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it's citizens for the first time a member of the. salvation army talks to al-jazeera at this time we know that culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers are out there going i'm tired. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. the u.n. report the documents human rights violations in yemen and claims are all sides of the conflict of violating international humanitarian law.
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i want to test and this is al jazeera live from london also coming our. violence breaks out in the occupied west bank between israeli forces and supporters of jailed palestinian teenager i had to mimi marching into the future the new head of south africa's ruling party promises to stamp out corruption and restore nelson mandela's mission and the speed devils burning through some of peru's most mysterious heritage sites. al-jazeera has been given access to an unpublished un report that chronicles the extent of human rights violations and documents possible war crimes in yemen the findings presented to the security council critical of saudi led coalition
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airstrikes which have caused the majority of civilian deaths in the war the report also bolsters accusations by the us that is rainy and weapons have been supplied to who's the rebels which breaks a u.n. embargo the united arab emirates is accused of running torch accounts in yemen where people have allegedly been beaten and electrocuted the report paints a devastating picture of a conflict which has left more than ten thousand people dead and led to widespread famine and displacement diplomatic headed to jail space who has seen the reports how small. this is a report to the u.n. security council has not been made public it's only been given to the fifteen members of the security council but i've been allowed to read a copy and it's very hard hitting and very critical of all of the parties in the war in yemen it questions whether yemen can continue to be one country it says in the south because of the length of the war in the divisions that have emerged there
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is the real possibility of secession into a separate south yemen it says in the south of the country people displaying the flag of the old country of south yemen and are not loyal to president had he although they're formally under his command it says that president heidi has no longer effective command and control of the military and security forces in the south of yemen it says one of the reasons that there is this lack of stability in yemen is actually the forces that have been built up by the saudi led coalition it says that there are proxy units that they have drawn up but it says that these units will do more to further the fragility of yemen then they will do to hold the state together it says they pose a threat to peace and stability in yemen it is also very critical of the coalition for civilian casualties in yemen it says that it appears that the saudi
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led coalition has not been following international humanitarian law and it says it's likely that some of those who are responsible for planning and executing airstrikes fall under the designation of the security council as people who should be subject to sanctions again the another damning part of the report is about the u.n. a part of the coalition in the camps there running inside yemen it says that there has been torture in these camps it talks about beatings electrocution constrain suspension the use of what it. the cage which is confinement in a cage in the sunlight and the denial of medical treatment it says working with the government of yemen gives the u.a.e. plausible deniability so it is a possibility are now now given this report by the panel of experts that the security council must consider whether there should be sanctions against members of the coalition and also sanctions against iran because the who these sides are also
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criticized it says that there have been military remnants of military equipment and drone that are of iranian origin and were introduced in yemen after the security council adopted an arms embargo arpita salisbury is a senior consulting fellow with the middle east and north africa program at chatham house he says the report shows yemen is fragmenting into several regional conflicts and a fresh approach to peace may be necessary the issue that we have right now if we have is we have a un the peace process which is really fixed focused on the idea of a single conflict a binary conflict between who these formerly the who the seller alliance on one side and the government of yemen backed by saudi arabia on the other and when in reality what you have is multiple interlinked sort of overlapping conflicts going
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on and rivalries going on so that if a peace deal is reached simply between the who is on the one hand and the government of yemen on the other that means that you are excluding a lot of different groups who are very involved in the conflict have control over different areas and that in turn creates incentives for them to generate new conflict again in the future so we might see that the big war the big conflict that we're looking at from the outside ending descend into a series of smaller conflicts for for regional autonomy. dozens of pro hoofy women have demonstrated in unarmed protest in yemen's capital sana'a who feel leaders called on female supporters to hold a rally as a show of support against the saudi led coalition the protesters said they are committed to finding a solution to the crisis saying they would support yemen's army and force and you know i mean as. we came out today to prove to the saudi led coalition that our men and women a capable of facing them for a thousand years not only
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a thousand. we want to show the arab world to clear up to the task and the women will stand by the men. israeli forces have fired tear gas on palestinians protesting against the detention of a teenage palestinian activist. supporters of a head to me have been marching in the occupied west bank demanding her release she was detained last month when a video of her stopping israeli soldiers went viral the sixteen year old is due to appear in court on monday she could face jail time if she's convicted of the charges imran khan was out the protest. protesters gathering outside of the house of i head to me and there's really two messages that i want to impart the first is
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to the palestinian leadership they want a determined nonviolent resistance movement the other of course is to the israelis that i mean the family now we saw like this whole area will not be bowed will not be broken and they should release both the mother and i had to be me as soon as i can now this is ahead of a cool to parents taking place. on monday night now we've been speaking to palestinians here this is what they've had to say extend their message today is what you need i tween government busting us are united behind i'm behind her passion behind her resistance we are all here not be silent from all of it was bank to include more people to this program i have is not alone to me family is not alone not be solid has not alone in the other hand we ask our friends all over the world to show a bitter sort of duty and to start really with concrete action to isolate israel and increase the cost of a completion on those leaders and the kids to eat i want to tell the israelis we as
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palestinian people and palestinian children we will continue to defend palestine we will get x. a mosque in jerusalem back and we will make two rooms in the eternal capital for palestine. its right to start firing tear gas canisters into the crowd to push them back. now this was a peaceful protest the protesters are now very angry and he's ready army using as much as they can to push them back. syrian government forces have made significant gains in the countryside south of aleppo. in the last seventy two hours government troops have taken control of around forty villages the soldiers are advancing towards a strategic rebel held hole a military airport more than thirty people have been killed in eastern on the edge of the syrian capital over the last three days as government forces and their russian allies intensify their attacks president bashar al assad's troops are also
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battling opposition fighters in the northern province of it one hundred twenty thousand people have fled from rebel held areas in the past few weeks tim geithner who has more from the raw refugee camp in the northern syrian village of kufa loosen. this is rama refugee camp in northwestern at led by the turkish syrian border there are five thousand refugees here who came after december fifteenth when the syrian regime started its a a strike on civilians and is there in hama also those people are from is and how much and they are mainly very poor families you see the kids they are walking even on barefoot they don't have shoes to wear and people need immediate humanitarian assistance we have been talking to the people who have been residing here and the people in charge of the camp they're telling that the medical equipment they have is not enough the food they have is not enough for those people they need immediate
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extra medicine they need immediate extra food to feed those people here and there are some other extra camps around this area close to the border people have fled their homes from it's there in hama after the airstrikes started and they didn't even gets money in their pockets this is what they tell us we said the kids most of them are coughing they're about to get sick and the weather conditions are getting worse and worse every day it's getting colder and people here need immediate attention from the international community. the new had their south africa's ruling african national congress has been found to crack down on corruption and restore nelson mandela's mission cyril ramaphosa who's widely seen as a possible successor to president jacob zuma outlined his vision jaring the party's one hundred six on a verse or a tiny page as more from east london and south africa's eastern cape. you need to.
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see they were present two different versions of the african national congress its past and future one a space of hundreds of corruption charges and was booed by the crowd i think. and. the other is riding high after winning the a and c's top job loud cheers greeted him. several of them oppose a used his first major public appearance as the n.c.s. new president to inspire while making them a bowed references to his predecessor the movement has become deeply divided. version allas. other british importers sources. if the booze made president jacob zuma uncomfortable he
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didn't show it they were not listening to the people what the feeling was for the what actually did look good but he's not going to benefit of such a resident it's while it's i'll find this post it's about to be in the new president's vision is to rebuild and renew the party of nelson mandela to use new policies including changing the constitution to allow the government to take mostly white owned land without giving compensation and free education for poor students to realize the hopes and aspirations of millions of people all of the songs that a celebration had about change the welcoming so will run up ordering him to take his place to build unity and a new threat there is other riders. but after the party speculation is rife that they could be a push within the a.n.c. as top structures to force president zuma out of office before his term is up next
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year that for there to be real change zuma has to go tawny a page al-jazeera east london south africa so ahead on the program anger over a color measures course riots in the zambian capital lusaka and we meet the train is a workers who say the government doesn't understand the root of their economic problems . thanks. the arab. we settled down into something of a pattern in europe not much of eastern europe is cold and rain stuck underneath. suppressing anything until further south you got worse atop clouds and showers from the mediterranean a very obvious big line of pliers cold front pushing into the west i might say cold
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front but feel cold this is where the cold reside munda seven in kiev minus one in berlin and quite often it's just foggy old grey old day bright skies whose rain showers the snow forming out in ankara snow very likely again despite a big mess of clouds to enter a bit of rain for southern france and the rain for maybe scotland and then regenerate itself a bit more of a breeze eleven degrees in london so i said it's a cold front doesn't bring in cold air the cold still resides here in eastern europe now of course that means a bit of octave it in the central med often affects places like tunisia and libya this time i think is an improving picture because the whole lot's gone east you back up to seventeen in tunis as an example in the skies a lot of the clear bit of cloud quite possible coming out as once again for western libya but actually most of north africa right dying to the equator is now free of cloud sunny by day with the hamas and lighting.
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there were over forty charges as i recall but primarily it was material support apparently the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the usa i'd definitely said at first with a political trial and that these were political prisoners because we weren't able to see the secret of it and we were unable to challenge it in a two part series al-jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror the holy land five at this time on al jazeera world. welcome back reminder the top stories on al-jazeera an unpublished u.n.
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report seen while jazeera has chronicled extensive human rights violations in the war in yemen the paper documents mass civilian casualties jus to sound like coalition airstrikes as well as backing up accusations are wrong is funneling weapons into the country israeli forces have fired tear gas at palestinians protesting against the detention of a teenage palestinian activist supporters of to mimi have been marching in the occupied west bank demanding her release. the new head of south africa's ruling african national congress has vowed to crack down on corruption and restore nelson mandela's mission. speaking at the party's anniversary of. clay saying they contain rioting on the outskirts of the zambian capital issaka after protests spoke out against emergency measures to stop the spread of cholera at least seventy people have died in the outbreak since september the government says it's confident the disease will be stamped out in
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a few weeks mariana hong reports. street vendors had arrived early only to find they were legal market stalls shut down they quickly turned their anger on the security forces brought in to send them home they'd sit up shop in defiance of emergency mages that banned public gatherings and imposed a curfew the government says marketplaces like be a breeding grounds for cholera and while it excepts the new rules the tough it isn't backing down we find it's extreme an acceptable. clique or individuals or citizens. to break the law when so many as it is have really been cooperative and been through this recession we know that we are touching on people's livelihoods but
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this is much as we are talking about matters of life and death and the very responsible government must make sure that people's lives are protected times. the riot happened in kenya amma a low income township that is home to more than three hundred fifty thousand people it's one of two townships on the outskirts of the capital lusaka where color broke out in late september the disease quickly spread to the city and infected almost three thousand people in about three and a half months color is a bacterial disease usually spread through contaminated water left untreated it can kill within alice last week the government deployed the army to enforce around after new measures to try to contain the national health crisis specialist cholera treatment centers closed off to the healthy and intensive color of vaccination campaign and a ban on public gatherings that includes funerals church services schools and
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marketplaces like this one in lusaka just last week st sellers here had pitched in to help the military close it off now they are opposing them and as the impact on livelihoods grows so too will the concern at the possibility of more civil unrest before the cholera crisis is contained medium the hond al-jazeera. african nations are demanding an apology and retraction from the u.s. president over his reported use of racist language during a meeting on immigration donald trump is said to have used a slur to describe people from african countries haiti and el salvador african ambassador is to be knighted nations have issued a joint statement condemning chance remarks the african group of a pacifist to the united nations met in emergency session on twelve. twenty eighteen to consider the remarks made by the president of the united states
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and is extremely appalled at and strongly condemns the outrageous racist and xenophobic remarks attribute it to the president of the united states of america as widely reported in the media demands every traction and an apology iran says it for which tell you it's against the us after president trump announced fourteen new sanctions against iranian people and entities the sanctions came as trump extended their own nuclear deal but threatened it was the last time it would be sent to her and has described the new sanctions as a violation of international law and samus ravi has more. if there is one thing that iran's foreign minister has in common with the american president is that they both like to use twitter. within an hour of the announcement by donald trump that
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the u.s. would stay in the nuclear deal foreign minister zarif said trump's policy towards iran is desperate he said recent attempts to dismantle the nuclear deal were part of ongoing violations of the agreement. on saturday the foreign minister also addressed trump's alleged racist comments towards developing countries saying he was not a reliable person with whom to do business with the us upon him on him lose maybe name. as we know the united states has been very open and very difficult as far as lifting the sanctions is being concerned they must not forget many other countries have lifted the sanctions and life has become much easier in iran and it was before the dail tough talk from to her own inspired in no small part by support for the nuclear deal from germany france britain russia and china all the other countries who helped negotiate. as we know united states has i mean they're all court and very difficult as far as lifting the sanctions have been concerned but you
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mustn't forget that many other countries they have lifted the sanctions and life has become there that match easy air. any iran than it was before that the iran's government is motivated to keep the deal alive but with every repeating deadline the nuclear debate between the united states and iran becomes more personal and not just at the level of government. one woman we spoke to said that no one likes donald trump not even his own mother that's not meant to be a cheap shot at the u.s. president but it gives a sense of how iranians feel personally attacked by the policies of this white house saying bus traffic all just here at different. why is emergency management agency has mistakenly sent out a warning for an imminent missile strike this is a moment the warning was broadcast on local t.v. the u.s. pacific command has detected a missile threat to hawaii
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a missile may impact on land or sea within minutes this is not a drill people across the island also received a warning text messaging structuring them to seek shelter against the supposed impending strike the agency later confirmed it was a false alarm the u.s. military's pacific command also said there was no ballistic missile threat to hawaii a pakistani official says a serial killer may be behind the rape and murder of a young girl whose death sparked days of angry protests eight year old dana unsorry was found dead in a garbage dump on tuesday the home minister of punjab province says d.n.a. evidence has linked zainab death to at least five other cases of child abuse and murder in the area eight people have been detained including two of the girl's relatives. the chin is in government says it will spend an extra seventy million dollars in aid for poor families it's a move which ministers hope will contain growing public discontent over
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a newly newly implemented austerity measures which are prompted protests across the north african country. reports. really starts his day ensuring his staff offer the best services to their clients so the review was abandoned but twenty years ago he quit his job and started his own business and environmentally friendly hotel in the town south of the capital tunis it's saturday the restaurant was fully booked in advance but with the growing violence in tunisia most of the bookings have been cancelled. i mean i mean. half mast head would say for most of the people are afraid to go out to serve up to two hundred guests at weekends to look around what can i do but. there are twenty people here who work full time growing plants harvesting olives and selling organic produce to tourists. as has been
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a farmer for almost ten years he says he works hard but he does but we need a secure income. but. i want to make a future for my kids i want them to go to good schools and end up having a good comfortable life. business was booming before the two thousand and eleven revolution when it was packed with tourists but into a thousand and fifteen a gunman killed thirty eight terrorists in the resort town of seuss creating the worst crisis for hotel owners likes really saw his revenues declined by ninety percent. every day on my way here i think about the painful decisions that i've been delaying for quite some time who should i fire to cut expenses it torments me i want my staff to stay makes me happy when they show up every day excited about they were. revealed hopes to see the political crisis come
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to an end soon so that his clients can return and enjoy a quiet time in this mountain landscape cinesias biggest challenge is to find a way to cut the budget deficit increase revenue through taxes and the same time deliver on the promise to carter poverty and unemployment seven years after the revolution people here say they are frustrated over the government's track record they continue to worry about their and their country's future how about al-jazeera that one. wonderous place have fired tear gas at people protesting the reelection of president juan orlando and then those demonstrators smashed windows and set fire during clashes with minute you please defeated opposition candidate salvador nuts rela was also at the protest and was proclaimed winner several weeks after the vote in november but the opposition disputes to result. in peru paleontologists and
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archaeologists have warned that the doco rally poses a serious risk to some of the world's most mysterious manmade creations they say the vast ancient drawings and numerous fossil deposits could date back millions of years mariana sanches reports from the parakeets desert. this is the world's epicenter of geo glyphs animal or geometrical sand and stone figures in it magic drawings on the desert floor in southern experts say there are solar and lunar calendar engine peruvians used for agriculture they are spread over more than four hundred fifty square kilometers north of the nascar lines a world heritage site and on this territory the tracks that the qur'an left behind critics like engineer alexander who's been studying the origin of geochemists for years here say they're horrified. places like this one with archaeological remains
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dispersed around everywhere need more care so it's incredible that this desert is being used for such a competition when it's unheard of sometimes as. it was this or dispatched with geo cliffs archaeological remains and whale shark another prehistoric fossils millions of years old experts say in previous years that the car vehicles destroyed parts of produce heritage government officials say this time many areas were made off limits . in the area where we've had the park as national reserve we can say we've had zero percent impact there everyone strictly followed the protocols and we've been strictly monitoring the area. it was government paid six million dollars to hold the car racing officials say they coordinated with race organizers to keep the fia calls outside protected areas archeologists say it's not only the pilots and their
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vehicles but the people who come and watch the competition who leave the terrain damaged thousands of people hiked the rough tracks to watch the rally go by dozens of park rangers were deployed to keep people out of restricted areas but the territory is immense. and they do others in the past we've seen cars going over the cio clearly and probably that has happened again where yes it's too many vehicles are in danger of the archaeological area. and are killed you see much of produce archaeological treasures are under the sand much still to be discovered but you know some just are just but. just a quick reminder you can find out much more on our web site go to al jazeera dot com. as a reminder of your top stories on al-jazeera an unpublished u.n.
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report say my al jazeera has chronicled extensive human rights violations in the war in yemen the paper documents massively in casualties from saudi led coalition airstrikes as well as backing up accusations that iran is funneling weapons into the country and the united arab emirates is running torture camps. israeli forces have fired tear gas at palestinians protesting against the detention of a teenage palestinian activist supporters of tommy have been marching in the occupied west bank demanding her release she was detained last month when a video of her slapping israeli soldiers went viral she could face jail time if she's convicted of the challenges. then you had of south africa's ruling national economic congress has vowed to crack down on corruption on the stone nelson mandela's mission during the party's one hundred six and first so around a poser outlined his vision for the anti-apartheid movement became the country's
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first democratic governments is widely seen as a success achieved president jacob zuma who is expected to step down when his term ends next year. we shall pay tribute to the contribution god knows and mandela day over the cause of his ninety five years to the struggle for freedom and the cause of humanity we shall make it a ploy it's not read through lessons and inspiration for all these lies as we confront the charlie age of the present moment we shall use this story caucasian to unite to rebuild. his movement more than thirty people have been killed in eastern guta on the edge of the syrian capital over the last three days as government forces and their russian allies intensify their attacks president bashar al assad's troops are also battling
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opposition fighters in the northern provinces as they attempt to take over a major base under the twenty thousand people have fled from rebel held it left the past three weeks there's a our top stories up next out the listing past. that bombshell book rocking the white house michael was firing kerry for troubling allegations at the cost of a sprinkling of office space and letter to auction adding stocks of the democrats are now being raised about the reliability of the text extraordinary they pretty much have free reign of the space. alarm richard gere's but if you're at the
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listening post here are some of the stories we've been tracking this week michael.


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