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every year. this is helps room dentists forced to shoot with the slightest error means a one way ticket over the edge of the employees that you may not come to morrow holds in order to meet them on braving tough conditions facing death at every turn . to experience fear. though gamble with their lives just to them if risking it all on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes afghan special forces battle gunmen inside
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a five star hotel in kabul at least fifteen people are reported to have been killed or injured. turkey says it started an offensive against kurdish positions inside syria. deep political divisions in the u.s. where a stalemate between republicans and democrats forces a government shutdown plus. as women take to the streets to mock president trump's first year in office we take a detailed look at his turbulent twelve months. gunmen have stormed a five star hotel in afghanistan's capital and taken hostages the afghan interior ministry says special forces are battling attackers at the intercontinental hotel it comes just days after the u.s. embassy warned of possible strikes against high profile targets jennifer glass has
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this update from cup. afghan special forces have been clearing the hotel floor by floor trying to find the gunman and get and evacuate staff and guests from the intercontinental hotel the siege started about nine o'clock on saturday night when at least four gunmen attacked the hotel it's unclear how they got into the hotel that is something that's going to come under investigation the hotel was very busy on a saturday night a wedding party was ongoing we also know that a number of guests were in the hotel delegates for a conference to be held on sunday so a very busy time it's unclear exactly how many people were in the hotel we know that several people were trapped at the time of the attack special forces entered the hotel to go after the attackers they turned off the electricity at the intercontinental hotel is a heavily guarded hotel one of the two five star hotels here in the afghan capital
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and it's considered a rather safe place for foreigners and prominent afghans to gather to hold weddings to hold conferences to hold gatherings and so this is attack really shows how uncertain the security situation is here in the afghan capital it's the latest in a series of attacks in the last few weeks here on a cultural center on other gathering places as the afghan government comes under increasing pressure to try and show that it can keep security in the capital that has been a main complaint of afghan citizens that the afghan government cannot keep its people safe and as we find out exactly how bad the casualty count is in this attack on the intercontinental hotel again i think the government and its security measures will come under scrutiny a new front in syria's war has opened turkey's president. says his forces have begun an air and ground operation in the offering region known clave for syrian
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kurdish y p g four to those who are barred by the u.s. in qatar confirmed. that it's the offensive it's calling operation all of bronze was conducted by the turkish air force and nearly all targets were destroyed the syrian kurdish why p.g. militia enough in the says nine people including the six civilians have died in air strikes turkey has framed the offensive as part of a wider battle against kurdish separatists in southwest turkey but the airstrikes raise further tension with its nato ally the us syrian rebels backed by turkey are also reported to have mobilized near flynn and turkey's president says the next targets will be man beach that's the town which was recaptured from eisold in twenty sixteen by a kurdish led force also backed by the u.s. but opposed by turkey stephanie decker has more from the turkish syrian border. shortly before sunset on saturday turkey launched its air campaign on africa in turkish officials had said all week that the operation was imminent. much of the
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president. spoke just a few hours before the jets took off. we would wipe out this corridor will step by step starting from the list after an operation has defectors started in the field this will be followed but. since the promises made it out there and kept so far nobody can say anything when we do what is necessary. throughout the morning along turkey's western border with the turkish army had brought in bulldozers gravel and concrete blocks appearing to build up their defenses along the border war with syria. tank shelled specific locations on the mountain and hours later this mountain would be targeted by airstrikes the army made us move from this position a few hours before the campaign officially began this is just one of the locations that the turkish army is shelling out freeness pretty much around a turkey to its west and north and there's also been
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a build up inside syria by free syrian army fighters to the east about three now those are the rebels that turkey supports. turkey had reinforced the f.s.a. with thousands more men over the last few days these buses drove the fighters across the border into syria they will be part of a ground offensive against the y.p. g. the kurdish group turkey considers to be a terrorist organization it is also however the group the americans consider their best ally in fighting eisel the international dimensions are vast russia and now instead pulled out a few hundred military personnel that had enough range shortly after the campaign started and russia controls this airspace meaning turkey could not be flying their planes without russia's consent turkey says it is only targeting what it calls terrorists but there are already reports coming out of africa in that civilians have been affected it seems syria seven year war is entering yet another phase stephanie decker al-jazeera on the turkey syria border so things are more coffee is
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a senior research associate at the george washington university's is a specialist in russian affairs is joining us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time the way that russia has responded to this attack by turkey seems to highlight the delicate balance that it has between its allies with turkey and with the syrian government of pro assad government as well but also the power sharing the power balance it's got in syria with the u.s. yes. russia and turkey are on very good terms now they've restored their relationship after turkey shut down russian airplane and. relation to tyria to the relations back there so good actually is that when turkey was advancing in free in all russians with the drew from
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the area also when recently. there was a drone attack on russian airbase put in personnel a spoke and said that turkey is beyond any suspicion though they put in an announced that there was. international power involved in a attack on russian airbase so putin always highlights that turkey and russia though they have different goals in the region but they are allies looking at russia's involvement in the conflict since it began do you think that russia has achieved more in the region than perhaps it anticipated when the conflict started. absolutely when the conflict started in two thousand and
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fifteen four when russia became involved in the conflict russia russian goals a war to break international isolation. because of the sentence that united states and european union imposed on russia after put in and next train year so very soon. russia achieved that goal in now not on the russia or on the international stage but soon. at the end of january putin will be hosting in sochi. a meeting with iran in turkey so it shows that russia can negotiate even behind the united states back and now probably it is united states that needs russia also russia warranted at the beginning
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to show its military power that its spec as a military power after the soviet union and this intervention in syria affairs has been the first russian military operation outside of the post soviet union in eurasia since the fall of soviet union and the fear was that it made my start. if not the third world war. but at least russia could stuck in syria the same way as soviet union strike in. afghanistan and that didn't happen and russia was able to balance and now put in an announced recently that russia is withdrawing from the region. also put in show. so that his support for assad was more
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sustainable then for example the support of the united states for a kurdish separatists or support of the united states for the. government position forces so in that sense also put in achieved actually more then a intended at the beginning but most importantly. put in its goal was also the head domestic angle because russia. stuck in ukraine back then in two thousand and fifteen and still is there so russian propaganda wanted today virt the domestic. social intention attention of the domestic audience from ukraine to syria and that goal was also achieved so russia kind of achieved all its goals in the conflict sophia
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and jim acosta thank you very much indeed. meanwhile syrian state t.v. says government forces have taken control of a rebel held air base in northwest syria a whore base in italy a province was captured by rebels in twenty fifteen the offensive is part of the asad government's efforts to regain control of the area more than two hundred thousand people have been forced from their homes since december. and syrian government airstrikes have killed at least twelve people in eastern guta near the capital damascus shelling is thought of hit a market in duma strikes also targeted the towns of humble ya. and urban which are under rebel control. the lebanese army has found five more bodies of syrian refugees who froze to death while trying to cross the border into lebanon nine bodies were found on friday after a snowstorm hit the area several other refugees were rescued two syrians have been arrested on smuggling charges plenty more ahead on the news hour including fearing
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for their futures range of refugees say they're feeling pressure to return to me and mark too soon. and we examine the widening gap between rich and poor in iran. and in sports will be at the finish line of the world's toughest off road during strace. the anniversary of president trump's inauguration has been marked by a government shutdown after the senate failed to agree on a spending bill it will try again on monday to vote for the deal with immigration the main sticking point republicans and democrats are blaming each other for the deadlock mike hanna reports. house democratic minority leader nancy pelosi was the monger thousands of people protesting near the white house her presence at the moment no longer needed on capitol hill when to go see a chanst between senate democrats and republicans on the new wording of
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a stopgap funding bill fell apart democrats were quick to blame the president and right wing forces within his administration negotiating with this white house is like negotiating with jell-o. it's next to impossible as soon as you take one step forward the hard right forces the president three steps back. but republicans in turn accuse the democrats and schumer in particular of negotiating in bad ways like that so mr she was going to have to up his game a little bit be a little bit more honest with the president states if we received rubber cement from the president himself posted multiple tweets one reading democrats holding our military hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration this is the one year anniversary of my presidency and democrats wanted to give me a nice present president trump himself well he's canceled a visit to his florida clubhouse where he was going to celebrate the anniversary of
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his inauguration along with those willing to pay up to one hundred thousand dollars a plate more significantly perhaps it appears he's also canceling his trip to the world economic forum in davos where global leaders gather each year. a year ago on this night the newly inaugurated president was dancing at his inaugural party but the insistence on doing things his way have left americans contemplating an indefinite freeze of many government services mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well as mike just mentioned president donald trump has canceled plans to attend his one year anniversary party proceeds from the fund raising but we split spring the republican national committee and trump's reelection campaign has more from florida. well there are two things that don't really wanted to do this weekend one was come to florida and play
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golf the other was to be the star attraction at a big event at his monologue or resort where his friends and supporters would gather and tell him what a great job he was doing one year into the presidency well he's not chasing a golf ball around he's busy playing hardball in washington and you know with the event at mar a lago initially it was postponed on friday the trip to pull it up a sport on friday afternoon but just in the last couple of hours it has been completely canceled his place is horsed will be taken by son eric and his wife laura is very popular with some supporters very public popular with republicans in general but when you're paying one hundred thousand dollars for a pier of tickets which is meant to get you a big meal an open bar and a picture with the president of the united states or if you've paid two hundred fifty thousand dollars for the open bar a big meal and a round table with the president of the united states you may feel slightly cheated that the president of the united states isn't actually there and many of those who
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are heading to mar a lago are hard headed business people so they may or see look we want some of the money back no republican national committee and the committee to reelect donald trump as president they're expected to split the proceeds from the event they're expecting to get somewhere in the region of a couple of million dollars so they obviously want to keep as many people coming to the event as possible but donald trump will be very upset one that hasn't been able to play golf and to that he's missed the chance to be the center of attention at his monologue or resort with everyone telling him how wonderful he is. well hundreds of thousands of women are marching across the u.s. against president trying balkanize us hope they'll encourage more women to vote and run for office in november's midterm elections or islam jordan has more. drumming up momentum for political action a gear into the presidency of donald trump thousands marched in washington and across the nation on saturday not just against the president and his policies but
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also in support of their favorite causes reproductive rights gender equality and racial and economic justice black rights human rights women's rights. does every humans have like equal rights and i do think that it has kind of injected more civic activism among people and that's a good thing i think that it's easy for people to come complacent about their their rights and about that to marcus in general and i think you know this this is a wake up call women apparently have heard the call one report says that nearly four hundred women have announced they want to seat in the house of representatives while forty nine are running for the senate and even though there are only fifty states nearly eighty women are now running to be governor i have friends who are running for office for local office and i've seen people create organizations it is it is really
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a change and that's very heartening to see the newly elected mayor of charlotte north carolina urged marchers in that city to seize the moment we're all here because we care deeply about the wellbeing of women and we want to promote a safe and productive environment for women that means equal pay for equal work some marchers say trump's presidency has underscored the need to take politics seriously finally people understand that you have to vote not only for the presidency but you have to vote for your congressman you have to vote in local said . you have to vote for these people who are in office for so long what we often forget is that the local governments what's going on affecting their day to day i think engagement either if it's local and running the war with more and more voters is going to help the demonstrators say this is what democracy looks like but in the united states it's not just enough to take to the streets and exercise one's first amendment rights it's also about getting involved in the political process and the
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organizers hope that's the legacy of this year's women's march roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington u.s. vice president mike payne this is arrived in jordan as part of a regional tour earlier he was in egypt where he met president sisi to discuss security and the israeli palestinian peace process last month the u.s. caused by deciding to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital this is expected to visit israel as well said that the u.s. is still committed to a two state solution. but i assured him that even as president trump made that decision a decision that i will reaffirm in jordan and reaffirm in israel before the end of this trip that will also reaffirm what president trump also said that we're absolutely committed to the two preserving the status quo with regard to holy sites in jerusalem that we are that we've we we we have come to know
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a final resolution about boundaries or other issues that are to be negotiated between the parties and if the parties agree i reminded president el-sisi that president trump said that if the parties agree we will support a two state solution pope francis has condemned the killing of women which he says has turned latin america into the most violent place on earth for females the leader of the catholic church also spoke out against drug violence during mass in the northern city of tokyo and he visited areas devastated by floods and landslides last year but his money on a son says reports the pope's visit in peru is being overshadowed by his handling of a clothing sex abuse scandal in chile. well peruvians are much focused on the pope's trip here to leon's have been reacting to the pope's last comments before he left a few days ago where he said that the victims allegations that bishop protected
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sex abuse of paedophiles in it were calumny and slander. like a snowball for the pope and now his top adviser on sex abuse scandals. sean o'malley from boston house rebuked the pope's comments he said that he does doesn't understand why the pope has those words slander and. those words in fact a great pain to the survivors of sex abuse cases by clergymen this of course has caused a national uproar in chile and peruvians. also are waiting for the pope to react to one case here of a very powerful religious leader here. who prosecutors say has committed. against young adults and children he is living in rome has been protected by the vatican the pope has only order to intervene in this
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powerful religious organization. critics here say that they are waiting for the pope to not talk about war and people here critics of the pope are waiting and are expecting the vatican allows prosecutors and the justice to be able to extradite you got the fact. jamaica's government has declared a state of emergency in parts of the country's northwest because of violent crime police and soldiers have been given extra powers in and around montego bay more than three hundred murders were committed in the area last year tourists have been warned to stay in the resorts the measures will last until february the fifteenth. united nations special rapporteur for me amar has visited will hinge a refugee camps in bangladesh refugees told young he lead how they escaped from persecution and violence from memoirs armed forces in iraq and state more than six hundred
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thousand to fled to bangladesh since the army launched a crackdown in august mean maher has banned leave from visiting the country. a plan to repatriate range of muslims to me in ma is due to begin on tuesday but the un and the refugees are worried about their safety if they return shall strafford reports from could to prolong refugee camp the conversation in the refugee camps is dominated by one topic these days planned by the myanmar bangladeshi governments offering the region voluntary repatriation back to myanmar. say it alan flipped me on more with his family four months ago god would have already at me got done a lot better we have been tortured killed in our houses burned we want mean march citizenship and id cards saying we are all injective i don't want to go to another camp and i mean mark if bangladesh and the rest of the world can protect our rights then we will go back but not yet one hundred feet says he's afraid for many of his
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family who he's lost contact with in myanmar before a lot of the citizens you know i think we want citizenship i'm thankful to bangladesh for their help and i want to go home but if we go back now they'll torture and kill us again. when he speaks to the camp chiefs and some of the students here that you begin to understand how nervous they are starting to get with respect to this so-called voluntary riprap tree ation deal doesn't matter who you speak to in these camps everybody seems incredibly grateful to the bangladesh government and international aid agencies with respect to the help that they have received here but they are starting to feel as if they are being pressured into returning to me out of all too soon it costs the bangladeshi government billions of dollars a year to shelter more than a million really unsure if you g.'s living in camps close to the border the new plan is based on a similar one in the one nine hundred ninety s. to repatriate revenger who had fled the previous crackdown by the myanmar military
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many returned then but last year's violence forced them to flee into bangladesh once again aid organizations say the myanmar army has killed thousands of ranger men women and children in recent months they say soldiers gang raped women trying to flee and hundreds of range of villages have been destroyed. the government denies these claims but has refused any independent investigation in december it banned the un's special report on human rights in myanmar from entering the country when we talk to refugees here in the camps of bangladesh there are three things that they tell us that they need to see happen before they would consider going back home the first thing is the issue of citizenship of legal status needs to be resolved in myanmar the second is a need to be sure that they can go back to a safe and secure environment in the third is they need to be able to go back to
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a home to a village they're already thousands of internally displaced ranger living in camps inside myanmar the retired creation plan involves the return he's being housed in more camps until the destroyed homes a rebuilt. but there's little or no mention of citizenship security all justice the hundreds of thousands of or hinge alike these men who say their lives have been destroyed. chan started out his era to prolong refugee camp on the day. still ahead on al-jazeera. we will break the league. we take a look at the progress of one of donald trump's key counting pledges one year on. why these bicycle graveyards have got china's booming bike sharing industry into trouble. and in sports rory mcilroy is back from injury and back in title contention at the abu dhabi championship was.
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through tranquil raveena can you. can feel it seems to finish gone dylan. hello a look swarm of the should be for the middle of winter if it's china hong kong's a twenty two shanghai is it ten we've been feeding more secure in some rain forming here right not stale noises might even reach shanghai it looks rather find a picture on monday but it certainly isn't cold twelve in shanghai this time of twenty four in hong kong no real sign of proper winter here to the sas it's more or less as it should be the wettest weather is like to be in indonesia through summer sort of ways as well but these white top shows are showing a bit of interest in the vietnamese coast proper possibly come by idea and increasing the malaysia and even southern thailand up through the gulf aton the money to get a shower to in bangkok monday's little bit unusual but there you go but is stirring
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of the atmosphere around delhi has meant that although the picture is still a foggy and smoky one in the morning and it's cold at night quality isn't quite as bad as it was twenty four hours ago so you can stir it up a little bit even though it's quite a car as you see but unfortunately the weather is really set to change dramatically as you well know for a long time the same is true. of the right view but instead a bit of a breeze coming to the north koreans diary stuck at twenty one degrees but otherwise . the weather sponsored by cats own and raise. rio has big plans to turn its largest favelas into spectacles. but inside the villas. has big plans of his own. building since the age of twelve listen trained yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any at seeing his vision come to light. the federal and the mosque to
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plan out the concluding part of rebel architecture at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning prize granting from around the wild we need more and fine professionals to talk carroty is to model a good meal generation to study find powerful documentaries debates and discussions as prime minister we do need to be critical of all massaging in all sexism chatting perceptions the contours of this story are shaped by the interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera and a reminder of our top stories this hour gunmen have stormed a luxury hotel in afghanistan's capital kabul taking hostages the interior ministry says two of the attackers have been killed by special forces trying to take control of the intercontinental hotel. turkey has begun an air and ground offensive in the african region in northern syria it's an old play for syrian code is why p.g. fighters backed by the u.s. says airstrikes have killed at least nineteen people damascus has condemned what it calls brutal aggression. the u.s. senate twelve try again on monday to vote for a deal to fund the government but failed to agree on a spending bill and friday leading to a shutdown of nonessential services. president trumps first year in the white house has seen big changes in u.s.
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foreign policy since coming to office times monies to offend u.s. allies forge new alliances and reverse key policy decisions diplomatic editor james bays takes a look back at a turbulent year abroad is the world a safer place one year after president trump took office the answer is almost certainly no but is that the trumpet administration's fault the situation on the korean peninsula is more dangerous because of north korea's nuclear test and missile launches but many believe president trumps responses including at this podium in september made things much worse. the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to turn only destroy north korea if you look elsewhere around the world it's not a positive picture the one success for the administration was dislodging eisel from
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the territory it held in syria and iraq but that was achieved by continuing policies put in place by president obama and where was the wider policy to deal with the civil war in syria president trump intervened in april with a military strike on the side airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack but that was a one off and there's been no punishment for consistent attacks on civilians in the country the president talked up peace between the israelis and palestinians saying he hoped to reach the deal of the century but his actions recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital have made that aim impossible for now as well as visiting jerusalem president trump went to saudi arabia a visit that saudi authorities may have felt gave them the green light to blockade their gulf neighbor cattle to intensify their campaign in yemen and to north and internal crackdown with many princes put under arrest experts say it's part of a wider pattern countries no longer fear us condemnation on human rights in the way
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they used to trump is not a leader on human rights he has talked about pulling out of the un human rights council and although he talks a lot about abuses in venezuela and syria and sometimes empathizes with suffering trolldom in the middle east there's no substance the united nations itself has felt the effects of a trump presidency the u.s. pulled out of the cultural and educational agency unesco it pulled funding from the u.n. population fund which promotes family planning the administration force the overall un peacekeeping budget to be cut and in the last few days it withheld funding for the u.n. agency that helps palestinians. well immigration has also dominated president trump's first year of divisive policies but at the heart of his campaign and they continue to polarize the country and the world john holmes has more from tijuana in mexico. you ready. it was always going to be an ambitious promise
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we will build a great was such. a build the first anniversary of donald trump's presidency so far this is all there is prototypes on the mexico u.s. buddha but while his signature pledge has been held up the president of the migration promise is all bearing fruit. like a ban on travelers from several muslim majority countries and the revoking of temporary emergency visas for hundreds of thousands of haitians you could argue ins and salvadorans that had been continually renewed under previous administrations to his supporters it's all about protecting u.s. jobs and secure it's something that i love them and think is doing the right things that we have americans on welfare because we have illegals here taking their jobs we have lower wages because we have a legal work in there drop us has been increasing border security and deputations
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few years but trumps opponents say his rhetoric and policies are much too far it's been cost as a fight for america's soul caught in the middle of those like ana from el salvador she has a job and family stateside but when the temporary visa program ends in september two thousand and nineteen she faces deployed taishan to one of the world's most violent countries see what i'm going to sell them if i go back i'm frightened in my life because they'll think i have money and kidnap my children or my grandchildren that's why i ask that god in the authorities take into account a situation that. the threat of the victim also hangs over the dreamer's seven hundred thousand. young people stateside illegally as children president trump says they have his sympathy he's pushing for any deal for the future to include funding for more security especially his signature project. politically president trump
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feels he needs the will to satisfy his base but with a third of the border already covered by a fence the actual usefulness of a structure that's going to cost at least twenty one billion dollars has been questioned where it is sort of a waste of money and a waste of everyone's time is to build a wall or offense in the middle of the desert where you know all the wall really ultimately does to a determined border crosser is slow them down for a few minutes. but the wool as with the rest of the migration issue has become too important for either side to give way and the fight has already spilled into the president's second year john homan how does it a. tens of thousands of romanians have protested against changes to their judicial system. they were confronted by riot police before marching towards parliament demonstrators say the amended laws will make it harder to prosecute officials for corruption the legislation was passed last month and i need the
5:38 am
approval of president close hotness. recent anti-government demonstrations in iran exposed the growing divide between rich and poor while a small percentage of the population enjoys a luxury as lifestyle millions of iranians are struggling to make ends meet in twenty seventeen iran's government set the poverty line at about four hundred eighty dollars a month for household thirty three percent of the population lives below that line that's more than twenty four million people but it's also a struggle for many living just above it the median income for an average household is about eight hundred eighty five dollars that's only two dollars more than the minimum they need to get by and that means that for most iranians there's virtually nothing left to save for the future he spoke to someone most vulnerable people.
5:39 am
who are says the hardest part of his job is getting people interested in classical music. it makes it more difficult to find work we have fewer fans so naturally we have fewer opportunities to perform still so for a says he loves his work and does not need the money. the streets are not a bad place to perform it's a place where you can change the way people feel for a second a minute or an hour you can get a lot of positive energy from the street. but not everyone of the streets is there by choice. say the makes about five dollars a day selling flowers fifteen when business is good with eight mouths to feed he says it's better than nothing bitches she i have a diploma but i don't have a job my cousin has a master's degree and he doesn't have a job either the situation in the country is bad officials to do something they give lots of promises and we vote for them and then they take office and forget us
5:40 am
say the once the same as millions of iranians a house he can afford a steady job and cheaper prices for everyday goods but he's not hopeful that things will get better any time soon big cities like to run are experiencing it really state luxury buildings and luxury brands are popping up on almost every major street but the very urban development that is bringing the rich and poor closer together is the same thing that is pushing them apart marked off to you. the last fifty years the status of people's financial situation has been getting better what is harmful is the gap that is being created between poor and rich people and that self awareness that is being created in the middle class of society has borne dangerous than poverty itself we don't have people who are deeply poor like other countries but the gap between the poor and rich people makes the feeling of being held by more extreme it's the kind of discontent that helped fuel anti-government protests last month. and could be the impetus for more unrest in the future.
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muhammad this from the north of the country he came to run to make enough money to send home to his wife sister and mother. he doesn't like what he does and makes at most only ten dollars a day doing. well guess what i was going to don't do that what should i say i haven't seen my family in a month i haven't paid my rent or the gas bill or the power bill or the water bill i'm not able to earn enough money business is bad so people don't pay us. hammad sings us a song that many iranians know all too well about a man who was tired desperate and prayed for help. in basra vael jazeera. thousands of women have marched in togo's capital to protest against president following nothing day fourteen opposition parties began weekly demonstrations in september demanding the president steps down and i think there has been in power
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since two thousand and five protesters want the end of his family dynasty which has ruled togo for more than fifteen years. a border dispute between egypt and sudan is tearing communities apart relations have deteriorated over the holy triangle of a twenty thousand square kilometer area by the red sea so dan accuses egypt of killing its people and has deployed troops to the border hit morgan reports mohamad met has always identified himself as a sudanese from the tribe which comes from the border area but that makes it difficult to get goods and resources to reach the little town of where he lives that's because it was safe in northeastern sudan is the closest town to the disputed border between sudan and egypt in the triangle known as hell which egypt continues to hold. some people say that the bush ids are now parts of egypt but in our hearts we are not
5:43 am
a tradition none of us say we are egyptians and even a gyptian stone accept us as part of their. mohamed says he has stopped in permits from egyptian authorities to cross into hell i as the many people who live in are safe but have families in the triangle the dispute over a region rich in oil and minerals started when sudan gained independence in one thousand nine hundred fifty six and borders were drawn up over the past few years the dispute has escalated with sudan accusing egypt of harassing its citizens when they crossed into the region and executing dozens of them in the past twelve months alone that fund marks the beginning of the disputed area of the library and go egypt has station forces there for more than two decades despite protests from the sudanese government recently has been at the forefront of increased tensions between the two countries tensions exacerbated by sudan support for if you peace plans to build a hydroelectric dam which will reduce the amount of water reaching egypt today and has repeatedly complained to the un security council over and once
5:44 am
a dispute solved through arbitration egypt has failed to respond in protest sudan recalled its ambassador to egypt earlier this month. a very inside they're treating our people there in humanely those killings intro that's why we met here at the parliament and are taking steps that it's no longer a regional issue but also an international one sudan has deployed troops on the border egypt says it doesn't want to work with its neighbors. we will no engage in a war with our brothers or anyone else any pounds spent on disputes or conflict should be directed to our people for those living in a safe it's not the military escalation they're worried about but the relatives they have living in the triangle who have lost their land to egypt and may lose their identities who he will morgan al-jazeera from the sudan egyptian border indonesia is deploying military paramedics to carry food and vaccines to remote eastern region proper provinces suffering from a chronic lack of health care services and reports from the town of odds. here the
5:45 am
extent of the health crisis in pop well becomes painfully clear undernourished and very seriously ill children are still being rushed to this hospital and this is the only hospital for around one hundred thousand people here in the us my district and conditions are very very basic maria has just traveled for around five hours by speedboat to bring her little daughter see paula she says she's one years old and look she's extremely undernourished not only undernourished because of a lack of food by the us my people in contact with the outside world are rapidly losing their traditions and also their knowledge on how to give nutrition to their children the indonesian government is bring money into this region but building infrastructure and living conditions the basic health conditions of these people are seriously deteriorating world renowned french chef paul book has died aged ninety one known as the pope of course stronger me he became famous for modernizing
5:46 am
french cuisine in the one nine hundred seventy s. is restaurant in lille held three michelin stars without a break for more than forty years still ahead a knowledge of zero roger federer moves a step closer to successfully defending his astray in the opening title i. heard. major. bureaus spanning six continents
5:47 am
across the globe. al-jazeera as correspondents live and bring the stories they. have like. this lets us know. we're at the mercy of the rational man for palestinian back al-jazeera fluent in world news. until forty years ago the only form of transport for most chinese people was the bicycle but as their wealth grew cars soon took over the bicycle however has made a comeback with bike sharing operations booming now as adrian brown reports it's
5:48 am
beginning to suffer. for some the humble bicycle has become a menace across beijing clusters of discarded rental bikes cover sidewalls bike sharing began two years ago the selling point was that it was cheap and you could leave them wherever you wanted but that's the problem say many who live here or do you should see both sides yes it's really convenient and ecological but it's a disaster with this huge amount you see all along it's definitely a waste because they occupy public spaces during peak times bikes pile up at bus stops according to the government china has more than twenty three million shared bicycles. recent photographs on social media show numerous dumping grounds for abandoned bikes the operators insist there are clear rules about where to park them and it's not their fault it's not happening you can hire
5:49 am
a bike like this for just seven cents for half an hour there are also other obvious benefits it's good exercise and better for the environment than driving but there's also one obvious problem excessive oversupply now the inevitable zucker several operators have gone bust with one of being investors almost sixty million dollars the city of here engine has a long history of bicycle production despite the overcapacity these are destined for the rental sector. is free market policies made this private factory possible now the owner hopes the communist government can come to the rescue now. we believe the government should do more to help the amount of shared bikes should be on the basis of a city scale just forty years ago you knew you'd made it when you had a bike along with a watch radio and sewing machine it was a family's most valuable possession a symbol of pride now for some it stands as
5:50 am
a symbol of national waste a dream brown al-jazeera beijing and it's time for the sport here's andy thank you very much for the international olympic committee has confirmed north korea's participation at next month's olympics in pyongyang chank during a meeting at i.o.c. headquarters in switzerland it was decided that twenty two north korean athletes will compete in the three sports but the two koreas marching behind one flag at the opening ceremony the i.o.c. german president thomas back says the agreement has global significance. i'm sure. that this will be a very emotional moment not only for all koreans and but also for the entire world. coming myself from a family to ride it country it is a moment i'm also personally looking for what to with great
5:51 am
anticipation and great emotion manchester city have maintained their twelve point lead at the top of the english premier league after losing their unbeaten league record at liverpool last time out they were too good for newcastle a surge or a trick giving city a three one win. afterwards if you deliver always you have a little bit dull about how it was going to reargue would happen if you make two games in a rule. no winning in that way was so important to competitions like kilo a cup semi final and carbon after was brom again here in going we need mathematically ten victories to be champion a goal from anthony mathieu al enough for second place money united to beat burnley united manager joe is a marine i says the deal to sign striker alexis sanchez from astral is getting closer. seen pubes i think is so close so close so close that this shit doesn't happen. it's not going to happen. so.
5:52 am
i'm positive i know that my people is doing everything they. asked no and did a run of three league games that are when they beat crystal palace for one defending champions chelsea are third after four nil went over brighton and their manager was in combative mood after that game. the breasts try to to see the negative ones bit and don't see. their eyes but them but these demons with many problems. these demons unbeaten from move fourteen games in the you know every competition undulate kava looks to be a strong consented to win the australian open title twenty sixteen champion overwhelming maria sharapova in the third round encounter in melbourne tatyana sanchez has more. former champion maria sharapova the comeback run at the
5:53 am
australian open is over. the russian was back in melbourne after testing positive for a banned substance hit in twenty sixteen the sharp over was no match for former champion angele kappa the german winning in straight sets six one six three there's a lot of things any temper van and as i said this is a process and this is. a lot of things that take time to be able to get these matches and players that are playing this well and i'm going to face a lot of them this year and i have to bring in him today was not enough. cappa next face is just the way of chinese taipei you added another thing i did play it to her australian open win list she beat number twenty six lead in the ash go round once go with sixty would wild number one simona halep power lost at her opponent in an epic match the top seed was up against american lauren davis has ranked seventy six in the world favored the romanian winning the deciding set fifteen thirteen in
5:54 am
a match that lasted nearly four hours twenty six year old hallett is going for her first grand slam title i gave everything very i had today and i actually am really proud that i could stay there and winning was not easy at all she played great. roger federer is moving closer to successfully defending his title in melbourne this with speed rashad got to advance to the fourth round federer plays martin fish it. i was hoping i could play at that level so. i'm very happy that i was able to rise to a level that i needed to beat richard. you know it. was tough. to score shows it as well i could have done it maybe a bit faster at the same time i'm happy to have done it the way it happened so. i
5:55 am
was pleased and six time champion novak djokovic survived an injury scare in his match the serb required on court treatment during his encounter with albert ramos the yellows but still finished up as a straight sets win a party on a fantasy al-jazeera. ross fisher and thomas paces share the lead after day three of the abu dhabi championship pages of belgium rolling in this pop out on the eighteenth to keep his name at the top of the leaderboard. just a shot behind us rory mcilroy he's looking good on his return from a three month jury. i one of the world's toughest off road insurance events has reached the finish line in the argentinian city of cordoba the dakar rally has traversed three countries and thousands of kilometers of unforgiving to rain the veteran spanish drive a car science winning the car race. was at the finish line for us.
5:56 am
the somme it's only the taking part that counts for others only victory will do and then there are those off to two grueling weeks to some of the toughest to reign on the planet i just glad it's will over time now to reflect on what might have been for me was a mistake on the role of the simple but i defer spot was a lot on my in the first couple days in the cigar. when we started we just saw so much by that or to me. more than three hundred cars trucks motorbikes quad bikes and buggies plus a huge support network from around the world covering nine thousand kilometers is also a logistical and environmental challenge and the race debut in one nine hundred seventy eight seventy competitors and spectators have been killed in accidents you organizers say they work to improve safety and to protect the routes no one died
5:57 am
this year what's the relief it must be to being off the nine thousand kilometer recovery and some of the rough with the rain of a weather condition known to man woman a machine or any of your dad that they value even if you are a lady here. this is the tenth year that data has been run in south america a supposedly temporary measure after the two thousand and eight race was canceled following the killing of four french tourists on the planned route in mauritania. is the motor capital of argentina and these fans will give it up easily meanwhile the challenge is great for the races as it was in africa to get a little bit lost. it's change really really quick but at the moment looks not so bad for me. no one the motorbike race well the veteran spanish driver carlos signs repeated his two thousand and ten victory in the car category as they pack up dakar
5:58 am
two thousand and eighteen planning is already underway the next year's race in south america. argentina ok that is how the sport is looking for now more lights up. here in a couple of minutes with more i'm rob marcus and thanks for being with me from. i had a good look the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary part one people in
5:59 am
power on al-jazeera. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain good logical rational overthe crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. when we managed the financial system between one thousand nine hundred five and one nine hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand nine hundred one the bankers lobbied and they said no no no we don't need controls you know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to sovereigns why because behind the sovereign a millions of taxpayers we can see in reaction to the liberalisation of finance
6:00 am
just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be getting to ready is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went look after my interest then i will look for a strong back next year if he's a fascist i don't care if he promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. afghan special forces battle gunmen inside a five star hotel in kabul at least fifteen people are reported to have been killed or injured.


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