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class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards the controversial leader of islamic jihad his cock he is one of the most one internists in the history of israel come to terms on his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli intelligence and mossad says being caught in the bus because the outcome is only death if someone tried to get to chicago immediately superintelligent was shut down the border to kill him in damascus at this time on al jazeera world. this is al-jazeera. and this is news hour live from london coming up. warnings that if there is
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spreading fast in yemen let us hope more aid will start to arrive. tomorrow. we look at life in one of the deescalation is a tricycle used to be safe havens for syrian civilians. pope francis expresses pain and shame over chinese sex abuse scandal three churches were attacked as his trip got on the way. venezuela confirms that a rogue police officer who attacked government buildings last year died in a shootout with armed forces. and i'm. with all the day sports news including. i'm here now to tell someone what to tell every. almost one hundred victims of sexual abuse by a u.s. gymnastics team doctor tell a judge their story says he prepares to be sentenced. the
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world health organization says a defeat outbreak in yemen is spreading quickly and has a high fatality rate almost seven hundred people have now been affected and forty eight people have died from the disease in the past four months the number of cases is doubled since december eighth and her data the worst hit of yemen's nineteen affected governorates. is planning an immunization campaign just had the outbreak. there is some better news on the aid front the saudi that coalition fighting the hoof the rebels in yemen says it will allow for cranes at the fort hood data to begin operation the train to fort with u.s. funds that were used to offload basic necessities such as food and medicine and doesn't have a gem jhoom reports that aid can't come soon enough. amid the worst humanitarian crisis in the world what could be a sliver of hope these four to die no cranes which have just arrived at her data
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port in yemen funded by the united states agency for international development that will significantly increase. floating capacity here at the port to ease congestion and improve ultimately improve delivery of humanitarian and other supplies to the people who desperately need it across yemen the saudi led coalition fighting who the rebels in northern yemen is promising to allow the cranes to begin offloading food medicine and other basic necessities. there have been guarantees before but aid hasn't always flowed it can't come soon enough this is very welcome news needed by far the us has been the one making the best not to use what used to come and you know as i'm looking to the
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majority. the international committee of the red cross stresses however that while aid is arriving in yemen it's not coming quick enough. in the city of tire is dozens of protesters demonstrated against what they said is government negligence government leaders are accused of failing to control the collapse of the national currency or protect yemenis from rising food prices the companies that you money do not need is not enough this is a country of twenty seven even so many different agencies get enough fuel and who would and mend it for the whole country what we need is for collusion what's the abbey and the let will those inside fish at. the poorest country in the middle east is facing multiple crises the worst cholera epidemic ever recorded and a diptheria outbreak that is spreading quickly in a country with some of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world and where more than eight million people are on the brink of famine
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a new report by unicef details how children have been scarred by war and says that since the escalation of the conflict in march two thousand and fifteen three million children have been born in yemen that's approximately three thousand every day unicef says more than eleven million yemeni children need humanitarian assistance just one of the many reasons why few believe the suffering of the yemeni people will end any time soon. and yemen says it needs a two billion dollars deposit pledged by saudi arabia last november to stabilize the yemeni reale trade hit new lows this week it crashed around five hundred to the dollar they realize been plunging since the authorities trying to basically quiddity by printing money last year. a potential military conflict is looming over syria's northern border after a u.s. decision to form a border force led by kurdish fighters turkey's military is preparing to strike
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against y.p. g. fighters in syria what it calls terrorists and kurdish civilians fear they will become targets i hear tak is likely to center on the afrin region from the turkey syria border so i thought. he really out about is one of many kurds whose grandparents left northern syria years ago but he still has family in africa which is close by on the syrian side of the border to maine and his relatives there are growing increasingly worried as turkey prepares for a military operation against few aspect kurdish why previous fighters. syria's i'm no friend of the y. p.g. they recruit young boys and girls that's why my brother in laws fled after in a move to establish four years ago the weapons provided to those fighters bother us scares me my village is the closest to afrin we don't feel at peace while our people are there. the wife is in control of the land just beyond us war
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the us reckons its fighters are key to wiping out i saw in syria. that's infuriated turkey which considers the y.p. g. to be an extension of the p.k. k. a kurdish group which turkey the us the european union deemed a terrorist organization. never split up when for turkey six years ago after the syrian war. my freedom for dallas realises we can't go back to syria we came here and worked in farming with other refugees from there has mounds of from aleppo everyone wants peace in syria and africa because it's the civilians that get tom the most many kurds who are living in villages near the border avoid t.v. cameras some have relatives and a friend where military action is planned and the villagers may also need to seek
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safety if the fighting that start the turkish military is massed on the border and ses it's ready to supply against the new border force which it sees as a direct threat at stake is the relationship of two nato countries seen. al-jazeera turkey syria border. activists and monitors say the four deescalation zones set up last year by russia iran and turkey are doing nothing to stop the slaughter of civilians they were supposed to be safe havens but regime forces backed by russia are attacking eastern goot or to retake the opposition held territory on the outskirts of the capital damascus when three hundred people have been killed there in just the past two months italie province is also being targeted by a government offensive for than one point one million people fled there to skate the government's onslaught on aleppo the third and fourth deescalation zones are in northern homs province and the rebel controlled south including parts of daraa and
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canadian provinces. and as osama bin laden and eastern hota all the only places where syrians are suffering. more bombs are being dropped by syrian government and russian warplanes on the besieged rebel held district near the capital damascus is home to four hundred thousand people activists aboard dozens of air strikes on the air being and across the areas in the last twenty four hours they. are supposed to be part of a deescalation zone but at least three hundred people have died in iran not hillary strikes since november. many of the wounded including children are dying because of the lack of medical supplies and. with get we hide inside the room all the toys. our message we are children
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who have nothing to do with this war the regime bombards us every day children everywhere else can study and drink here we have nothing and they are happy. feet i'm always very scared of the siege of began in two thousand and thirteen and the relentless one bodman has destroyed most of the city. as a matter of fact the bombardment and the russian weapons being tested here against the poor people of syria have badly affected us no one has given support to our oppressed people anybody. you walk down the road with absolutely no money in your pocket you think of how you can feed your hungry and thirsty kids at home and all of a sudden another man comes across you asking you for some spare money to buy food for his kids and you feel confused whether to cry for your bad situation or for his worse situation. critics of the united nations and aid agencies say the world either doesn't care or just pays lip service while bombs continue to fall then is
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leaving over four hundred thousand people who live or living there even them to feed to faces. fades day by shelling by starvation. even in areas where fighting has finished such as rocket isis mines in what was the fight to self declared capital continue to kill and maim as well as unexploded bombs dropped by u.s. and coalition aircraft the group doctors without borders is calling on all warring parties and their allies as well as demining organizations and donors to increase mine clearance in russia and its suburbs and to help inform people of the risks to protect them from avoidable deaths and injuries. and that suffering is being repeated in many of their cities and towns across syria some of the job of their. pope francis has expressed what he's called his pain and shame over chile's sexual abuse scandal another two churches have been attacked the latest in a spate of attacks on churches in chile approaches continue against the pope's visit to were burned to the ground in southern chile early on tuesday the arson
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attacks came hours after pope francis arrived in the country a church in the capital was also attacked and pamphlets threatening the pope were left at the site. on america newman joins us live from santiago what's the reaction been to the pope's declaration was a surprise. it wasn't a surprise given that the the attention that's been placed on this ongoing crisis dealing with sexual abuses against minors in chile carried out by members of the church so he had to say something that was very clear and there was speculation that he would but we didn't think it would happen quite so soon he really when it was the first time he spoke at all and some people have applauded what he's had to say others say it's too little too late but at his first mass there were certainly many many catholics there who are happy to see this pope.
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actually in catholics and immigrants from many parts of latin america spent the night here for the chance to see pope francis up the pope's never you never read them again it was worth it i love this pope because he underscores the need for social justice which our political parties have forgotten it says cloudy not be sad all. this is something large a spark and organizers calculated four hundred thousand people came to the pope's first mass in chile less than half of the estimated one million who attended pope john paul the second's mass here thirty one years ago during chile's military dictatorship but those were different times back then john paul's mass was interrupted when riot police began firing massive amounts of tear gas into the crowd to disperse those who are protesting against human rights abuses and calling for the pope's support which they brought three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. so pope francis
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wasted no time confronting the issue in his first address here at the presidential palace he asked for forgiveness for clerical sex abuses. against innocent minors. here i feel bound to express my pain and shame the irreparable damage caused to children by some ministers of the church. with my brother bishops. for forgiveness and make every effort to support the victims. many will be holding him to his word. forgiveness is necessary. no matter what. the mass the pope spoke of peace before leaving to meet women prisoners on tuesday he's in the most complex stop of his trip it's the epicenter of a restive territorial dispute by indigenous is
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a place where chileans are hoping that his message of peace and reconciliation will be heard. has also come in for criticism because he's not going to his own country argentina which is just next door. absolutely this is the latin american country that pope francis has gone to and the second one that actually shows a border with his with argentina his homeland at first arjun time said well you know we have to share him with the rest of the world but at this point they're getting very very upset even bishops are coming out publicly saying that they are hurt and that they are angry and don't understand why the pope has quote abandoned them his arjun his fellow arjun times why he has actually over flown his country to land here and not stop there the reason has not been publicly known but loren but it probably it's because the pope believes that he doesn't want to get involved in the current political spots taking place in argentina at the moment. thank you very
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much indeed. in colombia nine workers have died after a bridge that was under construction partially collapsed the bridge was going to be part of a new motorway to connect the capital book atar to the nearby city of the levy sensor the cause of the collapse is being investigated but it's thought one of the pillars supporting the new road gave way. coming up on al-jazeera news hour after meeting migrants in northern france imagine mccall vows there will be no more makeshift camps in kenya a. prominent kosovo serb politician who's standing trial for war crimes is shot dead outside his office. and its forty five year is on the right track for a twentieth grand slam title peta has they just i mean i was training in.
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bangladesh says hundreds of thousands of ranger refugees will be repatriated to neighboring me and ma within two he is a band that should government says the deal was settled this week but there's no official word yet from in ma and no confirmation of when refugees will start going home with six hundred forty thousand range of muslims a fled a military crackdown in man man's rakhine state since august last year scott hardly has the latest from bangkok. after two days of talks in neighboring or myanmar's capital officials from bangladesh and myanmar have started to talk about the implementation of agreement they reached those two nations on the repatriation of those more than six hundred fifty thousand refugees who fled from a kind state in myanmar over in two bangladesh now they say that within two years they want all of the refugees to have returned to work and state now there are discussions over the two days of exactly how to implement that one is coming from myanmar side they are saying they have announced that they have to rape repatriation centers that they are constructing and rakhine state one is ready and
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will be online next tuesday they say to receive at least one hundred fifty refugees per day nothing really coming from the bangladesh side is how that's going to be implemented but myanmar officials saying they're going to be ready starting next week now the united nations has come in and said that they're concerned about the repatriation process they say it needs to be verified that those repatriations are voluntary it's a very. important for that because of obviously the horrors that these people fled they said they fled back last year that they need to make sure it's a safe environment for them to go back into so it will be a slow process at the beginning but both nations myanmar and bangladesh saying that that's going to start to go online very soon also next week there's going to be a new commission with international members on it for rakhine now this is an implementation commission that's going to have members from thailand from south africa and the united states to help the myanmar government implement recommendations from a previous commission headed by un secretary general kofi annan former u.n.
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secretary general kofi annan they say they're going to start to meet and work toward implementing those recommendations from the kofi annan commission it's going to be interesting to see how and if the myanmar government takes those recommendations how quickly will come out but right now next week we're seeing a lot of movement toward the repatriation but it will be very interesting to see just how quickly it actually happens i mean are saying they're ready to start receiving on tuesday some in venice is the executive director at the international campaign for the region he says the deal to repatriate the region is cruel and there is no indication that they're going to be safe from continued attacks by the burmese government and the burmese army as you know they're going back to a situation where they've been upgraded from their homes and they're also going back to a country where they have lived on the virtual apartheid conditions for for decades now disenfranchised. the citizenship stripped denied movement denied
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employment you know this is not a place that any sane people want to go back to libya's coast guard has saved refugees migrants from three boats in the mediterranean sea about three hundred fifty were rescued after trees responded to several distress calls large numbers of migrants are still trying to reach europe via libya despite the dangers. the french president has visited a reception center in northern france where refugees and migrants are waiting to have their asylum requests looked into emmanuel back home then went on to cali women the refugees waiting to try to cross into the u.k. is due to meet britain's prime minister to resign may later this week is expected to pressure her to allow in migrants stuck in cali thousands were evicted from what was called the jungle migrant camp near kalai before it was demolished last year a record number of asylum requests were made to france last year usually the case
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today we must to better manage the issue of iraq compensate miners reinforce the police operation in color and with the countries of origin and translate a block funds to support important projects for the bellamy of the colored people this will be the three points we will be racing in our dialogue with our british friends in port the eight hours. ordering me to discuss this is loony and sems to race and she's a coordinator for the migration research group at king's college london and she's also a lecturer in international relations there thanks very much for coming in to talk to us so what to go back to the people who are in cali the ones who are not in there in the in the kind of reception centers elsewhere what kind of conditions are you hearing that they're in on the ground. so does what a difference between last year when the unofficial jungle comes to existed and when that was demolished a lot of people went to section centers or those stayed in very very difficult conditions there are no shelters at the moment and when they're trying to create
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shelters the police will trying destroyed us again which means that people are hiding in whitson ambitious in very difficult conditions and want to be the french president when he was there accused certain organizations of lying about police brutality and encouraging people to remain in cali what's your reaction to that. from what i've seen and research of myself my last visit in september at a calendar. and the people spoken to is very clear that we've seen the the remnants of a police raid whereby a lot of ten's and blankets and order sort of life necessities were being destroyed by the french authorities and also speaking to the refugees there are accounts of for instance tear gas their food being tear gassed so that they couldn't eat it and there are similar reports from order organizations and order assertions not have spoken to so much about this new policy that. is talking about do you think that it's a kind of carrot and stick approach i suppose what difference do you think it's going
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to make to the situation there for those who do try and stay in cali and so of course it is good when for the now it's that people who ever do apply for asylum that their claims will be assessed and they will be given shelter now that was also promised last year and that hasn't happened in all cases so we need to see whether this actually happens but for those orders which are called illegal migrants i think that's quite problematic is part of the issue is that actually people people can move and there are no legal ways of moving forward they can't be what because they don't want to go into the reception center because they don't want to be processed in france they want to get to the u.k. is that what you mean or that's that's part of the issue for a lot of these people that don't want to stay in france has several reasons and people have various different backgrounds. some have friends and family connections or the connections in the u.k. and would have a good claim to asylum in the u.k. so that would make sense for them also of course have seen so much police brutality
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in france that they are very scared of the french authorities and hence don't want to claim this are in there so what do you think the outcome will be of the main back home meeting is that going to solve the problem and have a situation where people aren't sleeping as you put it in the woods and still trying to make it across illegally to the u.k. . it's kind of the pen. what will happen so it seems that what they will be arguing for is move money from from the u.k. government in a pre-negotiated treaty as well as sort of the movement of a child refuse to do you k. which in itself would of course be good i think. part of the main issue really is that there are no legal means to get in to do k. as well as that of it's a wider european issue so new policy also means that people can move regularly or legally and as long as that issue is not addressed i think we won't really move forward very much ok leoni and since the phrase thank you very much don't just thank you thank you. e.u.
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and us are calling for calm after a prominent casa been served politician was shot dead a serbian president describe the killing of all of evanovich as an act of terrorism and a meeting in brussels between kosovo and serbia was abruptly called off when news of the shooting emerged paul brennan reports. the yellow forensic markers show where all over evanovich fell the sixty four year old shot at least five times outside his party headquarters in the town of me tributes he was rushed to hospital but doctors couldn't save him. the killing appears well planned with no witnesses and the speculation a silencer may have muffle the sound of the gunshots and avoided drawing attention but the repercussions were quickly felt all across europe in the serbian capital belt great countries president and prime minister convened the national security council was sort of. the state of serbia considers this act an act of terrorism and we were treated as such with the costs of an government also convened its security
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council and warned against speculating about motive. shows us for us this was a shock for all of us particularly for kosovo it is very important as soon as possible we have the answer on who did this and in brussels as news of the murder emerged the latest round of e.u. mediated talks between serbia and kosovo what abruptly called off its source of paramount importance is that the situation remains calm and it's important that all sides of the show restrain so that the rule of law and justice can take its course despite serbia losing control of kosovo after the nine hundred ninety nine war some fifty thousand ethnic serbs still live in northern kosovo in the town of mitrovica remained starkly divided between serb and ethnic albanian areas after the war all over event of each came to prominence as a relative moderate among the mainly ultra nationalist kosovo serb leadership he was a central figure in the post-war talks involving nato the un and the e.u.
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. in two thousand and sixteen though he was convicted of war crimes linked to the killings of four ethnic albanians a retrial was ordered last year and at the time of his death event of it was actually free on bail. in july his car was set on fire and no one was injured now his murder raises serious tensions in a region where embassies were already delicately balanced a twelve thousand dollars reward has been offered for information leading to the killers paul brennan al-jazeera a danish inventor has been charged with murdering a swedish journalist kim wall during a tour of his private submarine last year the prosecutor says peter manson are the cut kid was throat or strangled her to death and claims war died accidentally while aboard a submarine in august last year madsen had previously admitted to disposing of her body parts by throwing them into the sea the trial has been set for march still to
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come this hour shock in california after the discovery of thirteen siblings held captive by their parents some of them chained to their beds. the u.s. russia political scandal that won't go away president trump's former chief strategist is ordered to testify before a grand jury. and never talk which bounces back from an injury that sidelined him the six months on that inspired. however the usual quiet weather across a good part of the middle east northern parts a little more cloud coming through still some clouds are spilling out of turkey easing out of the black sea towards the caspian sea and certainly a chance of wanted to well wintry florist which was the high ground towards afghanistan little bit of cloud there just making its way across cyprus over the
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next day or seven that will feed one or two showers into syria lebanon jordan just along the coastal fringes of the med is right is sixteen celsius the top which is the four by route there you go rather more cloud just sinking its way into kuwait you notice as we go on through wednesday low cloud temperatures here higher than around nineteen celsius but it'll be a few degrees warmer than that for us here in doha getting up to around twenty two degrees stifling breeze will pick up a little bit the dust in the sand as we go on through the next day or two so that's certainly something to watch out for meanwhile still a very came breeze there across parts of the mozambique channel after the open most of the southern indian ocean of course we have got a tropical cyclone affecting us all our unity on heavy enough rain into northern parts of mozambique southern areas of tanzania because of very heavy rain still wearing to botswana and also affecting the ark home.
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in two thousand and eight. documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest university. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme helping change the face of india. at this time.
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it's. with every. mine on the top stories. the world health organization says diphtheria is spreading quickly in yemen forty eight people have died from the disease in the past four months. or if it is of a new military conflict on syria's northern border after a decision by the u.s. to form a border force led by kurdish fighters turkey's military is prepared to strike against y.p. g. fighters in syria because terrorists. and bangladesh says about seven hundred fifty thousand written direct g.'s will be repatriated to me and ma within two years
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under a deal between the two countries. officials from twenty countries are meeting in canada to discuss sanctions imposed on north korea over its nuclear missile program and it can to increase diplomatic and financial pressure on north korea to give up its development of long range missiles china which is seen as north korea's main ally is not attending the talks in vancouver but tensions on the pitch you know appears to be easing off to north and south korea held formal discussions this month for the first time in two years. there as well as jordan is in vancouver and joins us live so what's the goal of this meeting most. well the goal of the meeting in warren is to essentially reaffirm with the country's shared commitment to putting this in all points of pressure possible on north korea to convince it to give up its nuclear weapons program not simply
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containing the program where it is right now that sort of containment is not being discussed or even being entertained we heard from both kahlo the japanese foreign minister and. the south korean foreign minister who both said with varying tones of defender to that they can not abide by a north korea that has a nuclear weapons arsenal we also heard from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson saying that the pressure campaign is going to be employed in order to get to give up its nuclear weapons program both the development of nuclear warheads as well as the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles both of which the united states consider a national security threat to russia and china are not that how much can this event really achieve. well that's really the big question we
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spoke with an analyst here in vancouver on monday about that and this analyst suggested that both russia and china have actually been playing a productive role in trying to keep the focus on negotiations on diplomatic efforts and on efforts to try to reduce any outlying regional tensions that could perhaps induced to want to try to use one of the nuclear warheads by some estimates it may have as many as sixteen such devices although the question of whether they are actually operable is another whole other matter the fact is because china fought alongside north korea during the war between one nine hundred fifty and one nine hundred fifty three from washington standpoint it was never going to be able to attend this meeting and there is the similar view that russia simply because it wasn't taking part in the conflict really didn't have room for
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a seat at the table however both ottawa and washington promised that they're going to brief their counterparts in moscow in beijing as soon as these discussions are over but there's really no big deliverable coming out of tuesday's meeting here in vancouver it's really a chance to reaffirm what should have already been agreed upon which is in forcing the u.n. security council sanctions regime as well as trying to find ways to get an opening with north korea in order to negotiate an end to its nuclear weapons program president jordan thank you very much indeed. we'll significant influence over pyongyang which depends on it for ninety percent of its trade and is right mcbride reports from beijing china wants diplomacy to work first instead of tougher measures. tensions have increased and tensions have eased but the trains and trucks have continued to roll. but the friendship bridge in dandong some of the essential
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food and supplies that keeps north korea going arrives from china ninety percent of north korea's trade is with china while chinese leaders say they fully implement u.n. sanctions they seem equally determined not to allow north korea to collapse the whole time or north korea might be able to adapt well still managed to survive. so china wants to take a bribe to mary's to a computer to cut off north korea despite sanctions there's evidence that some north korean businesses such as restaurants and hotels that should have been closed have stayed open. from china's perspective now is not the time for tougher measures. with the resumption of talks between north and south korea beijing wants to encourage the signs of a thaw. toward north korea and south korea have started
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talking to the olympics will be held at the start of next month i'm not sure if china has the political motivation to impose further severe sanctions. the fear for china is that just as there's a hint of an improvement in relations with north korea the u.s. and its allies are preparing to ratchet up the pressure and that will only harden pyongyang to position. the north korean leadership say nuclear missiles capable of hitting the u.s. on needed for survival against hostile powers. more threats from the u.s. and its allies might give leader kim jong un the justification to speed up the weapons program not slow it down rob mcbride al jazeera beijing. u.s. police have charged a couple with torture after their thirteen starving children were rescued from the family home in california some being chained to their beds and social services official says they've been held for a prolonged period of time until one of the children managed to escape internet
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police there in haunt has more. a family photo appearing to show david and louise typin surrounded by their thirteen children those children ranging in age from two to twenty nine and now being treated in hospital police say they found them locked up in their home stabbing and in filthy conditions medical staff treating them spoke of the shock at what they in counted in the time we live and it's unfortunate to see that it's actually heartbreaking for the staff and. you just it's unbelievable what you see. police were called to this family home in paris east of los angeles on sunday they say a girl had managed to escape and call them from a mobile phone she found in the house the go told police she was seventeen they say she was so amazed to paid to them to be just ten years old police risk you twelve
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brothers and sisters some of them l. nourished and chained to the beads they arrested their parents fifty seven year old david tippin and forty nine year old luis tip and some who saw the police operation chose not to show their faces on camera one said she saw the mother being arrested she was just like been acting a little weird and. does a kid the police officer was talking to her and she just kept like smirk you know him in like kind of like this she's been twice down on the floor they were all in pj's because it was early in the morning. they were very very pale skinned like almost like they've never seen the sign police gave no indication as to why the parents had kicked the children captive neighbors say the tippins and the children really emerged it all came out. and they'd all have to mow the lawns together and
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then they'd all go and i always had a suspicion because that has never looked like there was a lot of action in front of it a facebook page that appears to have been created by the parents shows the couple getting married in posts from two thousand and sixteen and surrounded by their children all in matching traces and suits the parents have been charged with torture and child endangerment and to being held on bio at nine million dollars each medium honed al-jazeera has to worry about this now with dr vincent pollution who's a professor of pediatrics at new york university school of medicine who specializes in child abuse cases thanks very much indeed for being with us this is a horrifying case isn't it and one of the things that struck me was the fact that perhaps some of the children were actually adults but they looked like children because they've been so malnourished it how unusual is something like this this is a terrible case and you're absolutely right this is fortunately very unusual the
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degree of malnutrition that's been reported in the press so for really speaks to a longstanding withholding of food and water and and other important elements i just can't imagine what the medical providers are going through seeing people this malnourished this skinny and this emotionally damaged as well and what kind of treatment can can you have for people who've had perhaps in a number of years or perhaps the whole life in in some sort of captivity. well fortunately it does sound as if the neighbors have seen the children periodic lee so i'm hoping it's not their whole life but clearly this has been chronic this is not a situation where we have a temporary loss of personal control or lashing out this sounds like torture which appears to be what the family is charged with clearly these children have a significant a mental as well as physical things to be treated for every thing from beginning of post-traumatic stress to long term emotional psychological harm we're going to see
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behavior problems we could certainly see educational problems cognitive problems and and just think about the relationship that these children have with their parents whether or not they can trust them again how could they love them again. the brains of ages is so extreme one has to wonder about the adult children as well and so we have not just adults and children but we have a whole host of harms these children suffered their physically small i'm sure that they must have stockholm syndrome and how they've been treated and they have some significant mental health needs that once we deal with their physical needs will have to be attended to no we had a few reports coming through from the california sheriff's captain and one of them was that the mother of the thirteen children. captives was quite perplexed about why the authorities arrived at the home did this give you any kind of clues as to what kind of mental state she was in and how this abuse might have happened.
9:43 pm
we don't know much so far more than what you've said one has to wonder if she's a victim herself or whether she's cognitively limited herself or whether there are mental health issues you know you almost think the parents would have to be crazy to do this voluntarily but you can imagine a significant limitations developmental delays for have substance abuse is a whole gamut of things that need to be sort of that which we really don't know with this point. thank you very much indeed for taking time to just thank you we're getting reports that donald trump's former chief strategist has been subpoenaed to testify on possible russia collusion in the twenty six thousand presidential election so mr steve benen will be required to testify before a grand jury he met the u.s. house of representatives intelligence committee as part of its russia investigation on tuesday was not to white house correspondent kimberly help it so what would you
9:44 pm
tell us we have about this committee well it's interesting this really does signal an escalation in terms of robert muller's investigation because this is the first time we've seen a subpoena for somebody. within donald trump's inner circle but it doesn't necessarily mean that steve benen will testify before a grand jury what is likely to happen is this is a bit of a negotiating tactic what this means is essentially that there has been a subpoena for him to testify but that could be waived if steve bannan does agree to cooperate with the special counsel the testifying could be waived as a result so it appears that this is a bit of a strong arm tactic if you will what this also is significant is the fact that this is coming on a day when steve bannon was testifying already before the house intelligence committee now we know that when he went into for this all day affair and and it is a closed door session he did not talk at all about the subpoena but i can guarantee he will be asked about it by reporters when he accepts committee help thank you
9:45 pm
very much indeed. in venezuela a former police officer who'd been on the run for the past six months has been killed in a special operation oscar perez and his accomplices stole a police helicopter in june last year and threw four grenades at government buildings he said he was part of an uprising against president nicolas maduro his administration to risible reports. these are the last images of debaters after the shootout with venezuela special forces and we told them that we want to turn ourselves in but they don't want that they want to kill us and i want the videos were posted online by paydays asking security forces not to show that they were ready to negotiate. they're attacking us with guns grenades the got snipers. the government says that several died in the shoot out
9:46 pm
among them got a base and two members of venezuela security forces five others were detained. he was a highly trained member of the forensic police who became venezuela's most wanted man when he stole a helicopter and threw grenades against the supreme court and other government buildings in june last year when thousands were taking to the streets against the government. since then he has been on the run posting videos online from time to time calling on the military to rise against. it is also starting in a two thousand and fifteen venezuelan action movie and then usually public profile for the usually secretive investigative police. the government says he was part of a terrorist cell trying to overthrow the president you know. the commander
9:47 pm
groups had to out part of the terrorist cell was killed the other paul was captured more than five people were captured there confessing telling us everything they planned. on monday he's mother pleaded for his life so in my little i am the mother of all skipper is he is trying to turn himself in let him do it protect his wife he is fighting for his country for venezuela who. had been hiding in a home outside got out gas people there to. to the streets to show their support for the pilot he says death adds more tension to the ongoing political crisis. and defeat out. some breaking news for you just coming in the u.s. is to provide sixty million dollars in aid to the un relief and works agency but it will withhold a further sixty five million for now this is according to a u.s. official this is the fallout from the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel after that the reaction
9:48 pm
from the past aims was to say that they didn't want any relationship with the u.s. in terms of the peace process going forward and this appears to be a reaction from the u.s. in terms of trying to cut off aid to palestinian refugees who are mainly funded by the u.n. relief works agency will bring you more on that story as we get it as it develops but the plain speaking president of the philippines has denied being behind a move that could close down a popular news website journalists at rappler have previously accused detective using social media to generate online hate against his critics now as nadine barber reports they say they're being targeted you know probably the only one. of them hitting out at a web site that's been a fierce critic of his and he's now said to be shut down the president of the philippines rodrigo to target it denies influencing the regulators decision to revoke the license of the rappler news website out of the question of risk. it's
9:49 pm
a question above your backyard by late this very hour switching to filipino uses an expletive to accuse rich filipinos of misusing the media. his administration insists there's nothing political about the securities and exchange commission's declaration that rappler had broken laws on foreign ownership but the s c c's decision isn't final and as the website prepares to fight the ruling in the courts it is allowed to keep going its bosses despite having two foreign investors the business is really being targeted for its journalism let me make clear one thing the actual charges are false. rappler is one hundred percent filipino owned i know not twenty four percent of shares i mean i have they have all of the shareholders of rappler the journalist owned the largest share
9:50 pm
collectively the shutdown order comes as a parliamentary committee considers legal changes that would limit freedom of expression to the quote responsible exercise of the freedom of speech some filipinos claimed that could lead to more media outlets being closed down because he. didn't say. he carried i think you should. receive mary one thing in this point if people even get a feel of the fenians last year media watchdog reporters without borders said the philippines was fairly free and diverse but noted what it called detect unveiled encouragement of violence against journalists now rattlers boss says a war of attrition is on the way one she and her colleagues are determined to win the al-jazeera. so i had this news. to confront him in quarter of
9:51 pm
a sexual abuse. with. the
9:52 pm
japanese public mistakenly issued an alert about a north korean missile launch it said north korea. and the government was urging people to take shelter inside buildings or underground you know it was corrected within minutes but it comes three days after a similar mistake caused panic in hawaii. and a city in japan has used its emergency loudspeaker system to recall packages of blue fish meat health officials in gori city are trying to track down four packages
9:53 pm
because they may contain potentially deadly liver a fifth package has been returned with a liver intact the fish known as good is an expensive delicacy but its liver is toxic and banned of course but now here's peta thank you laura ninety eight victims of sexual abuse by us eighteen dr larry nasser will give statements to a court over the next three days as a judge prepares to sentence him for his crimes before mage mystic's team doctor pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual abuse in november but since then many more victims have come forward including four time olympic gold medalist simone biles who released a statement on monday revealing she was also a victim fellow usa team members and the reason mckayla maroney and gabby douglas were also abused nasser's already been sentenced to sixty years in prison for child pornography charges but he's victims now i hope the statements to the judge at this
9:54 pm
hearing will prevent him from ever being released. for years mistreated the second is that he was the only person who could help me recover some of the serious injuries to me here is like an eight inch a hammer but alas that shame blinded me from the it gives he trait may trust to get the energy it made years and sexually abused me hundreds of times the current is that jews are born and this is the chelsea told me words rollo and she isn't one of them he put his finger. i mean we're all over. charles it was right there in the room and she goes you couldn't see what was going on but. since you said these are your. sexual abuse is so much more than disturbing physical act . it changes the trajectory of a victim's life and that is something that no one has the right to do. and to my
9:55 pm
parents confronted you. they brought me back to my house. sitting on my living room couch i listen to you tell me no one should ever do that and if they do you should tell someone well harry. i'm here not to tell someone but to tell everyone. roger federer is off to the ideal start as he goes in search of grand slam title number twenty the thirty six year old defending champion was a winner on tuesday in melbourne at the australian open he overcame slovenian oh yes and he's opening round match winning it in three sets six three six four six three federal will next face. of germany on tuesday. i'm hoping for it to go well again just not sure if it can go this well. it was just so good i'm just worried that i kind of know it won't be because i'm a year older guys are coming back again rafa says in tiptop shape i can't control
9:56 pm
it all last year was a fairy tales. six time champion over drug coverage prevailed in needs opening match in melbourne in the suv ensured most signs of the elbow injury that sidelined him for six months as he beat american donald young in straight sets. women's world number one some of the hallowed survived a huge skin her opening round match the remaining had to come from behind to claim the first set against team wildcard this today eva but that wasn't the end of her drama says helen injured her ankle which required treatment in the second sit caliper turn to the court and had little trouble seeing off for australian opponent from there she won seven six six one. maria sharapova has got her campaign off to a winning start as well the fire time grand slam champion be germany's tatiana maria in straight sets to reach the second round the russian winning at six one and six four it was her first match at melbourne since failing a drugs test at the treaty sixteen event which led to
9:57 pm
a fifteen month ban. wimbledon champion and third seed girls being the first is also safely through to the second round of the spaniard recorded a straight sets win over jessica of france the school in their match six four and six three. meanwhile the english f.a. cup continues on tuesday with five third round replay games they kick off in the run an hour's time thirty or fleetwood shows three are hoping to get a second chance to unseat premier league leicester city and west ham united respectively. a former foreign driver who suffered life changing injuries in a crash seven years ago has been given a chance to return to formula one robert kibitz who drove for both b.m.w. sauber. has only partial use of his right arm after a rally in twenty eleven but the pole has been signed as a reserve driver for williams next season after three successful tests last year
9:58 pm
who won the canadian grand prix in two thousand and eight says he's ultimately goal is to race in formula one again and that's all the sport for now another update from me later but it's back to you in london now. thank you very much indeed and that's it from a different tale of this news out the next marcus here be ready with a full round of the day's news in just a moment thanks for watching. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main us response to drug use and
9:59 pm
the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on sac no evil person just wakes up of in the morning and says i want to scour the world in darkness and this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion on line about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera the sams in archaeology graduate from iraq is also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture office in a language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things but mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums
10:00 pm
about forming a new life it is a part of life is culture news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have no frame of good logical rational person crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusation and evidence is part of genocide the listening post. provides a critical counterpoint to challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. we cannot and will not accept you as a nuclear state the u.s. secretary of state sends a message to north korea the nuclear pyongyang is not acceptable.


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