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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 20  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2018 10:32am-11:00am +03

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reaffirmed in jordan and reaffirmed in israel before the end of this trip that will also reaffirm what president. there were absolutely committed to the two preserving the status quo with regard to holy sites in jerusalem that we are that we've we we have come to know a final resolution about boundaries or other issues that are to be negotiated between the parties and if the parties agree i reminded president el-sisi the president said that if the parties agree we will support a two state solution the anniversary of us president and all the ration has been mocked by a government shutdown the senate failed to agree on a spending bill that will try again early on monday to vote for a day and with immigration the main sticking point for publicans and democrats blaming each other for the deadlock. says has condemned the killing of women which he says has turned the last america into the most violent place on for women the leader of the catholic church also spoke out against drug violence during mass in
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the northern peruvian city. the headlines on inside story is coming up next. these stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. the u.s. government shuts down over a failed budget deal of the day president trump celebrates his first year in office workers are told to stay home democrats and republicans trade insults but who's willing to blame and what does it mean for trump's administration this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program husham obama donald trump's first year anniversary as u.s. president was certainly go down in history it was the day the government shutdown congress failed to back a bill to fund federal agencies hundreds of thousands of government workers are affected some would stay home because their offices will be closed others will work without pay republicans and democrats blame each other for not reaching a last minute deal talks broke down over issues related to immigrants and border security with talks on gas shortly but first particle hang with us from washington d.c. . this is not the anniversary any leader wants to have it was exactly one year ago when donald trump made this promise and became president we will face
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challenges we will confront hardships but we will get the job done he vowed government would work again it's clear with this. it isn't republicans who control the congress and the white house lost four of their own members but picked up five democrats still not enough to pass the bill that means many nonessential government employees won't be coming to work on monday without a deal although most essential federal services will continue the employees just won't get paid until it's over it came down to this a program that was in place to protect children brought into this country without documentation president trump threw it out and said congress should fix it he promised to help if we do this properly docket you know it's so far away from comprehensive immigration reform and if you want to take that further step i'll take the heat i don't care i don't care i'll take all the heat you want to get. they brought him a bipartisan deal and he refused to sign it so democrats refused to help pass the
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budget now the white house is saying they still have the weekend to work out a deal i think it will be taken care of the money i can that's why i just said i think i really think there's a really good. that the for the for the office of the future for now it is a standoff a functioning government held hostage well two parties wait to see which side the public will blame for the very dysfunction that trump promised to end exactly one year ago what we've just witnessed on the floor was a cynical decision by senate democrats or shovel. millions of americans for the sake of irresponsible political games a government shutdown was one hundred percent avoidable this will be called the trump shutdown because there is no one no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president trump. al-jazeera
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washington. let's have a look at what a government shutdown means as of saturday hundreds of thousands of government employees will stay home on unpaid leave others will work without pay national parks and monuments may be closed visa and passport processing could be delayed but essential services related to national security and domestic safety will remain functional the failure of the two sides to reach a deal on funding is mainly due to immigration the democrats want of the new bill to include protection for undocumented immigrants into the u.s. as children in september trump and their program agreed by former president barack obama granting them temporary legal status and some republicans are not convinced by trump's funding demands for new border controls including his proposed mexican
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wall so hosed ford is it republicans and democrats are pointing the finger of blame at each other the white house issued this statement senate democrats own the show shut down tonight to put politics above our national security and military families fundable children and our country's ability to serve all americans where we're not negotiate the status of a lawful immigrants while democrats hold our norful citizens hostage over their reckless demands this is the behavior of obstruction ist losers not legislators the last shutdown was into thousand and thirteen and lasted for sixteen days donald trump blamed the then president barack obama for the standoff this is what he said in an interview to fox news the problems start from the top and have to get solved from the top the president is the leader and has got to get everybody in
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a room and has got to lead let's bring in our panel joining us. from lubbock in texas oliver mcgee who has publicly support of president trump and previously worked as assistant transportation secretary and president clinton from london in the chairman of the obama research network at city university of london and from lancaster which are johnson who lasser's in u.s. politics and international relations at lancaster university welcome to you all let me start by asking mr magoo this how did we get to this point a government shutdown. well as secretary of defense madison today. keep steady as you go stay on course and stay alert this is really oh about trying to protect the guns of the money.
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the defense department going to stay pretty much so on track on national security and also to protect the law and order what we might call john locks life liberty or property in the department of justice most of those boys are going to be on permanent appropriations appropriate permanent compensation and not appropriations but we got here because. chuck schumer wanted to really push this negotiation towards dacca they're really looking to establish a base for twenty eighty and to also pressure the president in trying to bend just a little bit on dakka at this moment but the president faced a real tough first to go she should because when they really take out the wall that's a battle best alternative to walk away and so when president trump was campaigning
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and he was campaigning for every forty eight hours to ten thousand people he was just simply say that you know we got to build a wall or else and so that's going to be a no deal if that doesn't happen the place that's really how we got ok and so forth and suppose it's rare to have a shutdown when the the president his his his policy controls both chambers the congress the house and the senate is it a defining political divide over us to came paul is the main reason why we got to this point of a shutdown. i think it is quite rare and i think therefore that pushes the responsibility for the final decision to shut down towards the dominant party and the dominant party in this case is playing a short game as well as a long game in my view i think the short game is really to to divorce the ducker
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the dreamer's issue from what of the other issues from the other issues and i don't you know i'll take up the point that mr magee made which is that actually the democrats had gone a long way towards meeting many of the demands that the trumpet ministration had put forward on the mexican wall for for example earlier in the process accepting to pay up to eighteen billion dollars toward the building of the wall with an immediate down payment of something like one and a half billion and then an agreement on a more ice agents and even on military spending increases so i think in the end this plays into the longer game i think the trumpet ministration has been playing and i think that is much more to do with what american identity in particular is kind of a racial identity is really all about and i think controlling immigration increasing deportations and the kind of comments that president trump made in a previous meeting where he said that people from africa and places like that are
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not really welcome they want more people who look like norwegians and i think that is the big game that they're playing and the dreamers issue therefore was a big sticking point i think they want to make a big political point so the people playing a political game are really i think this is a republican party but it also shows us the democrats are willing to go a long long long way to compromise and they're still not getting anything mr johnson is darker with shields young immigrants from depreciation the main obstacle to a bipartisan bill or do you think the dockets of has been sort of manipulated for by both parties to further their political agenda. well i think this is the sticking point in this negotiation and it's interesting that the democrats are sort of staking the future of the continued government funding on. polls have showed that a majority of americans think it's more important to keep to new government funding
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than the dark a program and so that the democrats are speaking to their electoral base who care about arca of course those who are affected by the darker program themselves can't vote it's about affects about eight hundred thousand as normal u.s. citizens and so i wonder if the democrats are playing this high stakes gamble which is what it is because they sense a degree of weakness from president trump perhaps president trump is some of the blame here because he sent mixed signals and so perhaps chuck schumer's willing to stick his neck out because he believes that president trump might might budge he might make a concession on this. so we'll see in the next few days what happens but i think that it is i think at the core of the of the that's the issue ok speaking of duck under some again this is what the democrats are saying that the basically they were willing forward to move ahead with the bill and that everything was fine until
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the establishment the republican is. started sending very mixed signals about doc does the need to wait until march the fifth while the democrats were saying give us a deal of the dhaka we'll give you a deal on the immigration. i think the republicans are very right that they want to have a little bit more time to talk about this i can totally agree with the republican party that they want to push his out to march the back is a very very difficult issue to determine and to resolve for america and more importantly the republicans are like the. regrets are looking at the polls and as my colleague said the american people were not as strong a bit baccy just a push ahead and an immediate head on baca without having a thoughtful conversation with the american people about immigration reform serious
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image immigration reform and this is also going to set the stage on how we look at immigration reform across international borders particularly as we're trying to keep up with this fast international markets basically as i said before many times even theresa may is happy in this type of debate in trying to establish cracks it because international borders and international security is very much so tied to prosperity across the nation states and right now the nation states are basically interested in international trade good free trade that will create jobs and also keeping up with this economy donald trump is over seaven at thirty one percent increase in the dow in its first year and that's a blart has increased in the doubt since f.d.r. in one nine hundred thirty three so what we saw back then we had to make some transformative changes in what america was and so now america's making another transformational change in america first and america first as he said it was
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inaugural address last year was really about securing our borders but also securing our markets and at the same time communicating exclusively with the american people to get them what they need and want and while we're trying to also advance and get like understanding of science and technology so they could be able to gauge the markets as well and also to be able to gauge ok chops this that this arrangement to another full of questions a duck a thing give us a pama the the republicans are saying that if they democrats were genuine about the need to have. a shutdown they could have waited until last the the fifth how urgent is a dud fix does it need to be solved now or can it wait until the last the fifth. well it's quite clear that one my colleague at lancaster said that there is a political game being played by both sides and their attempt to exploited certain vulnerability obviously or a government shutdown is
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a very very significant major political issue and and in terms of the people who are going to be paid or not and this issue could possibly wait but when you caesar see an opportunity of this type clearly political operators are going to try to take it but i think they are playing a political game and is not theirs if the republicans aren't i mean they threw in the child health insurance program as a kind of extra incentive in order really to derail this as well so i think to some extent the shutdown was something which both sides are willing to risk in order to get through the kind of things that they want and overall i think they're very much closer to an agreement overall then they would appear to be and this is a very dramatic kind of stand out of him but in the big picture the democrats have gone closer to the republicans mr johnson if this is a political game what if it backfires ninety ninety six two thousand and thirteen the republicans tried the same tactic it really backfired is there any potential
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for this to backfire on the democrats who would be ultimately seen by the americas of the we an impediment to this deal. well i think the democrats could be playing with fire here five as as report noted five democratic senators actually voted with republicans to continue the government funding these are senators who represent states that president trump one in twenty sixteen and they are up for election this year states like missouri west virginia north dakota indiana and so those senators are polling suggests that in those states those senators will be getting the blame if the government doesn't continue with the funding and the darker. issue is not one that really resonates with voters in those states those states tend to have low immigrant low minority populations by and large and so while this may play well in states like california and texas for the democrats it
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may help them in some of the house elections it could ultimately hurt them in holding some seats in the senate elections in november with some. article about two days ago where he said basically that trump is riding this wave of unprecedented economic reforms that president is born in the market and that therefore that he will continue to why that wave of popularity chuck schumer is the senate minority leader said yesterday that the. shutdown is an example of how dysfunctional and inefficient the trump administration it is he says one word but the other leaders of the senate and the house is something different isn't this something that the american people will end up believing. well chuck schumer is actually talking like and efficient leader he is really about the counting the dimes and nickels and quarters in the purse strings that the should but donald trump is
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really looking in the realm of american dignity he is acting in aceh putting a message out there dignity over efficiency he's saying that america populism is prosperity but also international populism is also international prosperity so as he builds america and makes her strong he's going to take that message out abroad and that's going to be permeating across because america's markets can't grow without the international markets or in partnership with them but also american tree has to work with international trade and the key thing is is that donald trump as i said article on sky news that. he doesn't want to merica to get ripped off anymore that's the simplest that in the american people are really backing him one hundred percent when i look at my twitter and i typically do polls and get a sense of where the voters are on my twitter they're one hundred percent loving
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this economy they're loving the job growth of two million jobs they're loving the fact that there's a trillion dollars of new wealth in is a commie we've never been this wealthy in since f.d.r. and so really really really enjoying that but make no bones about it he said every forty eight hours in a campaign speech or a core a year he'd held a rally for every forty eight hours he said bill that wall ok that is a campaign promise that he is going to keep and that is very popular among his orders miss apollo i mean let's look into what's next what's the options available for all the parties now that could be this stopgap measure that's could allow for a short term deal that could go for a month while the democrats will give the go ahead for the eighteen billion dollars for the border security in exchange for a leverage on the. daca is this something that could potentially happen or do you believe this is going to continue as a political conflict between such
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a potties. that's a really difficult question i suspect that both sides will at a certain point want to reach a deal because they're going to alienate even more supporters more voters it's impossible to predict exactly how long this standoff will go on but the problem is that what this centers the whole debate on is in a way a kind of a diversionary tactic which helps the the republicans a lot more donald trump a lot more it suggests that the whole issue is about foreigners in immigrants and as mr biggie said people ripping america off in one way or another and it's kind of blaming the outside of the foreign or the other and in fact if you look at this sort of so-called wealth produced in the last twelve months and even for many years before that the ownership of that wealth the distribution of that wealth and that income is a heavily on equal this new economy with the two million jobs we were remains to be
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seen how safe and secure and well paid they really are and i think a large part of what president trump has been doing is diverting attention onto the wall and on to race and immigration and so on but actually he's been transferring wealth income and power to the groups of people that he most favors that's the big corporation ok and i'm sprayed he's using this issue to promote that agenda even more mr johnson lists lists imagine for a second to your chief. term democrat strategists you're the midterm elections if you show the world or the americas or give us some concessions on the border security then you would have a backlash from the states where you have a huge percentage of immigrants if you move forward with your position then the states where your own people are running for reelection which were won by donald trump might not vote for you so how to strike a delicate balance in this situation. it's
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a very difficult needle to thread i think that perhaps what if i were to guess what chuck schumer is doing is he is trying to sense the signals to the democratic base that he has tried has had a good faith effort on tucker perhaps there will be a separate vote on dhaka down the road which ultimately won't go anywhere because the house want to prove it in the president would not approve it but at least there might be a symbolic votes on it but i think at the end of the day schumer he can he can string this out for a bit but i don't think that he can do it forever without damaging those democratic senate candidates many of them who are in these trump dominated states i think donald trump if i was advising on trump he needs to bring on those republicans who voted with the democrats last night to to defund the government and that shows a failure of leadership from the republican side that there were four republicans
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five republicans in fact voted no one republican who didn't vote for senator mccain because of his health so he needs to get those people on side as well as well as bringing over a few more democrats if you want to keep the government funded mr mcgee as you seem to be most of the time getting all your hopes against a. president trump yesterday he had to meet on his own with chuck schumer give him money to question whether this is a legitimate move because ultimately it's not just one person it's about an establishment it's about the republican establishment both a both chambers is this someone who is undermining even the chances for the republican establishment to thrive in the near future. no he's just doing the mechanics of the art of the deal the negotiation tactics sometimes when you are negotiating with a key principle it's sometimes good to get in a room alone and kind of hash out the real issues and find out what the options are
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and really get to know your opponent very very well because alternately when you're in negotiation with someone as president trump is with chuck schumer they're going to come out in agreement and sometimes they're going to find some common ground but you're going to find some sticking points in there and make no bones about it a government shutdown this is a government shutdown we passed since one thousand nine hundred one in the first year of reagan this is really not a big big stuff we got a four trillion dollar. government and basically a cut down it's one point five billion dollars a day so all we need to do is count the days in the multiply by one point five billion dollars and that's how much it's costing to taxpayers so in relation to the size of the government it's pennies but this is very very big dollars associated with politics on the democratic side and republican side and either side can't afford to give too much away from their base no make no bones about it chuck has
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a very chuck schumer has a very very strong emotional base that is really looking after to do thousand and eighteen to come off of a very very tough loss in two thousand and sixteen and donald trump thank you that's a promise to keep his promise to keep in one of them is basically build that wall but also to keep winning against reet and create it and that's what he really wants to keep going to a bit interesting to see how this political cycle is coming to an end so a lot of again and this is palma but chad johnson thank you very much indeed. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for was last a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is a.j. inside story from me the whole team here life with.
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al-jazeera where every. ages largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. when used investigates why so many filipino children are having babies. at this time on al-jazeera. across the paddy fields appears the stream of people they don't know with heavy bags and carrying small children they say they're escaping from the smoke in the distance the follow the path to the border and come across a group of. bare feet caked in mud they tell us they arrived in bangladesh the day before need to return to find the rest of their families who couldn't make the
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journey that as the last bangladeshi border security post and beyond that where you see the smoke billowing as me and mark now the journey between the two countries is just a boat ride across the river that takes twenty minutes which is why we've seen dawson several henjak who made it to the safety of bangladesh trying to go back to say family members that left behind for normal homage to his extended family this path leads to safety going to get it should be struggled so much all we want to stay here live here and die here in bangladesh. the same at a major kabul hotel leaves at least five people dead and it's continuing off a government official said it was all over.


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