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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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jeffery. kharaj she's musical pioneer. uses to be silent in spite of the endless cycles of violence. through his school for young girls craft of music and the emancipation. a witness documentary this time on al-jazeera. but i'm not going to waste my time or the country's time going page by page talking about a book that's complete fantasy. on the attack the white house slams an explosive book about trump's presidency as trash lawyers move to block its release.
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no i'm barbara starr you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program a suicide attack in afghanistan's capital kills at least eleven people more than twenty others old wounded has iran's protest movement ended after just a week officials they clear the under arrest over as pro-government supporters hit the streets for a second day. really stings the race and i usually don't come out here like this and normally dress like a ninja in some spots it's colder than the surface of mars a monster snowstorm hits eastern parts of the u.s. . lawyers for u.s. president donald trump are trying to stop the release of a book that details a west wing on the trail one steeped in the function and then called buttons.
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written by journalist michael wolff the book extensively quotes trump's former chief strategist the balun who was fired last year on thursday the white house came out fighting describing the book as trash by nor for that no one has heard of they are as the book reports. president donald trump's press secretary came out swinging thursday saying americans are more concerned about policy then a new book on the white house i don't think they really care about some trash that an author that no one had ever heard of until today or a fired employee wants to peddle earlier attorneys for the president sent a cease and desist letter to the publisher and author demanding the book not be released next week they also threaten former white house strategist steve bannon with legal action for telling author michael wolff that donald trump jr was treasonous and unpatriotic for meeting with russians before the twenty sixteen
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presidential election after excerpts of the book were released wednesday and enraged president trump said of bannon when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind initially ban and fired off a tweet saying i won't speak about who lost their minds or ever had one but he later tweeted that the president was a great man that prompted president trump to downplay the vitriol at a white house meeting thursday don't really call me very bad last night so you know you obviously changes to pretty quick the book is a distraction for a president who is trying to advance his policies in the face of a deepening special investigation into russia's meddling into the twenty six thousand presidential election author michael wolff says he spent eighteen months and conducted roughly two hundred interviews with president from senior staff during the transition and the first year of his administration in a column thursday wolf seems to question the president's mental fitness for office it used to be inside of thirty minutes he'd repeat word for word and. russian for
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expression the same three stories now it was within ten minutes the book is prompting speculation that the twenty fifth amendment to the constitution could be used to remove the president from office but former federal prosecutor melanie sloan says that he is unlikely to imagine the majority of the cabinet and the vice president of the united states actually sending a letter saying that the president of the united states is mentally incapacitated is very hard to imagine and there are many commentators who believe this could lead to a constitutional crisis sions sloan says impeachment is a more likely scenario but with the congress still controlled by the president's own party that two seems unlikely at least for now dion estabrook al-jazeera washington. well alexander nazarian interviewed steve bannon for this week's cover story in newsweek magazine he gave me his assessment of balance motives he is
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terrified of what robert morvillo the special counsel is going to come up with and he is pointing to jared questioner and daal tom junod specifically in saying these guys are in real trouble he's sending out sort of almost flares maybe even messages to president trump saying these are the guys you better you have to include in your son the they could be in real real trouble why do that in a book like this in such explosive language i don't know i don't think steve benen really worries about what he says i don't think he's out there to make friends to make money. he doesn't want the former and he has plenty of the latter i think this is for his ideas and his ideas are bigger than steve benen according to steve benen bigger even than donald trump so he's willing to burn any bridge in order to get where he is what he believes he's the con. needs to go i think he's
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a dangerous enemy even more than he's a useful ally i don't think president trump can alienate steve benen fully even if he will no longer embrace him the way he once did. an explosion in the afghan capital risk of at least eleven people and wounded twenty five others eisel has claimed responsibility for that which targeted security personnel the police were carrying out an anti drugs operation when the blast happened. good has more now from kabul a suicide bomber detonated his explosives among the crowd of protesters on thursday now the protesters were demanding their business is to be open afghan police have been greeting businesses in shops in kabul but ny area
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where these shops are reported to be selling illicit substances like alcohol which is banned in afghanistan these shop owners were demanding their shop being opened the afghan police try to stop these protestors clashes broke among the protestors and afghan police and in these clashes number of protesters and also police wounded now taking the advantage of a suicide bomber detonated his explosive among the crowd of police and in the protestors. and it turned the whole the protests into a blood shed by killing number of people and dozens of people wounded. the u.s. has imposed sanctions on five companies it says a working on the ballistic missile program it comes ahead of a u.n. session on the. twenty two people were killed iran's army chief says they cleared
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the protests are over but says his troops are ready to intervene if. the size of these pro-government rallies is a message to iran's critics at home and abroad. iran's government has plenty of public support and is here to stay. speaking to a crowd in the northern city of mush even a political rival of iran's president in the last election said the predictions by foreign foes of an imminent overthrow the government was a miscalculation. this crowd is glorious and meaningful when iranian people felt the footprint of the enemy they came to the scene and declared their hatred of america and all the arrogant powers. in recent days would suggest that a majority of iranians are in favor of maintaining iran's way of government especially in the face of violent instability but they don't necessarily support
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president hassan rouhani policies the economic problems that sparked in the waning anti-government demonstrations in the first place are still a challenge for the rouhani administration. the main issue for the papal is currently inflation and the economy economic problems have resulted in corruption and moral issues in society economic stability it's very important everyone who takes office makes some promises but the. recent protests were because of high prices things shouldn't be so expensive that people have to cry out it was because officials didn't care about the people. the cost of living is on the rise as unemployment and the economic boost draw any promised with his reelection has yet to materialize despite the partial lifting of economic sanctions following the nuclear deal with western powers in two thousand and thirteen government supporters are calling for all iranians to be a part of solving the country's problems. the government should adhere to its
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promises the promises talked about during the election and be accountable the whole country can help solve the economic and political problems here for now public support for the government appears to have ended a violent week of anti establishment protests what comes next will depend largely on our iran's leaders deal with the country's economy and what even if they are the legitimate grievances of their own people. russian and syrian government their strikes have killed twenty three civilians in a rebel held suburb of the capital damascus three children and eleven women are to be among them who several babies were injured the government has been stepping up its aerial campaign on rebel held areas killing at least seven civilians in northwestern province on tuesday. well italy province is thought to be the largest remaining rebel held area in syria it's inside one of the so-called that the escalation zones set up last september in an effort to scale back the conflict but
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with no letup in the fighting tens of thousands of civilians are leaving the area is in a hole the reports. they set up tents wherever they can on the side of roads in open fields syrians are still on the move trying to find a safe place many have already been displaced more than once these people are from the north and hama countryside and from the villages along the neighboring provincial borders of lib areas that have become battlegrounds. we fled the bombardment and the airstrikes we can't go back because our house was hit and it is now destroyed they are targeting civilians and their homes not the rebels. the recent wave of displacement coincides with the winter weather is setting in and making life even more difficult near freezing temperatures are common here and many fear they may have to live out in the open for a long time they have nothing to return to and some of their villages have been
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recaptured by government forces for many going back is not an option. we had to leave the area because of airstrikes we tried to return to the village but it was talkative again we hope that the regime doesn't control the area the united nations says up to sixty thousand people have been displaced in recent weeks it also says aid is scarce there are already an estimated two hundred thousand displaced people in people who fled from areas across the country retaken by government forces. were being displaced for the past seven years running from one place to the other it's horrible if god doesn't help us no one can kill us all even the children the regime wants to control every single area. the violence is not confined to areas close to the frontlines villages across the province are coming under fire. hospitals bakeries markets have all been hit by air strikes it live under rebel control in
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two thousand and fifteen it is also supposed to be a russian guaranteed deescalation zone. it is a heavily populated province an estimated two million people live there people fear the presence of. which declared. could be. offensive the russian military did say. to defeat that group in two thousand and eight. the military campaign aims to recapture a military airport. in the province whatever the objective the offensive continues to cause much suffering. still to come. more than two hundred injured in a train crash. and. charges against
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a german national. hello there across australia the weather is popping up now in the north we've got a few showers at the moment and they were giving giving us some fairly heavy rain and it looks like we'll see some more over the next few days as well so still a few showers then on friday but those showers really get going as we head through saturday and then some of the wet weather will be very heavy and after that looks like the monsoon will set in so welcome rains hit elsewhere and the weather is also popping up but for a very different reason here in the southeast it looks like the temperatures are on the rise so by saturday will be up to thirty six in adelaide and thirty eight in melbourne so across this region there is likely to be a problem with wildfires out towards the east you can see this massive cloud we've
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got across the north island at the moment that's giving some of us some very heavy rain and it's marching down across the south island too it's also giving us some very very strong winds and those are likely to stick around for a while on friday before eventually easing and saturday does look far karma still likely to be some fairly gusty winds at times and still a few showers around perhaps but for most of us the drier and a lot calmer if we had to further north we can have a look at what's going on over japan most of us having some find a settled weather at the moment little bit more in the way of cloud though in the south but as we head into saturday it just moves its way northward gives us a little bit of snow. in the philippines millions live in overcrowded slow but some of found another place to call home public cemeteries one when east meets those living among the dead at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. swear every jools. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump's lawyers are trying to stop the publication of a book containing explosive claims about his presidency trump was also threatened his former chief strategist with legal action over the family tree remarks made in the book. at least eleven people killed and twenty five wounded in the suicide attack in afghanistan's capital i saw has claimed responsibility that's according
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to the groups and marked agents and the iran's army chief says the six days of anti-government unrest start over and but he is warning his troops are ready to intervene if necessary thousands of pro-government supporters have been rallying for a second day. donald trump has taken credit for a so when relations between north and south korea the two sides are inching closer towards talks and on wednesday reopened a border hotline trump tweeted with all the failed experts weighing in does anybody really believe that talks and dialogue would be going on between north and south korea right now if i wasn't firm strong and willing to commit our total might against the north fool's but talks are a good thing well meanwhile washington and seoul have agreed that they won't carry out joint military drills doing next month's winter olympics which are being held
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in south korea rosalyn jordan has more details from washington the trumpet ministration has agreed to delay the military exercises known as full eagle until after the end of the winter olympics in winter paralympics in south korea that's because the south koreans have been concerned that they wouldn't have enough armed forces to provide security for the games as well as to participate in this annual joint military exercise with u.s. troops it's an exercise that includes both the army the air force and the navy meantime the fact that the north koreans have extended an effort to engage with the south koreans in the south koreans have seemingly welcome to this is a development that's being welcomed at the united nations for hawk is the deputy spokesperson for the secretary general. the secretary general is very keen to make sure that all the security council resolutions concerning the nuclearization
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of the korean peninsula can be implemented and in that context he is hoping that. recent moves will help pave the way forward for such resolutions to be implemented through diplomatic initiatives and and of course we'll continue to monitor the vents as they develop even though north and south koreans are simply going to focus their first talks on the involvement of north korean athletes in the winter olympics u.s. officials are going to be paying not just very close attention to these discussions but also consulting with south korean leaders they're concerned they don't want to see north korea try to use this opening to try to escape some of the more onerous sanctions that have been imposed upon it because it refuses to give up its nuclear weapons program china's president is urging his military leaders to improve their
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soldiers capability to win wars zeeshan paying made the comments at a ceremony at an army base outside beijing mcbride is in beijing with more. this was a show of military strength meant to impress president xi jinping with seven thousand troops and their hardware at a parade in herb a province outside beijing delivering a speech where he urged the troops to carry out the jew tees bestowed upon them by the party and the people as they entered what he called a new era we have told it is also a speech that was carried live to thousands of other locations across china where the military were listening being mobilized in what the newspapers are calling a mass mobilization of the people's liberation army with such a spectacle not surprisingly this has been making the news across the state run t.v. channels this is the main item of news and really show she jim paying in his battle
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fatigues is very much they head of the armed forces here the commander in chief and it comes a couple of months after the all important party congress when president xi really cemented his position as what many people see as the most powerful chinese leader in living memory it also sends out a strong signal to china's neighbors about the growing strength of the military in particular to regional rival japan and also countries in southeast asia with whom china is having territorial disputes and then directly through them of course to the united states of america the big concern for china at the moment are the tensions on the korean peninsula and the possibility as we get into the new year of possibly those tensions increasing and leading to some sort of conflict this is a timely reminder that whatever happens china increasingly has military options
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that it can call upon if it has to. nigeria's military says it has rescued one of the schoolgirls abducted by boko haram in two thousand and fourteen salome paul who was found with another girl and the child by troops the point in the town of poker they are now receiving medical attention the abduction of more than two hundred seventy students from the town of shoe box four years ago drew huge international attention and widespread criticism of the nigerian authorities eighteen people have been killed and more than two hundred injured in a train crash in south africa many of the victims were on their way home after the holidays when a truck smashed into the carriages at a railway crossing twenty page reports from johannesburg. the shosholoza main is a popular train for families during the busy holiday season it was hitting from the beaches of port elizabeth to johannesburg but several hours south of the city it
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collided with a truck and trailer at a level crossing officials say the driver had tried to beach the train across the track he walked away with minor injuries. clog the driver was taking turns we thought. through. the. guard has caused a lot of lives. half of the carriages were old and burst into flames the train was carrying about seven hundred people tourists families and workers who are just said goodbye to loved ones hitting back to their jobs after the christmas holiday stunned travelers waited by the road for buses to complete their journey conscious that for many families there will be no happy homecoming tunney a page out zero johannesburg. the son of tennis champion boris becker says he's
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pressing charges against a german nationalist war maker who insulted him using a racist slur on social media know a becker whose mother is of german and african-american descent described the remarks by against my ear as unbearable and racist liar is an m.p. for the alternative for germany party and it's the second time this week that the f.t. party has been threatened with legal action over allegedly racist twitter posts as though many came now explains the lawyer for no a back away submittal time in setting out his client's reaction to the comments that were posted on twitter by the alternative for germany a member of the german parliament meyer mr becker's lawyer says that his client believes that it was a racist comment and he is seeking legal redress he is suing mr maher but also in a civil sense but also seeking a criminal investigation to be made into the comment posted on the account of yens meyer the point to make here is mr meyer says that the post was made by
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a colleague of his his and that the comment has been deleted another thought is though the issue of race and how the alternative for germany party is dealing with it this is not the first instance in the car past week or so in which the issue of race race has been raised by elements inside the alternative for germany party they are tricks from stalk a leading member of parliament over the new year period referred to in terms that others have believed to be disparaging about islam and about members about muslims that was a thought repeated by her co-leader alice viable so there is certainly an a sense now the police are investigating several members of the it's alternative for germany party about the issue of race and the comments that they have made in the past few days. large areas of the united states are bracing themselves for further freezing storms a phenomenon the meteorologists refer to as
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a bomb cycle on several deaths have already been blamed on a sustained cold spell in the midwest and east coast john hendren reports from chicago. a deadly arctic freeze his blanketed the american midwest with lingering record breaking cold in minnesota last week forty five below zero in spots colder than the surface of mars in north dakota wind chills of fifty below celsius or fahrenheit at that point there pretty much the same in chicago setting record lows in the new year a river of ice it really stings the face and i usually don't come out here like this i'm normally dressed like a ninja only my eyes are showing now a new storm targets the entire u.s. eastern seaboard with the rapid ruthless force of a bomb we're going to see what we're also called the bomb a storm that street in so rapidly a twenty four hours that it almost seems like
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a hurricane with snow wintry weather has frozen fountains from new york just south carolina dropped the first snowflakes in tallahassee florida in thirty years and frozen niagara falls in time in iowa it suspended this car in place i can even tell you how many anxious the ice that it has on it left vehicles piled up in a deadly crash on the new york thruway but the record setting chill does not make global warming fiction other parts of the world if you look at temperatures right now are actually somewhat above normal we're one of the coolest places on the planet right now so this is in no way refutes the notion of climate warming or climate change the lethal cold has left two dead in milwaukee one in detroit and several more as far south as texas despite warnings against a new will polar plunges some in boston traded in parkins for swimsuits in boston harbor. the u.s.
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national weather service has issued wind chill advisories and freeze warnings from texas to canada but the munsters sign clone now descending on the eastern coast of the u.s. is expected to strike hardest in new england john hendren al-jazeera chicago. tech firms say they have a serious that a serious problem is being discovered in computer chips that power millions of operating systems around the world experts are now in a race against time to beat hackers before sensitive information stored on the chips becomes vulnerable all platforms are at risk including apple p.c. and linus rob reynolds reports. the world's biggest technology companies are scrambling to fix critical cyber security flaws that could compromise every computer smartphone and server sold in the past twenty years hackers if they are able to install some malicious software on
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a computer and then go the extra step to take advantage of this problem they can access some really sensitive information including passwords encryption keys that let them access even more sensitive data security researchers discovered vulnerabilities in computer chips used in nearly all devices the flaws dubbed specter and meltdown by security experts would allow intruders to steal any data on the systems companies involved including apple microsoft and google the flawed chips are made by intel a r m and a m d google's project zero security team said it found the flaws some time last year the company announced details of how it is working to protect users of google cloud and android devices it says a new version of the chrome browser debuting later this month will include fixes microsoft is also developed an emergency patch that will automatically be applied
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to all devices running on windows ten apple has not publicly disclosed any fixes for its operating systems those patches will address the meltdown bug but they could significantly slow down device performance in some case. but as much as thirty percent if i have news for a vote if you got no device it'll become vulnerable to hackers if you go to new device it may slow down if it's a government chip inside it the other flaw called specter is harder to fix and will ultimately require a redesign of the chips themselves rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. and now the top stories on our which is iraq donald trump's lawyers are trying to stop the publication of a book containing explosive claims about his presidency trump is also threatened
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this former chief strategist with legal action over the family tree remarks made in the book come cut ties with steve bannon on wednesday saying his former adviser had lost his mind and was quoted the scribing a meeting between donald trump jr and the group of russians in two thousand and sixteen as treasonous the white house is playing down balance closeness to trump there are also says that he had been sidelined by april which i think goes further to indicate that he had very little credibility to give much information particularly after that point which most of the book is based after that time frame again this book is mistake after mistake after mistake if they're really not close by the time even i'm not aware that they were ever particularly close i would certainly say that they've spoken a few times since he left the white house but it's not like there were regularly scheduled calls or and certainly no meetings between the two of them. at least eleven people have been killed and twenty five wounded in
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a suicide attack in the afghan capital the bomb in the district of. police and demonstrators at a protest over a crackdown on illegal trading iran's army chief says six days of anti-government unrest is over but he is warning his troops are ready to intervene if necessary thousands of pro-government supporters have been rallying across iran for a second day the u.s. and south korea have agreed to delay joint military exercises until after the winter olympics president trump called president hu to say that he hoped into korean talks on tuesday would lead to good results the white house says the leaders also agreed to continue to exert maximum pressure on north korea nigeria's military says it has rescued one of the schoolgirls abducted by boko haram in two thousand and fourteen selami ball who was found with another girl and the child by troops
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deployed in the town of pull that that sit one on east is next of i.
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i sometimes feel that we are really looking into the hearts and the souls of those directly involved in advance taking place very good at telling all sides of the story from the political elite to those people who've been affected you really get to know what's happening on the ground that's very important for me as a third generation past what can often feel and my continent is misrepresented and we've changed that your story is important to us it doesn't matter where you come from. for the poor life in one of asia's biggest cities can be a grave situation.


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