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helping change the face of india. at this time on al-jazeera. valued is a gem of africa ruby has gone through many changes over the past decades took to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hear from those who witnessed the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera. many feel four hundred thousand nigerian money. nigeria brings back home hundreds of its citizens sold into slavery in libya al-jazeera excludes.
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them fully back to goa watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha also coming up. the syrian government targets rebel held city killing dozens of people and forcing many others defeat. france's president emanuel arrives in china for a state visit with trade and security expected to top the agenda bus. lovers. because mark will tell you how something so tiny looms so large in the lives of detroit's homeless. thank you for joining us faced with diet conditions back home thousands of nigerians each tried to make their way to europe but once they get to libya the main transit point many find themselves trapped and subjected to slavery torture and abuse now the nigerian government is stepping in frying five hundred migrants
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stranded in libya back home al-jazeera is ahmed idris traveled with some of them here's his exclusive report. a cramped office in the center of tripoli is the only decent place these nigerian teenagers have seen in years they left home with promises of a life of opportunity and comfort nothing prepared them for what followed in libya joy is not her real name she says she was sold for one thousand one hundred dollars . to buy her freedom she needed to pay around two thousand five hundred dollars last week she and her friend saw a chance to escape from there by air and they took. her to a guest jeff rense so our minds we decided to run we jumped for his very high friends as minds so we ran around iran. simulates keeps iran libya she told us many like car have been killed for the flimsiest of
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reasons someone who was sold for less than two hundred dollars in libyan sleep markets this if ten year old was promised a job as a tailor in a fashion house in italy. on reaching a transit destination in libya she ended up as a domestic servant why she says she was abused by her employers and what we did the white people people the much treated me dig didn't give me my salary didn't even seized my passport says everything about me it would be people dad brought me here did they neglected me libyan security forces say these nigerian woman who's been living in libya for seven years is a people trafficker. she was alleged to have kept more than eighty goals as sex slaves but off your say as well as nigerian traffickers there are also libyans and some europeans in the treat. the nigerian government team on a fact finding mission in libya say they are shocked at what they saw and heard it
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talked about the various abuse systematic endemic and exploitation of all kinds i challenge to the senior officials as to the discrepancy between the numbers you know they came up with all kinds of not very convincing excuses this played into a narrative that we had been. told about that indeed. there are obviously interests that wanted to keep as many of them there as possible because they were commodities the delegation was told there are fourteen detention centers in libya other reports suggest they may be as many as thirty holding as many as forty thousand nigeria's the nigerian government is preparing for an influx of returning. the first government report christian flights to go from tripoli carrying five hundred nigerians the few over the mediterranean and the sahara
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desert tracing the route where hundreds of travel companions died in their attempts to reach europe for most of the migrants on this flight it's a mixed feeling of being free at last and that of disappointment they've been through so much over the past years they're left with such promise but hard to draw a lot of pain indignities of slavery torture and rape yet despite the hardships and dangers thousands more nigerians to attempt a judge in europe and the. nigerian migrants in the skies over the. meanwhile more than two hundred fifty refugees have been rescued from two balls off the coast of libya the coast guard say one of the vessels had sunk while the other was overcrowded they also recovered the bodies of two women who drowned survivors say dozens of others are still missing. in syria at least twenty five people have been killed in an attack in the city of it lived government forces have been making steady gains in the northwestern province they have also increases strikes on other
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rebel held areas including the busy suburbs of eastern gota osama bin job it has more. the people of egypt city have become used to silence like this syrian civilians yet again caught up inside of war with seemingly no end in sight the target one of the many rebel factions who control parts of the all the movement claimed responsibility something. to the finger at the assad government. would you bashar we would leave we will die in syria. says of the assad regime have been making gains in the northwestern parts of it live in hama provinces in the last forty eight hours if they can more areas in the countryside. and rebels have not been able to stand the government's air superiority. but the relentless campaign doesn't only target fighters this is what happens when people hear warplanes in the sky. of operation
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a village has more than doubled in the last few years over a million displaced people have been transferred to it live after the government starvin siege tactics in other areas south forces have also stepped up attacks on the east and. these are two of the four deescalation zones agreed upon by syria iran russia and turkey. although there have been fewer attacks on farms and when a threat which are the other areas under the deal but the bombings never stopped completely. more than four hundred thousand people are besieged in eastern two alone because they expect. a bit of agreement no two to russia. and. iran recently to the. conflict zone in. the last. place. was the u.n.
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has declared that struck civilians face a complete catastrophe because the assad government has both the deliveries in besieged areas. and as the guarantors of the deescalation deal get ready to meet in the russian city of sochi later this month syrian civilians continue to suffer some injuries. in other world news french president emanuel michel has used his first state visit to china to call for the two countries to work together on the development of africa mccaughan began his three day tour in the ancient capital of cheyenne with a tour of the city's famous terra cotta warriors in an address to leaders china and not to repeat past mistakes made by friends in africa as we talk correspondent in beijing rob mcbride rob a very important visit for both china and france tell us more for us about what's come out so far. that's right well it's important for
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macro and obviously and also gives a chance for china to get to know what is rest still a relatively new and young world leader as you mentioned there he has arrived he's decided to start his visit in she and home of the terra cotta warriors also symbolically probably more importantly it's one of the ancient starting out points for the silk road which are connected ancient china with the west has been a keen to show just how far back the franco chinese relationship goes. back to that is seen as the modern equivalent of the silk road it is something which which is a key project of xi jinping so it plays well to his chinese hosts to speak in favor of that he gave a wide ranging speech where he spoke about the ways in which france and china can cooperate on the world stage in a world in a range of different areas and also in
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a particularly in africa he spoke about france having a very long connection through its colonial period with africa comparing that with the chinese interest in the continent now china of course has been building relationships with a number of african countries with its infrastructure projects and so on and reminding the chinese that they do have a responsibility they cannot simply build things and walk away from it they have a responsibility to. colleges for that day and let's hear what the prank french president said to chinese leaders there about their relationship with china and what they're hoping to do in africa. this isn't a good it is it going to meet. we need to improve development education health and the economy in africa by working together we can change the world for africa. all right rob is back our rob we lost connection to you there
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a short while ago tell us about the other things on the agenda of microphones visit over these next three days straight will be high on the agenda i imagine of discussions what are each side hoping to achieve. he has foley a pretty full wish list his visit takes him next to beijing apart from the pomp and ceremony of banquets and dinners meetings with xi jinping there will also be the number of deals that need to be signed that have been worked out in advance trade is very important on this trip we are expecting to see further orders for example for air bus passenger jets france and china are also collaborates when it comes to nuclear power we are possibly going to see new deals there security though also features prominently they will be talking about problems in the middle east and closer to home problems on the north korean peninsula both sides will be
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looking at ways that they might be able to encourage the north koreans and the americans to dial down the rhetoric somewhat to stop their inflammatory war of words and then finally what we'll be looking for from this visit is support on the environment there's been a lot of concern about the paris climate change agreement signed just two years ago but still reeling somewhat from the u.s. withdrawing from that china as the biggest carbon emitter in the world it is very important that the chinese stay on board so mccrone will be looking for commitment from china that it is still behind the paris climate agreement earlier rob thank you very much for that rob mcbride live for us in beijing. and saying in the region south korea's top nuclear envoy and his japanese counterpart are meeting in seoul this comes a day before the first high level talks between north and south korea in more than
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two years ever a gathering is expected to focus on participation in the upcoming winter olympic games in china kathy novak is our correspondent in seoul following this story for us kathy we've had the chinese envoy going through his soul in the past few days and now japan so plenty of shuttle diplomacy ahead of that important meeting tomorrow. yes these top nuclear envoys say they want to capitalise on what south korea's foreign ministry is calling a peace momentum brought about by developments such as this high level meeting that is due to take place at the border between north and south korea on choose day the japanese and south korean sides say they want to intensive fly diplomatic efforts in the hopes that it will turn that momentum in to a way to bring about a new nuclear ization ultimately of north korea that of course is the ultimate goal but starting somewhat smaller with these talks on tuesday where the focus will be
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on the potential for north korea to send its athletes to participate in the winter olympics that will be taking place here in south korea next month so the fact that the north and south are speaking at all after two years of no communication is being seen as a positive step and the south korean news agency is saying that the south korean nuclear envoy is also due to hold talks in the united states with the u.s. special envoy to brief him on the outcome of those talks finally the winter games as you say is the reason the two sides are getting together in the first place north and south korea but how much hope is a county that they could tackle either issues on this meeting and that they could be progress on those issues. well i think there would be hopes to bring up general intercourse relations at the meeting for example the potential for a family reunions for members of families that were separated by the korean war
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less contentious an issue then the broader issue of south north korea's nuclear and missile testing south korea has a long said that it wants the olympics to be known as the peace olympics as i say the president has wanted the north to participate and south korea's foreign minister says that this country will be looking beyond the olympics towards improving into career in the relations and talking about ways to bring about denuclearization on the korean peninsula kim jong un the leader of north korea used his new year's speech last week to suggest the possibility of these talks but also to continue to threaten the united states with a nuclear weapon so north korea shows no signs of being willing to scale back its nuclear program so what will happen alternately still remains to be seen but nevertheless this is being seeing as i say as a positive first step towards improving the situation here on the korean peninsula
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following kathy novak in seoul thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera fifty years on indigenous not. chinese military dictatorship are finally being remembered last we look ahead to the biggest stories in twenty eighteen russia's one man show me a protein is on course to win a fourth term as president. how the weather still remains pretty disturbed across western parts of europe still that circulation just spinning away there from spain and portugal it will gradually notch its way a little further east as we go on through the next few days of the wet weather heading towards italy clear skies come back in behind that the middle east for a time a celsius no great shakes and the temperatures say paris will be warmer highs here of around nine degrees celsius or the six there in london similar values actually
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as we go into central parts vienna at around eight degrees notice those temperatures do hall of ring around freezing into that northeastern corner further south little more cloud coming in is we go on through tuesday that what the weather moving across italy some snow there for the out so the winds come in from a southerly direction a relatively warm doris and yes because it pushed into the cold air across the high ground looking like it's going to really turn to snow as to the chance some snowy bits there across northern parts of by just four celsius the top temperature in richard to this day so what weather still in place there across northern parts of africa for north america northern algeria could see some rain as we go on through monday twelve thirteen celsius it brightens up and it warms up as we go on through chews day by that stage little more cloud sliding its way into libya to the east of that not too bad in colorado with a high of twenty. it
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. is. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera hundreds of nigerian migrants stranded in libya have returned home the government has ordered the media the evacuation of
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about five and a half hours and all of its citizens from libya after reports of abuse slavery and torture a combo bomb has killed twenty five people in the syrian city of one of the last rebel strongholds there reports that a rebel headquarters was the target syrian government forces continue to make gains in the area pushing through the into the surrounding countryside and france's president has used his first state visit to china to call for the two countries to work together on the development of africa he's also endorsed belt and road initiative china's largest ever infrastructure program saying the benefits of the project should be shed. the saudi led coalition has denied hoofy rebel claims that they shot down its military jet in yemen sada province the saudi air force says the plane crashed because of a technical failure it also says the two pilots have been rescued meanwhile the party of yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh who was killed last month has
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named its new leader former agriculture minister sadik i mean. the new head of the general people's congress party sylia was killed by hoofy rebels after he switched sides and botched the saudi led coalition in its battle against hoofy. egypt's former prime minister ahmed shafik has ruled himself out of the running for the upcoming presidential election shafique said in november he intended to run later this year but he's now pulled out of contention saying his not the perfect person to lead state a phase was widely seen as a serious challenger to president. now ironic is reportedly banning the teaching of english as a subject in primary schools education officials want to stop what they call a western cultural invasion primary schools will focus more on promoting farsi eddie raney and culture the ban will apply to both state and privately owned
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schools not to chile which is due to open its first memorial to the members of the mapuche a indigenous minority killed by the military dictatorship during the one nine hundred seventy s. many activists vanished and their remains were never found out as there is latin america editor lucien human has more from to move in central chile. needed mapuche a historian it non-coding need want the world to know the new government you're going to do. the center of the plaza goes through here to the quake it's a sacred space where only one day a year the sun rays pass directly from one side to the other even to get out of. it's here surrounded by seven hundred year old trees that the first ever memorial to one hundred seventy one my push of victims of chile's former military dictatorship will soon be formally opened up here by the. shortly after the one nine hundred seventy three military coup could he needs twenty three year old
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brother nelson a left wing university student was detained by soldiers and never seen again but he made a race for them and that's when i understood for the first time the meaning of state terrorism the fact that i could escape and go into exile explains why i'm alive to tell the story. it took twenty warriors for nelson quoting old family google scholar that soldiers had shot him dead and thrown his body impulse river to this day only one of the supporters who disappeared during that period with her mains were ever found. thousands of chileans were executed or disappeared during the pinochet dictatorship but the fate of the indigenous my putsch victims has until now received little attention in a country where they have long been discriminated. my dear lynn remembers how secret police referred to her father a teacher and a poet as the indian she says they were all vilified for being my plutus.
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my father was vomiting blood and urinating blood from the beatings he received when they brought him back from prison hours later they took him away again and he disappeared forever we've never been able to accept his death. and the other survivors welcome the opening of the soon to be finished memorial park in the hope that it will help chile see that them up which is we're not just victims of a dictatorship but of a society that never acknowledged their suffering. you see in human i'll just see. now that a man protein is expected to stay in office for another six years after the presidential election in a macho but russia's tightly managed political system has failed to create excitement with many people saying they'll skip the vote and the latest of our series looking ahead to the big stories of the c.s. roee chalons reports from moscow. the exhibition is called super putin thirty artists presenting vladimir putin various heroic depictions it opened at
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a moscow gallery home the same day the president announced his bid for reelection it's the kind of post modern political display you quickly get used to in russia one's never quite sure how seriously all this is meant to be taken from. the real life readymade putin is expected to comfortably cruise to a fourth term in office this year he's running as an independent candidate even so putin's most publicly vocal critic is being barred from running against him alexina valley has called for nationwide protests in response the. let's come out to the street for yourselves feel rights for your future for the fact that we do not want to lose another six years this action needs to be carefully planned and we will hold and cross the entire country on sunday january twenty eighth less threatening to russia's carefully constructed political order is cassini a sub check she's the daughter of putin's former political mentor the journalist and t.v. personality comes with
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a liberal opposition credentials yet has been admitted to the race just finished we'll see. if sacred processions and many million street pres are allowed opposition rallies should also be allowed as well as the atheist rallies carnivals and gay pride if church marches are allowed civil l.g.b. t. marriages should also be allowed analyst andre kolesnikov says these decisions make political sense my violin is dangerous for this very stable construction a stable model for the political system. check who's the new figure in this field is acceptable because she's not dangerous she can be such a person who can announce some liberal ideas but has the same time to discredit. liberal it is because she was a girl from the party not more then there are the communist nationalist l.d.p.
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are candidates in recent years neither of these parties have provided any genuine opposition to the policies of the government to work only in the electorate doesn't seem enthused recently honey fifty eight percent polled russians said they were thinking of voting for a comparatively low figure for this country as super putin knowingly acknowledges russian politics is a one man show but beneath the debatable humor there's a contradiction if a superhero patrol you do is ready to vanquish russia's external enemies has no credible domestic challenger then why should people bother voting for him in march superheros to not lose elections but if turnout drops significantly next year then the kremlin loses some of the legitimacy it needs to support an aging political system will reach allan's zero. and cambodia is also going to the polls in twenty eighteen in our next feature in the series rob mcbride looks into concerns over its
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electoral system following a crackdown on political parties you can watch that story on al-jazeera on tuesday . now i sculptures some around the world have been showcasing their talents in a competition in china the harbin ice and snow festival is known for his colorful and extravagant sculptures which are caused to represent landmarks from across the globe many also have a political message carving began on saturday and they have until monday to finish their creations. one of hollywood's biggest events of the year the golden globe awards has wrapped up in hollywood but the ceremony which usually focuses on the gates said glamour of the entertainment industry had more of a somber tone this year many actors filmmakers and producers were accused of sexual misconduct. twenty seventeen including hollywood heavyweights producers avi weinstein and kevin spacey many of those in attendance wore all black as part of
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the hashtag me to movement which sought to highlight the issue of sexual harassment in the industry. i was just over four years ago that detroit became the biggest city in american history to file for bankruptcy but today it's undergoing a renaissance as it experiments on finding a solution for its housing crisis john hendren has a story. detroit is a city of many ironies the streets of the motor city are largely empty what was once the fourth largest city in the u.s. could fit boston san francisco and manhattan into its footprint but no longer makes the top twenty in population and since more than half of its two million residents fled after the one nine hundred fifty s. it is a city of both thousands of abandoned homes and an epic level of homelessness but a faith based charity here has a small solution to one of detroit's biggest problems tiny houses a reverend fittingly named faith has written the book on them if you have could
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leave your children the way my parents left to me the sky's the limit i mean you really could become middle class if that's the happily ever after that. right now in august detroit's cast foundation built the first seven homes from bungalows to frank lloyd wright style to tutors that low income buyers can pay off at a rate of two hundred fifty to four hundred dollars a month in just seven years for keith who spent twelve years in prison home means a fresh start and. twenty more tiny homes like his are going up here this year across the us. urban areas like detroit but now there's a movement with cities from san francisco to new york building tiny homes like these to give a little piece of the american dream to many who have stopped dreaming since motown
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came roaring out of bankruptcy downtown glitters and rents are high but here and across the u.s. homeownership is at a fifty year low detroit doesn't have. a housing shortage problem. so far diminutive. play only a small role in solving a colossal problem. there . but for those no living in close quarters all the room it's a big deal john hendren zero detroit. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera hundreds of nigerian migrants stranded in libya have returned home and i jerry in government has ordered the media to evacuate to repeat past mistakes made by france as
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a colonial power. this isn't a good it is economy. we need to improve development education health and the economy in africa by working together we can change the world for africa. south korea's top nuclear envoy and his japanese counterpart are meeting in seoul it comes a day before the first high level talks between north and south korea in more than two years there a gathering is expected to focus on pyongyang's participation in the upcoming winter games in kyung chon the saudi led coalition has denied who the rebels claim is that they shot down its military jet in yemen sada province the saudi air force says the pain crashed because of a technical failure it also says the two pilots have been rescued iranian backed hoofy rebels have been fighting government forces supported by saudi arabia in yemen egypt's former prime minister ahmed shafik has ruled himself out of the running for the upcoming presidential election shafique said in november he
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intended to run later this year but he's not pulled out of contention saying he is not the perfect person to lead state affairs and iran is banning the teaching of english as a subject in primary schools education officials want to stop what they call a western cultural invasion primary schools will focus more on promoting fossey any raney and culture the ban will apply to both state run and privately owned schools but english will still be taught in secondary schools those are the headlines inside story is next on al-jazeera stay with us. look at the economic reasons behind the middle east. for european for. the chief global economist a. dangerous idea. time. for.
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