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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am +03

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news woman is committed to helping them. become friends with the woman. she is important to me. there are a few g.'s midwife at this time on al-jazeera world seen as a holy city by the three major monotheistic religions jerusalem has been contested for centuries al-jazeera brings you a special program about the status of jerusalem and its importance with our correspondents across the palestinian territories and opinions from around the world we explore the reality on the ground and the impact the u.s. has intention to move its embassy to jerusalem on the peace process the holy land on al-jazeera. al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters and the elizabeth brought up coming up in the next sixty minutes. the world gives its verdict at the united nations with a landslide voted against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. president says his people have sent a message to the world after separatist parties claim victory and the regional election. peru's president leads to parliament not to impeach him or the corruption allegations linked to a wider scandal national america and as the un's walk for the former yugoslavia shot to stall was something. of justice have come to an end.
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the united nations general assembly has voted by a huge majority to declare the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital nolen voyde one hundred twenty eight state voted for the non-binding resolution we're just in line against the thirty five abstentions countries that sided with america to vote against the resolution were israel on tourists marshall islands micronesia. palau and tokyo well the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. had warned that she'd be taking names of states which wanted against washington stuff mike hanna has more from the united nations in new york the two thirds majority is comfortably reach this vote to a sweeping repudiation of president trumps unilateral action in recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel the result heralded by the apparent isolation of the u.s. delegation in the chamber and the enthusiastic welcome given to the palestinians.
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whose foreign minister addressed the assembly and insisted that jerusalem would be the capital of a palestinian state mr merrill young we need today not because of any animosity towards us but because of its decision which constitutes an aggression on the genuine a natural rights of the palestinian people to the city of jerusalem the israeli ambassador holding up a two thousand year old coin as evidence of israel's claim to the city it proves their ancient connection of the jewel to jerusalem and togo one dearest and guatemala join the six nations that had voted against a similar resolution affirming jerusalem status last month. and the number of abstentions increased from nine to thirty five the special ops the result of the threats made by the us to retaliate financially against those who voted in favor this is bullying and this john boehner will not bow to the duck. it is unethical
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who think that the works and dignity off member states are for sale let me put it industry we will not be intimidated you can be strong but it doesn't make you right dismissive us reaction during the turkish foreign minister's speech and the ambassador once again adopted a threatening tone in her response to the united states will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the general assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation we will remember it when we are called upon to once again make the world's largest contribution to the united nations what there are questions now about the future of u.s. led attempts to renew negotiations particularly as the palestinian leadership insists it will not talk to u.s. representatives in the light of president trumps decision the u.s.
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ambassador claimed the vote could determine the way in which u.s. citizens view the united nations in reality though the result reflects a global condemnation of president trump his strategy and his policies mike hanna. united nations now the palestinian chief negotiator condemn what he described as intimidation by the u.s. bob says the u.n. vote shows respect for the rule of law it's a day of shame to those who stood shoulder to shoulder with occupation settlements against international law and i do appreciate very much that the majority of the international community decided in spite of the threats and intimidation of the state to stand tall and to stand shoulder to shoulder with was them farsightedness international law and the rule of law another rule of the jungle. well meanwhile israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu called the u.n.
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envoy posterous fact president trouble israel completely rejects this for posterous resolution jerusalem is our capital always was always will be but i do appreciate the fact that a growing number of countries refused to participate in this theater of the absurd so i appreciate that and especially i want to again express our thanks to president trump an investor only for their store defense of israel and their stalwart defense of the truth but also jordan has more from washington d.c. . it may warm the hearts of conservative republicans and christians here in the united states to hear the u.s. president donald trump and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley's say that there will be financial and perhaps other diplomatic repr cautions for countries that voted for a resolution calling on the u.s. to resend its decision to put its embassy in jerusalem and recognize that city as
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the capital of israel the u.s. president has said that he is more than prepared to cut financial aid to other countries that have voted for this resolution and nikki haley has repeated a statement that she has been making since the beginning of her tenure as u.s. ambassador which is that she is going to be quote taking names in fact there is now a rumor that she's going to be holding a reception for the countries that voted against the resolution for showing their support for the united states and by extension for israel but the practical point is this trying to decide not to spend money on foreign policy policy is something that has to go through congress the first attempt by the trumpet ministration to cut foreign affairs spending has already been rebuffed by members of congress both republican and democratic the other part of it is that some of the foreign aid that
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the u.s. spends every year is mandated by congress and it would take an act of congress to for example not provide military aid to jordan or to egypt and that's something that probably members of congress are not going to be inclined to change or to resist giving more money to members of nato such as to turkey which also voted for this resolution again this is something that congress would probably take a dim view of so this may be good political rhetoric at the end of a dairy very difficult political year for the trumpet ministration but it may not have the kind of paying off and it may be practically impossible for the trumpet ministration to make good on its threats. well there's as u.n. voices the most recent of a series of the globally significant events over the past century centered on the city of jerusalem priyanka gov the explains the status of jerusalem is at the heart
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of this truly palestinian conflict and it's hugely symbolic for both sides and to understand why we need to go back seventy years ago that's when a un for to cough up palestinian land into two states a choice and an arab one in nine hundred forty seven under this partition plan jews then was given a special international status to be governed by the un but a year later israel declared itself a state triggering the first arab israeli war that's when is joined captured more territory leading to the division of jerusalem westerners them came under israeli control got smoked in green over there and issues them blocked in read was under jordanian rule then in nine hundred sixty seven after a six day war is straight occupied east jerusalem and it's still under israeli control despite your resolution saying it's illegal vos forward to thirteen years later and nine hundred eighty israeli father consolidated a script over the city its parliament declared use them as it turned an indivisible
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capital but the international community rejected the palestinian see it used to use them as a capital of the future state but it's not just a palestinian issue juice them holds religious and symbolic significance for world's tree major faiths islam judaism and christianity the al aqsa mosque the western wall and the church of the holy settler are all in jerusalem right let's get more on this now we're joined by ali abunimah from chicago he's the co-founder of the online publication electronic intifada mr other name always a pleasure to have you with us on al-jazeera i'm so how are you viewing this vote at the general assembly is that a defeat for the u.s. and israel or not really given they will go ahead with this move despite most countries being against it. it was a massive defeat for president donald trump's israel first policy remember this is the american president but he staked this is the america first president but he
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staked his reputation and his prestige on putting israel first at the u.n. and it backfired massively because really the united states and israel stood completely alone although nine countries all together voted with let's remember that you know three of those countries marshall islands micronesia and pull out u.s. colonies entirely dependent on u.s. funding now rue is a very tiny island development thousand people but mostly makes its money from money laundering and selling its political positions to the highest bidder and then you have guatemala and the. governments which are both backed by the united states so they stood alone that was a huge rebuff and repudiation despite the bullying and threats from donald
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trump and his about the nikki haley and they do look somewhat isolated on this issue very isolated on this issue in fact but as condemnation do you think more condemnation in the form of u.n. resolutions it has not been enough to stop them from continuing to break international law so apart from condemning what can what actions you know can or should the u.n. take and really can they take what the u.s. on the security council did when that veto. yes well this could be a real war to shed moment because what we saw was countries many countries finally having the courage to stand up and openly defy blatant threats from the united states we had the government of botswana which is not a rich or powerful company country standing up and saying you know do your
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worst we're not going to sell our sovereignty if you cut off aid and assistance that's fine because we are going to take a stand so i think this could be a war to shut moment if countries a wedding to go beyond statements and resolutions and actually start to do what it takes to implemented to national law which is to impose a cost on israel through sanctions and similar measures just as the south african the a.n.c. has just voted to downgrade south africa's diplomatic relations with israel that should be a starting point that other countries should follow we really need this to be a war to shut both gone from statements to action so you do see somehow it then and this often sort of hopeless peace process at least in recent he is.
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well i'm not talking about the so-called peace process of donald trump of the united states i think where the hope is is in the rest of the world taking back its responsibility remember the question of problems started has been in the u.n. since one thousand nine hundred forty seven and it should be all the member states of the u.n. that are involved in bringing justice to palestine and if they do that by bringing accountability and not letting the trump netanyahu do you owe rule the world role the united nations then that there will be hope for peace but as i say it has to go from this very strong resolution which is you know which was an important milestone for palestinians in reaffirming that israel and the u.s. come to pose the will it has to go from resolutions to action if but if it just
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stays where it is with another resolution put on the shelf i'm afraid there won't be hope but let's let's see what happens whether this is the war to shut i think it needs to be for peace thank you very much for your time and your analysis on this we do appreciate it ali abunimah joining us live from chicago. thank you. let's move on to other news now spain's political crisis looks set to continue after separatist parties won the most seats and catalonia snap regional election it wasn't a resounding victory as a pro unity party became the biggest single party in parliament but the result is still a blow to spanish promise to money on the hallway to call the vote in the hope of defacing the independence movement by the polish president who tomatoes and self-imposed exile said that movement as well stronger than ever the last of the
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screen you ask that the spanish state has been defeated roy and his allies have lost and have got a slap in the face from the citizens of catalonia today rouhani has sunk the three parties. are not in any way behind the political party to paper with these results in hand the situation needs to be rectified to be fixed we want you to rectify all those people you have hurt. our correspondent carpender hall has the latest from the secessionist party headquarters and barcelona. looking at the results of this election a number of key points begin to emerge at the process session parties in theory at least have gained enough seats to reestablish their majority in the catalan parliament that also supposes a bitter defeat the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy he had made a very personal political gamble on calling the snap elections in the hope of
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defeating the capitol and secessionist movement it is unclear now whether he will be pushed into negotiating with those separatist leaders or perhaps if there will be a fresh wave of arrests and even new threats to dissolve this new parliament also adding to the complexity we see that the overall biggest single party is the pro unionist citizens party but we knew from the outset that this election was not about individual parties but much more about building an overall coalition now what will follow almost certainly in the next days and up to two or three weeks is talks between the process session parties to see if they can form an effective governing coalition much of that will depend on if they can resolve internal differences over how exactly to achieve the goal of creating a breakaway republic almost certainly this result signifies that the cattle and
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spanish political turmoil will rumble on for months to come. well plenty more ahead on the news hour including. a year since the end of fighting in the syrian city of aleppo we'll take a look at what it's meant for the countries. the u.s. imposes sanctions on those accused of human rights violations against the right and others and in politics the gulf war torn and saudi arabia withdrawals from the press conference in the presence of. pros congress is debating whether to remove president. from office his opponents are trying to impeach him for allegedly receiving illegal payments from the brazilian construction giant. government. fresh elections
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if he's forced out. reports from lima. well the president arrived in congress and for thirty minutes he talked to legislators he said he had to be fanned himself that congress did not give him the rights to the book sumption of innocence was he had to go to congress to prove his innocence however the president asked peruvians again for the third time this week for forgiveness perhaps not having been careful about the information he said also that he was an honest man that he had never ever received a bribe in his life and that he was transparent now the lawyer of the president spoke for about two more hours lane the case and. legislators are still talking well into the night on thursday there are about eighty five votes apparently secured by the majority party the majority opposition party popular
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force party that is pushing for this impeachment the removal of the precedents however we will have to see what the a faction of the left a left wing party if pushed for the removal of the precedent for the impeachment and now they're saying that this move this impeachment is a congressional coupe. he was president is to stay in power until april of next year two months longer than expected because for a while due to step aside in february all the elections for a new national assembly but it's been delayed because of the destruction caused by hurricane and september the u.s. government shutdown has been averted the senate approved a bill to fund the federal government through to the nineteenth of january and this gives republicans and democrats in congress enough time to renegotiate a lot of fiscal spending bills for two thousand and eighteen that includes additional money for immigration
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a potential budget agreement and health care the bill now goes to president trump the financial. u.s. has imposed sanctions against dozens of people and businesses accused of human rights violations and corruption one of those targeted is an army general and myanma accused of leading a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the. well the u.s. has also dropped a u.n. resolution banning nearly ninety percent of petroleum exports to north korea committee how it has this update what this is essentially is that the first use of the trumpet ministration of what's known as the global magnitsky act that was first expanded under barack obama you know what this does as you point out as it freezes the assets blocks access to the global financial system for a number of individuals including i mean marginal accused of ethnic cleansing and of course this is a follow up to a very strong statement from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson saying that in fact the actions against the will
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hinge and rock kind state amounted in the eyes of the united states to ethnic cleansing so certainly this is an example of these sanctions that have been announced of the united states using as it has said repeatedly all of its tools at its disposal to promote human rights and adding to that also to this request by the trumpet ministration to the united nations with regard to north korea feeling that the saying things that were put in place there in september were violated with regard to petroleum exports now asking for in light of the view of the united states those sanctions being violated for further and tougher action and for the paying for at least four people have died off a ferry with hundreds on board capsized it was traveling in rough seas from the town of infanta east of the capital manila to probably a line and the navy and coast guard rescued two hundred and forty people some of them injured seven others still missing i mean on in the on has more problem of
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that. according to the philippine government the next few hours is going to be critical rescuing those who remain trapped and stranded out at sea is now being conducted by the philippine military there is the air force there is a need also working with the philippine coast guard but it's not going to be easy because of the rough seas and because it's already nighttime here in the philippines what we know is that around eleven am local time around two hundred fifty passengers was on the ferry on its way to paly the island when it capsized it comes at a very difficult time here in the philippines it's christmas season the most important time of the year for filipinos as the goal at this time on their way home to their provinces to celebrate the holidays with their families surprisingly though this kind of accident is nothing new in the philippines the philippines holds one of the worst records when it comes to maritime accidents still that has
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not been any we helped improve maritime standards here in the philippines the worst on record was around thirty years ago when the passenger ship collided with an oil tanker and left more than a thousand eight hundred people dead the international committee of the red cross says that the number of suspected cholera cases and given has reached a million the u.n. says yemen is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis with eighty percent of its population suffering from a shortage of food clean water and access to health care at all she can name has more. more than twenty two hundred yemenis have died from cholera since late april the disease continues to spread in what the u.n. has called the world's worst cholera outbreak the international committee of the red cross says yemen now has one million cases. going to got even though it is figures that we did with the u.s. one hundred twenty seven yemenis. not that good idea yet but no he's an outbreak of
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these d.v.d.'s why because children have not been vaccinated and we want to know what next more than eighty percent of yemenis can't get food or clean water and lack access to health care and fuel adding to their misery aid groups have struggled to deliver supplies since november that's when the saudi led coalition blocked all ports of entry saying it needed to halt the flow of weapons to the rebel who thiis vowing to international pressure the coalition has allowed some aid in but the u.n. says it's still not at the level required to help the more than twenty million people in need a shortage of commercial goods is also driving up prices. the price hike will cost starvation of thousands of people many goods can't enter the market because of the closed airports and ports on the other hand we don't have enough money to buy things not only the people but the whole country struggling to survive more than
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two and a half years of war has battered the country's infrastructure making the water supply unreliable and yemenis are trapped in a dangerous cycle malnutrition compromises the immune system and cholera exacerbates malnutrition the majority of people can survive cholera if given fluids to rehydrate and antibiotics in extreme cases aid groups are trying to expand access to health care and clean water one giant obstacle remains the war natasha going to al-jazeera. well thousands of people are free on the rest of the english speaking areas of southern cameroon the government has clamped down on demands for separate states and breaking away from majority french speaking areas with the first reports from southern nigeria where many of the displaced have arrived. dazed and confused as to mark or struggles to come to grips with their new
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reality was. the refugee mother of eight is also forced to take on the additional responsibility of looking after two other children orphaned by the fighting in an insult in cameroon joined by me was these are their bugout rock where their father was killed their mother died of a heart attack a few days later my lady says children it was a struggle looking after my own and now there. are the more than thirty thousand refugees now in southern nigeria are being looked after by the niger refugee agency and a few non-governmental organizations but many here say they don't have much to eat or any way suitable to live. beatrice and he also displaced by the violence tracked for three days before reaching safety in nigeria she was eight months pregnant. i saw soldiers killed two young men for pushing up a flag then troops invaded and started shooting at people that was when i decided
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it wasn't safe for me or my baby most of the five hundred displaced in this camp on the hills overlooking our women and children. so one hundred fifty kilometers away from here is another camp populated mainly by young men it's late evening in this makeshift camp close to nigeria come on board they're up to a thousand refugees leaving for access to the comp conditions and the color of the thoughts on their minds as they go to bed many of them will go hungry tonight hoping that tomorrow will be better for the. refugees say cameroon security forces up even crossed into niger in territory looking for them. that the separatist movement is recruiting in arming these young men for attacks on its territory separatist leaders deny that but say it won't be long before they fight back said determination cannot be effective without self defense we are
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violence we are opposed to war but if the public if they do end should continue to deal it dialing i doubt doing public comes not to attack people they are. bound by did laws of nature to defend themselves. a stand that will no doubt prolong the crisis which means these refugees will have to endure more before setting off for the journey back or comedy greece al-jazeera at south in nigeria. some bob was new president has launched a diplomatic drive to encourage investment and his country a crowd of two thousand people turned up to hear him speak at his country's embassy and south africa tanya page has more from pretoria. he called and they came crowding the streets around zimbabwe's embassy in pretoria with the luxury
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cars suits and heels the queue at the gate another clue something big was happening . zimbabwe's new president innocent man on guard has launched a charm offensive to woo investors from the d.s. power and beyond his country is desperate for cash his audience smelled opportunity and hope does the bus to get to africa yes the infrastructure is there we'll support the capacity. the ingenuity to bring it back to wait was karen tracy was born in zimbabwe but now he works for a logistics company and sees the chance to expand there is an opportunity to manufacture you know not to become an important country but you know brick and mortar you know. and i'm dog lot may have been part of the establishment to predict kates but he's being seen as a bridge the fray share for his open door policy you are.
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because. that's what. and. thanks but the small group of protesters say letting bygones be bygones will never be an option for them it's alleged on god what orchestrated the killings of thousands of them to believe people in the one nine hundred eighty s. was a. right. i don't mind when i got on these people say before when i go comes to south africa getting talks about institutional business we should confront the accusation that he was involved in some way in the messages and right to bear they say he has blood on his hands. and i don't trust
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him to run a free and fair elections next year. i wonder. what. they want they would want us again as the case trickled out of the embassy the protesters were a reminder that the man leading them into the future has a past with some answered questions remember the tiny page al jazeera pretoria. it's now been one year since al jazeera journalist with hussein was a present and egypt was arrested by egyptian authorities on december twentieth last year alone visiting family whose detention has been renewed ten times since then al-jazeera continues to demand has released the same accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny he has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail. still ahead on the news hour the u.s. vice president makes an unannounced visit to a farm to me troops stationed there. construction begins on thailand sets
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a billion dollar high speed rail way despite heavy public opposition and it's fifty days to gone to the winter and then picks up a typical time after help young child preparations are going unfold. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis hello just as winter seem to tuck in fresh air feeling blue skies through china so once more we start to feed moisture bax's sas china seeing cloud develops hong kong starts to feel a little bit less dry twenty degrees temperatures rising is going up in shanghai sixteen degrees as well one of the reasons for this feed is a change the weather to the south it's a tropical storm again five days off the last one we've now got one this one a bit further south over mindanao rather than the sciences the last one was the
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winds and the rain potential all similar but the movement is much quicker so that will bring heavy rain with it is on its way through fairly quickly this is its course and guess where it ends up over but a strengthening could well hit the coast of vietnam while still a tropical storm that's about four or five days times we'll watch that for you in the immediate future of course it's wind and rain mostly rain in the southern philippines just coming up to central philippines as well of the remains of carthage there still there revolver and that will end up going into was the malaysian insular over the next day or so saturday seems most favorite the main threat from this one clearly a lot of rain wants more similarly faster moving rain is still a problem in mindanao. the weather sponsored by cats on race. on the surgery was scarred. shattered monument towards destructor palos.
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there's amid the ruins the defiance to resist. and some hollow so fire. power investigates all the suburb of damascus has refused to crumble under the might of assets. job part two of this time. when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking of all the bullets my life when people need to behead a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rolled in just have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on at and online.
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good to have you have us on the al-jazeera new sound these are our top stories the united nations general assembly has decisively back to resolution that declares the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel forward hundred twenty eight states voted for the non-binding resolution which is fine again some thirty five abstentions u.s. president donald trump had threatened to cut financial aid to countries that backed the resolution. spain's political crisis looks set to continue after separatist party has won the most seats and caution on your snap regional election that's a blow to spain's prime minister money on the horn call the vote in the hope of defacing the independence movement. peruvian president petro kaczynski says his
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impeachment will jeopardize any democratic gains in the country calling was this debating whether to remove kaczynski from office for allegedly receiving illegal payments from the brazilian construction giant breast now u.s. vice president mike pence has made a surprise visit to afghanistan he's meeting with afghan leaders as well as u.s. troops stationed in the country he told troops real progress is being made on the ground and pledged further support the afghan people those who serve alongside their armed forces to them. but never lost their local freedom. never lost their courage or their yearning to live in a limb free of terror. and let the people of afghanistan know. the united states of america stands with them. well let's bring in david said he now in washington d.c. he served as u.s. deputy assistant secretary of defense for afghanistan pakistan and central asia
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from two thousand and nine to two thousand and thirteen he is currently a senior associate at the center for strategic and international studies very good to have you with us on al-jazeera is that the vice president right is real progress really being made and afghanistan do you think given the number of attacks we've seen in the country this year yes i think real progress has been made actually in the last two months there was all done les this year when it took about seven months for the new administration to make a decision on sticking with afghanistan but since president trump made his announcement that the u.s. is recommitment to afghanistan in august the additional forces that the united states has put in place the additional airstrikes that are carrying out the strong message to pakistan are beginning to bear some fruit but it's still a long hard road ahead and whether there will be the kind of progress that the vice president talked about still remains to be seen and what is the purpose of this
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trip now pena said that he hopes his presence was tangible evidence of the administration's commitment to afghanistan is that what he's doing there. it certainly is but of course the the main purpose of the trip is to visit u.s. servicemen who are serving in what is now the united states as longest foreign war but he's also by his visit to. kabul his meeting with president gandhi and chief executive officer chief executive officer of sending a message of continued u.s. support unlike the obama administration which was focused on pulling u.s. forces out and leaving afghanistan the trump administration has said to important things first that it wants to win it once victory and secondly that the u.s. commitment will continue without any artificial deadlines these are really important messages both to the taliban and to pakistan rather than counting on the
5:40 am
us leaving now they have to count on the us staying so the vice president's visit is very important the message he gave both by his meetings in kabul and his speech at bagram are really quite important as the actors in this longstanding conflict debate their next moves and in regards to those next those and what president trump has said on the afghanistan policy where he's focused on you know what he said is the killing of terrorists more than nation building is that not problematic mr said need to do that to not they need to go hand in hand and is that what the u.s. will continue will do as they stay in afghanistan. the u.s. focus on military activity and on. both killing terrorists and helping the afghan security forces be able to carry the war themselves is important in terms of nation building really the afghans who have to build their own nation the united states
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can't build afghanistan only afghans can do that by the support of your ministration is giving to president gandhi and the doctor of dollars important the country faces parliamentary elections next year and in the year after that another set of presidential elections there is a lot going on inside the country that the afghans have to have to concentrate on themselves the u.s. for its part is committed to spending well over three billion dollars a year in support of the afghan security forces and with the new rules of engagement the freer rules of engagement to take on the column on throughout the country that president trump has put in place i think they have a good chance of being able to make the security move forward while the afghans build their own country mr said we thank you very much for your time and your analysis on this that sir david savage joining us live from washington d.c. thank you thank you now the battle for the syrian city of aleppo began in two thousand and twelve ended a year ago on friday and pro-government forces took control of the entire city. was
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under siege in a final offensive force the opposition to agree to a surrender and of withdrawal of the government's now has the upper hand on the ground but it didn't put syria on the road to peace saying a hold of reports from neighboring lebanon. thousands were made homeless civilians fighters activists opponents of the government who were forced to leave aleppo city these syrians now live in rebel controlled profits their suffering isn't over. we always thought the lipo was but we were forced to live they took it now we're living a very difficult life and no one is helping us. it's been a year since the battle for aleppo came to an end the opposition surrendered its last stronghold people were under siege for months and trapped in a war zone the choice they had was to die or leave their homes. one of
5:43 am
the most difficult moment was when i stepped onto the bus and said goodbye to my city i've had that i lost the part of me or hated the world and. omar halliday didn't just lose his home aleppo was the heart of their revolution young men like how to be were hopeful when the rebels captured the east of the city of two thousand and twelve. as a journalist who documented the conflict that followed now he says the years of sacrifices amounted to nothing. they killed our families how can i return to an area under their control i would rather die elsewhere just as long as it is in liberated territory. pro-government forces always stressed the importance of the fight thousands of troops were used in the final push. the capital damascus and. that young boy who ever and the regime can.
5:44 am
the unity of. aleppo wasn't just another battle it changed the balance of power in the governments favor and gave it political leverage. it was a strategic game for the syrian government since then it has shown no sign that it is ready to compromise or share power with its opponents was where the so-called moderate rebels made their last stand in the north their defeat that weakened their voice in any political settlement. losing aleppo was for many of the opposition the beginning there and. it is the end of the revolution for me. to live in dignity. because i am wanted by the regime and they will kill me. or the government december twenty two marks liberation and the beginning of the end
5:45 am
of the war the opposition doesn't see it that way for them just like much of their country no longer belongs to the. tribe you know for the former yugoslavia has come to an end ceremony was held in the hague on thursday attended by the un secretary general. and the dutch. it marks the end of nearly twenty five years of investigations and prosecutions over the wars in the former yugoslavia and . for the tribe you know has been praised for helping develop international. reports some. say it's failed to bring them justice. is one of the estimated thirty thousand women who were brutalized in the so-called rape factories run by bosnian serb forces during the conflict. the soldier told me to take my clothes off i refused he aimed a gun at my head but to mock me and three me on the bed and. the international
5:46 am
criminal tribunal for former yugoslavia has now being closed leaving massada and the majority of other victims like her without any justice or chance of returning to a normal life. to agree to not tell you the man who did this to me go to way he left the country and went to serbia he keeps coming back to me all the time in my chair my go to sleep with this criminal every night and wake up with him. some of the victims have reported seeing the man who raped them walking freely in the streets around them without an apparent care in the world while they've been given a life sentence of psychological trauma. the international community has spent decades and millions of dollars in his pursuit of the most notorious of the war criminals here so many others though equally guilty and from all sides involved in the conflict have escaped justice. and there's not too with.
5:47 am
it means a lot for the victims that the court has established the facts and the main perpetrators but in just a couple of days after the emotion settles down with the verdict they will find that their everyday lives haven't changed a bit. bizarre to build up the courage to return to the house where she was raped she hopes seeing where all have fear and horror came from would purge it from her mind but now she knows only bringing justice and punishment to her rapist will let her begin to heal david chaytor al-jazeera sorry. or factions and south sudan have agreed to a ceasefire the truce is set to begin on sunday following days of talks in ethiopia are fighting the world's youngest nation has entered its fifth year the agreement calls for the release of prisoners of war political prisoners and access to humanitarian aid thousands of people have been killed in the civil war and over a million have left the country at least twenty nine people have died after
5:48 am
a fire broke out at a fitness center in the south korean city of gesture most of the victims were found in the sauna it's believed the blaze started in a car the first floor of the building and quickly spread that iran is popular with tourists who visit the region's mountains and lakes now in the australian city of melbourne a man has deliberately driven his car into crowds at one of the busiest intersections injuring nineteen people including a four year old boy what is the saw a large white car accelerate into dozens of people using a pedestrian crossing right outside the city's main train station the thirty two year old driver was arrested at the scene along with a second man seen filming the attack and found to be carrying lives prime minister malcolm turnbull said a terrorism link had not been identified but that should not be ruled out apple has admitted that it released a software update which deliberately slowed down some older i phone models with
5:49 am
social media users have long speculated that the tech giant limits the performance of all the i phones to encourage users to upgrade apple says it made the change last year to help preserve battery life which it says diminishes over time now two people have been killed after a fire in a gas factory in their parlor rescue efforts at the gunge factory were hampered by exploding gas cylinders and huge flames to line ells to bring the blaze under control authorities suspect the fire may have been caused by a gas leak. the story. is true that. and spoil.
5:50 am
5:51 am
sport. thank you very much politics has overshadowed football on the eve of the gulf cup tournament in kuwait saudi arabia and then the emerald city officials left their shadow of news conferences after taking exception through the presence of qatari based channels including al-jazeera. reports this was a political football tournaments from the beginning the news conference held on the eve of the gulf cup became a story itself when the saudi and immorality teams that walked out leaving hundreds of media members confused after a long exchange with the kuwaiti media organizer the reason behind the walkout was
5:52 am
revealed the presence of qatar based news channels including al jazeera. the saudis and in marti's are part of a blockade of qatar that's been in force for more than six months they accuse qatar of sponsoring terrorism accusations the variant he denies just a few weeks ago it looked like at this year's edition of the gulf cup wouldn't go ahead a tool for hain saudi arabia and emirates were threatening to boycott the banned nurul event i'm in the regions of worth diplomatic crisis in years the gulf crisis saw the competition moved from qatar to kuwait. the host nation who were themselves a band from international football by fifa until just two weeks ago they're hoping this story meant will help ease the tension between qatar and its neighbors it's not about football it's about something to be given for it was it's something we're going to run sport. for reporting from teams that they are
5:53 am
attached to it again describes how. how how how like how they felt. going to last two weeks and also the last two years this tournament is very close to the kuwaitis hearts they've won the title ten times the first was back in ninety seventy when it began for you know kuwait for their sort of the very very. very little is very recently so this is history there are a really really believe. a very very very far out of this history. this is the first official training session for the kuwaiti national team in two years and despite the press conference a drama earlier on the home team are determined that nothing will spoil their party but there will be facing a tough challenge as they are getting ready to face the only team that is qualified
5:54 am
for the twenty eighteen world cup. a sixty thousand capacity crowd is expected that the opening ceremony on friday including the fee for president giani in fun tino after two years of football they thought the home fans are hoping for some great football action and a fierce contest on the pitch rather than off it. al-jazeera kuwait city. football and politics have mixed over in spain too where barcelona defender general p.k. has made no secret of the support for catalonian independence on thursday catalonia held regional elections that nationalists hope will set them on a path to independence piquet who has ninety four caps for the spain national side was one of those to make his mark. change directions but when people are able to vote each should express their opinions and now we will see the will of catalonia
5:55 am
and we hope it will be respected no matter the result but the outcome of what catalonia wants has to be respected there are fifty days until the twenty eighteen winter olympics begin in pyung chang south korea organizers still face challenges regarding ticket sales the bitterly cold weather that's expected and the political uncertainty over neighboring north korea but that didn't dull enthusiasm as the olympic torch continued its journey across south korea arriving in the city of chengdu on thursday it will travel exactly two thousand and eight hundred kilometers across the country before my take on the crippled and at the opening ceremony on february ninth well around the world athletes are continuing their preparations for the olympics freestyle skiing will play a big part in pyongyang with ten events taking place including ski cross it sees four rattly to go head to head over a course of varying slopes and jumps the world cup circuit arrived in image in
5:56 am
italy on thursday with switzerland's market bishops' berger leading from the front in the men's final to secure victory the women's final was much closer but germany's heidi. held off the competition to earn her first win of the season and move to the top of the world cup standings. freestyle skiing has also been taking place in china the second moguls event of the season was won by canadian mikhail kingsbury victory here so he moved ninety points clear at the top of the world cup standings in the women's contest jaylen car four of the usa edged closer to the olympic qualification with the win there are four more moguls events before the games begin. meanwhile at the snowboard halfpipe world cup event also in china two thousand and nine world champion lou jar you laid it down a marker ahead of the games with victory in front of a home crowd the men's competition was dominated by japan with nineteen year old are you moved on to silver medalist from the saatchi games when he was just fifteen
5:57 am
topping the podium now south africa is not a country often associated with winter sports but one man is looking to change that c.v. spillman is a betting to become the first black alpine skier from the country to compete at only lympics in pyongyang chang spielman could have competed in such in twenty four to after being invited by the international olympic committee but he was prevented in doing so by south africa's games committee who said he did not meet their required standard that was met with criticism from those who believe the twenty two year old could have showcased skiing to a wider audience in the country a decision on his participation in pyongyang is due next month i think i'm a good role model to the kids because being at the youthful and digs and qualifying for sochi can turn fourteen so like the difference. within the community who live there is more children wanting to grow in the sport and through the development
5:58 am
program the kids are really in his violent. and finally ahead of the fourth ashes cricket test next week australia's captain has been warming up with the spot all of tenet's steve smith batting performances have already secured victory in the ashes for a straight here and as you can see from these pictures the twenty eight year old is talented on the tennis court through he hit with canadian tennis star meters around age getting in some good practice for facing england's bowlers big serving around and she's gearing up for the start of the tennis season in australia in january. and that's all the sport for me another update coming up again later and that does it for the sound of their new sound at daria navigators haven't had a full news bulletin just a couple of minutes i mean it's not random thank you very much for watching.
5:59 am
al jazeera is there when a story breaks but it's also a day to see what happens next which is on. fire by the barriers where model barricaded all seven streets that lead to here the movies now it's been all about change people have gone past the fear barrier the mission of the national army is to search the entire complex and al-jazeera story is about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. forced to flee from syria to lebanon many refugee mothers risked childbirth in terrible
6:00 am
conditions delivery is very difficult here in the bin and it's ghostly i can't go back to syria now because of the war but one lebanese woman is committed to helping them. become friends with every woman. she is important to me. there are a few jews midwife at this time on al-jazeera world kenyan elections intractable war in syria refugee crisis troubles in venezuela and tensions on the korean peninsula and l. just zero new special looks back on the biggest stories of twenty seventeen through the eyes of families who lived through the. united states will remember the day in which it was singled out for attack.


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