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reduces stress hormones and relaxes us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest in the state of medicine now he's here in the. dark to keep thinking good kind of mind i still in afghanistan for some taliban fighters a new call to arms for taliban leaders a threat to their authority they just see the loss of children as they call for that in the south and all the islam there were only love me but i have unprecedented access i still and the taliban at this time on al-jazeera. security forces a baton gunman at a major hotel in the afghan capital reports of multiple people killed or wounded.
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all of them to the macdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up turkey launches an air and ground offensive on kurdish positions in syria as a free. u.s. politicians get back to work trying to break the deadlock but shop time government on the first anniversary of donald trump's presidency. the sanctuary in northern kenya that's helping the community as well as vulnerable elephants. a major hotel in the afghan capital kabul is under attack by gunmen local media are reporting that at least fifteen people have been killed or wounded government spokesman says special forces are at the intercontinental hotel back the attack as the hotel which is on top of a hill overlooking kabul is usually heavily guarded because it's popularity with foreigners and then the calls let's go live now to jennifer classes in kabul
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jennifer do we have many more details right now. we don't really the siege has gone on for more than five hours now you know just in the last couple of hours that afghan officials and security forces cut off power to the hotel four gunmen we're told by the interior ministry were attacked the hotel at least two of those gunmen are now dead security forces in the hotel trying to track down the last two gunmen reports really terrible reports people inside the hotel calling outside for help calling for security forces to come in and rescue them reports of the gunmen were going room to room in that hotel it was a busy saturday night about nine pm here on a saturday night when this siege began when those gunmen got into this hotel as you said on a hillside it is a heavily fortified hotel it has been attacked before in two thousand and eleven then nine gunmen attacked the hotel and twenty one people including those attackers
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were killed in that siege we have no idea on the number of casualties now but we do know that the hotel was very very busy including a wedding party going on and a number of delegates to a conference that was supposed to be held tomorrow in that hotel it's a very large hotel one of the two major hotels here in the in kabul and because it is such a target because it is considered a safe place to hold weddings to hold conference's it is an attractive place for foreigners and prominent afghans to gather so we're going to have to wait and see after this is all over what the casualty count is the afghan security forces do say that a number of guests and staff have been safely evacuated we don't know exactly how many people are in the hotel and i don't think we're going to get in a sense of the number of casualties probably until tomorrow morning and jennifer just to give our viewers if you will the broader context of security and what it's
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like for people living in kabul. well the attack on this hotel shows how unpredictable the security situation here is in afghanistan and here in kabul just in the last month or so there have been several attacks here in the afghan capital on a cultural center on. gatherings of people claimed in some cases by day sure the so-called islamic states the taliban of course have carried out a number of attacks in this city as well security has been tight here in the afghan capital as the afghan government backed by nato and u.s. forces has ramped up its fight against the taliban in recent months and that has made pressure on them on the government even more even more intense but the fact that the this hotel could be attacked is certainly going to be highly scrutinized the security there are very tight considered one of the safe havens in kabul it is
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on a hillside accessible only by one street heavily guarded there are a number of checkpoints you have to get through and a number of security. places you have to get through x. rays and searches and such just to get inside the hotel so that the fact that this is very very heavily guarded hotel could come under siege and that it's gone on for so long i think is going to put even more pressure on the afghan government jennifer glass there live from kabul jennifer thank you. earlier i spoke with he's an associate professor at university center of conflict security and terrorism based here in the u.k. he believes the decision to target the conic intercontinental hotel was a deliberate one. what we're seeing is obviously an attack which is designed to send a message to the international community that's why they've chosen one of the most iconic public buildings in the city the hotel that has been
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attacked before in two thousand and eleven and this attack has come days after warning pacific warning about attacks against the hotels in the kabul so what we have is a very powerful message being sent out that the government cannot maintain and guarantee security and whoever this group is whether they're. taliban inspired or whether they're die shreyas inspired or just getting that message out so that one of the areas questions that we're looking at is whether these attackers had some inside help it might be easy for one or two to sneak in but it was a large number there appears to be and their weapons are almost certainly. they might have been some form of insider help. turkey says it's now launched its offensive on the kurdish held on a frame in northern syria after days of shelling turkish jets have carried out air strikes on the border district and they're targeting the kurdish why p.j.
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turkey's president says the next target will be the syrian town of if you give us back kurdish that force captured from i saw in twenty sixteen stephanie decker has more now from the turkey syria border. shortly before sunset on saturday turkey launched its air campaign on. turkish officials had said that the. president. spoke just a few hours before the jets to call them a cult then they're going to go to. this corridor or step by step of the way this. has defectors started in the field this will be followed by bad since the promises . kept so far nobody can say with. throughout the morning along turkey's western border with the turkish army had brought in bulldozers gravel and concrete blocks appearing to build up their defenses along the border with syria. tank shelled specific
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locations on the mountain hours later this mountain would be targeted by airstrikes the army made us move from this position a few hours before the campaign officially began this is just one of the locations that the turkish army is shelling out free in is pretty much surrounded turkey to its west and north and there's also been a build up inside syria by free syrian army fighters to the east about three now those are the rebels that turkey supports. turkey and reinforce the f.s.a. with thousands more men over the last few days these buses drove the fighters across the border into syria they will be part of a ground offensive against the y.p. ji the kurdish group turkey considers to be a terrorist organization it is also however the group the americans consider their best ally in fighting eisel the international dimensions are vast russia and now wants to pulled out a few hundred military personnel it had enough reason shortly after the campaign started and russia controls this airspace meaning turkey could not be flying their
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planes without russia's consent turkey says it is only targeting what it calls terrorists but there are already reports coming out of africa in that civilians have been affected it seems a serious seven year war is entering yet another phase stephanie decker of turkey syria border. meanwhile syrian state television says government forces have taken control of a rebel held air base in northwest syria who base an adlib province was captured by rebels in twenty fifteen the offensive as part of the government's ongoing efforts to regain control of the area. probably brandis himself the art of the deal president but don't trump was unable to strike a deal with congress to prevent a government shutdown on the first anniversary of his and all the reagan republicans and democrats and are trying to negotiate
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a deal before monday the government officially shutdown at midnight in washington d.c. after the senate failed to pass a stopgap funding bill on friday from the help it has the latest a frustrated white house marking one year in office not with the celebration but instead with government confusion at a hastily called press briefings republican white house officials accuse their democratic rivals in congress fusing to agree to a short term deal to dock on the government's we've now agreed to reduce that to three weeks we think that that is a concession are part of social media president trub posted multiple tweets pointing at democrats holding our military hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration this is the one year anniversary of my presidency and the democrats wanted to give me a nice present play just listening to the american people the last government
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shutdown nearly five years ago lasted sixteen days this time draw makers in the u.s. congress returns to work on saturday richard cole passing legislation to fund the government before federal workers are scheduled chat monday morning but it's next to impossible to strike a deal with the president because he can't stick to the terms so here we are on the first anniversary of the president's inauguration mired in the trump shop there. the white house says there will be no discussion on immigration a till the government is reopened democrats says there will be no funding deal unless protections for more than three million people brought you legally to the united states just children are passed. outside the white house on the lawn of the national mall and dozens of cities across the united states including new
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york and los angeles mostly democratic supporters attending a planned women's march protested the republicans down but the standoff is a political gamble for both parties polls show a majority of americans support democratic efforts to reform immigration but a majority also believe it should not mean a shutdown in the end what ever deal is struck this is not how donald trump planned to mark his first year as president kimberly healthy at al-jazeera washington well earlier i spoke to political historian james de boyce and he said the republicans will have a difficult time trying to deal with the fallout of this shutdown well the challenge of course is this is the first time there's ever been a government shutdown when one party has controlled all three levers of government the presidency the white house the presidency that the house of representatives and the senate usually there's been one party controlling one and one party the other
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so really it's going to be difficult for the republican party to try to cast off responsibility for this they're trying very hard calling it the schumer shutdown but of course that's becomes problematic yes you need to get sixty votes to basically clear a budget in the senate but quite frankly the republicans haven't even to get all of their own party to vote for this so when you have donor trump as a private citizen as a candidate saying that in the event of a shutdown the president is always responsible difficult to try and get him away from his own words which time and again coming back to down him. still to come on the program by donald trump's immigration policy center biting america one year into his presidency. we look at the growing divide between the rich and poor which spot iran is a dead pig protests. how
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it is still hot in some places mid summer in australia but actually city centers on that budget come just to the west side the suburbs in sydney for example and the heat and the dry weather has exacerbated the fire risk and we do have as you can see forest fires they're being treated but they're there all the same they do represent that forty degrees it's been hit on the western side of sydney no city itself the most far is near the thirty mark the real heat's just a little bit inland certainly is in new south wales and victoria but not as far side as melbourne studies free just about catches some water now life springs represents where the real heat is that the top end looks like could see some pretty heavy rain once again maybe even a formed circulation around the gulf but i'm not convinced we'll watch it we've seen a good streak of north sas clad for the last week or so she's caught the far north
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of the north on new zealand brought some right to bring some more rain in as also a law that takes you up through vanuatu it's ok if you're to the east tonga for example and to the west just about but the rain itself is creeping into was all cleaned twenty six degrees you have but you may end up with a wet twenty six degrees. when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to post a vision it's not a sixties instead of being an obstacle to do the job we used it to became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera.
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they remind our top stories here on al-jazeera afghan special forces a fighting gunmen have attacked a major hotel in central kabul interior ministry says three or four attackers are insight into continental town. turkey started its offensive on kurdish positions and serious region it says man bitch. yes government is shut down after the senate fails to pass a funding bill blames the democrats. now women's marches are taking place across the u.s. on the anniversary of president donald trump's first year in office this one's taking place in washington d.c. power to the polls is being hailed as the beginning of a new era in female political activism organizers hopes after days rallies will encourage more women to vote and to one for office november's mid-term elections
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sunday marks one year since the historic first women's march which saw nearly five million people take to the streets in protest against a chump's policies. protests have also been rallying in los angeles demonstrators say trump's policies including rolling back family planning services and equal pay protections have spurred them into action. i'm here because i'm raising two boys and i want them to be feminine and i want them to understand that this is important and it's worth standing up and saying something and speaking up when it's right well rose jordan sent us this update from washington d.c. participants in the women's march in washington d.c. started their day near the lincoln memorial to basically shore each other up as they try to push for more political activity in two thousand and eighteen namely by running for office now the several thousand demonstrators have moved to here just
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outside the white house where they're hoping that the u.s. president donald trump hears them most of them are very much opposed to tromso leadership in the years since he's taken office they don't like his policies on health care they don't like his policies against women they don't like his policies on immigrants and people of color there's calling for a more progressive form of politics both nationally and in their local communities and they say that it's high time that donald trump and us republicans are pushed aside so that policies that are more family friendly that respect women and that respect the diversity of the united states actually can be put into place they're also calling for what they call economic justice as well as protection of the environment but there's one thing that unifies everyone who has come out on this mid-winter day in washington it's this they don't like the president. immigration is dominated president tom's first year in power divisive policies for at the heart
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of his campaign and have continued to polarize the country well into his presidency of democrats and republicans of trying to find some compromise over issues like border security and the future of young people into the country illegally a general that remains john home and has more now from tijuana in mexico. ah you ready. it was always going to be an ambitious promise we will build a great was such. a build the first anniversary of donald trump's presidency so far this is all there is prototypes on the mexico u.s. border but while his signature plate has been held up the president of the migration promises are bearing fruit. like a ban on travelers from several muslim majority countries and the revoking of temporary emergency visas for hundreds of thousands of haitians you could argue ins
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and salvadorans that had been continually renewed under previous administrations to his supporters it's all about protecting u.s. jobs and secure it's his i love him i think is doing the right things that we have americans on welfare because we have illegals here taking their jobs we have lower wages because we have a legal work in there drop us has been increasing border security and deputations few years but trumps opponents say his rhetoric and policies are much too far it's been cost as a fight for america's soul caught in the middle of those like ana from el salvador she has had job and family stateside but when the temporary visa program ends in september two thousand and nineteen she faces deportation to one of the world's most violent countries what it is all if i go back i'm frightened for my life because they'll think i have money and kidnap my children or grandchildren that's why i ask that god and your thirty's take into account
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a situation and the threat of eviction also hangs over the dreamers seven hundred thousand young people stateside illegally as children president trump says they have his sympathy he's pushing for any deal for their future to include funding for more security especially his signature project. politically. shouldn't trump feels he needs the will to satisfy his base but with a third of the border already covered by a fence the actual usefulness of a structure that's going to cost at least twenty one billion dollars has been questioned where it is sort of a waste of money and a waste of everyone's time is to build a wall or thousands in the middle of the desert where you know all the wall really ultimately does to a determined border crosser is slow them down for a few minutes. but the wool as with the rest of the migration issue has become too important for either side to give way and the fire has already spilled into the president's second year john homan how does it to one young to government
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demonstrations in iran expose the growing divide between rich and poor and i while one or two percent of the population enjoys a luxurious lifestyle millions of iranians are struggling to make ends meet in twenty seventeen iran's government sent the poverty line at about four hundred eighty dollars a month perhaps all thirty three percent of the population lives below bottom line and that's more than twenty four million people but it's also a struggle for many living above the line the median income for an average household is about eight hundred eighty five dollars just two dollars more than the minimum they need to get by sewing unemployment and inflation many iranians are for straight at that despite the lifting of economic sanctions two years ago the promised economic boom hasn't happened so investor obvious will to some of terrans most fun mobile people.
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buzzard met her so for a says the hardest part of his job is getting people interested in classical music . it makes it more difficult to find work we have fewer fans so naturally we have fewer opportunities to perform and. still support a says he loves his work and does not need the money i've come to so i want to run the us the streets are not about his to perform the taste we're going to change the way people feel for a second a minute or an artist and he gets back a lot of positive energy from the street. but not everyone on the streets is there by choice say the makes about five dollars a day selling flowers fifteen when business is good with eight mouths to feed he says it's better than nothing bitches she i have a diploma but i don't have a job my cousin has a master's degree and he doesn't have a job either the situation in the country is bad officials to do something to give lots of promises and we vote for them and then they take office and forget us say
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the once the same as millions of iranians a house he can afford a steady job and cheaper prices for everyday goods but he's not hopeful that things will get better any time soon big cities like to run are experiencing a real estate boom luxury buildings and luxury brands are popping up on almost every major street but the very urban development that is bringing the rich and poor closer together is the same thing that is pushing them apart more stuff to you . for the last fifty years the status of a people's financial situation has been getting better what is harmful is a gap that's being created between poor and rich people and that self-awareness that is being created in the middle class of this is saudi is more dangerous and poverty itself we don't have people who are deeply paul like other countries but the gap between the poor and rich people makes the feeling of being held back more extreme. it's the kind of discontent that helped fuel anti-government protests last
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month and could be the impetus for more unrest in the future. of this from the north of the country he came to run to make enough money to send home to his wife sister and mother he doesn't like what he does and makes at most only ten dollars a day doing. was given when i was going to don't do that what should i say i haven't seen my family in a month i haven't paid my rent. bill i'm not able to earn enough money businesses so people don't pay. me. but many iranians know. about a man who was tired desperate and prayed for help. as in basra veiled zero to one. indonesia is the prime military paramedics to carry food and vaccines to a remote eastern region where at least sixty one inference of died in the past four months poor provinces suffering from
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a chronic lack of health care steadfast in reports from a hospital in the sound of baguettes. here the extent of the health crisis in pop while becomes painfully clear undernourished and very seriously ill children are still being rushed to this hospital and this is the only hospital for around one hundred thousand people here in the us my district and conditions are very very basic maria has just traveled for around five hours by speedboat to bring her little daughter supra she says she's one years old and look she's extremely undernourished not only undernourished because of the lack of food for the us my people to contact with the outside world are repartee losing their traditions and also their knowledge on how to give nutrition to their children the indonesian government is poor money into this region but many building infrastructure and living conditions the basic health conditions of these people are seriously deteriorating peace in thailand of arrested in the tourist wildlife trafficker
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bunch i botch it was arrested for smuggling right horns worth over a million dollars in the northeastern border province of not go unpunished back allegedly ran a large trafficking network which fuel much of these as illegal trade for more than a decade could face up to four years in prison to thirteen hundred dollars. that's northern kenya where a conservation project has found a sap a way to help protect the young and vulnerable elephants there are tetchy century in some book county is entirely on by the local community so they'll still benefit from the money and jobs that it generates but me to my left has more now from some country. this two month old cough is like any other baby she demands constant attention but a few weeks ago it was a neuro almost drowned in a flooded river in northern kenya she's now at this elephant sanctuary where russian linen yakka is helping to settle her after the rescue all of the cars here
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have either been abandoned or lost their mothers to draw out poaching but unlike any other sanctuary this one is entirely community owned. in any case is from the some blue tribe their nomadic herders who rely on goats sheep and camels to help provide a livelihood before. they call minute to describe do they do dislike. but for now they come to. our kids who are some benefits or benefits linea k. goes on to say that what kept a century means a better life for many here and so his community appreciates the animals more. money from tourists who visit the sanctuary also helps to provide local villages with much needed water health care roads and financial assistance for students the sanctuary is run by a board of trustees made up of elders who employ local people to work there in
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a new cases these days people from surrounding villages are increasingly helping with conservation efforts community members are often the ones tipping off the sentry when there's an animal in need. off to a coffee is rescued it's a four to the century and kept separate from the other coughs for five days once the keepers know the new elephant is healthy it's introduced to the nursery and its temporary family the sanctuary falls under the number conservancy which is home to about fifty thousand people the same brew of always lived with. life and although the population has grown and the number of livestock or the amount of livestock in this well is grown they still are happy to co-exist with what life because they're not natural hunters on the north porches and so they feel like it's their. it is their role to take care of the environment here. it's
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estimated that between five and ten eleven calls a risk due to newton each year while the return century is just over a year old keepers here say the conservation work will leave a lasting impression from al-jazeera some blue county you can find out much more about the stories we're following at al-jazeera dot com. all my different name headlines a major hotel in the afghan capital kabul is under attack by gunmen special forces are on the scene at the intercontinental hotel battling attackers the hotel which is on top of a hill overlooking kabul usually heavily guarded because of its popularity with foreigners and prominent afghans turkey has launched its offensive on the kurdish held on clay of afrin in northern syria turkish jet said carried out air
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strikes on the border district targeting the kurdish y.p. g. comes after days of shelling on curfews the establishment of a kurdish corridor along its border with syria has warned against the operation and said it will shut down turkish planes. well steph ticker has more now from the turkey syria border turkey launched its air campaign shortly before sunset and this follows a week of increasingly strong political rhetoric coming from the president from the prime minister from the foreign minister from the minister of defense saying that ankara was going to lose its attack on our freedom that it had every right to do so to clear his border from what it calls terrorists where there's now been heavy bombardment from the sky there's also been the mobilization of thousands of members of the free syrian army this is the group that turkey supports in side syria and the attack certainly seems well underway the y.p. gee this is the group in control of our footing that turkey considers
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a terrorist organization says there has already been civilian casualties it is going to be an incredibly difficult situation for the civilians meanwhile syrian state t.v. says government forces have taken control of a rebel held air base in northwest syria her base and at the province was captured by rebels in twenty fifteen events in this part of the government's ongoing efforts to regained control of the area. the u.s. government has shut down after the senate refused to pass a funding bill thousands of government employees are now off the job although essential services do continue president donald trump spade the democrats for the deadlock branding them obstructionist losers women's watches sif taken place across the u.s. on the anniversary of trump's first year in office organizers hope the rallies will encourage women to engage in november's mid-term elections and see more female candidates elected that's the news for now up next it's walls of shame thanks
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again for your company but by. al-jazeera. where ever you are. in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the good friday agreement was signed brokering a peace deal between republicans and unionists in northern ireland. nearly a decade later al-jazeera visited belfast to explore ongoing divisions in the city .


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