system encrypted data forcing uses to pay ransom to regain access at its peak a disabled hundreds of thousands of computers around the world in banks hospitals and schools causing billions of dollars in damage rather pritchard is the founder of the cyber security expert who joins us on skype from chamonix good to have you with us does it make sense that they are behind it why would they do this. well motivation is not totally clear it's very difficult to be certain obviously when you're trying to second guess states acting like this it could have been an attempt to make money that just got out of hand because it wasn't as a ransom where it's like it wasn't very successful very many people at the ransom
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and indeed even if you did it is not possible to recover your data or it could have been intentionally destructive it could have been intended to cause widespread chaos what sort of impact could this sort of virus have on you know you and me day to day living. well i mean i'm fully much less now because people should be learning the lessons but there was a follow up to this one a crime which didn't appear didn't have so much press coverage which caused lots of problems that disrupted major shipping companies and lots of supply chains and continues to cause disruption to this day so it could have if it got into the right sector potentially potentially an impact and want to cry and certainly disrupted medical services in you case there was an impact on the public in the u.k. for sure and how important is it to identify way it caliphs from because i'm sure that once you get rid of one virus another crops up pretty quickly yet for the defender's office it doesn't really matter it doesn't really matter if you you know if you have this gets agreed to by criminals almost grid the problem is keeping the
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systems running so it doesn't really matter to companies not much policy breaking in. diplomatic a potential military action is that much of the north lot if this was a deliberately destructive attack by north korea that is quite different to being a criminal enterprise the quote hand from a policy perspective how important is it for countries to work together when it comes to this sort of attack how much information sharing is needed. well information jeopardy is good for any kind of attack if you if you are the health sector and you can tick off colleagues in another country to different threats facing you know. intelligence agencies of the room ensuring that knows about the far right now so undoubtedly the u.s. and u.k. will share information about how classified. on these attacks are i'm not. a picture let's leave it there robert pritchard thank you hopes are fading for
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survivors after a tropical storm cuttack top through central philippines killing over forty people rescuers are trying to find dozens of others who are still missing a state of emergency has been declared. reports from billion well president to agree good that there was here yesterday he brought with them members of a cabinet and he promised a point we had deliberation and aid for those who have been affected by this type and he had a long and winding beach where he talked about how we deeply connected the part of the philippines where he mother with originally from but we've also spoken to relatives survivors and also go looking for their loved ones will all go that particular day and what they want is more than just a promise they want action because they know that this tragedy well hold them back even more typhoon kate back swept through eastern philippines bringing more than two months worth of rain it triggered landslides that this joy the roads and
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bridges many communities are now cut off without electricity and running water heavy rains have submerged houses stranded passengers and closed airports and seaports all across the science region many people here have lost their homes and their livelihood. and we were not able to save anything nothing not even our close the flood car was so strong it reached up to watch us we just flowed right away. several towns in the eastern part of the philippines are now under the state of emergency. like a tornado many tornadoes do you see that area over there that used to be a rice field now it's all gone. there is spanish local officials say supplies of food and medicines are running out and for many. is a reminder of a painful past in november two thousand and thirteen typhoon haiyan swept through
1:39 pm
the entire province of late to at least a thousand people were killed and many more were either injured or missing haiyan destroyed everything in its back roads homes all wiped out in an instant that destruction has made life even more difficult for people who are already impoverished even before haiyan struck more than four years on they have barely recovered and with. this truck sion they know that it will be a difficult few weeks ahead. and we're in the small town of the bow where we joined the search rescue and retrieval operations with volunteers all afternoon right behind me you can see that. backhoes are still trying to help clear the roads for rescuers to be able to manually dig through the wreckage but survivors are saying here that they have already lost hope that they will still be able to find their loved ones i just want to tell you that the smell of rotting human flesh here is
1:40 pm
quite overwhelming but for those survivors looking for their loved ones they see that as a hopeful sign that for some reason their loved ones are still here and that they will be able to at least give them a proper burial christmas season is the most important time for families here in the philippines and they know that this will be a very difficult one very much pretty similar to what happened to them when typhoon how yon's chalk on the bank were two thousand and thirteen as well that left more than eight thousand people dead in this region investigators in the usa a train that derailed in washington state was traveling above the speed limit before came off the tracks killing at least three people a data recorder recovered from the wreckage shows it was traveling a hundred twenty kilometers per hour in a fifty kilometer per hour zone chambre transit riposte. train five zero one was traveling from seattle to portland when it derailed near the town of dupont sixty four kilometers south of its origin between seven thirty and seven forty am
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local time seventy eight passengers and five crew members were aboard several carriages dangled from a bridge crossing interstate five with some falling on to the ground below multiple cars and trucks were struck by train cars that left the train tracks and went down onto the road the people that were in all the vehicles even though when you see the pictures it's pretty horrific at this point nobody in any of the vehicles it's a fatal if they don't for all contained to the train as far as the numbers go they're still working on that it was the in all green room for the high speed train service the. tional transportation safety board is investigating in response to the incident president trump tweeted first to make the case for his long promised infrastructure program the train accident that just occurred in dupont washington shows more than ever why our soon to be submitted infrastructure plan must be approved quickly he said seven trillion dollars spent in the middle east while i roads bridges tunnels railways and more crumble not for long and then ten minutes later he sent his condolences to the victims of particular interest dash cam video
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may reveal whether there was a blockage on the line in addition investigators will examine whether the track of the misaligned whether there was any tampering with the rail line or whether the high speed technology had suffered a failure she had her town see al-jazeera. thousands of indigenous people in southern mexico have been displaced because of a territorial conflict at least eleven have died of cold and hunger many reports on the state of us. these are prayers of desperation by so people who have been internally displaced they are the victims of a decades long dispute over land boundaries between the neighboring municipalities of chinelo and done father marcello a member of a nearby parish says that in recent months hundreds of families in just a week don have been driven from their homes by armed groups a dozen houses have been burned and others sprayed by gunfire and they.
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blocked the road. where the armed groups hide and then they shoot hearing gunshots at night is a form of psychological control people. a child has died a two year old who fell sick from exposure their grieving parents say they have nowhere left to go. my daughter became sick when we ran through the woods and i fell down i felt helpless my daughter died i feel the pain in my soul. many of the people living outdoors have coughs and colds and although chelsea has done was already one of the poorest places in mexico living under these conditions for almost two months has pushed indigenous communities to the point of exhaustion to make matters worse the main access roads to and from chad to be done were cut off and although passage has been restored human rights observers from the government say the situation still demands urgent action in the losing that we are calling for humanitarian assistance to guarantee food and to lessen the risk to
1:44 pm
people's integrity and lives. a federal court recently issued a ruling aimed at settling the dispute so its people however see the decision hasn't lessened tensions there are over five thousand people displaced across the mountains of tennessee we've done the men women and children who are staying at this camp are only facing hunger and illness they say they live in a state of terror too afraid to return to their homes. international organizations like unicef have called it unacceptable for children to continue living under such precarious conditions and while the government of chiapas says that aid and security is being provided many here worry the humanitarian crisis will drag on monday. to be done mexico. today's stock index soared and the currency strengthened the day after the election of billionaire businessman sebastian pinera as president he's promised to increase growth with plans to expand the economy but supporters of
1:45 pm
the outgoing center left government social reforms warn they'll fight back if in europe tries to roll back on them a latin america editor listen human reports from santiago. a chilean tradition socialist president michelle bachelet visited. the day after his election to offer her full cooperation in the transition just as the former president had done four years ago after she was elected putting on a brave face by chile is leaving chile in the hands of the same conservative. democrat and i have said that i will hand over my presidential sash to home every selective democracy is the more. the news was welcomed by the markets the billionaire businessman victory boosted the chilean currency and the local stock exchange arming other absentee idols fruit and vegetable market most
1:46 pm
say it's pena has close ties to big business to convince them to vote for him when i'm in employment what it was as he says the better times ahead business has been stagnant these last four years so a change is. gonna get up earlier. but not everyone believes that will put their interests first. and how could people have voted for thing for a man who will be governed by the whims of big business. back at home the president elect also receives the national and foreign press while his foreign policy will differ a little his domestic priority will be to halt many of by chile's structural and social reforms will support but he said if we are going to recover the leadership in dynamism of our economy and that starts by restoring grow. and reestablishing investor confidence which used to grow by more than ten percent a year when i was last president he then went in to receive more congratulatory
1:47 pm
phone calls mainly from like minded latin american leaders election clearly consolidating the region shift from the left to the political right with the niceties over now comes the hard part. will have to walk a fine line appeasing his conservative political base while at the same time assuring those who did not vote for him that it will not come at their expense you see in yemen al jazeera sunday. a turkish court has ordered the release of a german journalist who's accused of publishing anti government propaganda tool was arrested in april while working for a turkish news agency she and five have been released on bail pending the outcome of their child human rights groups say they rest saw her crackdown on free speech dozens of journalists have been killed this year and hundreds more have been thrown in prison the latest annual report from report reporters without borders explores their experiences especially in war zones syria and mexico are among the most
1:48 pm
dangerous places for journalists to work back a report from london the annual round up by reporters without borders paints a bleak picture of media safety and freedom around the world sixty five journalists have been killed this year most while working in their own countries three hundred twenty six are being detained fifty four being held hostage and to a missing. syria remains the world's deadliest country for journalists twelve being killed this year reporting on the conflict but close behind is mexico with eleven killed many journalists such as have. were murdered for their coverage of the drugs trade and organized crime most of these murders remain unpunished. of the fifty four journalists being held hostage mania being held by armed groups such as i saw in the middle east. ten women journalists were among those killed this year
1:49 pm
compared to five last year. was murdered by a car bomb in malta despite receiving threats she continued to denounced alleged government corruption so if we look at bigger pictures of all journalists killed this year sixty percent deliberately targeted because of that. the other forty percent were killed while in the field sort of doing their job but when we look at the female journalists that were targeted nearly all of them were specifically into liberally targeted of the three hundred twenty six detained journalists more than half are being held in only five countries vietnam iran syria turkey and top of the list china many without any solid charge this is the case for al-jazeera as mahmoud a sane arrested in egypt a year ago while on holiday the detention was one of a string of arrest by the egyptian authorities targeting al jazeera staff in the country reporters without borders findings are alarming but remarkably the number
1:50 pm
of journalists killed this year is at its lowest in fourteen years better safety training and intensive lobbying by campaign group so helped but in many cases the downward trend is a result of journalists simply leaving the world's most dangerous places and in the absence of journalists vital voices remain silent they've barkha al-jazeera london . the alphabet is to be digitized allowing it to be used in text messages and e-mails. say it's a welcome move for. which had no written script until the one nine hundred eighty s. it's been added to the unicode standard system it's a computing industry. researchers hope the change will help preserve an important symbol of culture and identity. we'll have the details after the break.
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1:52 pm
it's time for sports for jane thank you so much anti-doping officials and athletics have began an investigation after a u.k. newspaper made allegations about a coach and an agent connected to world champion sprinter justin gatlin the daily telegraph claimed gallons representatives offered to supply performance enhancing drugs to undercover reporters president of the world athletics governing body sebastian coe is said the allegations are extremely serious and the independent athletics integrity unit will investigate the thirty five year old american sprinter who has served two doping bans one one hundred metre gold at the world
1:53 pm
championships in london in august beating you saying bolt is legal representatives said gatlin had sacked his coach and had more than five years worth of official drug tests to show he is never tested positive for any banned substance john john florence has become the first man in ten years to defend a maiden world surfing title despite finishing second at the season ending a pipe masters in hawaii the american who won the event for the first time last year did win this time around but earned enough points to beat the his closest rival gabriel medina of brazil who was the only other surfer in the competition with a real chance of taking the world title but medina had to settle for second place with france's jeremy flores who claimed victory at the event. when your home is my dream to enter a home this year and how kind of this whole build up to this whole event make you there reads it gave me and i was like oh my god. pretty nervous both of them are
1:54 pm
shaking their. heads. the l.a. lakers have retired both jerseys won by kobe bryant the all time leading goalscorer in a lakers franchise history ended his career in april twenty sixth jane after twenty years with the team. a five time n.b.a. champion was honored at the staples center in l.a. during the lakers game against the golden state warriors and n.b.a. first the team decided to retire both of brian stehr izzy's number eight and number twenty four the eighteen time all star is the time the player to have his uniform honored by the lakers. you know the legacy is really important in the sense of. you know what we've done. is awesome. but i think was more important for a legacy is how that affects the next generation to come and you know for the
1:55 pm
jerseys that are hanging in the rafters now the impact that they've had on me which led to us being in this moment here you know i think that's the true mark of a legacy is how will impact the next generation. there's my having brian in the crowd the lakers couldn't pull off a win against defending champions the golden state warriors kevin durant's scored thirty six points for the warriors including the tie breaking shot hole in st winning a hundred and sixteen to one hundred fourteen in overtime. spain has celebrated its best players at an annual awards ceremony in barcelona barsa star forward lean on messi was honored for being the spanish league's top goalscorer joining the twenty sixteen to seventeen the season he noted thirty seven goals than already has legal leading fourteen this season but he's teammate andres iniesta was named the most valuable player of spring's national team both are gearing up to play around with jared in el classico on saturday. with the. special two player we
1:56 pm
have a good at home and the one we have a big advantage with that is not second in the league of the moment so it would mean we would have a significant lead there is of course still a lot of the season left obviously it would be fantastic to end the year with a weekly how to make a happy christmas for us meanwhile the suspended president of the spanish football federation has tried to stir up fears that fifa could ban spain from taking part in next year's world cup angle maria vilar who is currently under investigation for corruption was speaking three days after football's governing body expressed concerns over political meddling in the spanish federation vapor are said to be concerned about the government pushing the for elections to replace bill are a large believes they need to play by the rules to avoid putting spain's place at russia twenty eight team at risk. what does the government do this spring's participation in the world cup at risk in the place of
1:57 pm
and on the field they know it's not for and against the for regulations well for me is simple the main cause of their actions breaking the rules is to unfairly remove me from the presidency. colin kaepernick hasn't been able to find an n.f.l. team to play for since becoming synonymous with national anthem a protest over racial injustice but he may just have found an answer to buy a team himself the former san francisco forty nine er star has expressed interest in taking over the carolina panthers with rapper sean combs comes to a did that he'd like to become the first african-american majority owner in the n.f.l. the franchise was put up for sale by jerry richardson who's under investigation for workplace misconduct and a star steph curry also said he'd like to join in the takeover well with just over fifty days to go until the winter olympic it's a busy competition season for the world's best ski racers on monday man's parallel
1:58 pm
giant slalom took center stage in front of a packed crowd in italy and there was an upside to as sweden's maps all this and beat out favorites marcel for sure and i'm a dog person olsen was just zero point zero three seconds faster than kristofferson in the final it's the twenty nine year old first ever world cup greatest victory. and that's all your sport for now will be back with more later but for now exactly which for the show will be here with the next one the turn but for me to the person to watch which.
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in the carter center. one of the really special things about working progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story as we cover this region better than anyone else would be pushes you know is that it turns out of it but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. people believe to tell the real stories just mended is to do you work in depth and the reason we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. from toxic milk to fake
2:00 pm
meat food scandals continue to rock china as the world turns to it for its food it's one of these goes undercover to expose the haven harm in a system geared for profit. at this time on al-jazeera the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a star news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time zero. will take all necessary steps to achieve a d. nuclear ization and in.


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