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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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deceptions are for you. and bring photography to this community. the story of. the face of the city. photography. this. is it. this is al-jazeera. and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with me as the problem coming up in the next sixty minutes iran's president speaks for the first time about demonstrations against his government saying protests are allowed
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but violence is not. israel's governing local party has passed a draft resolution urging the annexation of much of the occupied west bank. we look back on the stories of the past twelve months a year when migration and conflict of life of the lives of many. and goodbye to two thousand and seventeen and hello to two thousand and eighteen celebrations as the world brings in the news. we began in iran where the government has reacted to continue in protests with new measures will social media apps including the messaging service telegram which has forty million users have been blocked as the government tries to stop people communicating about upcoming probably tests for three days now there have been rallies around the country. the clerical elite to protest is blamed for economic
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hardships and alleged corruption the government is warning of a crackdown of protests continue on saturday night two people were killed in the city of the though there is confusion over who is responsible for those deaths presidential harney has spoken for the first time since the demonstrations began pizza shop has the latest. after four days of anti-government demonstrations it's the president's first public reaction trold cathy iranians have the right to protest but can't lead to violence he said. it should be clear to everyone that we are people of freedom and according to the constitution and citizens' rights people are free to express their criticism and to protest however we need to pay attention to the man about criticism and protest it should be in such a way that it will lead to be improvement of the people and the state. he was also quick to criticize president trump for his tweet about iran. this man who today in
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america wants to simplify people has forgotten but a few months ago he called the nation of iran terrorists this video of protest posted on social media has been blocked by the iranian government the ban follows a nationwide demonstration since thursday government ministers said the video encourage more people to join the rallies. we all saw how they misuse cyberspace and promoted violence trained systematic riots toward weapons and explosives crafting simulated protesters to fight the police and encourage the burning of houses and stores these people are surely not part of our people iran's state television has reported that some social media sites and messaging apps have been blocked to maintain more determined peace and from the government warnings that iran's revolutionary guards corps was prepared to deploy what was described as an iron fist if the demonstrations continued their commander said the protests have
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degenerated into people chanting political slogans and burning public property. protests took place again on sunday but the extent of those is still unclear video posted from the city of durham on saturday night show demonstrators dragging away one of those injured state television in tehran said two people were shot dead but denied that police or the army were involved. in the clash that took two lives no bullets were shot from police and security forces the people gathering was meant to end peacefully but the presence of the agitators unfortunately this happened and resulted in the deaths of two protesters. the protests will have rattled the government they weren't just limited to terror on but took place across the country the only question now is whether they can gather momentum and how long the government is prepared to. put up with this challenge to its authority peter sharp
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al jazeera well the telegram has been in the last three days of protests people have been using it to get others out onto the streets and to share protest videos and pictures with the world that iranian government's dislike for telegram goes further back further it brought charges against the platform pavol drop in september iranian officials accuse the app of facilitating the spread of terrorism pornography and other illegal activities but let's get more on this now we're joined by the director of iranian studies at stanford university and he's joining us live from there very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so the government is now taking measures after three days of protests as we mentioned like blocking telegram like blocking instagram but just stopping these kinds of technologies blocking technologies rather stop protests like these from spreading what does the government actually need to listen to people's grievances here. i think the
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government needs to listen to grievances but unfortunately the government doesn't do what it needs to do for almost forty years they have ignored the stars of the iranian people they have even rejected the basic human rights that are in the constitution itself mr romney talks about the need to respect people's rights but in fact in the run to the right to organize the right to. indicate your opinion the right to criticize are seriously limited on top of the remarkably corrupt system the remarkably incompetent management system and the people and the most important aspect of it is why granger people from all over iran have now reached the level of the clinic desperation that almost anything is better than the status quo and is that why we are seeing these protests and iran now the grievances that you mentioned have been around again as you said for a long time but these are some of the biggest protests that we've seen and yes
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they're not as big so far as the two thousand and nine green revolution but they are the biggest protests since then why we think the analogy i think the cause of that desperation as it. i think it's because of the desperation i think it's because over the last few months there has been cumulation of grievances there have been reports of massive corruption massive payment to religious institutions where people are unemployed massive expenditure of money in syria while the iranian cunningness broiling decent i think i've come to a point where people and again i think a critical aspect of it is that these are many of the working class neighborhoods and then you have to pull her cities some of the outlying cities this is not the upper parts of toronto where they can not circulate in circulated and so present as they did in two thousand and nine this is much more complicated and i think the
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reason mr rouhani used the cautious language the reason mr harmony has not spoken is they know that this is very different. ball game and they could infuriate people even more and it might be something that they can no longer control and so what what can they do now to. you know to address the grievances can they do anything other willing to they weren't doing a thing. i think they're very worried clearly they're worried one of the points that i think needs to be added is that mr rouhani did an interview with iranian radio television he was supposed to be broadcast tonight they decided not to broadcast so they censored the president of the country they did not alarm to talk because i think some in the regime don't think that. approach to appease the people is right they want to use that aren't fists i'm not sure the iron fist is going to work i think some of them know that using the iron fist might well infuriate more
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people and these are not the kinds of people that the regime can afford to lose these are the working class these are the poor these are the most as after that they have now claimed for thirty seven years to be champing at the law it is a great thing get your thoughts on that thank you very much for your time that is our best malani joining us live from fanfan thank you. we're going to move on to other news now seventeen people have been killed in an attack at the funeral at a funeral in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad it happened as people gathered for the funeral of a former district governor no group has claimed responsibility for the attack but earlier this week i saw that it was behind the killing of at least forty one people at a shia cultural center in kabul now israel's governing party has passed a draft resolution urging the party's leaders to establish israeli sovereignty over large parts of the occupied west bank and formally and next annex the palestinian
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territory leval it isn't binding but carries political weight and side prominence to benjamin netanyahu as party because right wing has been boiled by the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. and has more from west jerusalem. now that the live could central committee has voted in favor of imposing israeli sovereignty over illegal settlements in the occupied west bank the question is what comes next many members of the likud central committee in the run up to this vote had thought that this was a binding resolution they had said so which in effect would mean that it would force that would compel the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the rest of the likud party to try to take this to the knesset to try to get it passed into law we've spoken to many analysts the however who say that this in fact is not a binding resolution and that there is no way that such an inflammatory resolution would actually get to the knesset in its current form we've also spoken to arab
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members of parliament and they've said that if this resolution were to go to the knesset in its current form that that would really signal an end to the peace process that it would really mean that there was no more attempt to try to find a two state solution to the crisis here now what is important also is what exactly is prime minister benjamin netanyahu going to do next is he going to endorse this what is he going to say many more questions at this hour than answers but a lot of other analysts that we've spoken with throughout the day in the run up to the vote have said that they really believe that this is more of a cynical political calculus a way for the likud central committee to really rally the faithful especially at a time when just weeks ago u.s. president donald trump recognized israel's capital whatever does happen next though this is a tense time and this vote may add another element of uncertainty at a time when there is already so much uncertainty let's get more on this knowledge
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joined by alley of the name of the co-founder of the electronic intifada online news service and he's joining us from chicago on skype very good to have you with us as always so they have adopted this resolution what next for it with the knesset what the israeli government. well happy new year to you first of all and yeah i think the details of what. the president does or the likud party does is not what's important here i think what is important here is the signal this sends to the rest of the world that this israeli government in fact this is really a political regime and what i mean by that is is the whole spectrum of political parties in israel is not interested in is not willing is not capable of ending the occupation of liberating palestinians this is a political regime across the board all the parties the netanyahu government that
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are determined to deepen the colonise ation an occupation of the protestant and so the real signal from this vote is to the rest of the world that if you want peace if you want to end the occupation you have to work real pressure on israel and the other namely you know we have a speaking just recently after that resolution at the u.n. general assembly condemning the u.s. move to recognize traversal and as israel's capital a new i'm very hopeful then that that would be a sort of watershed moment in the international community and yet we have the liquid party doing what what it's doing now and there was a lot of mention off u.s. president donald trump and his support for this israeli government insuring the liquid party conference that just how much of that determination that you speak of by this israeli government is emboldened by this u.s. president and what can what can the international community and palestinians
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actually do now what is the recourse here. well what i said after the jerusalem vote this much as i say now i thought the jerusalem vote was a very important signal but that if things start at words and resolutions that nothing would change and this is what the likud voted for precisely underscores my point is that resolutions have to be followed up by actions by sanctions by making israel pay a price for fifty years of military occupation the west bank and gaza strip twenty eighteen we're just starting now is this going to be another year of hand-wringing and empty statements about a two state solution from the so-called international community or are they going to impose a cost on israel for its continued international outlaw status and fire lation that's the question i think if governments continue to drag their feet
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what we're going to see in twenty eighteen is a real escalation and grows of the boycott divestment and sanctions movement and israel being treated more and more like a pariah state as south africa was a generation ago that's the way this is going and israel is sending the signal clearly with this book by the likud party that it's interested in entrenching apartheid and occupation israel is not interested in peace that's the other name at his plate as always to get your thoughts we thank you very much for your time and happy new year to you to any other name and joining us live from chicago i thank you. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including. violent protests in the democratic republic of congo as protesters call for
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president joseph kabila to step down. the police officers moving into crime but in communities and in one of the most violent small cities in the united states and in sports manchester city and the year and they have record winning streak and the endless premier league. to syria now where rebel factions have an else they're forming a united front to stop the assad governments and farms the opposition fighters have been losing ground in the face of constant military bombardment place four people were reported killed and dozens injured and fresh strikes on rebel held areas near damascus another seven civilians died and further airstrikes southeast of at lip sama been a the ports. after almost seven years of war in syria a routine sound in a civil and kids make up the highest number of the dead and injured in syria only
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been around the. shelling in the air strikes have also continued in the countryside of western syria these families have been forced to leave their homes because of the ongoing push by syrian government forces to regain control of more areas bordering hama and it promises. by god look at the kids when the planes hit near the children my god how they scream the biggest push for us was our kids they don't know anything but the sound of airplanes and shelling a life of exhaustion and terror. rebels are trying to stop the steadily advancing syrian army and they're forming a united front called the national army it's made up of thirty seven factions from aleppo there are homs and hama but it's not the first time that a similar group has been announced and questions remain about how scattered militias will be brought under a united chain of command and how will they be funded. the government and the
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national army put servants and guards for the country and our families on all syrian land we call on you to be united and to agree on the national project to support your sense here who have announced an open war on all the enemies calendars show a new year with a change of dates doesn't mean much for syrians who've lived through almost seven years of suffering some of it job others there. by as well hodges that was that of the opposition led syrian interim government which announced the new alliance and he says a strong united front could help stabilize the region. i think it's good for. first there would be professional army national army. officers are trained and i think the other side i think that will help achieve more to be more durable beast because so far the russians are working on one side not take into consideration the revolution side and this is one way to prove that we are there with they have to
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also hear our demand to have better syria traffic syria more dictatorship in syria . so far until now the government and government have no income but lately we had good took control of the crossing to syria which is one. that i was on that island that allowed us to have income and rick and so bought the sodomy so this army game and real idea is going to hold up and build a really good because we start to have some income. now to the fourth part of our series looking ahead to two thousand and eighteen we are examining the future of syria of two thousand and seventeen was a good year for president bashar asad with his forces recapturing large areas of territory from isis and rebel fighters but while the conflict appears to be winding down in some areas the prospect of genuine peace still seems far away they know how the reports from beirut. syrians in search of safety there may be less violence
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because of russian brokered local cease fires but there are still active front lines in some areas of the country over the past year the opposition lost sizable territory and the syrian government with the backing of russia and iran have also recaptured areas from i so the government is stronger than it has been since the conflict began nearly seven years ago but the war is not nearing its end. the war is far from all star that is for sure and what we're seeing is perhaps. there is a likelihood. of the almost a quarter of the country in the north east for example is outside the states control the mainly kurdish region wants a federal system for syria the government wants said it would be ready to discuss this but now it calls the kurds traitors for working with a foreign country and the us decision to maintain
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a troop presence in the clave has alarmed russia which says there is no legitimate reason for them to stay. the war is over but the focus is already on. russia's president vladimir putin. the kremlin. for negotiations the russian talks. and now pushing plans to host the syrian peace conference in sochi russia's leader says he has the support of iran and turkey countries that are deeply involved in the conflict he also says syria's president bashar assad is backing the peace initiative that may weaken his powers but leave him in office for at least a few years with a reformed constitution. what we will likely see is a syria divided but the void in terms of spheres of influence it will be like
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a multinational company would countries holding shares and of course russia having the biggest. political settlement is still a long way off for opponents of the government what is being discussed doesn't amount to peace but priorities have changed in two thousand and seventeen calls for assad to be removed from power or no longer western leaders now seem to be more concerned with working with russia to counter growing influence. and in the next part of our series looking ahead to two thousand and eighteen john holdren will be reporting on the challenges facing the biggest country in latin america two thousand and eighteen is election year here in brazil in a country that struggling with its correct politicians and economic strife will be hoping that something is going to change now more journalists are in jail than at any time and recent years that's according to figures released by the international federation of journalists two hundred fifty journalists bloggers and cameramen are
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imprisoned worldwide one hundred sixty of them in turkey eighty one journalists were killed this year compared to ninety three last year with the eye of james says this number is still unacceptably high mexico gonna start iraq and syria top the danger list and i have jay points to an alarming increase in the number of media workers killed in india. close to dramatists so that's why but we are. in general to do we have more to do to two hundred fifty years on the east. to sort of doors that was destroyed at least. and it's for this reason it's very important to recall to your. daughter to two because it's mostly bottled mostly but on prison in the world for the least we want to do it sixty four bodies to injure. me anderson is the author
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of the hostages daughter a memoir that details how her journalist father terry anderson was held captive in lebanon. my father was the middle east bureau chief of the associated press in lebanon during the one nine hundred eighty s. and before he was taken hostage it was a very different time in journalism journalists were thought of as neutral observers not to be harmed and what happened to my father kind of kicked off a new era where journalists became targets. for kidnappings you know just it became a whole different ball game and that is kind of where we are now and as we saw with the isis kidnappings and what happened to james foley and the other hostages. things are things are different than they used to be al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist who's saying it's been more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt they say is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny he
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has repeatedly complained of mistreatment and. at least seven people are reported to have been killed by security forces at protests in the democratic republic of congo. oh. well demonstrations in the capital kinshasa have been calling on president joseph computer to step down they're angry over his refusal to leave when his term ended a year ago he then promised elections by the end of this year but they're being delayed until next december. time we've never had peace in this country nothing works we don't eat well president kabila is still young and he can leave his place to someone else and come back later if he wants he's worked out already it's enough we don't want him he should go dressed. the president the boots would it take so you could much peacefully today we just don't understand anymore really tired of could be there still ahead on the news our sleeping rough in france our
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president pledged to end homelessness by year end has failed. a prank call gone wrong us police arrest. one person found a shootout that killed an innocent man and sported the second comment forty eight a constant footballer tends to be trained. how we got some basically cold weather to start the new year for north america fair amounts of cloud just coming into the western most passes area of a cloud you can see further north that is a little deceptive that just shows how cold the land is here temperatures in chicago a top temperature minus sixteen celsius for new year's day in chicago the minus seven the high in new york and we'll see the top temperature modest twenty one for
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us a little bit of cloud down towards southern parts possible to few spots of rain possibly some snow you notice all the way down into texas fam outs of cloud still mild across the west side of the country l.a. and around twenty three degrees not same out across east impasse you can see we're still subzero for many this area cloud that we have running down across florida will also affect northern sections on the caravan were scenes of very heavy rain recently just making its way towards mexico and that cloud and that rain that will still be in the picture is a go on through the next day or two mexico city seen some very heavy rain seventeen cells is the top temperature here as we go on through monday and tuesday come across into the caribbean here is not too bad for the greater antilles a fair amount of cloud a little race was with a possibility of showers but the smaller audience. in russia many cuddy's migrant workers and grazing.
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coing and increasingly for many a global trade. labor force left to exploitation the. people in power investigate. little pakistan. this time around is iraq. unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminal boasts it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question these are throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing the investigation into. ukraine could you pay bribes you've been corrupt or are being corrupt i did just what the president say al-jazeera investigations only go coming soon.
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good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news out of these are top stories iranian president hassan rouhani has made his first speech since widespread protests began in the islamic republic rouhani said that government bodies must provide space for criticism but also warned protesters that violence is unacceptable or protesters have been demonstrating against economic hardship and alleged corruption. israel's governing likud party has passed a draft resolution urging the party's leaders to establish israeli sovereignty and formally and next parts of the occupied west bank the vote wasn't binding out carry . political weight within the parties rights way. at least seven people have the
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pleasure to have been killed by security forces the protests in the democratic republic of congo demonstrations in the capital kinshasa have been calling on president joseph kabila to step down they're angry over his refusal to leave when his term ended a year ago. now there's increased security in major cities around the world for new year's eve celebrations in the turkish city of istanbul several street parties have been canceled a year on from an attack on my club which left thirty nine people dead center over ports from istanbul. most of them thought it was fireworks but it was the sound of bullets fired by a gunmen during the first hours of two thousand and seventeen he killed thirty nine people in a stumbles popular rayno nightclub. it is still known how he managed to bypass high security measures with a long range automatic rifle ali you know was the managing partner all that klopp
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who witnessed the shooting he lost his friends employees and customers he say's he still can't sleep. says can you imagine a bullet passing through your body well your welcome in a new year. it has been one year but there isn't a moment that i forget about this unfortunate attack it's very difficult to live with the spike his grief all you wants people to celebrate the new year outside rather than a home turkish authorities here in istanbul say they have taken all security precautions one measure was to cancel parties in popular public squares like taxi you know i am scared and avoid going to crowded places since then to come out and you know you can swing public parties is a sign of government impotence people should be free but they throw fear into people with these measures what's going to happen will happen we get nowhere if we're scared to show these we will be outside celebrating as always terror threats
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can't dissuade us from terror threats have become normalized for turks maybe and that's what makes them feel relatively confident despite the highly encouraged security in wireman and cancel parties in some public squares it seems turks will not give in to fear this new year soon on kosovo al jazeera to stumble and toss security measures are in place around times square for new york's annual new year's eve celebrations up to two million people are expected to watch the famous board drop at midnight kristen salumi has been finding out what the police are doing to keep people safe. it's called the crossroads of the world attracting visitors from near and far to ring in the new year but this year more than ever times square is in the crosshairs. the new york police department has seen an increase eisel inspired attacks three in the last sixteen months eight
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people have been killed most of them tourists i came was petrified about me coming to times square on you each day because of all the risk you know i see all of the policemen around and cameras missing like they keep for to say but i'd rather not be around i think we're ready john miller the department's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism says eisel is more focused on attacks in the west as it loses ground in places like iraq and syria the shift has been towards marketing the propaganda to the masses on the idea that some tiny tiny infant testimony percentage of them may act so may go out to millions or hundreds of thousands of people but a five of them do something if three of them succeed or one of them it's a great impact what the terrorist groups are focused on is low tech low cost but high impact n.y.p.d. patrol officers and special ops teams are the first line of defense this year more
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will be stationed on roofs and in hotels and nearby parking garages will be closed . police will also be using more dogs trained to sniff out someone carrying explosives in the crowd this is actually where the ball is going to drop these are the behind the scenes at the n.y.p.d. as joint operation center they will also be watching the crowds for suspicious behavior how many cameras do you have access to and several thousand we can't really go into specifics not just in times square but all around the city and officers have new guidelines on how to handle a would be suicide bomber come december thirty first this room will be filled with more than one hundred people from state local and federal agencies not just one foresman but also sanitation workers until any companies anyone the police might need to contact for a quick emergency response it's a moment of great pride for new york city city officials insist time square will be safe terrorists regard new york as the exact kind of place they want to disrupt
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a new yorkers respond consistently with strength and resiliency and plenty of tourists are willing to take the risk and i feel like they're doing everything that they can so i feel like we should have nothing to worry about not having about a last resort with so much security cold weather makes more people away from this holiday tradition than fear kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. right to files now we're back in july president emanuel macron said he wanted to see no more homeless people sleeping by the end of the year but that hasn't happened in the capital alone there are about thirty thousand homeless people both refugees and calls and according to charities the problem is getting worse and the father reports from paris. he's been homeless for five years and he's still only twenty three tony doesn't want to show his face but he's happy to explain why despite the dangers he generally spends his days begging and his nights sleeping on the streets and not in a state funded emergency shelter. recently someone stole my tent then when i was
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sleeping on a match or. someone kicked me in the head so they could grab the bag my head was resting on so life on the street is very hard you know but in those imagine see shelters you also get attacked what you get lots of drunkards and evan if you don't look for trouble if you find it it's not safe there. to debate about how to deal with the hundred forty thousand people officially homeless in france was reopened this summer when the newly elected president made a surprise announcement. to delusion to the first battle is to have everyone in a dignified manner of one by the end of the year i want no more women and men in the street in the woods lost only boy. michael suggested he could achieve this by providing more emergency shelters and better follow up by social services but groups who work with homeless people say they've not seen evidence of either
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they say there are now more rough sleepers than ever partly due to an increase in the number of refugees camped out in places like the can now some things like this have become commonplace across the french capital and there are less than one hundred thirteen thousand people sleeping rough in the city and its surroundings and although it's hard to believe homeless charities say things are actually getting worse critics argue that the government could create thousands of extra beds for homeless people right away using existing facilities here. where there's a door back is the reader it's possible to a hospital wings that are currently empty they've got heating and sanitation they can be converted quite easily they're also not hard to army barracks. then there's a question of finance the organizations that look after the homeless and run the premises. whatever the reality it's clear winter brings extra hardships for rough sleepers according to one charity four hundred homeless people have died this year
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alone and the average age was forty eight for alleviate who became homeless this year after a family crisis those figures come as no surprise. there are lots of people who are ill and who don't get to hospital he says either because they can't afford to or because they don't want to be treated. the new year should mean a new start for tony he's been offered work fundraising for a charity and he hopes to rent a flat with a friend but it's not easy. i've already saved up eighteen hundred euros was my friend will have to pay two thousand two hundred euros so that the level of except to guarantee without proof of income looking back the president's short term target for homeless list seemed destined to fail but campaigners hope he will invest in long term solutions that can get people off the streets for good lady barbara al-jazeera paris. to kenya now where at least thirty six people have been killed in a road accident abass collided we with a truck near the town of
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a quarter about one hundred fifty kilometers north of my rugby a brake failure suspected more than one hundred people have died on the same stretch of road this month twelve people have died in a plane crash in northwest costa rica the plane was carrying ten foreigners and two local crew took off near the village of is later in the. province and crashed in a mountainous area. police in the stroller have recovered the bodies of six people from the wreckage of a seaplane that crashed north of sydney it was returning to the city from of restaurants twenty minutes away when it plunged into a river the bodies of the pilot and five passengers overcovered. now a man in the u.s. has been arrested after a deadly end to a prank telephone call the suspect made a false nine one one call to police reporting a murder and hostage situation when officers arrived at the same they shot and killed a twenty eight year old man spilling the dispute over an online video game sparked
2:40 am
the standoff and a huckster has more. this was where a practice proved deadly and this is the suspect tyler barris police in kansas responding to a cool where a man claiming he had killed his father was holding the rest of his family hostage here's our normal one what's going on here arguing and i heard shots and i heard and he's not breathing anymore ok do you have any weapons on you. what kind of weapons do you have. handguns from just pointing the gun and making sure they stay and it's like a. brother or you don't think a lot of readers of them government are. thinking about clary poured gasoline all over the house and by the fire ok well we don't need to do that ok police sent a special weapons and tactics all swat team to the house where the coolest said he lived but the man who answered the door was twenty eight year old andrew finch
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a father of two police unaware that it's been a prank call who are taking no chances they confronted mr finch before shooting him you hear the officer primarily has the action on body camera but you have officers from the other side also giving commands in iraq consistent about put your hands up walk towards us. but he continued to drop down by his waistband which is a concern says were people typically would put a handgun or some type of weapon andrew finches mother says her son was not with the car this go around people without any consequences family was very important here you've got two kids surviving and. and there must have a wonderful way it's been suggested the suspect and the victim had a dispute join an online computer game there's no research evidence to suggest that video games whether they're violent or nonviolent lead people to become more
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aggressive in the real world so this just happens to be a spurious. link in this situation between call of duty and the swatting instance. i did this week the world health organization branded video game addiction a mental health disorder police are treating this death as a case of swatting where instigators call nine one one from a position close to where their intended victim is located. now as the new year dawns with dan to take a look now at some of the stories which made the news and two thousand and seventeen our reporters have been on the ground telling the stories of the people living in some of the world's most troubled places so a warning that there are distressing and patches. just for i i. do solemnly swear. the united kingdom is leaving the european union religion the show. some
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book to look after my little plane failed to claim that it's the cia and the us government at a time for more than one hundred days of protests in this country. we have another section i would steer right in front of the arch the compound suzie arabia of the united arab emirates and the train and egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel journalism a good base those that have people of palestine it really is quite frightening for the people who are standing here watching these horses racing towards. catalonia reopen in historic rift with spain spanish national police in riot gear better do away julian voting center after another.
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more than six hundred thousand people have crossed into bangladesh since august and the exodus hasn't stopped. you when has called the actions of myanmar's military a textbook example of ethnic cleansing imaginatively my baby was thrown into the fire and they may break me. and it was i feel like i'm pinning on the insides. of the more than two hockey is a fighting yemen saudi arabia's coalition on a rainy and back to find just are at a stalemate while the country is on the verge of famine and cholera is spreading. struggling for breath like to come like. this has all the hallmarks of the assad regime and the use of chemical weapons so. i have
2:45 am
never thought that i don't see this day. that people really want to see quick quiz so the showings led lights oh let's. push forward around six kilometers during the battle to retake mostly. we are here we are strong we are pretty good we will see. friends. let's cut the stuff let's listen. let's
2:46 am
live. there is ready for a state. religion so football is a special achievement for american focus and that saves on her financial life for supporters of the wildly unpredictable harvest on cricket.
2:47 am
we have more for you after a short break the sports news of the year the one to olympic survives and the thought of writing and south korea. january on the jersey of the african heads of states and governments will gather in for the thirtieth assembly of the african union where the goals set out say in twenty seventeen minutes rewind returns with brand new episodes updating some of the best al-jazeera documentaries from over the years the biggest names in politics
2:48 am
in business will meet in the swiss alps for the world economic forum what will be top of the agenda now. the house engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headline on up front and in a week of special coverage we'll be gauging reaction from around the world to america's most controversial president of modern times january on al-jazeera. and it's time for sports now have. thank you very much man just this it is recorded eighteen game winning run that has been brought to an end in the english premier league they were held scoreless draw by crystal palace star striker gabriel went
2:49 am
down and the twenty third minute with a serious knee injury the brazilian left the field in tears kevin to brehon was also stripped all for in extra time and city's save tell a penalty to ensure the beat in the start to the season remains intact at the end of twenty seventeen but injuries will be a concern going to be a thing out. i don't know a little bit more than one month hopefully. and kevin will see to morrow recede tomorrow with what he has just a kick or something else. broke alex ferguson's a premier league record by managing his eight hundred eleven game in the english premier league it wasn't a game we had particularly like to remember controversial penalty in the eighty ninth minute so west brom clinch a one one draw with arsenal. and this is how the english premier league looks at the end of twenty seventeen that result lift arsenal to fifth on the table but
2:50 am
they're all chasing mentions to city who are fourteen points clear of the nearest rival chelsea at the top is the biggest gap at this stage of the season in top flight history or that chase will continue on a monday with five games to kick off the new year fourth place liverpool will be a way to burnley looking to make ground on third place majestie united who will face everton. has been on vale that as yet let it go mad to be the player for the second time off to a prolonged exit from chelsea twenty five thousand fans were in attendance at atletico his home stadium cost help the club to the spanish league title in twenty forty before joining chelsea but he hasn't played a competitive game since last season after falling out with the blues manager and telling you conti an agreement was reached between the two clubs in september but
2:51 am
let it go were banned from fielding new plays until january. i mean. i've been training in working with my mind concentrated on it you can train a lot and get it by yourself but a match is a marriage nothing compared to a need to play i'm tired of training team canada have defended their title at the world's oldest invitational i saki tournament. was first played in the swiss city of dallas back in one thousand nine hundred twenty three on sunday team canada beat the host switzerland three nothing to lift the trophy for the fifteenth time and third year in the world for many of these european base canadians are expected to be picked in their hockey team for february as p.r. chang winter olympics with the n.h.l. refusing to release their players for the games. and other sports traditional almost as old as that event was held in the brazilian city of south paulo on new
2:52 am
year's eve. a road running race it was in its ninety third edition thirty thousand runners signed up to take part in the fifteen kilometer race and named after a full century pope g.o.p. and we. took first place it with a time of forty four minutes and fifteen seconds or twenty eighteen is already here for some of our viewers a bottle for the rest of us so we're still looking back at that twenty seventeen has our sports correspondent leigh welling's. in recent years has been tainted by the twin problems of doping and corruption and twenty seven saints suffered from the fallout the international olympic committee bans of the russian flag from the winter olympics because of institutional doping their russian competitors will be in pyongyang in february under a neutral flag the new york football was in the dark after faces melt down with a particular focus on bringing south american officials to justice there was plenty to celebrate serina williams started the year with the twenty third grand slam
2:53 am
singles title in australia we didn't know she was eight weeks pregnant at first daughter alexis was born in september roger federer showed he still got it turned majestically winning wimbledon for the first time in five years in football it was christiane of the now dodgy year again inspired to retire in the champions league but he's not the most expensive player that's brazilian neymar who moved from barcelona to paris and demand for a transfer for a while over a quarter of a billion dollars the africa cup of nations and a bomb was won by cameroon but it's their opponents egypt who reached the world cup finals i was in houston as tom brady's new england patriots came from twenty five points down to beat the atlanta falcons an extraordinary super bowl triumph but not always well in the n.f.l. the shadow of the concussion issue and also the clash between president trump and the players led by college company who took in may to make a stand advices i'm pleased brutality we have
2:54 am
a lot of people that aren't treated equally aren't given equal opportunities no police brutality is a huge thing using boats amazing career ended with a red defeat at the world athletics championships in london there was also a surprising cricket speak tonal minutes of twenty seven pakistan with a shot with the champions trophy. fast and our brigade has been beat up written off ridiculed by all monsters are very bad i'm sure and i wonder if former champion for very hard things to my destroyed. looking had now on the twenty eighteen is the year of the winter olympics and the torch relay reached the south korean city of daegu for a gala celebration to see in the new year in pick flame it will reach its final destination on february the ninth when it lights the cauldron at the opening ceremony of the winter games and that's
2:55 am
a support from we'll have more later on now the world is running in two thousand and eighteen with spectacular fireworks displays across the globe meanwhile u.n. secretary general antonio tears used the occasion to urge world leaders to heal divisions catherine stansell looks now at some of most colorful celebrations. was i one of the first places on the planet to welcome the new here new zealand followed by a stray and a spectacular fireworks display over sydney harbor bridge the rainbow colors celebrating the legalization of gay marriage in the country. next japan where revelers in tokyo gathered to released hundreds of white helium balloons each one containing a wish or a prayer for the new year in south korea people filled the streets near souls city hall to celebrate twenty eighteen and half an hour later neighboring north korea
2:56 am
which has inflamed the international community with a number of missile tests this year but its own fireworks display. and victoria harbor in hong kong was a blaze of lights when the clock struck midnight. dubai which normally hosts one of the largest fireworks displays in the world opted for an elaborate light and laser show instead. across europe hundreds of thousands of people gathered in berlin paris and london to celebrate the arrival of twenty eighteen but amid the joyful celebrations a serious but hopeful message of peace and unity delivered by the united nations i mean it's a red alert for our world conflicts if they print a new they have removed global and science is about nuclear weapons of the highest since the cold war and climate change is moving faster than we are inequalities are
2:57 am
growing and we see only few violations of human rights i agree there's everywhere to make these new year's resolution nettled the gaps bridge the divides rebuild trust by bringing people together around a common goal. unity is the best. it's an ambitious request but if there is one thing the new year always brings it's the hope for something better captains done so al-jazeera. and that does it for this al-jazeera news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with another full news bulletins thank you very much for watching.
2:58 am
the cards finisher. the street is quiet the signal is given. out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships in capetown children sometimes are
2:59 am
caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take gang violence i lost my seven. years ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards are only reason for their football for you don't think about. explaining when real madrid worth five hundred million euros or expresses a position on something where the world anti-doping agency has to take notice. al-jazeera continues its investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase at this time.
3:00 am
around the president speaks for the first time about demonstrations against his government saying protests are allowed but violence as not. i don't welcome to a life for my headquarters and a band of parana also ahead and about thirty minutes north.


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