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dialog i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. and . with every. poll this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters in doha i'm dead in obligates
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a coming up in the next sixty minutes. diplomatic and military tensions on two fronts in syria turkey builds up troops on one stretch of its border as the u.s. plays down its role in supporting a new force a further east a palestinian is killed in a raid by israeli forces they say he was involved in the death of a rabbi last week. a rare show of unity by the two koreas ahead of the winter olympics but not everyone is happy in the south. donald trump's presidency has had a huge impact on feminism in the united states and across the globe and how to contain a look at that coming up. and i'm sorry after all have all your days sport including was right at the limits. is the australian open becoming too hot to handle for some players i'll have more on that.
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hello turkey says it's not satisfied with assurances from the u.s. over a kurdish led border force in northern syria that anchor is calling a terror army media reports a spoken to a u.s. sponsored force of thirty thousand something the turkish foreign minister says would cause irreversible damage to relations with the u.s. well the u.s. secretary of state says those reports aren't accurate and he held a meeting with his turkish counterpart on wednesday the united states hears and takes seriously the concerns of our nato ally turkey we recognize the humanitarian contributions and military sacrifices turkey has made towards defeating isis towards their support of millions of syrian refugees and stabilizing areas of syria it has helped liberate we must turkey's close cooperation in achieving a new future for syria that ensure security for syria's neighbors while tensions
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are also rising along the border on a second front with turkey massing forces near the kurdish controlled. but syria's foreign minister says any attack there would be an aggressive act. to shoot down turkish fighter jets. stephanie decker joining us from. turkey near syria's north western our border to tell us about the the reports of troop buildup perhaps in or close to are free and by the turks stephanie yes it's been happening for a week now and more rivals according to turkish media today a couple of times so they've been basically building up their tanks and so their troops along that border so that's the western and northern part of this morning's news news that to the troops has been put on the highest state of alert also over the last couple of days if you might remember during that turkey's built this wall
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along this border with syria that the army has taken down some of that part for a potential let's say incursion into that area all of this is still premature because it hasn't happened yet yes there's been sporadic shelling but it is a very complicated situation there in also not because russia has troops inside this area and it also controls its airspace i think that's why we're also seeing. turkey's head of intelligence and chief of staff in moscow today talking to their counterparts they'll be trying to figure out some sort of way forward so it is very very complicated just briefly we spoke to sources inside after the there was a protest there today we're being told thousands of people on the streets we've seen some pictures there difficult to confirm but certainly we're being told that it is tense people are nervous but it is pretty much business as usual and that just adds to as you mentioned that tension about the other border force that turkey
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has with the united states like take a look at everything that's happening right now is all pretty complicated the turkish army is steadily increasing its presence along this stretch of the syrian border president russia has been threatening to attack the kurdish run area for almost a week now there's been sporadic shelling. after the mines in the north west of syria turkey borders the area on the north and west turkish troops are present inside syria on its southern edge and to the east are turkish backed syrian rebels so it is in effect surrounded a freeness one of you autonomy is enclaves controlled by the syrian kurdish p.y.t. party and its armed wing the y.p. g the i.p.g. has been working with the us in order to push ice a lot of syria not enough rain further east of the euphrates river in turkey seize the y.p. g. is an offshoot of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which it together with the u.s. in europe considers a terrorist organization a free has been relatively peaceful throughout this war and it hosts tens of
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thousands of internally displaced syrians the americans have never had a presence here unlike the other kurdish run area of syria but the russians do and i'm chris says it has every right to protect its borders the timing is interesting it will let you know africa has been there for quite a long time as never threw like you know. a serious issue to threats or turkey but are going to probably need to these kind of nationalistic. you know rhetoric and potentially use its military in order to be able to gain more. with the upcoming elections in in turkey so i think. you know set aside when it comes to actual interaction and into a friend tensions have been stoked further in recent days by the u.s. announcement of a so-called border force which will be based east of the euphrates along the border with turkey and iraq and the y.p. g. will form its backbone not. the united states
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a nato ally supports a terrorist organization that threatens turkey can this be acceptable it's unacceptable and inexplicable. but u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says it's not a border force the u.s. role has been mr trade and turkey is owed an explanation he says the build up is aimed at countering the resurgence of eisel will be internally focused and is important for the stability of syria however that's not what others involved in syria's more think ankara on moscow and damascus have a voice their opposition to the us and with all of these developments syria entering a new phase in the war i think it is safe to say there's always been this conflict of interests you know these these countries that are all involved in this battlefield at some point would be fighting a condom and meanwhile for example eisel is now been pretty much pushed out of all its territory in syria so it's now coming down to spheres of influence whatever
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which country wants to hold so for example of a lot of people will tell you that the turks talking to the russians about there could potentially potentially be a deal on the table in exchange for of course a province that is still fully held by the rebels by a powerful rebel group. which is led by the the group for me known as the front there's fighting going on there are the syrian government and russian airstrikes that has displaced over two hundred thousand people just in the last week so there's still a lot of complexities going on inside syria at the time also we're going to have various international conferences again taking place in vienna and to the u.n. and in sochi sponsored by the russians and i think it's very difficult to see how this conflict now into its seventh year is going to really come to an end because all sides have their own interests in that they don't seem to be done just yet ok stephanie decker thank you. u.s.
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secretary of state has indicated the american military is there for being a long haul. united states desires five key states or syria. forced isis and al qaeda in syria suffer and enduring defeat do not present a threat to the homeland and do not resurface in a new form second the underlying conflict between the syrian people and the assad regime is resolved through a un led political process prescribed in un security council resolution two two five four and a stable unified independent syria under post assad leadership is functioning as a state third iranian influence in syria is diminished their dreams of a northern arch are denied and syria's neighbors are secure from all threats emanating from syria fourth conditions are created so that the refugees and i.d.p.'s can
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begin to safely and voluntarily return to syria and fifth syria is free of weapons of mass destruction let's talk about this and speak to joshua landis is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma but he is joining us via skype from a so that's an elite thanks for speaking to us so if you just listen to what the u.s. secretary of state had said recently on this issue of the thirty thousand strong border force he said that it had been mis portrayed what does that exactly mean and do you understand what the u.s. is it is doing with this border force. we don't know what it really means and he has an articulate what he means is that a police force not an order horses east so we don't know whether this is just a rebranding are whether this is something substantially climb down by the united states to give less arms to the kurds up northern syria.
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the united states in this announcement is saying that it's going to stay there and it's going to support kurdish nationalism united states says we're not supporting kurdish nationalism but what else can it be they're giving arms to kurds to establish an army for an independent unclaimed in northern syria is that we know that i'm an aim here when it comes to the us and its relationship with the kurds i mean what is it what is the ultimate aim for the us with its policy where the ultimate aim is to hurt iran and to keep syria very weak that that seems the stated aim of course is to get rid of ah side and out regime change in syria to turn it into a afaik a true these are unachievable by the united states which has not succeeded in the last seven years of revolution in supporting the rebels so what it does do though is that by staying in northern syria which is about twenty five to thirty
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percent of the country this part of the country of syria has most of syria's oil and gas it controls the top but damn the major dam on the euphrates river which generates electricity and water and is also the bread basket of syria by retaining all of those resources and denying them to us ah the united states achieves certain goals which is to beggar assad and to deny money iran and russia the fruits of its victory in damascus this can keep the region very poor and it will help israel and saudi arabia both of which do not want to see iran have a healthy syrian victory so then where to russia and iran fit into this u.s. plan and will they allow it to go ahead. well you know the u.s. says that this gives them leverage by recalling all these resources that assad and
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russia will come on bended knees and they will agree russia will force us out i don't believe that's true russia's not going to force us without russia spent the last several years trying to keep a side in so this this leads to a standoff and unfortunately it leads the syrian people in a terrible situation because they they continue with an onside government which is quite dictatorial and they have american sanctions they have their water and gas tonight them they will not be able to rebuild the syrian people or the big losers and america and russia continue to arm wrestle over control of the us from all right joshua landis we thank you for speaking to us on al-jazeera. plenty more ahead on me al-jazeera news hour including as pope francis wraps up a troubled visit to chill they will be looking ahead to the next stage of the south american tour. i'm floating in a colossal brian space. find out how artists are using virtual
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reality as a new medium. and the first block player in the n.h.l. is on or it's sixty years since he broke the color barrier in the sport farrow will have the details on that later. first israeli forces have killed a palestinian man and injured others during a raid in the occupied west bank israeli police say they were searching for a man who killed a rabbi a week ago and one khan has more from joining in in the occupied west bank have been conflicting reports on thursday morning about the identity of the palestinian man that was killed in this village west of janine an initially the israeli said that the man killed was linked to the murder of a rabbi a settler rabbi and then nablus on january the ninth however the palestinian health ministry has issued
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a different name jerome who's from this village now the raid began around eleven o'clock late on wednesday night's israeli special forces came in now we don't know who fired first but we do know that two israeli special forces soldiers were injured and the palestinian man was shot that then around two o'clock in the morning the israeli army came in and locals telling us that they shelled the house i'm going to go away so you can see the damage that was created that was a family home it's now just a pile of rubble and it's not the only one there were another two houses in this local area that have been turned into rubble now won't palestinians here asking themselves is whether this was a case of the stay. can identity or that it was simply bad intelligence on behalf of these readies the israelis have said who. intelligence they were using to accept pawns in this particular right but there's a lot of very angry palestinian his family here mourning the un is calling for the
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yemeni port of the day that to remain open beyond friday to continue the delivery of lifesaving goods the saudi led coalition has allowed the port to whopper a day after u.s. funded cranes were installed on tuesday it used to handle seventy percent of yemen's imports but damage from a twenty fifteen air strike and a blockade by the saudi led military alliance has severely restricted aid access yeah the deputy regional director for the international committee of the red cross in yemen he said the aid is critical for the survival of millions of people who are on the brink of famine. the yemeni population is dependent on a. ninety percent of the needs of the yemeni people are sustained for imports and as such. the restrictions on imports prevent the. flow of commercial goods and humanitarian aid from reaching the yemeni population so that is where things
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should be moving on lessening both christmas we need more we need less restrictions on imports fuel is key and a central for the survival of the population in yemen fuel is essential for the running most hospitals in a system that is faltering only forty five percent of house a facility is are functioning today but fuel is also important for water water pumping stations depend on fuel. sewage treatment plants dependent fuel vehicles that collect the garbage depend on fuel i know all of this creates a vicious circle were the population being weakened after years of exhausting their resources and not having any more the capacity of staying will only have more to be done makes like diphtheria coming back to them if these conditions are not treated immediately a fire on a bus in kazakhstan has killed fifty two passengers only five people managed to escape the bus was on the main road between pakistan and russia a route used by migrant workers police are investigating what caused the blaze
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russia is this missing what it calls groundless accusations by the u.s. president that the kremlin is helping north korea evade international sanctions in an interview with donald trump also cast doubt on whether talks with north korea's leader would be useful and warned the north is getting closer to building a missile capable of attacking the u.s. mainland he said china could do much more but praised restrictions on oil and coal deliveries to the north. there has been a mixed response to news north and south korean athletes will march under a unified flag at next month's winter olympics they'll also form a joint women's ice hockey team for the games in south korea has changed several petitions have been filed with some complaining it could affect the team's medal chances the announcements follow the first high level meetings between north and south in more than two years a reporter kathy novak has more from seoul. the winter olympics are just twenty two
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days away and the two koreas have come to a last minute agreement that they will walk together at the opening ceremony the south korean government says it's all part of an effort to promote this event as the peace olympics but not everyone here is happy a recent poll found only about four out of ten support the idea of marching under a unified korean peninsula flag and others are against the idea of a joint women's ice hockey team. i think we need to carry our own flag i'm also against a united team because the athletes have worked so hard as a team so this is not fair and then it's going to leave that up we should be unified anyway so i think it's a good idea we're the only separated nation in the world and i think it's mainly because of political reasons. some critics have questioned the decision to allow south korean athletes to train at a north korean ski resort which is known as the leader kim jong un's pet project they worry that south korea is helping promote tourism there and while there has
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been a saw in north and south korean relations these talks have been limited to discuss india lympics and not the bigger issue of north korea's nuclear weapons program so the question remains what happens after the olympics when the u.s. and south korea are due to resume joint military drills which always anger the north. the british prime minister of tourism is expected to pledge sixty two million dollars to strengthen border controls with france when she meets the french president shortly there is been an influx of migrants trying to reach the u.k. via the french quarter prompting from the demands more funding from london leaders are also expected to discuss ongoing brooks negotiations earlier britain's lower house of parliament approved a key brooks a bill which would end the supremacy if you will law in the u.k. the bill now goes to the upper house where it's expected to face. some resistance it's becoming a focal point in months of debate about what type of divorce britain should be
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seeking from the european union john to help joining us from sandhurst and a summit at britain's prestigious military academy john r. but it's a meeting that's more than just defense. yes it is of course i mean every aspect just about now of british foreign policy and much of the e.u. as as well has to be viewed through the prism of breaks it but defense and security issues are the headline issues here at this meeting at this kristie just military academy the two leaders will be joined by the heads of their respective intelligence services it's the first time they will have met at this sort of level these two countries of course the two main military powers in the e.u. albeit not the powers they perhaps once were they both face threats abroad they both face threats at home both countries of course of been the target of violent attack in recent times with significant loss of innocent lives and of course they
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share a border as you mentioned there on the french side including the sometimes troubled port of cal a with its build up of migrants and refugees so those are the headline pledges and commitments expected to come out of this that money you talked about there britain stepping up its efforts to help secure the ports and the border as well as that offering chinook helicopters much needed to french efforts in north africa to combat al qaeda and i still there the french in return will help bolster british efforts to secure the e use eastern border against the russian threat but over the shadowing all of this as we say said is breaks of course and the diplomats on both sides of presenting this meeting as much as anything else is an attempt by two. countries with long long time ties to form a basis for a sort of new future relationship two countries with common interests common values but also with much to lose potentially as
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a result breaks it ok jonah thank you. now the white house chief of staff has said donald trump's hardline immigration policies may not have been fully informed during his presidential campaign john kelly made the comments in an interview with u.s. media one of trump's campaign promises was to build a wall along the southern border and make mexico pay for it kelly has been discussing immigration reform with democratic politicians and they want guarantees undocumented immigrants will be protected before backing a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown is adjusted the way he's looked at the south asia strategy afghanistan he's a very definitely change these attitudes towards the darker issue and even the war once we briefed him when i was at the h.s. so he has evolved in the way he's looked at things campaign to governing in two different things and this president is very very very flexible in terms of what is
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within the realm of the possible. pope francis wrapping his visit you'll see pictures in just a moment so his presence has caused tensions in the. region which is at the center of a long running dispute between the government and local indigenous groups several churches have been firebombed over the past week so there you can see pope francis wrapping up his visit to chile we'll cross over to the sea of newman she is joining us now from santiago and as i was saying the pope has not shied away from raising contentious issues during that visit. no durian he has not but let me correct you he hasn't actually. he is on his way right now in fact to the northern city. but we'll talk a little bit more about that later but getting back to what you said.
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the world's largest region latin america for this latin american pope without question and one of the most sensitive issues has been the sex abuse within the church everywhere where he's gone. has refused to go away even though he asked for forgiveness he talked about the pain and shame that he felt because of the abuses that have taken place here in chile but the fact that there is a bishop that has been accompanying him throughout all the masses in all his patients here so far who has been accused of covering up for sex abuse is simply not allowed. to go away it just keeps noise and overshadowing the pope's presence in chile he also went to the region as you just mentioned which has been strife torn by an ongoing dispute over ancestral lands by the case and he talked about.
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had to be respected they had to be. recognized but he also spoke out very strongly against the violence that has been taking place in that area saying that he just calls can be marred can be in fact turned into a lie by violence and so there you have it he's he certainly hasn't shied away from some of the most news in this country so what comes next and his agenda. what now he is he will be landing very shortly this is a desert city very near the border of peru and bolivia or rather his i think just because we are looking at. this is in fact the c.e.o. go ahead. there we are well thank you for correcting me so i he will be talking there we expect him to make this the most political of the speeches that he's going to make until the end it's going to touch on immigration is a city that has a large immigrant population from neighboring peru and bolivia as well as other
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countries and the issue of immigration goes beyond chile or peru and it really i think is trying to send a message to places and to governments like the united states. creasing intolerance around the world towards immigrants ok thank you thank you very much for updates. thank you now northern europe is being battered by yet another winter storm and rob oh where is it right now it's at it's worst of the netherlands heading towards germany three dead already that's because of the week but the stories to starts sheely couple days ago in scotland in the snow warning came when it wasn't quite as when he was just snowed looking at the snow fell hit north scotland nice pretty winter wonderland of course of course some travel disruption but figures typically with the order of twenty to forty centimeters in this part of the u.k. but the second part of the story is of course something else indeed it's the wind
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just a view southwest of england here as they way is crashing we had gusts in the last twelve hours one hundred fifty kilometers from wales hundred two down in london and you might get an idea why it's so when if you look at how quickly the cloud moved to twenty four hours worth of movement this is developing area of low pressure i like to call it weather bob is rapidly developing the i was sitting here day just to the northeast of the netherlands entice a vase means strong wind i said that's where the worst is at the moment the city social for sure and if you want to watch it this is just a picture taken but on al-jazeera dot com on the news site on the weather pages there is an article following it through now at the moment this is why we sit strong winds was wind and are very in the head of it a whole lot isn't going to stay in the netherlands germans have also been warned to stay in their homes can you believe it's on the way to tory rob thank you still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour why kenya wants to make it big in textiles and get rid of the down clothes. the u.k.
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appointed minister for loneliness as a new report finds the majority of pensioners only have eight feet for company. coming up and support the toronto raptors are back to winning ways we'll have all the details coming up a little later. on the fringes of some of this mega city. make a slum spurred starts to grow. but the cities are beginning to develop even areas where. architects goodley of the army is also more sustainable solution units these are the state of the types of change. the luck that you continue working. this time on just.
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running six continents across the globe. years correspondents live and breathe the stories they tell of this was another look at the book no there's not a letter stamped on it. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees over syria in world news. the top stories on the al-jazeera news our ties between washington and turkey are under strain off to reports the u.s. is forming a kurdish border force in northern syria the turkish foreign minister said
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relations will be irreversibly damaged if it goes ahead america's top diplomat says the reports are inaccurate and that the u.s. is only training and fighter its. israeli forces have killed a palestinian man and injured others during a raid in the occupied west bank israeli police are search. for the man who killed a rabbi he was shot dead a week ago. north and south korea will march under a unified flag at the opening ceremony of next month's winter olympics will also field a joint hockey team just tour of reconciliation follows the first talks in more than two years. well the me too movement been in the global spotlight over the past few months it's empowered women to speak out about sexual harassment and abuse but as particle reports the election of donald trump as the u.s. president has also played into that movement had
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a clear impact on women in politics. preserve protect and defend there was no comparison donald trump had his day so help me god and the very next one women had theirs. in washington d.c. the largest protest in the history of the country women across america and the world marched to reject the president his sexist actions comments and past allegations of sexual assault he was even caught on tape bragging about it. and he was still a leftist. the question at the time was this a moment or a movement i never thought that i would do this until i went to the women's march in washington d.c. just let this be the beginning empowered women like rebecca cola ran for elected office in virginia a record number ran eleven toppled long serving male politicians it's been
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happening across the country. and i just say to donald trump keep your hands off seattle. women are running like never before and winning in large part because women are also voting in huge numbers because of trump the worst could possibly happen actually happened and we have someone unqualified to be leading this country a long time feminist icon gloria steinem is in a unique position to judge this movement she told me she believes it is here to stay it is beginning to shift and i think i think we're beginning to see that there is no gender. people or people but. then beyond race and beyond gender we're just going to have less of a system that political scientist laura brown says will change because of this she predicts women will have parity in government in a decade or so what you see here is that enough women are finally getting involved
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at the local and state level. to ensure that there will be a strong bench of women candidates ready to run for those higher level offices in the coming years and decades one year isn't it it appears there is something donald trump is making great again feminism although it is highly unlikely that was his intention to call him al-jazeera washington let's bring in melanie sloan she's a former federal prosecutor and an attorney with expertise in government ethics joining us live from washington d.c. thanks for speaking to us on al jazeera so what you said is this the election of donald trump galvanized women in a way the nomination of hillary clinton did not what do you put that down to. well i think women felt that hillary clinton was going to win and while there were certainly people who didn't like her i think there were a lot of women who were happy to see potentially the first female president of the
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united states and they never thought it was possible that donald trump given his abuse of women could possibly win elected office and then when he did women realize wow we really have to we have to take action we can't just sit back and expect that other people will vote for us and that is why we saw the women's march we saw millions of women and men who by the way also come out and have been working ever since very hard watching donald trump and his agenda and be. feeling that it's important to move forward and to improve the world do you see this momentum continuing. i do i think that there are so many things that are happening in the trumpet ministration that will further galvanize women one of them of the very troubling things are for example the very few number of women who he's appointing. most of the people he's appointing are white men and i think in ninety one percent of his appointments so far have been white and eighty one percent have been male
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we've also seen the same trend in his appointments to judicial nominations almost all of those people are also white men in the u.s. attorney's offices around the country there are ninety three of them he's only made appointments for forty two but only one of those has been a woman so we have seen this incredibly low number of women put in positions of power and also minorities put in positions of power and i think that too is a galvanizing force for people around the country this is his cabinet and his administration is just not what america looks like today so is there is there a direct link to be made between those appointments that you talk and some of the policies that have been presented on the woman during this first year of his presidency a lot of people saying that the policies on women have in fact been disastrous. they have been unbelievably disastrous we could start for example with the wic program which is aid to women and infant children which has
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a very important anti-poverty program that he has demolished cut back he's cut back on spending at the justice department for the violence against women program cutting back on violence against women which is of course completely ironic given mr trump's own behavior towards women it is that impacted people around the globe there has been far less money given to the u.n. population fund which helps work on birth control across the across the globe he has also instituted reinstituted the global gag rule which means that any organization that even talks about abortion as a family planning option can't get any money even if most of their work is about aids and global hunger so there are all of these very important policy matters that have been hermie women so in addition to the lack of appointments we also see policies that are really anti-woman and i think many many americans are seeing these men are paying attention in a way they never have previously and you just see so much more political engagement now largely because of the election of donald trump and i think that's why you see
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women running for office it's not just that they see that there are not large numbers of women in office they see the kind of policies that are being enacted in they want to protect their families and their daughters and they want to make sure that america in the future never goes back to this kind of thing ok we thank you for speaking to us thank you very much i'm only sloane thank you. now a trip to the shops to buy brand new codes is a must for many of us but if money's tight buying second hand is the way to go the trade in used clothes has grown steadily over the past fifteen years the u.n. estimates the global industry was almost five billion dollars in twenty fifteen an oxfam estimates at least seventy percent of hand me down garments find their way to africa more than one hundred fifty million dollars worth of used clothes and shoes were recently imported into east africa and the talk three exporters a fuse garments are the united states germany and britain while the top importers
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are the united arab emirates pakistan and india well kenyans are big buyers of second hand clothes at bargain prices thousands of tons are imported every year but some have had enough and want to see their own textile industries make it big instead from either miller has more from nairobi across nairobi there are many street markets like this one we shop is rummage through piles of second hand clothes bargaining for a good deal here at tory market for a list and ten years been selling used clothes for two months with prices ranging from as little as a dollar to about five dollars an item she says business is good yeah. we are fond of secondhand clothes new clothes today are sometimes made from cheap material but we rely on second hand clothes because we know it's affordable and the quality is good. government figures show that in twenty fourteen secondhand clothing contributed ninety five million dollars to the kenyan economy that grew to
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one hundred twenty eight million dollars by twenty sixteen oxfam says that in twenty fifteen east africa imported more than one hundred fifty million dollars worth of secondhand clothes and shoes mostly from the u.s. and europe but cheap imported clothing hasn't made it easy for the local textile industry to grow already struggling with poor facilities and a lack of money. they are however a few exceptions one of them is this factory which produces mostly high end clothing owner just wind up bt says this is necessary to ensure his business survives in a market where used clothes are so cheap so we would largely do business where it'd be less and have less impact of secondhand clothes for example the business that we're going to in the region will be corporate uniforms you can expect the police
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uniform to be second and it has to be brand new so we found our own pockets. local industry leaders say well curbing the secondhand clothing market could help the domestic industry grow the local textile industry has to feel skilled workers and it's also impacted by illegal imports from asia and the middle east some say a ban on the secondhand clothing market is not the solution the market driven policies are what a bit or what we would really make a difference for the textile industry is if we actually drove competitiveness competitiveness in the in this area look at if you look at india if you look at china you look at vietnam bangladesh the textile markets a huge. those like to make a living from selling used any sort of ban would mean thousands of people would lose their jobs while others argue that as africa's spending power increases the lure of secondhand clothes will likely decline. al-jazeera nairobi. will
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work or is building the world's largest airline are going to be kept busy for years to come thanks to a vital order from emirates the dubai based airline has ordered twenty eight three eighty s. with the option to buy sixteen more the sixteen billion dollars deal is vital for air bus the european aerospace giant landed its first a three eighty order in three years after warning it may have to shut production lines emirates is already the super jumbos biggest customer with a fleet of one hundred so far a recovery operation has ended for a passenger plane that skidded off the runway and down a cliff face in northern turkey two cranes were used to hoist the pegasus airlines boeing seven three seven off a steep slope overlooking the black sea it had been there since saturday afterward feared off the runway upon landing one hundred sixty eight people on board escaped the incident without any serious injuries the british government has appointed
4:43 pm
a minister for loneliness to tackle the growing problem of social isolation an estimated nine million people suffer from loneliness in the u.k. the new portfolio is meant to advance the work of british politician joe cox who was shot dead by a far right activist two years ago in a country of more than sixty million people and in an age where we can instantly connect with friends relatives and even strangers around the world it may seem counter-intuitive that any of us could find ourselves feeding lonely yet more than nine million of us say that we always. feel lonely. two hundred thousand older people have not had a conversation with a friend or relative more than a month. up to eighty five percent of young adults with disabilities say they feel lonely most days as yourself used to say let me in this doesn't discriminate
4:44 pm
but just as loneliness can affect any of us so any of us can help to tackle it well the joe cox commission report released last month revealed the levels of flow in lena's in british society it found that more than one in ten men say they are lonely but would not admit it to anyone for three point six million people over the age of sixty five will live alone television is their main form of company and fifty eight percent of migrants and refugees in london describe loneliness and isolation as their biggest challenge let's talk to richard grange who's the head of communications at the mental health foundation he's joining us live from london so why is loneliness so prevalent in the u.k. well i think it's not just the u.k. it's actually in many countries around the world but one of the factors is that we're living in much more for men to communities i mean you know if you go in the
4:45 pm
paul families might live in the same village or the same town but now people families can easily be spread around the world and when friends come to them when those communities are broken up that help contribute to feelings of loneliness and how significant is it that the now there is representation for mental health for a loneliness as we're saying the to resume the prime minister has now appointed a minister for loneliness to tackle this problem. i think it's very significant i mean to give you an insight into the impact of loneliness loneliness has been estimated to be as bad for your health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day now and it affects millions and millions of people this is a massive public health problem so it's fantastic that the government have appointed somebody to minister to to take charge of this but at the same time that now in these beef they need now follow through with actions and we need to see some real action both a strategic and actually
4:46 pm
a local level to tackle this and the problem what sort of actions are you talking about here well a strategic level i think it would really help to gather some evidence and to identify people who are most at risk and then to come up with interventions to to to get to those people so that might be in hospital it might be in schools might be in g.p. surgery there's a whole range of locations where we can do this but actually this is this should be across assad's will approach a grassroots level people the local people anybody. can consciously by looking out for the signs of loneliness in other people and if they see it even just going around and offering to chat to someone make a cup of tea those small things can mean an awful lot to people living who are living very isolated lives and what's at stake if this is not tackled in this way. well i think loneliness is connected to everything and it's great that the government grip on a grasp of this i mean loneliness one level. is
4:47 pm
a serious factor in mental health it can contribute to depression it can contribute anxiety and it can contribute to the number of people taking their own lives at another level it's also extremely bad for your health i mean it has impacts for cardiovascular disease people who are lonely tend to drink more they tend to exercise less that they tend to eat more healthfully but then other not the level you can look at the impact on the economy i mean there is research out there suggesting that it costs loneliness cost the u.k. economy up to thirty two billion pounds a year that's a huge amount and it suggests the government and all the other organizations including who are working on this are looking at something which has a very wide impact and they want to do so all right richard grange very interesting thank you for speaking to us on al-jazeera. stories coming up. in sports.
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hello again time for the sports news here as far as jarring thank you so much we start at the australian open where defending champion roger federer is through to the third round in melbourne the swiss had to fight off a late challenge from germany's young straw for the third sat federer eventually coming through the tiebreaker with a six four six four seven six when home they'll play richard again ok. earlier six time champion novak djokovic it survived the scorching heat in
4:50 pm
melbourne to defeat a feast of france with temperatures reaching nearly forty degrees celsius the former world number one came from a set down to beat both feast four six six three six one six three the serb who didn't make a grand slam semifinal last year with albert run in the next. it's a believe the season you knew you kind of worked and trained hard to to be able to sustain this kind of conditions and be tough but i think there is there is there is a limit and it is a level of i guess tolerance between being being fit and being. i think in danger in terms of health. but the number nine seed stam of rank is out he was down by american player ten as a sandra and the world number ninety seven beats the broncos six two six one six four to progress into round three. no problems though for women for
4:51 pm
a number was a big upset in the women's competition as so hell now with reporters. the australian open a suffered its biggest casualty so far wimbledon champion and number three seed just couldn't find a stride taking on the way in game c. i the taiwanese player taking the first viral tie break on the day with twenty one unforced errors on a four hundred loan was. the spaniard who was struggling with a leg injury going into the tournament did show some fight. i. thought she just didn't have enough finished off the set six for this campaign was there something that we have to do better to to be able to. have better way but. for now i will talk with them see what when it's going on but. i found today much
4:52 pm
better so that's a good new and really feel when we can to. see you join a club to just couldn't handle ground and bernard a pair of the united states was content battled saving three much points but went down six four seven five. just. starting to look like the player that won the australian open ten years ago. i. understand. who at flushing meadows knocked out the first ground since returning from a fifteen month drug ban. was to be. sharp overtaking the much and straits that i did my job in two sets against someone
4:53 pm
that's been troubling in the past for me so. i. i think i deserve to smile up next the sharp over is another player going through a resurgence angelica had a miserable twenty seventeen falling out of the top twenty off the top of the rankings by winning the australian and us opens in twenty sixteen this year she looks on stoppable and beat on the linefeed from six zero six four for a tenth win in a row her will be expecting a much tougher test however against sharpe over so well malik al-jazeera. indian cricket captain virat kohli has been named cricketer of the year by the sport's governing body it comes a day after his team's team suffered their first test series defeat under kohli as he lost to south africa and so he was on earth is probably the biggest award we have. doing in getting it back to back makes it more special.
4:54 pm
you know i'm getting it so i'm really want to thank you for recognizing our all the hard work that we all poured in you know for a respect of sides ben stokes's return to international cricket has been thrown into doubt again the england all rounder has been told he needs to appear in court on the same day as he was due to play his comeback match in new zealand stokes is charged with a fray after a fight outside a nightclub in england in september. defending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors beat the chicago bulls one hundred nineteen to one hundred twelve for their fourteenth straight road when over in toronto the raptors beat the detroit pistons to avoid their first three game losing streak of the season kyle lowry scored eighteen points in the game while c.j. miles had twenty one to lead to rondo to a ninety six in ninety one when the raptors have not lost back to back games at home to me and me a year. hockey legend will you know re was honored in boston on wednesday on the sixtieth anniversary of breaking the n.h.l.
4:55 pm
color barrier the former bruins forward who was honored before the game with the first black player in the league's history born in canada the eighty two year old made his n.h.l. debut on january eighteenth one thousand fifty eight and a game against montreal. for your sport for now during back to you thank you very much well one of the world's first dedicated virtual reality art spaces opened in london showcasing a selection of pioneering works a new wave of artists has begun experimenting with the technology that set to revolutionize the way arts produce the view even sold barker reports. it's a gallery space like no other there was no sculptures compass is all photographs just several headsets and a dog spawns lined room the centuries new technologies helped to evolve this is the next level i'm floating in a colossal bright space it feels like i'm in miniature in their joints around me
4:56 pm
there's a huge garden i've now floated into a huge room and what looks like the artist is sitting on a small down below me it all sounds very obvious and wonder why quite simply because it is. the works by american artist rachel ross in the first of several immersive displays all show in this dedicated virtual reality space this isn't just simply about representing the real world in the virtual it's also experiencing the artist's mind frame an emotional state at the time of creation long before the tech was sort of commercially available people were experimenting with developing kits to make games. turning to it as a sort of new medium to explore and as with anything that's kind of early stage it is really interesting to see what the scope of it might be several renowned artists
4:57 pm
are now experimenting with the medium among them celebrated british artist my colleague sure this work threshold is a portal to the past view is a transported back to the eighteenth thirties and an exhibition of early photography virtual realities redefining the traditional gallery and reshaping the artist's studio this is where color shore works serve a computer screen and headset all the tools of the virtual artist there's a lot of all works out there that all or long bronze sculpture marble sculpture is over and i think it's all work should be dealing in these mediums that all the cutting edge off stuff that we're basically assimilating images and videos and pictures representations of the world so it's important to do with a medium the technology is developing fast so i can see it was a mouse that. plan has around.
4:58 pm
market is now establishing ways to buy and sell work securely in the near future it may even be possible to download a virtual home there are seemingly infinite worlds yet to explore leave barca al-jazeera london. back in a moment of warnings that i was there. for centuries in egypt the sort to come on power over the miles given up we aren't harming any of the knowledge base our country they don't need from us that they get their water from rainfall boss upstream this dominance is being challenged by countries who want to greater share i know that some people in asia. on question i guess this circumstances have changed and changed quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. when the news
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breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any part sometimes and the story builds we're not corrupt they just what president say in all countries there is not other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking skiing. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time on al-jazeera. news has never been more available it's
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a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. diplomatic and military tensions on two fronts in syria turkey builds up troops on one stretch of for its border as the u.s. plays down its role in supporting a new force for the roots.


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