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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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al jazeera. and. the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. just trying to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary part two people in power at this time on al-jazeera. this is.
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a low i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey launches an operation targeting kurdish forces inside syria the u.s. is calling for restraint. a taliban attack on the intercontinental hotel in kabul finally ends after a sixteen hour gun battle at least eighteen people were killed. tear gas and gunfire in kinshasa security forces killed five people taking part in an anti-government protest. and i've used them as in doha with all the sports news wolf number one rafael nadal remains on cool so glorious the australian open that cross all the other schools talking up to this news are.
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welcome to the news hour our top story the u.s. is urging turkey to use restraint in its operation against kurdish fighters in northern syria turkish soldiers have entered the enclave of a free part of an assault to drive out kurdish people's protection units a y p g talkies president is vying to crush the group which views as a terrorist organization al jazeera stephanie decker reports. the border echoes with the sounds of war turkey's offensive on africa is now well under way the ground operation started on sunday turkish soldiers supporting free syrian army fighters inside syria. turkish president brigitte type edging defiant as he addressed a large crowd in the city of course and. this is a national struggle and in this national struggle to crush anyone who stands against let this be known. it's been
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a week of rhetoric politicians promising that turkey was going to attack a free to rid of the y.p. g. kurdish fighters that i'm pro considers terrorists but they're also the u.s. is best ally on the ground in fighting eisel regardless of international complications turkey is fully committed to this offensive we're in turkey's border with africa and throughout the day we've heard the sound of jets in the sky also intense artillery and machine gun fire outgoing from a turkish base behind that mountain other why p.g. are extremely well trained they know the terrain in offering but turkey has superiority when it comes to the skies and that gives it a huge advantage. belligerence here heard the airstrikes late on saturday as turkey started its offensive and they are a little uneasy. over those. all the way we are right next to the action with planes flying over our heads and there's a lot of shelling of course we are confident that at the end of the day anything could happen shells have already fallen in turkey so we are worried this could
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happen here. turkey says it will continue its operation until it's pushed the why p.g. away from its borders no one knows how long that will take what the implications may be stephanie decker al-jazeera on the turkey syria border. now to our other top story this hour the taliban is saying it was behind an overnight attack on a hotel in the afghan capital which killed at least eighteen people gunmen stormed the intercontinental hotel in kabul on saturday night targeting foreigners and government officials jennifer glass reports from kabul. explosions and gunfire lasted for hours as afghan special forces moved through the hotel guests trapped in their room new sheets and curtains to try to escape the attackers intent on bloodshed and murder. no more down for the weekend there were people and children inside the hotel rooms the attackers were knocking on the door eight room to reach their targets they killed many people and officials told them they were taught that
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in foreigners especially. as the fighting intensified and grenades and gunshots echoed around the hotel some mula high call could only wait for it to end his brother cari hussein was trapped inside and had stopped answering his phone to put up with. them he told me he locked himself in a room it's very difficult with a family member trapped inside and it's tragic and pain free it's something fortunately things happen it's not just about many other people are a travesty and i hope to see him and i hope this fighting in a country ends. on the roof of the hotel afghan soldiers signaled the end of the fighting by waving an afghan flag almost immediately i call her from his brother missy. but marjon was not as lucky a visiting cousin had jumped from a hotel balcony she thought he was alive but couldn't find him in any hospital she says she looked online before discovering who was doing. all i know
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it's difficult to be on afghanistan my cousin lived in holland three came here for just and this tragic incident happened all as afghan forces and international advisers left the area officials headed into the hotel to assess the damage and look for casualties and survivors this is an attack that unfolded in the public eye live on t.v. and watched by hundreds on the streets the afghan president commended afghan security forces saying they'd done all they could to minimize the number of casual . he wants an investigation into how the attackers got into the hotel the question also is how they did so with enough weapons for a sixteen hour siege jennifer glass and al jazeera cover. well for more on this story let's speak to some of he is the senior advisor to the chief executive of afghanistan also the former afghan ambassador to france and canada he joins us live
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from washington d.c. thanks very much for speaking to us so the taliban have claimed to have carried out this attack but you also have a very powerful haqqani network and a branch of i cell operating in afghanistan which group is most likely to have done this well the taliban have claimed responsibility. to the afghan people's eyes there's not much of a difference between these three groups especially between the hakani group and the taliban their corner groups supposed to be a part and parcel of the taliban. one of their main leaders is a deputy to the thought of one leader having said this i think that at this point the afghan people who are very frustrated who are very angry who demand justice in demand accountability. they want to see the government perform its task in his duties i think that they're want an investigation full investigation they want to know what happened why these people were able to reach the hotel and what happened
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with security especially knowing that the u.s. had put out in a murder just a few days ago that major hotels could be targets right so that leads to the question of how there can be such a serious breach of security when it's clear that those who are fighting the americans and the afghan. and the afghan government see the hotel like this as a very clear and attractive target. well one of the reasons why the afghans are very angry and frustrated demand accountability is that this is not the first time this hotel itself has been attacked once before and we have seen over the last few years it's paid off attacks suicide attacks terrorist attacks on soft targets of all kinds from hospitals to universities to mosques and to markets in other places hotels being one of them so the afghan people demand answers and they
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want action they want to make sure that the afghans and afghan government as well as the international allies perform and i think that the afghan government and we can commend the afghan forces for they have done because he performed very well under the circumstances but at the end of the day people think that this should no longer happen it has happened too often has been repeated too often too much blood has been spilled in this mostly civilians and that this is not acceptable anymore. will there in washington d.c. and i'm very interested to get your view on how the administration is going to see all of this because we have seen president with hold aid and funding to pakistan saying that that just not doing enough to crack down on terror organizations on a networks like the haqqani group how might they view this. i think they have
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to take it very seriously you know the americans mr trump have come up with the new strategy per se or saying that they are more serious about going after the main targets that have found safe havens in pakistan they have asked pakistan to take action pakistan. is sort of not doing much different than what it used to do in the past it's passing on the buck to others in shifting responsibility i think the afghan people have always pointed to pakistan as being a source of many of the problems not all the problems with many of the problems in terms of security in afghanistan and the americans now. i'm sure feel the heat and the pressure because the afghans are looking at the americans. plus nato with a presence in afghanistan and commitments that have been made so on one hand it's the afghan government that needs to do more and the other hand the international
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community needs to be more serious about what it is sources where are they coming from who is organizing who is funding who is. training arming in all of this you know unless we find answers and unless we go after those sources we're not going to stop this i'm on and i saw it today as a sign that sadly that the fact seems to be that. the afghan war has come at such a huge human and financial cost yet after all these years some sixteen years later even the capital is seeing such instability do attacks like this one strengthen u.s. resolve or does it make them think that the afghan war is a lost cause. no i think it strengthens resolve across the board we are in a war zone kabul is unfortunately in a war zone it's not secure i think that the afghan institutions including especially intelligence in the security institutions need to be looked into as to
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why it is that they are unable to prevent such attacks are the same time there is there is responsibility on the international community knowing that just recently the security council members were in kabul looking at the situation that they need to be more serious about what is happening now pakistan has huge responsibilities because it is considered to be a safe haven for many of these groups so what needs to be done is the question that diplomats have to take care of as well as the military that is on the ground in afghanistan american military need to afghan military in terms of securing afghanistan further and making sure that the afghan forces are up to the job all right well on our side in washington thank you now jordan's king abdullah has appealed to the u.s. vice president to rebuild trust and confidence after the trumpet ministrations
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decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and says the u.s. still believes in a two state solution to the israel palestine conflict and has arrived in israel is expected to receive a mixed welcome ari force as mill from occupied east jerusalem. on the second leg of his regional visit the u.s. vice president was keen to offer assurances to a major middle east an ally and by extension to the palestinians who refused to meet him on the issue of jerusalem we are committed to continue to respect jordan's role as the custodian of holy sites that we take no position on boundaries in final status those are subject to negotiation and and as i think clearly you are the president make clear the world you know the states of america remains committed if the parties agree to a two state solution through the arab world's public outrage with a recognition by u.s. president donald trump of jerusalem as israel's capital the jordanian king offered a conciliatory tone your visits here i'm sure is to rebuild the trust confidence in
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not only how we move forward two state solution on the us drew forth like sixty seven lice and he's jewish but as a capital of it and a palestinian state but living side by side with a secure recognisance ready course for international peace and that's far from the line being taken by the palestinian leadership its president mahmoud abbas declaring that the u.s. had given it the slap of the century reiterating his position that the u.s. could no longer be involved in the peace process the u.s. vice president isn't meeting the palestinians but he does have a message publicly apparently tailored towards them reiterating u.s. support for a two state solution if that's what both sides agreed to of course for the palestinians that message is entirely overshadowed by what donald trump said over a month ago declaring that the u.s. view jerusalem as israel's capital. but many the messenger himself is part of the problem the shift in u.s. policy with which pence was closely associated was welcomed by his evangelical
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christian base many of whom believe the return of the jews to the holy land is a precursor to jesus' second coming and says they're and gender that is extremist fundamentalist looked. christian absolutist idiology which goes against all the believes and commitments of the arab and palestinian christians and particular and they feel that they have been betrayed by somebody who is kneeling. to mend this injustice using dillard's and as a justification for israelis it's a different picture hence represents a u.s. administration that recognized what they see as an uncontroversial reality jerusalem status is the capital of. a great friend of the state of israel arrives here this evening a true friend united states vice president mike pence we welcome him here and i'm looking forward to our discussions we will discuss the trumpet ministrations
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efforts to hold iran's aggression the iranian nuclear program and ways to advance peace and security in the region. thank you for the warm welcome before leaving jordan for israel pence visited u.s. troops didn't undisclosed location on the syrian border telling the president how the back and that isis would be driven from the earth very soon his next speech would be to the israeli parliament the knesset on monday israeli palestinian representatives have vowed to boycott the event amounts are a force that how does iraq occupied east jerusalem. with a new ally for months to come for you. the goetia president is like negotiating with. lots of finger pointing among politicians in the u.s. over who's to blame for the government shutdown the canny exit. of the here in zimbabwe overshadowed by concerns of the opposition leader's health
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and then later in sports. gets his golf season off to a winning start in singapore these helseth. at least five people have died in anti-government demonstrations organized by catholic church leaders in the democratic republic of congo around sixty nine people have been arrested to protest to say president joseph kabila is violating the constitution by staying in office beyond his term two people were killed during a similar protest in the capital on new year's eve catherine sorie is in contrast so. this streets in the copy talk in shasta has now been cleared but it has been all day a huge presence of police and president the presidential guard against stone throwing protesters we saw priests and washes from this main catholic church in the
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city despotic by police using tear gas as they marched along with their rules are by walls and tweaks in their peaceful protest in the east police lopes tear gas inside a charge several people injured there is while a lot of people are very frustrated with the political situation in the country and they're looking more to the charge for guidance and leadership if you remember the charge brokered this political deal between the opposition and ruling parties back in place to sixteen the deal was to see an election a presidential election in last december that did not happen the deal has expired that's why the catholic church leadership he's so angry and saying that they are going to continue calling on their faithful to come out in peaceful protest. demanding for electoral justice demanding full of politicians to respect the constitution and also for president joseph kabila to peacefully step down because
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he's minded has expired and he is not illegal to run for a third tom. well now the u.s. president says republicans should change the senate rules if a government shutdown continues money for federal agencies was caught off on saturday off to congress failed to pass a funding bill despite a republican party majority so roland jordan is following developments for us from washington and all this certainly punctuates first year in office roslyn what are the prospects for hashing out a deal. not very good mario and in fact the senate has just come back into session with the planned vote to once again try to pass some sort of a continuing resolution or short term budget at about zero six g g m t. on monday it's highly unlikely that this is the second attempt will pass because
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the democrats in the senate have sensually dug in their heels and say that they've been trying to negotiate with the white house and they're not getting anywhere and so they're not going to will yield and give a republicans what they want which are of course things that the report the democrats don't want which is a big change in the way that certain children who were brought to this country by their parents without proper papers are being treated right now in the legal system as well as the funding for very poor children's health insurance they say they're not going to yield on that sense republicans for their part marri him say that democrats are being the obstructionists and that innocent people are going to be hurt so just to be care about this there had been some expectation that lawmakers might be able to reach a deal before monday but as you say the. likelihood of a compromise is not looking at all positive at this point what is can you give us
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a flavor of the conversations that are going on right now between lawmakers. well it's not clear that lawmakers are actually engaged in any robust discussions much less negotiations representatives from both political parties were on the sunday public affairs shows here in the united states and they essentially accused people in the other party of not negotiating in good faith of dragging their feet on passing these funding bills for the health care program for very poor children for dealing with the immigration problem involving the so-called dreamers as well as dealing with the overall funding budget for u.s. government operations and in fact the vice president mike pence while he was visiting u.s. forces on the border between turkey and syria basically used them as a political prop which is something that the u.s. president is not or the vice president are not supposed to do and basically said
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that congressional democrats are basically holding up paychecks for u.s. troops and said that the president and the vice president would do all they could in order to get their pay restored so it's really become a quite vociferous debate there had been some hope that perhaps they could get these issues worked out by the end of the day on monday but it's looking very unlikely right now thanks very much enjoy and with all that a test as that u.s. government shutdown continues. gemini social democrats voted to go into formal talks about a grand coalition with angela merkel's conservatives delegates narrative approved a step at a conference and on some unagi they shouldn't prop up another medical government she's been unable to form a coalition since the elections in september domenic cain reports from dawn. it was a vote with profound implications for the social democrats for germany and perhaps
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the e.u. by a clear but not necessarily large majority martin schulze now has the authority to enter formal negotiations with anglo american the platform slogans proclaimed a new time needs a new politics but on offer was much of the same old government in a wide ranging speech should spelt out why another coalition with miracle was the best option float near zero. believe me this has been easy for anyone but i never doubted for a moment that we should follow the play of the president mitterrand was the way out of this difficult political situation as a social democrat it is my firm conviction that in this exceptional situation we must at least try to drive the outcome for the people of germany and the euro mind . that many in the hall and in the wider party did not agree perhaps the most vocal opposition came from the party's youth movement lloyd has been absolutely i'm sure our people negotiated well it's a reason i and many of those in an outside this room is not happy with olds it's
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not because they did bad work but because after twelve years of anger and eight years of grand coalition we no longer have the same views on result issues this conference is opens up some very clear divisions inside this party between the party leadership and the rank and file between those prepared to compromise and those who aren't and between the younger generation and the older one some analysts believe the current leader has to bear responsibility for what we see what is there he is very good support thought market choice and not it was clear he is. not a party to look at the future i would say i would actually you can call him yesterday's man as of today and yet as of tomorrow schultz will be the leader who takes his divided party formally into negotiations with the christian democrats but the final deal which then emerges must be passed by a ballot of the entire party membership and if sunday's vote is anything to go by
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that may not be easy dominic cain al-jazeera bon well as welcome the s.p. days decision to go ahead with the coalition talks saying they'll start as soon as possible. once is the fun. for us it's important in the coalition talks that germany has a stable government that can deal with issues facing us in the future for me vicki issues include economic strength especially the necessary changes that we need in this is. as the foundation for social justice and security the negotiations will be within the framework of the preliminary agreement already reached with the social democrats many issues remain to be resolved in detail and much shorter require intensive discussions on a living to zimbabwe where the opposition m.d.c. alliance is holding its first rally of the year but concerns are growing about the health of the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai president of the zanu p.f. as promised old elections within five months long time leader robert mugabe was
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forced out of office in november by the army. is an f. west just outside the capital harare. leaders in the case say there. is going to be to president. take place in a few months time. take it. outside the country at a hospital getting treated some. they'd be to participate in elections will they take place. in the light and say here is. candidates no matter what. our candidates and when we're going to play chords we need to be with these like. but in the unlikely event that is. the the there are leaders there are leaders there. we have to give our people in fighting chance
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some people are also concerned about. opposition alliance the crowd is a couple of hundred meet will easily in the positive manage to do a lot better because people who are entitled. the opposition over the issue was a certain race so i get out if he's no longer able to read it and it's not me not to be elections we told him it's not the moment you become a citizen not threaten to leave that's not everything the swirling model not if they're not the ones put onto the internet and business is a lot at stake the only opposition the line is not publicly expending is that what is everything is ok because they want to talk about it back in the country so you know right before the elections again come out of the terminal that they're going to also not at the bottom of the watching al-jazeera still have this hour we're going to be live in peru at francis is choose to fly home because the whole trip been overshadowed by a scandal in chile. was in two thousand exhibit spot an uncertain future for this
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modeling ox. and in sport good bounces back from injury to claim the world cup super g. time. hello again we'll start by looking at weather conditions across levant and western parts of asia across these eastern areas where the conditions are looking pretty quiet at the moment we've got an area of low pressure developing your own turkey and through and toward cyprus and that's going to bring some unsettled conditions through across eastern parts of turkey some really heavy rain we're going to see some snow fall that extending across more so than areas as well and some heavy rain across parts of syria through into lebanon which is sixteen degrees as a high in beirut so they had southwards in through reagan pincher we have had quite windy conditions some lifted dust blowing down on the strong winds but that wind is
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easing down over the next twenty four hours so certainly by the time of birth through to choose day very light winds around the gulf states men get a bit of fog coming back once again on the other side of the printer is looking fine there for mecca medina with temperatures twenty nine and twenty five respectively across into southern portions of africa and we've got you see some clouds are giving the threat of some rain for cape town and across other areas further towards the east johannesburg and durban should be largely dry and fine and then we've got heavy rain across parts of mozambique tanzania seen plenty of showers and heavy showers the center crossed northern parts of zimbabwe into zambia but lusaka should be largely dry ice of twenty nine. for centuries egypt has soared to come on power over the nile event out of the way on harming any of them out of place in a country they don't mean for most of the day they get their water from rainfall
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boss upstream this dominance is being challenged by countries who want to agree to share and i know some people make your. own question that yes this circumstances have changed and it turned quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. and london pointed well on the. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war.
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back with the news outlets update you on our top stories turkish troops have entered the northern syrian enclave of a freend to drive out kurdish y.p. g. forces united states is urging turkey to exercise restraint and avoid civilian casualties. the taliban says it was behind an overnight attack on a luxury hotel in the afghan capital in which at least eighteen people were killed though the toll is expected to rise. and five people have died in anti-government demonstrations organized by catholic church leaders in the democratic republic of congo. where pope francis is due to lead a final mass in lima as his tour of south america comes to an end up to
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a million people are expected to attend an airbase in peru's capital ahead of the mass the pope met local bishops and nuns are on a sanchez has been following the pope's visit and joins us now from lima and there seems to be a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the pope's trip to peru what's how would you describe the general reception. will marry and i think the pope has. as you say had a great reception here but he's been a very very political in his speeches during his four day visit here from going to the amazon and telling people telling the indigenous groups that they must protect their culture in order to protect the environment also condemning the elite trade of gold and lumber and so long that it generates human trafficking in that area social spoken about fighting crime in three where
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there's a lot of. but growing gangs in the northern part of peru but also i think it's important to highlight that the pope has spoken about corruption among politicians and left in america and sitting next to the president has been a local chinese people spoke about corruption. that the president and president hu to see being investigated by the carwash investigation where the brazilian construction giant all the rich apparently gave you money and so on and so the pope has been indeed very political but what he hasn't spoken about has been the sex abuse scandals by clergymen here in her room the vatican has ordered a very powerful leader of a powerful religious organization to stay in the vatican who's been protected by the vatican while prosecutors want him here for
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a second for abusing children in this organization of the sled. and so the pope hasn't spoken about that and there has been of course criticism about that. just briefly. there was a real sense in chile that people was stung by the comments the pope made about the sex abuse scandal you mention is that in danger of really overshadowing this whole trip. i think it has an endangered of it has overshadowed the trip in general possibly the comments by the pope or just before he left it to you live when he said that he didn't know that because that's key that there was no proof that this bishop was covering up a paedophile priest. has really overshadowed this trip and this specially house. has produced
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a very negative reaction in chile worked. people have been arrested them in protests including churches burned by an essential as in lima thanking. the separatist leaders in indian administered kashmir are marking the twenty eighth anniversary of an indian security crackdown that killed fifty two civilians and injured more than two hundred fifty of us the government has imposed restrictions on people's movement as victoria gate b reports. that separatist leaders gather to remember the victims of the cool kids massacre in one thousand nine hundred thousands of kashmiris defied a curfew and took part in a protest march they shouted independence slogans and threw stones at indian soldiers indian security forces responded by shooting at the crowd separatist leaders say their communities continue to face injustice the demand the right of
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self determination as are the from the indian occupation they need a military in and government has oppressed the crash media's on every front and all at all places they have done these massacres curry got might survive the girl could down massacre he was a regional government employee on duty at the time and saw people being killed around him the officer came towards me with a stun gun in his hand then i got up i told him don't shoot i am an officer on duty yet without listening to me he fired at me queer breast or bullets in the magazine he wrote about me then i had blacks all around me then i fell down and lawyers say the massacre is one of many mass killings for which no one has been brought to justice. or really disappointed by the system of the institutions here have norville and determination on the concrete more than the one
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hundred years do you want to you know absolve them from the crimes against humanity to come to me yet. for decades indian administered kashmir has been at the center of a muslim separatist movement against india ru separatist groups of fighting for the indian administered portion of kashmir to become independent victoria gate to be al jazeera sixty nine children are now known to have died from an outbreak of nis else in indonesia's papa province according to a local official just one of the diseases that is rampant in a region where malnutrition is a major problem a step vast and reports. a very sad and very serious health crisis here and perhaps why the military has even been called in to rescue babies from starvation they are fairly seriously undernourished and that's why they're carrying a vulnerable police leaders like needles chicken pox they're basically dying of chicken pox and needles right now but also malaria but it's
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a fairly it's very remote part of indonesia and basically takes twenty four hours to travel from the capital to where i am right now it takes a big plane small plane both you can get to this position so a lot of people here are very much battling the remoteness or the military doesn't even have the capacity or the manpower to go to all these remote villages so a lot of people say the amount of children dying is a lot higher than what we know right now from church officials say it isn't twice or three times higher than the numbers that we are receiving right now and what the government is doing is now in emergency response for around four weeks and then they will evaluate again so a lot of medical staff from the capital and also from out of parts have been flown in and also food is a right in here but officials here are saying that a much more long term solution is needed because the aftermath people basically lost their traditions there's very much a tribe that has been living in nature for
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a very long time now through their contact with the outside world the basically giving the wrong nutrition to their babies some people have to have been telling me that they're actually getting energy drinks instead of milk to the very small infants so of course a lot of problems that need a long term and much more structural solution and many here are worried that the emergency response will finish the military and the how to pitch a pillow go home and then the problem will still exist. thousands of people have taken to the streets in northern greece to call for the republic of macedonia to change its name protest to say their neighbors can't use macedonia as it's also the name of a province the two countries have been locked in dispute over the name ever since macedonia declared independence from yugoslavia in one thousand nine hundred one he says objections have left macedonia without an officially recognized name means the country can join international organizations like nato. at least one person has died in fighting between protesters and police in honduras as demonstrations
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continue against the reelection of president on orlando hernandez defeated opposition candidate salvador not traitors on the streets of the capital to. a q.c. authorities are manipulating the results of november's election dozens of people have been killed and hundreds more jailed since one thousand as was declared the winner last month. business leaders in gaza say the economy is on the verge of collapse with unemployment soaring and sales falling they've called a strike to highlight their plight imran khan reports from gaza city. on monday this busy shopping district will also island as workers and businesses join the strike and it's not just here shops factories restaurants and hotels are all expected to take polls across the gaza strip. clothes machines will be turned off and work will stop from eight in the morning to six hours the strips of main commercial organization called the strike. we wish through these strikes and the
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message to all that is it is international leaders and to the united nations the gaza strip will collapse and and we need immediate help if the economy collapses impacts everywhere health education and whole services. business been a listening and they want to take part they say things are getting desperate and there's no money in the economy. all god's eye will be closed we will be on strike and we want the world to listen to know our suffering and help us to find a solution gaza is reaching breaking point. but any impact of the strike outside of gaza is likely to be small whether the international community and the world are going to listen or not but i think this is a direct message to israel who is besieging and blockading the gaza strip to pay attention to what is happening in terms of the humanitarian crisis that is happening here in gaza for more than ten years the gaza strip has been under siege
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by israel he controls what gets in and out and restricts everything from consumer goods to construction materials is all says it won't lift the siege on gaza until hamas now mass used to rule the strip up until recently but now it's under the control of the palestinian authority and i says it won't disarm until the end of the occupation now the strike is likely to have an impact only have an impact on israel it's unlikely because of the hard line position they take iran card al-jazeera gaza city. and i love volcano papa new guinea has a rapid again triggering tsunami warnings for nearby coastal communities plumes of steam and ash being shot into the air from the cut of island by flights have also been cancelled volcano first erupted earlier this month causing thousands of people to flee from surrounding islands papa new guinea said on the pacific ring of fire an area of intense seismic activity. of course that's all that's all
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the two will have the results we'll stray and open as the world number two and a six year drought. this year's sundance film festival which is costing a critical eye on a key global issues. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world we need more and find professionals to talk carroty is to model ways that new generation to study finds powerful documentaries debates and discussions as prime minister you do need to be critical of of all massaging in all sexes a challenge of perceptions the contours of this story are shaped by the interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better marketer than bill gates apple is going to reinvent stuff all the old made software what it is to train the world to high tech visionaries breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face at this time on al-jazeera. now traditional steam locomotives oh i feel how it's made of mcconnell just some of the exhibits on display at the model engineering show happening right here in
9:45 pm
london there are hundreds of exhibits and many here to see them but the future of modeling is still facing an uphill struggle as peter shop reports. toys for the boys well not exactly this is london showcase of modeling forty five clubs and societies display more than two thousand exhibits but you struggle to find the few in the crowd under the age of sixty modeling may be on its way to being a by gone on record is produced. it took eiffel twenty seven months to build his town or paris using eiffel so riginal drawings colin davis spent over a year to create the precise dimension of this complex architectural masterpiece the hof inch hole spacing for the macondo is exactly a five foot six inches which is about off height perhaps more challenging in scope
9:46 pm
and scale the five metre long replica of the royal navy's h.m.s. oc royal dan forty started tearing ninety ninety two and finished twenty five years later he served on a similar carrier in the cold war and brought that experienced with the authentic detail on the flight deck many of these modeling clubs go back to the turn of the century but with the digital age their future can no longer be assured. that kids raised a top top. off and seem to play computer games all the time and that the concept of using your hands and thinking chips have gone very sad. most of the exhibits reinforce a comfortable sense of nostalgia among these ancient. the s.s. great britain was launched exactly one hundred seventy five years ago and was the
9:47 pm
longest passenger ship in the world and naturally in this exhibition the traces the very origin of modeling there's a matchstick model to show her lines. and then there's this quite bizarre and old favorite with the kids. al-jazeera london. time now with. marion thank you very much indeed tennis first up and world number one a raffle adele is a step closer to a seventeenth the grand slam title the spaniard beat argentina's diego schwartzman to book a place in the quarter finals of this year's australian open in melbourne in his home and reports there's little that can stop rafael nadal when he's in his best form and argentina's diego schwartzman appeared to have the steepest of challenges ahead of him. after winning the first set six the raid nidal suddenly appeared
9:48 pm
human in the second schwartzman the twenty fourth seed took a set off the world number one the first time in this tournament. but that was the last of his victories the da powered through the last two sets six three six three eventually prevailing in three hours and fifty one minutes. was a good test. at the same time. i said before i preferred the winning two hours and four but being honest. moments like this helps to be more confident in yourself in your body. the often controversial nick kerry also charmed local a strongly and fans in his run to the round of sixteen. was he basing his ball garion upon it grigor dimitrov to win the brisbane international two weeks earlier but there would be no repeat performance as the third seed
9:49 pm
prevailed after four tough sets the forty two year wait for an a strongly in men's champion in melbourne will continue. to me trials next aparna will be great britain's kyle edmund the world number forty nine secured his first appearance in a grand slam quarter final with the force of victory over italy's andreas seppi. was you have to believe it i mean that's was. them in the quarter finals because of a toll on the corner and playing a believe i'm going to win and caroline wozniacki will feature in the quarter finals in melbourne for the first time in six years the day needed just sixty three minutes to get past mentally never barrack obama in straight sets watching he actually could possibly find the world number one ranking with victory over spain's carlos juarez navarro in the last eight relays home and al-jazeera. the other matches played on sunday i'm sore crower to meringue chill it shows become spaniard
9:50 pm
pub look at on your in four sets and in the women's draw carlos waters novato be to stoney and the consummate and number four seed and you know certainly not all of ukraine had little trouble seeing off denise or a leftover of the czech republic. and then go from tottenham cost them a chance to catch up on the top four in the english premier league as they drew with southampton on sunday they haven't seen sanchez hit the back of his own net in the fifteenth minute to put southampton ahead but it was harry came to the rescue with the equaliser just three minutes later this was his ninety ninth premier league goal tottenham come away with just a point and remain fifth in the table transfers in top level football are often about big money deals and so it's rare to hear of two title rivals agreeing to swap players with no money changing hands but that's exactly what's about to happen between arsenal and manchester united the two clubs have agreed to switch players
9:51 pm
with striker alexis censures moving to united and midfielder henrik tyrion going to arsenal neither player seems satisfied at their current club so this deal if it's confirmed after their medicals could be to everyone's benefit european germans real madrid have dished out a beating of note in the spanish league they are struggling in fourth position on the table but they took out all their frustrations on deportivo la coruna on sunday not to offend them there's a gareth bale and christiane i remember all scored twice in a seven one annihilation deportivo actually lead one to lead one stage for five points behind the lengthier who were third but they do have a game in hand. rails. and celta vigo are on the pitch right now as we speak the second half kicked off a few minutes ago. and legalists drew two two earlier and later on barcelona the league leaders of the visitors at vale bit. the defending super bowl champions
9:52 pm
the new england patriots are waiting to find out if their star player will be fit to start in the a.f.c. title game against the jacksonville jaguars later on sunday quarterback tom brady has injured he's throwing hand of the five time super bowl winner has never missed a playoff start during his eighteen year career he is limited who has limited ease workouts in the hope of playing in his team's seventh straight day of c. title game but it's a far from optimistic message coming from the pats. are you going to be. talking about. don't don't don't don't. think. we're going to get ready for jacksonville do the best that we can and make those decisions we can for the team to do that so that's all we're going to the minnesota vikings will be hoping to put in in the years of our break when they play the philadelphia eagles the vikings have lost five straight title games going back to nine hundred seventy six but if they can snap that losing streak they'll play in
9:53 pm
their first super bowl in thirty two years and as a bonus this year's big game is being held at the vikings home ground. a retread of what we have competition. how do we have more in front of us. so. you know just like coach said that matters to day is how we work we prepare today. get ready to beat us. rory mcilroy says he's happy to be back playing golf after recovering from a rib injury but the four time major champion didn't quite have a fairy tale ending to his return in abu dhabi the former world number one hasn't won a title since september twenty sixth in but he put in a solid performance to finish in a share of good place out in front was defending champion tommy fleetwood the european number one rolled in five birdies on the back nine to make it back to back victories at this course finishing two strokes ahead of ross fisher.
9:54 pm
and golf first major of the season may still be three months away but the current masters champion sergio garcia has begun the season on a winning note the spaniard won the singapore open shooting a three under par sixty eight to finish with a five stroke lead over shaun norris and satoshi good data to she'd second place. it's always great to start to start like this there's no doubt that starting with with a win it's always great to do it here at this golf course. you know against. a good feel here in asia in conditions that when easy and the way they did it it's important so you know hopefully we can write that. suicide skier lara goods has won the final world cup super g. race before the winter olympic games groups made up for lost time he spent the last eleven months recovering from knee surgery it was her twenty fourth world cup win and moved to the top of the rankings in the super g. conditions in italy were inside your home there were several crashes the worst of
9:55 pm
which involved austria is named dean faced who had to be stretchered off for after picking up a suspected new injury from versus last. sweden sander naslund germany's paul eckert have won the men's and women's ski cross world cup finals respectively for naslund the win in canada means the remains she remains at the top of the overall world cup leaderboard well it could two is eleven for men's overall standings managed to come in ahead of australia's across the vast and overall leader mark busch of virgo who finished third and that's all the sport is back to merriam in london now lee thanks very much peter our sundance film festival is the world's leading showcase for independent films and it's underway in the us filmmakers around the world use the festival as a platform to tackle difficult subjects ranging from political leadership environment and the human condition rob reynolds looked at some of this year's founds. at
9:56 pm
a time of rising nationalism and rising oceans. almost unchecked capitalism and individual isolation the films at sundance reflect the arrow we live in a. new president is a film about the election of donald trump as u.s. president told entirely through excerpts from russian television reports and clips from russian social media. timeshares a mexican movie about luxury resort. guests caught up in a corporate conspiracy at the horrific comedy stephanie speaks about like globalization and just like cat savage capitalism it's you know a critique on what we think you know we need to be happy filmmaker sebastian hoffman reflects on how mexican media views trump who called immigrants from his country rapists and criminals i think through humor i mean i think you know we
9:57 pm
think of donald trump as this you know crazy but the biggest clown in the world and everything that's happening everything it's like a big circus the trump administration's rejection of climate change science is in the background of a note are about the people of the pacific island nation of here about facing destruction from rising water the climate change for me i saw always been about whose lives are being affected by what is happening former president no to tone. with the policy of america but what about the rest sometimes wonder in my mind. but if i was to extend that policy is to america first then the rest be damned but the question isn't the challenge that i continue to pose for the international community's news i you're going to allow this to happen to us. just devastated amid multiple crises looming disasters and personal tragedies how can an individual respond when answer is sadness the theme of pity a film from greece about
9:58 pm
a man who is happy only when he is unhappy and independent films are casting a critical law on the world as we know it and asking where we're going robert oulds park city utah. for myself and for this news outlet my colleague judy macdonald will be with you in just a couple of minutes with a full but it's that he's stay with al-jazeera. facing realities growing up going to do you realize that you were living in
9:59 pm
a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the million maher government calls you a gringo the terrorist hear their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. i mean this is different not just whether someone is going for someone's favorite. trick i think it's how you approach an official and that's it is a certain way of doing it you can't just. inject a story in tryouts. this is held sway over the most dangerous force in the vicious way the slightest error means a one way ticket over the realities that you men are coming back to more homes we may not reach the children braving tough conditions facing death at every turn. to experience fear trailers up the gamble with their lives just to punish. risking it
10:00 pm
all on al-jazeera. when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds up to date just what president stated in all countries that is not the other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. checking launches a ground offensive against kurdish forces in syria the u.s. calls for restraint.


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