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eight expected in cell. for centuries egypt assault to come on power over the nile if enough but we aren't harming any of the knowledge base of countries they don't mean from us that if they get their water from rainfall boss upstream this dominance is being challenged by countries who want to agree to a sham i know some company makes you. want to question that yes this circumstances have changed in ten quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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this is news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. fury in ankara turkey as president accuses the u.s. of building an army of terror inside syria. pope francis is about to touch down in chile but not everyone is welcome him with open arms. and having it in the u.s. . releases a video it says shows some of the shock goes it's still holding. it in doha with all the day's sports news including a disastrous opening day at the australian open for american women the biggest williams and. pressure in the first. a u.s. plan to form a thirty thousand strong border security force in northern syria is being rejected
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by turkey russia and syria itself turkey's president says washington is trying to create a terror army and he's pledged to quote drown it before it comes into being the u.s. says the force will secure areas along syria's border to the north with turkey and to the east with iraq it will be mostly made up of fighters from the syrian democratic forces but the s.d.f. is led by kurdish fighters that turkey views as allies to the p.k. k. a band kurdish group active inside turkey. syria says the plan is an attack on a summer and russia is describing it as a plot to partition the country from moscow or a challenge of force it's the youth but russia's foreign minister had a stark rebuke for the us on monday speaking as a media conference in moscow a lover of said the creation of his own controlled by u.s. backed rebels risks syria's territorial integrity turkey's president also opposes the plan he's attacking reports of the u.s.
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backed kurdish border force russia type of says turkey will launch its own military operation against the kurds in the northern syrian city of a free shot at that it is secure well and good now the united states has confessed that they are forming a terror army along our border what we have to do is to strangle this terror army on our borders before it is born turkey has for its kurdish factions inside its borders for decades and doesn't want to see them gaining more power in neighboring syria box in northern syria the americans have long been supporting some kurdish forces the kurds are the most effective fighting force against the assad government and against the islamic state in syria and they've been very successful in that that's the american purpose but the turks regard the kurds and the y. b.g. as a dire threat they label them terrorists although u.s. president donald trump promised he would stop supporting kurdish fighters the
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pentagon never made that's official the reported thirty thousand strong u.s. backed border force would primarily come from kurdish led syrian democratic forces and would deploy along the syrian borders with turkey and iraq and along the euphrates river valley the dividing line with syrian government forces. one of the syrian wars detectable trends last year was the emerging axis of cooperation between russia and turkey often joining together to criticize steps taken by the united states if today's developments are only thing to go by that's a trend that looks set to continue into two thousand and eighteen will reach allan's zero moscow well joining us from washington d.c. is jennifer katherina she's a senior intelligence planner at these huge for the study of war so the reaction has been pretty strong against this idea was that reaction anticipating do you think this is something they factored in they decide they don't need to worry about
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sure i do think that this is a predictable turkish escalation against us steps to conquer ties our military partner the syrian democratic forces into an enduring stabilisation force that can secure this terrain long term turkey has been crystal clear actually that it regards the syrian democratic forces as a threat to its interests and turkey had already taken military action action in northern aleppo province to block further gains by the syrian democratic forces what we're seeing in many respects is actually simply the next phase of turkey's escalation against the local us partner force so i mean in the past general much as recently the end of december talked about a shift in syria i said to what we'll be doing is shifting from what i call an offensive to raise using pro-choice to. see more u.s. diplomats on the ground so is this border force idea in effect securing it for all kind of reconstruction efforts and getting american kind of companies into the
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ground once the conflict is over is that what's a part of the plan here. it is the interim u.s. goal is to stabilize areas that we have recaptured from isis and to enable reconstruction and recovery of communities devastated by isis and the counter isis campaign the challenge is however that turkey regard to the political structures that the united states is putting into place as fundamentally threatening because those political structure is illegitimate in turkey's view a p k k proxy inside of syria which it regards as a threat to turkish national security interests in addition to a challenge to turkey's long term goals inside of syria and given that i mean do you think there's a risk that u.s. forces get bogged down in something which is much more serious than the what they anticipated absolutely i think the turkish president early on is serious when he threatens to conduct military operations against two. along the
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syrian turkish border i think if the united states does not take action soon to deescalate the current trajectory we could actually see turkish troops opened fire one of the things that's been mentioned is course the trial of the u.s. attempt to try and rein in the iranians not necessarily operating in that particular area in syria is that do you think part of the of the consideration for increasing the u.s. presence in syria possible kind of anxiety about what the iranians are doing. sure so the u.s. schools in syria are to pivot away from the narrow focus on isis and to begin to pursue larger u.s. national security objectives that the u.s. essentially put on hold while countering isis so the decision for the us has been how do we exploit what we've gained and what we've built on the ground to accomplish objectives beyond the military destruction of isis the problem is we are
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finding that as we pivot away from isis we're actually losing our common interest with the turks and common interest potentially with other allies within the anti isis coalition who are united in a desire to see the defeat of isis but little else actually when it comes to the long term outcomes inside of syria jennifer and i thank you very much indeed for joining us your thoughts on the subject thank you thank you syrian government forces say they are close to taking control of a strategically important base in prominence government c'mon does say troops are advancing on a base from several positions southeast of the city of aleppo this music getting close to bridging the gap between their forces in southern aleppo and in southern they also say they've not captured dozens of villages in aleppo province left by rebel forces as they mass to defend the airbase pope francis is due to arrive in chile in the next couple of hours for
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a visit steeped in controversy security has been ramped up ahead of his arrival at least five churches have been vandalized in chile in recent days and protests are expected to be held against the cover up of alleged sexual abuse in the catholic church you see in human is live in santiago for a so is not the kind of welcome that he's used to i suppose. no absolutely not lauren i'm right here at the spot on one of. the largest boulevard where the pope will begin his popemobile ride all the way up to the vatican embassy where he will spend the night and as you can see there are people here there are people beginning to gather the pope arrives in about forty five minutes ahead of schedule and should be passing here in about two hours at the most you would have expected much larger crowds certainly that's what we've seen in just about every other latin american country where the pope has been in that we have covered but this is a very special case chile is chile's catholic church it is in
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a deep crisis that's probably why the pope is here in fact about forty of the people that are just down the down the road here are here to protest against the pope because they accuse him of actually rewarding people in the church who have covered up. abuses against children in the church including the bishop of the city of all sort of a lot of people have come of miles from there to protest here hoping the pope will see that they are angry at the pope that they have not lost faith in god but that you have lost faith in the institution or promises have to say about the particular issue of alleged child abuse. well that's the whole point from the moment that he became pope he really won over people he he spoke to great expectations when he said that there would be zero tolerance for sex abuse especially against children in the church but many people here are saying that
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there's been no follow up that it's a publicity exercise and that they say he really has to make good on this that the facts do not add up and that he has allowed many priests to stay in the ministry and certainly those who've been covering up for other pedophile priests to stay in their positions instead of putting them in prison they say so they say they want him to really make good on his promise also to he is here knowing that he's going to be confronting these sorts of things so there's a lot of expectation about what he will say about it while he's here mr newman thank you very much indeed. look at her most recent new video which is said to show some of the schoolgirls kidnapped in chibok in twenty fourteen in the twenty one minute video some of the girls say they don't want to be rescued after they just reports from a butcher. the video shows some of the girls with babies this girl says they are happy where they are and i want those women out those them we are the chibok girls you have been crying that we should be released but by the grace of
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allah we will not return home what some analysts believe the timing of the release and the intent is clear. what's going to come an effort to form a good solutions and. you know what can tell. girls were violently selling thing or what is. the trouble girls were taken in twenty forty two hundred and seventy six abducted from their boarding school one. in may twenty seventeen each two girls were released after intense negotiations all in all more than one hundred have been reunited with their families over the years. although the government didn't admit to paying a ransom many nigerians believe money changed hands some believe paying the fight is what helped them rearm and carry on their all professions the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and
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hundreds of others held by boko haram but while this is going on the country's military has continued to operations against the fighters in the northeast something that could jeopardize their release. parents and campaigners have identified some of the goes in the new video saying it's prove the government needs to do more to bring them home wes or as we can say we hold on to what the girls that were released say they said that most of the friends asked still a life if and me number of to get that up top was such an insight you know it was it was less number than the kind of numbers that people had said where dead despite government claims of victory but what i'm continues to induct its losses targeting isolated communities transport convoys and public places nearly four years on from the kidnap more than one hundred tribal girls and
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hundreds of other captives are still being held by boko haram the parents left waiting and desperate to see them again armitage reese al-jazeera object. as much more to come on the news hour including why this venezuelan a former police pilot has been involved in a shootout with special forces. united states marks the birthday of civil rights leader martin luther king jr. and rafael nadal places first competitive match after injury on day one of the australian open in a tiny little town in sport. the united arab emirates is accused cattery air force jets have twice intercepting civilian aircraft during flights to bahrain qatar foreign ministry has denied the allegation and u.s. central command in the middle east says it hasn't received any reports of civilian flights being intercepted in the gulf skies and the about the reports. and
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amorality passenger plane takes off from dubai on monday the civil aviation authority of the united arab emirates said two qatari jets had intercepted a plane like this bound for hurricane but it international airspace later u.a.e. state media reported a second bahrain bound plane had been intercepted by country jets qatar totally denies the claims we are used to such false claims. the. agency of the national agency. the small i'd go through for the normal people but. for countries. and high tech and. radar image and it's will be obvious for them that this is a lie but ranes foreign ministry issued a statement saying the ministry of foreign affairs affirms that this hostile behavior by qatar against civil aircraft has become frequency in recent times and
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jeopardizes the safety of civil aviation and poses a threat to the lives of civilians. u.s. air force central command's based in qatar declined to comment but the timing here is interesting over the weekend qatar fada new complaint with the united nations over what it called the second violation of qatari as base by m r r t jets in recent weeks what's clear is the air blockade imposed on qatar since last june has highlighted issues around how much airspace each country has qatar for example were left with very little air space and therefore they are relying on the overflights the foreign tax base to be able to fly in and out first states so it's definitely the spotlight on a potential problem that i'm sure could be addressed and in the outcome of this stuff crisis this latest round of claim and counterclaim comes as defense minister is in london to meet his u.k. counterpart recently caught up placed an order worth nearly seven billion dollars with britain's be a systems for twenty four point three jets it's
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a reminder that despite the blockade carter still has our eyes and spending power. in a phone call with the emir of qatar on monday president trump praise the nation's efforts to fight terrorism something welcomed by the defense minister this is another prove to the you know the quartet's the embargo. all the clear the thirteen so-called false this is approved by friends and over a day something a new comes up prove that. lying to their people. it's hard to predict how long the crisis will last but qatar is hoping its legal and humanitarian arguments will persuade its allies to intervene the dean barber al jazeera london. has been a shootout between venezuelan special forces and a former police pilot who's been on the run for more than six months after he stole a police helicopter and attacked government buildings are scum perez has posted
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videos of himself on social media showing his injuries from the clashes he said he was negotiating his surrender and told us children. loves them and he sees them again as opposed covering the story from neighboring bazaar issues joins us live from there so this is an extraordinary story tells more about what's actually happening now over this. well a lot of great is worth of any thrillers mauls wanted fugitive until this monday was a house just outside of gaza where he was hiding with surrounded by special forces he was accused by the government of rebelling against the administration of nikkor that's moodle after last june in june last year he stole a helicopter and used it to launch grenades against the supreme court and other government buildings this sunday specifically security forces targeted what they say is a terrorist cell linked to offer to pay it is the government is saying that. the security forces were killed and other members of the cell were killed and five
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people were detained it's still unclear what happened to offer to pay that's what we know is what he posted on social media throughout the last month has been using social media to ask people to join in the fight against the presidency of nikko last mughal in those videos you could see him with a bloody face saying that he was trying to negotiate his surrender but saying that the government wanted to kill him he was also asking and talking to the security forces that were trying to detain him were allegedly detained him to join him to join in the fight against the government that at this point people in venezuela were starving there was also a video of his mother pleading for her son's life and to bring us up to date with the situation in venezuela i mean you mentioned his attempt to bring people on his side how much organized opposition is the government and how much headway can they make in the current climate. well it's still pretty much unclear how
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much support the british have until this point the government says that he. has the support of the united states and other powerful people within venezuela about it remains a real mystery what we know about what's been happening in venezuela sport is that until last year the protests were ongoing in the country very intense protests against the government of nicholas mother would arrive in the last months this protests are not happening in the country anymore the opposition at this point is completely divided many have left the country of the point so it's still unclear how much strength the opposition in the country has now the situation with us kind of the previous is completely different it's been a very very strange situations since he stole a helicopter many are wondering how it was a police officer a pilot able to steal a helicopter from a military base in the center of the city have to work he was filming himself in
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the middle of demonstrations when he was one of venice whereas most wanted men so there is a very large mystery surrounding this case but this is completely different to the situation of the opposition in the country at this point there's a both thank you very much indeed. event to take place across the united states to mark the birthday of civil rights leader martin luther king jr in washington d.c. a wreath was laid at his monument a statue called the stone of hope king fought for racial equality in the u.s. until he was assassinated in one hundred sixty eight his iconic i have a dream speech and advocacy for nonviolent protest was central to advancing the civil rights movement and his son addressed in the event in washington he criticized donald trump's attitude to immigrants and said it's damaging america's spirit. the dream has become a nightmare for too many american citizens the last and the right and
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they've had enough they've had enough of the viciousness and diversity are seen from the statehouse to the white house and a president in a says that i'd nation needs more citizens from white states like no way i don't even think we need to spend any time even talking about what it says and what it is now the problem is that you have a president who say as things but has the power to execute and create racism that's a dangerous power and a dangerous position and we cannot tolerate that joining us reverend ted raphael warnock he's a senior pastor at the emmys about to church which is the spiritual home of martin luther king jr thank you very much indeed for joining us on the program i talk to us here with you i want to ask initially how important martin luther king day is in in the current climate in the us oh well the spirit of martin luther king jr
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his teachings his commitment to what he called the beloved community is as important fifty years after his death as ever so we're focused on the agenda martin the game jr who said that the trouble of the evils of racism poverty and war that was his work and we're certainly wrestling with these issues here in the united states of america. from the white house on down both in rhetoric and public policy and we had a denial from president trump about the most recent incident incident in the rebel group marks about haiti and african countries and how concerned are you about the way that played out and the kind of impact that's going to have on on society that . well like so many people i was shaken to my core when i heard reports of this kind of venomous. volcanic eruption of hate speech spewing out of the oval office certainly they are conflicting reports about
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whether he said it i have no doubt this is consistent with what we've seen with donald trump this is a man who launched his presidential campaign saying that mexicans are raped as murderers muslims are terrorists. and now to just disparage an entire country of haitian people and the entire continent of africa the only people that donald trump seems to sit comfortably with are neo nazis and members of the k.k.k. when we call their people it's a dangerous moment it's a serious moment and we in america have to rise up once again and recommit ourselves to the virtues of freedom and glue civility and equality for all and what about the concern that the day the marching to the king day gets kind of people pay lip service to to his legacy but actually in the end then they're not the kind of contradicting it with what they do i mean we've we had that president from signing
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a bill that we go turning king's best face international pop but on the other hand there were those reports of remarks by the want to. do you think there's a sort of a degree of. but it's all correctness and less about much new thinking and actually his legacy is not really respected. yeah i set with great interest and watching the president issue this proclamation literally hours after this meeting in which he made these terrible racist remarks and our response is simply this a proclamation without an apology is hypocrisy there can be no redemption or reconciliation without repentance so we've seen this over the years with politicians lining up to pay lip service to martin luther king jr and many of them will offer pious pronouncements on this day even while denying a dignified path to citizenship to dreamers is
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a some eight hundred thousand young people who are already in our country working hard and studying hard and we ought to give them a dignified path to citizenship so part of our message on this day is that you cannot celebrate the dream without while at the same time refusing to liberate the dreamers so we have to stand on the side of immigrants remember that we are a nation of immigrants and this idea that we should have some racial tests about who should come in and who should not flies in the face of all that martin luther king jr represented he said that we all tied in a single garment of destiny caught up in an inexcusable network of mutuality what effects one directly affects all indirectly here we are the united states of america where the land of the free we're also the mass incarceration capital of the world one of the great contradictions of this moment is that we've got a well over two million people in prison in the united states of america most of
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them of there for nonviolent drug related offenses and the irony is that even after they get out of prison many of the rights and discriminations that dr king fought against have been reince crabbed in our criminal justice system so once you go through that system. housing discrimination is legal voting discrimination is legal in some states you can't even get a barber's license because you. you know went to prison or took a police so this is a serious human rights issue human rights nightmare unfolding before our very eyes of many of us have focused on this issue that's why we're going to have a mass incarceration conference at ebenezer baptist church the home church about the king later this year ok thank you very much indeed reverend wright raphael warnock thank you for your thoughts thank you for your service on the news asked and ahead. police in greece fired
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tear gas at protesters outside parliament while inside politicians vote through a new measure as. dramatic images imagine of the moment to fall collapses it exchange seventy people injured. and a last gasp touchdown that secured a place in the n.f.l. last for details coming up in sport. welcome to international weather forecasts we have really cold air pushing down across a good part of europe over the next few days see quite a bit snow up across the baltic states eastern and down through poland and further towards the south more snow on the outs again cold air across eastern areas and there's a move a forecast on twenty four hours many areas seen snow some snow showers at the very
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least some heavy rain across parts of the balkans and chilly conditions across the u.k. into france the snow a beer implemented still not looking too bad highs there of twelve degrees on the other side of the mediterranean sea as well looking most of the choir here we have color circulation there across mauritania could give some lifted dust otherwise fine conditions and it should be pleasant in cairo in egypt with highs of twenty degrees celsius heading into central parts of africa most of the rain is across more eastern areas but across central areas it's looking to be draw and fine plenty of sunshine in akron ghana with temperatures expected to reach at thirty one degrees celsius now down into southern parts of africa we have our tropical cyclone which is heading towards the islands of mischa's and re-union and this is broke ito read nasty features some heavy agency across parts of east africa fine for cape town though heis here twenty six.
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on the fringes of some of this mega city. it's perched on stilts. but the cities are beginning to develop even in the streets areas where. architects of the army is also the most sustainable solution to the communities of the state of the types of change. that you continue with all this time on just. when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds. up to a day just what presidents say in the whole country that is not the other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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now enter one of the top stories on our syria turkey syria and russia will express their fury at a u.s. plan to form a thirty thousand strong border security force in northern syria. that process is due to arrive in chile in the next couple of hours but with six churches attacked over the ledge coverup of abuse is reception is uncertain. emirates is accused. of twice intercepting civilian. rain as foreign ministry has denied the allegation . police in greece of fired tear gas at protesters outside parliament in
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athens as politicians voted through a new series of austerity measures needed to trigger a final round of bailout loans the bill also includes controversial legislation on homely positions and strikes john surface reports in the greek capital. aleksandr above lose work as a translator of german novels dried up six years ago she couldn't pay her five hundred dollars monthly mortgage and nearly lost her house the reason she isn't homeless is that she now rents out her for apartment and uses the proceeds to pay the bank but she still has a lot of debt she cannot pay off. my original critic caddish of three or four thousand euros shot up to ten thousand and today is around forty thousand the interest was highway robbery i recently asked the bank to write some of it off but they refused the medicine and it is one of thousands of greeks who fear they will lose their homes because they haven't got
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enough work or income the new law allows banks to foreclose on debtors properties and auction them off online instead of going through the courts protests like this one will no longer have any effect in deterring auctions and banks plan to sell off thirty nine billion dollars worth of property this year and next this form a series of politicians says the government is allowing banks to profit from taxpayers. the banks have acted like thieves they've been leaked three times the last time cost the taxpayer forty billion euros is compensated banks to seventy to eighty percent of their non-performing loans so these loans should have been written off but it's not just the banks that are being given the green light to seize property the state will also claim it earlier austerity laws have already given the greek taxman the power to draw all but a few hundred euros from tax debtors bank accounts the new law will also allow the
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government to sell their homes online for tax debt of as little as six hundred dollars and cities as new law is also digging up what the left considers hallowed ground demanding that at least fifty percent of workers. be present in any vote to go on strike unions here say this will effectively make strikes impossible the government says these measures are an unpleasant but necessary step on the path to graduating from its economic oversights by the euro zone in august but even if the economy is given a clean bill of health this year many greeks believe the pain of austerity measures will be felt for decades to come jump several pull us al-jazeera athens romania's prime minister has resigned after losing party support the ruling social democratic party withdrew backing from a high today in an overwhelming vote on monday it comes after a power struggle between tutors and the party chairman last week to those anyhow
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the position of prime minister for six months an armed group has launched an attack on an airbase in the libyan capital tripoli killing at least twelve people security sources say a gunman stormed mitiga air base where fighting spilled onto the runway causing flights to be diverted was the only functioning airport in tripoli after the international terminal was damaged in twenty fourteen the base was under the control of the special to terence force which is affiliated with the un backed government of national accord. is very soldiers have shot dead a palestinian man during clashes in the occupied west bank the twenty four year old was killed near the city of qalqilya and palestinian protesters threw rocks at troops who responded with live fire tensions in the region have risen since president trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital last december. two suicide bombers have killed thirty eight people in iraq's capital baghdad well one hundred others were wounded in the attacks that happened during the morning rush
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hour is the fourth attack in the capital in forty eight hours or so a binge of eight reports. the bodies were scattered all over the streets in central baghdad two suicide bombers detonated their explosives during morning rush hour in tehran square dozens were killed and wounded. chocolate bars sold in the busy marketplace were scattered in the debris and blood. it's become a deadly routine as people of the iraqi capital quickly try to resume their lives. around square is a busy intersection in eastern baghdad between south of the city and bridge areas full of laborers on their way to work in the morning. i was here when the blast took place i heard two blasts many people got killed mainly workers the dead and wounded were taken to three nearby hospitals including she. said. we have nine people two of them in the operation theatre and the other seven in the general
12:37 am
surgery and fractures departments they will leave after treatment and was going to work when the bombs exploded despite his wounds he ran for medical help he's like many iraqis who don't have faith in their leaders to provide safety. we don't need anyone from this government we need the government to stop the political elite have to stop their disputes for their personal interests and ministerial posts as the people of iraq will be the only victim. what can i say to the government nothing and just nothing we have urged the government more than once to take care of us we are poor and so many poor today have lost their lives there was another attack in northeastern baghdad three people were killed including a member of the iraqi ministry of defense. attacks have risen in the last forty eight hours eight people were killed in a suicide bombing on sunday in the area north of baghdad it shows that the minister of interior does not have the real intelligence network that it's supposed to be
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the data that will be on the table of the responsible persons who are supposed to be working hard to make back that secure last month iraqi prime minister head that they declared victory against deisel saying the war against the group was over but the victory is yet to be translated into an end to attacks the u.n. says last month alone at least sixty nine civilians were killed in violence and conflict high. lighting the fragility of iraq's peace as world attention fades after the declared defeat device of some of the job either al-jazeera. video has emerged of the moment imagining for or overlooking indonesia stock exchange collapsed seventy seven people were injured in the accident many of them students who were on a tour of the site stop press reports from jakarta. the collapse happened just before lunch break a group of students from south sumatra on a study to work were on the mezzanine level bridge which connects different parts of the building. most of the injured were students luckily the ground level below
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was nearly empty as bodies and debris rained down. to the out that the roof of the first floor collapsed onto the ground floor there must be a few people who were injured like the receptionist and people who hung out in the starbucks was released say no one suffered severe injuries. the injured suffered a breach and minor injuries on their feet and hands and they have been taken to the hospital hundreds of employees in the thirty one story tower were immediately evacuated the sudden collapse of the bridge here at the financial heart in jakarta has caused widespread panic the building houses offices of dozens of international companies and police escort and off the building management is under a lot of pressure to explain the cost of the collapse police confirmed it was not an attack as some had feared a car bomb explosion in two thousand killed fifteen people following this incident
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that the stock exchange financial trading was postponed for a while but continued in the afternoon step fasten al-jazeera check after. it's day three of the north american international auto show in detroit manufacturers exhibiting the very latest technology in the race to capture the electric car market heating up. jay gray joins us live from the show in detroit so is it all about electric vehicles this time. well a lot of it's about electric vehicles lauren and a lot of money a lot of emphasis from the big car manufacturers going into that electric field if you will a lot of people trying to push some of the manufacturers debuting at this show their second generation of electric and some like cadillac where we are right now introducing new electric hybrids that they think are going to take a share of the marketplace here it's something that consumers have been calling for they want to more dependable will reliable and a longer lasting electric car to get them in and around town but on short trips as
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well and that's what these carmakers are trying to answer with so you're seeing a lot of focus on those electrics and not only for consumers but there's a lot of talk about autonomy for driverless cars at this show and a lot of those the calls most of them just test vehicles at this point but they're all electric as well so electric being played out in several of the categories that make up this show and a lot of people very anxious to see how far it's going to go it's going to very profitable year for the car manufacturers in fact the last three years have been the best three years span in the history of the business here in the u.s. and a lot of the money being generated is as you talk about being pushed into these projects of electric vehicles so it should be interesting to see a lot of the analysts believe that two thousand and eighteen will be a defining year when it comes to the electric vehicle here in the states that jay jay gray thank you very much indeed. tens of thousands of jobs are
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at risk for the collapse of the u.k. construction and services giant karelian the company has been forced into liquidation after banks refused to bailed out its three billion dollars of debt the british government says it will ensure there's no disruption to public services but there are calls for a public inquiry paul renne reports wonder. the sheer scale of karelians business activities reaches into almost every aspect of british life karelian and its contractors are involved in managing hundreds of schools hospitals and prisons and maintaining thousands of military haves karelian it's also a major infrastructure company involved in constructing the multi-billion dollar high speed to rail link as well as multimillion dollar hospital and transportation projects its collapse essential to the corridors of government and cast grave uncertainty over the livelihoods of tens of thousands of workers including here at the royal liverpool hospital this catering staff cleaning staff it's absolutely
12:43 am
diabolical what's going on dates of defuses going to hell and this stuff just amazes accurately and they're all over you know so it's going to happen to a lot of people all over the country after three profit warnings in the past six months the science was there when last ditch talks broke down on sunday karelians chairman philip green confirmed that the company's lenders had pulled the plug. the british government quickly promised that public services will not be interrupted karelian workers were told to turn up for work as usual but reports quickly emerged of staff being sent home and the mood in parliament is grim we have been monitoring karelian closely since its first profit warning in july twenty seventh team and since then have planned extensively in case of the current situation and have her own boss and deliverable contingency plans in place these are being implemented immediately to minimize any disruption and to protect the integrity of public
12:44 am
service delivery the news was met with furious reaction from opposition politicians lord adonis former head of the government's infrastructure commission compared it to the notorious enron scandal one of america's biggest corporate bankruptcy. trades unions are demanding agent protection for karelian workers and the calling for a formal public inquiry into why karelian was still being awarded contracts to spike clear evidence the company was in deep trouble it's perverse that despite the profit warnings incidentally in the middle of those profit warnings bonuses were still paid to senior executives that the government still awarded those contracts this is taxpayers' money and the must be a public inquiry just a few months ago karelian was probably the biggest company that you've never heard of but not now with its business activities affecting so many people's day to day lives and it's finished projects so enormously costly plugging the gap left by its
12:45 am
collapse is going to be a complex process paul brennan al-jazeera london. so. kicking off what happened. that's coming up in sports. and a book about the thoughts of china's president. or is it. business updates to you by. going places together.
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business updates to you by. going places together for centuries egypt to sort to come on power over them if. any of the countries. where water from. upstream. countries who want to. hold some people. struggle over this time.
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the south korean government has made public transport free. on monday because of an air pollution crisis the fee waiver is an emergency measure to tackle the poor the concentration of fine particles in the air and so reach dangerous levels on sunday kathy novak has been talking to commuters and so people may welcome a free ride but in terms of public reaction to this move by the sole city government there's quite a bit of cynicism about whether it will really work first of all souls public transportation is already quite affordable it costs an average of about a dollar per ride and also people are blaming their pollution problems mostly on.
12:48 am
the main cause of the fine dust issue comes from china so we don't think that's effective you should be fixing china first but. if public transportation is free when we have high levels of fine dust fear people who drive and it will help lessen the pollution. coming from china but if we can do something about it like having fewer cars it will help china is taking steps to curb pollution and actually the air quality here in south korea this winter has been a little bit better than it had been in previous years last year a joint study between a korean research institute and the u.s. space agency nasa found that between may and june actually only about a third of air pollution. from china and that may have been a little bit different if readings had been taken around this time of year still this move by sol city government is an example of
12:49 am
a far to use in south korea trying to take control of pollution that is created domestically most of that comes from vehicles so they really want to take more cars off the road. to this point now has peter. lauren thank you so much it's been quite the opening day for the first grand slam tennis tournament of the season the australian open saw venus williams knocked out on what was a bad day for american women while the men's world number one ref on the dell put aside any doubts over his fitness as he progressed into round to join again reports . with no will mark tournament before the first slam of the season rafael nadal's performance in melbourne was a hard one to take. the need three which hampered the end of his two thousand and seventeen campaign was nowhere to be seen the dow answering fitness doubts as he answered every pool from victor and the love who goes with confidence and
12:50 am
determination even if deep down the world number one was apprehensive before his six one six one six one victory. and balancing because he because you are not to our advantage because you have respect for you are born and because you have respect for the game. thank you because you don't consider yourself. a good man who does have plenty of self-confidence is australian mick carey else who came into this tournament off the back of a win in brisbane in typical curious fashion he collected a code violation for swearing at the crowd the other match the number seventeen seed had a little trouble raising hospitals or a jerry or duke or silva just eighty seven minutes and three secs. in the women's tournament second only busch nicky continues to search for her first grand slams crown she comfortably got past her main is the pain absurd mistake. but the
12:51 am
same can be said of fifth seed leanness williams who was stunned by swiss star belinda bench six three seven five was with her sister serena sitting this tournament out talk to having a baby this is last month the first time in twenty one years that the australian open has been without a way and in the second round. and that was just the start of a rough day for american women in melbourne ten seed cokehead and away tumbled out and so to us open champion sloane stephens his campaign ended at the hands of jenks way of china. in all nine american women exited on monday the day to begin with the country's. johnny cash roster just. because ling up the minnesota miracle a moment that put the vikings one game away from a home super bowl it happened in their playoff victory of the new orleans saints in the last play of the game take a look. at
12:52 am
the start. stefan big snowman with a sixty one yard touchdown as minnesota won twenty nine twenty four in the dying seconds bad dance to the end if c. championship game with that they'll become the first team to ever host a super bowl which rotates cities each season. i mean you guys know better words and i do inscribed that moment but i just. i'm not going to believe it because at the time i was i was looking for. the jacksonville jaguars stunned the favored pittsburgh steelers to reach their first a.f.c. championship game in eighteen years rookie running back leonard of form it scored three touchdowns as they won forty five forty two. just four teams
12:53 am
remain in the running for the top prize in the n.f.l. and better go down to two next sunday defending super bowl champions the new england patriots host the jaguars the vikings will need to get past the philadelphia eagles if they are to play in that home super bowl. magister united close the gap on english premier league leaders manchester city they beat story thirty three on monday city were beaten by liverpool on sunday bets man city of course but as you can see there they still have a very comfortable lead at the top of the table the gap at the top still substantial it's down to twelve points now one of united's former stars ryan giggs has been appointed as the new manager of wales giggs has signed a four year contract for his first major managerial role only other experience of being in charge was a four game stint in twenty fourteen as interim manager of united of the david
12:54 am
moyes was sacked the forty four year old takes over the role from chris coleman giggs as first a game in charge will be at the china cup tournament starting on the twenty second of march. so many times it's been said you know if you've got a good career as a player doesn't necessarily mean you can be a good manager or. i think that's down to the individual i'll do exactly what i did when i was a player. professional give it my all and enjoy it. and then morocco at the african nations championship it was a winning start for twenty four team champions a libya they saw gimme a three nil in the late match in group c. nigeria true milner will with rwanda and a french football referee has been suspended after these incredible behavior during a league match referee tony shot from accidentally collided with diego carlos in
12:55 am
injury time between paris st germain and knowledge but instead of apologizing to be each other chaperone kick to the brazilian and followed it up by sending him off shock not only those in the stadium but also fans watching the game on t.v. p.s.u. won the match one nil the french football federation so sharp on will face a disciplinary committee to answer for his actions. and that's all the sport for now more coming up again later back to london thanks peter in china a new book about the thoughts of president xi jinping has raised questions about the extent of communist party propaganda on the books with which the chinese leadership don't want to be read either banned or no longer being published bryant has more from beijing. to meet demand the presses have been rolling nonstop since the communist party congress in october which adopted cheatin ping thought as a guiding philosophy not surprisingly bookstores give the work special prominence.
12:56 am
when we arrived at this bookstore the promotional section was empty but suddenly and suspiciously it filled with customers. least tsonga communist party member told us she was buying five copies for a study group back at her office i haven't read the book yet but i started right after i got back we have all read that nine hundred party congress reports the ever times alongside the new she work is the report of the party congress that enshrined the concept of she thought into the constitution copies of the constitution are handily available to. put the books the party congress together on the shelves because they are in great demand from the citizens they happen urgent need to treat them equally urgent it seemed was the need of citizens to leave as soon as we left so did they when our producer returned ten minutes later
12:57 am
a special section was deserted again the future study of xi jinping thought by students and party members looks certain to make cheese books volumes one and two bestsellers for years to come contrast that with the fate of other political books about china's leaders that won't be included on any college reading list on book stands in the southern city of hong kong far more sensational titles claimed to give a behind the scenes look at the intrigue in the chinese leadership band on the mainland they sell well to chinese visitors but we found this door closed supposedly for renovation. another was closed permanently two years ago when the publishers associated with eight were detained in mainland china lam winkie claims he was abducted and subjected to mental torture before finally being released. after the
12:58 am
incident our book store everyone in the publishing chang is terrified there are less political books and some publishers have stopped says it if titles altogether even in hong kong with its freedom of speech when it comes to she's reputation china seems determined there will be only one official version problem bride al-jazeera beijing and that's it for me. back in a minute with another round of the day's news thanks for watching.
12:59 am
this business. it's business. the river triggers. the run of the mill the it's. easy to get the girl. will do anything just her and. risking your all the destroyed one l.g. series. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time on al-jazeera. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as
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