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about forming a new life is part of life is culture. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how my beliefs influenced the course of history the souls that leave did not get enough credit for ending up but you want to be the big historical figure but he was mandela the biggest con in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face at this time on jersey. two suicide bombers blow themselves up in a pang to baghdad market killing at least thirty eight people. have also been you watching al-jazeera lifelong headquarters here in coming up in
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the next thirty minutes turkey syria and russia react with fury and concern to the latest u.s. plan for kurdish and rebel fighters. a walkway collapses at the indonesian stock exchange building injuring at least seventy five people in a shower of glass and day. also the government attacked the only functioning airport in libya's capital shutting it down. welcome to the program two suicide bomb blasts during monday morning rush hour in baghdad have killed at least thirty eight people close to one hundred others were injured and more fatalities are feared it's the fourth attack in the iraqi capital in the past forty eight hours a solid binge of it how small. bodies were scattered all over the street in central baghdad two suicide bombers detonated
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their explosives during morning rush hour in tehran square dozens were killed and wounded chocolate bars sold in the busy marketplace were scattered in the debris and blood. it's become a deadly routine as people of the iraqi capital quickly try to resume their lives of tehran square is a busy intersection in eastern baghdad between south of the city and a bridge the area's full of laborers on their way to work in the morning and i was here when the blast took place i heard two blasts many people got killed mainly workers. there was another attack in northeastern baghdad three people were killed including a member of the iraqi ministry of defense. attacks have risen in the last forty eight hours eight people were killed in a suicide bombing on sunday in the old enemy area north of baghdad it shows that the minister of interior does not have a real intelligence network that it's supposed to be the data that will be on the table of the responsible persons who are supposed to be working hard to make
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baghdad secure last month iraqi prime minister head there live by the declared victory against isis saying the war against the group was over but the victory is yet to be translated into an end to attacks the u.n. says last month alone at least sixty nine civilians were killed in violence and armed conflict highlighting the fragility of iraq's peace as world attention feeds after the declared defeat device of some of injury the others are now moving to syria where significant developments in the country's north are threatening to cause major diplomatic fallout the u.s. announced that it supporting the formation of a thirty thousand strong kurdish led border force in rebel controlled areas turkey says america is playing with fire syria's government says the plan is a blatant assault on its territory russia has also reacted suggesting the formation of a zone controlled by u.s. backed rebels could lead to the partition of syria. but there it when you when you
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were going to go to american say i saw was not completely destroyed in syria but we can now see that the u.s. are not interested in the territorial integrity of syria it announced a new initiative yesterday and they would like to support the democratic forces of syria and as the one of border security which would mean cutting off large territories around turkey's border this is a difficult area where there is tension between kurds and arabs these territories would be controlled by armed oppositions and u.s. forces it would be very difficult to split syria such an approach is taking place without a u.n. resolution or negotiations in geneva russia iran and turkey expect clarifications from the u.s. . small from moscow. well since the beginning of the syrian conflict is one thing that is united pretty much all of the countries involved in one way or another in the war is their belief but at least publicly stated that the territorial integrity of syria has to be maintained well what we have heard out of turkey and
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moscow today suggests that both those countries are losing faith with the united states is being honest so that intention sergey lavrov said that he thought this plan for a border security force was a centrally the united states trying to partition syria in some way lavrov also went on to big up russia's involvement in the various parts of the dialogue process that are going on at the moment particularly asked on which he says is really helps in de conflicts to some extent the syrian war he also said that the. dialogue congress that's supposed to be happening in sochi in russia later on in the month he said that this would bring together groups involved in the syrian crisis going to being excluded from the geneva process
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bring them into the fold and he says this would actually help the geneva process move forward essentially giving the in the united nations as he put it kind of a kick up the backside well as we heard the u.s. move to take a shangri about american support for kurdish dominated forces in syria and president receptive to one of turkey has announced a new offensive against the kurds but in a hold has more. to kish president today chip tayyip erdogan and using a party address to look staunch in the face of the u.s. backed could use force on his southern border. he promised to respond with a show of force saying tikki will launch its own military operation and the northern syrian city of buffeting not so so the letter was ginned just like we do not let the kurdistan workers party or p.k. open their eyes within our borders we are determined to vanquish them on the other
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side of fall border god willing in the coming days we will continue the operation to purge our southern border from terror. tikki has fought kiddish factions within its borders for more than thirty years and doesn't want to see that could gain power in neighboring syria the u.s. and the european union say the p.k. k. is a terror group but in northern syria the americans say they're supporting kurdish forces not the p.k. k. specifically the kurds are the most effective fighting force against the islamic state in syria and they've been very successful in that that's the american purpose but the turks regard the kurds and the why b.g. as a dire threat to u.s. president trump promised iran that he would stop being and training could fight is but the pentagon never made that official now turkey is furious about reports of a new u.s. backed border force of thirty thousand personnel with the syrian democratic forces
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a group of largely controlled by the could ish y.p. gee they will reportedly deploy along the border of turkey iraq to the southeast and the euphrates river valley the dividing line with assad's military how the american backed could just wipe e.g. posted this online in december the posting to show clashes with turkish forces it's enough rain in northern syria the same could. be one now says he will launch a military operation in the coming days we'll get there are many kyler despite it all we believe we have common interests with america in the region and hope we can act in concert because the time has come to support turkey and the time to give strategical peroration is due. afrin could be the test for a difficult three way relationship between powers in the syrian war. the united states and the kurdish fight is so hated by one side and supported by the other
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medium the hand. orson casilla is our correspondent in attacking turkey's border with syria it seems that turkey has a war on two fronts to a certain extent it's trying to deal with both russia and syria in the airstrikes on internally displaced people in those deescalation zones and now this new front with the united states and its support for kurdish fighters in the north of the country what are its options and its possibilities. so hell yes the possibility of a military operation in often was kind of weak at the beginning when president add on started stating this like about a year ago but now we see that turkey has also backed from russia and also the syrian regime agrees the same reviews over the security forces stationing in syria iraq and turkey iraq war do from turkish perspective i can say
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that despite united states claims that they are trying to provide security and stop the illegal infiltration of the radical insurgencies to the area turkey takes it as perceives it as a threat because turkey believes that the white p.g. is an offshoot of p.k. k. could to some workers party as we have watched in our news package and it sees it as a national security risk and a threat to its territorial integrity but here some other questions come up. to us which are turkey and united states have been nato allies and they have had strategic partnership in the region for such a long time but now the question is whether turkey is drifting apart from its partner united states and aligning with russia iran axis or is this problem going
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to be sold but right away i'm assuming last minute not of cations from turkish local media that prisons are down this current the giving harsh statements against the us the solution for stationing those forces and it is for sure that turkey sees the us the solution as you know later elliptic and and a person is that as a threat to itself as a threat showing that you can't do any operation against often without our permission these these couple of days will be very high. in terms of this topic but presents are gone state of the a survey that in the couple in the coming days probably this week that this military would launch an operation in our friend but we will see whether russia turkey and united states will be able to negotiate around the table and agree on a common point to call and come up to a consensus or will these strong strategic partners will drift apart from each
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other well so to keep an eye on things for the moment said and possibly day in and tell you thank you. well elsewhere in syria government forces say they're close to taking control of a strategically important base in italy a province they've been fighting for against a number of armed groups included hired the sham which used to be affiliated with al qaida government commanders say that they're now advancing on the base from several positions. they say they've now taken control of more than four hundred square kilometers over the countryside near the border with ip. now a walkway has collapsed inside indonesia's stock exchange building in jakarta causing widespread panic and injuries glass and other day be crushed down on to people in the lobby at least seventy five people were taken to hospital our correspondence that vasant is outside the stock exchange. many here are still shocked that this collapse could take place here in the financial heart. in the
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middle of dissenter a lot of people were injured because the small bridge here in the second power of the stock exchange collapsed just before the lunch break the trading had stopped but a lot of students were here from. visiting the building and they were on the small bridge at the mass and then level level just above the lobby when the collapse took place a c.c.t.v. footage shows very clearly what happened at the time it's horrifying to see these students on this small greats and then this whole thing collapsed of course a lot of people were injured and they were panicking to try to get out of this building as soon as possible the students were seen lying outside on the street with injuries and of course i'm glad to have been going back and forth to hospitals here in the area to take them to hospital more than staff and three people were brought to hospital but it's a miracle that the many of them had only light injuries to broken bones and a lot of them have been released from hospital already knows the building
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management is now under a lot of pressure to answer questions what actually is the cost of this collapse and why this could happen and also ahead here on al-jazeera including making a new collection of writings and speeches point china does president it's the book show plus. outside of this castle a church and something chilly just lets up protesting against pope francis i was single and in a sudden on coming up i'll tell you why many people in this country are bringing as the pope makes his way to chile. hello there we've got some heavy rain that's. working its way towards japan at the moment here's what it's looking like at the moment just a little bit of cloud drifting across the northern parts nothing really to worry
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about currently but we've got this little weather system here that's pulling itself together as it works its way out of china and just clipped the south coast of south korea as that works its way across the southern parts of japan it does look very very heavy there for wednesday it will be a very wet one for some of us including force later on in tokyo meanwhile towards the west generally quite quiet here but the temperatures are rising for is in beijing our temperatures should make it up to around sixty degrees on wednesday before the towards the south it is also a bit milder now force in the southeastern parts of china too for shanghai will be getting to around fifteen degrees and for hong kong around twenty two there is this little link of cloud here on choose day that's going to give us a fair amount of rain but it's breaking up fizzling out so by the time we get to wednesday not a great deal to be seen of that system and looks like most of us will get away with a dry a pitch a bit further towards the south or for some of us in the philippines it's turning wetter as we head through the next day or so there's a few showers around with us at the moment on choose day but those showers really
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begin to pull themselves together and then it's lose on where we see some of the wettest of the weather here for some of us it really does look like a very soggy day. this was our foundation. i tried to do something different when i met daisy it was the best day of my life. i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with. me decide pay the price d.c.m. back this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to al-jazeera the reminder of our top stories two suicide bomb blasts in baghdad have killed at least thirty eight people it happened during the morning rush hour almost one hundred others have been injured also turkish president rest of the one says that he plans to launch a military operation on a major kurdish stronghold in syria that comes after the u.s. confirmed is helping to set up a thirty thousand strong border force in the north of the country russia's foreign minister says the u.s. move could divide syria. and at least seventy five people have been taken to hospital after being hit by falling rubble at the indonesian stock exchange a war quake collapsed on the upper floors showering debut on to people in the lobby below. the gunmen have attacked an airbase in the libyan capital tripoli they stormed. the fighting spilled on to the runway suspended flights as well it's
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the only functioning airport in tripoli after the international terminal was damaged in twenty fourteen by mode of the war he joins me now from libya's capital tripoli just bring us up to speed of the exact circumstances of what we know right now in terms of events in and around the airport. well currently the clashes have related leak down to the special deterrence force that is the you back to government of national called force patrolling and securing around the air bases announcing that they have taken over the areas around the bases that were previously captured by armed with groups attacking their bases since early morning now. a
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national accord government to announce it on its page on facebook that these armed groups attack in the air they aiming at releasing an al qaeda affiliate from a prison belonging to the special deterrence force inside the base now. individuals are in the field hospital in say that nine dead thirty two one did so far and we understand that the special deterrence force at that is the security force securing. twenty fourteen there's been policing the city of tripoli but the problem is the roots of this problem originated since the deterrence force created a prison inside the facilities of the bees and they have thousands of suspects inside that prison now the armored groups that attacked the airbase say that
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this prison is outside of the legitimate authorities and deterrence force have been doing extrajudicial practices inside that prison we understand that the prisoners there include isolette figure it's former rebels active it's activists and also other criminal suspects the special literals force. has been policing the city of tripoli since two thousand and fourteen but this prison is somehow has got in. because of their torture cases and their killing get out of the x. . killing in that prison inside the. military airbase where understand that made a report inside the base has been the only functioning airport in tripoli since
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july two thousand and fourteen when their tripoli international airport was damaged by rival groups that were fighting for control of the airport so i will leave it there now to come back to you with a further update later the day thank you. foreign ministry is denying a report by the united arab emirates state news agency that qatar a fighter jets have quoted intercepted and civilian aircraft the news outlets of the plane was on its way to bahrain follows a complaint bind hard to the united nations security council over two alleged violations of space by u.s. military planes in recent weeks tensions between cutoff and its neighbors have increased since june when the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and bahrain diplomatic and economic ties. the us president donald trump has denied accusations that he's racist he's been criticized for allegedly using vulgar language when describing haiti el salvador
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and several african nations during a recent white house meeting article he does more. the big conversation happening in washington and really across the country in the globe right now is president donald trump in fact a racist this is all coming about after a meeting where a bipartisan group of senators went to the white house and said they had to compromise on immigration reform the president reportedly bristled at it because he said it would allow in countries in africa el salvador in haiti and he described those as undesirable countries although he used a far more explosive expletive to describe those places now the question is is he in fact a racist because in that conversation he said he would rather take in people from countries like norway which are majority white well here's what the president had to say about that. and we believe. that this isn't just a question being bandied about whether or not president donald trump is racist this
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has an actual impact the republicans need to pass a budget their charge of the house and the senate and funding for the government runs out this coming friday if they can't pass something well then they'll face a partial government shutdown democrats have unique leverage because they need their votes in order to keep the government going so there are democrats who are saying they're simply not going to vote for it in less they get some sort of immigration deal they see this as their point of leverage and they plan to use it so right now they're basically going to face off for the next five days and either democrats are going to cave and vote for a budget or republicans are going to have to come up with some sort of immigration compromise. pope francis is on the way to chile peru to promote peace and unity but security plans are being reevaluated following attacks on six very catholic churches in chile there's anger in both countries about the church and how the church avant has dealt with paedophile priests latin america editor lucien human
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house. in southern chile. it used to be standing room only inside this cathedral in southern chile. but these days not many are singing the praises of their bishop one batter us appointed three years ago by pope francis. outside the cathedral other members of the flock demand the resignation of the bishop who is accused of covering up sex abuses by chile's most notorious pedophile priest the pope may be smiling down at these affleck's cities and chile but now these faithful say that they are sad and angry at their pope. accuses him of betraying his promises. the vatican still covers up abusers and to boot in chile it rewards them with promotions and positions abroad the severity we expected from the pope isn't there it's an acceptable that
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a bishop like barrows who covered up sex abuses he put in charge of our diocese while the protest continued we caught bishop leaving through the parking lot he has long denied any wrongdoing but they did the questions about the calls for his resignation they moved to him. there are many other people doing charge work many blessings to you than the. one god. himself a survivor is one of those who accuse the bishop of facilitating abuses against them by this man father finance. behind these walls. abused scores of seminarians while preparing dozens of priests and five bishops including bishop battlers the song when the priest kissed when he judged the people's genitals he was watching there's rumors of past the mony of how he was
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present and and till this day the pope doesn't acknowledge that pure talk no action his zero tolerance is a false zero tolerance. but just last week ahead of his trip to chile and peru the pope ordered the vatican to take over an elite catholic group in peru after years of charges that its founder seen here sexually and physically abused scores of children and adults othella until now what we've had a dramatic gestures maneuvers for impact and damage control and at improving the church's image that may not be enough to satisfy victims like one could loose and other critics who insist that while the pope is here they'll continue raising their voice to hold the vatican and its leader accountable you see in human al-jazeera assad no southern chile. no volcanoes are up doing all the southern philippine island of luzon novenas been pouring from the mail since saturday more than one
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thousand people have been moved to emergency shelters. and as more from manila. at least six thousand people have already been evacuated from at least three towns near the volcano now this is something that local officials say as escalated over the weekend they fear that they may have to increase the alert level in the coming hours depending on how the volcano develops now there are at least twenty active volcanoes all across the country there are two others now on alert level one now local officials from legazpi and by provinces are saying that they are all prepared should the volcano erupts this is a region largely dependent on that with culture for their livelihood but at least thirty thousand people are expected to be affected whether my young volcano erupts or not in the coming days. combining the writings of chinese president xi jinping
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is raising new questions about communist party propaganda as rock mcbride reports from beijing china's leaders are quick to ban all restrict other books that contain sensitive issues book bryant has the latest. to meet demand the presses have been rolling nonstop since the communist party congress in october which adopted cheatin ping thought as a guiding philosophy not surprisingly bookstores give the work special prominence when we arrived at this bookstore the promotional section was empty but suddenly and suspiciously it filled with customers. least tsonga communist party member told her she was buying five copies for a study group back at her office i haven't read the book yet but i started right after i go back we have all read that nine hundred party congress reports the ever times alongside the new she work is the report of the party congress that enshrined
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the concept of she thought into the constitution copies of the constitution are handily available to. the books the party congress together on the shelves because they are in great demand from the citizens they happen urgent need to treat them equally urgent it seemed was the need of citizens to leave as soon as we left so did they when our producer returned ten minutes later a special section was deserted again. the future study of xi jinping thought by students and party members looks certain to make cheese books volumes one and two bestsellers for years to come contrast that with the fate of other political books about china's leaders that won't be included on any college reading list on book stands in the southern city of hong kong far more sensational titles claimed to give a behind the scenes look at the intrigue in the chinese leadership band on the mainland
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they sell well to chinese visitors but we found this door closed supposedly for renovation. another was closed permanently two years ago when the publishers associated with it were detained in mainland china lam winkie claims he was abducted and subjected to mental torture before finally being released. after the incident our book store everyone in the publishing chain is terrified there are less political books and some publishers have stopped city of titles altogether even in hong kong with its freedom of speech when it comes to shes reputation china seems determined there will be only one official version probably bright al-jazeera beijing. i was there i'm still rather these are all top stories two suicide bomb blasts in
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baghdad have killed at least thirty eight people will face. amongst the ninety wounded and i'll taran square in the iraqi capital. turkish president reza typos one says he plans to launch a military operation on a major kurdish stronghold in syria it comes out to the u.s. confirmed it's helping to set up a thirty thousand strong border falls in the north of the country syria's government it's called it a blatant assault on its territory and russia's foreign minister says the u.s. move could divide the country. we're going to have pneumonia shrewd we're going to go and sort of signal and now we see that the u.s. are not interested in the territorial integrity of syria it announced a new initiative yesterday and they would like to support the democratic forces of syria and his own of border security which would mean cutting off large territories around turkey's border this is a difficult area where there is tension between kurds and arabs and these territories would be controlled by armed oppositions and u.s. forces and it would be very difficult to split syria such an approach is taking
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place without a u.n. resolution or negotiations in geneva for the seventy five people have been taken to hospital after being hit by falling rubble at the indonesian stock exchange a walkway collapsed on the upper floor showing daybreak of the people in the lobby below. a large group post launched an attack on the abbé city living capital tripoli security sources say government storm base of the fighting spilled onto the runway suspending flights is the only functioning airport in tripoli after the international terminal was damaged in twenty fourteen the base was under the control of the special the terrence falls which is affiliated with the u.n. backed government. pope francis is on his way to that peru to promote peace and unity but security plans are being reevaluated following attacks on six roman catholic churches in chile they sang again both countries at the alleged cover up of paedophile priests those are the headlines here on
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al-jazeera board you said thirty minutes next it's inside story with laura. the party of nelson mandela terms one hundred and six south africa's ruling a.n.c. is marking this anniversary with a pledge to rebuild itself from deep divisions and accusations of corruption but can the new leadership soul the many challenges the a.n.c. faces this is inside story.


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