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tv   Sarajevo My Love  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:57pm +03

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and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on sat no evil person just wakes up over the morning and say i want to cover the world in darkness they say is a dialogue and that could be what's leading to some of the confusion online what about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera iran's government is calling on people not to take part in what it says are illegal gatherings protests driven by anger over the calling me gaining momentum on saturday student demonstrators turning their anger towards iran's foreign policy meanwhile annual pro-government rallies have also been taking place across the
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country peter shop has the latest i heard day in a row there out on the streets to government protesters most of them students fighting with riot police outside tehran university but what began as a protest about rising food prices and welfare benefit cuts turned political on saturday they chanted not gaza not lebanon my life around here. i don't be afraid we're standing strong together. especially angry about claims the government is focusing more on regional issues the economic problems at home. people ring in t.v. showed a display of strength by crowds of pro-government supporters in cities nationwide tens of thousands of people on the streets chanting death to america down with israel in support iran's supreme leader ali khamenei letter that people have
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protested against inflation other problems but that does not show that our people have turned on each other or are against the ruling system and their leadership. the pro-government rallies were pre-planned to mark the anniversary of the end of the unrest that shook the country in two thousand and nine unrest in iran prompted another tweet from the u.s. president many reports of peaceful protests by iranian citizens fed up with the regime's corruption and squandering of the nation's wealth to fund terrorism abroad iranian government should respect their people's rights including rights to express themselves the world is watch. on the one hand the economic situation is something that exists across the board but of course i think the iranians while they're upset with mismanagement but they also recognize that the administration is being prevented from doing a lot of what it's trying to do because of the united states and its allies. this
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was a huge display of support for the iranian leadership but the government will be concerned just how quickly the protest about food prices became political people show up here at least nine people have been killed in airstrikes on the besieged damascus suburb of eastern who are on saturday footage has emerged showing rescuers carrying two babies from a ruined the building aid agencies this week evacuated twenty nine critically ill people including children from eastern who was part of a deal with the syrian government they say the siege imposed by government forces has resulted in a humanitarian emergency meanwhile syrian rebels and their families have started to arrive in that the rod region south of the mask this following another government deal a convoy of buses carrying about four hundred fighters and their families was allowed to leave the rebel enclave of beit gene and travel to iraq and did leave the rebels
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last begun to the syrian regime and its allies after heavy fighting earlier this month the funeral has been held for a palestinian man who was shot by israeli soldiers during a protest in gaza the twenty year old was one of thousands of palestinians involved in clashes with the israeli military along the gaza border they're angry at the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the israeli military says them and strangers rolled burning tires and threw rocks at soldiers it says troops fired selectively against four main instigators. the greek government has moved to block asylum being granted to one of eight turkish soldiers who fled their country during last year's failed coup an asylum tribunal ruled in favor of the man's appeal and is still considering the cases of the other seven but the government has filed a request to cancel the turkey's foreign ministry says that the situation would harm bilateral ties well those are the headlines we're going to have more news for
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you in half an hour stay with us coming up next al-jazeera world thank you for watching like.
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these were. criminals to some a hero for office. this is the extraordinary story of you live on. a top serbian general who during the siege of sarajevo chose to serve in the bosnian army. it's a story of tested loyalties of trust and mistrust all born out of the chaos of.
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the royal. couple in. the first day of school in bosnia. or. for younger ones it can be a tough day without the encouragement of friends with. the right foot in their. body but they've also thought them out of. service on board it's a lot so much to the mike and the much. a. or so korea push for an adoring was a. deal we had done for several don't know. mike
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a member of the rebel group. is here in all of a small town near sarajevo on behalf of education builds balls nya the n.-g. o. he founded after the war. its aim is to help war orphans of all ethnicities his own happy childhood was cut short a thirteen when his mother left an unhappy marriage taking davey quipped. my my be look what i was not what i was a loss that could be less than the dust that was about to start i was taught hissing and i did this and. then he sent me matson he so much of this he had only some you know socks i mean me so he's so nice that they're nice and you know food. runs as this is said jim is poster doesn't say mike or his daughter and then i'd be
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like mike it's either my butt is a main problem with a plan. for this it says the federal site some say. mike or because he has a moment at the school in the muscle building when the school what's a tumble he for doing this for my vizio was a one hundred below zero give it a go you know school wasn't blusher don't suppose. or you would have yeah. it was. good to care. you know
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there just aren't. as. you said. oh my god is over. you. but it was a bit i was able to be of some super what i was supposed to be a bit of months on the road with the similar and academic opposite that. just because of threats or young notices this. have adonis from pointed to dissipate as they got in a point as they go then. purposely
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my kid yeah he's in that or ya got that course it's him go very quick yet it is evidence in ways that i again as i say. oh peter knew me since i'm a gnome and with some numb carbonation about sat off to military college dave yak served in the yugoslav army and in one thousand nine hundred sixty six was posted to sarajevo. it was love at first sight. because the buggers are able to do really premier with a loser. on imposing on of it two dollars seventy people on have you booked could they do it. during. this bus when it isn't me
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a few let me see on producer all the seven. because of this i want to move or. defend all the dishes that dumbbell. divjak served in the elite if you can be as first president the country's founding father you sit. under tito's rule you. divisions were kept in check. to go on is thought of that you were. so thank you thank you of all but on a as the only rules for a dollar per you was for the list they call
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a museum all. on idealistic and. on a is that you were on. these all onset i end up on daw a seventy two or so percent as your knowledge that really is your all up on it but davies a on it they all saw their premier panels on mt prayer discuss said garrick. laver but there was a very as it turned it was very on an accepted to the purpose of the main to let religion or remember. they judged him or he spoke the. last several news of the wars or some other not so honest a sort of yes. he story is rich and i made to according to a. preacher may. be more or me is.
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a process but it did not show knowledge that through tourists here does the most of those in the last. dostana said this was the orders of the minutes yet they had a program. as waves of ethnic nationalism swept the country the dream of the slavia came crashing down. you broke out as one by one the countries ethnic group soon independence from belgrade. it was poles nian philosophy is it bag of it she championed independence for the republic of pulls me and that's a covenant with such a gave it its capital. independence so men. and the most nasty between the serbs rejected the idea no more of the damage it did on magic pill disproportionately good for the impact on a muslim ask it out of more than less than a year most of us were not a member of the sovereignty of the without and quickly formed their own state. the
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news server public mobilized the yugoslav people's army to j. and k. to besiege something evil. and turned to genocide the systematic ethnic cleansing of the population last night shells hit a hotel it was hoped of more than a thousand refugees in the rush to escape there was panic and confusion. in the sukkah because for natalee there were deaths at the godin a propaganda contradiction a primitive director does his bush shots mostly man on them or say gee that. siddhivinayak who had made such a useful his home there was a honda would steal me. could you but you notice it was a bus a hit so he has some deal is with me and i was such a nice and all this you need a nigga so most of my profits on the beat of those them now is that on the sly
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would be nice that i know it was an out but not to not to professorial out of doors closed to my below that's a nice and neat they are nice but what do you foresee. also go pretty low with some this is set to do it is the us will go but he looked the other supposedly stopped as the one who called us a vigil b. oh yeah that's the only opponent you know which is that would is for to be don't want to not see an alternative of the room which is of design many call me on this that that it's wrong but i don't have been a part of the many. oh . yeah because you have the us been a ski. boy not even
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a war still he thought it cost maybe you i think each of its use the course above your voting is composed so that we would your people you would be among you and you know you as you would think of him if you were you know obviously much or you could not show what i. said or people is a good enough and they do the. lenient does a lot of sit there. as saying call to saul met depositional and a lot of it's. a sit. current. meal do some. if you have a but you love it and they say depaul in the clip position darvocet a bit. no i remember now vision military lou don't have a limo to you. never stay too late
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danny see. but one particular day in the trenches changed if you acts like this on the. best lawyer sold ahmed on this cause i don't want the. escape don't i look on the loss. was one of thousands of women who fought to defend sorry able during the long military siege. took us some. cops on me i would turn way pomade to say be late or young more and more sad but outside missile corporately kamado another could you say thought the obit koku on part of mature and be it took the semiramis one to me special i'm stuck just this past the sca my boundless is roosting toy. known as love he taught me some of the term
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images to. swear to love below he told for him busy to cool bear's love with a toy i'm as a mother creamy and be like a bear that the meanest summers i'm a total respect for the law. ya tom dapo my moment to moderate a course was that serious warning history such are worth about a. book wallowing reattachment was says that a about the poem love as it's a funny cascade of. fashion. refusing to. say packets capone's the mark on a set of. you know. a lot of it was. in her code. some venue does this mean you stand the blue dogs are lost on over you you're nice a series we. said we really concord to cause old posts louts talk
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. that on the group or die in the in of the clear eyes as a song to. the body. of the good as it bears. copy on tell me some of the chellaney quo in the state or yeah from the local me it took a damn put all of them in that i'll. never rat pack. organism like. the last of. this. was the. preachy. chav
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queen of. the. talk quickly come out here. a bit but he is so keep it to. the fed take up it said that they did. talk with a lot during all seven days there but. in march a bus a brisk. one a bit too so. to an attorney. but that turned. out is the. offender cuts. should be said.
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for. a year later the unexpected happened. at the age of forty five holly dust fell pregnant and was expecting twins despite the pregnancy she continued to serve on the front lines firing her done one day she lost one of the babies the muhammad survived only after weeks of hospitalization. that. was grabbed it taught by the respond and react. one hundred that. for more and now go on i thought that by me it's a very. see. ever all pick. all it's a bit. wary of the young kids my.
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godfather he was the first person who took me in his hand and he told me i will be the strongest as the yugoslav people army was. after they died i need to work harder and also i need to. and become something and become more than they were before and a dad. muhammad's birth turned tragedy into salvation helping war orphans would become his life's mission. for all of us it rolls.
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like that never actually child. twenty years ago i lost my father and i never have a chance to met him because doing the. boss had sabrina and sorry ever before in the first first lines and he gave his life to follow me and my parents after the war nobody wanted to take responsibility for thousands and thousands of the children who fall asleep parents i met this man who is strong again being i was just a little kid he was big and i was like that's a journo you can see him you you hundred general all the manhood rescue darst you know it's very frightening to me to man but when i met him he was a. commuter give me a hug and since then every time i see me i give him
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a huge so i can just see he sulk around song the song somehow he depletes my father. please i'm not sure what. mr gillon do you are told us going to already i'll take it but i'll take it if you study if you be a huge man and if you if you accomplish something. and that's. that is only one thing that he's asking for us to fight for by using knowledge to gain respect among the others and to be a great thing that. are the worst of those additional deaths is a menu or should i coached on a much. you're going to be.
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ok with. you not going. to be able. to have everything. that was said to you could. not. get. out. of the.
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day. it was. a race against michael. thank you i'm. sorry. and as time wore on. attacks on the. became fish. in the bull's eye. and it was a foul to get us. on the first of may one thousand nine hundred ninety two played a role in one of the most bitterly contested incidents. a role which was to put his reputation at risk serbian sources had taken the president hostage in a bid to secure the release of a serbian general held captive by the bosnian army. the two sides agreed to
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exchange prisoners peacefully. but just as the exchange was being made bosnian fighters stopped to. fight his says were rude and acting outside of us. one of the command is handling the crisis. it. was a new zone. the birth. was much worse than that occurred i was. unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between a criminal bosses it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the
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place if anyone ever comes to ask the question is for throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a an investigation into. ukraine could you a bribe so you can corrupt our own rb not corrupt i did just what the president say al-jazeera investigations the only gox coming soon when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven that barriers are built to impose division and it's not effective instead of being an obstacle or tornado wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. all dizzy or explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how why the recent influence the course of history beginning with the giants of
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the struggle for civil rights the amount. of interest and the evils over the work of variable to oppressed people government look at pink and continue to think that negroes to be defensive that's what you mean by that about max and martin luther king preached to fix at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera iran's government is calling on people not to take part in what it says are illegal gatherings has them astray sions are held across the country it's the third day in a row of protests some people are angry over high living costs while others are demonstrating against iran's foreign policy the funeral has been held for
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a palestinian man who was shot plays really soldiers during a protest in gaza the twenty year old was one of thousands of palestinians involved in clashes with these really military along the gaza border they're angry at the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel at least nine people have been killed in airstrikes on the besieged damascus suburb of eastern huta on saturday footage has emerged showing rescuers carrying two babies from a ruined building aid agencies this week evacuated twenty nine critically ill people including children from eastern huta as part of a deal with the syrian government and syrian rebels and their families have started to arrive in that the rod region south of the mask is following another government deal a convoy of buses carrying about four hundred fighters and their families was allowed to leave the rebel enclave of beit shean and travel to the rock and the rebels last page into the syrian regime and its allies after heavy fighting earlier this month
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the greek government has moved to block asylum being granted to one of eight soldiers from turkey who fled their country during last year's failed coup an asylum tribunal ruled in favor of the man's appeal and is still considering the cases of the other seven but the government has filed a request to cancel the ruling earlier turkey's foreign ministry said the decision would harm bilateral ties and regional cooperation turkey's president vegetate there the one has repeatedly asked for the men's extradition agree courts have so far refused believing the soldiers would not receive a fair trial. russia's supreme court has upheld a value on opposition leader elects in the valley of running for president next year the valley has been barred because a foot fault conviction which he says is politically motivated he's calling for his supporters to boycott the vote going to have more of that and all of the day's
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other news on the al-jazeera news hour that's coming up in less than half an hour coming up next though al jazeera world continues thanks for watching a by. the fighting think you can. fighters have looked a prisoner exchange between the bosnian and serbian army it's a top serbian general and none of them is it baggage the bulls mian president of the hostages. fund devyani assume he's chosen to defend sarajevo with the both syrian army is trying to handle the crisis but the stigma of being a serbian general in the bosnian army is about to have terrible consequences. to chivas a boat so they explore those who commit crime and those and they're put saying that but so it was the memory of no human museum was there any that is.
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separate cars or thoughts that made you do so because the outdoors it was to sort of be a man of doors or disappear them or door johnnies put them a call on. it doesn't but i can show they'll go out in the order i wasn't out isn't a good signal current. look. like. look look look look look look look look look look i mean that is my televisa you. that's i mean there are they
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not that i support there is and they would say if there was the proper pacific fast enough to call for help with your thumbs up but. we have. all i could figure out call. the fifth fret over break rather because. eventually the convoy passed and the exchange happened but several serbian soldiers were killed during the trade of. who fired on the convoy and upon whose orders remained until. the. grass is more. skewed they. are throwing nattered is that's a nice. if there were some program of
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a narrative see it. in the fog of war the serbs accused of ordering the attack and betraying his people the bosnian or thor is also becoming suspicious of his loyalties there's the billows in league. it could winick us and not on the quaid attorneys same deal driving up and there is a breach of the deal. and they get on out there doesn't seem odd. or don't. give them you say that is. too much the end of the war president is it big a bitch yield to pressure to deal with defect. you know some is that. such as a bill of this to. he is a beggar which ought to show some positivity so an arc of.
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theirs or some let me share what. they have over this will pay a zero. when walters as soon as there be very strong black community in the us and stop more stores book. brokers or muggle bt or to francisco. excluded now from his life's profession in the military divjak once again faced dynamic again he chose to stay in sarajevo becoming the outsider within but his children found that life too much to bear. there of all lived to be. the best.
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you know the other oh. yes it was the mothers of other. popular is that the true mother but in the central city of only started his own for you look right want to do it like it almost won't do wallet on illegal come some peace in the kiln. but don't converse provoking and. repressive but he wanted to walk the walk a little but do you want to to really own found for a d. . he legally he prepared to be a mall you knew what a person has a book oh don't let me bust door to the bloody needle admitted to mamta primitives to mail it to marry a. tease on phone the do this all the summer dong.
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double dealing foot of the cliff and me diva the use of it today met me there is take. water to trees to cut his own phone a symbolic for me every uterus. set some already. but not as mr march us is the actors are always supported up there where the it's a god that they object as a couch. now as mr martin may. read it so it's welker's or anywhere his leak of a job. or device was that he said so. there. was this one. judge of.
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the presidents of bosnia croatia and serbia average the peace agreement to end the war in bosnia. and. the siege claimed the lives of over ten thousand people mostly bosnians it's considered the worst act of genocide in europe since world war two. since then the country has been more peaceful than even optimists stead to hope but the emotional scars will linger for generations. to v.x. n.-g. o. work with children victimized by the war is motivated by his belief in
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a multiethnic bosnia his experience helping mohammad and his own childhood loss of a father figure. the foundation has supported the education of more than five thousand war since. for many in sarajevo this is shown that divac not only fought to protect them in times past but is also helping rebuild their future in two thousand and three did have the opportunity to reconcile that is that back of it as the formally done lay in hospital on his deathbed. a present on the other three an author of about honesty is a one way or the most a bit of mali's a big ridge of mobile was a medical void a god as
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a bullet to. a loser mobs in america or to no cement job. matches with his mission so. they were geo here. thank. you. for who. did the act waited in custody in vienna unsure whether she. will be sent to belgrade to be tried in serbia. but what happened in some thinking that. the citizens of sarajevo mounted a campaign to bring back her. feet on you if you eat sleep.
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play. the end. of the right is killed by saying good for the fighters all is he walked in the. modern age this is their lives. and they always had some security you will see that there's a letter to a mason through. the diary he kept during those days in custody became his way of dealing with his loyalty and longing to sarajevo why. does. he isn't it was a. serious.
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purpose of the. capper probably should am it will be now be should be steady post them to me now because i'm in the you know let me do it which is i probably does. i guess it out the door jim look out for that i keep. put up was a many more later that same night pettis was korea saddam. was prison neck it didn't it was pretty neck it was a bit suited for the subject i was pretty sleepy as i didn't test we. just said the. berthe you know what she. was.
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off to snow months in custody the campaign to free him finally. released without charge divac returned to sarajevo a free man ah. the rest of us want to go about see. the go it was open. to. the. american family without a doubt it over to god it didn't have to reach him to let him live here but after a year i'm sure you'll remember that we did do all the hard to hook what it was. meant for wall to wall thank.
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the eno was another turning point in his life another moment of triumph and adversity. would show the world and show that he was one of the. his vienna diaries were published and today he's heading for the be hatched a new book to get to be hatched from sarajevo devoutness drive through an autonomous serbian region in bosnia and herzegovina created in the off to my off of the war. as a crane put because of a sort of but don't go to what was at the of here. that. this according to combine you know as a to go to. all bus song but us said. said that he thought that a public a sub scout should be swell because of me and they do ned they were sassy.
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or at least sad about the medical tent but. that sybil. was a village. shop full. with a push up all. so for them to get away. from remove. any of the thought of that might. be winning while they live they still got to these people but most of it you go below moore a lot of those that wanted to put us all up. on the public will realize that if you're so good for them that you stood for our rights i thought it was in the side of the ball that i didn't budge from all they can because all to the ground the plural society those who fought against us for narrow minded you know they want to see me that it's going to create something
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a society don't go on to raise all other things and at this these are all their identities but the general divya stood for what we are today like of course society to fix is that here some of the many hundred years before before it existed in the rest of her sphere. which muslim brothers are not christian. or. hopelessly mean to. throw your money all mundo about foods and. dark or. moyo in a common though never would say by suit or nato propaganda. i don't teach it in
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a new tucked under to solve accent that on several of your very good. christian nobel did the he enter nobel good vs of the of the dog to sow that scent that that i'm seeing. or. it does not say that you said the causative down near a new. well you have a near the start of him our or jeff. majors they are more among the secrecy senate but yes and if there is sit isn't it. too short to deal with those silly seven buddies because it i listen to mrs so my senators and those journalists.
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i must. protect and. make more as a receipt tref yeah the diesel laws struck me to fit book to moscow incomes they need to go on to draw on the saloon on took up the van and saw so he said to his. dailies or to a primitive home or in the village they are all. poor fed and of all they will be left. up he said to his seventy some is there going to.
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piece a concrete you sit and it was stuck in a sump in a delegate lead to a lot. of the pits onas on the put it of a bomb was in a park they said above the quad which at the moment but in on the kalka caffein them on. what really isn't a measure of make you let and that will. you. should walk. as crazy and you have acres oughta. and here's all the more that count.
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of the committee. just say compelled to. name out on a fiddle ticket. could
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you please. please. the commander. to life imprisonment. among some of the worst atrocities carried out. for years. which an estimated ten thousand people were killed. and.
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there were over forty charges as i recall primarily it was material support the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the usa they were considered to be a legitimate american charity because we weren't able to see the secret we weren't able to tell it in a two part series al-jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called terror the holy land far at this time on i'll just say.
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hello there was so quite a bit of moisture over many parts of australia so thanks to all storm hilda the disintegrated over parts of australia but it's still giving us a fair amount of residual showery weather here and that's what we'll see over the next few days a fair amount of cloud if you outbreaks of rain i think for alice springs it'll just be cloudy at times i think it will avoid most of the wet weather towards the east while here the temperatures are behaving themselves for a change the twenty five day melbourne should be dry and twenty four the maximum in sydney here the temperatures will be rising there as we head into the new yes so twenty nine degrees our maximum brisbane will be climbing up to thirty one and hey there's a chance of the old thunderstorm during the day over towards new zealand you can see this huge blanket of cloud with us at the moment that's marching its way
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northward it's got some fairly brisk winds on it as well and as it works its way north as it's giving us some fairly hefty downpours eventually though as we head through sunday and into monday things should begin to brighten up a few showers still with us but not the wolf of wall rain that we will have seen so twenty degrees the maximum temperature there in christ. as we head up towards japan we've got a huge weather system working its way towards us as well very clearly here getting a fair amount of rain sweeping its way eastwards so fairly mild behind it though tokyo at twelve degrees on monday.


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