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across many areas minus twelve is a mix of chicago the cold air penetrating the always down as far as dallas and into wednesday colder still very much in evidence. the weather sponsored by cats are nice. people are not. themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the city's security people who pay the price clearly their writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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i'm adrian from again this is the live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a choice to define the future liberians votes in a presidential runoff. russian opposition leader alexina valmy calls for an election boy cause after his bid to run in next year's presidential vote is blocked . peru's president defends his controversial decision to pardon a jailed. and i'm far as small have all the day's sporting including defending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors beat the cleveland cavaliers in a christmas day showdown. both candidates have cast their votes in liberia's runoff election that's expected to mark the country's first democratic transfer of power in seventy three years
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creating jobs and fighting corruption have been the major campaign issues liberia is one of the world's poorest countries and many of its four point seven million citizens live with. basic services like clean water and electricity george weah has crafted his image as the candidate for the poor drawing on his own meteoric rise from poverty to global football star he ran unsuccessfully for president in two thousand and five. contrary to the. truth i'm not as i would lose him to do this. they said and i'm going to win his rival joseph klock i was liberia's agriculture minister as far back as nine hundred eighty three at a served as vice president since two thousand and six we're going to do because of the close of democracy we went in one there we're doing to our work now we reduce it to. we have to say we're going through the process this is what the president or
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do we are willing to live with. both candidates are vying to replace president ellen johnson sirleaf the nobel peace prize recipient oversaw twelve years of reconciliation following a civil war the claims a quarter of a million lives she also guided the country through the a bola crisis that killed almost five thousand people let's go live now to the capital of liberia monrovia i was there as mohammed out o. is there so. how enthusiastic we have people been voting in this runoff election. vaulting today was a far cry from what's happened during the foster round in october. to use some a king into a just into roads while missing officials are now coming to toms to
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the fact that these is a tunnel but they say they expected some sort of uppity because everyone over two point one million of you just a volt is a kind of a in that we also. tell us the meme bustle of parliament running candidates running for members of parliament hot transported people from the cup with other parts where they were contesting i'm now people do not have any reason to go to those places where they. are just the international observers producing the process which they're calling violent and i spoke to the american ambassador to the christine and started by asking her what type impressions. so far things opened on time at this polling station will be going to some others throughout the day and people are moving through the lines at a at a good pace and certainly much faster than in october so i think the elections
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commission trained well for today and is ready the voters are ready many came early this morning but i think they'll be a steady flow throughout the day. one of the most of the liberia was founded by freed slaves most of them from the united states this is a country. whose people have departed with the united states hope who full of these elections to a country i think it's first and foremost crucial to liberia and the international community the united states and other partners the europeans the japanese help with the security forces all across the board people want to help. liberian succeed in the selection and they're determined to do it so we've each helped in our own ways whichever ways we could in many ways with the international regional and domestic observation teams those are crucial aspects so that there are a lot of eyes on the process throughout every county in the country but they're going to do it today and we're here to help them as partners it's been. the.
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point where the. this is a for. jobs how are you helping you know i think we always had confidence that the runoff would happen needed to run through there were challenges that needed to go through the courts the courts handled those expeditiously and and we were able before the end of the year to complete the process i'm confident that that will also complete before the inauguration in january third week of january so that's part of the democratic process with respect to the economic impact any uncertainty always has an effect on the economy and the fact that it happened at the end of the year when a lot of small traders make up a good part of their profits for the year i think hit them doubly hard and so it's important going in the new administration and the international community can help in some ways going into twenty eighteen to make sure that they're off to a strong start we have
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a number of programs for instance in the agricultural field that liberians should not have to spend so much of their earnings on importing agricultural products when there are things that they could be growing more here in liberia so helping on that front also roads to help get things to the markets when they're grown in the counties some of these foundational pieces also things like health. decimated the economy of liberia and the other countries affected in guinea and sara leone and having the ability to help with the underpinnings of that to strengthen the basic system so they've been able several. sometimes now to identify and stop. you know outbreaks of lesser lesser health issues immediately because they've been able to strengthen the health system with the help of international partners so there's firming up the foundation and that's where you know we're trying to help but then they take it from there and we're really pleased with how they've done that in
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a number areas in particular how. vaulting. for time them avoid commenting the big. electoral commission house two weeks that is all for the election but they say they will do it within four days. what exactly delight perience expect from whoever wins this election. well of course this is a poor country one of the poorest in the world and then needs all liberians. but people are keeping their expectations in check right now what most liberians we spoke to say is that they want peace the peace they enjoyed and ellen johnson sirleaf told years of interrupted peace the longest in a very long time they want somebody to manage that and continue building the
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economy is another one but said by the outbreak of were born and then a very extended electoral process that has seen and something tea and also the commodities that are usually exports to the world like rob having very poor prices in the world market so it's the economy as well as the management of peace and most crucial of all fighting the musts of corruption in government something ellen johnson sirleaf ha self has. confessed to or for you need to tackle many thanks i was there as mohammed out of their lives in monrovia nigeria's military says that it stopped an attack by suspected boko haram fighters on the outskirts of the northeastern city of my degree heavy gunfire was reported in the more lie area of the army force off the attackers while the number of casualties remains on the on it's thought that many women and children have been injured one hour from
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al-jazeera as it drifts in. according to security sources we've talked we've spoken to a short while ago but i was repelled by the military but it lasted a long time i witness is a corking about cyclists arriving instead of the pickup trucks and thence talking to a test fire firing their guns and pointing exculpate in the mall area apparently they started with a military or security checkpoint there now with the the sources we've spoken to said he's too early to say how many people died because of late getting attacked and that area has been cordoned off and need is being secured by the nigerian army there and that but that source also confirmed to me that most of the people affected well indeed women and children he particularly transported three people from that area to the hospital inside made a good move that by the way is just a few kilometers from known eastern idlers biggest city make
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a quick my degree has always been in the process of that crisis that city but the military stopped them from taking the city they have occupied lots of territory which by the way assad now they have lost to the military and of course the regional forces to fight out of motives to magadan parts of the moon chad and measure the public for the time being the situation in my degree and on the outskirts of my to the outskirts of my degree is calm. a powerful storm that left a trail of death and destruction in the philippines has now been downgraded typhoon tembin also defied weather forecasts and did not make landfall in vietnam's becoming delta where hundreds of thousands of people were told to leave their homes but experts say that heavy rain and strong winds from the weather system could still cause damage in the region well the storm left at least two hundred people dead in the philippines the island of mindanao was the worst hit the local administration there has been criticized for not doing enough to help quickly enough bride travel to work toward town where entire neighborhood has been
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destroyed. when the flood came this river was turned into a torrent throwing boulders and trees against the houses in its path it took more than one hundred homes and killed nearly fifty people those in the area had been told to leave but many had heeded the warning too late imo there are trying to evacuate. in three to five minutes all the houses were wiped out. what's left of mary louis tim's possessions are below the ruins of what used to be her house she escaped with her children and her brother's family just in time. well me until we were all crying and the water kept getting stronger and i told my brother i think we are going to die here they survived but another brother died. their temporary home is now the local school it's also where rosemarie sort of
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yellow now lives with her children and ten other families in the one classroom she says she had never experienced a flood like it got only the born again there was a flood before but we didn't evacuate that time but after what happened this time i can't go back. in a country that receives up to twenty life threatening storms a year there's been criticism of why mindanao suffered so badly as one of the most disaster prone countries in the world the philippines invests heavily in infrastructure and awareness programs to deal with severe storms but in mindanao the ongoing conflict makes that difficult and it's the poorest people living in the most vulnerable places who suffer the most in storms like this. community leaders have told people not to rebuild their homes along the river but the need to earn a living from farming nearby means many in time probably will and when
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a future storm comes the river will probably take more lives rob mcbride al-jazeera to board town southern philippines hospitals in gaza been forced to cancel operations after cleaners went on strike over delayed salary payments the health ministry says the planned surgeries can't go ahead as operating theatres are not ready the cleaning staff for the mounting overdue pay from the ministry which is run by the national consensus government the cleaners union says that its workers haven't received their wages for several months china's here is demanding an apology from the united arab emirates after it banned its female citizens from boarding flights heading to the gulf states the tunisian government barred emirates airlines flights in response it says the ban was put into place by the u.a.e. after the country's intelligence services raised security concerns regarding female two new zealand passport holders. we are not part of emirates we are suffering country and they should deal with us according to what normally happens in
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relations between two countries up to the continuous calls with the immoralities through our ambassador in abu dhabi it appears they have lifted the ban but they did not give us details on how the ban was lifted here with the news out from al-jazeera still to come on the program will be the family of a six month old baby who was killed during the recent election violence in kenya. these plans. to move to. a scenario where this bill will tell you why the development of driverless cars could drive thousands of people right out of a job. coming up in sport the fourth ashes cricket test is on the way between australia and england far will be here with all the latest a little later. the kremlin says that it will study whether an opposition leader's call to boycott the presidential election in march is legal alexina valmy urged his supporters to stop
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the vote after he was banned to join banned joining the race due to a past criminal conviction which he says was politically motivated the kremlin also says the legitimacy of the election will not be influenced just because one person was declared ineligible to run polls show president vladimir putin is on course to be reelected comfortably which would keep him in office until twenty twenty four more now from al-jazeera story chalons in moscow. this was no surprise at all really how mean i had been talking with colleagues yesterday and we've been speculating that there was maybe a small chance that the tightly controlled russian presidential system the electoral system here would be given a bit of a shake up and maybe there would be some fresh life breathed into it most people are assuming that putin is going to march towards a fourth term in office when the elections are held in march next year but no that was not to be the thirteen member panel of the central election committee decided
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twelve votes with one abstention that they were going to bar the from running against putin now the argument they use is that he has this prior conviction and therefore is ineligible no valley has always said that although that may be the election rules actually the constitution which should have primacy says that any one of sound mind who is not in jail can run in the elections so he's going to take this to the constitutional courts to ask them to make a decision this was a heated exchange at times he was saying that the panel should do the right thing for once in their lives that nobody is holding a gun to their heads and that they should stop messing around with the election the panel fired back saying that he was brainwashing kids that he was disrespecting the election commission and that they hinted he was politically irrelevant anyway now
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what is now and we do next will of course are said he's going to take this to the constitutional courts but he is also saying that his supporters should boycott the election and he is saying that yes there will be street process he hasn't set a date for these yet but he's saying that when the protests hits they will be nationwide. that speaks to public going to russia policy analyst and columnist with the village as i say he joins us now live via skype from moscow could have you with us what do you think will the constitutional court is going to evolve these argument that the constitution outweighs electoral law what the russian got is you know court has mostly has actually russian and a judicial system is a more or less rubber stamp thing there in the ground ones and they love us the kremlin tells them no matter what they rio we know arguments are so no but it will not and you. know why does putin think that the valley poses
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such a threat to him what is putin's kettle of klonopin is clear we must expect yes and the most charismatic guy who'll be and the putin opposition forces and what yours and he has being for the last several years running around their effectiveness. and he spoke publicly in fact they have anti corruption campaign and zero and works corruption and the very serious social in the quote. that exists in russia and several years ago when it was running for mayor of moscow he yet got almost a third of the vote so he has public support and that's my grandma nothing that. doesn't like him and sees him as a serious threat ok so if you have only one allowed to to run against president putin and that the election in march how well would he do. well in the
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course was it would be reelected no matter what. but i don't think yeah there are it's quite as sizable sort of part of the vote maybe up to ten percent of the something around and that may be and that put not make him kind of institutionalized i see him as a not as the main but you're not to say she didn't push him does not want to have him as a kind of from the first opposition he wants him to be seen as a criminal as a person of the street just which has no real standing i've got to talk to somebody thanks to a puzzle to look at how that live from moscow. peru's former president alberto fujimori has asked for forgiveness from peruvians from the bottom of his heart in a televised statement he also thanked president pedre public. for granting him a pop in on christmas eve thousands of people have protested in the capital lima was pardoned he was serving
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a twenty five year prison sentence for murder and for disappearances during his time in office in the one nine hundred ninety s. charlotte palace reports. chaos in lima these peruvians are furious the former president alberto fujimori was pardoned by the current president picture a public christian ski a man they believe was trying to save his political korea peaceful. and the summit of seeing all the people mobilizing the police were following us in circling us they got close to us and threw bombs at us. fujimori was serving a twenty five year prison sentence for murders kidnappings and disappearances carried out by a government death squads during his time in office he lived from one thousand nine hundred ninety until two thousand critics say his was the most corrupt government in peruvian history. started on sunday the families of his victims lead the
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charge. to try to fit if any i'm angry because i think it's a violation of the memory of her family members it's a violation of the fight for the relatives for justice and truth the reason for the process is inside this hospital the frail seventy nine year old fujimori is suffering from low blood pressure and hasa arrhythmia. he recorded this message with his son came to merry christmas he says. critics say it was cain g. who secured the pardon he is a congressman in the majority popular force posse that's led by his. to keiko and saved president from impeachment by abstaining from a vote last week critics say it was in exchange for his father's pardon the president has defended his decision. more says to me then it's obvious to all of us that the government he inherited at the beginning of the ninety's the country was
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in a chaotic and violent crisis incurred significant transgressions of the law as far as democracy and human rights are concerned but i also believe his government contributed to national progress i'm convinced that those of us who believe in democracy cannot allow alberto fujimori to die in prison going to. the pardon was bet by a silent majority a survey in may found sixty percent of peruvians wanted fujimori free supporters credit him with the defeat of the shining path and saving the economy from collapse . the fujimori's critics the death squads still hold them with a he's imprisoned or not they say they will voice their calls for justice charlotte bellus al jazeera. this year saw the emergence of driverless cars and trucks being tested on roads in the u.s. and the u.k. developer say the bought a million lives a year could be saved if humans were not behind the wheel but that could also mean
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a loss of millions of jobs as lawrence lee has the latest now in our series on official intelligence. in this brave new world of answer vision intelligence the first direct effect on all our lives will be in transport it's already begun and it will change humanity in many ways. it's well enough known by now that driverless cars and lorries are being childs the future we're told may involve our children not having to learn how to drive please press the automation back into place the car to go to meet in a satirical was this one even sitting in a simulator you feel a lack of control if you don't grip the wheel or press the brakes dragging on for real involves a leap of faith you know that is true and anything to the steering wheel you are now free to engage in other times the engineers here assure the technology is good enough for driverless travel on motorways if not in congested cities because
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there's too much going on. you know the extremely busy and complex environment with lots of potential who destructors people running across roads. so i think that's probably too complex we've certainly trying to contemporary think automation both on the motorway and in urban environments. they don't work at all in urban environments and even on motorways they require regular interventions by human drive less. the future it seems may be a combination of systems moving us from port to driverless port modern rail systems near airports are driverless and people use those quite happily the paths of the cars through space would be similar to if there were you know some physical guide to them so i think in some cases so long as the as the speeds are fairly low it's probably a safe proposition. true believers in driverless transport say we will be able to sleep or work in our vehicle but if that sounds good it will also mean the loss of
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millions of jobs and i wonder trades unions want to know how those jobs will be replaced we're looking to see massive massive investment in electric vehicles driverless vehicles future mobility we need a great leap forward it's easy to understand this concern in the u.k. there was a massive shock when car factories which had traditionally employed thousands of people all shut because of foreign competition this used to be the jackie were factory in the west midlands now it's going to be a warehouse the advent of driverless cars and wide automation could be a far greater shock still the british government reckons that driverless cars could create up to thirty thousand jobs in the u.k. which sounds ok until you hear evidence that says that in this part of england alone automation could cost three hundred thousand jobs it becomes pretty clear that governments like the one in britain see the job strategy for automation and
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quickly when asked to consider a world in which no humans at the wheel of a vehicle means accidents will not happen more than a million lives will be saved every year driverless vehicles will be on the roads and soon but will human souse jobs rely on transport except them and can we learn to trust the machines to safeguard the lives of those we love lawrence lee al jazeera london. and throughout the day on the web and stay in the pronouncement part of our series on fishel intelligence will be taking a look at how robots are bringing changes to health. well it was pretty mild when i left the u.k. on saturday for the desert let's take a look at what the weather is doing across the european mainland at the moment here's meteorologist richard anglin thanks adrian yet very modern across u.k. because people this idea of christmas going to be snowy that fallacy which originated in victorian times idea of snow at christmas but it really does happen as agent said very warm across the u.k.
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you've had south westerly winds coming in but things are about to change over the next twenty four hours indeed i wonder how some of the drivers cars will cope with the snowy conditions on some of the roads well we've got one weather front working its way across parts of europe and this low which is going to be moving in which is going to bring about some pretty unsettled weather across the bay of biscay region into western parts of france and then on its northern edge that's where we're going to see some snow developing across the u.k. now not vast amounts of snow but in the u.k. anything more than that causes total chaos and that's what we could be seeing we'll also be seeing a change in temperature certainly cooling off in western areas where it is mild and across the far eastern areas where cold air is still in place that will slowly be displaced as the winds turn more towards the south and they begin to southwesterly flow across those eastern areas seeing minsk there for moscow of five degrees rowsley most of this time of year but there we've got the next system pushing in on choose say and as it runs across the u.k. on its back edge it will turn to snow there's
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a sort of legacy june wednesday morning up to ten centimeters of snow across northern parts the midlands two or three elsewhere no great disruption across southeastern areas but you see that area of snow then across the alpine region and that's going to continue to be quite heavy indeed to persist as we head on through wednesday you still see some snow across the u.k. on the back edge that front for some snow getting into parts of northern spain and portugal the snow itself continues to develop across parts of france as you can see as we head on through thursday and then the whole system transfers more towards southeastern parts of europe where we could see some significant snow fall developing across the balkans in particular meanwhile of those most of these developing temperatures across as eastern parts of europe continue to rise. richard many thanks we're at the midway point on this news hour still to come on the program a major earthquake has sold second guessing the decision to build more nuclear power plants itself career. more all the plastic waste that's polluting the world's
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oceans but in sports one of the world's most grueling york races kicks off with a collision on the stop line far will be here with that and the rest of the sport a little later. there on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on say. in the morning in the sense i want to cover the world in darkness is a dialogue could be one of the confusion about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the conversation at this time on.
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the cards. hello again it's good to have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha with the news hour from al-jazeera our top stories both candidates cast their votes in liberia's presidential runoff that's expected to mark the country's first democratic transfer of power in seventy three years former footballer george we're
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is taking on current vice president joseph blocker. the kremlin says that it will study whether an opposition leaders called to boycott the presidential election in march is illegal alexina valley urged his supporters not to take part in the vote he was banned from the contest opinion polls show president vladimir putin is on course for a comfortable when. thousands of people in peru have demonstrated after former president are better fujimori was pardoned because of ill health he served around half of his twenty five year sentence for human rights abuses and corruption. pressure is mounting on mir mas government to release two reuters journalists who've been detained now for two weeks the u.s. canada the european union as well as top u.s. officials are among those demanding the release of war loan and cure so lou when the government says the two were arrested on december twelfth for obtaining information illegally they could face up to fourteen years in jail it is the head
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of reporters without borders asia pacific he joins us now via skype from paris daniel good to have you with us what exactly have these two journalists been charged with in myanmar. well the charges and and british colonial era. secrets act which was implemented in nineteen twenty three the time can fight independent movements and educate education so what we can see out of. these accusations is that it's just a pretext. to shut them out of. the jungle ok so what are reporters without borders demanding of the myanmar government right now well given the fact that it's the authorities produce absolutely no. evidence just to find that tension we demand their condition it
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and immediate release. what a we were in that the e.u. and. various u.n. representatives are also trying to apply pressure on me and what should they be doing to secure the release of these two journalists well what the people more and they ask for the myanmar its authority to produce any evidence that could allegedly make these detention and i think that's pressure and i don't know we're all read eat pretty sure that the myanmar of clarities don't have the kind of evidence otherwise it would have produced he say that the main our government wants to shut them up what were these journalists reporting on and why would the government be so keen to prevent information that they uncovered getting out to the wider world. well the government spokesperson said explained that these two journalists had some kind of dinner we still police men who were posted in recount
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state where. around six hundred in keep thousand running got refugees fled cuba. what he said context i don't want as well. these two journalists have apparently been certain feeling which a few weeks ago and very recently some images some drone in the g.o.p. east village which was shown to keep turns out well released there's absolutely no link with its reuters journalist but i think you know it is wanted to avoid it but it's around the base. case and at the moment we don't even know where these journalists being held in man lies that right. even some prison around young gone but we don't know at all it's been two weeks that there's a total blackout and we are working very closely with the with staff writers.
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to have some aren't about that tension about the respect of basic human rights concerning. concerning wattle nyquist all. good to talk to you many thanks indeed. from reporters without borders. twenty seventeen comes to a close we're looking back at some of the biggest stories of the year through the eyes of five families around the world today we'll meet a kenyan family who lost their six month old daughter during recent political violence catherine sawyer reports from consume it. joseph and his wife linda still trying to come to terms of the killing of the six month old samantha pendle. they say she died from a severe head injury when police raided their home in the town of. this was in august just after the fast presidential election when president was declared the
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winner. supporters of opposition leader the took to the streets in protest. police responding with tear gas batons and live ammunition joseph and learned so however say they were attacked in their home at night. it's been an unpredictable and volatile election year in kenya the supreme court of a time to the oldest pol citing irregularities of fast in africa. then withdrew from the repeat election saying the electoral commission first needed reforms. rerun went ahead anyway in october. one thousand eight percent of the vote sad of the nine hundred million registered voters cast their ballots. all the while political brinkmanship deeply divided the country along partisan lines continual
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street confrontations between police and protesters only making things worse more than thirty people including baby pendle have died in the violence since august and i used to play here that night in august her family and neighbors say police came banging on doors they used tear gas to force people out of their houses pendle was in her mother's arms when they were being beaten she did not stand a chance. of a doubt she will ever vote again. i didn't know that that. time whenever they'd be election remember that. during election time. she also says they'll continue to seek justice for their kathleen. west in kenya all throughout the day on wednesday you can see the fifth and final report in
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our series one year five families all day tomorrow office is on the crisis on the korean peninsula and how it's split up families will tell you about a father and son who haven't seen each other for more than forty eight years. south koreans have had their say in the last public hearing before the government finalize its plans for the country's energy supply president wants to phase out reliance on coal and nuclear power and to expand the use of renewable energy kathy novak reports from. this is south korea's scenic southeastern region a popular tourist destination home to stretches of coastline and eighteen uclear reactors so when a magnitude five point four earthquake forced more than a thousand people to evacuate their homes in november some wondered if those nuclear reactors are safe she on why is so worried she's been protesting in the streets. that it's almost impossible but. i was so scared when the
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earthquake happened here i had evacuated from my building but when the tremors continued the thought of the nuclear power plants exploding hard to me. more reactors are on the way during the election campaign president monday and promised to halt their construction but he reversed that position after public consultations found the majority of people wanted the existing projects completed the environmental organization greenpeace want safety reexamined we saw the. significant increase of the people who are concerned about the safety of nuclear reactors to. the twenty eleven fukushima disaster in japan happened just across the sea it's not hard for south koreans to imagine the worst case scenario but a tsunami triggered by a magnitude nine earthquake caused of that catastrophe and experts say that sort of event would be extremely unlikely here in a statement korea hydro
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a nuclear power the company that runs this plant says the newest reactors being built here are designed to withstand earthquakes sixty three times more powerful than the five point eight magnitude quake that hit the nearby city of young jew in twenty sixteen that was south korea's strongest earthquake since records began in one nine hundred seventy eight. locals are still rebuilding many replacing traditional ceramic roof tiles with more affordable and sturdy metal sheets even if you church quakes damaged homes again uclear power advocates say the plants are designed to contain any radiation leaks in the fine physical barrier the caption containment is strong enough to withstand any kind of the significant creek john young hoon says nuclear power must be part of south korea's energy supply the government still wants to phase it out over time in the meantime the
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energy ministry has told south koreans that close inspection of power plants revealed no damage from the latest earthquake kathy novak al jazeera also on south korea when hurrican slammed into the u.s. state of florida in september this year the resulting damage was extensive since then much of the state has recovered but in one small farming community the daily struggle continues as i began to get reports. during the storm our house. had several leaks the roof was not strong enough to sustain that when when hurricane ima hit this poor farming community on the edge of the everglades it took maria has his roof since then things have become worse repairs of yet to be made to government help has been slow and had his family home is full of mold like many here the family couldn't afford insurance it's hard even they even though they give you extra food stamps or whatever to the migrants or whatever it is it's still hard baghdad i said there's twelve of us here and you know we have to split our food our
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you know you know we know where our portions residents are almost entirely dependent on agricultural jobs but the storm took close to the loss of income and damage to homes is being felt across the community and the market these community school built for migrants teachers so even the children are being affected. by not having jobs them having money for them that's a lot of stress going to have to borrow money to buy the food so there's a lot of stress for the children's too because if they're not eating well they have a hard time coming to school and in a city where more than half the population of thirty five thousand lives below the poverty line they used to fending for themselves. in the weeks following the storm teams of volunteers have handed out food and supplies and demand hasn't slowed we make phone calls as soon as we get product in and different churches and different organisations show up and everything that comes in here it's not a warehouse it's
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a distribution center so as soon as it comes in it moves out a markedly was a poor farming community before hurricane hit and once it's immediate needs of being met that's not going to change there was some government help there but what we've seen overwhelmingly is a community through its churches. and members of society coming together to get this place back on its feet i mean gallacher al-jazeera a markedly florida. scientists are finding vast amounts of plastic waste in the world's oceans since the throw away junk of modern civilization degrades into the food chain in danger in everything from fission lost bugs and eventually humans but in one major u.s. city people have found a small but unique way to help solve the problem is rob reynolds reports from seattle. the streets around seattle's famous pike place market are full of cafes and restaurants the coffee is delicious but single use cups
4:45 pm
utensils and straws generate q.j. amounts of paper and plastic waste in this environmentally conscious city an activist group called lonely whale is urging people to think twice about throw away items leaders call the campaign stronger since yeah so we really wanted to start with something that every single one of us every single day and that item is just the other great thing about there is an alternative don't you worldwide people use one billion plastic straws a day in the united states we have five hundred million. every day there are. those that find their way into the breakdown into micro profit and when a marine animal is that they have a fifty percent mortality rate so it's a significant asset can we assume the styles are part of their unfortunately the strongest in seattle campaign began in september twenty seventh teen and resulted
4:46 pm
in two point three million straws being permanently removed in that month alone lonely whale has launched what it calls a global viral media challenge called stop sucking and it plans to take the strongest campaign to twenty cities worldwide in twenty eighteen the care premiums not only meant to reduce plastics in the environment it also aims. it gets people thinking about our throwaway culture every time we talk about fingers positrons everybody's mind bang goes to hell what about bob huffaker there's another positive over there and are we talking terms that i don't know as well seattle began restricting plastic waste a decade ago starting with a ban on styrofoam takeaway food containers and disposable plastic bags officials want to help mold a major shift in public attitudes really the bigger thing is getting people to stop and to think do i really need this i have this single use thing is this something
4:47 pm
that i really need to use right now i'm going to use it for five to ten minutes and then i'm going to throw it away and it's going to go to a landfill so that's really the bigger issue is having people kind of raisin in their consciousness a pushback against the culture of easy come easy go disposables that offers hope for the health of our planet's oceans and the creatures who live in them rob reynolds al-jazeera seattle. for centuries hand-crafted knives have been a status symbol in parts of the middle east they're still carried by men during important ceremonies and on family occasions in amman the traditional dagger known as the county is a source of national pride child stats and reports. omanis often say that hunger is a symbol of their national identity. and similar knives are made in neighboring yemen and southern saudi arabia but the craftsmanship here in oman has been for centuries considered the finest in the region. the silversmith's at this workshop
4:48 pm
in the historical town of from india. people they've been taught the arts of using traditional omani designs to make a dagger which can take months to craft my grandfather me this is the best things you can do with all of the life because this is the love of all my bebo they're buying everything and so that's a big leap you're taking this walk picked up for you and then the. government recently set regulations on how the omani should be made in order to preserve its specific characteristics the traditional say decongest favored by the royal family for example must have four or seven rings depending on the status of the wearer handles that used to be made from black rhino horns are now called from buffalo who would be some of the oldest hunters in this shot but one of the holding here is a sighted one. it's at least one hundred years old the cut off the sheet is made
4:49 pm
out of snakeskin the handle is made out of black rhino horn we're told that it's worth noting less than around twelve thousand dollars and tradition dictates that if i remove the blade from the sheet then i have to use it. target mohamed el cough shows us how the conjurers warmed by helping his son dress as he would for weddings and special occasions with on jerry's either worn on a specially crafted belt or tucked behind a waistband. a wooden sword but i feel proud to be wearing my arab omani clothes my patriotism runs in my blood and he had him with the candle represents the in money post manatee is our pride in our nation and it also exults the sultan the country and our ancestors of them. what was once used as a weapon now crafted as
4:50 pm
a work of omani. stuff at al-jazeera and his work. just ahead on the news in sport no christmas day come back for this and be a superstar details coming right up with far. after years documenting street violence and john is. that someone was inspired to const form perception we added elizabeth change to south africa and capture the fiber and see of the emerging black youth culture now is one of the people that has kept it i will be giving a speech to all of us this way to try the new african photography. at this time on al-jazeera. undergrown fire has been burning for over a century beneath india's largest cofield. now open coast mining has put the flames
4:51 pm
to the surface would devastating consequences for the local population. as communities are destroyed and thousand suffer from toxic fumes what lies behind this human and environmental disaster. people in power the burning city at this time on al-jazeera. that are going to try to support his far adrian thank you so much we start with action from the n.b.a. where a christmas day showdown between last season's champions the golden state warriors and runners up the cleveland cavaliers had this same outcome even without star player steph curry but worry is prevailed ninety nine to ninety two over the cavs
4:52 pm
had the allen nick leeson report. well if you're going to claim it was supposed to be le bron james as knights and it started off that way expected a body bag split in the absence of the injured staff car a golden state so wanted to make it a christmas to remember one hundred sixty s. it was a back and forth affair for much of the game with each side trading the late kevin durant looked like the dominant force he was six months ago when he helped the arias win the n.b.a. finals expired brown did what he could tying the game at ninety two but play thompson came through with his four three pointer of the game but in golden state the head for good to be explored in the dying seconds of the match le bron drive to the basket but any chance of a christmas day comeback was blocked by drunks durant's finished with twenty five point seven rebounds and five blocked shots golden state closing out the rematch
4:53 pm
ninety nine to ninety two. small for supposed to go a small force. so if you know anybody else regarding the me we've been put pad all over he just a little too small. does a star so i guess i was the last guy i was just on but just like our my physician is good guy both things in the right order for game and you know we had a lot of transition point to kick their butt in transition and i was the. telltale sign of the game for us in the last. le bron the cavs will have the chance for a bench next month and the sides face each other again in cleveland telling gleason is there. they were five games on christmas day with both conference leaders and action on the side with the best record in the east the boston celtics lost one hundred eleven to one hundred and three to the washington wizards and the western
4:54 pm
conference is the one side the houston rockets were also defeated by the oklahoma city thunder. here i love them like i said giving credit him a shot especially towards the down in the stretch. you know you're better than arguing in front of the. liverpool manager you're going klopp says his side are targeting a second place finish in the english premier league apa halfway point in the season their fourth in the table twenty points behind runaway leaders man city they play bottom of the table swansea later. i don't leave them in syria maybe it'll be too much. to qualify for the germans. as possible. b. b. two three four. there are seven other premier league games taking place on choose days second place manchester united with will bid to try and close
4:55 pm
the gap a little on that leaders city when they face a seventh place burnley and tottenham are already in action against southampton it's four one to spurs in the second half two of those have come from harry kane who now has a european record fifty five goals in twenty seven. meanwhile manchester city boss pep guardiola says his side mustn't dwell on their busy fixtures schedule over the christmas period the premier league leaders face newcastle on wednesday in a run that sees them play three games in nine days. what we have done and that is has to do i want to tell them what newcastle is to do one thing and was one was come was in the moment terms of results. in focus in newcastle so that is the best thing so focus would have to do on the pitch defensively offensively individual or group that is the only way to be focusing would you have to do forget about it forget a little bit the schedule the table. just to dozens of those with
4:56 pm
the gulf cup football tournaments continues in quade on choose day with that group be in action barring face yemen and defending champions kept our take on iraq kept our our top of group b. after beating yemen for a nail in their opening match while they're still everything to play for after iraq and bahrain drew one one. all the head of russia's football union is stepping down from his post for six months as he fights an olympic ban for state sponsored doping vitaly mutko was sports minister at the time of the saatchi games during which russia was found to have run a widespread doping program he was handed a lifetime ban by the international olympic committee earlier this month but is appealing this co will still remain in charge of organizing the twenty eighteen world cup the fourth ashes cricket test between australia and england is underway australia already retain the coveted ashes urn with three no lead in the best five
4:57 pm
match series and they continued to dominate play on day one at the melbourne cricket ground after winning the toss and electing to bat david warner was in fine form of the struck a century captain steve smith had an unbeaten sixty five to guard australia to two hundred and forty four runs for the loss of just three batsman heading into day two . troy. we are doing all those it was still a very robust just the conditions of the pitch. and when you bowl warner is one of the best players in the world and. is going to. meanwhile australia's coach darren lehmann has announced he'll be leaving his role after the next ashes tour leaman said too much travelling with the reason behind his decision. finally one of the world's most grueling yacht races started in australia on choose day and there was a dramatic start to the seventy third edition of the annual sydney to hobart event
4:58 pm
to prevent favorites l.t.v. and wild oats eleven almost collided into each other davey comanche lodged a protest but still went on to take the lead competitors will cover approximately one thousand one hundred and seventy kilometers across the tasman sea. and that's all your support for now it's back to you a transfer of many thanks indeed that's where draws to a close i'll be back though in just a few moments with war of the day's news see it. my name is some people saying that my feelings only program that they're not real but if i think the real then they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android which is one of the more advanced robots in the world can around but feel that's
4:59 pm
a philosophical question it's not a lot of what you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. this time all knowledge is ear. marked. in the wake of the race riots how much can someone take before they craft the fight for recognition is crucial we needed cooler heads to prevail brothers in its cause a lot of them were people things that were said about their religion and the things it was about their community almost be disrespected al-jazeera explores the history
5:00 pm
and struggles of the lebanese community in australia once upon a time in punchbowl at this time on al-jazeera unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between a criminal bosses just like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question is for throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine could you have a bribes you've been corrupt i'll be corrupt i did just what the president say al-jazeera investigations the only gods coming soon.


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