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tv   Russias Tundra Tale  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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to all the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the mian maher government calls you a gringo lead terrorist hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time. i don't look like a lot of the top stories here on al-jazeera if you o.p.'s freeda leading opposition figure as part of a mass release of prisoners jailed more than a year ago for their part and the government protests were good dina is one of more
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than one hundred prisoners freed from a prison in the capital addis ababa three hundred sixty one other inmates also released in the south of the country always denied violating the law and his release is part of a government drive to foster a national reconciliation bill bratton has more. moronic edina is a hero to his supporters and thousands of excited well wishes for the guard of honor to score his convoy to nine miles from the detention center on the outskirts of paris ababa to his home in the nearby town upon a. leader of the aroma federalist party had been arrested after returning from a visit to brussels a year ago was accused of collusion with outlawed groups a charge she always denied as if i have dared violated while it is there no owes them a footman a member of parliament and always a consideration in this you know. i have been always you know as big things that.
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anyway it's good that them out. his freedom came as part of government efforts to stem a spreading wave of violence and unrest which flared up in twenty fifteen has claimed hundreds of lives and threatens the stability of one of africa's fastest growing economies generally the third in a moving to diffusing the tension ethiopia's prime minister announced he would release many prominent dissident politicians always out we sow the party in the members who will decide is it takes this in the weeks what to do know what to do on . the street only out to dinner is a government the board fortnights no doubt if it is the will in the honest the we are for it but amnesty international and other observers warn that a few. high profile releases will not be enough that he must to do more students rescind this. most. judicial reform this committee think that
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inform a complete overhaul of the electoral system without this. i don't think the people who will be satisfied thousands of prisoners of conscience are still in jail accused all prosecuted for protesting against the government in a statement the us embassy said it was encouraged by the latest releases. al-jazeera north and south korea are to march under the same flag and field a joint women's ice hockey team at this year's winter olympics and so the decision was announced after a third round of talks in the border village upon withdrawal but it's angered south korean afleet send the public more than one hundred petitions have been launched uprooting the move. palestinians have denounced donald trump's decision to hold back money needed for a that would have helped millions of people the united states says it's keeping back sixty five million dollars of the one hundred twenty five million it was going
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to give the united nations relief and works agency or. the body it provides a lifeline for some five million palestinians in gaza and in the west bank jordan lebanon and in syria the u.s. is its biggest donor at least twelve people now known to have died in twin suicide attacks in nigeria the bombers targeted a market on the outskirts of the city of my degree leaving at least forty eight people injured officials suspect the group boko haram was behind the attacks and then could do misstate also in northern nigeria gunmen have kidnapped two americans and two canadians and have killed two police officers. pope francis is held mass in . chile just hours after three helicopters and a roman catholic church were set on fire by the catholic leaders stop in the region is seen as the most complex of his trip because it's the center of a centuries old conflict with local indigenous groups during the mass split francis urged the indigenous people to reject violence in pushing their cause just
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not in the direction website al-jazeera dot com is the address al-jazeera dot com all right up to date with the headlines here on ars are coming up next it's witness by for now. yes yes that's. that's.
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and she is not. used any. changed.
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to the or. something but i'm isn't much the actual possibility was first he should know what he was to the signature mogul probably him because they're so well i mean you watch the dross on equipment was just what i mean he was no whore so watching the mist and blustering him and he has no asterisk i just thought. would separate the above quote so it was just me but saw on top of the transformer drug use and what i mean what's toff. i need to guess i'm screwed by leach because in the my source on the mission. was amy's creature a little girl but almost thought must have been the mining to be a little david shinn not going in my experience. little sister only in new zealand
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is a new muscles a body to put on the is nice to both of us ladies of my you. might want to. name is that this woman has a good chance of functional enough to be called to lose out. on those pollution of doing it as she's close to two hundred supernational call them. dying at that although. some are going to. think it was off by some financial stocks to no kludges maybe you missed mass killing those two little that. really followed some those years knew if their little boy was the day actually looks they should have been here but they are going with. clubs resisting because.
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i am. if. i am. i. think. that if if the. that is a live. shot. of.
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the old yellow down oh yes there's that i think that is the one with. the war. on the bit as. well is just his last piece in the routines which. he's evil's the meaning of justice and us group such as somebody in that alluded was to leave lewsey. name. out of there we seem to go through with somebody who knew him he and his family we do this from this week to those in need. to bush.
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and i my. question was not that well a lot of good you would not be having a recruitment. number but if the. if it's so. nashville so here in new albany a source in class bush hopes museum you. know what we did was just a little not so. logical sodomy on today in nevada. ha ha.
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ha ha ha it's almost you know what i'm saying what goes on yes miller's risks remodelling full of them. i. long for mr. evil johnny good to decommission.
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he was more than. anybody. put them specific. times don't have to change in the. name. and i did it dirty by showing too little. all. swampscott almost landing it blog over the issue bush will look at each walk me. to devote a solution. must
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all. or somebody is a fiscal plan with. down all of them should look a huge feeling into computers for that soulful just almost mystical you may need. to get. the big. learning you will be good as it looks especially look at your shoulders and. if.
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it's. the bush. because. used to me. is no liturgy should plan their movements quoted one last three days to me a. woman can be not what you do to be a bit to keep spinning out of the need to pig out of media.
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i think people. will be more on the missing of the big story. so are you sure you already know for sure that this above could get people to stop motion was to see the images of the song you. should at least look at the. room where you really knew him a good bit over the best of what he was there see that it was actually a bit much to release him to be less predictable i think it would be good particularly in. the most to see that it was just me but jim sublimation the better you get when you go through your will to see it was previously used to look.
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closely at a spa they say is false or use a particular point of marriage no additional clinical trial of this so the killfile is fortunate because just what oakley is just going to diminish the bushies. he's got it was more nice to know that it's not about this couple to you to give us a clue it's. not going to give you ever see. a little more digging in the middle. you know you're sure and then your stature that you have got up on you when you go to his therapist machina. monitoring mission against the god but again there will you please keep your order so high needless ways he has his little date and you saw her new you just where you as mine you mean even the words that we would include so our world. view.
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believe. me. it is the.
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i know you.
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these stories are needed for that. and. that's. why the kitchen if you will good enough food for him to do and he's got the look at the man one. really knew it was. a question of national wouldn't he was one. of more. severe do you wish his relations. with. the machine is machine equal to difficult issue for them. because they're dealing with his chin morning so they do not keep these.
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fifty five. zero. but a cheat and you have an invitation for. lunch . or whatever. globally just published or in. which more live here. with. the master presents i wanted to. play in the you know about the more than one point. that.
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essentially israel you just watch where you just look for ships are still unused living which precludes just what is given producers' washed over not. called group fish song which would. be the dismissal look at all in the credits as you walk there. but there was a friend you had to queue it that i did see. believe me discussing clinton saying to people the board is lying here. we didn't think it was because it was going to be useless to the front of the watches would have been that the man had such as our eyes of the few muslims who feels the stupidity of the world for just two shits not. was was but. if. you if you if.
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you believe. it. was i feel that. it was easy was he was he was. i was. was. was feel. if you was was if you have was was if you if was was if you was was was
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was if it was. your typical are just on the probably my. just need to make. sure. she knows. where to move. but the moment this guy didn't. do it was long chalk especially. for the new liberal. doing the school she. did the thumbs up was. a major. sewage system just. it is because i mean it was it to go to the mosque. but you wonder why would you. think that if.
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that. if you have a high kill a bushel large sums from a little each other begin it's a good position to soak it all from us they took duty. not. the force and you know paula this will make it beautiful misty i mean you've listed above most often. it isn't enough to get a. deal to meet. an emotional last minute so even me
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watch to listen to me. until two opposing points of the lame duck element sounds come from i'm in the course of the last time i do you were just reaching. if you did not see. the. light of the ultimate loved. loved loved loved. one. let. the take her stump speech by the hour we're going to reserve the money again because some of us may if
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you're sorry it was announced there are some of the answers. to. the alice. was a bit early to him. when you said but you will get a look at the subject but at least it would be. even the complete even if you still believe that you linda it was the she was the big. cheese which i mean it was as you go up six couples i was wondering what was going on i think anderson was playing it because thought was i could order sexual acts with the president was mr stanwood because he was applauding us to close it up most likely right to the georgia from among many of us who it's all i want i want.
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to go with the family as a walkman buying stuff. you. know that obviously or at least in the early years several things that will give us an idea of us again look at what they don't know something you don't which means that you can assume is that the facility does say i'm going to assume the facility money . i think if anyone that moved in with us was he looked up and well as you like him would you i did go and he said look like he was going you know which i miss publish them with a pony and he can do a sufficient. and
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of course in your book the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's . but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives such in for sanctuary part one people in power on al-jazeera i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still jabot outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether that loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. two hours we can get it on jurists in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america meet
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us to teach it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be for centuries egypt to sort to come on power over the mild event out we aren't harming any of them out of basal country they don't need the marshall plan they did they get their water from rainfall boss upstream this dominance is being challenged by countries who want to great a share and i know some people in asia. on question that yes this circumstances have changed and changed quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. well i'm a clock and one of the top stories here on al-jazeera ethiopia has freed a leading opposition figure as part of a mass release of prisoners jailed more than a year ago for their part in antigovernment protests. thousands of
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his supporters greeted ragged dina one of one hundred sixteen people freed from a prison in the capital addis ababa another three hundred sixty one inmates were freed in the south of the country hundreds of people were killed in a two thousand and sixteen crackdown on a months of protests by the country's or roma people the government has so far apart and more than five hundred of the protesters arrested. by syria have been invited to do that is there no. footman a member of parliament i know is a construction and as you know. i have been always you know to speak things that. anyway it's good that. north and south korea to much of the same flag and feel the joint women's ice hockey team at this year's winter olympics in the. decision was announced after a third round of talks in the border village of penguin jim but in time that south korean athletes and the public more than one hundred petitions have been launched
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a food. how to sing into it did not settle trumps decision to hold back money needed for aid that would have helped millions of people the united states says it's giving back sixty five million dollars of the one hundred twenty five million it was going to give the united nations relief agency or. the body provides a lifeline for some five million palestinians in the west bank jordan lebanon and in syria united states is its biggest donor. at least twelve people are now known to have died in twin suicide attacks in nigeria the bomb is targeted at a market on the outskirts the city of my degree leaving at least forty eight people injured and in could do an estate also in northern nigeria gunmen have kidnapped two americans and two canadians and have killed two police officers so. pope francis is held mass and to mco in chile is off to three helicopters and a roman catholic church was set on fire near by the catholic leaders stop in the
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region is seen as the most complex of his trip because it's the center of a centuries old conflict with local indigenous groups right up to date with the headlines here on zero two stay with us witness continues after. the scene. nobody gets. after just for. one club stuff. you know used. to be used to police you believe it and use it you do to the weak to a few minutes. and you see what in the book and this stuff you want someone to see
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been compared to this particular usage in the us. me it is worth doing for the good of the up to means posies to them and not to get caught but that's you know that if it's in. one of the it that yes there. is with just one and therefore. the question. well the more of them as you can use my. post was going to go. for the one or was when you wanted store. in the city we. were in europe gromit. or new york store but there was a moment. when
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. we finally got his life. it would. easily used he did leave the key for me.
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exploration was nice a world. we had which was a little bit. more than even. the cool. but i was an old guest for. a bit of the future. older version of the film is a. good one.
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well of course people will know that muslims because there's this look there's this . look at this list you know what would be a. good deed. how is this just what was he that he is that everyone deserves the spanish the wars the saudis the popular media that she's a socialist as a muslim i'm stinker wouldn't you doing me to do it it would cause you want to watch that special or large music opera also with my local forces couldn't you have a look at the cause of action for coal mine years to secure the recent years it might save. money it will for the good meat with liberal stuff to the people living
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in his this was new was of the original post if you will close to libya the storms of gush nash's vegetal speech it. was a month he said but i didn't have much of. that should do. some of the senior combining the good of the world. and we need probably schmidt's. ackman i'm. going to remember three of you are very good. and you. yeah man.
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again we got this again some score by one of the rig you also seen by showing off with what i would you please god i would hear some story of course composed this would not i wanted a couple of numbers not of no by me. don't. buy it stock one in the morning and bill is now at the bottom but i have to. hurry the four they had and. have received feel they are parliaments and scope for some scupper sure says
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sure not then they happen for a good deal of it would fork in their. saw and then what they called me to be on the long distance it was a photo op and also in set your or write a positive up for to be met if we had to share. a special no thought that that was door i mean there's a lot of those thought they did it during a game wasn't. just doesn't come of the manual asides like yelling or getting above the net is to get out of nowhere it's about sums caption up for after the. big one heart sick lard a car was so recent most common reason we still issues as it is you folks all of. posted below us yes there are some of our mormons going all this to be able over here with
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a staff parliament or something or are you going in that all of them. but there were yes at them but a lamb and the bravest are god is all good news have asked as they are stopped and their organ reburied as they're called up what that tree in their option mean they have them a poor split the need for a photo or you're about to move forward. and this is what i. meant a lot of. the more they don't that is so good also not a good. photo for me to go in the tank people saw more. also for good thing you should. or. should just say also.
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if you saw the company of liquidity. that is that they have a problem or you could. have . layers of this. but you could use goes all the ip address at the back. of the. phone. you should cut off. all. who are you
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want to. ask. her her for
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. the future is if i remember the most. because new president. if he
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doesn't it will mean that with a. little something for his i so. agree with. little with the music which was punished but this is what i think when he spoke about this conflict we. used for the. killing. right now on the program today.
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if you think they're going. to. come quicker. she will have a piston this. is meaningless because he would be. pushing hard to stay present to them but i wouldn't recently almost that. there's a question if some the schools need. to give that up what they're willing able to.
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look is nice to with mickey and his but it's all plastic a week. but i was amazed. that . once you got something. good. but.
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i think this next. was right or.
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did you bring. a true bill who can do that. with me and. i think you can. do that.
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how. i. felt before. do.
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you. all call all. the new warriors just the worst that. get it. but i think. hard to avoid. the joe rush if they have a staff of. course who. wonder what it's for business needs to get new just so we have to continue duties to compete again do you suppose we would be too dumb to know what point you mean you know if it was. going to
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last and i ask you when you spoke to her mother she just does not count them out of the running up one hundred eleven and the feeling that you got the idea and you can wait i thought that might have been a pretty effective and be real i miss him but i approached him to. come down with the right to say i'm going to still forcing you with them which they're missing three other women if they are still moving there when they're trying. to have an opinion with us i don't think we're here. except. going. to shoot. the death of the baby.
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discussion. are only rang at last word many of which had to quit the show answer to . the should he. optioned for almost a complete fool of himself on the. leadership itself on. the
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fire she sees as this. but it's way to get doris swayze. and the. sound that he gave. us the q. sound when. we need to shrink footage when the but i'm going. thank you and thank you. jay thank you i. thank you i. thank you i.
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thank you. i. thank you. thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you i will ever. thank you thank you thank you. i say i thought that you had. a.
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were. so far it's been a summer of extremes in australia with extreme temperatures we've had a fair amount of rain breaking few records in the west that's lost a kid away and you can see yet more white top players in some parts of western
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australia and certainly northern territory that's where the main rain is the temperatures are on the rise again once more thirty nine is the forecast red light thirty five for melbourne thirty seven springs where the rain has not ceased following in perth you got about a rather more reasonable twenty seven but if i put the color background on you see where the heart of the real heat is and it's drifting in this general directions up on tom we get to friday it was say thirty eight in melbourne but there will be places of forty one or forty two somewhere in victoria and also in south australia so the heat is returning once more but not immediately with storms how are we doing in us in the new zealand rain i'm afraid brains return to north running through all clingier can see cloud seems likely to the south of that and it's north sea that rain persist well at least as far north as alton if you're here probably all right for the heart of winter has been a lot of snow so far in japan the picture is a rather quieter one for thursday.
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the controversial leader of islamic jihad. one of the most one internists in the street both. in terms of his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli intelligence and mossad says being called in the must post is only this if someone tried to. immediately seem intelligent was shut down to. kill him in damascus at this time on al-jazeera world. a year in power america's controversy over president continues to polarize opinion. in a week of special reports al-jazeera examines his impact at home and around the globe. donald trump's first year on al-jazeera. when diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to
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drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and its will to sixty's instead of being an obstacle. into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. is no one way of telling the story keeping is to tell it right and to be respectful it's great to get to know the person fully tells. this is al-jazeera.


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