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thank you to those issues where the slightest error means a one way ticket over the. homes. tough conditions facing death at every turn. it's a very very good. with their lives just to. risk. in life from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in. time to the news grid of turkey expands its campaign in northern syria it now sets its sights
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further east. into the district. while the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson calls for restraint. is really palestinian members of parliament to protest the u.s. vice president's speech at the knesset as mike pence reiterated america's commitment to jerusalem as the capital of israel saying the embassy will be moved by the end of next year and a new report from finds billionaires made enough money last year to end global poverty seven times over the inequality gap between rich and poor increases but what can be done to bridge the divide jamaica's tourism minister says the island is safe despite a state of emergency being imposed because of a spike in. questions and comments throughout the show. you. with the news good real live on air we're streaming online through you tube
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facebook life and al jazeera dot com well turkey says its offensive in northern syria won't stop until it's established a security zone along the border turkey has attacked off for three days with artillery aircraft and ground forces on monday turkey widens that operation to districts and says the city of men is next. airspace was controlled by russia but the turkish president. says they formed an agreement for turkey to move in the offensive focuses on the y.p. gee that's a u.s. ally kurdish group that turkey considers terrorists the united states has not supported the. but is aligned with the fighters east of often in the fight against i so that's where they fight as part of the syrian democratic forces the s.d.f. insists it's only enemy is isilon has asked foreign powers to help stop the turkish assaults the us france and iran all asking turkey to exercise restraint while an
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emergency session at the u.n. security council has been called for late monday stephanie decker is on the turkey syria border covering events for us there why have the turks now opened a new front stephanie. well some speculated before this all started that that would be the first. because these are at the say fighters free syria army these are rebels that turkey supports inside syria and most people thought that this would be a have to be the first front that they would move towards actually from the east they haven't done that what they've started to do yesterday was move cross border f.s.a. supported by turkish troops from the west from where we are today and the north and today they're starting from the east so they're really trying to squeeze our footing from all angles because they're also fighting to the south you've got some turkish troops and and a group there that sort of help supporting them in this offensive so that sort of the strategy i can tell you today at the border intensive shelling throughout the
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day and much less in the tour in the thing objects that we heard which we have been here in the days before yesterday what is the situation then inside often itself and we're also hearing of the rising death toll here the death toll hard to confirm because culms of pretty much been shot down what we understand the latest figures is fourteen dead twelve civilians two y p g fighters very difficult to independently confirm that briefly we spoke to some people from after the new tell us that most people say morale is high that the white p.g. said there is no way they're going to give up this city or indeed the region without a fight that the shelling is happening really across the border and hasn't quite reached the city yet and that most people are staying within the city and not leaving the president or to one himself stuff and he has said that he is not backing away from a freedom but he has an understanding with the russians as of the first time that his son back. it is i mean we've all sort of known that there
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was no way turkey was going to undertake this operation without the consent of russia because russia controls the skies and had troops in awfully until just a few days ago when they pulled them out so tacitly this was understood however it was never actually said as explicitly as the president said today he said well we're not going to stop it we're not going to pull out because we are in agreement with russia so that's the first time we've heard it shows you a jury in the sort of international implications of this you were mentioning in your intro you know they wipe out of the u.s. you have iran which is a major player you have the russians that have agreed to turkey doing this well what are they getting in return all these things behind closed doors very often hard to get down to the real nitty gritty of what's being discussed but yes syria certainly has far more implications international regional implications than just a syria war ok seventy deca reporting from the turkish syrian border thank you let's get the viewpoint from moscow and bring in charles that's where he is joining us from allow for all of has been speaking what did he have to say on this
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situation in syria and often when opera was using some of the same kind of language that you've been hearing from the americans recently which is not surprising really considering the complexity of the battle space in syria right now and essentially the russians and the americans are taking the position of not trying to get too involved either for or against the african offensive so so a lot of rove said earlier on that russia was calling for restraint as well as respect for the territorial integrity of syria is difficult to. think past that request for respect for territorial restraints when there's an armed incursion going on across the border but that's at least what he said and as for what erdogan was saying that the turks and the russians are on the same page when it comes to free and what is the russian viewpoint on that are they. well this is the big
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question is and how much consensus did russia give turkey to send tanks across into the afrin area and we don't know the answer to that officially because russia is still staying pretty silent on that matter but we do know that there was a high level delegation sense from ankara to moscow last week just before the assault started it included the turkish chief of staff and the head of intelligence and if you look at the facts of the matter there are turkish forces operating in syria right now there are no russian jets shooting turkish jets out of the sky and the russian military police there did seem to be in africa in before this event don't seem to be anywhere now so some sort of assent was given we know that is russia worried about it all about any potential complications yes i did there are huge huge complications potentially for russia in all of this
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because russia is trying to maintain pragmatic working relations with turkey with kurdish forces and with the syrian regime in damascus and these forces to a greater or lesser a lesser extent are openly hostile to each other so yes there's a there's a there's a great potential for russia's objectives in the region to come off the tracks but i think rusher is also saying that there is a an equal and perhaps greater threats to american ambitions in syria and that probably gives moscow some some confidence i think that the pats this is this is all worse for the u.s. than it is for moscow i think the russians are basically hoping at the moment that they can stay out of it to a certain extent what's going on in our friend and i hope that turkey doesn't get messed up too much ok chalons reporting from moscow thank you. and chapelle is a social media producer look at the concern for civilians who are caught up in this
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turkish operation and you're full of stuff was telling us kurdish sources tell al jazeera that at least twelve civilians have been killed so far in turkish airstrikes and shelling in f. eighteen since this operation as operation olive branch began and while expressing support for its ally turkey's legitimate security concerns the u.s. state department has also urged its nato allies to show restraint and to avoid civilian casualties in northwestern syria now this is the area that we're talking about here this map it's from the u.n. it gives us a sense of just how many internally displaced syrians have fled fighting in libya that's right there in the center and moved north these circles you're seeing they represent large concentrations of i.d.p.'s and afrin is right there at the top its population has doubled over the course of the syrian war kurdish officials say that more than one to one point two million people live there now if we shift over to a live you a map you can let me just broaden this out here so you can see the region you can get a better sense of where the turkish strikes and the f.s.a.
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shelling have been concentrated over the past two to three days to attack the why p.g. now staff was saying there are several fronts in this battle to reduce why p.g. held territory which you're seeing in yellow turkey wants a thirty kilometer safe zone all along its border deep inside syrian territory so lots of civilians are of course now caught in the middle one y.p. do supporter and former fighter explain to me why this area is important for syrian civilians. mom's makes a gift i'm a british born to spend fighting alongside the white peachy since two thousand and fourteen myself and only international volunteers condemn this action by turkey the attack on african is an absolute tragedy hundreds of thousands of arabs kurds christians and you c.d.'s have fled to the africa count on for shelter it is a safe space for everybody to it is only there because it's conflating the problems in syria but his own internal problems it is waging
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a war against the biggest enemy of the islamic states the white bitches just defeated islamic states and rocca it's liberated more territory than all the other forces against isis combined and they are generally progressive democratic they are kurds liberating themselves and for intimate prosy so i think the international community needs to come together condemns actually point to start working towards a peaceful settlement to the syrian crisis so the perception from the white p.g. and their supporters as you heard there is that this is essentially an act of aggression one that syrian kurdish cartoonist yes yellow shows here this is his take of what operation olive branch means to him others like the author on war and that this could lead to greater conflicts between arabs and kurds he thinks or he says rather if the u.s. thinks this is limited to a brain it's dead wrong let us know what you think about all of this you can tweet us your views using the hashtag a j news grid or tweet me directly i'm at. and just
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to let you know that we do have a comments coming into us here on the newsgroup on facebook we're not saying turkey has every right to defend its borders as well as its people and neuron also saying turkey has worn many times this is all due to america and turkey once again has the right to defend its borders and by the way if you'd like to keep up to date with all the latest developments and updates on syria on the turkish operation had to al-jazeera dot com there you'll find a page right there it's dedicated to specifically on syria oh pardon me that is actually the home page of al-jazeera and if you click on syria's civil war there it is you'll find this page there it is syria civil war news so all the information you need to know coming out off syria as always we'd like to get your thoughts on this and other stories we're covering on the newsgroup today so you can send us your comments or your questions to any one of her online platforms we're on twitter at a.j. english we're also on facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j.
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news grid you can send us a whatsapp at plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine just a reminder to always use the hash tag grid for any comments or questions now mike pence has become the first american vice president to speak at the israeli knesset pensive speech was interrupted by protests by is really palestinian politicians after they were thrown out as you can see spoke to cheers of the u.s. his friendship with israel and its commitment to recognizing jerusalem as the country's capital i'm sorry faucet joining us from west jerusalem the the israeli arab politicians had said prior to my pencil speech that they were going to boycott that speech and and they really made their point. that's right we thought at first that they weren't even going to turn up but then it became clear was speaking to some of them before the speech got underway that they wanted to do something demonstrably and in public inside the knesset hall and that's what they did they
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they provided a very clear message of opposition and defiance towards the u.s. position on jerusalem and they did so by standing up by by shouting that jerusalem is the capital of palestine and as you see there were those scuffles within the hall and there were scuffles out here or at least there was some shouting and argy bargy out here in the corridor as well those of a rather notorious israeli a member of the knesset a right winger who is known for very public stunts such as this he shouted down a one of the israeli palestinian and k.'s jamal's. calling him a terrorist saying that he had no place in this building as a whole came self and spoke to us and set out his opposition to the pence position . as the police as i was that i have found is that and it will not only down in the office is that an e-mail from us a letter to mr president saying that day he's against settlements and is still
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within international decisions under international law this is the problem that americans are changing that when i see this that i just said this says as joe did that many companies see in the past the americans said that. settlements as they are up to obstacles for peace now if they are in egypt and when they say the border does it will be decided in the bushes at ten it's translation on the head of one of the an accession of of palestinian land. now as for the speech itself it really did speak displaying an extra level of alignment between the current us administration and the government here of benjamin netanyahu it was really one of the most closely supportive speeches from a senior us official of israel of this government that you could really have imagined it really did show as well that the disjunct between the united states and israel is on one hand and their view on the peace process and the palace is on the
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other they really are operating in it seems different realities at the moment the palestinians entirely rejecting the united states as having any legitimacy in the process going forward mike pence again saying the united states was not prejudging any final status any final boundaries and would support a two state solution if both sides supported that at the same time that the tenor of the language of this speech was full of religiosity he talked about the hebrew bible being the basis not just of the israeli state but also the inspiration for the founding fathers of the united states perhaps one there for his evangelical christian base back in the united states and also saying that whatever harriet isn't given a harris as or what he had to say when it came to moving the embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv that is going to play to take place at the end of next year i suppose this is exactly what the israelis wanted to hear. indeed i mean the they really are
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in lockstep on all of this i mean benjamin netanyahu did talk about it happening within the within the course of this year last week he's going to have to wait one more year for that to happen but a very clear declaration by mike pence that there is no backing away from this very consequential move by donald trump in december and that the the bricks and mortar coming stemming from that move would take place by the end of twenty nine thousand there would be a u.s. embassy here in jerusalem and he also said that whatever happened in terms of the peace process the united states would absolutely guarantee the security of israel more widely in the region it would not let iran get a nuclear weapon there were applause lines as far as the israeli members were concerned throughout this speech and the israeli ministers have lined up in support as well after it calling it emotional inspiring one calling it zionist ok harry foster thank you for that update from west jerusalem so while that was going at the knesset we'll across what is a muscle ya he's in brussels because i'm our while that was happening at the
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knesset with mike pence a speech mahmoud abbas the palestinian president was in brussels he's trying to shore up support for the palestinians how did that all go down there. well actually he gave a very brief statement together with the part of the foreign policy chief for the record really before the insurgents are meeting with the foreign ministers of the twenty eight member states in its the european union said that it was committed to a political process that it wanted to essentially kick start or reenergize the political process built on the accords and it didn't recognize the decision made by the united states in terms of illegally occupied jerusalem however it was encouraging our bows to return to the negotiation table are biased on his part so that obviously he was willing to negotiate but he needed some sort of incentive i mean it was you know the kind of typical political headline messages that are given
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when any side wants to try and shore up this idea that the only way forward is a political solution however it neglected to mention the main crux of the issue which is the political process that's gone on for twenty thirty forty years now has delivered very little as far as the palestinians are concerned in that they are still millions of palestinian refugees in the still palestinian land entirely right hired and or controlled by israeli soldiers in and speaking of the palestinian authority and the process then jim and the palestinians ever since the u.s. is this isn't to recognize derisive them as israel's capital have said that the u.s. can no longer be a mediator in this process going forward so who is abbas proposing mediates is he trying to find someone to do so by going to europe. well essentially years that is the initial message for us that it's meant to be
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seen as a snob troop presence that the bus decided to schedule his trip to europe when prince was in the region to show that they no longer want to deal with the trumpet ministration and on the other hand it is trying to maybe cement the europeans as maybe or place them in the driving seat as far as the palestinian israeli conflict is concerned i mean it's not really a massive upgrade for the europeans role in that the e.u. is not only heavily financially invested in the israeli palestinian conflict they are the main backers of the palestinian authority in terms of monetary supports but also the also accords which were signed in the white house were hatched in oslo in norway in the europeans have always tried to instigate the political process in a more may be quote unquote for want of a better word diplomatic way than the americans have but the reality there in is very simple as far as mahmoud abbas is concerned he heads an organization or an institution which claims to govern and represent the palestinian people on the
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ground they have no power to govern and they very often are accused of not representing the palestinian people so unless he can come back home with a clear commitment from the europeans that they are going to recognize palestine as a state where they're going to make some sort of significant step that will change the lives of palestinians on the ground then he's not going to come back home very much victorious i want a stand that the european foreign ministers have rejected so far to a cannot luge palestine is a state however there is a press conference being given by a bus and a greenie again in the next coming minutes ok jim owsley our reporting from brussels thank you well just let you know what's happening in gaza in the meantime so a general strike has been called for by the private sector to protest worsening living conditions amid the ongoing blockade there which is threatening to now just collapse the economy and the gaza strip has been under israeli land naval air blockade for more than ten years and egypt also controls the southern border
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crossing which is the only gateway to the rest of the world so on the situation there you can head to al jazeera dot com and read this article that's on our home page. jim r.c.l. a moment ago talking about the press conference being given by. us and the e.u. foreign policy chief there she is so that press conference going on right now in brussels we're keeping an eye out on it will bring you any of the latest lines from there and just briefly as well we'll show you the u.s. senate's we're waiting on a vote later on the u.s. government shutdown so there it is that is the view from the sea is what it's now over to suit her and joining us from london with more of the international news hi sue hyder in bangladesh has delayed plans to repatriate hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled violence in myanmar the process was due to begin on tuesday with a list of very fine details of people to be sent back is still incomplete many
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refugees and aid workers fear the revenge it will be forced to return to conditions that are still unsafe and six hundred eighty thousand have crossed the border to bangladesh since the crackdown began last august spain's supreme court has refused to renew a european arrest warrant for former catalan leader colace preached a month which tomorrow has been living in self-imposed exile in brussels and is currently in denmark to meet danish m.p.'s the ousted leader could face thirty years in jail for leading catalonia is vote for secession in an illegal referendum last year during a speech at the university of copenhagen he warned that the shadow of former dictator general franco still loomed over spain maybe i'm mistaken but i believe that north order northern european country find acceptable such a constitution or democratically elected government certainly not to denmark but in the spain show the still love. the whole you but you have the blood we gauged
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dogs even with the best to reach group it are. has refused to listen or to start a dialogue with the death on representatives former football star george ware has replaced africa's first female head of state as liberia's new president he's been sworn in after winning by a landslide against vice president joseph in december we're sixteenth nobel peace prize winner ellen johnson sirleaf and liberia's first peaceful transition of power since one nine hundred forty four schools churches and markets are reopening in a zombie or three weeks after the government introduced emergency measures to contain a cholera outbreak at least seventy four people have died of the disease since september terry gates and the reports. it's time to go back to school to the zambians a week later the usual. the start of term was delayed to allow inspectors time
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to check every school's water and sanitation system to try to bring a cholera outbreak under control. and to see that they go to. allowed us to. control. and we have now to go to class and start teaching our children. since september more than three thousand two hundred zambians have been infected with cholera most live in or around the capital lusaka it's a bacterial disease usually spread through contaminated water left untreated it can kill within alice. earlier this month the government deployed the army to lead a cleanup of public spaces banned public gatherings and introduced a curfew it says sufficient progress has now been made for it to east some of these restrictions we're getting back to normal so we want people to begin to trade again
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because we understand traders have had to pass through a rough time of not trading two three weeks of disruption is this is big enough to disrupt their normal lives you would as well farmers welcome the reopening of market places but say the outbreak has badly damaged their livelihoods it reached a level where even outlets such as become so bright could not have a stumbles because farmers could not bring in the vegetables from us could not bring in the tomatoes farmers could not bring in the fruits and so the impact was was very bad on the farmers but again it also impacted on the turnstiles the government says the number of new cholera cases has dropped significantly since it introduced the emergency measures but the zombies ambiens it's too little too late they queues ministers have mismanaging lusaka is water system and causing the outbreak in the first place the tory gave them be out as they are so often longer for now.
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well how fairly is wealth distributed among people in your country you can find out in the latest annual report from oxfam the group's research suggests this that eighty two percent of the global wealth generated last year went to the richest one percent of the population the three point seven billion people who make up the poorest half of the world saw no increase in their wealth in twenty seventeen their report singles out countries where the gap is widening including the united states it says the three richest people in the us own the same wealth as the bottom half of the population that's a hundred and sixty eight million people car a white or christ is a political philosopher a george sign university joining us here and to talk about not only the socks on report but wealth inequality as
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a whole did anything surprise you about the findings of those who were it was it was said but not surprising no wealth and income inequality are both very high and they've been getting higher specially in the united states for the last forty years why is that well it's because of policy we have policy that is very favorable to people who own wealth and wealth produces a return on wealth and and if that tax on whatever your return from wealth is very low then you can accumulate and accumulate for ever and can it get larger and larger we just seem to be talking about this issue year after year when organizations like oxfam issue such reports and nothing really changes yes it is it will it will change when people in political power are upset about it in the united states and in a lot of other countries some of the most politically powerful people are also some . very wealthy people and the government is not terribly responsive to the.
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to the great majority of people they often will vote against what the great majority wants in favor of what of what people in higher incomes also do reports like these make a difference oh i think they do i think they do there's been there's been growing concern within a quality ever since the financial meltdown of two thousand and eight in two thousand and nine and i don't see any signs of that going away and this concern about inequality things like this that reinforce it and show that it is not trickling down as we're so often promised they say give it to the wealthy and then they will they will create jobs for everyone else and we're not getting any higher rates of job creation than we did when taxes on wealthy people were much higher fifty years ago you know it's only in the beginning that especially in the u.s. this gap continues to grow but what about the rest of the world can you can you can
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generalize that well yes yes you can you can generalize those differences country by country but generally wealth inequality especially has been very high and getting higher and wealth is what determines your power rates ok we'll leave it there we thank you very much for joining us on al-jazeera well our program inside story is looking at this report today in the issue of inequality it's not uploaded yet on the website as you can see it airs in just over two hours but this is the home page off inside story on al-jazeera dot com so you can head there just a couple virus to watch that show. during the break for our facebook viewers an important environmental story about microbes. and coming up on the news where the gap is widening between rich and poor in developing and also developed countries like the united states we'll recap that oxfam report coming up
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right after the break. welcome back to take a look at weather conditions across western asia and the levant the main features this area of low pressure pushing in across turkey and that's giving some heavy snowfall across far east the country down into the border area with syria some heavy rain lower level so looking pretty nasty over the twenty four to forty eight hours but with the forecast through to wednesday still some snow around but generally situation improves slightly but it's really going to be cold at higher elevations seventeen in beirut twenty in baghdad elsewhere we're looking at a bright conditions for terrible fields to see dry weather highs of thirteen here in the arabian peninsula so we don't through the gulf states we've lost the wind so the risk of lifted dusk is disappearing though we may see some folk returning
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otherwise look at twenty six and bright in riyadh heading on into out wednesday should be fine in mecca with temperatures here of thirty one degrees down into southern portions of africa where we've lost the rain which has been affecting parts of south africa that snow clearing away out into the southern ocean so we're looking at fine conditions for cape town durban's looking dry and bright showers on the eastern side of madagascar and then some heavy rain from northern parts of mozambique through into parts of tanzania. personal stories of lebanese villages on the border with israel the blue line runs through this area their daily struggles when we go get emergency forces stop us when we go there that shoot at us how to survive and peaceful protests to reason in the place of the interior means the fines and resistance and at the same time it's means not for knife and feed of life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon
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living on the blue line at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds up corrupt i did just what president say in the whole country that is not the other way when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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the headlines on al and this is what's trending right now on our website al-jazeera dot com the top story relentless shelling us turkey intensifies the offering first and second spot as. well on turkey's operation in. syria and. the world. every two days according to oxfam we spoke about that before the break with my guest but head to al-jazeera dot com to read more about. reports. published. by. turkey and syria on turkey's expanded
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campaign in the north of syria in fact we can now speak to juan cole who's a professor of history at the university of michigan who's joining us here on set in doha good to see you again thanks for joining us so let's look at this operation that's going on in the north of syria turkey saying that it will not stop until its stablished a security zone along the border than whites and will they be able to do so. well probably they can establish a security zone in the sense that they will chase out the y.p. g. forces the people's protection units of the kurdish militia from anywhere nearby the turkish border on the syrian side but their long term goal is unknown and it's a little big as to why they've launched this operation it came after the united states the trump administration announced that it wanted to establish its thirty thousand
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strong police force that would be armed and equipped by the united states and it seems possible that this is turkey's way of pressuring the united states the same what do you make of the u.s. is reaction so far to what is going on and often just a couple of hours ago the u.s. secular state rex tillerson said that they're aiming to work with turkey to address its legitimate security concerns what does that tell you about the approach that the united states is planning to take if there is a an approach at all well tillerson also said that he hoped that the turkish operation and freeing would be limited and wouldn't harm civilians. the united states is not willing to back down from its alliance with the syrian kurds who were the only ground force that was able to help the united states defeat eisel than rocka and they are i think hoping to find a way to convince to the turks that it's not a danger to them that the united states is arming these people with the turks are
6:37 pm
absolutely convinced that these are terrorists and so the united states and turkey are at loggerheads will members then be a game changer. well month it is a very dangerous situation because it's near to a freend the the kurdish militia took it away from meisel with u.s. help and there are reportedly u.s. troops special operations forces embedded atman bij those the turks come in there there's really a danger for a hot situation ok juan cole we thank you for joining us on al-jazeera thank you. now saudi arabia says it will donate one and a half billion dollars how off of the un's humanitarian appeal for yemen as the war continues the situation is also deteriorating in areas controlled by the saudi backed governments in the southern port city of aden secessionist say they want to overthrow the internationally recognized cabinets of reports.
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the u.n. says three billion dollars will be needed if yemeni children to stop eating out of dumpsters. not money will also be used to provide health sanitation and basic necessities to eleven million people desperate for humanitarian aid. half of the three billion has been promised by saudi arabia as it continues to carry out attacks in yemen. it's targeting hooten rebels but rights groups say most of those dying are civilians it's not just to be directly because of the war in the conflict itself as those people. and their villages in the towns where they haven't been able to access. or access medical facilities and die for the preventable diseases face to children the conflict in yemen is complicated the column in the port city of aden deceptively hides a political storm brewing between opposing parties supported by the same coalition u.e. back said in the session it's threatening the saudi backed and internationally recognized
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government was. this is session this have thought for control of air and sea ports now sudden forces led by the man appointed by president the governor of aden have announced the beginning of the process to overthrow the government not of i don't know until i get a young lot of money if it's going to we reject the deployment of any northern forces to decide while we appreciate their military role and the necessity of forming northern resistance forces to fight in the north. aden is the de facto capital of the ha the government of president hadi has been big. in saudi arabia due to security concerns his prime minister ahmed been there for his struggle to control southern yemen despite support from saudi arabia the u.s. gives logistical guidance at the saudi military headquarters in riyadh as well as selling them weapons russia also wants to go to yemen but there's concern based on other middle eastern conflicts it would tilt in favor of the iran backed hoopy rebels russia insists it just wants peace. in the complicated chessboard of
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war babies are dying of hunger yemenis just want it to end regardless of who can make that happen some of it job it is there let's bring in elizabeth kendall she's a senior research fellow at pembroke college at the university of oxford joining us via skype from france thanks for speaking to us on the news group so as we're seeing saudi arabia now saying that it's going to donate one on how a billion dollars that is in fact how the amount that the u.n. is appealing for humanitarian aid for yemen so it's the cycle of the u.n. asking for money donations are made by the same countries that are bombing yemen how do you make sense of all of this well close to being welcomed that saudi arabia has already stepped up latched on what the u.n. needs well let's remember that the u.n. asking for is three billion dollars that will only reach in any case all of yemen's population and so really it would make much more sense to end the war
6:41 pm
down and find a political resolution to the crisis rozen continue example ne'eman and then get money to rebuild it and give humanitarian assistance this is a huge continent and we've heard recently from germany that it's going to be stopping all arms exports to countries involved in the war in yemen this is a positive step what's your reaction to that and could that set a precedent for other countries. i think this is a very significant step and it's dreamy welcome that germany which has a significant on straight is stepping up to the mark likeness and it flows in the context of growing european pressure in november european parliament's. members of the european parliament voted to again call for a complete arms and blocking against saudi arabia and in january norway stepped up and said that it was holding on sack sports to the united arab emirates post
6:42 pm
specific plea of its role in the war in yemen so one must hope the country's now step up this is a this war has been quite profitable for arms dealers has it not but i mean especially if you look at the u.k. for example it's repeatedly been challenged on its sales to saudi arabia and according to the latest that's a six i've seen at least that's why since more than six point three billion dollars worth of arms to saudi arabia since that war began so what will it take for to get them to stop. well you make a very good point you take a two to greater extent france and also even the u.s. and all paid lip service to that population's lie saying we want to encourage saudi arabia yet and the blockade but at the same time which still is selling saudi arabia arms which are being used against the civilian population in yemen unintentionally or intentionally and so it makes no sense. to add
6:43 pm
countries leaders to keep saying that they deplore the war and at the same time to keep selling weapons in february last year the u.k. did actually have to undergo a judicial review in london which hold on the government to stop sending arms and said that this was illegal it took five months for that judicial review to reach a conclusion and the conclusion was that on sales was still legal and so u.k. continues to sell arms to saudi arabia whilst on the other hand saying as it wishes to find an end to the process ok elizabeth kendall thank you for speaking to us from fronts you know and the united nations human rights council meanwhile has been discussing concerns about freedom of expression in the united arab emirates it follows a report earlier this month in which the un expressed regrets over the u.a.e. is failure to establish
6:44 pm
a national human rights institution the report says that the country impedes migrant workers and the state from bringing their grievances to justice they when commission also condemned the arrests and forced disappearances outside the legal framework and the transfer of people to secret prisons that in baba covering the story for us and joining us from geneva today i'm over to you. well daryn that's right the session has been hearing a whole range of concerns from various countries which were highlighted in that report in january by the human rights council here in geneva they range from as you were referring to freedom of expression and freedom of information to the conditions in which foreign workers are employed to the child the problem of trafficking human trafficking including children bring book bring brought into
6:45 pm
the u.a.e. and then forced into prostitution there are several areas which have been highlighted but one of the main ones has been arbitrary detention and the use of torture i'm joined now by david hague who's a u.k. national and you were yourself arrested in the u.a.e. can you tell me a bit about how that happens yes i was the managing director of lead united in twenty fourteen and i was in a business dispute with its owners they tricked me to fly to dubai and on landing i was jailed for twenty two months the majority of that in arbitrary detention in dubai until ultimately being acquitted of twitter abuse in twenty six thing. just tell us a bit about your conditions what kind of place where you kept to and your experience i mean i was kept in a temporary detention facility for that time built for thirty two housing around one hundred fifty i was tortured beaten abused the starved denied access to
6:46 pm
a lawyer a pen not even allowed into court so pretty much every human basic human right you expect in a fair trial i was deprived of and at the time i thought that that was just related to me but now having left and working with many hundreds of other cases i realize that it's widespread across the u.a.e. what kind of impact did it have on you i mean in my in my particular case when i was released i spent seven months as an inpatient in hospital they broke my my hand my foot my cheek you can see it's a little different so i spent seven and a half months seven months rather in is an impatient hospital in england i still have a lot of surgery i need to do have to travel to america plastic surgery and mentally as well i've been diagnosed as having post-traumatic stress disorder from the things they did to me but also the horrific torture us or didn't do to other people and we've heard people we've heard a response from the u.s. in the last hour or so what do you make of that i mean i sat there in the room watching the delegations and watching and well gosh talk about the u.a.e.
6:47 pm
and i mean it wasn't so serious it would be comedy because they're either deluded or they're believing their own propaganda he talks about how the u.a.e. has a strong human rights record yet he simply sitting right opposite the tare delegation to the u.a.e. have just cause implemented an illegal blockade damaging the human rights of hundreds of thousands of people in qatar and it's just ironic and unbelievable that they think that they are promoting human rights but i think one thing that is good is that there has been an almost universal call for them to implement human independent human rights protections with strong calls coming from the usa from switzerland from germany. david thank you very much for your time well there have been a strong statements from the u.a.e. saying that they are implementing recommendations according to n.g.o.s there's lots more work to be done ok reporting from geneva thank you now let's go for andrew for a story that's off the grid andrew well jamaica has declared
6:48 pm
a state of emergency in the district of st james due to a soaring crime rate now some roads have been closed tanks sent to the streets and a mandatory curfew has been put in place until february fifteenth police say they've witnessed an increase in killings due to gangs and as well as lottery scams in the state of emergency allow them to search the area for wanted criminals murder gays should kids extortion illicit drugs illegal guns not to scam in general lawlessness have gone to record levels during this period we will be temporarily a bridge in the individual's rights. in order to facilitate the security forces india's search for gang members scammers wanted men
6:49 pm
persons of interest and other criminals as well as big gone and i'm going to shun the government has been contemplating this action for some time this is not an action that can be too you know. require a great deal of planning and it is not just. an action to shore jamaica has one of the world's highest murder rates per capita last year more than sixteen hundred people were killed that includes three hundred thirty five in the st james region where curfews have been imposed that's a record high and so far this year at least thirty eight people have already been killed across the islands jamaica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world the tourism minister says that the country remains safe even during this state of emergency but the u.s. united kingdom and canada have released travel warnings the british government says travelers should limit their movements outside of resorts in the area at this time
6:50 pm
and exercise particular care if traveling at night and exercise caution if you're in the area so no surprise here that many are wondering how crime and the coverage of crime will impact tourism there claude here says it's a shame and an impediment to tourism but it's the truth let's bring it out in the open and fight it another user here says it's that he considers jamaicans more important than any tourist so why are they living under siege with band-aid solutions for decades and no one ever goes to jail for their crimes others like these german tourists here are basically ignoring the warnings and say they're going to enjoy their vacations stay inside of hotel compounds they say nine if you're in jamaica tell us if you're being impacted by the security measures in any way you can tweet us using the hash tag. thank you all just a moment peter will be here in just a moment like i said to look at the top sports trends and tom brady is off to the super bowl for an eighth time but there are online conspiracy theories suggesting
6:51 pm
he's been unfairly favored it's coming up in just a moment. let's
6:52 pm
find out what people are talking about in sports and here's peter three two words super bowl it's one of the biggest annual sporting events on the planet and on sunday it was decided that the competing teams will be the new england patriots and the philadelphia eagles after they won their respective championship games this map here will show you all the tweets with key words associated with those two sides
6:53 pm
during the playoffs now you can just look at how the u.s. lights up fly eagles fly that was the dominant hash tag for supporters of the philadelphia eagles but the single person most people will talk about is tom brady the quarterback is into he's eighth super bowl with a new england patriots and at the age of forty he's won five of them but they are plenty of n.f.l. fans who've been greatly like him in that sport about a couple of conspiracy theories for years some fans have believed that referees favor the patriots and one fan post that this video from sunday's game of a ref seemingly congratulating brady on the win it's been retreated fifty thousand times and then there was the online conspiracy that the result was rigged this was after the n.f.l. posted an adverse us mint on their facebook page for a patriots vikings super bowl that was five days before the final playoffs remarkably it stayed on the page until friday let's check now to michael colson who's an n.f.l. broadcaster and joins us from london michael good of you to join us why is there
6:54 pm
such a love hate relationship when it comes to tom brady. bess mostly hate to be missed it's because partly because of their success this is unprecedented in the n.f.l. brady's played sixteen seasons this will be his eighth super bowl twelve times he's been to the a.f.c. championship which is in effect the semi final it's a measure of consistent achievement that no one's been able to match so there's there's always that resentment of the leading team and partly it's because under bill belichick has been the coach through all of that they've had a couple of small scandals which have been blown up into into huge thing belet things belichick knows the rulebook better than anybody every time he makes changes that are legal they get made illegal with the league trying to catch up to him so there's there's that sense that the patriots are somehow cheaters embellish it
6:55 pm
doesn't do anything to discourage this because he's basically has very little time for the media or for anything else he gives very short model syllabic answers to questions he shows obvious dislike of questions that he thinks are stupid or that are self-evident and so it doesn't do anything to make it a kind of happy atmosphere even though you would think a good looking all american boy like tom brady married to an international supermodel would probably be the idol of america rather than being kind of its its target dart target it's been quite a remarkable run for brady along with the patriots as you mentioned they coach bill belichick and the owner robert kraft eight super bowls but could the end be nigh. well you know you have to think it has to be sooner or later because the only the only thing that those patriot teams going back to two thousand and one when that season when they won their first super bowl have in common are those three guys
6:56 pm
that you mentioned and kraft is seventy six i believe bill's sixty five and brady's forty and forty is is old for a quarterback not many quarterbacks continue to play effectively at that age so you wonder how many more they have how many more they have left they'll probably continue on until they get tired of winning and there was of course a huge conspiracy theory around that the theory was the owner had forced bill belichick to get rid of tom brady's backup quarterback to make whose contract was about to expire they weren't going to be able to resign him and so the theory is that belichick wanted to dump brady i find a little hard to believe that you dump the most successful quarterback of all time while he's still playing well but you know conspiracy theories seem to erupt around the brady brady had a small injury on his on his throwing hand thumb and you know you would know and i don't often i'm afraid i have to stop you there thank you so much for your time
6:57 pm
really really appreciate it if we can have you back on us going to gain in the near future now there were big celebrations in philadelphia off to the eagles victory and city crews they were ready now this tweet from a local news channel showed crews greasing the light poles to stop eagles from climbing them off to the game and the for the delphia police well they tweeted as well now comes the time in the night where we must warn everyone about the dangers of sex rated fets cheers for folks that's the quarterback jim is pose it's a long way down baby celebrate responsibly do you think the fans listen i think we both know the answer to that one they were lots of areas like this one triumphant eagles fans attempting to climb the greasy poles across the city and they'll be hoping for more after the super bowl on february fourth speaking of polls this was one an eagles fan would have rather avoided it's a night he may not remember. for me. if i'm out specks you.
6:58 pm
peter thank you for that and that'll do it for this newsgroup remember you can keep in touch with us on social media is a day newsgroup so just make sure that you use that going all the other ways are taken x. are right there we're on twitter we're on facebook and our what's up number is four five zero one one four nine thanks for watching we'll see you back here in studio fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. on tuesday.
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