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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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no anything just. risking it all to destroy it one zero zero. the latest news as it breaks the government of mali so mikey has pushed to have a series of laws that it says will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government stop subsidizing that's all the cost of jumped by sixty percent the queues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from and. that is coming up in
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the next sixty minutes. here on. panic in hawaii an incoming missile attack alert goes out it was a false alarm and now an investigation is underway. the vatican has held a day for migrants and refugees for more than one hundred years but for the first time the pope will devoted mass to the millions who had driven from their. the tunisian government opens new age to poor families in an attempt to stop the public protests. not going to school. you know and why the legend of johnny cash lives on in some of america's toughest prisons more than a decade after his death. but
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first a wise governor has apologized for an accidental message that was sent out warning of an imminent missile strike the white house has said that the warning was a state exercise that this is the moment it was broke us on t.v. . the u.s. pacific command has detected a missile threat to hawaii a missile named packed on land or sea within minutes this is not a drill and people across the islands received a warning text as well saying that they should seeks shelter against the supposed impending strike now hawaii's emergency management agency later confirmed that it was indeed a false alarm the federal communications commission says it's now launching a full investigation into the missing the especially not of happened we are investigating the sequence of events that occurred and never meet in emergency management which on the us for someone to be said it was
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a procedure that occurs at the change of shift when they go through to make sure that the system is working and employees pushed along by. well we've been speaking to ryan ozawa who is the communications director at the hawaii information service. i was in bed with my wife i thought we were going have a nice relaxing day you sure the emergency alert and in her way we get them it could be a tsunami threat it could be a hurricane although that would give you more time to prepare but when i checked my watch and then my phone processing that message i turned she. was my brain froze i had no idea that i could see something like that i decided to let my youngest son sleep my middle son was freaking out and we were trying to find information you turn on the t.v. it's information infomercials and sports but then you get that automated message that only reinforces that something is actually happening if i wasn't
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a twitter addict it probably would have been an even worse place because it was clear on twitter that it was a false alarm probably in about ten minutes but it took almost forty minutes for official word to come through the same channels that told us that it might happen we've had the possibility of a strike in the news for months there was coverage of us coming up with a plan here and false alarm or not new i mean we get a lot of tsunami alerts whenever there's an earthquake and we just have to sit and wait and see i think the bad news is that this was the first time like this and the timeframe is so small i mean ten minutes is barely enough time to kiss everybody and say goodbye text your coworkers and tell them how you feel and i think that level of panic is going to be something we have to be prepared for more i thought i was a prepared person and i'm a ham radio operator i'm always into the news and suddenly i was even with panic so i can imagine what it was like for everybody else. patty culhane our correspondent who is in washington d.c. so what was. the minutes also of terror the people of the home why has the white
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house been briefed and has president made any comment about this. he has not made any comments and we don't expect he will as they say has been called for the white house already meaning that do you will not see the president for the rest of the evening when this all happened he was at one of his florida golf courses we are told again he was briefed and they did what they usually do at the white house is the deflected any sort of blame or criticism saying this is a state issue it does bring up the wider issue of what president donald trump is going to do about north korea you know this is a man who has taken to twitter to call on rocket man little man and really try to provoke him on social media but at the same time in his latest interview with the wall street journal the president said somewhat inexplicably that he has a very good relationship with the north korean leader and he was pressed on that
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have you spoken to him and he said well i'm just not going to say it but i have a very good relationship with many people so leaving that out there that there is some sort of diplomacy going on that he's involved in or he was just simply saying that and this whole incident shows i mean this is a somebody who pressed the wrong button the parent lee and there's just an indication is that of of how easily we could inadvertently be thrown into a wall situation and this is something that many people are blaming president trump for creating the the environment the climate in which this is possible. well this is potentially even more scary because we know that this is a president who doesn't tend to get his information from his military or his own intelligence services he responds mostly to things he's seen on twitter and also on a fox morning show so the fact that it took so long for this to be corrected and the president could have responded yes that is potentially a very scary thing i do think you could cause a brings into
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a wider focus exactly what kind of system they have in hawaii i mean if this is true and it seems absolutely insane i think to any person that simply one person pushed one wrong button and it wasn't even like a system where they came out and said are you sure you want to terrify an entire state more than a million people then you have to say yes or no so obviously there's probably going to be an impact looking at exactly how their system is set up but i think it's important to remember we're talking to two very different things there's the state system that scared everybody on the island and there's the military system and norad which is the north american aerospace command that has the ability and the duty to track all sorts of missiles they know instantly what a missile is fired from north korea they have very different protocols than what let's say some state director sitting on a wrong button has so this the fact that it scared people yes but didn't scare the u.s. military no all right good to know thank you very much pressure live from washington . now israeli security forces have used tear gas to break up
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a protest against the detention of a palestinian teenager. supposes of the sixteen year old girl i heard to mimi have been marching in the occupied west bank demanding her release she was detained last month when a video of her slapping an israeli soldier went viral lawyers say that ahead could face jail time if she's convicted of the charges which include just sort of she's doing court again on monday imran khan was on the scene covering the protests before and after fighting broke out. protesters gathering outside of the house of i head to me and there's really two messages that i want to impart the first is to the palestinian leadership they want determined nonviolent resistance movement the other of course is to the israelis that i mean the family now we saw
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like this whole area will not be bowed will not be broken and they should release both the mother and i had to be me as soon as i can now this is ahead of a cool to parents taking place. on monday now we've been speaking to palestinians here this is what they've had to say extend their message today isn't really liked wing government but our studios are united behind i'm behind her passion behind her resistance we are all here. from all over was going to include more people to this program i have is not alone to me family is not alone not be solid is not alone in the other hand we ask our friends all over the world to show a bitter sort of duty and to start really concrete action to isolate israel and increase the cost of a completion. and the kids to eat i want to tell the israelis we as palestinian people and palestinian children we will continue to defend palestine we will get x.
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a mosque in jerusalem back and we will make jerusalem the eternal capital for palestine. it's right to start firing tear gas canisters into the crowd to push them back. now this was a peaceful protest the protesters are now very angry and the israeli army using as much as they can to push them back syrian government forces are continuing to retake territory from rebels in the southern province in the southern province. within the last seventy two hours government troops have taken control of around forty villages the soldiers are advancing towards the rebel held a whole military airport and that's in neighboring province simcoe ziona reports now from a refugee camp in northern syria this is rama refugee camp in northwestern and left by the turkish syrian border there are five thousand refugees here who came
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after december fifteenth when the syrian regime started its a a strike on civilians and it's there in hama most of those people are from his and how much and they are mainly very poor families you see the kids they are walking around on barefoot they don't have shoes threw away and people need immediate humanitarian assistance we have been talking to the people who have been residing here and the people in charge of the camp they're telling that the medical equipment they have is not enough the food they have is not enough for those people they need immediate extra medicine they need immediate extra food to feed those people here and there are some other extra camps around this area close to the border people crowded fled their homes from it's there in hama after the airstrikes started. for the first time the head of the roman catholic church will celebrate
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mass for the world day of migrants and refugees on sunday paper francis is asking that government and society welcome protect integrate and help the development of those who were forced to flee their countries the international organization for migration reports of at least five thousand migrants and refugees died in twenty seventeen more than three thousands of those were in the mediterranean sea half of those refugees departed from north africa the un's most recent report says there are more than two hundred fifty million migrant around the world that's thirty million more since the year two thousand this year the u.n. hopes to achieve a world agreement ome migration right let's talk to father thomas reese now who's a jesuit priest and a senior analyst at religious news service is joining us joining us live from washington d.c. d.c. thank you very much indeed for talking to us what do you think the pope would hope
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to achieve by performing mass on this day to day this being recognized by the vatican for more than one hundred years. well this pope has consistently for the last five years deborah since he became pope has been a strong advocate for refugees and migrants remember his first trip outside of rome was down to the buddha of italy where migrants were floating up on the beach again because of the dangers of coming across the mediterranean sea so he has been a voice challenging christians to welcome migrants to protect them to integrate them into european society and this is something he's going to continue to do. and very strongly and do you think that the message no matter how strongly to kill a hit by the pontiff do you think the message actually resonates with those who
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makes to make decisions to make policy with regard to refugees and migrants well sadly i don't think so the pope is not a miracle worker i wish he was on this issue sadly he's had to repeat this time and time again the same message for the last five years because people aren't listening they don't treat their these migrants and refugees like brothers and sisters i mean these are children of god no matter what religion they are as christians we have to look upon them as the children of god. and it's not just the pope saying this is what scripture tells us and the did it because nineteen for example it says you should treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you choose show love the alien as yourself this is very strong language from the scriptures to us about how we should be treating aliens
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and did the scriptures make a distinction between migrants and refugees. i don't think the scriptures made those kinds of distinctions we know for example that the holy family jesus mary and joseph were refugees they had to flee into egypt and so mary carried jesus across the border i wrote a column in which i pointed out that jesus was a dreamer we have this classification in the united states of people who are dreamers who have come into the united states so this is you know this is something that is very close to the scriptures because there are all sorts of migrants and refugees that are talked about in the scriptures father thomas reese really good to talk to thank you very much indeed for taking the time. to be with you know. we've got
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a lot more to come on this out as they are news hour including marching into the future then you had a south africa's ruling party promises to stamp out corruption and restore nelson mandela's mission. racing across the desert in peru but fossil scientists fear that the rally drive is complete destroying house of the country's heritage. america sets up its biggest football tournament decades in style action from the opening match coming up in sports. by let's go to the czech republic now where presidential elections are now set to go to a second round that will take place in two weeks' time president milosz is a man lead the first round with almost forty percent of the vote whilst his nearest rival is gerry god just over twenty six percent president german has been a vocal critic of muslim immigration he favors closer relations with china and
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russia presidents have limited powers it's mostly ceremonial but often they have a strong influence over public debate thousands of protests as a taking to the streets of vienna they're demanding that europe boycott austria's new right wing government around twenty thousand people gathered to protest against the ruling coalition which includes the far right freedom party they call for a boycott of freedon passy ministers by other european governments and for all syria to be shunned when it takes up the european union presidency in the second half of twenty eighteen. the tunisian government is hoping a boost in aid to poor families will help contain growing discontent over new austerity measures it's pledged an extra seventy million dollars after protests what across the country but as has reports the economic woes are far from over.
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and there are these. three the starts his day ensuring his stock of of the best services to their clients. z.b. was a banker but twenty years ago he quit his job and started his own business and environmentally friendly hotel in a town south of the capital tunis it's saturday the restaurant was fully booked in advance but with the growing violence into his year most of the bookings have been cancelled i mean i've been. half marched for most of the people are afraid to go out used to serve up to two hundred guests that weekend but look around what can i do there are twenty people here who work full time growing plants harvesting olives and selling organic produce to tourists. has been a farmer for almost ten years he says he works hard but he does but lee needs
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a secure income. i want to make a future for my kids i want them to go to good schools and end up having a good comfortable life. business was booming before the two thousand and eleven revolution zakk wylde was packed with tourists but into a thousand and fifteen a gunman killed thirty eight terrorists in the resort town of zeus creating the worst crisis for hotel owners like three be her saw his revenues declined by ninety percent. every day on my way here i think about the painful decision that i've been delaying for quite some time who should i fire to cut expenses it torments me i want my staff to stay makes me happy when they show up every day excited about they were. revie hopes to see the political crisis come to
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an end soon so that his clients can return and enjoy a quiet time in this mountain landscape. financier's biggest challenge is to find a way to cut the budget deficit increase revenue through taxes and those same time deliver on the promise to poverty and unemployment seven years after the rubble you some people here say they are frustrated over the government's track record the continue to worry about their and their country's future how about al-jazeera the one. a serial killer may be behind the rape or murder of a young girl that led to massive protests in pakistan that's according to the home minister of punjab province eight year old zainab and sari was found dead in a garbage dump and to say the official says d.n.a. evidence links her death to at least five other cases of child abuse and murder in the area eight people are currently being questioned including to the girl's relatives protesters across the country have accused the police of not doing enough
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in the case the head of south africa's ruling african national congress has promised to rid the country of corruption and restore nelson mandela's mission cyril ramaphosa the man most likely to succeed president jacob zuma outlined this vision during the party's one hundred six anniversary turn your page has more from east london you. see they represent two different visions of the african national congress its past and its future one in space and hundreds of corruption charges and was booed by a crowd i think. is writing high after winning the amcs top job. at him. say used his first major public appearance as the n c s new president to inspire
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while making them a valid references to his predecessor the movement has become deeply divided. factionalism. through corruption and competition for sources. if the boos made president jacob zuma uncomfortable he didn't show it they were not listening to the people what they believe is for the audience a political question and to save their president a trial itself also ahead of us. in the new president's vision is to rebuild and renew the party of nelson mandela to use new policies including changing the constitution to allow the government to take mostly white owned land without compensation and free education for poor students to realize the hopes and aspirations of millions of people the sounds of
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a celebration. welcoming sarong opposed him to take his place to build unity and. there is an overriding. but after the party speculation is rife that they could be a push within the a.n.c. as top structures to force president zuma out of office before his term is up next year that for there to be real change zuma has to go tawny a page out jazeera east london south africa. former u.s. soldier whistleblower and prisoner chelsea manning is planning to run for the senate the thirty year old has filed paperwork to run as a democrat in maryland against an incumbent democratic senator she was released from military prison last year of the seven years in jail for passing classified files to wiki leaks manning centers was shortened by former president obama she was formerly known as bradley manning. search efforts are being stepped up to seven
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people still missing following tuesday's mudslides in california santa barbara county more than two thousand rescue personnel are working in the affected area the local sheriff's office has admitted that finding anyone alive would be a miracle eighteen people have been confirmed dead so far the mudslides happened after heavy rains so land that had been denuded by wildfires. paleontologists and all here logis have warned that the doco poses a serious risk to parts of perris unique jail logical fabric they're worried about features formed from fossil deposits stating that millions of years marianna sanchez reports from the desert in southern peru. this is the world's epicenter of geo glyphs animal or geometrical sand and stone figures in a magic drawings on the desert floor in southern experts say there are solar and
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lunar calendar peruvians used for agriculture they are spread over more than four hundred fifty square kilometers north of the nascar lines a world heritage site and on this territory the tracks that the car run left behind critics like engineer alexander who's been studying the origin of geo glyphs for years here say they're horrified. places like this one with archaeological remains dispersed around everywhere need more care so it's incredible that the desert is being used for such a competition when it's on her son sounds as if. it was the service packed with geo cliffs archaeological remains and whale shark another prehistoric fossils millions of years old experts say in previous years that the car vehicles destroyed parts of produce heritage government officials say this time many areas were made off limits
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. in the area where we've had the park as national reserve we can say we've had zero percent impact there everyone strictly followed the protocols and we've been strictly monitoring the area. because government paid six million dollars to hold the car racing officials say they coordinated with race organizers to keep the fia calls outside protected areas archaeologists say it's not only the pile. and their vehicles but the people who come and watch the competition who leave the terrain damaged thousands of people hiked the rough tracks to watch the rally go by dozens of park rangers were deployed to keep people out of restricted areas but the territory is immense. and in the past we've seen cars going over the geo cliffs and probably that happened again way too many vehicles are in danger the archaeological area. and our challenges say much of. treasures are under the sand
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much still to be discovered by the. still to come on this hour. rioting in zambia as people feel the bite of tough new measures to curb a cholera epidemic. a memorial for antigovernment protests is in the democratic republic of congo and unites catholic leaders against the president. never joke of it has some major hurdles to overcome as he seeks his seventh australian open title. ravi's inside the u.s. nice encounters been freeze thaw was back to the freeze once again although
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temperatures were in the teens well we're talking saturday really this cold front sweeping through is already seeing the temperatures drop quite significantly in this home assy is really cold weather one small minus seven as a maximum on sunday in chicago washington down to minus three new york line is four we're talking the teens on the twenty four hours was full and there was a cause a bit of a flood warning in places like new york state and beyond where there was ice jamming on will be frozen river tolls and of course it's all thawing but to get that so going to freeze up once again and you see the cold penetrates quite a long way south as well die into northern florida beyond that we talk simply of showers regeneration cells in the bahamas maybe prosecutor and jamaica a line that takes you down to costa rica and panama this line is fairly persistent has been for weeks it just disappeared recently and now it's come back once more science america this is turn very active not showers like
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a develop even more active lead north to the will not attempt has done in buenos aires to twenty one degrees which is really quite cool but there's a lot of rain around. education with a different. interpretation of islam is absolutely different from mine as a muslim woman a taliban school for girls in afghanistan reveals a way of life rarely seen. your goals you not only tell them about the bills and regulations that led to teach them about them but it's an exclusive documentary gains access to the ghosts of the town and. at this time on al-jazeera the globe in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a good thing freedom of the challenge is going to be bad for men and women for the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story is that we just don't
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tell you what the subject of the story was and no the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. by traverses take a look at the top stories here it out zero hawaii's governor has apologized for an accidental message of the sent out by the state warning of an imminent missile strike a wise emergency management agency later confirmed it was a false alarm and it's now investigating what happened. the government has pledged
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seventy million dollars in aid to help poor families in a bid to contain protests over tax hikes and increases in the price of basic goods . the new head of south africa's ruling african national congress has promised to end corruption and restore nelson mandela's mission cyril ramaphosa widely seen as the successor to president jacob zuma outlined this vision during the past his one hundred six anniversary. that al-jazeera has been given access to an unpublished un report that chronicles the extent of human rights violations and possible war crimes in yemen it also details extent of saudi arabia and iran's intervention in the conflict now the report presented to the security council is sharply critical of saudi led coalition airstrikes which of course the majority of civilian deaths now the findings supposed accusations by the us that iran has supplied weapons to
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the the rebels and that of course breaks the u.n. involved the report further accuses the united arab emirates of running torture camps in yemen where people have allegedly been beaten and electrocuted out as there is diplomatic editor james braze reports from the u.n. . this is a report to the u.n. security council has not been made public it's only been given to the fifteen members of the security council but i've been allowed to read a copy and it's very hard hitting and very critical of all of the parties in the war in yemen it questions whether yemen can continue to be one country it says in the south because of the length of the war and the divisions that have emerged there is the real possibility of secession into a separate south yemen it says in the south of the country people displaying the flag of the old country of south yemen and are not loyal to president had he
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although they're formally under his command it says that president heidi has no longer effective command and control of the military and security forces in the south of yemen it says one of the reasons that there is this lack of stability in yemen is actually the forces that have been built up by the saudi led coalition it says that there are proxy units that they have drawn up but it says that these units will do more to further the fragility of yemen then they will do to hold the state together it says they pose a threat to peace and stability in yemen it is also very critical of the coalition for civilian casualties in yemen it says that it appears that the saudi led coalition has not been following international humanitarian law and it says it's likely that some of those who are responsible for planning and executing
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airstrikes fall under the designation of the security council as people who should be subject to sanctions again the another damning part of the report is about the u.n. a part of the coalition in the camps there running inside yemen it says that there has been torture in these camps it talks about beatings electrocution constrain suspension the use of what it. cools the cage which is confinement in a cage in the sunlight and the denial of medical treatment it says working with the government of yemen gives the u.a.e. plausible deniability so it is a possibility are now now given this report by the panel of experts that the security council must consider whether there should be sanctions against members of the coalition and also sanctions against iran because the who the sides are also criticized it says that there have been military remnants of military equipment and
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drones that are of iranian origin and were introduced in yemen after the security council adopted an arms embargo dozens of female huizi supporters have demonstrated in and around protests in the yemeni capital fanaa leaders called on the women to show a to provide a show of defiance against the saudi the coalition the protests or say they are committed to finding a solution to the crisis and man and. we came out today to prove to the saudi led coalition that our men and women a capable of facing them for a thousand years not only a thousand days. we want to show the arab world to clear up to the task and the women will stand by the men. iran has lifted restrictions on messaging telegram that were imposed during recent antigovernment protests several social media services were blocked to prevent activists from using them to organize at least
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twenty two people died in a thousand people were arrested before the demonstrations while down earlier this month instagram was restored last week with facebook and twitter a silver lot. egypt's former interior minister habeeb ugly has been released from prison it follows a court decision to cancel his seven year prison sentence for corruption under the ousted president hosni mubarak headed the domestic security apparatus in twenty forty he was acquitted along with six other former officials of charges related to the killing of protests is during the twenty level revolution and egyptian member of parliament who is also the chairman of a major football club says he is running for president ouattara mansoor is the third candidate to announce his intention to stand in the march election former army chief of staff sami a man and leftist lawyer are also running for president after fattah el-sisi his
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first term ends in june still has yet to declare whether he will run. a ten year blockade of the girls a strip by israel and egypt is left is municipal authorities with no means to properly dispose of rubbish palls of garbage and putting public health at risk malcolm webb reports from gaza. one of the many problems in a city under siege is how to dispose of its rubbish it's a joke to help clicked it using it donkey and cart. the blockade of gaza by israel and egypt means that if you refuse trucks and fuel is expensive this there you go like surely there is no other country in the world using donkeys to collect the rubbish if we had proper vehicles and enough fuel it would be faster and make our work much easier the gaza strip is home to about two million people in some ways to entirely built up in the cities waste is loaded in trucks and taken here to
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giant open dump. it's one of three of them close to people's homes. it's enormous it just goes on and on and it stinks it's hard not to god standing here just a few hundred meters in this direction is the separation wall built by israel around . about a kilometer over here is the edge of the city so there's just no other space. to municipal waste manager told us to dump him it's not just gases and liquids and so it's a public health hazard he also is the struggle to import machinery needed for processing all recycling because israel restricts the import of anything it says could be used to make weapons. model for it is known all over the world that at least some of the rubbish should be recycled but in gaza we cannot recycle anything we don't have any factories that could reuse the plastic or steel so the
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only way to deal with it is to dump it here. but with more than forty percent unemployment there's a living to be made here to these men search for whatever they can sell none of them agreed to an interview he told us they're ashamed to be seen here. in the city produces nearly two thousand tons of waste every day this site will be full in about two years and as long as the seed lasts gases dumbass and it's rubbish problem only get bigger malcolm webb al-jazeera in the gaza strip. leaders of the catholic church in the democratic republic of congo have vowed to continue to fight for justice for months demonstrators have been demanding that president kabila step down his term expires a year ago the church has been behind many of those rallies catherine sora reports from the capital kinshasa. catholic faithful in kinshasa hold mass for people killed by police in recent political unrest the charge had called
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for protests a new year's eve after the expiry of a political deal between the ruling party and opposition signing to sixteen when the presidential election failed to happen the politicians had agreed to for the poor last december that did not happen either the deal had been brokered by the catholic church. and. society. at a cemetery a distance away for tacky to shake and his friends carry his father's body for burial joseph attacker was a staunch catholic they say he tried to seek refuge in the church a police kept shooting him in. every human being. it's the responsibility of the government to protect people. he was one of more than forty
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million catholics in the country that's more than half the population with such a big following many people feel that the church has the power to push for political change many calling increasingly looking towards the catholic church for guidance in this difficult times they hope that the power was being taken by the church is going to put more pressure on the electoral commission to organize a credible election without delays and on president kabila to peacefully step down but some political analysts say by organizing street. protest the catholic church has overstepped its wrong and somewhat lost its neutrality whether expenditure to do is to continue to denounce this regime to denounce this government and say that maybe strongly and frequently and follow up and hopefully that may lead to. some more mental that god one of the core will is lead to
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real information by the people not by the church president joseph kabila stam ended a year ago and the electoral commission has since built to organize an election citing logistical security and financial problems the opposition on the other hand has been we can't buy in tunnel wrangles most people in the democratic republic of congo like those who are burying jews if a tacky say they're angry and frustrated catherine saw al-jazeera kinshasa there's ambien government plans to reopen an international school as well as some shops in the capital of soccer this week they have been closed to prevent further spread of a cholera outbreak the city lockdown prompted riots with protesters calling it a draconian emergency measure at least seventy people have died of cholera since september mariana honda reports. the street
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vendors had arrived early only to find they were illegal market stalls shut down they quickly turned their anger on the security forces broughton to send them home they'd sit up shop in defiance of emergency measures that banned public gatherings and imposed a curfew the government says marketplaces like the breeding grounds for cholera and while it excepts the new rules are tough it isn't backing down we find it extremely acceptable that this more clik. or individual citizens can decide to break the law when so many citizens have really been cooperative and been open to the situation we know that we are touching on people's livelihoods but these matters we are talking about matters of life and death and the very responsible government must make sure that people's lives are
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protected times. the riot happened in kenya amma a low income township that is home to more than three hundred fifty thousand people it's one of two townships on the outskirts of the capital lusaka where color broke out in late september the disease quickly spread to the city and infected almost three thousand people in about three and a half months color is a bacterial disease usually spread through contaminated water left untreated it can kill within alice last week the government deployed the army to enforce a ruffed of new measures to try to contain the national health crisis specialist cholera treatment centers closed off to the healthy and intensive color of vaccination campaign and a ban on public gatherings that includes funerals church services schools and marketplaces like this one in lusaka. just last week street sellers here had
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pitched in to help the military close it off now they are opposing them and as the impact on livelihoods grows so to build the concern at the possibility of more civil unrest before the cholera crisis is contained medium one hand out to zero hundreds of people in the polish capital warsaw have protested against proposals to tighten abortion laws demonstrators gathered outside the national parliament building on saturday three days after lawmakers began drafting the bill the ruling lauren justice party wants to ban abortions in cases of fetuses with deformities the current law in this overwhelmingly catholic country allows for abortions in cases of rape or incest and if the mother's health is at risk or if the fetus is severely deformed. the torch for the twenty eighteen pyongyang winter games is
2:46 am
arrived in seoul for a four day really vent through the south korean capital the torch relay will be held until two say this will mark the first time in almost thirty years that the city has held a torch relay since the summer olympics of nineteen eighty eight the twenty eighteen winter games will begin in pure on the night the february kathy novak is at the top really event in seoul. believe it torch is making its way through central seoul carried by celebrities including k. pop stars and athletes here in guam home and square it is traveling on a royal carriage in a reenactment of a traditional procession more attention has been focused on the winter games since north korea agreed to participate in a recent poll more than eighty percent of south koreans said they supported north korea taking part though more than half do not want the government in seoul to cover the delegations expenses. i think it is and reasonable for south korea to pay
2:47 am
all the countries around the world are coming north korea should not be an exception there is no no we are implicated in the only techno theory is participation might help the olympics but not necessarily south korea. the two koreas are expected to meet in the coming days to discuss the north's participation it's a significant shift in interest and relations for high level talks on tuesday there had been no official communication between the two countries in about two years south korean president when julian says he hopes this year will mark a turning point in establishing peace on the korean peninsula from here the olympic flame continues to make its way towards the host city of pyong chad by the time it arrives it will have been passed between about seven thousand five hundred torchbearers and travelled a distance of more than two thousand kilometers so to come here on the algerian news this us football legend makes a shock announcement details coming up in sport. now
2:48 am
he's here. going to give the pentagon kind of i still in afghanistan to some taliban fighters a new call to arms for taliban leaders a threat to their authority. to see who also chose to enslave the southern part of islam there were only. unprecedented access icily and the taliban at this time on al jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning present from around the way we need more signs professional is a top priority is to model ways that meal generation to study finds powerful documentary six debates and discussions as prime minister you do need to be critical of all massage any and all sexism challenge your perceptions the contours
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of this story are shaped by the interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera. the biggest consumer technology expert in the wild has ended in las vegas reynolds reports from the consumer electronics show. at the annual c.e.o.'s show there isn't any start only new innovation no new must have shiny tech object there's no one awesome gadget this year it's going to be new technologies it's going to be virtual reality augmented reality and i don't think i've seen any one thing i've seen lots of trends and ideas one of those trends is toward more and
2:50 am
more sophisticated technology in automobiles toyota announced a deal with amazon to deploy the aleck's artificial intelligence assistant in some of its vehicles eventually automobile a will discern the mood of a human driver by emotional mapping and sensing more stress the car can actually then offer to take over more control of the vehicle and become fully autonomous auto makers are moving swiftly toward their goal of fully autonomous vehicles the ride sharing app lifts says that by the year twenty twenty one the majority of all rides it gives to its customers will be in self driving cars another theme this year a fierce rivalry between alexa and google assistant to spearhead a i in the consumer product category amazon took the early lead and i i think that
2:51 am
they're probably going to keep it at least for the near future in the virtual reality field. purchases are predicted to increase by twenty five percent to nearly five million units in twenty eighteen and then there are the now familiar internet connected household appliances l.g. and samsung both have fridges you can talk to i don't know why you'd want to have a conversation with your fridge the consumer technology association predicts the total consumer tech industry revenue will reach a record three hundred fifty billion dollars this year robert oulds al-jazeera las vegas right it's time for the small scenes now his piece. thank you very much host nation morocco off to a thundering start at the twenty eighteen african nations championship off the hammering mauritania for new in the opening game in casablanca on saturday after a quiet first half the moroccan sprung to life in the second period two goals from
2:52 am
. carby as well as strikes by ishmael hideout and ashraf the bench gave the hosts the perfect starts of the competition the after sly and says they are nicknamed now the only leaders in group a which also features guinea and sudan staying with african football cameroon is set to host the continent's biggest tournament next year that's the africa cup of nations but they also view adults that will be ready so while manic reports. cameron's hopes of staging africa's biggest football tournament are on the line independent inspectors are in the country to assess whether it will be ready this is an offender stadium it is a match ready but cameroon need thick stadiums to be in the same condition the country's government is confident however it will deliver. delivery of all construction sites as expected by december twenty eighth furthermore all the necessary arrangements have been made in terms of logistics and security at all
2:53 am
sites in order to allow members of the inspection team to work in serenity. a stadium is set to hold sixty thousand fans this is what the site looks like right now and while the country's had since two thousand and fourteen to plan for the competition everything was impacted by changes made to the competitions format last year africa's footballing authority can increase the african from sixteen teams to twenty four which means the country now need six day games rather than four and there's a lack of faith from the top of african football that they can deliver last year caf president said cameron isn't traded to welcome even four teams. algeria and morocco have already signaled their intent to be replacements and the inspectors returning stadiums until january twenty first it's now up to cameron to show what their bid is made of so he'll malik al-jazeera in the english premier league it was a frustrating afternoon for current league champions chelsea who held to a draw at home by leicester chelsea were hoping to win in order to at least go
2:54 am
second in the standings and close the gap somewhat on a runaway league leaders manchester city but leicester who won the league two seasons ago how their own had finished honors even at stamford bridge. elsewhere wins for crystal palace and west ham united have seen those two clubs move towards the middle of the standings west bromwich albion won in the league for the first time since appointing alan pardew you whose old club newcastle played out a one one draw against swansea city taught them hotspur thrashed everton four nil in the late game to go level on points with fourth placed liverpool us soccer legend landon donovan has come out of retirement again the thirty five year old striker is heading to club les on to play in the mexican top flight you haven't played a competitive match for fourteen months after he left the l.a.
2:55 am
galaxy it's the second comeback actually he quit in twenty fourteen after helping los angeles win the m.l.s. cup only to return into the sixteen during his career he's also played in the english premier league and going to sleep with just two days to go until the first tennis grand slam of the you know that joke of each admits he's not one hundred percent ready to return the serve has been out of action for six months with an elbow injury which has forced him to change the serve a section he's due to open his campaign in melbourne against donald young of the united states it hasn't hasn't been hundred percent yet healed but right now it's it's it's at the level where i can compete and every day is getting better so you know i'm hoping that you can be one hundred percent. at the start of the tournament through other tournament and i don't know how it is going to be a meanwhile twenty sixteen australian open champion and julie kerber has got a preparations off to the best possible start by winning the sydney international
2:56 am
title the former world number one beat australian ashley barty in straight sets to clinch the trophy and that's all the sport for me will have another update again later on. peter thanks now fans of the late singer johnny cash are remembering the concert that he recorded exactly fifty years ago before an audience of inmates inside one of america's toughest jails the concert highlighted the house can dish and and made cash a country music legend tell mom and apple it's the little i'm johnny cash johnny cash said prison audiences were the best and not just because they were captive listeners his song folsom prison blues won him many fans behind bars three doesn't rule it around being. silly in the sun so. i don't believe it's not going to school. time you know. in one nine hundred sixty
2:57 am
eight cash played the song before more than a thousand inmates and guards at the maximum security penitentiary in northern california the album he recorded there sold more than three million copies and revived caches of flagging career one that had been hindered by his addiction to prescription drugs half a century after his two performances on that day the inmates at folsom still appreciate cash his appearance their sight he looks at us like the low low but little things like that kind of get your mind out of the you know the audacity of prison life despite his outlaw image cache never spent more than a few nights in jail for petty offenses but his sympathy for prisoners was the theme that also ran through another hit san quentin blues and what good do you think you do. do you think i'll be different when you're through.
2:58 am
my heart and mind then you wore glasses. or your stalls or love blood a little. gas went on to perform in prisons across the us and campaign to improve their conditions a cause that still resonates in a country which incarcerates more than two million people and has the highest prison a rate in the world tom ackerman al-jazeera. that's the news al but there's a lot more to come so don't go away.
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