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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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in a way that other countries just don't have and that's why she helped put together an exhibit at one church to help raise awareness to gun violence through art and in this piece tissues and each piece of tissue a name and age of someone killed by gun violence in the area. the arctic's if it is called loving arms of course it's a play on words arms being what we used to hug or pray somebody but also arms being weapons as well the message here in this world needs more love and less violence. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next
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sixty minutes turkey's president promises to crush kurdish fighters as military continues its air and ground operation in northern syria. to shut down but don't get a lot more from all. a lot work. today would be a good day to end u.s. senators hold talks in a bid to end the government shutdown. more than a million people gather as pope francis holds a final boss in peru ending his controversial tour of latin america. fighting between police and i'm t. government protesters in democratic republic of congo has killed at least six people. the u.s. is urging turkey to use restraint in its operation against kurdish fighters in northern syria turkey soldiers have entered the on klav awfully in part of assault
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to drive out kurdish people's protection units or why p.g. turkey's president is vying to crush the group which he views as a terrorist organization stephanie decker reports. the border echoes with the sounds of war turkey's offensive on africa is now well under way the ground operation started on sunday turkish soldiers supporting free syrian army fighters inside syria. turkish president dredger type edulis defiant as he addressed a march crowd in the city of course on. this is a national struggle and then this national struggle we will crush anyone who stands against us let this be known. it's been a week of rhetoric politicians promising that turkey was going to attack a free to rid of the y.p. g. kurdish fighters that i'm proud considers terrorists but they're also the u.s. is best ally on the ground in fighting eisel regardless of international
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complications turkey is fully committed to this offensive we're in turkey's border with africa and throughout the day we've heard the sound of jets in the sky also intense artillery and machine gun fire outgoing from a turkish base behind that mountain although why p.g. are extremely well trained they know the terrain in turkey has superiority when it comes to the skies and that gives it a huge advantage. belligerence here heard the airstrikes late on saturday as turkey started its offensive and they are a little uneasy. or. we are right next to the action with planes flying over our heads in the lot of shelling of course we are confident but at the end of the day anything can happen shells have already fallen in turkey so we are worried this could happen here. turkey says it will continue its operation until it's pushed the y. p.g. away from its borders no one knows how long that will take what the implications
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may be. desk me definitely here on the turkey syria food or food as mike said is the adjunct professor at george washington university he says the u.s. could turn a blind eye to the turkish military operations there's certainly a domestic component to all the rhetoric coming out of turkey and even here in washington there's an understanding of why president early one needs to conduct this military operation in fact i would go as far as saying and there there might be even a tacit acceptance that as long as circus troops remain on the west bank of the euphrates river that washington might decide to look the other way and not come to the assistance of its kurdish allies on the ground now if turkey decides to cross the river to the east side that's a whole different story because that's where u.s. national interests are at stake i think washington after quite some time president trump coming into office articulated a syria policy one that aims to preserve u.s. gains in syria the u.s.
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had been involved in trying to push isis out and now that they have they want to hold on to the territory that they and their allies have and also to try and put some pressure on iran in syria financial pressure because they are rainy and spent up to fifteen billion dollars a year in supporting the assad regime and that territory that the u.s. is holding on to is very rich in natural resources including oil there's the euphrates dam and there's also a very agriculture agriculturally rich land in that area so this is part of a broader geo political calculus for washington why they want to remain in that part of syria. republican and democrat senators in the u.s. have held new talks in an effort to break the deadlock which is cut the government shut down for two days money for federal agencies was cut off on saturday after the senate failed to pass a funding bill despite the republican party majority and you vote on the spending plans due in the coming hours where mike hanna is joining us now live from washington d.c.
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mike despite the fact that both sides seem to be talking the all seem it's also seem to be just digging in don't they well they do indeed the blame game is continuing each side blaming the other for the inability to pass this bill to get government funding reopened there was one parent bright moment in the course of the afternoon when a group of bipartisan senators moderates as they labeled themselves they got together and attempted to thrash out some kind of compromise agreement that process is still under way and they would then have to take it to the senate leaders a minority leader and the senate leader mitch mcconnell now mitch mcconnell and the minority leader democrat chuck schumer well also seen in the course of the afternoon having a eight me able chat in the on the senate floor however whatever they said to each other privately and this was the first time they seemed to be speaking together since friday certainly publicly at least there was the great division between them
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remaining this is what they had to say now the democratic leader could. we can get past this manufactured crisis and get on to a host of serious issues before of the require are called for bipartisan negotiation this shutdown but don't get a lot more from all a lot more today would be a good day. americans know why the dysfunction is current dysfunctional president hence we are in a trump shutdown and party leaders who won't act without a. it has created the chaos and the gridlock we find ourselves in today it all really stems from the president might we shouldn't really forget the fact that this isn't just about politics isn't it if the shutdown in this short time goes ahead and it only lasts for a few days i know that the economy can absorb it but if it lasts for
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a long time people are going to go without pay on day. yes this is indeed the case let's take a couple of examples of military for example they will stay at work they don't stop during government shutdowns but they will not be paid while they are to work that applies to a lot of government departments many are classified as essential things will go ahead as usual air traffic controllers for example but there are vast swathes of government where simply people do not get any money now those of those who work for government then of course there's the wider public do you get your tax rebate no you don't because i.r.s. is basically shut down do you get your pension payments no you don't it's going to take a while for it to filter through a system that has been stripped of a number of workers within the particular departments so it's going to have a massive impact on the country tourist wise well we've heard that the landmark
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like the empire state the statue of liberty in new york is going to be kept open in the next few days because the state is going to pay for it that's going to cost the state an estimated seventy thousand dollars a day to keep the statue of liberty open a mass of tourist roar at various parks throughout the country in some cases the state has said all right we'll pay for the upkeep for the next few days because of that mess of source of tourist revenue that the national parks for example do present but this cannot go on a few days yes the country could deal with it anything longer than a week you've got a massive run on effect in terms of a lack of income to many people in terms of the lack of functioning services to the bulk of the american population and this would have a massive impact not only on people's lives but on the lives of politicians come the midterm elections in november this year mike we heard earlier on chuck schumer
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describing this as a trump shutdown what can donald trump actually do to move this process forward if both sides are dug in in the way that they are. well his press secretary says that he has throughout the course of the afternoon been speaking to leadership from the republican party yet the one thing he has not done in the past forty eight hours is reached out to the democrats we heard there from chuck schumer making very clear that at the heart of the hindrance to passing government funding is the president himself somebody that chuck schumer describes as a dysfunctional president zuma saying that because he thought he had a deal on friday only to walk away from the white house be phoned by the chief of staff and told no that deal's no longer in place president tramp through his spokes person has denied any such deal was agreed to but the bottom line here is that both sides of the aisle within the house and within the senate absolutely adamant that
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the president should be playing a more functional role schumer has made quite clear how difficult it is he says he goes to the president the president says you must speak to the congregational leaders the congressional leaders say. you must go speak to the president there's no clarity as to the process as to the way in which this whole imbruglia can actually be broken and that is where the issue lies at the center of it according to people like schumer and many other critics is the president who appears and able to make up his mind and also appears unable to bring any real pressure to bear on the republican leadership in the house and in the senate mike thanks very much indeed thousands of women have gathered at a football stadium in las vegas on the second day of global demonstrations against inequality. the rallies are also being held to mark one years since the us presidents in organization many are not only supporting
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women's rights but also denouncing president trumps views on issues including immigration abortion and l g b t rights rally organizers have also launched a campaign to encourage female voters to register and run for office in november is meant to him elections. at least seven people have been killed in clashes with security forces in ethiopia the violence broke out injuring if any celebrations in the region worshippers a set of clashed with security officers patrolling the holiday procession in the town of all dhea some five hundred kilometers from the capital. at least six people have been killed and several injured following clashes between police and protesters in democratic republic of congo the anti government demonstrations were organized by leaders of the catholic church in the country they're angry at the delay in holding a presidential election after president joseph kabila as final time expired in twenty sixteen catherine soy reports. after
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a morning mass at the main catholic church in kinshasa washee pairs begin their latest protest march current tweaks their rosaries and bibles they are angry that a charge broke a political deal between the ruling and opposition parties that could have seen a presidential election held last december has not been on that they did not go far police had blocked the route refusing to allow them to move forward and when the match is still there ground this happened. police and presidential guards against stone throwing protest as several people were killed others injured some with gunshot wounds to the obviously we have the right to much we were following the instructions of a creed as it was a piece of protest but the police would not let us. in the east of the country police gas inside this church the service had just ended and the faithful are about to start their protest several people here also injured no no not one of the oh my
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god i don't respect people's rights kabila must go he's even throwing tear gas into the church we will not accept kabila he must go his mandate is over. a new year's eve there was similar violent confrontations during demonstrations. this in the beginning of the. remember they killed six people in december and logically people should have been afraid but it's the country that is happening now so this pressure is going to increase i don't know that the government saying. the protests are easy chachi does and opposition politicians and ceased they will not give up their demand for change. this road in the city has now been cleared by police but it's still very very tense people here are very frustrated about the political situation and saying that they have lost confidence in the politicians in the political system and that's why we're looking more to the catholic church to provide guidance
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and leadership in this difficult political time. with a membership of close to half the eighty million congolese population the catholic church is hugely significant and many people hope it may be the catalyst that will finally see a free fair and credible election without president joseph kabila in the running catherine saudi al-jazeera kinshasa u.s. vice president mike pence is in israel as part of his middle east tour where prime minister benjamin netanyahu called him a great friend the trip follows his visit to jordan and egypt over the weekend plans mentioned he and jordan's king abdullah agreed to disagree on donald trump's decision to recognize to resell them as israel's capital in december ari forces reports from occupied east jerusalem. on the second leg of his regional visit the u.s. vice president was keen to offer assurances to a major middle east an ally and by extension to the palestinians who refused to
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meet him on the issue of jerusalem we are committed to continue to respect jordan's role as the custodian of holy sites that we take no position on boundaries and final status those are subject to negotiation and and as i think clearly you are the president make clear the world united states of america remains committed if the parties agree to a two state solution through the arab world's public outrage with a recognition by u.s. president donald trump ob jerusalem as israel's capital the jordanian king offered a conciliatory tone your visits here i'm sure is to rebuild the trust confidence in not only how we move forward with two state solution on the us drew forth like sixty seven lice and he's jewish as a capital opening up and a palestinian state but living side by side with a secure regulates israeli quarters for internationals peace and that's far from the line being taken by the palestinian leadership its president mahmoud abbas
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declaring that the u.s. had given it the slap of the century reiterating his position that the u.s. could no longer be involved in the peace process the u.s. vice president isn't meeting the palestinians but he does have a message publicly apparently tailored towards them reiterating u.s. support for a two state solution if that's what both sides agreed to of course for the palestinians that message is entirely overshadowed by what donald trump said over a month ago declaring that the u.s. view jerusalem as israel's capital. but many of the messenger himself is part of the problem the shift in u.s. policy with which pence was closely associated was welcomed by his evangelical christian base many of whom believe the return of the jews to the holy land is a precursor to jesus' second coming there ben says and gender that is extremist fundamentalist looked. christian absolutist idiology which goes against all the beliefs and commitments of the arab and palestinian christians and particular and
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they feel that they have been betrayed by somebody who is kneeling. to mend this injustice he was in their lives and as a justification for israelis it's a different picture hence represents a u.s. administration that recognized what they see as an uncontroversial reality jerusalem status is the capital of your view of a great friend of the state of israel arrives here this evening a true friend united states vice president mike pence we welcome him here and i'm looking forward to our discussions we will discuss the trumpet ministrations efforts to hold iran's aggression the iranian nuclear program and ways to advance peace and security in the region. before leaving jordan for israel pence visited u.s. troops didn't undisclosed location on the syrian border telling the president had back that isis would be driven from the earth very soon his next speech would be to
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the israeli parliament the knesset on monday israeli palestinian representatives about to boycott the event a mass. how does era occupied east jerusalem. ok let's bring in former israeli negotiator on the mayor in new york thank you very much indeed for your time do you think mike is actually achieving what he set out to do. i hope you can hear me i think we may have lost the lying to new york i don't know if you can hear me now. no i'm afraid we seem to have lost our contact with new york we'll try to get that back in the meantime plenty more ahead on the news including as the economy struggles under israeli blockade find out why business leaders in gaza have called for a strike. a taliban attack on a hotel in kabul and after a sixteen hour gun battle. and in sports world number one rafael nadal remains on
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course for glory at the australian. pope francis has led a final mass in lima bringing his tour of south america to an end more than our million people were at the las palmas airbase in the peruvian capital head of the mass the pope met local bishops and nuns montana sunshades has been following the pope's visit she joins us now live from lima money ana how are people there viewing this trip by the pope. i think there's a very different perspective from the pope the pope's trip in chile on the pope's trip. and i think that people have been much more it had
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a lot of expectations in chile that the pope would speak more about the sex abuse cases that happened in chile and although the pope did talk about the victims and said that there was that he felt shame and pain for the damages caused however the trip in chile ended in a sour note to because just before the pope was leaving chile he sided with the bishop there that is accused of. a suspect rather of protecting a paedophile priest if i'm looking at the mouth so that of course caused a an uproar in chile in peru it's been very different because there hasn't been that expectation here instead there's been a massive amount of amount of people attending and the celebrations now including the last mass celebrated here in latin america with nearly
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a million people there so i have to i think that the the figure of the pope be doing you know way is revered if you will. well you know what do you think the consequences of the pope's views on these sex abuse cases particularly in chile are going to be in the region long after he's gone. i think they are going to be in the region for a while of course in chile there's been more at this been attacks in church in the churches there's been protests there were some protests here as well so i think that the fact that the pope has given those statements including statements talking about it with cloistered nuns telling them that they were gossipy gossip is quote to terrorism and things like that that were very strange coming from the pope so i think that's
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a lot of people are are now thinking that the pope is not that figure that one that many think that is. potent but to rather more human if you will. and of course what the most important thing for the for the people who have suffered in the hands of clergymen i think that there will now be much more pressure from these organizations in chile and in paid to get the vatican to act rather than just talk about these cases such as love for us and then i thank you very much indeed. for the taliban says it was behind an overnight attack on a hotel in the afghan capital which killed at least eighteen people gunmen stormed into and continental hotel on saturday night targeting followers and government officials jennifer gloss reports. explosions and gunfire lasted for hours as afghan
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special forces moved through the hotel guests trapped in their room you sheets and curtains to try to escape the attackers intent on bloodshed and murder with a. you know in my own form of the weekend there were people and children inside the hotel rooms the attackers were knocking on the door of a trim to reach their targets they killed ordinary people and officials they were targeting foreigners especially hard. as the fighting intensified and grenades and gunshots echoed around the hotel some could only wait for it to end his brother corey hussein was trapped inside and had stopped answering his phone to let it out when the when he told me he locked himself in a room it's very difficult with a family member trapped inside it's tragic and painful it's unfortunate that these things happen it's not just him many other people are trapped and i hope to see him and i hope this fighting in our country ends. on the roof of the hotel afghan soldiers signaled the end of the fighting by waving an afghan flag almost
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immediately i call her from his brother he was safe. but marjon was not as lucky a visiting cousin had jumped from a hotel balcony she thought he was alive but couldn't find him in any hospital she says she looked all night before discovering who was dead. or what it's difficult here in afghanistan my cousin lived in holland for years he came here for just a week and this tragic incident happened oh as afghan forces and international advisers left the area officials headed into the hotel to assess the damage and look for casualties and survivors this is an attack that unfolded in the public eye live on t.v. and watched by hundreds on the streets the afghan president commended afghan security forces saying they'd done all they could to minimize the number of casualties he wants an investigation into how the attackers got into the hotel the question also is how they did so with enough weapons for
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a sixteen hour see jennifer glass al-jazeera call that. ok let me take you back to our earlier story about u.s. vice president mike pence in israel as. part of his middle east tour let's bring in hopefully former israeli negotiator alan been met in new york i hope you can hear me now so thank you very much indeed for joining us do you think that might pain this is achieving what he set out to achieve with this trip. i don't believe so i think in jordan it was clear that king abdullah i didn't agree with the united states the position on this regard and like it was mentioned in the program they agreed to disagree and was left pretty much as such by the pride but the king insistent and rightfully so that the united states should pursue actively still the two state solution. as far as jordan goes to israel is concerned i think we ought to remember that pains himself is image jellicoe. times base
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is in belgium a cult so to suggest that the charm could change his mind that is not going to happen so in israel pence is being very very warmly obviously and nothing will change there as far as the recognition of euro zone is concerned one of the patterns that has emerged over the last twelve months of the trump administration has been a bold announcements but usually by the president which is then subsequently reinterpreted if you like by the state department all the pentagon whatever department government department it relates to and then actual action on that statement takes a lot longer to happen even if it does actually happen in that basis how do you think how confident can israel be that what the president has said will actually happen in the future. well in this regard you know
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tromso being rather consistent i just also remember that many many presidents before him several recognize said they would recognize israel a situation i mean jerusalem as israel's capital other did not go through because of the political resistance and opposition that they expected to take place for the middle east my concern here is that what the bass position is i think he's focused on the on the. the concept rather than the content of the declaration if i were arbaaz i would focus on the second part of the declaration would say that the borders final borders are to be to term and later that's where the palestinian authority is position focus should be in rather than focusing on the concept itself you know was jus rows of them is a capital under any circumstance and that's what's going to happen and i think the on the scene is whether the jordanian should think in those terms and look at the
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decoration and focus on the space section that say to clearly that final borders the be determined later and he stayed as president as king abdullah said the focus ought to remain on the two state solution for our best to say i will not sit down when you know gives you with a with a policy with the united states is completely misguided there is no power today even today that can exert any pressure on israel to make any concession without the united states the united cities only power can do so for a basta thing that the e.u. can be very helpful you can help but the you cannot put the kind of pressure on israel there is going to make one bit of difference so he had a rethinking of the whole entire issue ought to take place and changing the narrative are to take place and this is the time to do it before things get into you know much more complicated always interesting to get your point of view in this on but mary thank you very much indeed for your time. in
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a few hours businesses in gaza will begin a strike and shut shops to protest the failing economy economists last month called in citizens living abroad to send money to their families in the hope of reviving it but unemployment is still at a record high as israel's blockade continues for an eleventh year and the palestinian authority in the west bank fails to lift sanctions them on khan has more from gaza city. on monday this busy shopping district will all silent as workers and businesses join the strike and it's not just here shops factories restaurants and hotels are all expected to take part across the gaza strip. doors will close machines will be turned off and work will stop from eight in the morning to six hours the strips of main commercial organization called the strike. we wish through this strike send the message to our leaders arab leaders international leaders and to the united nations the gaza strip will collapse and
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and we need immediate help if the economy collapses it will have impacts everywhere health education and all services. business been a listening and they want to take part they say things are getting desperate and there's no money in the economy. all god's eye will be closed we will be on strike and we want the world to listen to know our suffering and help us to find a solution is reaching breaking point. but any impact of the strike outside of gaza is likely to be small without the international community and the world are going to listen or not but i think this is a direct message to israel who is besieging and blockading the gaza strip to pay attention to what is happening in terms of the humanitarian crisis that is happening here in gaza for more than ten years the gaza strip has been under siege by israel it controls what gets in and out and restricts everything from consumer
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goods to construction materials. israel says it won't lift the siege on gaza until a mass disarms that hamas used to rule the strip up until recently but now it's under the control of the palestinian authority the masses it won't disarm until the end of the occupation now the strike is likely to have an impact only have an impact on israel it's unlikely because of the hard line position they take iran card holders are gaza city still ahead and al-jazeera germany's social democrats vote for talks about forming a coalition with anglo-american but their leader faces criticism plus. one in five east of indonesia is facing a serious health crisis i'm stunned france and reporting from the us might region in the south of tampa where children are dying because of undernourishment and measles outbreak tied to the sport says or garcia gets his golf season off to a winning start in singapore details coming up with peter.
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hello there we've got an awful lot of wintery weather across the us at the moment it's all thanks to this weather system here it's galloping its way towards the east but if it does so it's trending up a lot of mild air ahead of it so here we're seeing a lot of rain rather than snow and so any snow that's on the ground will melt and things will get a little bit waterlogged in places the northern edge of the system they're still going to be giving us some snow until eventually begins to move away towards the north so for toronto we'll see things turn will slushy and then to rain as we head into choose day towards the west we've got another weather system that is piling into the northwest impose the states and the southwest in parts of canada before the towards the south and some of us a pretty wet over parts of cuba and across the bahamas lots of rain recently that always breaking up so more dry weather to be found on monday and tuesday instead
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the wetter weather will be stretching through pup. mexico and all the way down towards panama and some heavy showers are likely here but for the south there's certainly been some heavy showers here for resistance here in the northern parts of argentina we've seen a lot of wet weather it has been raining very very heavily and it looks like that what weather hasn't moved away just yet that system is just edging a little bit further towards the east still very heavy downpours here to the south it's sunny at least importance our youth. the controversial leader of islamic jihad for his cock he is one of the most one internists in history is really coming to terms on his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli intelligence and aside the sense of being caught in the must use the outcome is only death if someone tried to get punished cauchy immediately suman intention was shut down the building don't kill him in damascus at this time
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on al-jazeera world when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds. up to date just what presidents say in no country that is not the other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the model and build winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. is urging turkey to use restraint in its operation against kurdish fighters in northern syria turkish soldiers have entered the all play of a free and to drive out fighters from kurdish people's protection that's all the why p.g. . republican and democrat senators in the u.s. are holding discussions to end of funding deadlock that's kept the government shut down for two days senate leaders have been trading blame for the head of another vote on the funding bill. more than a million people have gathered and produce capital lima for the final boss by pope . francis it wraps up the pontiff's tour of latin america and it's been overshadowed by a sex abuse scandal in chile. the screen actors guild awards is set to begin in los angeles for the film and t.v. industries in the twenty celebrating acting achievements the past year has been overshadowed by scandals over sexual misconduct so this year's events will be a female powered affair with only women presenting all thirteen of the awards our
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correspondent rob reynolds joins us now from outside the shrine theater in los angeles for those of us who don't know rob what makes the screen actors guild awards different from other entertainment awards. well as you can see there the excitement here on the a red carpet behind me rob some of the stars have started to arrive in mill about much to the delight of photographers and fans now to your question what makes the screen actors guild award a bit different from other hollywood awards is that it is for actors by actors the members of the actors a labor union get to vote for their favorites in both television and the film roles and we have a category such as best male and female actor in a motion picture best female and male actor in a television series both germanic and comedy series and the best cast in
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ensemble productions like. television series. that are very popular these days of course and the presenter tonight will be kristen bell was well known for her work as a star in the television series house of lies and also beloved of little girls everywhere the world is full of joyce a princess and in frozen rob. we're been talking earlier on rob about the issues of sexual harriss one time the tom friedman. station policies where we've been talking about the women's marches that have been taking place particularly in las vegas today all those overshadowing this event. well to a certain extent they're dominating the conversation rob i mean it is definitely the topic a here and of course there are many familiar faces that have become embroiled in
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sexual harassment scandals who are not here not welcome here at all as you mentioned all of the presenters will be female that is significant and certainly you will hear both presenters hosts and award recipients making speeches about the ever widening sex scandals sexual harassment in entertainment politics journalism and also about the policies of the trump administration which many in hollywood are opposed to this of course comes after earlier this month at the golden globes oprah winfrey made a speech that was very powerful and people immediately began saying that she should be drafted to run for president in two thousand and twenty i don't know if we'll get a speech like that here tonight but i think you'll definitely hear all of these issues raised and commented upon rob thanks very much indeed.
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germany social democrats have given the green light to form a coalition talks with a chance of the i'm going to marco's conservatives party delegates now only approved this step at a conference and bond market has been unable to form a government since elections in september so many came reports from hong. it was a vote with profound implications for the social democrats for germany and perhaps the e.u. by a clear but not necessarily large majority martin schulze now has the authority to enter formal negotiations with anglo american the platform slogans proclaimed a new time needs a new politics but on offer was much of the same old government in a wide ranging speech should spelt out why another coalition with merkel was the best option lock me up. believe me this hasn't been easy for anyone but i never doubted for a moment that we should follow the play of the president was the way out of this difficult political situation as
2:41 am
a social democrat here's my firm conviction that in this exceptional situation we must at least try to provide the best possible outcome for the people of germany and the europe. but many in the whole and in the wider party did not agree perhaps the most vocal opposition came from the party's youth movement lloyd has been absolutely i'm sure people negotiated well it's a reason i and many of those in an outside this room is not happy with his olds it's not because they did bad work but because after twelve years of anger and eight years of grand coalition we no longer have the same views on resultant issues this conference is opens up some very clear divisions inside this party between the party leadership and the rank and file between those prepared to compromise and those who aren't and between the younger generation and the older one some analysts believe the current leader has to bear responsibility for what we see today is very good support thought market choice and not sisters is. not
2:42 am
a part of the future i would say i would actually even call him a yesterday's man as of today and yet as of tomorrow schultz will be the leader who takes his divided party formally into negotiations with the christian democrats but the final deal which then emerges must be passed by a ballot of the entire party membership and if sunday's vote is anything to go by that may not be easy dominic cain al-jazeera bomb well local has welcomed the expertise decision to go ahead with coalition talks saying they'll start as soon as possible. for us it's important in the coalition talks that germany has a stable government that can deal with the issues facing us in the future to me the key issues include economic strength especially the necessary changes that we need and it's age as the foundation for social justice and security the negotiations will be within the framework of the preliminary agreement already reached with the
2:43 am
social democrats many issues remain to be resolved in detail and that's sure to require intensive discussions thousands of people have taken to the streets in northern greece to call for the republic of macedonia to change its name protesters say their neighbors can't use macedonia as is also the name of a greek province the two countries have been locked in dispute over the name ever since macedonia declared independence from yugoslavia in one thousand nine hundred one greece's objections have left macedonia without an officially recognized name that means the country can join international organizations like nato. or the united nations has launched the largest humanitarian appeal for yemen and saskin for almost three billion dollars in donations to help yemenis in the war torn country more than two years of relentless saudi led airstrikes and fighting with hooty rebels has left forty five percent of the population in desperate need of lifesaving assistance hundreds of thousands of yemenis are facing death on
2:44 am
a daily basis because of a severe lack of basic supplies. the united nations special rapporteur for me a mom has visited her hinge a refugee camps in bangladesh young heelys trip comes just days before range of refugees i jus to start returning to me in march where they were she was banned from entering the repatriation process is expected to last two years more than six hundred thousand range of fled to bangladesh after mir mas amin launched a crackdown in northern iraq on states last august al-jazeera as charles stratford spoke with the un special rapporteur for me amar at a refugee camp. i don't think the situation has really improved in myanmar and first of all where will they go back to they've lost their livelihood they've lost their crops they've lost their fields all the all the rice now as we've heard really being sold elsewhere to other countries. they've lost
2:45 am
their homes so they're really rebuilding process is going to be huge and and the people should not be subjected to living in another camp like situation we all know what happened after two thousand and twelve people are still there after two thousand and twelve and i've talked to people in charge were told that they would stay for come on muslims for three days they ended up staying in the right years in the years in come in talk you know so i know that refugees are very concerned about that what can the international community really do in terms of pressuring. some sort of process to call she was found guilty of these alleged atrocities to be committed inside myanmar i think international community should do more to pressure that if we've all heard never again
2:46 am
and if these people who we know. have committed some of somebody has to be held accountable and somebody needs to see that these people are held accountable and with respect to the a different here can the international community do to better help bangladesh this is not going away in the near future isn't this crisis what i've seen so far with just a few days of rain or even a half a day of rain we really will be witnessing landslides and we may see more casualties coming in huge numbers of casualties as a result of this and the constant. nation of the people in proximity is just it's just not. humane. where they can live in dignity camps need to move out to be. dispersed a little bit and this is where the international community can help to. try to to
2:47 am
disperse these counts and and maybe. to provide more land it's fair the death toll from a measles outbreak in the indonesian province of pop or is much higher than previously reported official figures say sixty eight children have now died but church leaders say the real number could be in the hundreds step basons been given rare access to pop one. children of the tribe in. a life their buddies are exhausted and weak from hunger and disease undernourished they're battling against outbreaks of measles and chicken pox. military medical teams have arrived in some remote area. and a husband lena's had to travel for five hours and be it a six month old daughter would not survive. his being in this bad condition for quite a while but only now have people come to our village to help.
2:48 am
is five years old but how body is less than half the size of a healthy child her age village is saying twenty nine children in her village alone have died. we rode our boats to a health post in another village but when we arrived they rejected us some of our children made it their alive but some died we buried them there others died on the way we buried them next to the river village just tell us that local authorities never visited their village even after a measles outbreak was reported last september their long. yes we have very limited means and stuff but this doesn't mean we are trying very hard but we need is not just to be criticised but real help those who criticize us i want to advise to work in. church officials estimate hundreds of children of the tribe have died
2:49 am
so far but many deaths have not been reported. my question is does anyone really care about these children who are dying does anyone want to go there and get real data about their condition and why do we only now say this is a problem. the us my tribe is best known for its past history of had hunting and cannibalism and living of the forest but introduced to modern life and money they're struggling to survive without government aid for four months they desperately have tried to find help but their cries to save their children's lives found that here this has crisis so that. it's not reaching one living in this forgotten hearts be a hell of a go. while help has come for these us my children many of us remain in their remote villages the only hope this help will arrive in time step fasten al-jazeera i gotz. a fisherman has been killed and nine others injured were racing sailboat
2:50 am
collided with a fishing vessel off the coast of hong kong the american danish yacht was approaching the finish line in the fourth leg of the volvo ocean race when the accident happened none of the yachts crew was injured but the boat was damaged and forced to retire from the race. still ahead on al-jazeera laura got bunches back from injury to claim the world cup super g. type of it is but all the details in the sport. rewind returns with new updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries. and the moving story of two young turk mean girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of repressive taliban occupation. five years on what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on
2:51 am
al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the government of mali some market has pushed to have a series of laws that it says will make argentina's economy more competitive state with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government stop subsidizing that's all the cost of college or jumped by sixty percent the queues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this. that it's time for the sport here is peter. thank you very much will the one ref on
2:52 am
the bell is a step closer to a seventeenth grand slam title the spaniard beat argentina's diego schwartzman to book a place in the quarter finals of the australian open in his home and reports there is little that can stop rafael. lindahl when he's in his best form and argentina's diego schwartzman appeared to have the steepest of challenges ahead of him. after winning the first set six three nidal suddenly appeared human in the second schwartzman the twenty fourth seed took a set off the world number one the first time in this tournament. but that was the last of his victories the da powered through the last two sets six three six three eventually prevailing in three hours and fifty one minutes. was a good test. at the same time. i said before i preferred the winning two hours on
2:53 am
and four but being honest. moments like this helps to be more confident in yourself in your body. the often controversial nick kerry also charmed local a strongly in fans in his run to the round of sixteen. was he basing his ball garion upon it grigor dimitrov to win the brisbane international two weeks earlier but there would be normal people foreman's as the third seed prevailed after four tough sets the forty two year wait for an a strongly in men's champion in melbourne will continue. to make trials next aparna will be great britain's kyle letterman and the world number forty nine secured his first appearance in a grand slam quarter final the foresaid victory over italy's andreas seppi. was you have to believe it i mean that's why. i'm in the quarter finals because of
2:54 am
a toll on the corner i'm playing a believe i'm going to win and caroline wozniacki will feature in the quarter finals in melbourne for the first time in six years the day needed just sixty three minutes to get past mentally now rivera kober in straight sets what an iraqi could possibly find the world number one ranking with victory over spain's calloused warez navarro in the last eight relays home and al-jazeera from tennis to football though and an own goal from tottenham cost them the chance to catch up on the top four in the english premier league as they drew with southampton on sunday daven soon sanchez hit the back of his own net in the fifteenth minute to put southampton ahead but it was harry came to the rescue with the equaliser just three minutes later that happened to be his ninety ninth premier league goal taught them to come away with just a point and they remain in first position in the standings. we're going was in great we're going from i was was in that this. i think the game was even.
2:55 am
great to so condom because defied i think we will and then i think it's fair to respond in one piece to the massive chances with that we've had in the last minute with hurricane. but i thin and then the funeral is a game of fitness from england to spain now and european champions real madrid have dished out a beating of note in the spanish league they're struggling in fourth position on the table but they took out all their frustrations on deputy on sunday not sure fernandez gareth bale and christiane a rebel though all scored twice in a seven one and nial ation deportivo actually laid one no at one stage would you believe rail off five points behind valencia who are third but they do have a game at. and league leaders barcelona extended their lead at the top to eleven points with a big win over raila bettis real sociedad were beaten two one by
2:56 am
a celta vigo and in the days of the match and leganes drew two two rory mcilroy says he's happy to be back playing golf after recovering from a rib injury but the four time major champion didn't quite have a fairytale ending to return in abu dhabi the former world number one hasn't won a title since september twenty sixth but he did put in a solid performance to finish in a share of good place out in front was defending champion tommy fleetwood the european number one rolled in five birdies on the back nine to make it back to back victories at this course finishing two strokes ahead of ross fisher. golf's first major of the season may still be three months away but the current masters champion sergio garcia has begun he season on a winning note the spaniard won the singapore open shooting a three under par sixty eight to finish with a five stroke lead over sean morris and such quarter you'd shared second place.
2:57 am
it's always great to start to start like this there's no doubt that starting with with a win it's always great to do it here at this golf course. you know against. a good feel here in asia in condition is that when easy and nowhere did it it's important so you know hopefully we can read that so a skier lara goods has won the final world cup super g. race before the winter olympics good made up for lost time having spent the last eleven months recovering from knee surgery it was the twenty fourth world cup when i moved to the top of the rankings in the super g. conditions in italy were not ideal though there were several crashes the worst of which involved austria's needing face to head to be stretchered off of the picking up a suspected knee injury from this nasty from. sweden sandra naslund. and germany's pull and could have won the men's and women's ski cross world cup finals respectively for not salutes winning in canada means she remains
2:58 am
at the top of the overall world cup leaderboard while it gets to easy eleventh on the mains overall standings managed to come in ahead of all three is christe of. and of will veto of bush off who finished third. and that's all the sport for me will have another update for you again later on. and that's it for me rob matheson for this news hour i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news so see them apart.
2:59 am
training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sold what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch this side and this side like this and like that i really leftist i don't like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously. don't you feel
3:00 am
a little more confident of feeling more energetic you feel more alive. rio has big plans to turn its largest for the lows into spectacles. but inside the favelas. has big plans of his own. building since the age of twelve listen trained yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any at seeing his vision come to light. the federal and the must apply the concluding part of rebel architecture at this time on al-jazeera. checkers president promises to crush kurdish fighters as military continues its ground operation in northern syria.


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