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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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i'm on al jazeera world. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in. something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone. often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us that's what i think we really do well. this is al-jazeera. all of them julie macdonald this is the news hour live from london coming up. in
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the grand offensive against kurdish forces in syria the u.s. calls for restraint. a taliban attack on a hotel in kabul ends after a sixteen hour gun battle eighteen people are killed. tear gas and gunfire kinshasa security forces killed five people taking part in an anti government called tests. in the port appears to wrap up the most controversial visit of his papacy. and argue the same as in doha with all your sports news world number one rafael nadal remains on course for glory at the australian open back plus all the other schools coming up into this news hour. with very warm welcome to the program the u.s. is calling for restraint from turkey and its operation against kurdish fighters in
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northern syria and soldiers have entered the enclave of affray in part of an assault to drive a kurdish people's protection unit so why p.g.d. turkey's prime minister says the aim is to create a thirty kilometer safe so staff dekker reports from the turkey syria border. the border echoes with the sounds of war turkey's offensive on africa is now well under way the ground operation started on sunday turkish soldiers supporting free syrian army fighters inside syria. turkish president dredger type edging defiant as he addressed a large crowd in the city of. this is a national struggle and then this national struggle to crush anyone who stands against us let this be known. it's been a week of rhetoric politicians promising that turkey was going to attack a free to rid of the y.p. g. kurdish fighters that i'm proud considers terrorists but they're also the u.s.
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is best ally on the ground in fighting eisel regardless of international complications turkey is fully committed to this offensive we're in turkey's border with africa and throughout the day we've heard the sound of jets in the sky also intense artillery and machine gun fire outgoing from a turkish base behind that mountain other why p.g. are extremely well trained they know the terrain in offering but turkey has superiority when it comes to the skies and that gives it a huge advantage. belligerence here heard the airstrikes late on saturday as turkey started its offensive and they are a little uneasy. or. although we are right next to the action with planes flying over our heads and there's a lot of shelling of course we are confident that at the end of the day anything can happen shells have already fallen in turkey so we are worried this could happen here. turkey says it will continue its operation until it's pushed the y. p.g.
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away from its borders no one knows how long that will take what the implications may be. stephanie decker on the turkey syria border. well let's speak not to fear as much said he's the junk professor at george washington university there is a very warm welcome to the program what are you thoughts on turkey's coverage moves in the free well julie i think turkey is in a tough place it hasn't been going well for president or to one in syria it has been going well not only because of american support for the kurdish militias there but also because commitments russia to turkey as part of a deescalation zone in flip also those promises have not been kept so president urged one who you know subscribes to very nationalistic brand of politics is feeling squeezed and feeling the need to react and i think this is part of that reaction so far as is what you're saying is that patni this is about putting a strong message out to his. turkish audience at home
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there is certainly a domestic component to all the rhetoric coming out of turkey and even here in washington there is an understanding of why president to one needs to conduct this military operation in fact i would go as far as saying and there there might be even a tacit acceptance that as long as turkish troops remain on the west bank if the euphrates river but washington might decide to look the other way and not come to the assistance of its kurdish allies on the ground now if turkey decides to cross the river to the east side that's a whole different story because that's where u.s. national interests are at stake so why does. turkey keith u.s. see the y p g as a national security threat. well you know there is a considerable kurdish minority in turkey and the white b.g. is kurdish militia operating in syria quite a significant one in fact one that washington thinks is the most military
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militarily reliable ally on the ground and so naturally the turks are worried that you know the why p.g.d. which are loosely affiliated with the p k k the kurdish terrorist group within turkey that that would bleed over would lead to unrest within turkey itself and we know don't we feel less that the u.s. side of things and then see us every policy must be viewed just complementary to the iran strategy so how does all of this fit together well listen i think washington after quite some time for president trump coming into office articulated a syria policy one that aims to preserve u.s. gains in syria the u.s. had been involved in trying to push isis out and now that they have they want to hold on to the territory that they and their allies have and also to try and put some pressure on iran in syria financial pressure because the iranian spent up to
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fifty billion dollars a year in supporting the assad regime and that territory that the u.s. is holding on to is very rich in natural resources including oil there's the euphrates down and there's also a very culturally rich land in that area so this is part of a broader geo political calculus for washington why they want to remain in that part of syria here as much that they're joining me from washington d.c. if there is thank you the taliban says it was behind an overnight attack on a luxury hotel in the afghan capital which killed at least eighteen people gunman still on the intercontinental hotel in kabul on saturday night time to sing for a nice government officials jennifer glass reports from kabul. explosions and gunfire lasted for hours as afghan special forces moved through the hotel guests trapped in their room new sheets and curtains to try to escape the attackers intent on bloodshed and murder or to have known way out for the weekend there were people
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and children inside the hotel rooms the attackers were knocking on the door ate room to reach their targets they killed ordinary people and officials told them they were taught that in foreigners especially. as the fighting intensified and grenades and gunshots echoed around the hotel some mula high call could only wait for it to end his brother cari hussein was trapped inside and had stopped answering his phone to put up with. them he told me he locked himself in a room it's very difficult with a family member trapped inside and it's tragic and painful it's unfortunate that these things happen it's not just sort of many other people are a travesty and i hope to see him and i hope this fighting in a country aids. on the roof of the hotel afghan soldiers signaled the end of the fighting by waving an afghan flag almost immediately i called her from his brother to say. but marjon was not as lucky a visiting cousin had jumped from
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a hotel balcony she thought he was alive but couldn't find him in any hospital she says she looked online before discovering. that all i know it's difficult to be on afghanistan my cousin lived in holland three came here for just a and it's a tragic incident happened all as afghan forces and international advisers left the area officials headed into the hotel to assess the damage and look for casualties and survivors this is an attack that unfolded in the public eye live on t.v. and watched by hundreds on the streets the afghan president commended afghan security forces saying they'd done all they could to minimize the number of casual . he wants an investigation into how the attackers got into the hotel the question also was how they did so with enough weapons for a sixteen hour siege jennifer glass al-jazeera called. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour less than march from being closed as the senate meets to
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trying to end the shutdown before the start of the working week. germany social democrats vote for talks about forming a coalition with angela markel but their leader faces criticism for changing his strategy and its forward servia garcia says quote season two a good start in singapore details coming up in sport. at least six people have been killed and several injured following crashes between police and protesters in democratic republic of congo organized by leaders of the catholic church sure angry at the delay of presidential election their president joseph could be as final term expired back in twenty sixteen catherine sawyer reports from the capital kinshasa. after morning mass at the main
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catholic church in kinshasa washee peers begin their latest protest march carrying twigs their rosaries and bibles they are angry that a charge broke a political deal between the ruling and opposition parties that could have seen a presidential election held last december has not been on that they did not go far police had blocked the road refusing to allow them to move forward and when the marches stood their ground this happened. police and presidential guard against stone throwing parties to us several people were killed others injured some with gunshot wounds to the obviously we have the right to much we were following the instructions. it was a piece of protest but the police would not let us. in the east of the country police gas inside this church the service had just ended and the faithful are about to start the artist several people here also injured no not one of the nobody i
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don't respect people's rights. is even take us into the church will not accept kabila he must go his mandate is over. a new year's eve there was similar violent confrontations during demonstrations a little bit. this is the beginning of the kinds of remember the killed six people in december logically people should have been afraid but it's the country that is happening now so this pressure is going to increase. that the government says the protests are equal does and opposition politicians and ceased they will not give up their demand for change. this road in the city has now been cleared by police but it's still very very tense people here are very frustrated about the political situation and saying that they have lost confidence in the plan. to show the political system and that's why we're looking forward to the catholic charge to
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provide guidance and leadership in this difficult political time. for the membership of close to half of the congolese population the catholics chart is hugely significant and many people hope it may be the catalyst that will finally see a free fair and credible election without president joseph kabila in the running catching saw. jordan's king abdullah has appealed to the u.s. vice president to rebuild trust and confidence after the trumpet ministrations decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital mike pence says the u.s. still believes in a two state solution to the israel palestine conflict and says arrived in israel where he's expected to receive a mixed welcome farrah fawcett has more now from occupied east jerusalem. on the second leg of his regional visit the u.s. vice president was keen to offer assurances to a major middle east an ally and by extension to the palestinians who refused to
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meet him on the issue of jerusalem we are committed to continue to respect jordan's role as the custodian of holy sites that we take no position on boundaries in final status those are subject to negotiation and and as i make clear to us the president made clear the world you know states america remains committed if the parties agree to a two state solution through the arab world's public outrage with a recognition by u.s. president donald trump ob jerusalem as israel's capital the jordanian king offered a conciliatory tone your visits here i'm sure is to rebuild the trust confidence in not only how we move forward with two state solution on the us drew forth like sixty seven lives and he's jewish as a capital opening up and a palestinian state but living side by side with a secure recognisance ready course for internationals yet he said that's far from the line being taken by the palestinian leadership its president mahmoud abbas declaring that the u.s.
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had given it the slap of the century reiterating his position that the u.s. could no longer be involved in the peace process the u.s. vice president isn't meeting the palestinians but he does have a message publicly apparently tailored towards them reiterating u.s. support for a two state solution if that's what both sides agreed to of course for the palestinians that message is entirely overshadowed by what donald trump said over a month ago declaring that the u.s. view jerusalem as israel's capital. but many of the messenger himself is part of the problem the shift in u.s. policy with which pence was closely associated was welcomed by his evangelical christian base many of whom believe the return of the jews to the holy land is a precursor to jesus' second coming and says and gender that is extremist fundamentalist looked. absolutist idiology which goes against all the believes and commitments of the arab and palestinian christians and particular and
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they feel that they have been betrayed by somebody who is dealing with them to mend this injustice using dillard's and as a justification for israelis it's a different picture hence represents the u.s. administration to recognize what they see as an uncontroversial reality jerusalem status is the capital of your view. a great friend of the state of israel arrives here this evening a true friend united states vice president mike pence we welcome him here and i'm looking forward to our discussions we will discuss the trumpet ministrations efforts to hold iran's aggression the iranian nuclear program and ways to advance peace and security in the region. thank you for the warm welcome before leaving jordan for israel pence visited u.s. troops didn't undisclosed location on the syrian border telling the president had back that isis would be driven from the earth very soon his next speech would be to the israeli parliament the knesset on monday israeli palestinian representatives
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about to boycott the event a mass was it how does he or occupied east jerusalem. with the u.s. government shutdown for second day republicans and democrats in the senate have been trading blame for the deadlock republican majority leader mitch mcconnell said the democrats had been wrong to buckle temporary funding bill but he said he didn't agree with president trump that the senate will change so a budget could pass with just a simple majority chum says the republicans should use the so-called nuclear option if the stalemate continues. we all know in the front of the minority. report that right moment after point of view but the question is what areas are. on friday the democratic leader made a huge schrödinger and destructive choice to filibuster our bipartisan bill and guarantee the american people a shutdown of their federal government americans know why the dysfunction is
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occurring dysfunctional president hence we are in a trump shutdown and party leaders who won't act without. it is created the chaos and the gridlock we find ourselves in today it all really stems from the president mike has been following developments for us in washington so mike is congress any closer to finding a way out of this well the divisions still seem irretrievable within the senate those discussions continuing there the one point of no two was that the mitch mcconnell the senate leader and the minority leader chuck schumer were seen on the senate floor having a conversation in the course of the off to noon now that's the first time they are known to have spoken since friday whether that is an inch forward well we'll see in
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the next few hours the other thing is that there is a group of moderate bipartisan senators who are trying to get a compromise deal together this numbers some twenty members it would appear they've been talking on the sidelines holding informal meetings to try and get some compromise solution together and then give it to the senate majority leader in an attempt to get that particular a bill voted on in the course of the off to noon if all else fails or mitch mcconnell is insistent that the vote is going to go ahead at one eight in the morning eastern time he says that will happen if there is no vote before and might get how damaging is this going to be or could this be for the president. well it could prove very damaging indeed because the people of both sides of the senate have been asking the president to get more directly involved now we do know that he has been speaking to republican leaders in the course of the past forty
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eight hours he canceled his trip to a fund raising dinner at his florida club but at the same time critics are pointing out that he hasn't attempted to reach out on a bipartisan level to summon the speaker of congress the minority leader in congress along with the senate leader and the minority senate leader for direct face to face talks also critics point out that the latest stumble in this whole attempt to get a compromise funding deal happened on the eleventh of january when president trump did hold a meeting of bipartisan leaders on the issue of immigration that meeting ended in chaos after president trump allegedly used disparaging words about if the host country of a number of immigrants or within the united states that was a last attempt at any bipartisan deal to actually get the funding through from that level of the president he has been as i said been in touch with republicans but as
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yet no attempt it would appear in the last forty eight hours to reach out to the democrat side remembering as well that his meeting on friday with the democratic leader in the senate chuck schumer also in in it appears confusion schumer thinking he had a deal having made concessions he said all of a sudden he gets a phone call from the chief of staff saying that president trump no longer once that deal even though press senator schumer insisted that the president had accepted it so there is a great deal of confusion a great deal of anger and for better or for worse president trump is going to be pulled into the post mortem that we are going to see if the shutdown does continue into this coming week i can live their life in washington d.c. mike thanks. generally social democrats are voted to go into formal talks about forming a coalition with angela merkel's conservatives want to delegates now really approved the step at a conference in hong some had argued that they shouldn't prop up another american
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government so mccain reports now from. it was a vote with profound implications for the social democrats for germany and perhaps the e.u. by a clear but not necessarily large majority martin schultz now has the authority to enter formal negotiations with anglo american the platform slogans proclaimed a new time needs a new politics but on offer was much of the same old government in a wide ranging speech should spelt out why another coalition with merkel was the best option lock me up. believe me this hasn't been easy for anyone but i never doubted for a moment that we should follow the play of the president mitterrand was the way out of this difficult political situation as a social democrat here's my fame conviction that in this exceptional situation we must at least try to provide the outcome for the people of germany and the euro mind. that many in the hall and in the wider party did not agree perhaps the most
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vocal opposition came from the party's youth movement lloyd has been absolutely i'm sure people negotiated well it's a reason i and many of those in an outside this room is not happy with his olds it's not because they did bad work but because after twelve years of anger and eight years of grand coalition we no longer have the same views on resultant issues this conference is opens up some very clear divisions inside this party between the party leadership and the rank and file between those prepared to compromise and those who aren't and between the younger generation and the older one some analysts believe the current leader has to bear responsibility for what we see it as though he is very support thought mocking the source and not sisters clearly is. not a part of the look at the future i would say i would actually even call him a yesterday's man as of today and yet as of tomorrow schultz will be the leader who
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takes his divided party formally into negotiations with the christian democrats but the final deal which then emerges must be passed by a ballot of the entire party membership and if sunday's vote is anything to go by that may not be easy dominic cain al-jazeera. well angela merkel's welcome the s.p.v. s. decision to go ahead with coalition talks saying they'll start as soon as possible . once is that is quality ones for the story. for us it's important and the coalition talks that germany has a stable government that can deal with the issues facing us in the future for me became issues include economic strength especially the necessary changes that we need and it's age as the foundation for social justice and security the negotiations will be within the framework of the preliminary agreement already reached with the social democrats many issues remain to be resolved in detail and that's sure to require intensive discussions. well to talk more about what's going
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on in germany i'm joined now by leo poole trial got he's a policy analyst at the think tank open europe leopold very warm welcome to the program thanks for your company so we've got a cautious step here towards talks but we can see from the party conference you know from those in the youth part of the party that they seem unsure but nonetheless they're happening yes it was quite a tough debate when you saw a time when it would be very close call it what you saw no forty four percent opposed entering collision negotiations which normally the formula to vote in germany so even though the new coalition will not come into place was certain to be tough for the democrats and some of the party opposes them being there in the first place what's going on these are the the view of the german public around this kind of loop the loop of coalitions i mean we heard. kevin i think i think is his surname saying you know we seem to be stuck in this continual loop of coalition building and we're losing our identity we're losing our values but i'm sort of what is the german public make of it. i think i partly agreed that this put it's worse
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for social democrats obviously over the last couple of years have become more and more backups of what for angela merkel was a part of her brother and challenger and it's quite difficult because in the part of the mix we're always very very large part of a decisive important part in politics and the last is standing in our days but also more broadly germans are bit fed up with growing conditions obviously because nobody should be an exception they would have a right wing or left wing government but this is less and less possible and now we try to get to my coalition with the green party and the democrats and the conservatives which also did not work and i will back to step one i think germans want to government but are particularly happy about getting just one again and we heard it said there in the piece that the front man of all of this you know being described as yesterday's man also as of today i mean that's not a great point from him for negotiation is that not all we must ensure is in the incredibly incredible pressure right now when first of all he did a very by the election campaign they clocked in the worst results for those of
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democrats in post-war german history he backtracked many promises he made most notably most notably the person he promised not to join in government once more so it would be difficult for him to actually stay on i mean he may make it a put post now in the cabinet which was a promise he would not do by the way and then you might say himself until the next dealership election but yes i think it certainly has already past his prime time and so while all of this negotiation and talks are going on what are the big issues that the german public want thrash that one of the kinds of things that they are desperate to see progress made on. i think if you look at polls the number one issue still in general days is migration as well as a few of terrorism and it's something the new agreement is quite tough about about limiting gratian about limiting family unification rights for those already there so they're still less in turkey i think is something new government has to show a strength that was also investment in infrastructure in germany if i'm in education system if i want a health care system some part so this many issue to go about and of course the big
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issue of uniform what the s.p.d. i mean how much of if i can use the word threat are they and their views and their need to see the party modernize to the the collective whole of the party well in germany with youth organizations to always the most radical part of the party and all of them and if you look at the social democrats it's interesting that many of the current key personnel has been previously the leader of the youth party so we might well as you can include in a couple of years join the top ranks of his party and i think it's because manning is of limited party you simply have over the last twelve years only seen michael as chancellor and as of the democrats a things apart american government they want to party that has an independent position that is to position the from. their poll thanks very much for joining us thank you. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour. the latest live from peru head of the pope's final mass in this controversial south american visit comes to
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a close. the sundance film festival casts a critical eye over global issues. and in sports lara good bands is back from injury to play in the world cup super g. title. hello there we've had some very heavy snow over parts of europe recently it's been ukraine where we've seen some of the worst of it over the last day or so these pictures are from kiev show the heavy snow there it did disrupt traffic and also brought down some power lines as well leading to blackouts now the system responsible that's heading off towards the east now but we've got this other weather system that's galloping down towards the southeast corner and this whole region is going to be pretty messy as we head through the next day or so so expect
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heavy rain expect some snow on the northern edge and expect some strong winds as well meanwhile another weather system is working its way in from the atlantic that's giving us some heavy rain and some snow but it's fizzling out as we had three into tuesday barely anything really left to it there for tuesday instead it's just staying fairly unsettled in the northwest as well as being unsettled though it's also rather moderate about london at thirteen in paris twelve for the other side of the mediterranean well for most of us here it's fine that's just the outside chance of your chair around the coast of libya perhaps into parts of egypt there but for most of us it should be dry not that warm at the moment june is there around nineteen for some are about where we're sixty is in the east of our map you can see that swirling storm that's the same one that was affecting us in the southeastern parts of europe it's also making its way over into parts of turkey.
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over benefit those people. saw a seat being pulled and there are cars. witnesses documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. with every.
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element of our top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. is urging turkey to use restraint in its operation against kurdish fighters in northern syria techie soldiers have entered the own cave of a three part of an assault to drive a kurdish people's protection unit why peachey. the taleban says it was behind an overnight attack on a luxury hotel in the afghan capital in which at least eighteen people were killed . jordan's king abdullah has appealed to the u.s. vice president to rebuild trust and confidence after the trumpet ministrations decision to recognize to receive them as. in zimbabwe they
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all physician m.d.c. alliance has been holding its first rally of the gear but concerns are growing about the health of the opposition leader morgan chang president emerson man and god the son of p.f. has promised to hold elections within five months long time leader well but it was forced out of office in november by. the hiring process has more after it's just i'm a capital. leaders in the opposition i like to say that i'm on a good explosives and i is going to be president elicited and i got the chance to take place in a few months time but there are some of the songs and some challenges so i get out of a kit kats a little country outside the country at a hospital getting treated some of the bombings more could take a good beating participate in elections but will they take place but the leadership in the line say here is a little taste of candidates no matter what. our candidates and we're going to play
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chords with with his life. but in the unlikely event that is unable to continue. the there are leaders there are leaders their. chances are we have to give our people in fighting chance some people are also concerned about militias will be opposition alliance the crowd is a couple of hundred lethal usually in the positive positions mannish do a lot better than it was a mistake because people who are in fighting in the opposition over the issue was a certain race saying get out if he is no longer able to handle it on elections we told him. to threaten to leave the president in the summer months even if they're not the ones put the interests of the militia is a lot of stable from the opposition lines not publicly and telling his supporters everything is ok it was a controlled trial back in the country's been waiting. again. they're going to.
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dozens of people have taken to the streets in northern greece to call for the republic of macedonia to change its name to protest to say the neighbors can't use macedonia as it's also the name of a greek province two countries have been long to dispute over the name ever since macedonia declared independence from yugoslavia one thousand nine hundred ninety one greece's objections have left macedonia without an officially recognized name means the country can join international organizations like nato business leaders in gaza say the economy is on the verge of collapse with unemployment soaring and sales falling of called a strike to highlight their plight imran khan reports now from gaza city. on monday this busy shopping district will all silent as workers and businesses join the strike and it's not just here shops factories restaurants and hotels are all expected to take part across the gaza strip. doors are closed machines will be
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turned off and work will stop from eight in the morning to six hours the strips of main commercial organization called the strike. we wish through these strikes and the message is it is international leaders and to the united nations the gaza strip will collapse and and we need immediate help if the economy collapses impacts everywhere health education and whole services. business men are listening and they want to take part they say things are getting desperate and there's no money in the economy. all god's eye will be closed we will be on strike and we want the will to listen to know our suffering and help us to find a solution is reaching breaking point. but any impact of the strike outside of gaza is likely to be small without the international community and the world are going to listen or not but i think this is
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a direct message to israel who is besieging and blockading the gaza strip to pay attention to what is happening in terms of the humanitarian crisis that is happening here in gaza for more than ten years the gaza strip has been under siege by israel it controls what gets in and out and restricts everything from consumer goods to construction materials is all says it won't lift the siege on gaza until hamas now mass used to rule the strip up until recently but now it's under the control of the palestinian authority and i says it won't disarm until the end of the occupation now the strike is likely to have an impact only have an impact on israel it's unlikely because of the hard line position they take him on card al-jazeera gaza city. pope francis is leaving a final mass in lima as is to our south america to an end to a million people are at the service at the last airbase in tunis capital ahead of the mass local bishops. after he accused victims of the sex abuse scandal
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of slandering a ship because they say. the crime mariana sanchez has been following the pope's visit and she joins us from lima so mariana it's been the pope's most controversial visit i think it's fair to say well what's been the far dicked on how it went. well judy if indeed it's been a controversial trip in many ways for the polls. there have been a lot of strong voices opposing the vatican and of the position on the sex scandals that have happened. however the pope. has had more of a very political speech here in. condemning things like like the. like famous science and crime and he's
12:39 am
spoken against the environmentalists disaster in the jungle and he's been very very strong talking about corruption the corruption of politicians including talking about the corruption of politicians next to president bit of the presidential palace where. as we know he's being investigated for having received money from. the. brazilian construction company so the pro pass indeed been very very strong in these terms but he hasn't spoken about the sex scandals here. where there is there is there are a lot of people who are requesting and prosecutors requesting the extradition of powerful leader at the vatican however well peruvians are. followed have greeted him there have they haven't protests that because this is
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this is a country where nearly eighty percent of peruvians are catholic. really sickening to have lost our satellite connection there with mariana covering of course the end of the pope's visit to south america that's him on the podium as we speak there in. at least one person has died in fighting between protesters and police in honduras as demonstrations continue against the reelection of president juan orlando had naam this defeated opposition candidate salvador nationality showing demonstrators on the streets of the capital push they accuse the authorities of manipulating the results of members election dozens of people been killed and hundreds more jailed since hernandez was declared the winner last month. a separatist leaders in indian administered kashmir marking the twentieth anniversary of an indian security crackdown that killed fifty two
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civilians and injured more than two hundred fifty of us the government's imposed restrictions on people's movement to a game he reports. that separatist leaders gather to remember the victims of the crooked massacre in one thousand nine hundred thousands of kashmiris defied a curfew and took part in a protest march they shouted independence slogans and threw stones at indian soldiers indian security forces responded by shooting at the crowd separatist leaders say their communities continue to face injustice. demand the right of self determination as are the from the indian occupation they need ability in him government has oppressed the crash midis on every front and all act all places they have done these massacres curry got might survive the massacre he was a regional government employee on duty at the time and saw people being killed
12:42 am
around him the officer came towards me with a stun gun in his hand then i got up i told him for god's sake don't shoot an officer on duty yet without listening to me he fired at me poor breast or bullets in the magazine he threw at me then i had blood all around member warty then i fell down louise say the girl could out massacre is want to. many mass killings for which no one has been brought to justice. really disappointed by the system of the institutions here have more villain determination on the contrary the one who prepared the book would be more who you know absolved them from the crimes against humanity they are committing here. for decades indian administered kashmir has been at the center of a muslim separatist movement against india ru separatist groups of fighting for the indian administered portion of kashmir to become independent victoria gate to be
12:43 am
al-jazeera a fisherman's been killed and nine others injured when a racing salable collided with a fishing vessel off the coast of hong kong it happened when the american danish yacht was approaching the finish line in the fourth leg of the volvo option race none of the arts crew was injured but the ball was damaged and forced to retire from the race and i am volcano and papa new guinea has erupted again triggering tsunami warnings for nearby coastal communities limbs of steam and ash are being shot into the air from kandahar island you know by flights have also been council volcano first erupted earlier this month causing thousands of people to flee from surrounding islands up a new guinea sits on the pacific ring of fire an area of intense seismic activity sundance film festival is the world's leading showcase for independent films and it's underway in the us filmmakers around the world use the festival as a platform to tackle difficult subjects ranging from political leadership the
12:44 am
environment and the human condition well reynolds looked at some of this year's films. at a time of rising nationalism and rising oceans. almost unchecked capitalism and individual isolation the films at sundance reflect the arrow we live in. a new president is a film about the election of donald trump as u.s. president told entirely through excerpts from russian television reports and clips from russian social media. timeshares a mexican movie about luxury resort. guests caught up in a corporate conspiracy at the horrific comedy stephanie speaks about like globalization and just like savage capitalism it's you know a critique on what we think you know we need to be happy filmmaker sebastian
12:45 am
hoffman reflects on how mexican media views trump who called immigrants from his country rapists and criminals i think through humor i mean i think you know we think of donald trump as this you know crazy but the biggest clown in the world and everything that's happening everything it's like a big circus the trump administration's rejection of climate change science is in the background of a note are about the people of the pacific island nation of here about facing destruction from rising water climate change for me. was lives are being affected by what is happening former president no to tone. with the policy of america. but what about the rest sometimes wonder in my mind. but if i was to extend that policy is that america first and the rest we damn well the question is that the challenge that i continue to pose for the international community's i you're going to allow this to happen to us. it was devastating the mid multiple
12:46 am
crises looming disasters and personal tragedies how can an individual respond one answer is sadness the theme of pity a film from greece about a man who is happy only when he is a man of independent wills are casting a critical law on the world as we know it and asking where we're going. to be you don't have in the past our place in california have announced that they keep coastal highways and after they were closed for nearly two weeks due to months lines officials were forced to shut several miles of the highway after a month and damp we covered the road smaller than twenty people have died in the month slide which stretches for thirty miles still to come on al-jazeera more than two thousand exhibits but an uncertain future for this model engineering in the face that its authority. will have all the results from this chilean open as
12:47 am
the world number two and a six year. until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies was quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway but i would have the months of
12:48 am
demanding it when it's a case of a system that was introduced to. latin america i was here as help to fill a void that needed to be filled. that's going on the discourse now here's peter. julie thank you so much world number one rafael nadal is a step closer to a seventeenth grand slam title the spaniard beat argentina's diego schwartzman to book a place in the quarter finals of the australian open in his home and reports there's little that can stop rafael nadal when he's in his best form and argentina's diego
12:49 am
schwartzman appeared to have the steepest of challenges ahead of him. after winning the first set six the raid nidal suddenly appeared human in the second schwartzman the twenty fourth seed took a set off the world number one the first time in this tournament. but that was the last of his victories the da powered through the last two cents six three six three eventually prevailing in three hours and fifty one minutes. was a good test. at the same time. i said before i preferred to win two hours on and four but being gone i still. moments like this helps to be more confident in yourself in your body. the often controversial nick kerry also charmed local a strongly and fans in his run to the round of sixteen. was
12:50 am
he basing his ball garion upon it grigor dimitrov to win the brisbane international two weeks earlier but there would be no repeat performance as the third seed prevailed after four tough sets the forty two year wait for an a strongly in men's champion in melbourne will continue. to me trials next aparna will be great britain's kyle edmund the world number forty nine secured his first appearance in a grand slam quarter final of the foresaid victory over italy's andreas seppi. was you have to believe it i mean that's was. i'm in the court because of it all in the courtroom playing a believe i'm going to win and caroline wozniacki will feature in the quarter finals in melbourne for the first time in six years the day needed just sixty three minutes to get past mentally never barrack over in straight sets watching the akhi could possibly find the world number one ranking with victory over spain's carlos
12:51 am
juarez navarro in the last eight relays home and al-jazeera. from tennis to football no and an own goal from tottenham cost them the chance to catch up on the top four in the english premier league as they drew with southampton on sunday daven sin sanchez hit the back of his own net in the fifteenth minutes of put southampton ahead but it was harry came to the rescue with the equaliser just three minutes later that happened to be his ninety ninth premier league goal taught them to come away with just a point and they remain in first position in the standings. we're going was in great we're from i was was in the vis. i think the game was even. great to so condom because defied i think it will. be nice for responding in one piece through the massive chances with that we've had in the last minute.
12:52 am
but i thin and the game of it was. from england to spain now and european champions real madrid have dished out a beating of note in the spanish league they're struggling in fourth position on the table but they took out all their frustrations on deputies on sunday not sure if an end there is gareth bale and christiane a rebel though all scored twice in a seven one and nial ation deportivo actually laid one nil at one stage would you believe rail off five points behind valencia who are third but they do have a game in hand and league leaders barcelona extended buried at the top to eleven points with a big win over rail betis real sociedad were beaten two one by a celta vigo and in the days of the match this and leganes drew two two. in the n.f.l. the jacksonville jaguars hold a fourteen tame hall of time lead over the current super bowl champions the new england patriots in the a.f.c.
12:53 am
championship game the winner of this match will meet either the minnesota vikings or philadelphia eagles the vikings are hoping to put an end to years of law and break when they pay the bills later minnesota have lost five straight title games going back to nine hundred seventy six but if they can snap their losing streak and they'll play in their first super bowl in thirty two years and as a bonus this year's big game is being held at the vikings home ground. a retread of what we have competition you know do we have more on front of us. so. you know just like coach said commanders today is how we work how we prepare today. and get ready to beat the eagles. rory mcilroy says he's happy to be back playing golf after recovering from a rib injury but the four time major champion didn't quite have a fairy tale ending too he's written in abu dhabi the former world number one hasn't won a title since september twenty sixth but he did put in a solid performance of finishing a share of the place out in front was defending champion tommy fleetwood the
12:54 am
european number one rolled in five birdies on the back nine to make it back to back victories at this course finishing two strokes ahead of ross fisher. golf's first major of the season may still be three months away but the current masters champion sergio garcia has begun he season on a winning knows the spaniard won the singapore open shooting a three under par sixty eight to finish with a five stroke lead over sean morris and such quarter you'd shared second place. it's always great to start to start like this there's no doubt that starting with with a win it's always great to do it here at this golf course. you know against. a good feel here in asia in condition is that when easy and nowhere did it say it's important so you know hopefully we can write that. so a skier lara good has won the final world cup super g. race before the winter olympics good made up for lost time having spent the last
12:55 am
eleven months recovering from knee surgery it was her twenty fourth world cup when i moved her to the top of the rankings in the super g. conditions in italy were not ideal though there were several crashes the worst of which involved austria's and they didn't face too had to be stretchered off of the picking up a suspected knee injury from this nasty from. sweden sandra naslund and germany's poor could have won the men's and women's ski cross world cup finals respectively for naslund win in canada means she remains at the top of the overall world cup leaderboard while it is eleventh on the men's overall standings managed to come in here to wall street as crystal via stuart and over all the mark of british off berger who finished it. and that's all the sport it's back to julian landed peter thank you judicial steam locomotives are eiffel towers made of mcconnell just some of the exhibits on display at model engineering show here in
12:56 am
london there are hundreds of exhibits and many here to see them but the future modeling facing an uphill struggle pieces sharp as the story. toys for the boys well not exactly this is london showcase of modeling forty five clubs and societies display more than two thousand exhibits but you struggle to find the few in the crowd under the age of sixty modeling may be on its way to being a by gone on record is produced. it took eiffel twenty seven months to build his tower paris using eiffel so regional drawings colin davis spent over a year to create the precise dimension of this complex architectural masterpiece the hof inch hole spacing for the macondo is exactly a five foot six inches which is about off height perhaps more challenging in scope
12:57 am
and scale the five metre long replica of the royal navy's h.m.s. ah well dan forty started terry ninety ninety two and finished twenty five years later he served on a similar carrier in the cold war and brought that experience to provide the authentic details on the flight deck many of these modeling clubs go back to the turn of the century but with the digital age their future can no longer be assured . that kids three days top topped. off a sim to play a computer try. the concept of using your hands and thinking chips have gone very sad. most of the exhibits reinforce a comfortable sense of nostalgia among these ancient. the s.s. great britain was launched exactly one hundred seventy five years ago and was the
12:58 am
longest passenger ship in the world and naturally in this exhibition the traces the very origin of modeling there's a match to a model to show her lines. there. and then those. with the kids. that's it for me from the. war. now he's here in me because he is going to give banking that kind of money i still
12:59 am
in afghanistan for some taliban fighters a new call to arms for taliban leaders a threat to their authority. just seen such over a stiff offer that enabled saddam long islam the only but not unprecedented access i still and the taliban at this time on al jazeera. rio has big plans to turn its largest favelas into spectacles. but inside the favelas. has big plans of his own. building since the age of twelve listen trained yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any at seeing his vision come to light. the federal and the mosque to plan out the concluding cotta rebel architecture at this time on al-jazeera the sams in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes
1:00 am
a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture office in a language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it is a part of life it's culture. turkey launches a ground offensive against kurdish forces in syria the u.s. calls for restraint.


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