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was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of financial side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that forest find to sites reduces stress hormones can relax us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest instead of medicine. celebrations in liberia as former football superstar george where winds choose days presidential runoff. rising and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming. up.
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i still says a carried out an attack on a shia cultural center in kabul which has killed at least forty people. targeted in their homes their schools and even playgrounds unicef warns that attacks on children have reached shocking levels. the palestinian girl who went viral after being filmed slapping israeli soldiers appears in military courts. former football superstar george greer is set to become liberia's president provisional results have been released from tuesday's presidential runoff with more than ninety eight percent of the vote counted electoral commission says with secured sixty one point five percent of the vote he will succeed ellen johnson sirleaf when he becomes president next month it will be the first democratic transition of power in the west african nation in seventy three years while going
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to doe has more from the capital monrovia. supporters of georgia where good to the news of his victory with celebrations song and dance on the streets of monrovia he himself where broke down in tears and he could be seen been called fulton by his running mate you will fail who is a former wife of the former leader of this country charles taylor who is currently serving a fifty year sentence in the united kingdom for crimes against humanity committed in neighboring sierra leone for georgia where the supporters he said we've come true some of them told us about this trouble well they call us toggled they started in two thousand and two house warm fruits tonight with the victory in the elections for george to where it's not known whether the losing candidate joseph the current vice president of this country will take the matter to court it is the supreme
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court. expected to a bit sweet any disputes arising from the election has had dipped misgivings about the process the contest that the results of the foster bound and enjoyed himself in a cold case taken by the man who came and everything now depends on what the unity pertti and just have walk i do from here on in this is a huge deal for liberia a country that has had a very volatile history and it will be the fust time in seventy three years that a democratically elected leader would be taking over power from one of the. well suicide bombers in afghanistan have stormed a shia cultural center a news agency in the afghan capital killing at least forty people and now the eighty four well winded many of them suffering buns antigay miss the center hosted a panel discussion on the anniversary of the soviet invasion of afghanistan i still
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has claimed responsibility especially going to reports. explosions followed by a rush to assist the injured and count the victims. it's become a familiar ritual especially in kabul where the afghan capital has seen its share of bombings this year this time the target was a shiite muslim cultural center and the neighboring afghan voice news agency today of the don't you know it would after i saw many dead in the area i was looking for my cousin but i couldn't find his body i'm not sure what happened but the number of dead is increasing. the interior ministry says suicide attackers set off an explosion outside the center then stormed it and set off more explosives in the basement it was midday on thursday and a group had gathered to commemorate the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy nine soviet invasion of afghanistan the middle of a cover just when the explosion went off we scapes from the room where we were
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working and went to the rooftop we sold a small in flames coming from the basement the taliban immediately issued a statement denying involvement. an analyst tells his era given that this attack was in a shiite neighborhood this appears to be the work of eisel. he says the armed group has been targeting the shiite community this year as well as media outlets the ice is. in order to make him our media has not been providing them enough amount of coverage that they have been seeking julian activities should they have been targeting the media outlets as here in government. kabul as well as in the region in order to make sure they get wisely seized. in may a truck bomb killed more than one hundred fifty people in kabul in what has been described as one of the worst attacks in recent memory afghans are trapped by
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violence from eisel and the taliban and what critics say is the inability of security forces to protect them. anger has led to protests and calls for resignations in the government analysts say what i saw lacks the numbers it makes up for in tactics that can orchestrate the sophistication of the operation and amount of exactness impreciseness in your operations they do usually are targeted with little strength or little amount of import it create a lot of wear blended terms of achieving good strategic objectives the people at the cultural center were looking back and remembering a dark time or black day as it's called in afghanistan when the soviets invaded for the families of the victims thursday's attack has become another black day natasha . olsen developments in yemen now the united nations is saying that sixty eight
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civilians were killed in two separate as strikes by the saddam that coalition in just one day the first hour i don't choose to hit a crowded market in ties province killing fifty four civilians including eight children the second killed fourteen people from the same family in the province of data altogether saudi led as strikes have killed one hundred nine civilians in the past ten days according to the un humanitarian coordinator in yemen. well now children are increasingly being used both as targets and weapons of war according to a report by unicef it says the suffering of children in conflict zones has reached shocking levels they report says children have become front line targets and often used as human shields right and in slaven to become standard tactics an increasing number of being recruited to fight in west africa the armed group used an estimated one hundred thirty five child suicide bombers in twenty seventeen the conflict in
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yemen has been one of the worst for children this year with five thousand killed or injured unicef also says there is widespread and blatant disregard for international laws designed to protect young people and hawks as more. this school in mosul stands empty this street makes for dangerous playground as snipers threaten overhead this is what childhood looks like for these families over the course of this year children in conflict zones like here in iraq have been singled out and attacks unicef says those involved in conflict a blatantly disregarding international humanitarian law is designed to protect the most vulnerable children is normal now that you can target a hospital a group of doctors in syria told me recently when i was in northern turkey how the armed groups wouldn't even come near the hospital because the hospital was more of a target than the armed groups so hospitals and schools are being deliberately attacked children are being brutalized and it feels like all the rules in war as
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you say that used to at least protect civilians and children in particular in these terrible wars have all disappeared finally some light relief for people in rebel held eastern go to in damascus after four years of being trapped in middle of the fighting a few patients with urgent medical needs have been allowed to leave. unicef warns millions of children are also become in direct casualties of conflict from being displaced as well as being made homeless this refugee camp in bangladesh is home now for him to refugees from my ma of which four hundred thousand children children who stood by while our soldiers are right on their mothers or shot their father even brutalizes children or selves and they're saying to those children they're deliberately doing this. in eastern ukraine many children live by the frontline they share the scars of living in one of the most modern contaminated place on. the situation is worse in yemen where aid agencies struggling to
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help. five thousand children have been killed or injured and many more severely malnourished risk of death a similar situation is unfolding in the democratic republic of congo with violence has driven hundreds of thousands of kids from their homes unicef is appealing to all parties involved in conflicts around the world to stand together and protect the rights of children. as there. they are supposed to care and why he and us as humanitarian spokesmen he described twenty seventeen as a whoring if the children in conflict zones in the congo in the castle region this was a rapid. escalation of violence earlier this year where we saw more than four hundred schools attacked we saw clinics attacked and overrun and people just simply had to run into the bush to avoid being killed we saw many deaths sexual violence and
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children and their families left without any food in the hands that terrible nutrition right and again what we've seen there is that those who take up the fighting are deliberately attacking children and families or just not caring and moving ahead with their military tactics whatever the cost to children so in the deep sea where as you say we don't hear about it very much people are incredibly vulnerable children are incredibly vulnerable when the dogs of war on waste. still to come for you on the program president hollande passed china on twitter saying it's been caught redhanded allowing oil into north korea. and a severe fuel shortage in nigeria leaves motorists queuing for as much as ten hours for petrol.
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hello and welcome back now if you look at weather conditions across a straight year we've still a circulation associated with what was extra pickles cyclon hilda now that's giving some heavy rain across this area still take a while for it to die all together perfectly dry has a twenty four degrees warming on a spring still notice sydney looking quite warm thirty two degrees but we're going to see some rain developing here as we head on through into saturday some heavy showers are likely cooler conditions pushing in across melbourne and then as we head across into new zealand the weather conditions here generally not looking too bad initially in the north island seen some dry find where those this area of low pressure pulls away the so far and to but as we head into saturday we will find a frontal system pushing some heavy rain across the western side of the south on into particular north on and find twenty four the high in oakland i do northeastern
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parts of asia and here we've still got some cold air in place in those cold as it has been under sharia either so reasonable conditions tokyo dry highs of nine modern across the korean peninsula relatively speaking but a slight drop in temperatures expect as we head on through into saturday we look at my sort of five in beijing bright for the south in shanghai a mix on here of thirteen. in a country where parents often pick who you will marry falling in love can have serious consequences one on one east meets the men risking their lives to protect india's young lovers one east at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every.
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welcome back let's update you on the stories making headlines full football superstar george weah has widened tuesday's presidential runoff in liberia securing sixty one point five percent of the votes at least forty people have been killed in a suicide attack on a shia cultural center and news agency in afghanistan's capital kabul. and the united nations says sixty eight yemeni civilians were killed in two separate as strikes by the saudi led coalition on shoes day they included fourteen people from the same family. well now in other stories we're following closely aid workers are evacuating critically ill patients from eastern guta besieged rebel held area near
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syria's capital damascus sixteen people have now left as part of a deal with the government under which the rebels are releasing a number of their prisoners but at least one person is refusing fearing arrest by the assad government last month the u.n. called for five hundred people in need of urgent medical care to be allowed to leave but only twenty nine cases have been given approval so far and at least eighteen people have died whilst waiting where hundreds of thousands of children are among the more than one million syrians who've been sheltering in lebanon after escaping the long war in that country why syrians sheltering in lebanon are living in refugee camps so in a holder of ports from one of these camps in the bekaa valley. tells her grandchild that they will return to syria one day but she doesn't know when that will happen four year old i was born in a refugee camp in lebanon the family is from the city of birth which was reduced to rubble in the war. we can't go back to syria our home has been destroyed
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our fields are littered with mines we want to return but how can we survive there. surviving in lebanon is not any easier the united nations says many refugees are more vulnerable than ever more are falling deeper into poverty many depend on aid to survive and most are in debt their numbers have not increased in years lebanon has tightened its borders and made it harder for syrians to enter the country in two thousand and fourteen the number of refugees surpassed one million a year later the number increased by two hundred thousand by the end of last year that number dropped by around one hundred ninety thousand and now the number is below one million until today about sixty thousand syrian refugees have already travelled have already departed from lebanon to third countries through such programs but it could also be because syria. through their own or
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through different. third countries. also know that since the beginning of two thousand and seven a few thousand. have returned to syria there are no exact numbers of those going back to syria but the u.n. believes that conditions for a safe return are not yet in place for many returning is not an option they hide their identities because they're scared some are wanted by the syrian government are working with the opposition others fear arrest they defected from the army because they didn't want to fight and there are those who don't want to return to avoid conscription in the army this area and government and its allies are more and more territory. fighting is stopped in some areas cease fires and what is known as reconciliation deals are being reached but for the opposition there is no reconciliation with a government that has killed so many people just to stay in power. some however are so desperate that they're ready to make peace at whatever cost. advocaat of all
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those involved in the conflict should work to end this conflict and ask president bashar al assad to forgive and forget and forgive me and let us go back home once and for all we're tired of this. many won't agree with the opposition continues to demand the removal from power that could be more years in exile and with the way the war is going for some it could mean never returning to syria. because lebanon and egyptian officer and five soldiers have been killed in an explosion in north sinai the egyptian army said they were carrying out a military patrol when a roadside bomb hit their vehicle egyptian security forces have been fighting on groups in sinai for a number of years in november suspected isis fighters carried out a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in north sinai that killed more than two hundred fifty people and is writing military court has extended the detention of
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a palestinian teenager who was filmed kicking and slapping israeli soldiers earlier this month sixteen year old i had tommy was arrested by israeli troops last week along with her mother and cousin all three are now being held for an additional five days harry force it has more from the military court in the occupied west bank . we're inside the off a military prison compound inside which are the prefab buildings which make up the military court rooms here and we spent the last few hours inside one of those listening to arguments in a case which is gripped palestinians and israelis for very different reasons it's a case of i had to meet her cousin or and her mother mary man they've been in custody since december the nineteenth after the emergence of a video which showed i had on a cousin challenging two israeli soldiers near their village in the occupied west bank i had slapping one of those soldiers the palestinians for many palestinians it's an act of defiance against military occupation for many israelis the debate has been about the apparent lack of reaction by these heavily armed soldiers to
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such a challenge inside the courtroom the lawyer in the define the defense side has been arguing that they should be released i had in particular presenting no danger being a minor being well known not a flight risk and also arguing that the military prosecution which has been trying to find other things in her past with which to charge or shouldn't be acting in that way that that is that those potential crimes should have been dealt with at the time and that what they're doing now in retrospect is purely in reaction to a video that went viral on the after. videos went out and even fired and then just acted else bad about it then they decided to act and let them. kill the only because you see a man. with able to free. the occupation everybody has and this case isn't just being seen in isolation just on wednesday another young
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teenager fauzi alginate he he was released from custody on nearly three thousand u.s. dollars bail he was the young man who was pictured blindfolded being surrounded by more than twenty israeli soldiers as he was detained his lawyer is released his testimony in which he says. he was beaten both during that arrest and in private afterwards he suffered a broken shoulder as a result and so his legal team is now mounting a challenge against the israeli military and it's also being seen in the context of the very large number of detentions of young palestinians both regularly and particularly in the last month since the dea the declaration by donald trump about jerusalem being viewed by the u.s. as the capital of israel in the protests that have followed there would be one hundred seventy young palestinians minors who'd be detained as him but when general who led efforts to push robert mugabe out of power has been sworn in as vice president constantine and sure wenger who retired from the military last week will
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share the role with kember la hunty a long serving state security minister meanwhile the former president robert mugabe's been granted full diplomatic status and a staff of twenty three under his pension settle it and ita three year old stepped down last month well now moving to nigeria where motorists and commuters have been stranded over the christmas period because of a three week fuel shortage it's led to a thriving black market where some vendors a selling petrol at double the approved government prices from the capital abuja address reports. the queue is more than a kilometer long and it's a common feature at most because stations across nigeria. this one is directly opposite nigeria's oil company yet it's not dispensing fuel to motorists some have been waiting ten hours i've been going through says that's night after does money there is no even sign off of viable moving from these positions to even hope of
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getting if way for decades official corruption has crippled the country's four old refineries the nigerian government imported what it needed through a subsidy system but that was hijacked by corrupt officers and businessmen. at the heart of the current crisis is the demand by retailers what have you in costs and increasing supplies in two thousand and sixteen when the government stopped subsidizing that's all the cost of a liter jumped by sixty percent the queues disappeared at least for a year now they are back and nigerians are seeing big increases in forward and transportation costs. the government blames the shortages on marketers which says one to force up prices whether double as you had a source of their products said that they were good to include as the purpose of it will approach because of your level of this country has moved from about the to me dolly does but the fifty metre lead does but the question on these ladies does.
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for you know i've been along the major streets and highways caucus have plenty of petrol on offer but at three times the official price market to say there is a shortfall and most cannot import enough to meet the demand they deny they are holding the country to run so there is a gulp on the shop for work and i guess you have come to salt in fourth or fifth along problem there is no we're. an independent medical we import a very long border which we know the lending causes the bad one seven to one. which is eight cents more than the government approved price of forty cents a liter. the impact of the crisis has a knock on effect at the markets. muslims everywhere there are a lot more but at the cost of everything has gone up from transportation to other's presence up double everyone's affected by the problem. the government says it's flooding the market with more petrol but right now most nigerians are worried about
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how to get from one point to another and the rising prices of food one hundred degrees al-jazeera object u.s. president donald trump is accusing china of violating u.n. sanctions against north korea by continuing to sell oil to pyongyang said this on twitter caught red handed very disappointed that china is allowing or oil to go to north korea that will never be a friendly solution to the north korea problem if this continues to happen that has more from washington d.c. . china's denying the accusations that the president made on twitter you have to sometimes decipher why and what has prompted donald trump to go to twitter and often this is when he feels that an issue isn't being covered adequately in his view in the media he will tweet knowing that then in turn we will take a look and see what he's talking about and this is a really good example of that if you go back to the u.s. treasury website last month you'll see that it first called attention to these satellite images that said that it had of chinese ships supplying oil to north
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korean ships in the west see now apparently these satellite images put out by the u.s. treasury department were taken october nineteenth but again it didn't get a whole lot of media attention even though the united states says that this is in violation of sanctions that were put in place specifically speaking to this by the u.n. security council in september so perhaps it's a little bit of frustration on that level and frustration too by the president that he's tweeting this given the fact that when he first came into office in january he immediately began to address the situation of north korea's nuclear program by investing heavily in the relationship with chinese president xi hosting the mar-a lago speaking enormously about the investment that was being made in the hope that china would use its economic leverage to limit the north korean program but in recent weeks the months we've seen some frustration with that while the treasury department says there has been some success with china helping to isolate north
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korea from the global financial system again there is some frustration by the united states with examples like this of these satellite images so well china is denying these charges saying that there have been no u.n. security council violations as far as it's concerned the u.s. sees it differently and now we see the frustration playing out on twitter by the president donald trump on the development u.s. embassy in ankara says it's lifted all restrictions on visa services ending a months long. how it says turkey has met all assurances that local u.s. embassy staff won't be detained or arrested the u.s. stopped issuing visas in turkey after two staff members were detained at the u.s. consulate in istanbul during a state of emergency in ankara turkey has responded by lifting the restrictions it puts in place on u.s. citizens but denies giving any assurances a judge in alabama has rejected a last ditch appeal by republican roy moore to challenge the outcome of the u.s. senate election unexpectedly last is rival doug jones has been certified for the
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senate seat becoming the first democrat in twenty five years to hold this. alleged voter fraud tonight in victory in the december poll but his challenge was thrown out a new art exhibition at the hirshhorn museum in the us features a mix of civil war history and political commentary the artist want bradford was inspired by a painting called the final battle at gettysburg to create a modern day cyclorama al-jazeera spoke to the curator of the exhibition to find out more. a cycler was actually one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the united states and europe before cinema would be around and then there would be a dire ramat running on the inside and visitors to a cycle rama would come up through the middle of the cyclorama and they would have this immersive experience mark came to the hirshhorn which was built by gordon bunch after and it's a unique building we are essentially
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a donut and so the center of the building actually makes it impossible for us to actually be a psycho drama he was looking specifically at a cycle that was made in one thousand nine hundred three by philip and it depicts the battle of gettysburg which is considered to be the turning point of the american civil war he got images of filipinos painting from i'm guessing from the internet it's a piece of unstretched canvas one piece about twelve feet high and forty five to fifty feet long and then on that canvas are multiple layers of paper colored paper burns papers papers and he's soaked in water to give them this very different material effect and he glued together for mark he has decided to disrupt that idea by the materials that he uses so what he is using is just pieces of colored paper sometimes posters that he finds on the streets so what you have is not only this juxtaposition of figurative imagery and abstraction but also different layers of history so things that have been embedded in the kind of the base of the painting
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and then you get put on top and it's kind of this metaphor i think about how history comes back over and over again and i think it's a comment on how some of the issues that we faced as a nation when the battle of gettysburg took place are still kind of relevant today they still haunt us today and what you get a sense of as he went back in and disrupts the imagery is the sense of history and how history is never transparent there's never one version of history and that there are always these filters through which we all view history. as funny to see right here as well al jazeera dot com for comments analysis and video on demand launches live there as well. look at the top stories for you now former football superstar george whereas one liberia's presidential election with more than ninety eight percent of the vote now counted the electoral commission says weight gain sixty one point five percent of
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the vote head of current vice president joseph book i with support is celebrated as the news came through he will succeed ellen johnson sirleaf when he becomes president next month it will be liberia's first democratic transfer of power in more than seventy is how much is in the capital monrovia. peace is the main thing labor unions want right now with the widespread support. among the population of this country many people feel party ha's what it takes to bring the country together in the. forward from a post conflict situation too volatile for development and prosperity at least forty people have been killed in an attack in afghanistan's capital kabul a compound housing a cultural center and a news agency was targeted in a shia district in the west of the city the interior ministry says attack a set off an explosion outside the center then stormed it and set off more
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explosives in the basement i still has claimed responsibility children increasingly being used both as targets and weapons of war according to a report by unicef it says the suffering of children in conflict zones is weak shocking levels with an increase in rape in slave meant and children being used as human shields on the group boko haram is an estimated one hundred thirty five children as suicide bombers in west africa in twenty seventeen alone. united nations says sixty eight yemeni civilians were killed in two separate arabs by the saudi led coalition in just one day first as strike on cheese day at a crowded market in tires killing fifty four civilians including eight children the second killed fourteen people from the same family in the province of data and an egyptian officer and five soldiers have been killed in an explosion in north sinai egyptian army said they were carrying out a military patrol when a roadside bomb hit that vehicle. with all of our top stories that set for myself
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in the team here in london more news coming up in twenty five minutes time from doha after want to one east which is next if. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. in india falling in love with the wrong person can be deadly to. young people who follow their heart and reject their parents' choice of partners may be beaten or even murdered. but now a group of middle aged men calling themselves the loved.


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