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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask that question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine could you a bribes you've been corrupt been corrupt just the presidency council zero investigation the only guy at this time. this is al jazeera. and i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. it's just scrapes full and laughable all on the defensive the white house tries to stop the release of a controversial book about donald trump's presidency. a suicide attacker in the
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afghan capital kills at least eleven people. scrambling to fix a bug found in computer chips tech firms rushed to patch a security flaw which could affect billions of devices worldwide. a so-called bomb cyclon sweeps into the eastern part of north america with states bracing for record breaking cold. the white house is fighting back with threats of lawsuits over a damning book about u.s. presidents donald trump the upcoming book fire and fury inside the tom white house paints a highly critical picture of life inside the oval office and the president's described as a mentally unfit for the job i asked him brooke as more. president donald trump's press secretary came swinging out. thursday saying americans are more concerned about
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policy than a new book on the white house i don't think they really care about some trash that an author that no one had ever heard of until today or a fired employee wants to peddle earlier attorneys for the president sent a cease and desist letter to the publisher and author demanding the book not be released they also threaten former white house strategist steve bannon with legal action for telling author michael wolff that donald trump jr was treasonous and unpatriotic for meeting with russians before the twenty sixteen presidential election after excerpts of the book were released wednesday and enraged president trump said of bannon when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind initially bannon fired off a tweet saying i won't speak about who lost their minds or ever had one but he later tweeted that the president was a great man that prompted president trump to downplay the vitriol at
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a white house meeting thursday i don't really know me very bad last night so you know you obviously changes to him pretty quick the book is a distraction for a president who is trying to advance his policies in the face of a deepening special investigation into russia's meddling into the twenty sixteen presidential election author michael wolff says he spent eighteen months and conducted roughly two hundred interviews with president from senior staff during the transition and the first year of his administration in a column thursday wolf seems to question the president's mental fitness for office it used to be inside of thirty minutes he'd repeat word for word and expression for expression the same three stories now it was within ten minutes the book is prompting speculation that the twenty fifth amendment to the constitution could be used to remove the president from office but former federal prosecutor melanie sloan says that he is unlikely to imagine the majority of the cabinet and the vice president of the united states actually said. in
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a letter saying that the president of the united states is mentally incapacitated is very hard to imagine and there are many commentators who believe this could lead to a constitutional crisis and sloan says impeachment is a more likely scenario but with the congress still controlled by the president's own party that too seems unlikely at least for now dion estabrook al jazeera washington the trial lawyer things joining us live via skype from philadelphia thank you very much for being with us and trying to kind of unpicked parts of this so legally can donald trump actually block the publication of this book and there is no chance that he could block publication or there is a principle in the united states against what we call prior restraint state is it not in essence go into court and have a court order that a publication stopped printing in the bush in the case involving the pentagon
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papers many years ago it certainly involved much more substantial issues in the new issues in this book that's going to go on. that that case involves state secrets and confidentiality and really things that the government said it created. national security issues which aren't in in this case at all given what you've just said what do you think the grounds could be for the trumpet ministration bringing some sort of legal action against this book assuming that the publication does go ahead. well they've certainly done their best to make sure that the book becomes a bestseller. all they can really do and that is there's not much as they can file a libel suit against bad in the publisher if there is any liable in the book
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and from next for the excerpts that i've certainly heard i don't see any libel most of that is opinion i mean to say that mr trump is not fit for office is an opinion to say that there is chaos going on was his opinion. to characterize what don jr did as traitorous. perhaps gets close to liable but is really just can't he's just giving an opinion as to what that meeting essentially boils down to so i don't think there's any chance that any kind of lawsuit will be successful in the event that they do try to pursue some sort of lawsuit where does the balance of proof lie is it on the trumpet administration to try to prove that the bouquets for example factually inaccurate or exaggerated and i'm not sure what the legal grounding for that would be or is the burden of proof on the author and the
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publishers to show that it is in fact fair and accurate and simply expressing an opinion as you say. well i think it's not even that as to be fair and accurate it doesn't have to be fair and it doesn't even have to be accurate donald trump is what we call a public figure so and less and the burden of being on mr trump as an individual not the government the government has no claim here is to trust as an individual to claim that there are. lies in the book that the author new moon or untrue and that he published a. malicious purpose to harm this very public figure almost impossible burden. to prove you've acted on behalf of some very famous clients and the pasta given the circumstances that are surrounding this book
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are you surprised that the donald trump has taken this reaction to this particular book. nothing donald trump does would surprise me you know he has incredibly thin skin. and you know just cannot take anybody criticize you know the fact that it's somebody so close to him i'm sure really really irks and. so i wouldn't be surprised if he's makes threats of a lawsuit but i really do not believe they're even will file because they'll just be embarrassed of. alma saying thank you very much good to get your opinion are my pleasure take care. the u.s. is imposing new sanctions on iran over its ballistic missile program there were set in motion before the ongoing protests in iran but donald trump is warning that there could be more sanctions to come the new measures target five iranian entities
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involved in the development of the missiles many international sanctions on iran have been lifted since the twenty fifteen nuclear deal but the latest u.s. action is being taken unilaterally protests currently taking place in iran what initially sparked by a struggling economy which the government blames on the sanctions the u.n. security council is set to meet on friday to discuss those demonstrations iran's army chief says the protests are over but insists his troops are ready to intervene if needed at least twenty two people have died in the weeklong rest rallies in support of the government have been held for a second day of a report on. the size of these pro-government rallies is a message to iran's critics at home and abroad. iran's government has plenty of public support and is here to stay speaking to a crowd in the northern city of mush even a political rival of iran's president in the last election said the predictions by foreign foes of an imminent overthrow of the government was
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a miscalculation. that. this crowd is glorious and meaningful when iranian people felt the footprint of the enemy they came to the scene and declared their hatred of america zionists and all the arrogant powers. in recent days would suggest that a majority of iranians are in favor of maintaining iran's way of government especially in the face of violent instability. but they don't necessarily support president hassan rouhani policies the economic problems that sparked the now waning anti-government demonstrations in the first place are still a challenge for the rouhani administration. the main issue for the papal is currently inflation and the economy economic problems have resulted in corruption and moral issues in society economic stability is very important everyone who takes office makes some promises but they fill them with. the recent protests were because of high prices things shouldn't be so expensive did people have to cry out
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it was because officials didn't care about the people the cost of living is on the rise as unemployment and the economic boost draw any promised with his reelection has yet to materialize despite the partial lifting of economic sanctions following the nuclear deal in two thousand and fifteen government supporters are calling for all iranians to be a part of solving the country's problems. the government should adhere to its promises the promises talked about during the election and be accountable the whole country can help solve the economic and political problems here for now public support for the government appears to have ended a violent week of anti establishment protests what comes next will depend largely on how iran's leaders deal with the country's economy and what even if they are the legitimate grievances of their own people. iranian nobel peace prize laureate shirin ebadi is voicing support for the protesters she's urging people to
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continue putting pressure on the government well what is all of them other than the peaceful protests and civil disobedience to continue to force the iranian government to listen to the people for example people should stop paying electricity water and gas bills they should not pay their tax they should withdraw their money from banks one that is of value i call my dear children in the police forces and the revolutionary guards to put down their guns and do not kill their own brothers and sisters if the situation improves you will also benefit from it or french president among your muckle has also weighed in on the iran protest saying change in the country must come from within and should not be imposed from abroad. these this is a crisis taking place today in iran this crisis comes from the free expression of the iranian people it shows if needed that we will write to think the change would not come from outside but from the iranian people our role in this matter is to be on the lookout scrupulous to ensure from where we stand that these rights are not
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trampled we will be vigilant and inflexible. g.r. is the director of the iran observed project of the middle east institute and he says the demonstrations have failed to grow into a wider movement for change. protest movement has waned and the past two days it has not transformed into a national movement that could pose an existential threat to the iranian regime and i think that there are several reasons for that first of all from the very first day. they have been scattered mostly in provincial towns and cities and they have not had a leadership an organization secondly the iranian regime is very adept and experience and prompting down on purpose because they have certain sites had to asians in the past as well i'm terribly and i think that this is the most important factor that the run and before miss political factions have been have not joined
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these protests. or played instrumental role in the two thousand and nine protest after the controversial elections but this time they are not coming to this streets because they feared that. to disoblige the country and do some of the gains that they have had over the past years on some of them basically they say that the we don't want iran to turn into another syria but to go ahead in the news including a group struggle to cope with the real hinge a refugee crisis with tens of thousands of new arrivals expected this year. college in south africa after a packed passenger train collides with a truck. and in sports africa's best footballer is crowned to follow is going to be here with the details.
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an explosion in the afghan capital kabul has killed at least eleven people and wounded twenty five others claimed responsibility for the attack which targeted security personnel the blast happened as police were carrying out an operation targeting people who were suspected of selling alcohol illegally. has more from kabul. a suicide bomber detonated his explosives among the crowd of protesters on thursday now the protesters were demanding their business is to be open afghan police have been greeting each businesses in shops in kabul but ny area where these shops are reputed to be selling illicit substances like alcohol which is banned in afghanistan these shop owners were demanding their shops being opened the afghan police try to stop these protestors clashes broke among the protestors and afghan police and in these clashes number of protesters and also
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police wounded now taking the advantage a suicide bomber detonated his explosive among the crowd of police and in in the protesters. and it turned the whole of the protest into a blood shed by killing number of people and dozens of people wounded the u.s. has confirmed it suspending security aid to pakistan and blames islamabad failure to take decisive action against taliban fighters targeting u.s. troops in afghanistan on monday donald trump tweeted that washington had fully slee given pakistan billions of dollars in aid with he said nothing in return but lies and deceit pakistan's government rejects the accusations saying it's made huge sacrifices to help the u.s. fight the so-called war on terror roslyn jordan's got more from washington d.c. . the state department spokesperson heather nauert says it should not come as
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a surprise to officials in islam abad that the trumpet ministration the suspending security assistance to pakistan she explains why suspended at this time does not mean that it will be suspended forever pakistan has the ability to get this money back if you will in the future but they have to take decisive action they have to take decisive steps people have long asked you know why don't you do more about pakistan and i think this sort of answers that question obviously pakistan is important an important relationship to the united states because together we can work hard to combat terrorism perhaps no other country has suffered more from terrorism than pakistan and many other countries in that part of the region they understand that but still they aren't taking the steps that they need to take in order to fight terrorism it's not clear yet how much more money is at risk already more than two hundred fifty five million dollars that is supposed to be used to buy
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military equipment has been put into an escrow account so that once pakistan improves it's behavior on bringing in members of the hakani network the talabani and other groups to the u.s. to satisfaction it can once again gain access to that money however there is some concern among some analysts here in washington that the pakistanis might decide to retaliate by closing off the border pass from its seaport it in order to get u.s. military equipment inside afghanistan the last time that happened back in two thousand and twelve there was a significant impact on the u.s. military's ability to equip its troops who have been trying to stabilize afghanistan for you some time now and the u.s. says there won't be any military exercises with south korea joining the next month's winter olympics so. being concerned that if the drills go ahead they won't
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have enough armed forces to provide security for the games president donald trump spoke with his counterpart among j.n. by phone on thursday trump says he hopes good results will come from planned meetings between pyongyang and sold the talks are set for tuesday and a mainly focusing on north korea is meant to support in the olympics on. tech firms have admitted a serious flaw in chips that power billions of computers and smart phones around the world experts are now scrambling to fix the issue before sensitive information stored in the chips becomes vulnerable to hackers all platforms that are at risk creating apple and microsoft rob ronald's reports. the world's biggest technology companies are scrambling to fix critical cyber security flaws that could compromise every computer smartphone and server sold in the past twenty years packer's if they are able to install some malicious software on a computer and then go the extra step to take advantage of this problem they can
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access some really sensitive information including passwords encryption keys that let them access even more sensitive data security researchers discovered vulnerabilities in computer chips used in nearly all devices the flaws dubbed specter and meltdown by security experts would allow intruders to steal any data on the systems companies involved including apple microsoft and google the flawed chips are made by intel a r m and a m d google's project zero security team said it found the flaws some time last year the company announced details of how it is working to protect users of google cloud and android devices it says a new version of the chrome browser debuting later this month will include fixes microsoft is also develop. an emergency patch that will automatically be applied to
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all devices running on windows ten apple has not publicly disclosed any fixes for its operating systems those patches will address the melt down bug but they could significantly slow down device performance in some cases by as much as thirty percent if i have news for if you've got no device it'll become more vulnerable to hackers if you've got a new device it may slow down if it's got an intel chip inside it the other flaw called specter is harder to fix and will ultimately require a redesign of the chips themselves rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles turkey has accused the u.s. of unprecedented interference in its domestic affairs after an american court convicted a turkish buying power of helping iran evade sanctions and that aha can i tell i and eight others have been found guilty of moving billions of dollars worth of iranian money through u.s. banks disguised as sales of food in gold turkish president recep tayyip erdogan is
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also being implicated in the case. of a scandalous case it was clear from the beginning that this case was a setup aimed not interfering in turkey affairs i just tearing up turkish politics illegally shameful listen area has been put into practice and now we want to how long the us administration we don't allow it to look when its network with blood demi can deficits that mean they're favored through the lean they how to stop illicit cinema costello has more from istanbul. turkish officials have been slamming the u.s. court decision that found hakan until guilty officials have been claiming that this is a politically motivated trial and this is a shame for u.s. judiciary as an unfair and unjust decision this has to be corrected to accuse foreign ministry stated today since the beginning of this trial turkey and u.s.
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pilots through the ration have been strained due to critical comments by both sides but turkish officials claim that this court trial has been influenced by the unionists since the beginning again goodness are accused for allegedly orchestrating the failed coup attempt in turkey in july two thousand and sixteen. eighteen people have been killed and more than two hundred have been injured in a train crash in south africa many of the victims had been on the way home after the holidays when a truck smashed into the carriages at a railway crossing tanya page reports from johannesburg. the shosholoza main is a popular train for families during the busy holiday season it was hitting from the beaches of port elizabeth to johannesburg but civil hours south of the city it collided with a truck and trailer at a level crossing officials say the driver had tried to reach the train across the
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track he walked away with minor injuries you can see for yourself that the truck driver was taking turns and we thought that he was going to. literally be do you know that the plane was going to. die out is a lot of lives. half of the carriages were old and burst into flames the train was carrying about seven hundred people tourists families and workers here just said goodbye to loved ones hitting back to their jobs after the christmas holiday stunned travelers waited by the road for buses to complete their journey conscious that for many families they will be happy homecoming tawny a page out. in zimbabwe for u.s. citizens been released from jail after serving two months for insulting then president robert mugabe on social media twenty five year old martha o'donovan was
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freed after prosecutors failed to provide a trial date she could still be technically summoned back by mugabe's departure as president would make that appear to be unlikely donovan was charged with subversion for allegedly calling mugabe a sick man on twitter. i jerry and government team has landed in libya on a fact finding mission in the wake of video evidence showing organized slave markets the teams expected to repatriate more than five thousand. who was stranded in libya while trying to reach europe nigeria's anti trafficking agency says many migrants could be victims of human trafficking save the children says thousands of pregnant woman and new mothers in the injure refugee camps in bangladesh arjan plea in need of care they need organization says it expects as many as forty eight thousand babies to be born in the camps in twenty eighteen that's more than one hundred thirty women at day giving birth often in unsanitary conditions without
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adequate medical help that are now more than eight hundred and fifty thousand range refugees in bangladesh it's estimated that sixty percent are children and almost five percent are pregnant woman is a conflict and humanitarian advocacy adviser at save the children and he's recently returned from a huge occams in bangladesh he says there are limits to what agencies can do. it is six hundred fifty thousand refugees who became irene the space of just a couple of months into an area that wasn't really prepared to say except the main terms of the conditions the size of these camps the sheer scale of it is like nothing i've witnessed was work as a night work. and there's huge issues now there in these camps and just the die a living conditions that agencies i say the children are trying shore these banville women vulnerable children dying perish from completely preventable causes
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there's just so many people who are desperate and completely in need of humanitarian support and there is only so much that agencies can do to to meet those needs and in fact on my my last day in the camps just before i came home we had a very young child probably the smallest baby i have to say coming to one of our health centers a boy and by by on and she'd been born prematurely. about three hundred meters away from the health center and literally on the bamboo on the top pulled in and it was already too late and yet we were able to to rescue that child and they perished and unfortunately that was a real haim jaime's tragic you know when you're working on these responses there actually is only so much you can do and the die situation now is that even the children who do survive those who are born who are healthy the conditions are so bad that there's a real very large chance you know they'll be set for disease to mount nutrition and
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that they might not reach their fifth birthday still had an al-jazeera are grown so old military strength in china that six to affirm receiving things to do is as one of the country's most powerful leaders. in saving against the passage of time efforts to save the ancient cinema. in sports you might be thirty six but roger federer is soaring no signs of slowing ahead of yours truly an open. to the. hello there this is a weather continues across parts of north america here's the storm responsible still developing as it runs its way towards the northeast so for new england and for the eastern parts of canada does look very very wintery very disrupted over the next day or so there's that system here as we head through the day on friday behind
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it yes the snow will have to it but it will certainly be cold look at that new york is a maximum temperature just minus nine for atlanta only one very cold for many of us here and it looks like the temperatures will drop further to some of us as we head into saturday this time minus twenty two certainly a cold day meanwhile towards the southwest it is milder for us in l.a. a temperature making it to around twenty four which is seventy five in fahrenheit and if we head down towards the central americas here we've got this huge area of cloud that's been with us for the past few days and it's going nowhere in a great hurry so there could well be a problem with flooding here over the next few days particularly to parts of panama and costa rica but i'll be through towards the northeast there's also going to be some sharp showers here for jamaica and forth across haiti it could well be a few very heavy downpours here as well meanwhile for south america we've got our usual rush of showers that stretching all the way down to rio but also for the south another weather system is pushing its way north was given showers to points across.
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this is the architect of. the self appointed time. to create sustainable housing for the rural poor. to bring into the beauty came to vietnam's child king in space . and to convince developments that his dreams are retaining the changing minds can be as good as altering spaces. rebel architecture continues with meaning the city at this time on how dizzying and then to put it well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed tonight this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have
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been truly unable to escape the war. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the white house is threatening legal action over an upcoming book about donald trump's presidency head pain so highly critical picture of life inside the oval office and a president described as mentally unfit for the job. i expose in the afghan capital kabul has killed at least eleven people on board a twenty five all those isolates claimed responsibility for the attack we're just talking to security personnel. and tech firms are scrambling to fix bugs in their
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computer chips that could be exploited by hackers if i did a laptop so suburbs and smart phones clothes make it possible for data to be stolen . i went to a storm system known as the bomb cycle and it's causing travel chaos in the eastern u.s. the made of new york as it cleared a weather emergency is the it is expecting up to twenty five centimeters of snow fall extreme weather has forced schools and offices to close and left many travelers stranded and this map shows the areas in the east coast that are going to see the worst of the ball m'sawae cloner clothing to the national weather service heavy snow and record breaking freezing temperatures are not expected to taper off until late friday when the storm moves towards canada over the past week several deaths have already been blamed on a sustained cold spell across the u.s. midwest and east coast john hendren reports. a deadly arctic freeze his
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blanketed the american midwest with lingering record breaking cold in minnesota last week forty five below zero in spots colder than the surface of mars in north dakota wind chills of fifty below celsius or fahrenheit at that point there pretty much the same in chicago setting record lows in the new year a river of ice it really stings the face and i usually don't come out here like this i'm normally dressed like a ninja only my eyes are showing now a new storm targets the entire u.s. eastern seaboard with the rapid ruthless force of a bomb we're going to see what we're also called the bomb a storm that street in so rapidly in twenty four hours that it almost seems like a hurricane with snow wintry weather has frozen fountains from new york to south carolina dropped the first snowflakes in tallahassee florida in thirty years and frozen niagara falls in time in iowa it suspended this car in place i can even tell
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you how many anxious the ice that it has on it and left vehicles piled up in a deadly crash on the new york thruway but the record setting chill does not make global warming fiction other parts of the world if you look at temperatures right now are actually somewhat above normal where one of the coolest places on the planet right now so this is in no way refutes the notion of climate warming or climate change the lethal cold has left two dead in milwaukee one in detroit and several more as far south as texas despite warnings against a new will polar plunges some in boston traded in parties for swimsuits in boston harbor. in. the u.s. national weather service has issued wind chill advisories and freeze warnings from texas to canada but the munsters sign clone now descending on the eastern coast of the u.s. . is expected to strike hardest in new england john hendren and chicago. in
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china at least three airports are being shot and nine others experiencing delays because of heavy snow fall the weather alerts been raised to its second highest level parts of the central northern and eastern regions could see up to thirty centimeters of snow the president of togo has broken his silence following months of protests against his rule following nothing but he has called for dialogue with opposition groups weekly demonstrations have been taking place since august with more than a dozen deaths reported protesters want you rules limiting presidents presidents to two terms in office now seem very and his father before him have ruled the west african nation since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the president reached out to his opponents in his new year message for combat let's. dialogue must remain the preferred way of resolving disagreements between political
2:36 am
activists. recently our culture of shared life of courtesy and brotherhood have often been affected by attitudes positions and behaviors that to die metrically opposed to our values the situation is in tol'able and is detrimental to our common project hundreds of palestinians have rallied in gaza to protest against power cuts . supplies have been hard since june when the palestinian authority cut payments over the dispute with hamas gaza's two million residents now receive only three to four hours of electricity per day on wednesday the palestinian authority said it would resume payments to israeli suppliers but supplies are yet to be restored. china's president is urging his military leaders to improve their capability to win wars she's in pain has made the comments at a ceremony at an army base outside beijing he said the purpose of the event was to implement the thought of building a strong army in
2:37 am
a new era for china. at the beginning of the new year the central military commission holds the mobilization ceremony with the purpose of implementing the spirit of the one thousand national congress of the party and the thoughts of the party on building a strong army in the new era and calling on the whole armed forces to comprehensively strengthen real combat training rubber brides in beijing with more . this was a show of military strength meant to impress president xi jinping with seven thousand troops and their hardware at a parade in herb a province outside beijing delivering a speech where he urged the troops to carry out the jew tees bestowed upon them by the party and the people as they entered what he called a new era we have told it is also a speech that was carried live to thousands of other locations across china where
2:38 am
the military were listening being mobilized in what the newspapers are calling a mass mobilization of the people's liberation army with such a spectacle not surprisingly this has been making the news across the state run t.v. channels this is the main item of news and really show she jim paying in his battle fatigues is very much they head of the armed forces here the commander in chief and it comes a couple of months after the all important party congress when president xi really cemented his position as what many people see as the most powerful chinese leader in living memory it also sends out a strong signal to china's neighbors about the growing strength of the military in particular to regional rival japan and also countries in southeast asia with whom china is having territorial disputes and then directly through them of course to the united states of america the big concern for china at the moment are the
2:39 am
tensions on the korean peninsula and the possibility as we get into the new year of possibly those tensions increasing and leading to some sort of conflict this is a timely reminder that whatever happens china increasingly has military options that it can call upon if it has to at least provinces thought to be the largest remaining rebel held area in syria it's inside one of the so-called deescalation. zones set up last september in an effort to scale back the conflict but with no letup in the fighting tens of thousands of civilians are leaving the area in the heart of reports. they set up tents wherever they can on the side of roads in open fields syrians are still on the move trying to find a safe place many have already been displaced more than once these people are from the north and how much countryside and from the villages along the neighboring provincial borders of lib areas that have become battlegrounds and as we fled the
2:40 am
bombardment and the airstrikes we can't go back because our house was hit and it is now destroyed they are targeting civilians and their homes not the rebels. the recent wave of displacement coincides with winter weather setting in making life even more difficult near freezing temperatures are common here and many fear they may have to live out in the open for a long time they have nothing to return to and some of their villages have been recaptured by government forces for many going back is not an option. we had to leave the area because of airstrikes we tried to return to the village but it was talkative again we hope that the regime doesn't control the area the united nations says up to sixty thousand people have been displaced in recent weeks it also says aid is scarce there are already an estimated two hundred thousand displaced people and people who fled from areas across the country retaken by government forces.
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being displaced for the past seven years running from one place to the other it's horrible if god doesn't help us no one can. even the children the regime wants to control every single area. the violence is not confined to areas close to the frontlines villages across the province are coming under fire. hospitals bakeries markets have all been hit by air strikes it live under rebel control in two thousand and fifteen it is also supposed to be a russian guaranteed deescalation zone. it is a heavily populated province an estimated two million people live there people fear the presence of. a coalition dominated by a front which declared its independence from al qaida could be used as a pretext to launch an all out offensive the russian military did say the main goal is to defeat that group in syria in two thousand and eighteen. people are worried
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pro-government forces want to storm and libyan rebels however believe the military campaign aims to recapture a military airport and lift the siege on to loyalist towns in the province whatever the objective the offensive continues to cause much suffering sent to. beirut mexican's had to the polls and elect a new president and it's already shaping up to be historic race it's the first time candidates can run without the backing of a party david. what lies ahead for mexico twenty eighteen. mexico's presidential elections are he led by leftist firebrand andres manuel lopez obrador he ran in and lost the past two elections now lopez obrador is riding a wave of public discontent to lead the pack of candidates to name most. we haven't reached the possibility of ending we will stamp out corruption.
2:43 am
from the center right national action party calls himself the clean hands candidate though he some division within his party to a sluggish economy could give former finance minister and pre candidate jose antonio media a push with the united states threatening to pull out of the north american free trade agreement needs says he has the experience to find new export markets. and for the first time in mexico's history independent candidates have joined the. race . but with surging violence and corruption scandals plaguing government officials gaining public trust it won't be easy. i think all the candidates are interested in themselves and their political parties i don't think any of them are in it for the people they look at me that ok. i don't trust any of the candidates. i only believe them when actual changes start to happen. analysts say that people must be
2:44 am
engaged and hold candidates to account if they want this election to be different. the political class loves it when society doesn't trust them then you separate yourself and leave a public space where the government doesn't like is when social media is buzzing with discussion and the. never before have mexicans had such a variety of candidates to choose from and with the july first election quickly approaching many people here are asking what impact younger more educated and more politicized generation of voters could have on the country's future david mercer al-jazeera in mexico city indian jewels belonging to the cartels royal family have been stolen from a display at a palace in italy things managed to delay the alarm and escape with a brooch and a pair of earrings from an exhibition in venice the jewels are part of a two hundred seventy piece collection from the sixteenth to the twentieth century
2:45 am
investigators put the value at one point two million dollars. all the sporting including football clashes with politics again ahead of the final of the gulf called tournament.
2:46 am
and it's time for the sports. thanks very much and gyptian football star mohamed fowler has been named african football's player of the year at a ceremony and gonna celebrate his liverpool team in saudi i'm on a pier emerick
2:47 am
a balmy yang to the top prize which was partially decided by a fan vote salah played a big role in egypt's qualification for the world cup and has already scored twenty three goals for liverpool this season but he says it's just the beginning since he came as professional in my mind i want to be the best player ever in egypt in history so i know what i want i know how to do it i'm working hard every day improving myself so that's what i want so i think i'm going well i'm doing we'll at the moment so i'm going to see even in the future this one and next one and next month liverpool manager you're going coopt gave fallon sabby a mani permission to fly to ghana just twenty four hours before their team plays everton in the third round of the f.a. cup still coopt insists he is still taking the competition seriously. enough to be lined up with. shows all the respect for the
2:48 am
f.a. cup. you know the people. said i don't respect cup competition or stuff like that enough but that's not the truth so maybe we have to make it a bit more obvious which we know a bust. simple as that it's called game it's different to the premier league it's less pressure. it's a glory game and you can go out and seek the glory and try and try and win it if we do get through we have to be liverpool simple as that. tottenham has cemented fifth in the english premier league table but they had to settle for a draw against west ham spurs had twenty shots on goal to west ham zero before pager all the ngs scored with one of the strikes of the season that but west ham won a lap in the seventieth minutes but spurs struck late to secure a points spanish lead legal leaders barcelona were held to a one one draw at celta vigo in the first leg of their copa del rey round of
2:49 am
sixteen tie the match which was missing messi and suarez saw the return of barr says record signing dem belly but he failed to score elsewhere around the dread scored two penalties and their three nil victory over an immense all the world's biggest football clubs are getting ready to spend millions of dollars on new players in the transfer window which clubs have the most financial influence a new list has just been published by football marketing companies soccer rocks teams from the world's most watched domestic competition the english premier league dominated the high end of the table manchester city are at the top and are one of five e.p.l. teams in the top ten more on expected is the team at number four or seven time chinese champions ever grand nine chinese clubs are ranked in the top one hundred the index also highlights the growing prominence of the game in the united states the top thirty clubs are from major league soccer and while around madrid are in
2:50 am
six plays barcelona don't even make the top ten they're down in thirteen well earlier i spoke to football financial expert rob wilson from sheffield hallam university he told us what soccer based their results on. it was an interesting this is no nothing in your piece those talks about how surprising is were some of the clubs and the methodology really that sokrates you so unlike how big the firm deloitte measure financial performance and the amount of money that each club house at its disposal what this list does is puts together all of its assets the amount of wealth that you club's owners can potentially bring to the table to give this financial power ratings for what it's intended to do see just how powerful a club might be in the football mark and that's what we've seen entrants from from china at number four of course to the world's wealthiest companies backing up particular football team and they look a likes a passenger on a months or a city so that personal wealth in the ownership structure is certainly influencing these these findings today the final of the gulf will be held on friday with
2:51 am
a man facing the united arab emirates it's a tournaments that's demonstrated the region's complex politics mixed with its love of football from on those reports from kuwait. there's no doubt about almost passion for football or its fans love of the national team thousands of omani supporters have flown to kuwait to watch their side play in the final of the gulf cup as you. well yeah after a surprise semifinal win against but the two thousand and nine champions have just three days to refocus for the title decider against united arab emirates the tournament may lack a global punch but it's a huge regional importance if you're in the final you want to be in the final. specially because it's the gold cup of tea but it's all beats the world cup for middle east. and they are all desperate to take the cup back to. their one
2:52 am
team no history isn't on their side they face the u.a.e. here ten years ago in the final of this competition but they came up short this time they are confident the outcome will be different. our confidence is really high ahead of the final on friday and with our huge supporters behind us we are determined to return to oman with the cop the a team event has also had the political dimension because of the blockade imposed on qatar by four arab countries the u.a.e. saudi arabia and bahrain only agreed to take part when the event was moved from qatar to kuwait the m.r.i. team refused to answer questions from al jazeera journalists covering the competition during their pre-match news conference han pointed towards the group for promotions for the two thousand and. the two countries do
2:53 am
have in common is a desire to build competitive teams for home tournaments. while qatar is building up for the twenty twenty two world cup the u.a.e. will host the asian cup next here you can look at the future the team is made a lot of progress ahead of the gulf cup they have been one of the best teams in the tournament and have played at a strong level or ambitions are very high the players embrace the responsibility of delivering success as head of the asia cup. golf cup title could be the perfect launch pad for the crew and he and his team. all to zero kuwait the tennis career of former world number one andy murray appears to be in limbo the britain has withdrawn from the upcoming australian open with a long term hip injury where he hasn't played competitively since being knocked out of wimbledon last july the thirty year old had hoped to make his return at this week's brisbane international but withdrew forty eight hours before his first match
2:54 am
he announced in a statement that help in returning to london to quote a fast option. thirty six year old roger federer is heading into the melbourne tournaments full of fitness and form the defending australian open champion saw in two sets at the home and caught her paired with belinda bennett chip switzerland to beat the usa three no in their tie and are going to start this. and that's all your support for now more later there are being golf as a rich maritime heritage dating back thousands of years but the construction of traditional is under threat. being meeting boat builders trying to keep the ancient what mentioned the low life. history books say dallas has been sailing the warm waters of the gulf for more than two thousand years. but exactly who invented this ancient type of vessel is lost in time maritime scholars believe they could have originated in china around six hundred b.c.
2:55 am
. the sails have been replaced by an engine but they are still used for trade fishing and tourism along the coasts of the united arab emirates saudi arabia qatar yemen. taliep kafeel nasri has been sailing tourists along oman's coast the twenty year is a school. i live in create on the sea the sea is everything to me it's a type of therapy i've spent my life on the ocean on boats like these which are so important as symbols of our heritage. the historic pulte of sue situation dona lagoon in eastern oman was once home to a fleet of hundreds of dalziel the portuguese the dutch and the british hold their boats in these waters over the centuries all keen to benefit from its ideal trading location it takes only five days to sail to india from here. maritime trade
2:56 am
started flourishing here in the seventeenth century with places aspera field the vans of all india and africa and so also became a major center for the ship building industry a tradition steeped in history and culture but is now struggling to survive. this is the only dal building yard in saloon now. this boat is being built for a country owner when it's finished it will cost more than three hundred thousand dollars and that's without the engine. in keeping with tradition it's being constructed almost entirely from a cd and. originally these boats were literally lashed together using rope. and even now little metal is used as in the past the wood is imported from asia and africa allie's family had been building dallas for more than three hundred years
2:57 am
the had the. main challenge we face is the introduction of fiberglass fiberglass dhows are easier to build and they are cheaper but wooden boats last much longer fifty to sixty years of course this is our heritage and we must protect it people must know their traditions and protect their without our traditions who are we. many of these predominantly indian fishermen spend weeks at a time at sea many of their fathers also sailed fishing and trading dals to and from india they are reliant on their dals the name of which is actually a swahili word originating in east africa the arabs simply call them self and meaning ships a testament to the commercial and cultural impact they've had over centuries in the gulf and well beyond a tradition that people such as captain taliep say they are determined to preserve
2:58 am
. that al-jazeera sort of. thing and that's it for me rob matheson for this news hour we're back in a moment with more of the day's doings.
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carcinogen. conservation is helping kick the stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international least of threatened species june one thousand nine hundred seventy six days that redrew the map of the middle east this record of victory of the israeli army in
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that war was the greatest tragedy in the history of islam fifty years later al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything we went to the united nations tried to make a shirt has contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was the north of the wall in june at this time. it's just race four and laughable on the defensive for the white house tries to stop the release of a controversial book about donald trump's presidency.


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