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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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having babies. at this time on al-jazeera. and then reported on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. this is al-jazeera.
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so raw and you're watching the al-jazeera news our live wire quarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes turkish forces launch an offensive against the northern syrian enclave of african and warn that a larger city of month beach is next. also a siege at a major kabul hotel leaves at least fifteen people that. refugees say they're feeling pressurised to return to me and far too soon. for the sport to the big names in tennis acted out for a place at the australian open puerto finals but rockwell a dallas already three and that was far from straightforward for the world number one. could have you with us welcome to the al-jazeera news hour turkey has begun its ground assault on a kurdish enclave in northern syria now the campaign is aimed at freeing it's held
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by a kurdish y.p. chief old. says who are backed by the u.s. but considered to be terrorists by turkey tanks are moving across the border aimed to carve out what turkey calls a thirty kilometer safety zone that follows a day of air strikes and artillery fire that white b.g. activists say has killed at least six people speaking to supporters in bursar turkish present recipe the one says he's anticipating a quick resolution to the campaign or stephanie decker is our correspondent joins me now live from the turkey syria border let's just begin with bring us up to speed in terms of the turkish assault on those y p g positions very close to where you are. that's right well just just before you came to me i could hear artillery shelling this is been going on here throughout the day also heavy machine gun fire coming from turkey spaces behind us and aircraft in the sky i have to say there are from what we understand far less airstrikes and there
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were overnight and in the late sort of off to noon yesterday but as you mentioned this ground offensive now seems to be well underway with fighting in particular in the northwest of syria from what we understand f.s.a. those of the free syrian army fighters that turkey supports it has its own troops on the ground as well have taken to villages but the fighting is ongoing again it's very difficult to confirm reports the f.s.a. says they've captured three white p.g. soldiers the y.p. g.s.a. with the video that we haven't been able to verify that it's blown up a turkish tank but it does show you that this is a battle that is well underway and as you mentioned the price the president here are doing just speaking saying it's going to be over very soon but this may well be a difficult fight of course we're getting a wire as well through from the turkish general staff saying those are most importance being given not to harm civilians during this operation called operation
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bridge stuff what more do we know really about casualties in the way people are potentially allowed to move out of the conflict areas. well the official casualty count from the y.p. g. sources as of this early this morning was six civilian killed and three y p g members killed we haven't been able to get a real update because the columns are so bad inside at the moment yes turkey is saying that it's only targeting the y. p.g. that it's not focusing on civilians but as we know when it comes to war and air strikes artillery it is a very sort of shady dividing line and of course the psychological aspect of that you can still hear outgoing at the moment is terrible for the people we know that a lot of civilians in this border area have moved sort of further inside towards african city those in the city are sheltering in basements the way out you're also me about that well we're hearing reports from certainly turkish lines and some
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inside saying that the why p.g. is preventing them from leaving others are saying that's not true what is clear is the only way out because after is pretty surrounded by turkey and the troops that turkey supports is into the syrian government areas but it is very difficult for the people who are talking hundreds of thousands of civilians so for them before course this is going to desperate situation the serious situation in syria has been so fluid over the several years that we've seen this sort of civil war conflict expands and many people will not do watching this program what the significance of a town called is now into this equation that involves assaults in the north of the country. well member it is a town that turkey and yesterday the president again richer ated would be next why if we break it down trying to simplify it you have to sort of kurdish controlled
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areas in the north of syria and then turkish back to troops in the middle member is still further west of the area that turkey turkey back troops control what turkey has always wanted is for the y.p. to leave that area and move towards on the other side of the euphrates this hasn't happened and last year there was a there was a real sort of escalation in fighting between rebels that turkey supports and the y p g and the u.s. got gold the american sent their troops and vehicles to trying to escalate the situation so when turkey says that is going to be next day it's a much larger city but also you know you have these sort of international implications the why p.g. so is a group that is the best ally of the united states in fighting isolate actively pushed ice a lot of most of its territory in syria turkey is now bombing that exact group so it is incredibly difficult and just as i'm speaking to you we're hearing more and more outgoing so again very after front line at the moment remember we'll leave it
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there i'm sure international viewers of you got some insight and clarity it's what's going on there in northern syria thanks to you sir thank you. now afghan officials say the civilian death toll in the kabul hotel attack is now at least fifteen with another twenty wounded. now the taliban has claimed responsibility in a statement it said five of its fighters were targeting government workers security forces and foreigners not the gunman stormed the intercontinental hotel on saturday night leading to a seize that lasted more than sixteen hours the afghan government says four attackers have been killed the taliban says there were five gunman involved now there have been multiple deaths from a roadside bomb that struck a very cold in afghanistan's western herat province the vehicle was carrying thirteen civilians though reports of between eight and twelve those passengers were killed provincial police are blaming the taliban the taliban have also claimed responsibility for a saturday night out bush on pro-government fighters in the northern province that
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left at least eighteen people dead jennifer glass our correspondent following some pretty fast moving stories are coming out of afghanistan let's start with what's happened at the hotel jennifer lots of questions for the authorities to answer especially over security just bring us up to speed on what we know about what happened during that attack on the intercontinental. what we know the taliban say there were five attackers the interior ministry at the time was saying there were four attackers they somehow got into the hotel behind me it's dark behind me last night that hotel would have been brightly lit full of guests i mean yes these attackers are very heavily armed got into the hotel at about nine o'clock on saturday night causing people to hide in barricaded their rooms getting people to flee as soon as they could afghan security forces came in that seems lasted for sixteen hours in the intercontinental hotel more than one
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hundred sixty people rescued right now the death toll as we understand it stands at least fifteen people in love and of them. foreigners and the afghan president ashraf ghani is calling for an investigation he wants to know how those attackers got into those hell and one of the big questions is going to be how did they get into the hotel with enough weapons and ammunition to carry out a siege to hold off afghan security forces for sixteen hours and one thing the afghan president did say as he commanded the security forces say they've done all they could to minimize casualties that is probably why the siege went on for so long i witnesses say that the attackers went from room to room knocking on doors trying to kill as many people as they could and as dawn broke here this morning at daybreak there were fires in the hotel and a number of the guests tried to escape using curtains using sheets dramatically lowering themselves down from higher balconies at least one man falling down and
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injuring himself in the process of course jennifer you know as you mention the taliban are taking responsibility but questions about security will be raised as you say by the president because the issue of security has been power about the people in the capital kabul where they've been sometimes quite regularly in twenty seventeen under attack with many killed if you can't control the capital for security then questions all raised about the rest of the country. that certainly is the case and afghan people here in kabul have been very unhappy with the government of course twenty seventeen saw the worst attack on civilians since two thousand and one that terrible bombing on may thirty first that killed one hundred fifty and wounded more than four hundred more people in the very heart of the city and since then there have been multiple attacks around the town on mosques on community centers afghan people here very much on edge and that it's not just the towel on the afghan security forces are fighting against also at daiichi
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as it's called here the islamic state i saw has also been able to launch attacks here in the capital and fighting around the country too has intensified so it's if as you say if you can't keep security in the capital how do you keep security around the country and that is going to be really the big question afghan people will be asking the afghan government and as i said the afghan president has called for an investigation of course one of the questions that will be raises about the security aspect of the hotel which you touched on in your first answer but the security was handed over usa from government to private security firms that's a huge change will shift in methodology certainly for the local authorities and questions in an investigation was tough to stop surely. i think it certainly will look the governments under a lot of financial pressure president gaudi already said that they could without international help they can't afford their security forces and so perhaps it was an
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area where they felt they had to cut back perhaps they built they had a responsible private security agency who could take over the security there but it only happened a couple of weeks ago you know the taliban had been planning this for a couple of weeks as well they said they were going to launch a last weekend at the side to do it this weekend because they felt the more government officials in the hotel so i think the government will come under a lot of scrutiny as to why a private security firm is in charge of such a hotel a private hotel and a prominent hotel one of the few places in kabul where you can have big gatherings one of the few places where you can have conferences and and of course one of the places that attracted so many prominent afghans and foreigners and perhaps because why it became a target well believe the finale of course come back to you i will get more developments on the situation from over jennifer glass in kabul thank you. now the united nations special rapporteur has been visiting rohingya refugee camps in bangladesh yang healy was banned from entering the in her visit to neighboring
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bangladesh comes just days before he refugees all jesus start returning to me in repatriation process is expected to last at least two years more than six hundred thousand ringle have fled to bangladesh since me about the launch a crackdown in northern rakhine state in august. that isn't quite as bizarre and spoke with the un special rapporteur for. i don't think the situation has really improved in myanmar and first of all where will they go back to they've lost their livelihood they've lost their crops they've lost their fields all the all the rice now as we've heard really being sold elsewhere to other countries. they've lost their homes so they're really rebuilding process is going to be huge and and the people should not be subjected to living in another camp like situation we all know what happened after two thousand and twelve people
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are still there after two thousand and twelve and i've talked to people in china were told that they would stay for come on muslims for three days they ended up staying in the years in the years in come in talk to you. so i know that refugees are very concerned about that what can the international community really do in terms of pressuring. some sort of process to call she was found guilty of these alleged atrocities to be committed inside myanmar i think the international community should do more to pressure that if we've all heard never again and if these people who we know. have committed some of you know somebody has to be held accountable and somebody needs to see that these people are held accountable with respect to the
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a different here can the international community do to better help bangladesh mean this is not going away in the near future if this crisis what i've seen so far with just a few days of rain or even a half a day of rain we really will be witnessing landslides and we may see more casualties coming in huge number of casualties as a result of this and the constant. nation of the people in. it's just not. humane. where they can live in dignity camps need to move out to be. dispersed a little bit and this is where the international community can help to. try to disperse. and maybe ask the government to provide. well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including pope francis calls on worshipers to help and violence against women in latin america. but go
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sharing with this white house is like negotiating with jell-o. . deep political divisions in the u.s. where a stalemate between republicans and democrats forces a government shutdown. and the end of a dusty road where the finish line for the dakar rally that's all coming up with sport. about to our top story of course the ongoing assault by turkish forces in northern syria joining me now in istanbul is ibrahim colleen he's turkey's presidential spokesman have you with us on the channel sir there's an assumption that this is a win win situation for turkey that you will beat the white p.g. in a free along the border what do you regard as
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a win that will not upset damascus or not upset russia. well the ultimate goal of this operation the olive branch is to eliminate alters elements in the offing region we've been raising this issue for a number of months now our president has raised this publicly as well as in his official talks with the americans with the russians the iranians and other key allies in the region including saudi arabia. and the united nations and we have received a number of threats as well as attacks from these key y d y p g elements in the african region into our cities especially high tide killis and the surrounding areas and now is to go with the goal is to eliminate all this terrorist threats coming from the after in the region and turkey in fact the u.n. charter article fifty one provides turkey with full legitimacy to self-defense and we have coordinated this obviously with all the key allies we have briefed five
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countries as well as the united nations and a number of other countries as a region that we are going into this operation just fine you seem to do the diplomacy very well but what's the end game if you that in find yourself in an incursion within syrian territory of what thirty kilometers what's the endgame of having not but to say because you can't keep the buffer zone you will eventually have to give it back to syria. well this issue was raised in fact when we began the euphrates shield operation about a year and a half ago when diet charlemagne's or isis elements were present in attacking turkey and posing a threat not only to us but also to the syrian local people there and we have completed very successfully do for it's a shield operation more than two thousand kilometer a square kilometer area has been completely cleared from diced areas and more than hundred thousand local syrian people have returned back to their homes in jobless and above right all these areas now a similar plan is being launched and executed at the moment in the off in the
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region we understand that there are you know local people there but this is not the property of the why do you or why p.g. as. you will probably know and i think that also as a reminder sorry sir but as a foreign power it's also not your responsibility to assert it is your responsibility to a certain extent when you are going to actually commit that sort of military onslaught to protect the civilians within the conflict area even if they are not turkish nationals so what are you actually doing to protect civilian lives while we exercise extreme care as we have done with you for it's a shield operation and one of the reasons why we've rated field operation here and a half ago took longer than planned was the care that our military took in dealing with the situation on the ground and to avoid any kind of civilian casualties we are doing exactly the same thing we are coordinating everything that the local people do including the free syrian army on the ground as well as the residents of our freend who do not subscribe to the marxist leninist ideology of p.k.
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k p y d y p g in fact they've been raising this issue for a number of months in fact years now that they do not want to see p. why do you why fiji flag we haven't got they have no legitimacy. mr colin we haven't missed a college area that's all very well but we don't have that voice at the moment to actually hear what people have to say about turkish incursion but let's just move the slightly forward because we're heading towards geneva talks on the twenty fifth of january how does this military operation feed into a long term peace plan that in fact some elements of the. freedom fighters if you want to call them that are in syria don't really agree with what's going on either in a style or certain not in sochi perhaps not even geneva. well it's going to help both the genie when there are standard processes because as we have made it very clear from the very beginning and as our president had done has raised this issue with the russians and iranians as well as the americans and the united
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nations if you do not want to see any terrorist groups being invited to either geneva and our stunna and we have been successful in making that i mean making sure that only legitimate representatives of the syrian people including the kurds arabs to come on and others are invited to these meetings so eliminating this terror threat coming from other african region and and putting aside the p y d y p g elements out of this talks in fact is going to help the success of these meetings because if you are going to have a long term. outcome for serious territorial integrity and the full legitimacy of those people who will take the political process to the next stage we have to have the right people there and in fact you know if you if you look at the station on the ground they have been involved in terrorist activities not only against turkey but also against the local people there so once this terror element is eliminated i think it will help both the geneva and our stunna processes and we have full agreement with the russians and the iranians on this issue as we have coordinated
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over the last few three weeks where we see what does happen and we shall see what we can certainly report from there once we get access for the moment abraham collins thanks so much for joining us from istanbul the u.s. vice president is in jordan where he's been holding talks with king abdullah he's been defending president doubletons move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel jordan is the second stop in prince's middle east told he'll talks in cairo with egypt's president a bill fattah el-sisi on saturday he says the u.s. is still committed to a two state solution to the conflict between israel and palestine now our correspondent simmons is live for us in ramallah in the occupied west bank we were waiting under for news of what was said what did king abdullah have to say. well king of it was another aside really sort of position whereby journalists overheard him saying this quite openly in a photo call that has not been
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a formal news conference but what he did have to say was this that as far as he was concerned there can be no other capital for a palestinian state other than jerusalem and he said the druze them is key to muslims and christians as it is to jews there is a really hot atmosphere in this meeting there's no doubt about it and with me right now to discuss the whole issue is political analyst kelly will share hien i welcome . can you please set out for me in brief terms why things are so hot with the king of jordan the u.s. positions in fact they didn't take into consideration the end of one of their traditional allies for the america in the middle east. crisis accepting their american ideas means that it's a. decision for for jordan affecting the internal situation in the kingdom
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while there is a majority of the population are. taking into account also the final issues regarding israeli conflict without solving these issues in fact the my face might face very horrible situation. facing the americans in the meanwhile means that jordan has will not deal with the consequences of such a confrontation you refer there obviously the start of your response to the fact that the americans didn't actually have jordan on the agenda for the shed yule for this visit originally back in december when they first tried to visit and it was put back because the palestinians didn't want to meeting now you have a situation whereby the king has to talk tough but but does he. have the armory politically and diplomatically to actually back that up this is. a crisis in this situation jordan it's difficult to confront along without allies or
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allies the american position is and it's also difficult to accept american ideas regarding regarding the issue of refugees and all of these just i think other issues such as. internal situation in jordan i think it. is very angry and they are trying to calm him but i'm not sure that they will succeed so what about here in the occupied west bank it's going to be a no go area for the vice president in terms of his stall he's going to be spending it all in israel surely this is a critical situation here it's going down not up his neck there's no not even any hope of common ground that many compositions in fact put everybody in a crisis crisis crisis. in a crisis without. position by the americans it means that the
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american planes are all. process has come to an end but in the same time i think the president would prefer to wait. until the american presence. the ideas of the american plan but they. do reveal their ideas thank you very much indeed for your analysis on al-jazeera with that. back to the studio. thanks very much andrew now pope francis has condemned the killings of women which he says is turned latin america into the most violent place on earth for women now the leader of the catholic church also spoke out against drug violence during a mass in the northern peruvian city of the here he then returned to lieber and spent time speaking with followers and blessing children but as marianne the
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sanchez reports from lima the pope's mission in peru is being overshadowed by his handling of a clergy sex abuse scandal in chile. well while peruvians are much focused on the pope's trip here two millions have been reacting to the pope's last comments before he left a few days ago where he said that the victims allegations that. protected sex abuse paedophiles in it were calumny and slander. like a snowball for the pope and now his top adviser on sex abuse scandals. from boston has it rebuked the pope's comments he said that he didn't doesn't understand why the pope has those words slander and. those words in fact cause a great pain to the survivors of sex abuse cases by clergymen this has of course has caused
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a national uproar in chile and peruvians. also are waiting for the pope to react to one case here of a very powerful religious leader here. who prosecutors say has committed. against young adults and children he is living in rome has been protected by the vatican the pope has only order to intervene in this powerful religious organization. critics here say that they are waiting for the pope to not talk about war and people here critics of the pope are waiting and are expecting the vatican allows prosecutors and the justice to be able to extradite he got be back to peru. well it's time for the weather here here's richard i mean first it was the americas and europe the cold weather now sitting seems russian and positron yes that's really extreme temperatures across
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siberia in particular over the last day or so as we move into that part of the world a whole month this were covered in the dark blues indicating some very very low temperatures and there's a little village in central parts of siberia we've had temperatures the last week or so down to minus sixty two celsius it doesn't break the records which are in one time want to go but minus ninety five celsius but you wouldn't want to live there for long that's for sure well they seem to adapt to the most i can find actually last twenty four hours a minus forty five that sort of nature indeed along the coastline up there it's a balmy minus twenty five so what can we expect further towards the south in the next coming days what we've got an area of low pressure which is developing across more populated parts of northeastern asia and this area of rain which is gradually pushing up from the south now doesn't look much there initially and temperatures not too bad but it is going to develop then over the following twenty four hours so you see that cold air further towards the north minus thirty a little bit tar beijing well below freezing flat above stuck at minus thirteen and
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then as we move the forecast on we're going to find an area of snow beginning to develop as this low pressure system begins to gradually get its act together and will find heavy snow across northern parts of japan that cold air continues sink further south across northeastern asia. thanks very much richard was still ahead here all the al-jazeera news hour. would be to turn that anger into a political movement rallies across the u.s. monkey. trumps presidency and it's for le bron james closes in on a scoring milestone in the n.b.a. but it's not all good news for the basketball star you stay with us here.
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in the architecture. when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds corruptly did just what the president said in our country there is not other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely man al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera newsarama reminder of our top stories turkey has begun a ground operation against a kurdish control don't play even syria's are free in region this follows a day of artillery and air strikes that killed at least six people turkey's president says the next target will be by beach another town and the turkish control. also afghan officials say the civilian death toll in the cargo hotel attack is now at least fifteen with another twenty wounded the taliban of time responsibility doubled stormed the intercontinental hotel on saturday night leading to a seize that lasted more than sixteen hours. also u.s. vice president mike pence has been holding talks with jordan's king abdullah as part of his middle east tour earlier on saturday he met president sisi in egypt
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he's defending the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. excuse me the anniversary of president trumps inauguration has been marked by a government shutdown after the senate failed to agree on a spending bill that will try again early on monday to vote for a deal with immigration the main sticking point republicans and democrats are blaming each other for the deadlock as mike hanna reports. house democratic minority leader nancy pelosi was the monger thousands of people protesting near the white house her presence at the moment no longer needed on capitol hill when to go see a chanst between senate democrats and republicans on the new wording of a stopgap funding bill fell apart democrats were quick to blame the president and right wing forces within his administration negotiating with this white house is
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like negotiating with jell-o. . it's next to impossible as soon as you take one step forward. the hard right forces the president three steps back but republicans in turn accuse the democrats and schumer in particular of negotiating in bad days like that so mr she was going to have to up his game a little bit be a little bit more honest with the president states if we received rubber cement from the president himself posted multiple tweets one reading democrats holding our military hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration this is the one year anniversary of my presidency and democrats wanted to give me a nice present president trump him self well he's canceled a visit to his florida clubhouse where he was going to celebrate the anniversary of his inauguration along with those willing to pay up to one hundred thousand dollars a plate more significantly perhaps it appears he's also canceling his trip to the world economic forum in davos where global leaders gather each year.
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a year ago on this night the newly inaugurated president was dancing at his inaugural party at the insistence on doing things his way have left americans contemplating an indefinite freeze of many government services mike hanna al-jazeera washington. a very different way of marking the anniversary was seen on the streets of many american cities on saturday as hundreds of thousands from march to protest trump and his policies has more from washington d.c. . drumming up momentum for political action into the presidency of donald trump thousands marched in washington and across the nation on saturday not just against the president and his policies but also in support of their favorite causes reproductive rights gender equality and racial and economic justice
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black rights whites women's rights. does. have like equal rights. but i do think that it has kind of injected more civic activism among people and that's a good thing i think that it's easy for people to come complacent about their their rights and about to marcus in general and i think you know this this is a wake up call women apparently have heard the call one report says that nearly four hundred women have announced they want to seat in the house of representatives while forty nine are running for the senate and even though there are only fifty states nearly eighty women are now running to be governor i have friends who are running for office for local office and i've seen people create organizations it is it is really a change and that's very heartening to say the newly elected mayor of charlotte north carolina urged marchers in that city to seize the moment we're all here
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because we care deeply about the wellbeing of women and we want to promote a safe and productive environment for women that means equal pay for equal work some marchers say trump's presidency has underscored the need to take politics seriously finally people understand that you have to vote not only for the presidency but you have to vote for your congressman you have to vote in local sections you have to vote for these people who are in office for so long what we often forget is all the local governments what's going on affecting the day to day i think engagement either if it's local and running the war with more more voters is going to help us the telestrator say this is what democracy looks like but in the united states it's not just enough to take to the streets and exercise one's first amendment rights it's also about getting involved in the political process and the organizers hope that's the legacy of this year's women's march rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington well donald trump has embraced the phrase fake news to
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discredit journalists on journalism that he objects to the phrases appeared in his tweets news conferences and interviews with extraordinary regularity there is a rich and give it takes a look at trump's turbulent relationship with the media. follow the forty fifth president of the united states on twitter and these are the kind of insults that you and his nearly forty four million followers will see him her ill at the american media calling stories fake news has become routine for donald trump according to a count compiled in november of last year by political act he has used that term more than one hundred fifty times since coming to office even accusing author michael wolff of publishing fake news in the form of a book i considered a work of fiction and i think it's a disgrace that trump has labeled most major u.s. news outlets like c.n.n. a.b.c. c.b.s. and n.b.c. the enemy of the american people and his attacks on media go well beyond name
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calling trump has threatened to revoke n.b.c.'s license to broadcast in the us sometimes the american media have made it easy for him the chief investigative correspondent at a.b.c. news brian ross was recently suspended after incorrectly reporting on allegations of collusion with russia and c.n.n. also failed to fact check one of its stories on donald trump jr such mistakes just add fuel to the president's fire and fury did you see all the corrections the media's been making but what effect has donald trump's war on the media had on the american news consumer while the poynter institute a journalism school in florida conducted extensive research into that very question and the results will not have pleased the president well more than two out of three americans sixty nine percent say the media do tend to favor one side the exact same percentage sixty nine percent also said news organizations keep political leaders from doing things that shouldn't be done moreover says pointers since donald trump
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took office americans overall trust and confidence in the news media has actually increased to the highest level measured since nine eleven more than fifteen years ago one outlet mr trump has not taken issue with is fox news fox has never really been fair or balanced regardless of why. the claims no matter how unhinged trumps tweets may be or how disturbing the stories are leaked from the white house appear to be fox has stood by this president it has been so loyal to trump that other news channels have taken to calling the rupert murdoch owned network state run television and the president returns fox's loyalty with his own white house sources say he watches the channel a situ asli often tweeting his approval of fox's output within minutes of that material going on the air here is what the other network c.n.n. and m s n b c included tend to leave out of their reporting on donald trump in the us media the context from the early days of the election campaign all of the networks not just fox were addicted to trump giving him eight years of air time
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because he was a sound bite factory and more importantly he was a ratings machine a revenue generator i humbly. grateful and gratefully accept. your nomination trump was happy to write all that free coverage and has since grown allergic to the scrutiny that followed he is not the first american president to take issue with the coverage of his administration at sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue manipulating the media is part of the job it comes with the territory but no one has done it quite like this before because it's not just the facts that donald trump is calling into question it's the institution journalism itself but is that study by the pointer institute showed underlined by the record breaking increases in subscriptions that news outlets like the new york times say they're getting it may turn out that this president is exactly what this industry and it's broken business model need donald trump is out to shoot the messengers in fact and
4:42 pm
according to the numbers he may be saving them wouldn't that be ironic. well germany's social democrats are due to vote on whether to start formal talks with chancellor angela merkel to form a coalition government s.p.d. leader martin schultz has backtracked from his earlier opposition to an alliance a decision that forced him to explain himself to the party our correspondent governor kaine is in a dominant martin scholz really had to plead his case what did you make of his presentation. well certainly the whole hearing his explanation as you proceed so help was there was applause but it was the pulls as it were and the ovation he received this perhaps one minute long not like the ovation that one of his colleagues and their nullus is receiving right now as she speaks she is speaking in some ways in favor of the yes vote today but isn't
4:43 pm
quite perhaps as convinced by the need for another coalition government and some other of her colleagues to the point here is that this party is facing the question of ideology what does it do next and with me to discuss what it does next is use of yearning from the european council on foreign relations mr yearning we're hearing from and analysis now an impassioned speech from her and only facts platform behind her it says you know in german the translated says a new time needs a new politics but if that's the case why are they proposing the same old government well because there's nothing else on offer all the electorate has spoken and for the social democrats it's a question is can they be part of a government with an agenda that can deliver to the interests of the people that's what they are discussions about that's what they are are searching for i have to say the loudest applause the loudest reception as it were for speakers here in this hall so far as our last past few hours has been for those who oppose this policy
4:44 pm
and it suggests that this party is deeply divided is it deeply divided and if so why. yes it is and you know this is the no vote has the hearts of the people you know they feel that that somehow this grand coalition has not been fair to them so they they have they have a longing to get out the other camp the yes game as they head and but they are lacking you know a very strong a compelling message maybe maybe under analysis now is able to deliver such a message was as it is but the party chairman has been rather lame and his approach to convince the people and so it's to harden the heads they have to make the decision years i've spoken to other analysts said today he said to me one particularly said that she believes that monson shows as of today is yesterday's man whether that's the case or not the question for the social democrats is looking at the opinions on this or eighteen percent in that post what to do next how can
4:45 pm
they really invigorate themselves perhaps to challenge the christian democrats for first place in any coming election i think the more they have to do is to sort of find a story that they can tell the people which goes backwards and tells them what they have done in the past with omitting their schroder years in finding a story that has a way into the future is what do we make of this new world of this new economy and of all of the changes that it will bring about and can people rely on the social democrats to provide them with safety and prosperity this is something they have to do and then they need new people who can make that narrative who can who can relate that story to the. one world's best result going to be here is going to be yes or no i think it's going to be yes but a week yes i guess a fifty five and the leadership can call itself lucky it was of yelling from the european council on foreign relations thank you very much so the debate continues and log vociferously arguments being made and the result should be nine in the next
4:46 pm
few hours back to you. for the moment that's great thanks very much dominick for an update from. well if you're interested in traditional steam locomotives saw the full towers made of a car no then the model engineering show in london is the place for you there are hundreds of exhibits but many say it's becoming a lost art because of the digital era peter scharf explains. toys for the boys well not exactly this is london showcase of modeling forty five clubs and societies display more than two thousand exhibits but you struggle to find the few in the crowd under the age of sixty. modeling may be on its way to being a bygone art but look what it's produced. it took eiffel twenty seven months to build his tower in paris using eiffel so regional drawings
4:47 pm
colin davis spent over a year to create the precise dimensions of this complex architectural masterpiece the half inch hole spacing for the. is exactly a five foot six inches which is about a height perhaps more challenging in scope and scale the five metre long replica of the royal navy's h.m.s. ark royal dan forty started her in one nine hundred ninety two and finished twenty five years later he served on a similar carrier in the cold war and brought that experience to provide the authentic detail on the flight deck many of these modeling clubs go back to the turn of the century but with the digital age their future can no longer be assured . kids three days top top that some. seem to play computer games all. of it the concept of using your hands and thinking
4:48 pm
chimps have gone very sad. most of the exhibits reinforce a comfortable sense of nostalgia among these ancient modelers the s.s. great britain was launched exactly one hundred seventy five years ago and was the longest passenger ship in the world and naturally in this exhibition the traces the very origin of modeling there's a match to model to show her lines. and then there's this quite bizarre and old favorite with the kids peter shop al jazeera london. well still ahead here sarah and joe will have all of the results from the australian open as the world number two ends a six year drop to stay with us. for centuries egypt the sort to come on power over the mild event alcohol and we aren't
4:49 pm
harming any of them are basically countries they don't mean for most of the day they get their water from rainfall boss upstream this dominance is being challenged by countries who want to agree to share i know some people in nature. on the question then yes this circumstances have changed in a changed quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. the big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in a big book trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air and being seen pinned to realize in witness history in the making.
4:50 pm
it's time for sports history so thank you very much rafael nadal is a step closer to a seventeen grand slam title the world the one. to book a place in the quarter finals of the australian open adel didn't have it all his own way though against shots and he broke him three times before climbing the second set it was the first time the top seeded dropped a set in the tournament but the spaniard found his best form from that point onwards he powered through the last two sets and clinched the match after three hours and fifty one minutes he'll face creations met in chile which in the last day . was a good test and at the same time. i said before i preferred the winning two i was
4:51 pm
done for but being honest. moments like this helps to be more confident in yourself and your body but there was disappointment for home favorite nick carey else he was taken to an epic four sets but eventually beaten by first of all to mitchell to play britain's edmonton made his first grand slam quarter final with the win over and drag their feet. in the women's draw world number two caroline was jackie eased her way into the last eight the dane needed just sixty three minutes to get past like that in a about a copa in straight sets back you'll face and seated spaniard color. in her first quarter final appearance in melbourne in six years. you know right now i can say is that i'm in a good place i think i'm hitting the ball well and everything has been going well the last year and a half or so and it's been good. well girls' first major of the season may still be
4:52 pm
three months away but the current masters champion sergio garcia has begun his season on a winning note the spaniard won the singapore open shooting a three under par sixty eight to finish with a five stroke lead of a show in the wrist and the toshi could dehra who should second place. it's always great to start to start like this there's no doubt that starting with with a win it's always great and to do it here at this golf course. you know against you know it is a good feel here in asia. condition is that when easy and the way i did it it's important so you know hopefully we can read that now the defending super bowl champions the new england patriots are waiting to find out if their star player will be fit to start but a.f.c. title game against the jacksonville jaguars later on sunday quarterback tom brady has injured his throwing hand the five time super bowl winner has never missed a playoff start during his eighteen year career he's limited his workouts in the
4:53 pm
hope of playing in the seventh straight a.f.c. title game but it's a far from optimistic message coming from the pats. are you going to be. talking about. i don't know. if we're going to get ready for jacksonville the best that we can make this is we can for the team to do that so we're going to. the minnesota vikings will be hoping to put an end to the heartbreak when they play the philadelphia eagles the vikings have lost five straight talk going back to nine hundred seventy six spots if they can snap that leasing strange play in their first super bowl in thirty two years an added bonus this is big game is being held on the vikings home ground. are we proud of what we have competition you know how do we have more in front of us. so. you know just like coach said what matters today is how we work and we prepare today.
4:54 pm
get ready to be to be divas. now transfers in top level football are always usually about big money deals and so it's really rare it's a hare or two title rivals agreeing to swap players with no money changing hands but that's exactly what's about to happen between also seen eye to the two clubs have agreed to switch players with strike alexis sanchez moving to united midfielder henrik torrey and going to all snow neither players seem satisfied at their current club so this deal if confirmed off to their medicals could be to everyone's benefit. lebron james is just seven points away from reaching a crate tally of thirty thousand in the n.b.a. his scoring was restricted though against the oklahoma city thunder on saturday the thunder tied the record for the most points scored against changes cleveland cavaliers in a regular season game paul george was the top scorer with thirty six points as aim barest cleveland one hundred forty eight to one hundred twenty four last season's
4:55 pm
eastern conference champions have lost ten of their past fourteen games. that is what it is if i can break on the last one i can break at this point you know and i'm the leader of this team me and i said you know i want to know how we can get some wins and you know that definitely helps but you know i'm just as positive as i came being you guys know me patience is not always been the thing for me but you know no one the rough times that we are right now. just give this team a just it's positive. it's taken two weeks three countries and thousands of kilometers of rough terrain but veteran spanish drive a color science has won the dakar rally for a second time one of the well it's how first off right insurance events ended up in the argentinian city of cordoba. that was waiting to meet the finishes. it's only the taking part that counts for others only victory will do and then there are those off to two grueling weeks to some of the toughest to reign on the
4:56 pm
planet just glad it's. time now to reflect on what might have been for me was a mistake on the role of the circle. to first. in the first state in the city. where we started we just saw so much by the media. more than three hundred cars trucks motor bikes quad bikes and buggies plus a huge support network from around the world covering nine thousand kilometers. environmental challenge and since the race debut in one nine hundred seventy eight seventy competitors and spectators have been killed in accidents. they've worked to improve safety and to protect the routes no one died this year what a relief it must be to being. free and some of the roughest terrain of a weather condition. you take that even.
4:57 pm
this is the tenth year that has been run in south america a supposedly temporary measure after the two thousand and eight race was canceled following the killing of four french tourists on the planned route in mauritania. is the motor capital of argentina and these fans will give it up easily meanwhile the challenge is great for the races as it was in africa to get a little bit lost. it's it's change really really quick but at the moment looks not so bad for me walk no one the motorbike race well the veteran spanish driver carlos signs repeated his two thousand and ten victory in the car category as they pack up dakar two thousand and eighteen planning is already underway the next year's race in south america. argentina. south african
4:58 pm
cyclist darrell m.p. has placed his first race win in more than three years at the tour down under the final stage through the streets about late was won by veteran cyclist andre greipel but m.p. was awarded victory on count back after finishing with the same overall time as a strain is richie porte and i would like us for and i will have more feel a bit later thanks very much and you'll be watching al-jazeera news about with more news on the other side of the break and to learn from jeremy about. rio has big plans to turn its largest favelas into spectacles. but inside the favelas. has big plans such as a. building since the age of twelve untrained yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any at seeing his vision come to light. the pedro and the master plan
4:59 pm
are the concluding part of rebel architecture at this time on al-jazeera this is held. dangerous force vicious where the slightest error means a one way ticket over the. years that he may not come there. may not reach children braving tough conditions facing death at every turn. to experience here. their gamble with their lives just to run and the. risk in its. on how do you know . it's the cheapest rail service in the deol congo the largest country in sub-saharan africa the swallow crosses half the country from lubumbashi to a labor oh it's the only link between remote villages and the outside world. the swallow has been around for more than fifty years like a local bus it stops
5:00 pm
a virtually every station passengers clamber for remaining seats people cram into whatever space they can find. nearly two thousand people all together three times the officially permitted capacity for those who want able to find a place or who can't afford a ticket there's always the roof. travelers have to remain alert a lapse in attention could be fatal. the danger comes not just from above. even at the moderate speed of thirty kilometers an hour a tree branch can cut like a machete. predicting a quick victory turkish present recipe or one while its ground troops launch an offensive against kurdish fighters in northern syria.


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