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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:35pm +03

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well every. dozens of political and religious organizations protesting bashar as pakistan's government faces pressure from the u.s. to crack down on radical groups.
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hello again i'm a senior this year without jazeera live from day also coming out thirty two crewmembers a missing after an old tanker collides with a cargo ship in the east china sea there's optimism in germany three months after elections chancellor merkel says she's confident she can form a coalition government plus. maybe the biggest creatures on earth but there's still no match for speeding ships meet the scientists trying to develop a warning system the way. several pakistani groups which are facing pressure from the government have been demonstrating in the northwestern city of bashar this is the second in a series of protests which were initially organized in the wake of the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the groups include jamaat . that sea organization that's led by the moon by attack suspect hafiz saeed come
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out hyder is our correspondent. and sure all four hundred yards. on different ground for the people of palestine and the before and after she made a deal to go through an all for joining me for like drop that runs right through shouldered then running again after the return of the raid by the u.s. president richard from a middle class. america in india by themselves a terrorist but sadly they apply mean muslims in pakistan for supporting terrorists despite the fact that muslims all over the world a victims of their brutality and with the blessings of almighty. we will get rid of them very soon there are good on adult bodies i can fight far too much i didn't do no more do i think the american that they feel sorry mr granger to not run it on the government all the things that the americans ever say the same thing the shared from die should have done it on
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a good note blaming project on the order of failure than i've run it on this particular organization will now be holding rallies across the country for sure that the people of august donna are supporting the president and in also there are really bread that in and of all the thing all through the united states president mr garnered from this example the jerusalem decision by the united states president the customer issue and the recent tweet by trump compelled us to launch a movement across pakistan to reunite and activate the people against the cruel decisions against muslims and pakistan. against large gatherings did not have our say and a good thing i did the government of august on richard herring on the pressure for the united states which they don't accept when. people are missing after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship off the coast of china the tonka operated by one of iran's top
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shipping companies caught fire after the collision it happened off shanghai where the young sea river meets the east china sea says sheens are looking for the missing sailors who come from iran then bangladesh rescuers save the twenty one crew of the other ship involved is also environmental concern this the tank of his carrying more than one hundred thirty thousand tons of oil products from mcbride has more from beijing. the cause of the collision is unknown but it led to a devastating fire on board the tanker that has burned for hours the tanker the senshi carrying one hundred thirty six thousand tons of oil was headed north to a port in south korea the other vessel involved is a bulk carrier that was carrying grain would seem to be heading south to a port on china's southern coast when the collision occurred some three hundred kilometers east of china's coast of shanghai
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a big international rescue and recovery effort is underway with vessels being sent by china's maritime or thora t's they've also been helped by the coast guard from south korea sending a vessel and an aircraft in what is an international operation but it is being hampered now by the hours of darkness also stronger seas and winds are not making any easier there are specialized vessels taking part in the are designed for dealing with oil slicks and we do know that there is an amount of oil in the in the seas but it's not known yet just how bad the pollution will be from this but the east china sea is shared by not only china but south korea and some of the islands in the south of japan and all of those countries will be following this closely clearly concerned about whether there is a growing pollution threat and if there is
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a slick which way it is heading. the german chancellor says she's optimistic that she can form a coalition government after almost four months of political unrest since the elections were held in september talks of resumed in berlin between angela merkel's christian democrats and the social democrats a possible sicking point is the refugee crisis and whether to allow the relatives of immigrants to join them in germany is covered. i think we can do it we will work very quickly very intensively that's what we set out to do and you always think about what people in germany are expecting all of us always hope that politics will solve problems and create the framework for people to live well in our country i am optimistic about these talks but i also know that there is a lot of work ahead of us in the coming days we are willing to take on the work. live now to our correspondent david chaytor who's in berlin and david essentially these talks about talks but nonetheless they're still being described as critical.
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yes they are critical as there would be in a situation like this in post-war politics in germany where there's been a caretaker government for coming up to almost four months now so something has got to be done and as you say these are talks to explore the areas where official and formal talks could take place that's why there's going to be a media blackout over the next five days or they hope to impose a media blackout so they're not constantly pairing journalists questions about the issues that are dividing them but there are strong issues which do divide them and one of the main ones of course as you mentioned is the immigrant question with their loud immigrant family members to join them now we don't know exactly where the red lines will be and the leader of the social democrats martin schultz said there will be no red lines and merkel's sister party in bavaria said that they were
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in high spirits about the prospects over the next five days but you've got to see that essentially the social democrats have gained nothing a lecture really they've received a lot of damage by being part of the previous grand coalition and even if they come to agreement in the next five days the social democrats will have a party delegation on january the twenty first and the members will have to prove it's even that has to go through another hurdle so we're far from over with this crisis in a crisis it most certainly is ok david chase life for us in ballin. now aid agencies say eighty thousand more display syrian civilians have arrived in italy province within the last three weeks these latest arrivals come from the hummer region a tense city is being built for newcomers very close to the turkish border turkey's
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humanitarian relief foundation says around eight hundred thousand internally displaced people and now in italy most of them a fleeing rebel held area under siege from the syrian government egypt has denied a report by the new york times that it asked the media there to play down opposition to president trump's jerusalem decision in late phone recordings a senior intelligence officer reportedly told t.v. personalities to influence their viewers to back the decision the newspaper quoted intelligence officer captain ashraf al callie asking hosts how is jerusalem different from ramallah which is the current base of the palestinian authority in the uk by west bank cali was quoted as saying to the host and intifada would not serve egypt's national security interests egypt's state information service says the hosts deny reports that an intelligence officer had even spoken to them it also says the article does not provide evidence that ashraf al coley is actually an
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officer with egypt's intelligence and it research its stance on jerusalem has not changed meanwhile jordan says the arab league will seek international recognition of a palestinian state after president trump's decision on jerusalem some members of the organization met in amman to damien's protested after the u.s. president recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel mohammed germ jhoom is our correspondent in ramallah in the occupied west bank. what a report like this does here is it really sort of solidifies and confirms to palestinians on the ground here their worst fears that being that you know there's been a sense that since donald trump made the decision to recognize drew slim as the capital of israel that there has been a far more resoundingly silence from the arab world than would have initially been
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expected yes there have been public condemnations by arab leaders that's all true but there has been a sense here that behind the scenes many of these arab leaders of any of these governments. realize that this is something that is probably going to go forward and that they're not going to keep talking about it and keep trying to raise the issues so i expect that in the coming hours we will be hearing more once this report from the new york times in the denial from the egyptian government becomes more widely disseminated. in the occupied west bank this meeting which was held in amman has adjourned and what we expect is that another meeting is going to take place by the full arab league in the coming weeks maybe the next month month and a half and that there will be a more forceful statement coming from there but all of this being said the fact of
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the matter is it doesn't really change much on the ground here right now there is still much anger in the wake of trump's decision. says a calm here in town jazeera as the temperature drops in south korea ahead of the winter games hopes rise for a thaw in relations with the north plus. so the point is that entire treasury was dropped. and al-jazeera investigation reveals a quote by ukraine's only to divide the wealth of the ousted president viktor yet a coven. well again look at the weather across central and southern parts of china and we're going to see quite a change here we've got some really cold air pushes way south shanghai just six
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degrees quite a bit of snow and to the south of that some really heavy rain now hong kong not too bad with temperatures of nineteen degrees but as we head on into choose day as that front comes south just eleven degrees here dry weather falling on behind it with quite a dip in temperatures gerri and it's looking pretty chilly across northern parts of vietnam nori really rather gray misty fair breeze and only thirteen degrees across the rest of indo china the states it should still be fine for laos and miramar into south asia and is really the visibility the poor air quality the main issue across many parts of northern india and into pakistan just nineteen degrees the high in delhi is also the threat of some showers affect in sri lanka times with otherwise it's dry now as you head across into the arabian peninsula we have got the threat of some showers here want to show is just moving down through the gulf region may clip the northern end of qatar but i think there's a high risk of some showers for the rest of the gulf states on the other side of the plane sure is generally looking fine but we have got an area of sherratt to vittie towards the southern end of the red sea sun
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a mage's pick up the all share but from mecca it should be another fine day and highs of thirty one. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain the good logical rational person. and misinformation is right dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera.
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take a look at the top stories here it out there are several pakistani political groups including some that have been blacklisted by the government have been demonstrating . comes days after the u.s. suspended aid to pakistan in an effort to pressure the government to crack down on what it calls terrorism the groups holding the rally dollar which is led by the main suspect in the mumbai attacks of two thousand and eight. an old time has caught fire and thirty two crew missing after a collision with a cargo ship off the coast of china search teams are looking for the missing sailors who come from iran and bangladesh rescue a save the twenty one crew of the other ship involved. the german chancellor angela merkel says she is optimistic that a coalition government can be formed talks with the social democrats are underway
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in berlin a possible sicking point between them and merkel's christian democrats is the refugee crisis. as investigative unit is obtained secret documents that revealed a plot by eastern european oligarchs to profit from billions thought to have been stolen by that to yemen gave it the our city cranium president was overthrown in twenty fourteen officials froze one and a half billion dollars soon afterwards barters will jordan ripples the money is returned to ukraine is far from guaranteed when he fled ukraine in twenty fourteen victory on a covert to goal that he and his men could carry they headed to russia soon after ukrainian officials found one point five billion dollars stashed offshore and they froze it the day he ran away from the country the entire ukrainian treasury and its accounts had a few thousand dollars so the point is that entire treasury was robbed.
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today al-jazeera has discovered the young code which plan is working closely with the russian government we obtained an unsigned copy of a secret deal a plot to sell tens of millions of the frozen money unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses you can sign it with your blood. the document names to all agog says the buyers one wanted in ukraine the other a russian property magnate but the seller is hidden behind an offshore shell company based at this law firm in cyprus. other bank documents and company records of eventually lead us to moscow and to surrogate. gas tycoon who was young a curvatures money man and the seller of the frozen assets he was given control of a chunk of the gas trade he made a lot of money for himself and then he cut back most of it than to his political
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patrons which was you know going to cambridge was an attempt his son. wanted in ukraine and sanctioned in the u.s. and europe he travels under armed guard in a multi car convoy rarely appearing in public. we tracked down his former chauffeurs and they revealed his regular meetings with the russian government we often drive into the ministry of economic development the ministry of natural resources the national space agency. also the russian presidential administration and state oil and gas firms. aside from frozen assets ukraine's intelligence agency says could change those trading oil gas and coal in the conflict zones of eastern ukraine fueling corruption and conflict in a country that was once his own. didn't respond to our request for comment will jordan al-jazeera and you can see the full investigation called the
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oligarchs on sunday at eight pm g.m.t. followed by these times you can also see the program as well as documents online at al-jazeera dot com slash the oligarchs nigeria is speeding up the process of bringing its citizens home from libya after allegations of exploitation and abuse the foreign minister says two aircraft are being sent to fly eight hundred people home in the next few days it's part of the plan to return around five thousand refugees to nigeria the repatriation process follows revelations that african migrants trying to reach europe are being sold as slaves in libya. meanwhile the italian coast guard says at least eight people have died eighty six others have been rescued from a boat off the coast of libya rescue agencies say many more are still missing and the international organization for migration the i.o.m. calls the mediterranean the world's deadliest importer one hundred twenty thousand
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refugees and migrants arrived in italy by sea last year mahmoud up to one head has the latest from libya's capital tripoli libya's coast guard spokesman says that they have not intervened in that latest risk you operation. it has been all taking care of by coast guard at the spokesman also said that the boat sailed off and go to bali that's a town east of the libyan capital tripoli and the boat capsized around thirty five miles away from a good coast now the reasons why libya's coast guard has not spotted this boat is that usually these boats are very small and libya's coast guard says that they cannot spot such a small boats unless they are reported by one of the patrols of libya's coast guard or they get
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a call from the migrants on board of of the boat now in some cases smugglers give the migrants a wireless device or as for your phone to call libya's coast guard in case the boat capsizes now libya's coast guard also says that during these days the are conducting maintenance operations to their vessels and that's one of the reasons why they are not very active as usual spotting boats of illegal migrants in the mediterranean. the french and on the korean peninsula has cast an early chill of a preparations for the games in the next part of our series looking ahead to the stories that are likely to make headlines this year for hours louis reports from p.r. . the mountain town of p.r. the site of south korea's first ski resort and is preparing for nothing achievement
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to host the country's first olympic and paralympic been to games some of these slopes will be closed later this month for the event across town finishing touches are being made and people are looking forward to the opening ceremony in february. i'm excited and a bit nervous that i'll be able to watch such a big event taking place here. it's been such a long time since south korea hosted an olympics event it's a good opportunity to promote the country and especially this area it could also be a chance to improve into korea relations north korea has recently said it may send its athletes to take part in the event something south korea says it welcomes but security concerns over the north's nuclear weapons development remain organizers however say this isn't the first time a huge sporting event is held against the backdrop of heightened tensions but of course again safety and security are part of all of the olympic games and so it's
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a part of our preparations that we do but every other olympic committee has also had the same measures in place so we're working to ensure that everything is in place in time for the games. but an even more unpredictable factor is mother nature forecast at temperatures on the day of the opening ceremony could make it one of the coldest in thirty years and the stadium has no roof a deliberate design to save time and money officials say to counter the cold they're installing when she and will give out hot packs and blankets to spectators . this is a heart attack a pocket sized portable heater to give it a good shake the chemicals inside react this package generates heat their last for at least ten hours put in your pocket you hands out warm and toasty. for those willing to brave the cold it's now easier to get to the venue with a new high speed train from seoul to p.r. china. south korea also plans to use the upcoming on the pics to showcase what it
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says will be the most technologically advanced games which i mentioned that there's a camera placed on the home and to competitors spectators can watch the event from athletes perspective in real time on this tablet which uses five g. technology. no efforts being spread to make the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics and paralympics a success florence li al-jazeera south korea and in the next part of our series will be reporting from moscow with putin on calls for a fourth term as president find out why russian politics is still a woman show you can see that story here on our just here on monday now president trump has hit back at accusations that he's mentally unfit for office he's described himself as a stable genius his comments were sparked by the publication of a book which questions his abilities is also claiming that his staff view him as
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infant and as john hendren reports from washington mr trump's latest attacks on the author michael wolff have overshadowed his policy agenda. and i did a quick interview with him a long time ago having to do with an article this book clearly has donald trump rattled the suggestion in fire and fury the cabinet members and allies to question trump's intelligence and his fitness for office have gotten under the president's skin the book has driven a wedge between trump and his one time closest adviser steve bennett but i don't know this man i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit and it was one of those things that's why sloppy steve is now looking for a job as republican leaders met the president to discuss their legislative agenda for twenty eight eighteen trump began his day with a barrage of morning tweets he wrote throughout my life my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like really smart and he said that winning the
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presidency qualifies him as not smart but genius in a very stable genius at that in defending himself against the allegations in this book president trump was knocked off message and it steve bannon says he's lost his stuff media mogul rupert murdoch calls him an idiot and staffers describe him as a semi literate fool but what the republicans who met with trump on saturday wanted to talk about with their plans for twenty eight teen and immigration reform it was candid it donald trump signature campaign promise and we are building a wall on the southern border we need safety we need cameras and i will have mexico pay for that wall it turns out he might have that half right the administration's plan for an immigration overhaul would spend eighteen billion dollars over ten years and add five hundred five kilometers to an existing border wall with mexico and the u.s. congress would pay for the bill is expected to restore some protection for the so-called dreamers children of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s.
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by their parents trump recently rescinded an obama era rule protecting them but democrats fear the new immigration funds could be used to deport dreamers who registered for the program or their families they don't have resources. to deport eight hundred thousand dreamers and it's not at all clear that the information at the dreamer's volunteered to the government to establish their right to be legally work at work and otherwise could be used to identify and detain and then deport the dreamers but immigration was not the top question trump addressed on saturday john hendren zero washington all right let's go to the west coast of the united states now on the largest animals on the planet and giant ships are on a collision course literally dozens of blue whales are killed every year in shipping lanes off the coast of california and now scientists are looking at ways to develop a warning system for ships crews rob reynolds reports now from santa barbara. the
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blue whale is an all inspiring creature the largest animal that has ever lived they can weigh one hundred thirty six thousand kilos and stretched thirty three meters from nose to tail me live from eighty to one hundred in ten years but in the santa barbara channel even blue whales are no match for giant cargo ships when ships hit whales whales die there are about eighty endangered whales that are killed every year ago along the coast of north western north america and that's a lot of whales for some of these whales that are quite rare in these populations we really think that that road kill is inhibiting the recovery of slowing down the recovery of these whales commercial whaling reduced blue whales to about one percent of their or original number before killing them was banned by an international agreement in one nine hundred sixty six whales population is increasing worldwide but given their slow reproductive cycle scientists and
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government officials are concerned about their survival we're at a point now where we have a chance to bring blue whales back from the brink of extinction we need to find the ways to slow ships down along the california coast researchers with the university of california and the buying off ocean initiative are working on a technologically sophisticated new way old warning system and a radio a visual surveillance hydrophones thermal imaging and data crunching all that information comes together to be alert that says hey ship's watch out today is a bad day for whales please slow down if the ships build in two to four hours of their transit to accommodate for slower the slow speed zone to protect the whales then we can achieve what we're trying to without regulation the government agency responsible has asked shipping companies to voluntarily cut their speed and even offered modest cash rewards for those who will do so but nevertheless ninety
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percent of all. ships that transit these whale rich waters go full speed ahead in shipping like any other business time is money no vessel master wants to hit a well it's a tragic thing when it does happen and we do take steps to try and avoid it but the industry opposes mandatory speed limits in blue whale territory what we would like to see is the continuance of voluntary programs in order to collect the necessary data to inform that decision making process what's known already is this unless the ship slow down more of these magnificent animals will become road kill rob reynolds al-jazeera santa barbara. take a look at the top stories here it out several pakistani political groups including some blacklisted by the government have been holding
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a rally. they were protesting against the u.s. decision to move its embassy in israel to jerusalem and really comes after the u.s. suspended aid to pakistan in an effort to pressure the government to crack down on radical groups egypt is denying pressuring t.v. hosts to back the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the new york times newspaper reported leaked phone recordings of a senior intelligence officer telling t.v. has to play down opposition to donald trump's move the t.v. has deny having ever spoken to the officer. and all tanker has caught fire and thirty two crew are missing after a collision with a cargo ship off the coast of china search teams are looking for the missing sailors who come from iran and bangladesh the german chancellor says she's optimistic about forming a coalition government after almost four months of a political vacuum since the elections in september talks of resumed in berlin
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between angela merkel's christian democrats and the social democrats a potential sicking point is the refugee crisis and whether to allow the relatives of immigrants to join them in germany. is covered. i think we can do it we will work very quickly very intensively that's what we set out to do and you always think about what people in germany are expecting all of us always hope that politics will solve problems in create the framework for people to live well in our country i am optimistic about these talks but i also know that there is a lot of work ahead of us in the coming days we are willing to take on the work. nigeria is speeding up the process of bringing its citizens home from libya after allegations of exploitation and abuse the foreign minister says two aircraft are being sent to fly eight hundred people home in the next few days is part of the plan to return of around five thousand refugees to nigeria all
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right those are the headlines the news will continue in about thirty minutes but that's after the listening post. the town of edna's one of the most polluted places in the occupied west bank truckloads of electronic waste make their way here every day the vast majority coming from israel to surrounding illegal jewish settlements each item is taken apart the parts then are sold back to israel but it's valuable materials such as copper wire to the to most profitable. a good chunk of this waste gets burnt illegally because it's simply cheaper and easier to instruct copper and this way usually happens on the hill surrounding the time but this is agriculture love a look at what's left behind ashes and metals that. miss babbles a lot that is furious which each fired more of his crops are destroyed sloth on one it's like a cancer that no one can walk here anymore just suffocating even the sheep can to
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be here oh they're not breathing anymore look at them i only had to use isn't the dead as she. asked the couple to walk. home from. work for. a while.


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