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tv   The Holy Land Five P2  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2018 3:00pm-3:58pm +03

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it's the course of history so that he did not get enough credit for anything above that you want to be a big historical figure but he was mandela the biggest on the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face at this time on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand a very different way where there. is and we don't leave. you watching al-jazeera i'm still robin these are all top stories sustained attacks by syrian government forces aided by russian as strikes are continuing on rebel held areas and a push by assad's forces and their allies in italy provinces causing a new wave of displacement about one hundred twenty thousand people have fled their
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homes in recent weeks but rather than finding places that sanctuary many continue to face danger. no law. well i don't know what to do yeah. i know the pedo feeling. very good you know law. well that will be wrong but i'll just have a crew shot these pictures while filming in a makeshift camp in an attack happened they tell us that a missile hit very close to where civilians including families who've fled from earlier bombings in the nearby how that area al-jazeera correspondent bill out fatty can be seen amongst the men women and children desperately trying to find cover. well there's been growing tension between russia and turkey of the fighting
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in rebel held territories they back opposing sides in the conflict but work together to create so-called deescalation zones cynicus uno has more from untuck here in southern turkey intensified a strike by the syrian regime and russian military forces in there actually threatens the peace process achievements the peace process that was launched in the ca's our capital astana turkey russia and iran have been the current theories of this peace process and they have agreed to establish the escalation zones in and lead. but for now this peace process is now is current the violated by the regime and also by russia and when we speak to the opposition they say they're not surprised about this violation but the experts say that this is actually a move to gain the mattick leverage in the upcoming sochi meeting at the end of january so they say russia and syrian regime is trying to gain more power on the
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course asian table over the syrian opposition. has gone off in a car in southern lebanon the lebanese say the attack in the southern city of sidon targeted a member of the palestinian group hamas but he was wounded in the blast but his condition is not yet. at least eighty three countries have been affected by a salmonella outbreak at one of the world's largest dairy farms french dairy giant like tellus says twelve billion boxes of powdered baby bill car being recalled more than thirty children have been poisoned in france alone thousands of people are on the streets of the two diseased capital to mark seven years since the revolution that sparked the arab spring. many of the issues which brought people to the streets back then are still causing problems today the government's promised more assistance for poor families suffering from
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tax increases and price hikes after days of recent protests. the arabian oil tanker that's been burning in the east china sea since last week is said to have sunk in the latest footage broadcast by chinese state television the ship is barely visible above the water iranian officials say there's no hope of any of the twenty nine missing crew being found alive efforts are underway to recover a plane which skidded off the runway at an airport in turkey. incredibly there were no serious injuries among the one hundred sixty two passengers on board the pegasus adeline's flight the boeing seven three seven jet came within meters of the shoreline in tribes on in the northeast the airport has been closed while all thora he's trying to work out what caused the accident and why is governors apologize for an accidental message sent to residents warning of an imminent missile strike triggered panic among many hawaiians to scramble to find shelter the emergency
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management agency later confirmed it was a false alarm. those were the headlines are back with more news in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera we continue with al-jazeera world to stay with us. but around the time of the hunt. there were over forty charges as i recall but primarily it was material support to terrorism and would you say they use
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a social welfare activity to win the hearts and minds of the palestinian people exactly what they do well i think this material support statute is a guilt by association statute i couldn't google you and find out anything about your work background is that correct i've been going to small ending i thought i'm in finance and. i will add to what the had a limb your own and that with vehicle waheeda i'm going to do most of the holy land foundation justice department is alleging that the holy land foundation is supporting terrorism because they're working with zakat committees but we have a long list of projects funded by the us government who worked with zakat committees and we have the documentation to show this and there was not a single charge that the where the jury was unanimous so the case was over we won but soon after that the judge asked the prosecutor will retry the case and he
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says yes your honor i believe that we will. the second trial was held in two thousand and eight and then the second trial was in front of judge so lease a different judge from the first trial and in fact he led in even more evidence for the government than the first judge. big difference in the two trials is i think probably the government put on probably too much evidence in overwhelmed jewry. with too much evidence our remember in general the evidence was presented probably in a more. simple and logical way based more on the timeline there were even
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more burning buses during the second trial there was a horrible video of people stamping on the american flag that had nothing to do with holy land except that there were four main differences. the four differences were first the government presented testimony from a man named ahmed true bhaji who was a cooperate with the government mr schorr bashi had gotten into trouble embezzling from somebody unrelated to holy land but he had briefly worked with the holy land so the government went to him and said if you testify against holy land we'll give you a break on your other case and he testified that everyone in power stein knew that holy land was connected to hamas even though he'd never been to the west bank and all of his testimony was based on newspaper articles or talking to people a second piece of evidence was from mr robert bryant who came from the treasury
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department mr mcbride was permitted to testify in the second trial that it didn't matter whether and if he was placed on the list or not that under circumstances that he described contributing money to an organization like that could nonetheless violate the law and material support the government was permitted as its third piece of new haven't to call an expert witness named steve inside who had been on the national security council who is a well known expert in the area of the middle east and mr simon was allowed to testify that the designation of hamas as a terrorist organization helped the united states in various ways including being able to station troops in the mideast and also avoiding another nine eleven style attack on the united states there was another. piece of evidence it was actually three documents that the israelis had seized from arafat's compound.
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they i think two of them were handwritten nobody knew where they came from who wrote them one of them said something about holyland being connected to hamas we had objected to those documents in the first trial because they were so clearly unreliable their genesis their. the basis for the information in the school so poorly said the judge had excluded them in the second trial the judge allowed them in the. part of mark. i want to offer.
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and i have a. lot of my money. the problem we had was that the government hired an expert in the second trial and the government was able to keep jurors who we didn't want and they tried to pick a jury that had the least amount of education we got rid of a lot of jurors and did it i think is a really good job but they ended up with a jury that was. much more favorable to the government my name's my feet out of the closet. and as i look at all these beautiful faces for my dear brothers a sisters i want to tell you i'm extremely proud of you for being here showing support for me and for brother still carry on for brother of a son and for all those people who are seeking justice this is a point that i owe it in english so done critique my grammar wire my
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brain i'm bugged my tongue. tab my thoughts if you. examine my walk and study my cock and dig my dreams with you to scare and stripped me down and check me out search my past from door to head to capture every call i ever made give you ears to my serious jokes translated this and me a cup that just to impress you d.c. folks. i hear you say giving cloggs to naked orphans was across all childrens of those who died of war not and
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it can all go dark. i should have sent them to death for all four things that they're going to get there nothing but terrorists. and none of them was done almost i beg your pardon you're not just the only this is to the side i did vote vote last across i am calling. it i'm going to vote for the. that will do that for you just witnessed. the government as though it was a tool. for the did it clear. i learned if there had been a previous trial which indian to have hung jury in that and that now these these were these men were being retried so so i began to read and about the holy land
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foundation i began to read about palestine and the history of palestine and i learned a lot that i did not know that every day at noon i started to go into the trials we began from project fear we organized an ongoing. protest which was that which was also feeding that feeding the poor just outside the federal building we were giving the same symbol it's ok to feed poor people it's not a crime to feet to feed people who organized buses to come and bring people to the trials and we wanted to feel the court room with people and and in that that was successful they were the courtroom was usually feel with people.
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kind of work to to make him a million when we're sending the car the have not got a rule any different to what for oprah oh well i'll see her his union card and imagery as i'm a hack and i was ready for calm and jimmy not in the midst of the bad and kindness of that crowd fabric i was sending in no. love lost but i'll sit in the car and fresh. calista him with the one by one. guilty guilty guilty guilty. my heart fell to the floor and shot a. bus out on a little sort of to me can be sure to have handcuffs i mean i'm here for him out really what are you doing with them humming. more terrorists or they're like
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a flight threat that would be your general thought for how the command ship fresh air and a few mad can with walker and all. the effort of your many a true free bob of thought. you were there over and had the model call for me how could i know my love of the myth of a new heaven but i'm too much. into. the who don't know how to hold autonomous that even fifteen seconds. a little older all of us. and so jennifer have said. two thousand and. by dan had some some just who are multiple better informed than me any. more moderate
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on them kind of you know i had a man who knew quite a sensitive the economic difficulty a high on model city center which instead of commissars look in the comic when the content of advice and you know my dad is not going to basically serve more than sixty five or sixty five years more than a life sentence in prison like the minute your mind can't accept that on senses in day my father got up walked to the podium. and said the following nothing in my life was as satisfactory as knowing that i could sign a check. it was the only evidence you have used against me but that was the most enjoyable part of my life knowing that i could sign a check to assist the thousands of palestinian families who got displaced after their homes were demolished nothing was more satisfactory to me than providing
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scholarships to hundreds of palestinian students who had high average grades despite their circumstance i said to the judge. that a man named al mari how can that be that someone who pleads guilty and admits to being a sleeper agent for al qaeda is going to get ten years and the government wants whatever they wanted which was enormous amount for shukri abu bakar who committed no violent crimes who was convicted of providing charity to palestinian children perhaps as far as the government was concerned the wrong children and the judges response as i recall was something to the effect of well mr all mary just did one thing and your client has been a lifelong supporter of hamas. and i was just stunned i've been a lawyer for an american criminal lawyer for almost thirty years and it was the
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most unjust decision i've ever seen it's like somebody just came up to you and is hit you in the stomach as hard as they could it took all of the air out you felt empty you felt. the. a sense of injustice had just occurred. we appealed mr law she's connection to the court of appeals in new orleans we had risen number of issues we challenge the anonymous witness for example we challenge the admission of the gruesome photographs we challenge a good bit of the government's evidence and most of it the court of appeals that was ok. but it found for errors goes for errors for the admission of mr mcbrien testimony the admission of mr simon's testimony the admission of mr
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schorr bhajis testimony and the admission of those documents that the israeli soldiers had found in the wreckage of the palestinian authority headquarters in ramallah that the court of appeals decision was well yes all four of those pieces of evidence which didn't come in in the first trial which obviously made a big difference because in the second trial everyone was convicted it was all harmless. and that's an outrageous decision and i believe a political decision that we were just not going to win. bad. almost says in one cannot submit you know and one had to say in the
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south africa i'm a doctor and a woman says then. the cautious laughlin's are not an issue of fact that if one. by the end of the cut the number off of me doesn't want to. come down and if a cut to my need for a cut then. cut that had been. done and it was the shot of my father is a family man he loves to gather everyone for breakfast and for luncheon for dinner so every weekend he made sure to get gather the family and beautiful palestinian brunch now after he left we all these separate. separate times in our own schedule rarely do we all sit together in this is where he brought us together . follow me on and i almost. almost see a war. with them. in no.
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plan. although i love them but. thought i was the only one. he works. in the kitchen in the prison so he gets the money instead of using it for commissary which is stuff that you can buy in prison for example tennis shoes he's been wearing the same ones for three years he would send me the checks every month because he knew i needed it and by doing that he's helping my mom the first guy got aside money to send him a check every month and i said now it's my turn you know by most my turn i want to give back to you and he said you don't have to do that although like you're my greatest skill. father can help with
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me i had so much going to i thought that if he knew how much me he should be and i check it in the can then put the fact is that n n t n t it means and you know how much of course manuel doesn't diminish he was hesitating and as you know my well and i continued when ed's. going to cut. out. a lot on. this what is it you know the sun was. just a political. yeah i mean. a lot of that enormous and. i mean the sort of shadow us whether they live their lives in the shadow.
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of the shia and the stuck. in the lab. and they're going to say. what kind this. could what i. can dream and you have unique effects some. kind of. a issue stick to know who the c. e o who is. that human being to send. them and i'm best. i think oh well it's very different. and i. wanted to have him could like literally make that bob. calling. him
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before any in the house that mccormack but how could we do you doing what was about the call or if it's a bob well it's so funny every time if it's poetic we agree we know it's both of us i don't know even from the name. and the how to. get any in the mush on. in the money with us and. that's aside how good mom. i said i thought on the war. the war but just at the end you know. all. the see and michelle did and i'm all good at that i don't.
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want to. do what it. said i want to. give and you won't. have the delay of me you know clear headed. you know i don't get his letter somo my dad gets to fifteen minute phone calls a week. he distributes those calls among my mother my sister and myself. i have a sister who lives northeast in connecticut. new york and my mother in
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texas. then i don't have any give about. the learn to keep with her. i am. married. one had to fix it ok. let's article. the first one i had talent. that they're not thoughtless about you know close more like tim are. no. love or you never bother us no i don't know i think mom one she looks phones i don't know why.
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i called the prison just to make sure you know everything. all right and like everything's good no lockdown she's like yes we're fine. it is the stuff family tales and blue moon snug and wonderful migration routes and generations of hudson good large mines altering the landscape removed is the stuff of mindless salute a stunning portrayal of auditing life and one woman's determination to save the community from the russians tundra to the moon and this time around to zero.
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it really is the international perspective that sets al-jazeera arts other news outlets beyond first it says about every outing up possibly to our original ism is about public service and making a difference in people's lives i'm amazed every day by reporting on al-jazeera and the places that my colleagues go it inspires me to take a different approach to how partners for. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better marketer let him build up is going to reinvent stuff all believed saw for what it has to go through the world to high tech visionaries breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that
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even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as well we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that it turns out they believe but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to do work in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. your geology is there i'm still wrong with these are our top news stories sustained offensive by government forces aided by russian airstrikes to new ink on rebel held areas in syria now these dramatic pictures were captured by an al-jazeera team when a makeshift camp was attacked
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a groups are holding that if the bombardment plan to use them in the displaced people will amass and in the turkish border. also bombs going off in a car in southern lebanon the army there says the attack in the southern city of sidon targeted a member of the palestinian group hamas he was wounded in the blast but his condition is not yet. at least eighty three countries have been affected by a salmonella outbreak at one of the world's largest dairy firms french dairy giant like tallis says twelve million boxes of powdered baby milk are being recalled more than thirty children have been poisoned and friends of victims groups say hundreds of lawsuits have been filed enough people are on the streets of the two dizzying capital to mark seven years since the revolution that sparked the arab spring. and any of the issues which brought people back to the streets are still causing problems today the government's promised more assistance for poor families
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suffering from tax increases and price hikes after days of recent protests. the iranian oil tanker that's been burning in the east china sea since last week is said to have sunk in the latest footage broadcast by chinese state t.v. the web is barely visible above the water radiate officials say there is no hope of any of the twenty nine missing crew will be found alive. i thought solid a way to recover a plane which skidded off the runway at an airport to turkey. and . incredibly there were no serious injuries of of the one hundred sixty two passengers on board the pegasus airlines flight the seven three seven jet k with the beaches of the shoreline tribes all did the northeast the airport has been closed while authorities try to work out what caused the accident. why is governors apologize for an accidental message sent to residents warning of an evident missile strike the alert triggered panic before the emergency management agency confirmed
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it was a false alarm i'll be back with the al-jazeera news in thirty minutes to say was we continue with al jazeera world. well i have to run on. illinois i thought. it was a bad sentence but it was sometime in the was that i would talk about. the senate and all the doors that you and your man brought have been about you know members are very sad hope of the north. america. that have that you know marion illinois. and i think that he had a. communication management unit. that. bradley
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document out of sadness never had to say yeah. look left what to. do they have an alarm. i know they all model practice. about him it. comes from sad and troubled and runs out of memory comes at a time when you know all the crap and lives that are minute to minute at the laptop so i think you may not have been so focused on going in but i had a doubt it's going to go see it awesome if the next job and i know what that there are back. and look at it she didn't set out to help her get her in the stands now
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because you're old enough to go die there i have my boy easy for them but the wonderful mr let's let him have that i'm never in a bad snare moment having given him my plan if indiana to see him he'll let them know what it says as i came down here so i abided tended to do so but i should have to stand out at all eight hundred left by the oxygen in the middle of the member states of the yard are ok the next coming from the hall with the shed why did he attack the sea out of the fisherman as the studs if they are existing candidates are because you have felt the best of all that says it will have looked like you been up to mach and that must have stopped. you can look to the center. and.
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once we get in usually we have about four hours so you go inside the prison visitation now one of the cool. of this prison. that we can all touch our father. we have not been able to touch our father two thousand nine. hundred. eleven on ash what are our. living on one. side of the city is about is this is. it on the commercial where the missiles know what it said danny gans is that it is. not
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a good measure this need a synonym of. give me my. mind i thank you. thank you. thank you. thanks. it's. not good. and then is it any other humans.
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in hunting or cook on top and slowly over couple of months off of a half machine how none can summon the issue here aside from that up the monotony of them one night in london for ties it goes into ten minutes in the show you probably find. a significant but yeah don't push ups do you go all pseudo thought on the judge or chocolate one hundred so one. of the hand can rush in the forward have on human seven you couldn't have what had been in the finest office i would be near. zero. i have them in the north. but. no i do you. know.
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by the sea works. in the diamond. sun i do read and study. doesn't come so. he doesn't count. until he doesn't. even more or how close and. a member has. been about astronomy on how well your mum seen it so i thought i would. rather look learn. about it.
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yes. every time i.
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thank you. i have a life and i've been. to have got even have a look to talk to you. but i'm going to much of it i know a bore hole from the siren it's nothing more now but i'm bob bob i'm go cut an apple and happened to mortally. a thought at the key is to.
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move bad messages of the poems the fuck the. hog wild card had i wanted when i got here or that i. couldn't go bang or may not. want to have. a lot of my job. i don't want to fuck i don't want. one michael how but i couldn't care less on lucia's going to crime i'll do we started a web site rodman says in the hague i mean the you tube page i mean there's
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a little videos of connected insaf little i can call the thing on the models and economists and have them again locally fundraising dinners. but then as i look at the mean how much of a lot i make is of the highest that i learned this was. so vieja thought that i think to the math when there's another question can the hyphen in the north and we're not going to give up and who's just a sack. so i talk about the case to everyone i talk about the case when i go out into the streets and i go to restaurants and you know sometimes i'll talk to just people i meet at different events every single person who has heard this story has been outraged i have spoken to every major ivy league school in the country at harvard at yale that brown university at columbia university and as i had the opportunity to speak and also what you can i'm doing in the group for jumma
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students for justice in palestine i'm in that event as a mea culpa lead in the usia here. awful scene to love or bad mahalo also had this thought who would set off on your hopeful selamat of a war so i was i was shocked about what i heard i never heard about it really quite before i heard little bits about it but i didn't really know the full the full scope and then and i began to inquire some more and to get more information and then i came back to texas after that and i met to the families and over the last two three years i've been gathering information all the information that i could find about about this case. i mean from the butcher. i have to say and. it was really going to be through the i was able to meet obviously shooter's family
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several times family several times and i have a son in law she's family several times here in dallas. and just recently about a month ago i was able to visit ukraine prison i was splendidly surprised and impressed by his ability to maintain this wonderful spirit to maintain his optimism we talked about the kids we talked about the case we talked about my family his family the history of the palestine politics and we talk about everything you know like friends do. people. i've got all the material now it's a question of sitting down and and writing this is a political case i think these five men are political prisoners i think their position right now is very similar to the position of palestinian prisoners in israeli jails. you could see that they were doing
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a very good job of being very successful and this contradicts the zionist there is to that there is no palestinian problem that there is no palestinian people that the refugees and the poverty and all of these issues are not true that israel has nothing to do with it they're all just terrorists it's all a lie they all want to attack israel and so on so if you have an organization that's decent that's honorable that is doing good work people are going to start thinking maybe they have a point maybe design a story is not perfect and that's why they've had to bring them down it was a threat because it challenges the zionist narrative. and that is the most dangerous thing to do for israel that is the most dangerous thing to do for zionism and that is the thing that the israeli lobby fights the most when you.
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want to. attack shopping. we appealed the case after the second trial and what's called the fifth circuit or one of the the higher courts and they affirmed the conviction they said we agree that the jury got it right so they didn't change the verdict we appealed it to the u.s. supreme court the united states supreme court decided they didn't want to listen the only thing left isn't is a law another lawsuit that says we didn't get
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a fair trial it's called i hate the titian and what that means is you go back all the way to the beginning back to judge so lease and argue that this was not a fair trial argue that the lawyers were ineffective which we all agreed that we were in one way or another that we we filed affidavits with the court saying things that we didn't do that we should have done. what i'm working on what i filed and what i'm pursuing it's it's called the twenty to fifty five motion which is under the for. adderall law where after their convictions and their appeals have been denied it's a way to raise fundamental constitutional errors to raise new evidence that that had not been considered before and to to ask the court to reconsider a lot of the liturgy of their convictions. and because this
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whole case the whole issue in this case was whether or not hamas controlled the chicago bears so at the trial there was no witness presented by either the defense or the prosecution who was a person who actually worked with the cock if they had a retry. it would be on the same accusations but the trial would be completely different because at a retrial the jury would have first hand testimony from people that would testify that these the cockneys are not and were not controlled via mosse right now the lawyers have been able to secure thirty four affidavits from different leader i mean different board members of the csicop committees who swear that these a cock committees gave aid based on need not on creed or politics that they were
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not under influence of anybody that this twenty to thirty five petition is the last legal opportunity that these men have to challenge their convictions in court if this petition is not successful then they have no further legal options. why is it that continue to fill us in the sums. and the c.m. of us out in the salamanca and then let's see if they had that offer for us to your confidence so. you will have the most about luck in the whole club. be a man and the cool soft and almost. cleaver what would we have thought at times that there might be a way to do some kind of prisoner trade we've not been able to really get anywhere
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with that of course we could ask the president for a pardon it seems to me that the only. possible outcome for these people is a pardon and i don't know politically whether a pardon would be in the works by american officials i would hope that someone a justice department official whether it's eric holder or whomever. it was see that there was an injustice done in this case recommend to the president the united states whoever he or she may be and say these men should be part. of that right i'm important if you have unofficial and i mean that's it i think you know their best shot would be in a court rather than in the realm of politics because. we're still in a you know a kind of anti terror well the future of this case will end when the legal options are over as far as whether these men get in out of prison ill either end in them
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serving their time or dying in prison or. their mom we may be successful with this . b.s. or the legal battle that we're still fighting on not that i'm not going to be convinced that this man will die prison that my father will die in prison. that's why it's. i think the way this can be resolved. has to be through public pressure so whether people are living here in this country the united states where they live in the middle east or they're in europe people have to stand up people have to protest people have to speak up against this this has to be something everybody talks about argues about is it right is it wrong to bring it to a point where politicians have to listen bring it to a point where there is public pressure to at least reopen the trial if not to you know throughout the trial altogether exonerate them.
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are. crap i have to do what i want to do i mean you want to be are going to provide every fiber of your. property back. dear mr president i have been writing the letter to your ass to you i'm eleven years old now i am one of the pallid daughters of the holy land five my father and
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four other gayman are pledged to jail for nothing my father got sixty five years it is not hurt anyone or anything anything he helps to. now the favor i really want from you is from the age of five you are the only one who can do this and i hope you all. this you know i have the same birthday a dr martin luther king jr gave you that's why we think the thing. come on mr president we need you can you solve this case i hope you think about this and please as soon as you can thank you sincerely and i'm eric and girl who wants her back that. the controversial leader of islamic jihad for his part he is one most one
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internists in the history of israel come to terms on his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli intelligence and aside the sense of being caught up in the must use the outcome is only death if someone tried to get funds he's got to give me defeat suman intention was shut down before the judge kill him in damascus at this time on al jazeera world. from a clear blue sky you mean. to the french autumn breeze in the c.t.v. loving. hello there are things in fairly heavy rain in parts of south america at
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the moment the satellite picture is picking up some very bright white areas of cloud here every possibility of stretching down through paraguayan as well for heavy downpours out of this and there's another weather system just to the south so across this region during the day on sunday there's going to be some very heavy downpours with this area of rain gradually clearing away towards the north so by the time we get to monday then it looks like one is always will see more in the way of sunshine and it will also be quite warm with a temperature of twenty six degrees that area of what weather further north it's giving us all violent thunderstorms that is still going to be with us on inside to stick around to choose day two for the central americas here we've had this area of town and rain with this for the past couple of days and it has given us some very heavy downpours those showers a still with us jerry in the day today say through through the bahamas that down through jamaica and down towards panama and costa rica it does start to break up a little bit as we head through the day on monday so for us in the bahamas that will draw a whether there will still be some shellfish out in the southwest in parts of our
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map they as we head out towards north america it's still pretty cold for some of us at the moment more cold weather still to come if we look at this weather system here is bringing us a fair amount of heavy snow and it's swinging its way east. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the frame and good logical rational or personal crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera.
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for. evie that are in no doubt in need it. for whatever.


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