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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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if anyone ever comes to ask the question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominated director we're doing an investigation into a. ukraine a bribe you've been corrupt. corrupt they did just the presidency. investigation it's the only go this time. a second day of pro-government rallies in iran is the head of the revolutionary guard says the days of protests are over. i'm richelle carey this is out to sara life of the hall also coming up
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a new book quotes one of donald trump's top supporters criticizing the president and the white house is not happy about it. president china tells his soldiers to be combat ready at a grand military parade. and turkey slams the u.s. over the trial of a banker accused of illegally moving money for iran. our government rallies are being held in iran for a second day that follows five nights of anti-government protests a senior military commander has to clear the and the protest movement in which twenty two people were killed ron's envoy to the u.n. is accusing the u.s. of storing violence in the country has more from tehran. large pro-government rallies are being held in major metropolitan cities across iran today in an effort by pro-government and pro stablish and supporters to illustrate to anti-government protesters that this government this establishment does still enjoy political and
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public support by tens of thousands of people it's an effort by the government to bookend what has been a week of violent and deadly protests that turned into what the government is calling riots now just because these people are out in the street in support of the government it doesn't mean that they support all of the government's policies but what these people are trying to say to their own domestic audience as well as to people watching around the world is that any problems that iran has will be addressed through a stable system and change will come over time not through violence on the streets as far as anti-government demonstrations go but they have windows in size they become smaller and more short lived overnight there were smaller demonstrations but not at the scale that we've seen in previous days but while those protesters may have gone home and may not be coming out into the streets in large numbers the economic issues that brought them out in the first place continue to be
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a thorn in the side of president rouhani administration and if they remain unaddressed there are predictions that these protests may rise up again like excerpts of a forthcoming book on the trumpet ministration are causing a political storm in the u.s. the president has set out as a former senior strategist that is steve benen or as comments in the book and it calls trump's eldest son treasonous for meaning a lawyer linked to the kremlin in two thousand and sixteen at that meeting essential to an investigation into alleged russian meddling in the presidential campaign an estimate reports from washington. for the first time a furious donald trump publicly thrashed his former strategist over comments in an upcoming book saying steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind in fire and fury inside the trump white house bannon says donald trump jr was treasonous and unpatriotic when
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he met with russians who claim to have dirt on democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton press secretary sarah sanders called the president's anger at bannon justified i would certainly think that going after the president's son and absolutely outrageous and unprecedented way is probably not the best way to curry favor with anybody the book's release coincides with special prosecutor robert miller's investigation into russia's meddling in the twenty six thousand election and possible collusion by the trump campaign it includes interviews with white house insiders including bannon and paints an administration in chaos the white house tried to distance itself from bannon wednesday saying the president had little one on one contact with bannon but bannon was the c.e.o. of the president's campaign played a key role during the president's transition to the white house and was chief political strategist until he was fired last summer in the book bennett says he advised the president to move the u.s.
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embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem immediately after he took office he is quoted as saying we know where we're heading on this let jordan take the west bank let egypt take gaza let them deal with it or sink trying i would love to tell you people ban and continues to have a strong connection to president trump's nationalist core but sanders downplayed suggestions that those supporters might break with the president it's a question you have to ask steve bannon the president's base is very solid it hasn't changed because the president hasn't changed his agenda hasn't changed as yet bannan hasn't commented on the blistering words from the man he helped propel to the highest political office in the world dion estabrook al-jazeera. just letterman is a national security journalist for the associated press that the republican establishment will be relieved that trump's distancing from state ban in the president's new battle with former chief strategist steve benen could create tensions with his base steve benen really helped represent
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a lot of the voters across the country who felt angry and disenfranchised and supported the president wanted and now the president is saying that you've been is out of his mind that he didn't have a lot of influence either in the white house or in the campaign but steve benen was never an establishment republican he was never part of that group on capitol hill that has run the country for so long a lot of mainstream republicans on capitol hill and elsewhere will be delighted to see the president distancing himself from steve benen and that wing of the party bed and has been waging a war against incumbent republicans across the country as we head towards the midterms the white house is defending trump's tweet about the size of its nuclear button on tuesday the president warned the north korean leader that it's nuclear button is much bigger and more powerful and that his button works i don't think that it's tontine to stand up for the people of this country i think what's dangerous is to ignore the continued threats if the previous administration had
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done anything and dealt with north korea dealt with iran instead of sitting behind doing nothing we wouldn't have to clean up their mess now south korea says it is coordinating with the u.s. how to propose talks with north korea says dialogue will focus on the winter olympics in south korea next month but that country's foreign minister says president wants the nuclear issue to be raised. specifically thomas the foreign ministry who work very closely with you are our friends to ensure that so that south north track. cemeteries flee with or endeavors to come to terms with the north and. japan's prime minister shinzo lobbyist calling on north korea to change its policies. as it gets severely crippled or in january and february we hope to cautiously watch
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the impact of the sanctions on north korea does have diligent people and rich resources they could make their country richer only if they took the right policies japan is determined to do the utmost to work closely with the u.s. and south korea to pressure north korea to change its direction while also coordinating with china and russia to fully implement the u.n. security council sanctions and ultimately to make north korea abolished its nuclear and missile program china's president is urging military leaders to train soldiers for combat and improve their capability to win wars xi jinping made the comments at a ceremony at an army base outside beijing shamir you see here at the beginning of the new year the central military commission holds the mobilization ceremony with the purpose of implementing the spirit of the nineteenth national congress of the party and the thoughts of the party on building a strong army in the new era and calling on the whole armed forces to comprehensive you strengthen real combat training robin pride is in beijing with more. this was
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a show of military strength meant to impress president xi jinping with seven thousand troops and their hardware at a parade in herb a province outside beijing delivering a speech where he urged the troops to carry out the jew tees bestowed upon them by the party and the people as they entered what he called a new era we have told it is also a speech that was carried live to thousands of other locations across china where the military were listening being mobilized in what the newspapers are calling a mass mobilization of the people's liberation army with such a spectacle not surprisingly this has been making the news across the state run t.v. channels this is the main item of news and really show she jinping in his battle fatigues is very much they head of the armed forces here the commander in chief and it comes
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a couple of months after the all important party congress when president xi really cemented his position as what many people see as the most powerful chinese leader in living memory it also sends out a strong signal to china's neighbors about the growing strength of the military in particular to regional rival japan and also countries in southeast asia with whom china is having territorial disputes and then directly through them of course to the united states of america the big concern for china at the moment are the tensions on the korean peninsula and the possibility as we get into the new year of possibly those tensions increasing and leading to some sort of conflict this is a timely reminder that whatever happens china increasingly has military options that it can call upon if it has to change meaning is a professor at american studies at beijing foreign versity says the statement will
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play well with that investing chinese audience specially. i think the presidency is calling on the army to train and to intensify the joining and especially in terms of combat a combat ready in response to certain tensions around our neighbors for example in the korean peninsula and also in the south china sea and promise of a bit of attention in the east china sea and so this is a very very timely call for a very bad and is to protect the motherland to keep peace and stability in this very region the tension that's been heightened in this specially over the past few years when in the midst of a two power to power in north korea and also the intensified kind of alliance activities in south career like there's a new military exercises out there and with the very intensify situation over north korean develop of the nuclear weapons silent responded and u.s.
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responded and especially u.s. and its allies responded in a very tense manner and so i think that this is a very common disappear we call for calm but reading this is a response directly to this very military tension and in fact as i conceive it this is almost a very intensive situation ever since the korean war in one since one thousand nine hundred fifty the war actually ended in one thousand fifty three in a stalemate and this time around because of the nuclear issue tension has been intensified and the awareness of war has been enhanced and very cause a comment has been a very significant signal not just to the international community but also to the domestic audience in this country at least four people were killed in another one hundred injured near the south african city of constat where a passenger train crashed and burst into flames the train was traveling from port elizabeth johannesburg when a truck collided with the first two carriages at sandhurst most of the passengers
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on board were holidaymakers emergency services are at the scene. still ahead on al-jazeera they may have escaped the fighting but their new reality is not much better place syrians and or crazy winter go bang. hospitals take drastic measures to cope with surging demand. welcome back we'll look at weather conditions across asia a northeastern areas pretty quiet at the moment but the winds are all coming down from the north as i said barres would indicate so it's not particularly warm temperatures struggling to just above freezing in sapporo tokyo looking at highs of six and pretty chilly across the korean peninsula as well beijing getting up to plus two degrees nosie head into start the weekend we'll find
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a few showers in the western side of japan with some snow or higher elevations chilly conditions for the korean peninsula again beijing just above zero so let's head into more central and southern parts of china and taiwan where we've got a few showers around but otherwise weather conditions fairly quiet same goes across much of indochina with her noise seeing falling conditions across central areas remnants of tropical depression could be giving some heavy rain here for a time but would like to see an area of rain heavy rain developing across these areas during the course of saturday with some snow on the northern edge not could prove to be quite significant so let's head down into southeastern parts of asia we have a scottish showers across the philippines we have dry conditions for java during the course of friday but i think soon into carter will pick up some heavy showers on sofie highs of thirty to draw in kuala lumpur with highs here of thirty three.
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rashi's musical pioneer. uses to be silent in spite of the endless cycles of violence. across to music and the. patient. would miss documentary this time on al-jazeera. take a look at the top stories right now on al-jazeera pro-government rallies are being held in iran for
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a second day at follows five nights of anti-government protests in which twenty two people were killed a senior military commander has to play at the end of the protest movement as president donald trump says his former chief strategist steve bannon has lost his mind and are described as treasonous and unpatriotic in a new book the comments refer to a meeting between donald trump jr and a lawyer with russian government connections and china's president is urging military leaders to train soldiers for combat and improve their capability to win wars speaking at a military ceremony she said the event showcases china's military might and a new era turkey says the u.s. has interfered in its domestic affairs by convicting a turkish banker for violating sanctions against iran and hakan a tele and eight others were accused of moving billions of dollars worth of iranian money through american banks disguised as food and gold sales kristen salome reports from new york. attila took the stand and insisted he never conspired to
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evade u.s. sanctions at the deputy general manager of hulk bank his attorneys suggested his boss and others were to blame but it was a tila who was arrested while traveling to the united states while his boss and others charged in the case remain free in turkey the only other defendant to face trial in the u.s. turkish iranian gold trader and reza rob he pleaded guilty and became a key witness for the prosecution making accusations that rose to the top of turkey's government saurabh testified he paid tens of millions in bribes to government ministers and the scheme that president rest of tired and want himself had authorized when he was prime minister turkish officials who initially lobbied u.s. officials for release have now moved to condemning him and seizing his assets the very fact that everyone has been so concerned about this case does suggest that at some level he feels vulnerable however given the ease with which he's dealt with
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previous allegations of corruption in the past it's hard to imagine this it's hard to imagine a sort of suggested this is going to be the thing that brings him down everyone's government claims the u.s. is trying to weaken his government and do the bidding of political rival for to lead glenn lives in the united states and that. this court case is stopping judicial became completely political with the sole aim to corner turkey and its economy and damage the country a charge prosecutors have described as ridiculous you can choose to willfully help iran said acting u.s. attorney june kim in a statement or you can choose to be a part of the international banking community transacting in u.s. dollars but you can't do both so rob provided no evidence that had tila ever took a bribe but as u.s. prosecutors successfully argued that didn't mean he was innocent now he could face decades behind bars for a scheme he helped design but others including zurab got rich off of christian
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salumi al jazeera new york. as we mentioned earlier turkey has responded and we've heard from the deputy prime minister the care stags says the verdict has greatly damaged ties with us and may have an impact on all future operations and the state bank hawked bank has also responded to distance itself from the verdict saying the u.s. court has made no ruling on the bank the administrative or financial so for more let's go now to syria because yahoo is live for us in istanbul so the deputy prime minister those are really strong words saying that future relations may be damaged or change work in the u.s. what does he mean by that well yes actually the one thing he said was very totally correct that this trial this court trial has impacted turkish and us. a little ations in
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a negative way and turkey was expecting when donald trump came to see that could have been better but i have to remind that the jury at new york court jury decision is not the final decision this is not the verdict and the verdict is going to come out on april eleventh so we have three and a health months on to then and during that period the suspect has a legal right to appeal to the court and this means the verdict can be totally different than the jury's decision but one thing is very important here richelle turkish officials have been staying since the trial has begun that this is a politically motivated trial which is aimed at which is aimed to her turkey's image and the mentioned turkish bank bank is the biggest bank in turkey and turkish officials are afraid all of this through the court process and
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when there may potentially be an appeal to the guilty verdict seen and thank you very much. twenty three syrian civilians have been killed in russian and government airstrikes on a rebel held on klav of the capital damascus three children and eleven women are believed to be among the dead in a suburb of eastern several and fits were injured attacks follow the death of at least seven civilians including children on tuesday or strikes in northwestern it would probably it's a province that's thought to be the largest area in syria it's one of the so-called deescalation zones set up last september an effort to scale back the conflict but with no letup in the fighting tens of thousands of civilians are leaving the area saying no to reports. they set up tents wherever they can on the side of roads in open fields syrians are still on the move trying to find a safe place many have already been displaced more than once these people are from
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the north and hama countryside and from the villages along the neighboring provincial borders of areas that have become battlegrounds. we fled the bombardment and the strikes we cango back because our house was hit and it is now destroyed they are targeting civilians and their homes not the rebels. the recent wave of displacement coincides with winter weather setting in making life even more difficult near freezing temperatures are common here and many fear they may have to live out in the open for a long time they have nothing to return to and some of their villages have been recaptured by government forces for many going back is not an option. we had to leave the area because of airstrikes we tried to return to the village but it was talkative again we hope that the regime doesn't control the area the united nations says up to sixty thousand people have been displaced in recent weeks it also says
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aid is scarce there are already an estimated two hundred thousand displaced people and people who fled from areas across the country retaken by government forces. being displaced for the past seven years running from one place to it's horrible if god doesn't help us no one can. even the children the regime wants to control every single area. the violence is not confined to areas close to the frontlines villages across the province are coming under fire. hospitals bakeries markets have all been hit by air strikes it live under rebel control in two thousand and fifteen it is also supposed to be a russian guaranteed deescalation zone. it is a heavily populated province an estimated two million people who live there people fear the presence of. a coalition dominated by a front which declared its independence from al qaida could be used as a pretext to launch an all out offensive the russian military did say the goal is
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to defeat that group in syria in two thousand and. people are worried pro-government forces want to storm and rebels however believe the military campaign aims to recapture a military airport and lift the siege on to loyalist towns in the province whatever the objective the offensive continues to cause much suffering sent to. beirut. israeli lawmakers have taken their first step to allow the death penalty for what they call terrorists a draft law in the knesset was passed that would. capital punishment a law that applies to people convicted of murder and incidents classified as a terrorist attack currently the death penalty can only be used if a panel of three military judges passes the sentence unanimously but the new legislation would see a death sentence handed down with only two out of three judges approval the bill requires three more readings before it becomes law. i think
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situations there's also simple logic and simple if someone murders and he will not spend the rest of. it he will be executed. director of the center for the study of the middle east at indiana university he says the amendment should be seen in a wider context. let's not forget that prime minister netanyahu has central committee of prime minister netanyahu his party has just. passed a resolution to annex the settlements in the west bank which are universally recognized as occupied territory the settlements are illegal under international law. on the other hand the united states' ministration seems to be winking and nodding in the direction of a fairly hardline israeli government that it will not interfere with the hardline policies on the part of the israeli government and there is
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a political climate in the arab world in which some rather significant arab countries are in a de facto alliance with the state of israel to confront iran and indeed the bottle any former minister tweeted before the new year that the palestinian or the jerusalem issue is a secondary matter so there seems to be a sort of a coalescence of political factors that i think makes the prime minister of israel who has never been particularly interested in resolving the problems of the palestinians making him think that he can get away with this and indeed if you force me to put money i would guess he probably can especially ontarian government team has landed in libya on a fact finding mission in the wake of video evidence showing organized slave markets expected to arrange the repatriation of over five thousand cerium migrants who ended up stuck in the country while trying to reach europe and even my clients are suspected to have been victims of human trafficking. government says it has
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prevented a coup against president. and security forces use gunfire to disperse what the government says were mercenaries gathered near the border with cameroon one man was killed the government is blaming opposition groups. corruption and human rights abuses he's been in power for nearly four decades britain's hospitals are having to take drastic measures to cope with surging winter demands a national health service. for weeks as one of the country's most valued institutions it's provided taxpayer funded free health care for more than seventy years. reports there are concerns about a future. hundreds of british hospitals are in the grip of crisis they should numbers regularly surge during the colder months but this year sickness levels have sought to ease the pressure health officials have. from
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carrying out. the surgery so just kind of replacement operations until the end of january people have been told to only go to hospital in a real emergency some patients are waiting twelve hours to see a doctor others are being treated in kodos medical stuff but also feeling the strain. this doctor apologized to third world conditions at the hospital he worked in. i shouldn't be and t. is every day at work because of a lack of resources and lack of capacity wrote this nurse an estimated fifty five thousand procedures are expected to be postponed in the coming weeks and h.s. chiefs have defended the move this is a planned response to a winter that we knew was going to be difficult and we are managing that in the way that we expected and we're taking early action we're not waiting to have to respond to a problem the n.h.s. is one of the u.k.'s most revered institutions offering free health care to all
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u.k. residents but it's under mounting strain so much so that this time last year the red cross the international aid group said that if things didn't improve that it faced a humanitarian crisis twelve months on and the n.h.s. is still struggling to cope. many doctors blame successive governments for starving the service of funding all in the gradual attempts they say to privatized the public health service we've seen the n.h.s. over this decade undergoing the biggest funding squeeze since it began. over those seventy years and what we've seen in this decade is approximately forty billion pounds of cuts by the time we get to twenty twenty not simply impressed into the n.h.s. it's not surprising we're seeing the kind of scenes that we have this winter around last winter the government insists the delays a part of a well planned system and that comes through operations of time critical procedures will go ahead as planned but also many people can see is a cherished service seeking deeper into crisis the al-jazeera.
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to catch the headlines now on al-jazeera pro-government rallies are being held in iran for a second day that follows nights of anti-government protests in which twenty thousand people were killed a senior military commander has declared the end of the protest movement al-jazeera samus ravi has more from the capital tehran. these people who are coming out onto the streets that doesn't necessarily mean that they're happy with president rouhani is administration but what they want to send a message is the message they want to send is that they may want reform or change but they want to do that through stability and over time and so this is an effort by these activists or these demonstrators pro-government demonstrators to try and illustrate the point that violence on the street is not the way forward for change in iran as president says his former chief strategist steve bannon has quote lost
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his mind and described trance eldest son asked treasonous and unpatriotic and a new book of comments refer to a meeting between donald trump jr and a lawyer with the russian government connections. at least four people were killed another forty injured here the south african city of cones to add when a passenger train crashed and burst into flames the train was traveling from port elizabeth to johannesburg when a truck collided with the first two carriages it's understood most of the passengers on board were holiday makers are still emergency services on the scene turkey is called a us court verdict unjust and scandalous by convicting a turkish banker for violating sanctions against iran its accuse the court of using fake evidence to find the senior manager of health bank and eight others guilty of money laundering they were accused of moving billions of dollars of iranian money through u.s. banks disguised as food and gold sales south korea says it coordinating with the
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u.s. ahead of proposed talks with north korea says dialogue will focus on the upcoming winter olympic games in south korea but the country's foreign minister says president moon wants the nuclear issue to be raised and japan's prime minister shinzo obvious again calling on north korea to change its policies china's president is urging military leaders to train soldiers for combat and improve their capability to win wars speaking at a military ceremony paying said the event showcases china's military might and a new era those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story keep it or.
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iran's leadership is put to the test as violent protests continue to elements for stirring up trouble so is the unrest about the economy or is it anti establishment and how will iran deal with the growing public anger this is inside story.


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