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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time on al-jazeera. moving forward south korea's president says he's willing to meet north korea's leader kim jong. il on down jordan the saudis are up live from doha also coming up raids across villages in the west bank after an israeli settler shot dead in the occupied
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territories. a legal setback to donald trump's plans to end the program protecting young immigrants from deportation. and from fires to floods thirteen people are dead in southern california as heavy rain triggers mudslides and destroys homes. south korean president mungy in says he's willing to meet north korean leader kim jong il and if it could help resolve the nuclear standoff it comes just a day after the first formal into korean talks in more than two years. general john your computer. did not desire the immediately unification of the koreas it is my goal to resolve north korea's nuclear issues and peace during my to. denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula is part of the process towards peace and it is up by six days that we can never concede regarding this issue. because more now from
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seoul south korean president says he would be willing to sit down with the north korean leader kim jong un if he believed there would be a tension will outcome from such a meeting he is continuing to push forward a policy of more dialogue and engagement with north korea of course he made these comments just a day after the first interfering in talks in more than two years after those talks north korea agreed to send a delegation to the winter olympics that will be taking place here in south korea next month the united states and others have a welcomed the talks but the bigger picture remains how to convince north korea to denuclearize north korea had said that it maintains its nuclear weapons pose pointed towards the united states and not to wardes its fellow koreans monday in the south korean president for his part says that the campaign of sanctions and pressure against north korea is what brought it to the dialogue table and he
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thanked the efforts of u.s. president donald trump on his part of maintaining those that pressure against north korea and he wants to see future talks with north korea including talks between the military and possibly on family reunions happening between members of separated families as soon as next month. the israeli army has carried out raids on a number of villages close to the occupied west bank town of nablus after a thirty five year old israeli settler was shot dead he said the father of six was killed in a drive by shooting when over twenty bullets were sprayed at the car he was driving the army is to clear the area to the south west of nablus a military zone there are reports of skirmishes in the villages of tel and south of out of settlers throwing stones at passing cars in the village of buddha and are a force that has more from western lucilla. well the israeli military says that this thirty five year old man a rabbi from the illegal outpost of about gilad just southwest of nablus in the
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occupied west bank that he was in his vehicle on route sixty the main road near that illegal outpost where he lived and he was shot dead from a by a from a passing vehicle the military not saying whether it was one gunman or more but there are reports that twenty two bullets struck the vehicle that he was shot in the neck and chest taken to hospital where he was then pronounced dead at the military responded by declaring a military zone southwest of nablus israeli soldiers entering two villages tel and sorrow there were confrontations with local palestinians in those villages before the military the soldiers withdrew to the entrances of the villages they also carried out raids within nablus itself western neighborhoods of nablus seizing security cameras as this hunt for the suspects in this incident continues israeli settlers as well gathered around a checkpoint at least one area throwing stones at palestinian vehicles in response
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so pretty tense situation in the hours after this shooting nablus itself is surrounded by illegal israeli settlements and outposts has long been an area where there have been clashes between palestinians and settlers the last fatal shooting by a palestinian on israeli targets took place in september when a man entered at a checkpoint at the entrance to an israeli settlement shot dead three israeli security forces members and was then shot dead him self the difference in this instance the perpetrator or perpetrators are still on the run and since then we've had the donald trump declaration about jerusalem so the whole situation in the palin's palestinian territories is more tense there have been weeks of protests the iranian company has oil tanker collided with a freighter off the east coast of china says there's still hope of finding survivors bad weather and a fire. on the iranian ship complicating the search for the thirty one sailors missing since the collision on saturday the body of one crewmember was recovered from the sea on monday the tanker was carrying more than
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a million barrels of oil let's get more now from agent brown who joins us live from the pool that's where the hong kong freighter has been towed to aging we understand you've been speaking to a family member of one of the fisherman who helped rescue survivors so what more details are emerging. that's right we spoke to the wife of the captain of the fishing boat that was in the area at the time of this collision on saturday night he said he heard a huge explosion it was then pretty clear that something terrible had happened they then received a distress signal and they made their way towards the scene of this collision now when they got there the crew of the sea of crystal twenty one chinese crewmembers were already in a lifeboat they were able to haul them aboard the trawler like one of the trailers behind me here and bring them back here to this port now they say that when they got there it was impossible for them to reach the iranian tanker by this time it was well ablaze they said the flames were simply too powerful and they had to turn
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back and bring those rescued fisherman those rescue crew members back to this port but certainly gradually we're starting to get more details about what happened on saturday evening more than ninety hours ago the information we've been receiving from the chinese authorities has really been very little indeed but gradually bit by bit we are beginning to piece together a picture of what happened on saturday evening and certainly the actions of this chinese fishing crew certainly went some way i think to saving the lives of those twenty one crew members we've also been hearing on that wednesday morning down from officials in seoul from the oceans and fisheries ministry who say they believe that the fire on board this iranian oil tanker could burn for another two to four weeks that just shows you how powerful that furnace is it's not been raging ok for four days chinese officials though have given a slightly more positive picture today they say the oil slick around that tanker is
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not as big as had been feared all right adrian brown there are jewish and port thank you a.j. . flooding and mudslides caused by a powerful storm in southern california have killed at least thirteen people thousands of residents have also been forced on their homes reprint his reports from los angeles. torrential rains moving inland from the pacific ocean devastated the very same parts of california that were ravaged by wildfires last month the only words i can really think of to describe what it looked like was it looked like a world war one battlefield it was literally a carpet of mud and debris everywhere. deadly mudslides raced down canyons in montecito near santa barbara leveling homes and destroying everything the fires left on harm i heard the rumble of the rocks and we looked over the river and the trees are just coming down true true true we've heard of
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a little baby. bump and cable will. die down all over the world can you. got it out of the bottle that's no. hope it's ok to buy a car lay stranded the fate of its owner on known rivers of thick gray muck course through upscale neighborhoods and roads were overwhelmed including the major north south coastal highway one hundred one the recent fires stripped steep hillsides of brush and other vegetation that normally anchors the earth in place firefighters say the burnt landscape makes the soil more susceptible to giving way without warning in heavy rain what happens once the ground gets saturated the soil it starts giving it's kind of like building a sand castle at the beach says out sand get saturated with water it's going to
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slough off and that's what we're seeing here behind me. as crews work to clear roads and move debris word came that several residents had died. in the floods thousands of others were under mandatory evacuation orders the death toll is expected to rise rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back steve down them steps down from the right wing breitbart news after public following out with donald trump. mexico city's new drive to force millions of motorists to take lessons for the first time on that stay with us. welcome back we've seen some colder air pushing his way down through the caucuses
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and through into western parts of asia for the last couple of days so back to struggling with temperatures of sixty rounds not particular warm either bite out there faring better than one thousand degrees as a high and around the eastern side the mediterranean the weather conditions remaining find the twenty degrees in beirut as you start to pick up more of a southerly breeze here in the arabian peninsula still seeing the risk of showers a sudden and of the red sea and also we've seen showers working the way down through the gulf and the threat of showers still less likely to in the course of wednesday for katan through towards the rest of the gulf states and then is it head on into thursday we should find it brightening up a little bit temperatures generally not too bad riyad just getting up to twenty one degrees celsius across into southern portions of africa we've lost the remnants really of tropical cyclone aver across madagascar but still plenty of showers across the island with a southerly flow beginning showers for parts of mozambique coastal areas anyways some b. and zimbabwe picking up a fair few showers but through much of southern i go there through namibia botswana
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into much of south africa weather conditions a draw in fine with temperatures expected to be in the mid twenty's for cape town the risk of a shower for durban in johannesburg johannesburg seeing highs of twenty two degrees . unbelievable it sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses it's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place if anyone ever comes to ask the question then sort of throw their hands up in the air and say i don't know i was just nominee director we're doing a investigation into. ukraine could you say bribes you've been corrupt and i've been the corrupt i did just what the president say challenges here investigations the only go at this time.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour south korean president moon j.m. says he's willing to meet the north korean leader kim jong. un proposed a summit to resolve differences between both nations over pyongyang's nuclear program. talks on tuesday. israeli army has carried out raids on villages close to the occupied west bank town of nablus after an israeli settler was shot is to clear the area to the southwest of. flooding and mudslides caused by a powerful storm in southern california have killed at least thirteen people in santa barbara county were completely leveled many more were damaged forcing thousands of people to. iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali playing the western powers for the recent unrest in his country and i also suggested tehran's
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regional rival saudi arabia has funded some of the demonstrations he says iran's enemies took advantage of economic problems to try to destabilize the government saying that he has more from. one n.t. government protests began last month iran's supreme leader said he would speak about the unrest at an appropriate time knowing his would be the final word. on tuesday ayatollah ali khamenei blamed foreign intervention by iran's enemies for the demonstrations that resulted in the deaths of at least twenty two people you can. see that even according to evidence there's a triangular patent it was formed by the u.s. and. the money came from a wealthy government it appears in the gulf the third element where henchmen hide of millions but his plot he also had a warning for anyone seeking to use these demonstrations to overthrow iran's government you failed he said and you will fail in the future too.
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i in his speech the supreme leader said that what he calls foreign agents who were behind the anti-government demonstrations adopted a slogan of high prices knowing that that was something that would resonate with many iranians so many acknowledged economic hardships faced by iranian fans and admitted the country had work to do to solve its own problems. but people struggling to pay their bills say there needs to be less talk and more action to improve living standards they know much to look to the said yeah these protests are because of economic problems people are frustrated they have to pay rent they have university students and their families to sally's are not enough for their expenses that they can learn child there's been some economic depression in society for a while job opportunities have decreased god willing it will get solved we're still got to this are the more economic problems were a preliminary cause but some people and some foreign agents misused the situation
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to create tension with one man who didn't speak to us on camera said it was leaders have been blaming foreign countries for domestic problems for years and that it's natural for people who are frustrated with their leaders to take to the streets after all he said that's how the islamic republic of iran came to power in the first place. zero to one. hundred migrants a fair drowned off the coast of libya after their rubber boat was punctured only sixteen survivors were found by the coast guard the incident happened in the city of zawiya migrants and two other boats trying to make the perilous journey to europe will also rescued in total the coast guard picked up about three hundred migrants. hundreds of thousands of displaced people in yemen not struggling to survive in camps without basic health supplies and sanitation more than two million have been forced to leave their homes since the war began three and a half years ago then it smith reports. this family will get just a few minutes warm from the fire here in merritt province yemenis who've lost their
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homes in the civil war are beyond the reach of even the most basic relief that aid groups can provide people here are escaping either hoofy fighters who control the capital sana'a or they're escaping as strikes and attacks by a coalition of countries led by saudi arabia two million yemenis have been displaced since fighting began in september twenty fourth scene as if. we left our homes because of the war we found ourselves here without anything we have nothing here but are low we don't have food and the weather is very cold. four hundred sixty thousand displaced people are in camps like these in mera province they don't get any humanitarian assistance. we leave here in despair we have kidney problems my kids are also sick i have nothing and i can do nothing we urge all countries and international organizations to pay attention to us. disease is rife
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as well as the world's worst cholera epidemic diptheria is on the increase and following the killing of ten thousand people in the fighting the u.n. says eight million yemenis are on the verge of famine bernat smith al jazeera. turkey's foreign ministry has summoned the ambassadors of iran and russia to protest against the violation of a deescalation zone in syria turkey's reportedly accusing syrian troops of breaking the deal in their push to retake opposition held areas of italy russia iran and turkey agreed on for deescalation zones in may last year in an effort to end the seven year war moscow in tehran support the syrian government while turkey backs opposition groups. when another deescalation zone is in the damascus suburb of eastern ghouta the syrian government's bombardment of the rebel held on claims intensifying rebel fighters a desperately trying to cling on to the territory even resorting to talks with syria's ally russia four hundred thousand civilians are struggling to survive the
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bitter winter with medical and food supplies running low natascha going to name as more. the fog of dust from buildings reduced to rubble was still thick as people began transporting the injured and pulling out the dead twenty three people were killed in strikes in eastern guta on monday night. no home team of the derby the warplanes didn't stop day and night they shell only civilians and tall good residential neighborhoods and markets eastern ghouta is a short drive to the capital damascus which is remained relatively calm throughout the war but the lives of the four hundred thousand people here are very different the never ending stream of bombs has created shortages of everything from food to fuel. the last two weeks have been especially intense one hundred twenty six people are estimated to have been killed since december twenty ninth. the new i five
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a man on the video who demand the international community stops the shelling of innocent civilians we don't have any food or mates in here and use kuta we under siege for a long time and we hope god will help us. syrians contemplating leaving their homes are faced with a dilemma for example the displaced who sought refuge in opposition held it lib are in danger again it is the largest rebel stronghold and government forces are in the midst of an offensive to regain control tens of thousands of civilians already in dire circumstances have been recorded as displaced since the first of december due to the fighting with the onset of winter safe shelters among the biggest concerns as many families are fleeing into areas that are already at full capacity into communities with depleted resources people in eastern guta fear if they leave their homes they'll never be allowed to return the un is accusing the syrian government of implementing
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a policy of force displacement to radically alter the demographic makeup of areas previously controlled by the opposition natasha going to name al-jazeera. a seven point six magnitude earthquake has struck off central america sparking a tsunami warning for the caribbean the earthquake hit near remote caribbean islands belonging to honduras a tsunami alert has been issued for puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands a u.s. judge just blocked the trumpet ministration from ending a program shielding children brought to the country illegally by their parents from deportation so far the republican controlled congress has failed to reach a deal on the status of some seven hundred thousand so-called dream immigrants donald trump says he would sign any agreement giving them protection from deportation provided it includes funding for the border wall with mexico. not to build the wall but you need the wall and i will tell you this the ice officers and the border patrol agents adam just recently you know they say if you don't have
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the well you know in certain areas obviously that are protected by nature if you don't have the war you cannot have. the u.s. president's former advisor steve bannon has resigned from his role as executive chairman of the right wing news websites like bought it comes just days after raul over remarks ban and made about trump and his son in the recently published book fire and fury in its ban on coal a twenty sixteen meeting between donald trump jr and a group of russians treasonous but bill schneider is from george mason university he says trump's falling out with bannon may only be temporary. donald trump is very critical he calls him what do you call him sloppy steve and he denounced him he said that he thought he had lost his mind but trump has this history of attacking people and then eventually reconciling with them if trouble needs bannan particularly as we get closer to two thousand and twenty than in could be resurrected everything depends on how donald trump regards the banon how we use him how he treats him the most republican members of congress critically in the senate
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especially the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell they're doing a little happy dance tonight because they're very pleased with the downfall of steve benen he was threatening to oppose them with insurgent candidates the insurgent candidates are still there look before there was the man and there was a tea party movement which ran insurgents against republican incumbents so the threat is still there but battle really epitomized in personalized that threat so for the moment the republican establishment is relieved. police in myanmar have filed charges against two reuters journalists accuse of breaching the official secrets that the charge carries a prison term of up to fourteen years the pay was covering the crisis in rakhine state where hundreds of thousands of range of muslims a fled the military crackdown . police internet have fired tear gas at demonstrators in the capital who stormed a supermarket during an anti-government protest demonstrations have been taking place since monday when people rallied in more than ten towns against the
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government's planned price and tax hikes says the measures are necessary to reduce its ballooning deficit and satisfy international lenders the prime minister you said she had says twenty eighteen will be the last year of economic hardship. political analyst because minority says the protests are signed the government must address people's concerns. with receive tax increases in the new budget coming to be now and this is going to a lot of people nervous and. upset their country we see kind of an inkling is of the arab spring which number one for the people itself carries worries also for extra investors carries that same old view of the middle east of trouble and not a safe place to invest and the government really needs to do something about this in order to fix to change expectations and help the country flourish the french president emanuel macros hailing his visit to china as the beginning of an historic partnership he joined china's president xi jinping in promising to promote free
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trade and combat climate change a vision shopping at odds with that of u.s. president donald trump. brian has more from beijing. china and france are hailing this visit as a new era for strategic part this. she didn't paying and emanuel mccraw signing multi-billion dollar trade deals from aerospace to nuclear energy projects and reaching what they say is common consensus on a range of issues from climate change to international security. we have made an agreement to improve global issues we are faced with climate change and terrorism china will be working together with france so we can have a win win situation and develop a new strategy that helps everyone in the world we have both agreed to have open and deep communications macross says his visit is a recognition of china's role on the world stage and she's preeminent position as
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chinese leader this is mark rance first state visit to china as president and he wants the trip to become an annual event to highlight the deepening relationship between china and europe are growing stronger as their respective relations with the united states become more unpredictable and strained and i think. it is time for european leaders including the french president jacques rogge to really balance off their relations against the united states with their relations with china macron began his visit in the ancient city of shan one of the starting points of the ancient silk road. his full support for what president xi calls his belt and road initiative of new road and rail links seen as the modern day equivalent of connecting east with west is popular here macro will also take away from beijing
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a recommitment to the paris climate agreement seen as crucial after the united states walked away from it in doing so france and china are positioning themselves as global environmental leaders setting an example for the world to follow briard al-jazeera beijing. more than two hundred people have been injured in a train crash in johannesburg the second in south africa in less than a week the commuter service hit the back of another train stuck in the station after breaking down so the africa's rail regulator is blaming human error signal failure last week eighteen people died when a train hit a truck on level crossing in free state province. now to one of the world's largest cities where you surprisingly don't have to take a test to get a driving license on the roads of mexico city three people are killed on average every day and thousands of traffic accidents are reported but now reckless drivers
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are on the government pressure to steer away from bad habits david. it's a typical tuesday morning in mexico city and parents drop their children off at school . in the prize make up in her rearview mirror another leaves her car in the middle of the street an argument breaks out after a man backs into a vehicle that's being double parked. mexico city is one of the world's most populated metropolises every day more than five million vehicles clogged streets. road accidents are common more than a thousand people die in crashes every year traffic accidents are now the leading cause of death for children between five and fourteen years old. the government says this must stop as much as what it does traffic related that's unacceptable because they can be prevented we can do this in steps through new regulations
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infrastructure that knowledge or some training. officials have already reduced speed limits and install traffic cameras now efforts to change driving culture are focused here this is one of the government offices in mexico city where people come to get their driver's licenses or maybe i should say where people come to buy their licenses because all you need to bring here is a piece of government id a utility bill and pay the equivalent of forty dollars and within five minutes you're walking out with a license to drive it's just that easy. but this is changing starting in two thousand and eighteen drivers will have to take driving courses run by internationally credited schools before applying for a license it's a big change but one that many residents say is necessary but. they still feel a little bit nervous even though i try to control it. for particulars course it will help me avoid getting into accidents when changing the habits of millions of
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drivers will take generations but in one of the world's biggest cities the cost of doing nothing is simply too high david mercer mexico city. now one of iraq's oldest working cars has gone on display in the city of basra. the ford model t. is said to be known by the last autumn and governor. the car's owner says it's reconditioning over the years but he says he's amazed that it actually still works . by time for a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera south korean president moon jay and says he's willing to meet the north korean leader. when proposed a summit to resolve differences between the two nations of appealing young's
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nuclear program it follows high level talks on tuesday. i keep myself open to any made in including the summer with north korea if it's helpful for an improvement of self north relations or a settlement of the north korean nuclear issue but to have the summit some conditions must be established i think a certain level of success it must be guaranteed the israeli army has carried out raids on the villages close to the occupied west bank town of nablus after an israeli settler shot dead is to clear the area to the south west of nablus a military zone. flooding and mudslides caused by a powerful storm in southern california have killed thirteen people houses in santa barbara county were completely leveled many more were damaged forcing thousands of people to leave. a judge just block the trumpet ministration from ending a program which prevents children brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents from being deported from wants to end the scheme in march but congress remains deadlocked over the issue of. the us president donald
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trump's former advisor steve benen has resigned from his role as executive chairman of the right wing news website breitbart comes just days after a public rout of the remarks bannon made about trump and his son in the recently published book fire and feehery. police in manama file charges against to reuters journalists accuse of breaching the official secrets act the charge carries a prison term of up to fourteen years as the pair were covering the crisis in rakhine state with hundreds of thousands of ranger muslims a fled a military crackdown. they rein in a company whose oil tanker collided with a freighter of the east coast of china says there's still no hope of finding survivors bad weather and a fire on the iranian ship complicating the search for the thirty one sailors still missing since the collision on saturday police in tennessee as capital have fired tear gas at demonstrators who stormed a supermarket join an anti government protest demonstrations against planned taksim price hikes began on monday with rallies in more than ten towns those are the
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headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after the listening post stage of that so much of africa. witnessed documentaries that and bring your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. on. the morning.


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