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tv   Iraq A Deadly Deception  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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it is setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage with every day but the message is simplistic you have this brain good logical rational or birth crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not go over well documented of completion and evidence is part of genocide the listening provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. fellow i maryam namazie in london his around up of your top stories on al-jazeera
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the united nations general assembly has voted by a huge majority to declare u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital knol and void all in all a hundred twenty eight voted for the resolution with just nine against and thirty five abstentions countries who sided with america were israel guatemala honduras the marshall islands micronesia now roup palau and togo mike hanna has more now from the united nations. on the face of it it's a sweeping repudiation of president trump and his policies the two thirds majority easily achieved in the general assembly but it's instructive to look back at a similar vote on jerusalem that was taken in november there were six votes against now nine togo on tourists and guatemala joining the notions who voted against that last vote in terms of abstentions even greater difference then there were six abstentions of this occasion there were thirty five so it does appear that the
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threats of president trying to cut off financial aid did have some kind of impact on the vote though countering that as well those who voted in favor of the resolution absolutely adamant that it is a strong criticism after president trump and of course his decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel important to note as well that this resolution is in effect an affirmation of dozens of previous resolutions taken in the general assembly and in the security council reaffirming the u.n. view of the status of jerusalem the reaction is continued the palestinian chief negotiator condemned washington's decision but said the u.n. vote showed respect for the rule of law it's a deal shame to those who stood shoulder to shoulder with occupation settlements
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against international law and i be appreciate very much in the majority of the international community decided in spite of the threats and intimidation of that spirit to stand tall and to stand shoulder to shoulder with was them for a second this international law and the rule of law another rule of the jungle meanwhile israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu called the u.n. vote for posterous. israel completely reject this preposterous as i'm sure drew some as our capital always was always will. but i do appreciate the fact that a growing number of countries refused to participate in this theater of the absurd so i appreciate that and especially i want to get express our thanks to president trump the numbers are only for the store defense of israel and there's gold to firms of the. moving to our other top stories the u.s. has imposed sanctions on dozens of people and businesses in myanmar south sudan and
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gambia it includes a myanmar general involved in the brutal crackdown on range of muslims the us is also drafted a u.n. resolution banning nearly ninety percent of petroleum exports to north korea. in catalonia polls of closed in a snap election called off the spanish regions controversial independence referendum so record turnout in the race to form the next week government is tight exit polls have put secessionist and unionists neck and neck castle and authorities say there's been a five percent rise in time out compared with the previous ballots in two thousand and fifteen peru's congress is debating whether to impeach president ed republicans ski of a corruption allegations opposition m.p.'s want him ousted over revelations as by that consulting business receive payments from the brazilian construction giant to pressure the case as part of the so-called car wash and bribery scandal in brazil which is implicated dozens of politicians and businessmen across latin america at least four people have died after a ferry sank in the northeast philippines woman two hundred fifty people were on
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board when the boat went under after being battered by strong winds and massive waves at least two hundred forty were pulled alive from the water a coast guard spokesman insists the ferry was not a crowd it. you're up to date with all of our top stories coming up next iraq a deadly deception of see you off to that program in about twenty five minutes. the all. of. the a in a hail.
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september eleventh. in the ruins of new york america votes to defeat terrorism but this promise is quickly betrayed george bush changes enemies asama bin laden is replaced by saddam hussein. see it as this sudden turn to love is the result of an extraordinary deception with devastating consequences for the world. everything begins less than six hours after the attack at the pentagon which was also strong secretary of defense donald rumsfeld scans the rubble and he issues his instructions stephen campbell and one of his advisors takes notes rumsfeld's
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intentions are unequivocal. the evening of that tragedy president bush addresses america and the world. today our fellow citizens our way of life are very freedom came under attack. we will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them. we will make no distinction this essential detail was inspired by a key figure in the pentagon richard powell. on the afternoon of nine eleven powell places a call to the president's speech writer. i was on the telephone with david frum and i said to david. on the afternoon of nine eleven whatever else the president says he should say that we will hold. responsible the states
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that support terrorists say it is a strategic break from the more modest policy so bush is pretty sessoms. i believe it represented a recognition. that we would never succeed against the terrorists if we went after them one at a time and as long as governments were facilitating the organization training equipping and financing of terrorist organizations we were never going to get it under control. and ambitious program for all out war a goal in line with neoconservative policy and thinking an approach supported by richard powell. dick cheney donald rumsfeld condoleezza rice paul wolfowitz douglas feith these are the advisors who have bush's either. joe wilson
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a career diplomat witnessed the rice. they came into office with the republican party in particular with the staffing done by the vice president in his office and the secretary of defense in his office. referred to his neo conservatives they have ties to the world of oil to the defense industry they are strong proponents of american global domination. saddam hussein softened by years of sanctions is in. on the evening of nine eleven the president saying well maybe you know we will be going after iraq now and somebody said well. that would be a guess since international law the president responded i don't care it was going to kick some two days after the world trade center. and the pentagon were attacked the president was at david with his senior officials and mr wolfowitz was
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telling the president. they iraq and saddam hussein is the real problem. new goals were defined change the regime in baghdad to subjugate iraq a simpler objective. and that of destroying the elusive terrorist. september nineteenth those in support of eliminating saddam hussein meet at the ministry of defense the pentagon. they all began asking questions about how long can we continue this policy aimed at keeping saddam under control and that inclusion they came to was not much longer the day after the meeting at the pentagon president bush addresses congress.
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it is a historic moment the nation is united bush names the culprits osama bin laden al qaida the taliban regime in afghanistan our enemies are radical network of terrorists and every government that supports them. no mention about iraq but he warns our war on terror. begins with al qaeda. but it does not in there. tony blair the british prime minister and guest of honor applause it's symbolic of the unwavering alliance between washington and london. the taliban are quickly driven out of kabul and al qaeda is dispersed. some of bin laden disappears.
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in washington bush appears eager to move on to another war i stand by those words afghanistan is still just a beginning if anybody harbors terrorists or terrorist if they funded terrorist or terrorist if they have terrorist or terrorist i mean i can't make it any more clearly to other nations around the world if they develop weapons of mass destruction that will be used to terrorize nations they will be held accountable. to the speech secretary of defense rumsfeld meets with general tommy franks at central command in tampa florida. franks controls a massive area from africa to asia and leads the war in afghanistan but rumsfeld has something else in mind iraq. he orders general franks to prepare a plan of attack.
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since its invasion of kuwait in the gulf war in one nine hundred ninety one large parts of iraq had been under an international no fly zone. despite iraq's defeat and the terrible sanctions the were decimating his people saddam remained in power . in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight he drove un inspectors sent to disarm him saddam was a dangerous man dangerous first to his own citizens and dangerous to the rest of the world. joe wilson knows iraq well in one thousand nine hundred ninety one in baghdad he was the last american diplomat to meet with saddam hussein saddam was hemmed in he was not a threat he had been turned from a major regional power into a third rate dictator. just over one hundred days after the attacks of nine eleven still fighting in afghanistan america looks for another war richard powell
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publishes what is essentially a declaration of war. the same day franks visits bush at his ranch in texas in front of journalists the two men speak of the successes against the taliban in afghanistan where taliban got the country secure the country stable we will destroy the al qaeda terrorist network inside afghanistan it will take as long as it takes thank you all. but in private bush confirms to franks the order to. to attack iraq. this change in priority worries the general who on february nineteenth two thousand and two confides in bob graham of florida senator and chairman of the senate intelligence committee. after a briefing which was quite upbeat with the progress that was being made the general
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asked me to meet privately in his office and the first thing he said was we're no longer fighting a war in afghanistan i was stunned by that and i asked him what the mean and he said that some of the important personnel such is special operations units were being moved from afghanistan to get ready for a war in iraq. bush's decision is fraught with consequences the fight against terrorism is put on the back burner in favor of a conventional war in the middle east not the most predictable region in the world . in early two thousand and two the military machine is set in motion all the trimmings is to convince the public of the need to go to war with a country that seems far removed from the tragedy that struck america.
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under base of each former army colonel and professor of military history. having made that decision to go toward the political necessity was to sell the war to the american people that they had prepared a significant profit ganda operation to sell the war at a time when the press was very receptive to whatever the administration might be saying in its efforts to defend the united states against yet another attack and weapons of mass destruction seemed to people on the inside to offer the best mechanism to complete the selling job. w m d s weapons of mass destruction chemical biological nuclear for months this deadly arsenal will be at the heart of the iraqi deception the stakes are high in a power struggle between the proponents of war and those who oppose it i was
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listening to briefings detailed top secret briefings from the cia the defense intelligence agency and other intelligence organizations and they all believed believed very strongly that saddam had multiple programs to develop weapons of mass destruction in reality there was no consensus on the existence of w m d's for years american intelligence has been monitoring iraq and has found nothing we spend billions literally billions of dollars a year with what we call national technical means which everyone knows are satellites and then not only take images but they have all kinds of other sensor data on that thing ok and guess what. not one w m d's site was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one the specialists
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of alec tronic espionage the n.s.a. the national security agency cannot find anything. william binney former technical director of the n.s.a. was among those scrutinizing iraq there was no information collected by n.s.a. that that indicated that he continued his weapons of mass destruction program or even that he had weapons of mass destruction. this was no surprise saddam hussein's arsenal had been destroyed after the gulf war. before nine eleven american senior officials had publicly stated otherwise is not about any significant capability with respect to weapons or abstraction is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors were. we are able to arm bomb him not one not. one saddam
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hussein's fate is decided the official tone changes and washington portrays him as an immediate threat. this is a regime that has something to hide from the civilized world. states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil and bad but no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat to the security of our people in the stability of the world than the regime of saddam hussein in iraq simply stated. there is no doubt that saddam hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. the existence of w m d's will have to be proven to help them the bush administration turns to i'm a child. b. in one thousand nine hundred ninety two together with other opponents of saddam hussein in exile he formed the i n c the iraqi national congress. all
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of them had a common interest in being ex exiles in that they wanted to take over the government and understood that the way they were going to do the act was by following a us army which was dispensing with the current government and with saddam hussein. overlooked by bill clinton chalo be allied himself with the president's political opponents the i.o.c. . managed to develop a clear and significant strategic relations with people in among the neocons and in that a public bought it. and it with some democrats also to get support for america to do something about saddam. in january two thousand and one approach unity presented itself for the iraqi exiles so one president bush came to power.
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all those people who were advocating supporting us came to power with him. after nine eleven the collusion between iraqi exiles and the bush administration becomes cooperation. that american administration so that specifically asked us to see if we can introduce them to people. oh can provide information on w l d's. china b complies enthusiastically he introduces the americans to iraqi defectors endless sources of revelations about saddam hussein's deadly arsenal. the people in charge his group wanted to get rid of saddam that so they were looking and searching in trying to come up with things that would help justify to us what our people wanted to hear that is we wanted to hear something would be weapons of mass destruction so we could justify us going to war with them. a shrewd politician and strategist chalo
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be also introduces his defectors to the press and through their provocative headlines the journalists lend credibility to all the allegations against baghdad opinion in washington is divided and it was clear from the very beginning that major institutions in the united states such as the cia and a large part of the state department what opposed. to this they had no confidence in us they kept that criticizing us they kept calling us exaggerated liars despite everything the pentagon refuses to question the revelations made by the exiles the idea that chalo be had information that he knew to be false and he presented it knowing it to be false is has never been established in any of the inquiries in there have been many official inquiries into the activities the intelligence
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activities before the war. but the skeptics must be countered and to give credence to the iraqi exiles the hawks at the pentagon create a service the office of special plans an initiative by paul wolfowitz and douglas feith. the office of special plans this was quite a lot of us once tri-city they were set up as an alternative cia. the cia gathers information from a multitude of sources in general its analysts check them before submitting their conclusions to the politicians but the office of special plans short circuits this process a first in the history of american intelligence in the end bush cheney and rumsfeld obtain the answers they need and. george tenet director of the cia grudgingly supports the information before congress. i have one of those
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hearings the director of the cia george tenet brought with him three white folders where materials about the some five hundred fifty sites in iraq where allegedly there were no weapons of mass destruction i asked tenet where did we get all this information and the answer is we got it from . the exiles who did we the united states of america have on the ground to see if in fact what was said in these exiles provided information packets was accurate and the answer was zero. the exiles and the pentagon collaborate and transforming mere allegations into official policy. the collective effort by all those groups involved became
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a fabrication that became the policy of the united states and it was used to justify a war. further information was provided by friendly nations. in rome a dossier from the italian military secret service sees me arrives at the american embassy. it eludes to a secret sale of uranium to iraq by may share. the german secret service offers its support as well. it provides the americans with revelations made by an iraqi defector code name curveball he claims baghdad is making biological weapons in its mobile laboratories. ship a. war to liberate iraq weapons for bush a crucial barrier remains to be overcome before he can go to war congress the
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american president must ask congress for the green light before launching the country into a war. in august and september the drumbeats of war in iraq started to get louder and louder and there were some indications that the president would soon be calling on congress for an authorization of war against iraq. a mere formality as bush holds the majority but bob graham will try to stall. this race too. and one of the questions was we'd like to review the national intelligence estimate on possible war with iraq and the answer was there isn't a national intelligence estimate. what graham is asking for is a top secret document an estimate of what every intelligence agency knows about a particular threat. to be told that here we are about to go to war and
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no national intelligence estimate has been done was astounding and we ask that it be done what happened was they kept their heads way down you know they didn't want to do an estimate on weapons of mass destruction in iraq because that honest the honest answer was there any. good in london live comes to the aid of his friend bush's publishes a dossier on the iraqi weapons. intelligence picture they want to keep they can be deployed within forty five minutes and iraq is seeking uranium from africa to develop an atomic bomb but in congress graham is not convinced he presses on he wants proof the agency particularly the cia the central intelligence agency was very reluctant and said we don't have time to do this i said we don't have time to
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know everything we need to know before we commit u.s. troops to combat tenet goes back to the white house and he says. it looks like the jig is up i will go have to do it estimate and the white house says ok mr tenet two things number one you have to do it in one and a half weeks usually an estimate takes three or four months and number two it's got to come out exactly as vice president dick cheney said it was. tenet will once again view to the president's orders. bob kerrey is a u.s. senator and former navy seal. well i think it's a fair accusation to say that both president bush and vice president cheney put pressure on the intelligence community to reach a conclusion that they had already reached vice president cheney at one time went down and sat in cia did sat down at a in the chair next to the analyst looking at the data saying what do you have on weapons of mass destruction will lead kind of puts the pressure on the intelligence
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agencies to come up with something. in two thousand and one b.n. spreads around the. arab australians accused of being enemies within. and attacking the aussie way of life we were treated like we would pull suspects we would all be under suspicion struggling to adapt to their new found home. al-jazeera excuse the history of the lebanese community in australia. once upon a time in punchbowl at this time on al-jazeera. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global events when you pave the way and lists a cove a minute tree in the financial dollars getting you see the people in those words and his policies are affecting see the emotion on the face of the situation they're
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living in that's when all the us can identify with the story. in other words to finally you will get asked about that but that's the ball is about what i see more listeners are thought of not so is there not some wonder whether the double of a cousin to bunch is a bitch on the bottom in the first episode of a two part series al-jazeera investigates the world of performance enhancing drugs . sports doping the endless chase at this time. oh i maryam namazie in london harry headlines the un general assembly has adopted
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a resolution that rejects u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital one hundred twenty eight countries voted for the measure that calls the american move knol and void nine votes against thirty five abstained a palestinian president says it was a victory for palestine but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called the vote preposterous israel completely rejects posterous was a drusilla's our capital always was always will be. but i do appreciate the fact that a growing number of countries refused to participate in this theater of the absurd so i appreciate that and especially i want to get express our thanks to president trump the numbers are only for this store difference of israel and there's gold to firms of the true. poles of clothes in catalonia is regional election which was called after the spanish regions controversial independence referendum officials are reporting a record turnout of seventy percent in the race to form the next government is
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tight exit polls have put secessionists and unionists neck and neck. the u.s. has imposed sanctions on dozens of people and businesses in myanmar south sudan and gambia it includes a myanmar general involved in the brutal crackdown on revenge of muslims the u.s. is also drafted a u.n. resolution banning nearly ninety percent of petroleum exports to north korea through congress is debating whether to impeach president had republicans have a corruption allegations opposition m.p.'s want him ousted over revelations as private consulting business receive payments from brazilian construction giant. cases part of the so-called car wash bribery scandal in brazil which is implicated dozens of politicians and businessmen across the region at least four people have died after a ferry sank in the northeast philippines well than two hundred fifty people were on board when the boat went under off to being battered by strong winds and massive waves around two hundred forty were pulled alive from the water a spokesman for the philippine coast guard insists the ferry was not overcrowded
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and the red cross says yemen's cholera epidemic is believed to infected one million people more than two thousand have died since the outbreak began in october last year more on that and the rest of our headlines at the top of the next hour join me for the news hour in twenty five minutes time stay with al-jazeera. in early october two thousand and two in the u.s. congress a resolution authorizing the war is put to the vote the cia finally presents its estimate on iraq classified as top secret it is not until twenty fifteen that the estimate is made available to the public it is in a state or text ninety five pages long the dissect saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction program most notably however the estimate is exceedingly cautious
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citing doubts and conflicting opinions coming from the core of the intelligence community. to keep these drugs from being taken into account the white house symbol taney asli publishes a shortened version of the estimate on iraq twenty five pages embellished with color photographs and maps. they had a very clever sanitized version of the estimate which. if a sentence said we think it possible that saddam hussein had this then the take out the possible this version makes official the allegations that have been circulating for months baghdad has chemical and biological weapons as well as missiles saddam could get his hands on a nuclear weapon within a year the sales campaign that took place i would characterize as aggressive deception there's no question that the headlines leave a different impression of what's in the document itself october two thousand and
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two in i.e. is not conclusive. it is the headlines that will sway congress bob graham knows this he votes against the resolution to go to war. by taking that action according to our own intelligence reports i will tell you friends and i would encourage you to. read the classified intelligence reports which are much sharper than what is available in the classified form we are going to be increased the threat level against the people of the united states i found the document to be a very unpersuasive and it was a significant part of my ultimate decision to vote against the war in iraq. october tenth two thousand and two that. congress approves the war right role to in the course of history four out of jackson. the deception is successful.
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american officials bear the responsibility of having allowed questionable evidence to dictate their decision and this for political ends this photo was going to be taken in october of two thousand and two just a month before the november election so there were a lot of people who felt that from a political standpoint. they didn't really want to know too much because they wanted to be able to tell their constituents this is what the president said was the right thing i accepted his judgment the vote by congress is a resulting victory for the bush administration. and the iraqi exiles and it leaves the antiwar proponents with a bitter taste of defeat. really. with a vote of congress security it is no time to rally public support to do so they have a dossier on hand. remember that dossier from rove the one that conveniently
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emerged from the archives from the italian military secret service sees me. and so bianco former minister of the interior has closely followed the extraordinary story of this dossier chad own document the wall of it with you you will see it called corner let me introduce the college women in it let raise enough at that it a key but they will to the sack. that food soldier is rocco martino a long time sees me agent informer to french british and american secret services he is the one who circulated the seemingly explosive dossier among his so-called clients. this is it it contains official looking documents that allude to a sale by me zhao to iraq of concentrated you rhenium or yellowcake. the yellowcake dosey he finally lands on the desk of vice president cheney in february two thousand and two. when dick cheney saw this report from the defense intelligence
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agency about yellowcake iraqis seeking yellowcake in darkest africa and asia where. he asked the cia briefer you think about this this year briefer said well i'll check it out and to verify it the cia summons joe wilson on february the nineteenth two thousand and two wilson is familiar with the fourth largest uranium producer in the world he was posted there earlier in his career when i got there the first person i went to see was a u.s. ambassador. and she said to me we have already looked at this. and we have determined that there is nothing there will some returns to the united states and gives his report to the cia the amount of uranium that was being talked about represented about a twenty five percent increase in annual protection levels and any such increase
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would have had been approved through the consortium that ran the mine you could not hide that. wilson's conclusions are related to cheney who ignores the vice president is sticking to his dossier from italy. and yet the italians gave the americans fair warning the documents in these. herion yellowcake are false. and zuber young co has been demanding the commission of inquiry for years. if i took it to seal in a post to d.n.a. that up but then ended the visit of e.c. kists he's come to that then that it. it cost him votes should it not at all not cause at the pit sit negativa. the event that you get the one the quest the family the anything in it will david's out that the costs read it they'll be better at
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them in the fall save for the maturity to not respond an hour late that is the last battle that is to be in that case ducts suspicions that the program or camp will ignore for them the yellowcake dossier is a godsend it fuels a fundamental fear that of a nuclear apocalypse the only weapon of mass destruction that truly. is a weapon of mass destruction is a nuclear with chemical weapons and biological weapons are battlefield weapons but a nuclear weapon is a society altering weapon. fear of the iraqi people reaches its pinnacle in september two thousand and two the new york times publishes a headline about the threat from baghdad it eludes to aluminum tube was seized by the americans that were to be used in the production of centrifuges to enrich uranium from africa and finally to make an atomic bomb it all adds up.
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at the end of two thousand and two the media campaign in the united states works like a charm according to the polls almost eighty percent of americans believe saddam has an atomic bomb or is close to having them in the end the yellowcake dossier will have a remarkable fate president bush himself will get behind it the british government has learned that saddam hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from africa pronounced by the most powerful man in the world this little sentence is an unequivocal condemnation and yet bush had been warned when the president when the state of the union address was being prepared the cia told the white house you cannot use this. laim that saddam attempted to purchase uranium from. there. to proceed to despite of the cia's reluctance the white house attributes
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these revelations to the british who spoke of yellowcake in their september report . with respect to iraq's attempt to acquire nuclear material in the. the. the british intelligence official the head of british intelligence at the time to this day insists that that information was correct and no one can say with certainty that it isn't it isn't true in fact the british white paper was simply circular reporting it was our story that ended up in a british document it was the same story. the french government which essentially controls the exploitation of the eurabia mines looked into the yellowcake affair and concluded it was fraudulent some mugged in a suburb was the diplomatic advisor to french president jacques chirac at the time
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and said i felt a little kid you wanted a cool extra morning he's expected to see you don't. feel much oily. you know food stuffs you one after the show each to preach under some of the recommend. extra. when early two thousand and three the american government decides to present its case to world leaders. colin powell stands before the u.n. to deliver a scathing indictment of saddam hussein he repeats the accusations already presented during debates before congress he stresses the existence of mobile laboratories for producing biological weapons these are the revelations made by curveball the iraqi defector who spoke to german intelligence. finally he accuses
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saddam of wanting to get his hands on an atomic bomb he speaks of the r.u. minium tubes that for months have been presented as a refutable proof. we watched colin powell and we said whoa this is really theatrical well done and we gave him an a for presentation and a c. minus for content which would. be. just on the ski or more policeman the vile that. general powell put in nations with the head of the cia behind him was acquired from a man which the named curveball. curveball whose real name was rough feed comment was a knobby would later admit that he made it all up so he could stay in germany. richard powell who had superficially defended the idea of going to war has no
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problem admitting that many of powers allegations were unfounded the mobile laboratories that were described in that intelligence report that turned out to be completely false there were no mobile laboratories the aluminum tubes which could have been part of centrifuges. turned out to be aluminum tubes for launching small small rockets colin powell now is lying if he did. why he do it because the president told him as though it taking their case to the un the american seek to justify their actions in front of the international community weapons inspectors return to iraq but have yet to find w m d's but washington applies an indisputable logic. hussein indicates that he has weapons of mass destruction that he is violating united nations resolutions then we will know that saddam hussein again deceive the world if he says he doesn't have any and i
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think that we will find out whether or not saddam hussein is saying some of the we believe will be verifiably false. fronts wages one last diplomatic battle. on february the fourteenth at the u.n. domenic to fill pan states the french position these are still a fox news if you. you know you don't it's even again and on march seventh director general of the international atomic energy agency mohamed el baradei denounces bush's claims about the yellowcake from africa bailed on analysis by you has concluded. with the concurrence of outside experts that means documents which formed the basis for the reports of race and unique the iranian plans actions between iraq and these areas are in fact not authentic. we have therefore conclude that the least specific allegations are unfounded. well we know it's a forgery now and we know that our country suffered the indignity of the. a
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director saying before the u.n. security council it took us a day and a half our experts but we looked and internet and really looked elsewhere we hired experts and we found out that z's documents were not authentic. in paris. announces that he will veto any resolution in favor of war. related i get it was all appeal decision the americans will ignore the advice of some like the conclusions of bottle guy and the opinion of the un. the night of march nineteenth the war begins three weeks later columns of american tanks roll into baghdad saddam hussein flee his.
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from the outset of the operation in iraq american soldiers search for saddam hussein's awesome they find nothing the politicians blame it on the intelligence community you know intelligence agencies frequently make mistakes intelligence organizations by their very nature are working with imperfect information with conflicting accounts with things that it's impossible to to interpret with a high degree of certainty the cia which had been so suspicious of the collaboration between the exiles and the pentagon will be forced to take the blame notably for the most blatant lies that little sentence sixteen words in all spoken by bush about the african yellowcake and the documents that inspired it no one knew at the . time in arthur but maybe someone new down in the bow for the agency but no one in our circles knew that there were doubts and suspicions that this might be
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a forgery this insistence on defending the official lie finally gets the better of joe wilson's discretion. it was at that time that i fully understood that the government was not going to do it their it that it lied to the american people and therefore i had to write the story myself. in the new york times he publishes the truth about his mission tunisia and the fact of the white house was well aware of his conclusions. given the structure of the consortium that operated the mine it would be exceedingly difficult for niger to transfer uranium to iraq. the cia must once again shoulder responsibility and george tenet releases a statement. the sixteen words should have never been included in the text written for the president this was a mistake a small price to pay for a very lethal lie at the white house the issue becomes
11:50 pm
a subject of humor official inquiries will denounce the incompetence of the intelligence community for the erroneous information about saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction this was fraud and i can't say that often enough no mistake fraud. the man who was complicit in this deception refuses to be held soley responsible. have to believe that an exile organization with limited means can fool a major superpower the only superpower in the world of the time. with with bill tens of billions of dollars on sophisticated intelligence gathering into war against saddam. this is fiction. it will be three years before bush. admits that saddam did not have w m d's. the main reason we went into iraq at the time was we thought he had weapons of mass destruction turns out he didn't
11:51 pm
but he had the capacity to make weapons of mass but also talked about the human suffering or at. bush brushes aside the stated reason for a war that has destroyed an entire country. in iraq the invasion turns into a bloody occupation. the downward spiral. started with the occupation the coalition specially the americans lost the moral high ground and they became the jailers of that if people the bedlam the chaos the violence in iraq now it's a natural consequence of what bush and cheney did in invading iraq. iraq is quickly torn to shreds ripped apart by religious and ethnic violence.
11:52 pm
i think the most convincing argument was that in order to enhance israel's position in the middle east and its security the nation surrounding it that formed an anti israeli bloc had to be broken up into smaller confessional a homo genius nation states so in the case of iraq a kurdistan a shia sanin a sunni stan. this objective was openly declared as early as nine hundred ninety six in this document. signed by richard perle and douglas feith a text that accuses iraq of posing a threat to israel. today the chaos in iraq has spread into syria entire provinces are beyond the control of
11:53 pm
baghdad and damascus. and the west has a new enemy the islamic state of iraq and the levant isis also known as dice the united states bears considerable responsibility for the fact that the islamic state exists. but not because the united states intended to create the islamic state rather that the islamic state came into existence as an unintended consequence of this immensely foolish war the americans and the british had they not occupy the country have had they cut of corruption when it started we would not have that the violence has claimed hundreds of thousands of victims day to many and it's up rooted million innocent iraqis in seven years you have hundreds of thousands of refugees leaving the area and nobody asks nobody asked
11:54 pm
what caused this what caused this terrible human catastrophe it was an earthquake and was a typhoon it was an invasion of a country that was reasonably intact when we invaded. the iraqi deception has cost americans almost two trillion dollars according to some estimates. much of this public money has been directed to the defense industry. peace is bad for business war tension is always very good for business so money of course was a major factor so the united states finds itself today essentially engaged in permanent war. and it's a permanent ward that that benefits some people there are some people and some entities that are making a lot of money. in from this endless war. profits rarely mentioned relegated to silence as all the americans who have died in iraq like the son of andrew bass of age killed may thirteenth two thousand and seven i think one of the
11:55 pm
saddest aspects of our iraq war is how quickly americans have chosen to forget it. there seems to be an unwillingness on the part of the american people to acknowledge and to confront this enormous failure we aggressive deception is totally incompatible with the fundamental principle of democracy a failure the result of a manipulation that has shaken the confidence of americans in their own institutions. the man who wanted to see the end of saddam hussein did not want to see the end of iraq and he was sidelined an emissary of president bush told me if you oppose the policies of president bush we will bring to the full weight of the united states to bet against you i know that the americans are going to target me. well there was a there is a finding of the national security council signed by president bush
11:56 pm
in april of two thousand and four and titled marginalise challenge. ten hours after this interview he was found dead in his bed. an autopsy concluded it was a heart attack. saddam hussein arrested and judged his hung december thirtieth two thousand and six george bush is reelected in november two thousand and four richard cheney remains vice president colin powell leaves office in january two thousand and five conda lisa rice replaces him at the state department george tenet resigns in july two thousand and four citing personal reasons douglas pfeiffer resigns from the pentagon in january two thousand and five paul wolfowitz is appointed president of the world bank in june two thousand and five donald rumsfeld leaves the pentagon in november two
11:57 pm
thousand and six. richard perle divides his time between washington and the surfer france. alan the stormy weather changed to from victoria to new south wales and is sort of fizzling adding drop. the temperature in sydney that's not to say they won't be a few more storms around but i think the that the emphasis on this difference in
11:58 pm
temperatures a little bit less than it was i got twenty three is a forecast max in sydney showers and thunderstorms to the north up towards brisbane and then disappearing into wards queens and beyond that after that i should say the sun is out it's a pretty standard temperature regime now twenty seven in melbourne twenty six in perth but it will get hotter in adelaide melbourne as just two examples i will start the process all over again it's still pretty hot inland forty is the forecast for alice springs and the fall fall of the tail end of that frontal system is gone through southampton new zealand left a little bit of rain behind but it's a fairly weak system as it might give you a cloudy part today least on friday the temps in wanting to twenty will probably rise and go nice start the weekend saturdays twenty four north to south at least on this forecast chart we've also got settled weather but at the opposite season obviously winter through japan if everything's a little bit warmer feeling in tokyo nine or ten degrees with the sun out because the breezes dropped is also that you would have
11:59 pm
a little bit in the korean peninsula stuff on the ground but far even in the air. from toxic milk to fake meat food scandals continue to rock china as the world turns to it for its food with its one on one east goes undercover to expose the hidden harm in a system geared for profit one east at this time on al-jazeera kenyan elections intractable war in syria refugee crisis troubles in venezuela and tensions on the korean peninsula and al-jazeera news special looks back on the biggest stories of twenty seventeen through the eyes of families who lived through eden head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two
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thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. the a friends being a journalist the crime practicing journalism. mahmood for sane detained for three hundred sixty five days without charge. journalism is not a crime mahmoud for sane is not a criminal. free mahmoud hussain. this is al jazeera.


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