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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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counting the cost why the jury's still out on. wall street's delight we delve into china's better than expected growth story and count the cost of negative. counting the cost of this time on al-jazeera. america's controversial president continues to polarize opinions. do solemnly swear marking one year since he was sworn into office al-jazeera brings you a special program about the impact president trump has had at home and around the globe trump's first year on al jazeera. turkey's military begins firing into syria's african region that target kurdish fighters.
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i know i'm marianna mozzie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up is the gulf crisis a pretext to seize cattles wealth that's the claim of a country royal who was seen as a saudi ally. the time is running out in the u.s. as the government towards a shutdown of a key funding. and the giant light festival helping london as the wind to pollute. a low out top story turkey has fired artillery into a kurdish controlled on klav in northwest syria a cross border bombardment of a freend cons of the days of threats by present. against the syrian kurdish fighters known as the white peachy anchor of fears the establishment of a kurdish card or along its border and has been deploying troops and tanks that in
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preparation for a ground assault al-jazeera stephanie dark as more from antakya. the situation around the freeing is heating up there is been an increase in shelling from turkey into africa and also hearing reports that around fifteen thousand free syrian army fighters these are the rebels inside syria supported by turkey are mobilizing towards the east of affluence and this is all in line with the political rhetoric that's been coming out of anger over the last week or so the last voice added to that the defense ministry on friday saying that the operation would happen that there should be no delay and that turkey had no choice but to rid of what they call terrorists along this border all of this very significant player is russia and this is why we've seen the chief of staff and also the turkish head of intelligence in moscow on thursday also told continuing on friday to try and see whether russia
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gives the green light why is that will russia controls the airspace over a free and also has troops on the ground in that area it's all about politics it's incredibly complicated and you're seeing different players now carving up trying to carve up different areas of syria expanding their spheres of influence it is a very very complicated situation we have talks coming up in vienna and in sochi and certainly it doesn't look like anyone can seem to agree on anything at the moment a spokesman for u.n. secretary general antonio terra says there has been no increase in military activity in the region we've seen the reports of shelling in africa and we reiterate our call on all concerned parties to avoid further escalation in any acts that could deepen the suffering of the syrian people all parties must ensure protection of civilians at all times under any circumstances. well in all the developments the lebanese army says that it has found the bodies of nine syrian
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refugees who froze to death trying to cross the border into lebanon they were found by army officers after a snowstorm near the mountainous area of the border crossing six others were saved but one later died in hospital patrols are still looking for other refugees course in the snowstorm and arrested two syrians on smuggling charges. well nearly a million syrian refugees who managed to make it into lebanon a suffering through a base whole winter in flimsy tents that flood easily and with no protection from the freezing temperatures the u.n.h.c.r. says it's received less than sixty percent of the funding it needs to help the refugees get through the winter and they're desperate for donations zain holder has more from the bekaa valley in lebanon. heavy winds snow lower temperatures lebanon is being hit by a storm making the lives of the nearly one million syrian refugees even more miserable. they face many challenges during the winter months among them the lack
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of proper shelter they live in tents that are made from plastic sheeting which does little to protect from the cold and the rain on monday martin and we couldn't sleep all night the tent was flooded we stayed up and moved all our belongings outside the conditions of our tents a bad. it's the shepley family's seven's winter and displacement since fleeing the conflict in neighboring syria in winter the refugees require more help they need fuel for heating thermal blankets and warm clothes. with nothing in the hygiene and we are dead we are living in misery we have nothing but pain sickness and suffering we are deprived of everything a kid. families like the abdullah how much can't survive without assistance the father is half blind the youngest child sabrine is mentally challenged the eldest has a heart disease and their mother suffers from asthma and eczema. us in my junior year
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i need medicine and i need help we all cannot work we don't have water and fuel to keep warm we are living only by god's mercy i may be kicked out of ten soon because they didn't pay the rent for a long time. the united nations does provide some assistance but a shortfall in funding means not everyone is reached. united nations doesn't just help the more than five million syrian refugees in neighboring countries it says that thirteen million people need help in syria six million of them are internally displaced and the displacement continues in recent weeks more than two hundred thousand people were forced to leave their homes the war is not over. it may be a while before these refugees can go home the lebanese government doesn't want them to stay that is why it has prevented the united nations from building permanent camps it also doesn't allow any concrete construction but this may not be their last harsh winter in exile. because valley lebannon.
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a country royal who was formerly a close ally of saudi arabia says the gulf diplomatic crisis has been manufactured in an explosive audio recording obtained by al-jazeera abella ben ali a funny can be heard accusing both saudi arabia and the u.a.e. of fabricating the rift with cats as a way to seize that neighbor's wealth he also says he was under so much pressure from the two countries that he wanted to end his life. as more. the man saudi arabia and the u.a.e. were presenting as an alternative to leadership stepped up his attacks on the blockade in countries in a new audiotape shake of the lebanon early earth any a member of. the family says the gulf's biggest diplomatic where it was triggered
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by saudi and emira to crown prince's whom he accuses of plotting to take the towers wealth by force. as. well. in the old you're recording the shape says he was under so much pressure from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. that he considered taking his own life he also appeared in a video posted online on sunday where he says he was detained against his will in the u.a.e. a claim which the night but two days later. he left the u.a.e.
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this is the only picture taken of him when he arrived in kuwait his family said his health deteriorated during his alleged detention in the u.a.e. he was told that he can leave the saudi arabia but not to. the end of the day he was allowed. to leave. and he has two daughters with him and it was about twelve o'clock at night that. they told him that they have to go to the airport and then the information changed that they are not allowed to go to the u.k. the u.k. refuses and that is false. and that your daughter's can live and you must. stay in the. the little known she became a central figure during the gulf cooperation council or g.c.c. crisis when he was first received by king solomon but of that aziz of saudi arabia media affiliated with saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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portrayed him as the had of the opposition to the qatari government but soon the shade was nowhere to be seen except for tweets attributed to him the recent statements of the show shed more light on the g.c.c. crisis that started in june when saadi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt cut off diplomatic ties and imposed a sea land and embargo on qatar the post from share how the lebanon early support qatar stands for the west is public ated and politically motivated has zero politicians in the us are trying to prevent a possible government shutdown on the anniversary of donald trump's first year in office if the funding law is not passed key agencies begin shutting down at midnight local time on friday democrats say they will not support a funding bill unless there are guarantees that the children of my want to enter the u.s. illegally will be protected can we help get reports from washington d.c.
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. carlos rowell was brought to the united states from venezuela illegally by his parents at the age of two his university educated and now lives in chicago but is spending his vacation in washington to plead his case before lawmakers now we're all here to support. check in with you about your support for the dream role and needs congressional support to pass a law so he can stay in the united states legally under a program called daca i don't think it's fair that they're playing politics with our lives i mean that's really problematic and the fact that you know we are you know we are real people we are support you know we are contributors economy like my employers you know our employers are concerned about the political what's politically at stake duckery cyprian's like roa have become central in the debate over funding that could shut down the u.s. government at midnight friday within required twenty eighteen government funding
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legislation democrats are demanding protections for dr recipients they also want money for health insurance for low income children republicans are demanding money for president trump's border wall along the southern border with mexico to stop illegal immigration they also want funding to rebuild the u.s. military. is one hundred seven the most on thursday lawmakers in the u.s. house of representatives passed a short term funding bill to keep the government open but without protections for daca recipients but senate democrats say they won't pass any government funding legislation without those immigration protections included the white house is blaming them for a potential shutdown the president stands ready to sign that bill to keep the government functioning and afloat if peers unfortunately the senate democrats are entrenched in force in a shutdown. still this week there have been ongoing protests. syn congress
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in support of illegal immigrants without status some of those protesters were even arrested the last time there was a government shutdown was nearly five years ago and it could happen again if democrats and republicans are able to overcome their differences the president was scheduled to travel to his home in florida to mark his first year in office that's now on hold as long as the future of u.s. government funding is uncertain probably not the way he expected to mark this anniversary kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington so ahead for you on the program a change of headgear for pope francis on his arrival in the city seen as the gateway to the caribbean amazon. and the u.n. warns hundreds of thousands of south sudanese children may starve to death unless emergency action is taken to boost food security.
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the storm has gone i don't blurt out completely it's been a windy last few hours in belarus and the baltic states need still see the curl of cloud that's indeed where it is the cold front that emanated from it is just lead to yet more snow in the alps and it's position we find ourselves in on saturday snow on the outs in the tirol and more coming through on the next system running through eastern from such a telling off or on the way down the western side of the french alps this rain behind that and a fair all breeze still whipping up the seas in northern spain everywhere to the east it's certainly cooler and significant snow will fall overnight in hungary and there's more to come the next system coming through so sunday looks a particularly wintry scene here the winds fairly stiff once again but with temps
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up in double figures for london paris is come sunday with rain and yet more snow ahead of it so this is all happening over the land mass of europe it's been rather quiet here really over the water the mediterranean but the still a potential for some rain in western libya although saturday sixteen degrees in tunis is a result the opposite breeze means it's much warmer further research g twenty in cairo on the skies the last be clear in turkey is the breeze picks up and the southerly here so also should be dry in tunisia on sunday. no peace you. going to keep your parenting good quality mom i soon in afghanistan with some taliban fighters a new call to arms for taliban leaders a threat to their authority able to see who also children and sleep on sunday in the long haul islam the only love me. unprecedented access i still
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am the taliban at this time on al-jazeera. combined with al jazeera let's update you on the stories making headlines turkey has fired odd hillary across the border into the kurdish controlled on the eve of a freend in northwest syria. a country royal who was formerly a close ally of saudi arabia says the gulf diplomatic crisis of it has been manufactured in an already a recording obtained by al-jazeera. politicians in the u.s. trying to prevent a possible government shutdown on the anniversary of donald trump's first year in
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office. when all the news the u.s. says it will withhold another payment to the u.s. relief agency for palestinian refugees the forty five million dollars was promised last month for food aid it comes off the back of cheese day's announcement that washington was going to withhold more than half of a one hundred twenty five million dollars a package as anderson has reports from the occupied west bank it's another blow to people already struggling to survive. it's not the most needy case but use of sharia speaks for millions when he questions why palestinian refugees should face more hardship because of politics his family's forty three dollars a month food allowance has already been lost in general cuts he worries about his children's education because some teachers are now having to be laid off in schools and he's unemployed because his place on the agency's jobs program has ended and
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won't be renewed you have an ideal if we hadn't been kicked out of our homes in the first place there wouldn't have been a need for u.n. agency to give a services they're not doing us any favors we lost our land and everything it would be under if there were no palestinian refugees it covers every aspect of life refugees in need yet it's already facing a deficit estimated to be between one hundred twenty and one hundred seventy million dollars the palestinian authority says donald trump is trying to pressurize it by hurting those most in need. this u.n. agency with its role in helping deprived and vulnerable people is nothing to do with any attempt to get talks going again between the israelis and the palestinians yet it says the u.s. action is making its situation almost impossible some predicting the possibility of actually collapsing this is not out of charity from the e.u. us or any other not all of this aid is borne these funds are borne from
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a responsibility that the united nations and the international community as a whole has took up on itself following the adoption of a solution one eight one which resulted in the ethnic cleansing off more than half of the palestinian population lived in historical palestine only three days before this decision to hold back forty five million dollars towards an emergency food aid program the u.s. withdrew sixty five million dollars from the agency's general funding the state department says the latest action relates to a pledge it had withdrawn it's not a cut and so it could be reversed at some point those words are lost on this family in poverty and struggling to make ends meet. andrew simmons al-jazeera jenna's own refugee camp in the occupied west bank. well now to peru where pope francis is
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visiting communities affected by illegal gold mining in the amazon the leader of the catholic church is in the city of porto maldonado in the southeast of the country where he's been greeted by indigenous leaders the eighty one year old is going to make a speech later on friday on the importance of protecting the environment. joins us now from lima and we know the pope is a real champion of the environment what did he tell native communities in his visit to madrid to deal. well mariam it was a very political speech the pope but really attacking it companies saying the large interests as he said it want to put their hands on on gas and petroleum and lumber and legal mining at the pope said this has an effect on the communities because people are losing their lands and he said he told them that the fans of the earth is ultimately the defense of life he also said that climate change of course
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is threatening the lives of the people there and he said that illegal mining which is what the issue of the most devastating this area in the amazon in that region of the amazon is putting people's lives in danger but not only the environment but also it's causing a lot of human trafficking there's a lot of prostitution there and the pope said it causes human trafficking sex abuse and slave labor he told the native communities that they are the poorest or the most vulnerable among the fall nable indeed these communities are among the poorest people of peru and so the pope told them that they have to preserve their culture of the culture of protecting nature because that is ultimately going to help protect the environment as we know the pope. is indeed a champion of the environment he has it published two years ago and in cyclical
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letter is where he says that the environment is very important for and for the life of the planet and now there have been demonstrations taking place in chile has that controversy followed him to peru what what what has been the general reaction. yes there have been some protests here in peru not just many us in chile because the government here has banned the protests there's been one person arrested today and we've seen some protests here but we've seen the reaction more in the social media because we improve the result to a case very important case of abuse if from. religious community. if the creator of this community called the so at least him and he is living in the vatican if sorry he's living in rome protected by the
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vatican and just a week before the pope began his street trip to latin america the pope said that the solution was going to be intervened however the vatican has told if you've got enough to come back to plead who and so prosecutors here say that they hope that to the pope will is the pope and the vatican will move for his extradition but also there's been a lot of reaction here to the last words the pope had in chile live before leaving chile yesterday when he sided with the bishop in one battle scene that's all of the allegations that he picked at the protect that priest had to leave is known to have been abused many children are false he called the slander from the victims and so he has caused a lot of outrage among the victims one of the victims of this is said something like this he said as if i could have taken a selfie or a whole toll when
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a priest was abusing us and one barrel's was standing by watching some very strong reaction to what the pope said the people is saying the pope's pity for forgiveness is empty. leave the emotions running very high thank you very much a man of sanchez with the latest from lima. now more than thirty two years ago thousands of people lost their homes off to a massive earthquake in mexico city today hundreds still living in temporary camps and others have only recently been reales department ones but in september last year the list of those looking for a home group even longer when another big quake struck david most reports from mexico city. jeannette morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack officials said it was
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a temporary solution but thirty two years later jeanette is still here. back then if someone had told me that one day i'd have my own children and grandchildren but still be living here i wouldn't have believed it the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us. around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp camp president alfredo vegas tries to keep pressuring city officials to deliver on their promises. but if the government would have told us they weren't going to give us apartments we would look for alternatives whatever you have. here's our agreement there we're going to deliver so this dream with her. this past september another powerful earthquake rocked mexico city hundreds of people died and once again thousands were left homeless. pets are playable as apartment building collapsed now she lives in this makeshift camp in a city park petra can't afford local rents so for now the sixty four year old
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sleeps in this tent. you have to be here in the camp all the time and put pressure on the government we don't want to be left here on the street for too long because we're senior citizens and we're vulnerable some of those displaced will benefit from government programs to cover short term rent payments and provide credits for housing loans but as winter temperatures drop others fear they'll be left out in the cold politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail. david mercer al-jazeera in mexico city. germany's chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic the social democrats will give the go ahead for coalition talks to take place she was speaking on a trip to paris for talks with france's president emmanuel macron she's been unable
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to form a new coalition since germany's election back in september. i understand why especially in france people are waiting for us to form a new government in the negotiations we have put europe high on the agenda to make clear once again the specially in terms of being able to take action in europe it is very important for germany to have a stable government. hundreds of thousands of children in south sudan may die if emergency action isn't taken to boost food security that's according to the new executive director of the un's children's agency unicef who is visiting the country millions have been displaced by fighting between forces loyal to president salva kiir and followers of his former deputy riyadh machar a ceasefire was agreed last month but it's been violated repeatedly. london's bleak winter is getting a bright make over landmarks in the city have been adorned with lights and
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installations as part of the four day dimia festival works of dozens of partition international artists as well are also being put on display in some of the capitals best known buildings charlie angelo reports. a tunnel of triangles lighting up london's dark winter nights. a line of. weaving through the streets this is london's lumiere festival a chance to see the city in a different light for four nights only with the capital as their canvas some of the fifty artists have transformed it by conic buildings with large scale projections westminster abbey with its martyrs painted in glorious technicolor that the original architects could only have dreamed of audiences have to wrap up warm but organizers say it's a chance to change into something other than a screen i'll check the company that i run that produced the event it's really dedicated to creating moments in people's lives that are away from screens you know
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whether that's a phone or tablet or a computer or tele you read all of those things you can be anywhere you can meet anyone you like but actually it's all not real the free festival hopes to more than a million visitors at a time of year when most stay at home some of the works into active and addictive like this sculpture called control no troll. the more playful ones like impulse adults a chance to play in a public street like children once did less to square is overrun with nocturnal animals a reminder that we share the city with others that we don't always see we tend to be very self centered and actually we're part of a much broader picture and everything is connected artists and scientists collaborated for this piece cosmos scope a chance for viewers to contemplate our universe to try to be quite
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a kind of holistic total statement about the history of our understanding of the cosmos and the cosmos itself and our place importantly within it and what it means to think about the universe in terms of one's own individual existence some of the pieces do pose a question like this one water by a dutch artist the idea is that we are underwater after the effects of choir. change and rising sea levels have taken their toll and it is eerily surreal to immerse yourself even further you can take out your phone download the soundtrack the goes with it and plug in your headphones. illuminating spaces that people would normally pass by without a thought do me a is a rare chance to see london in a new light charlie rangel al jazeera. let's update you on our top stories now turkey has fired artillery into
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a kurdish controlled on plave in northwest syria the cross border bombardment of a freend comes after days of threats by the president russia type one against the syrian kodesh fighters known as the y p g and the establishment of a kurdish card or along its border stephanie decker has more from antakya the situation around the city is heating up there is been an increase in shelling from turkey into africa and also hearing reports that around fifteen thousand free syrian army fighters these are the rebels inside syria supported by turkey are mobilizing towards the east of affluent and this is all in line with the political rhetoric that's been coming out of anger over the last week or so and all the headlines a country royal who was formerly a close ally of saudi arabia says the gulf diplomatic crisis has been manufactured in order according obtained by al jazeera chef abdullah bin ali a funny can be accusing both saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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of fabricating the riff with cast or is a way to seize their neighbor's wealth politicians in the us are trying to prevent a possible government shutdown on the anniversary of donald trump's first year in office if a funding law isn't passed key agencies begin shutting down at midnight local time . the u.s. says it will withhold another payment to the u.s. relief agency for palestinian refugees forty five million dollars was promised last month for food aid on tuesday washington announced it was going to withhold more than half of a one hundred twenty five million dollars aid package pope francis is visiting communities in peru affected by illegal gold mining in the amazon leader of the catholic church is in the city of porto the nodder in the southeast of the country where he's been greeted by indigenous leaders and germany's chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic that the social democrats will give the go
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ahead for coalition talks to take place she was speaking on a trip to paris for talks with france's president emmanuel back on next stop episode three of super thursday revisits i-t. students from one of india's poorest areas ten years on.


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