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one question then yes this circumstances have changed in changed political struggle over the miles at this time on al-jazeera. this is held to a. dangerous most vicious way the slightest error means a one way ticket to over the edge of the bodies that you may not come tomorrow holds we may not meet them on braving tough conditions facing death at every turn. to make serious here you know gamble with their lives just to and if risking it all on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes u.s. senators approved funding to end three days of government shutdown after reaching a deal. turkey intensifies its military operation in northwest syria and opens a new front in the town of a free. i go in the knesset supper all over the u.s. vice presidents of reassertion of jerusalem as the capital of israel. and from the football pitch to the political playground george weah was sworn in as liberia's new president. i three day u.s. government shutdown is about to end after senators approved legislation to extend funding into next month the bill is expected to be passed quickly by the house of represent. gives before being signed off by president donald trump please
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a live picture is on the vote right now but immigration disputes that was at the center of the crisis is still far from resolved to the deal reached before the vote democrats agreed to block the bill allowing government funding to continue until february eighth and return republicans said they would continue talks on the status of undocumented migrants brought to the u.s. as children also known as dreamers now in response president donald trump tweeted that democrats had come to their senses he also said he was open to an immigration deal but only if it was good enough for the country heidi jocasta is live for us in washington d.c. heidi unpick this for you for us if you would what is the deal that they've done. well rob this compromise was negotiated by a group of bipartisan moderate senators and the compromise is this the democrats in the senate have agreed to reopen the u.s. federal government with funding through february eighth that is
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a concession on on on the democrats part because he sensually they are giving up leverage on what they really want which is a solution to this immigration problem to resolve the immigration status of these so-called dreamers that is what they had demanded from day one to be part of this budget bill it was not included in essentially democrats backed down and said we agree to reopen the federal government but republicans have made the promise that once that the theory a deadline approaches that republican leaders in the senate will bring this immigration issue to a vote on the senate floor that is the promise made by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell earlier in the day and these are the words he used when the senate did pass this compromise measure. all our board and work for the american people to put on hold while this manufactured crisis. we made no. progress at all want to. negotiations.
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fall issues. border security health care defense spending and many other matters so i'm glad we're going to get back to work here ok i do so they are back to what we just saw some live pictures of the vote going ahead there but in practical terms what happens now. well the house should be wrapping up this vote momentarily the measure is expected to pass with strong support as it did in the senate hours ago then the bill is delivered to the white house and president donald trump is expected to sign it now trump himself though he is the source of mistrust from both sides in these negotiations as democrats have pointed repeatedly in the last few days president trump in earlier days had said he would he would support some sort of measure to protect these dreamers but then upon
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the advice of his more right wing advisers in most recent days has reversed that position leading to this mistrust on both sides so once this bill is delivered to trump's desk he is expected to sign it but even if the u.s. government reopens choosing morning as all hope that is still just the beginning of these negotiations and as you heard from mitch mcconnell there is not one inch of progress he said that both sides have moved on in resolving this very contentious immigration battle heidi for now thanks very much indeed let's speak to david good friend who's a former staff secretary to president bill clinton he's also served on the stuff of senators charles rangle and how cole is joining us live from washington d.c. we appreciate your time sir given the limited amount of leverage that the democrats have the moment did the use this wisely in this debate. well it's funny to hear all these people talk about the democrats it is the republicans who run the white house the house of representatives the united states senate so i
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still wonder what the president from thinks he cheats politically by giving the democrats so much credit for having said that let's remember that as your correspondent went out the funding agreement that's been reached last a few days into early february and then we're right back where we were yesterday if the democrats are not satisfied that the daca or immigration issue has been resolved it seems to me as though the republicans have painted themselves into yet another corner where the again be forced to deal with an issue that they don't like very much in order to keep the government operating i think it stretches credulity just a little bit if i can say this as a partisan democrat former president trying to say this is all about democrats because it was he president trump who took the precipitating action on dhaka by ending the program that president obama had placed that is what created this immigration crisis it was working fine for he got here and once again he was faced
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with a bipartisan resolution then when senator schumer the democrat and senator mcconnell the republican got together and offer him a compromise he didn't reject it he also said to senator schumer democratic leader i will support myself daca before he clip up once again and change his mind i don't think the american people are persuaded that this is democrats causing a problem i think rather when the party that has this much political power is this inept at governing the voters see this we're already starting to see that just recently just today it was revealed in some polling that generic democratic candidates for congress are up twelve percentage points over incumbent republicans in house and senate races that is staggering it just to put that in perspective when newt gingrich in one thousand. led a republican takeover of congress from the democrats republicans were out plus two
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points in order to cop it so the debit or ten points more in favor ability raise going into these midterm elections this year i don't think the republicans did anything spoken last few hours if we're facing this debate again in a few weeks time are we going to see a very different type of fight do you think i do i mean i think that criticisms from the far left of the democrats acquiescing to quickly be taken to heart in a repeat of this dynamic to the point where democratic leaders would feel compelled not to be burned again i think there's an awful lot of pressure on republicans to come up with a deal whereby they can get the votes necessary in the senate they would explain what i teach a class a georgetown law school or anywhere else the rules of the senate grant the minority a certain amount of rights in this case sixty votes
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a super majority are wired to pass legislation that means that when the republicans only have fifty one votes they need nine additional votes from democrats and that requires bipartisanship that requires compromise the pressure is on republicans to deliver in a few days when we're back in this situation again really interesting to get your views on this david good friend thank you very much for your time thanks for having turkish troops on there syrian rebel allies are closing in on kurdish forces and their fight to secure the border area the operation to push out the syrian kodesh why p.g. is intensifying and president bush up typo to one insists it will succeed the white house has been more cautious and says turkey must exercise restraint stephanie deca reports from the turkey syria border. it's almost becoming routine shelling and heavy artillery fired by the turkish army into syria. the monday border new development with turkey opening
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a new front in the ground offensive free syrian army fighters will now move towards africa and from the us. in this day the f.s.a. forces entered syria through turkey from its west and northern borders and after the airstrikes and heavy shelling helped pave the way in the first twenty four hours turkey says it is targeting y p g fighters a kurdish group it says is a terrorist organization which also happens to be america's strongest ally in fighting isis and in syria as ever complicated web of regional and international allegiances enter russia key to allowing turkey to operate in a free in something many already knew but the turkey's president admitted to on monday for the first time. we will handle a free there's no stepping back from a free we discussed this with our russian friends we have an agreement with them turkey's top military officials and intelligence chief or in moscow in the run up to the offensive russia had military personnel in africa in which it has now pulled out the people of africa and we've spoken to feel a sense of abandonment
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a feeling of betrayal echoed in a news conference by the syrian democratic forces further east of a free in the group backed by the u.s. to fight eisel with the bulk of its fighters from the y. p.g. . turkey would not have dared to shell our cities or villages or commit crimes against our children without russia violating their ethical obligation towards us and giving the green light to turkey to fly their jet fighters over offer in skies therefore russia is required to provide an explanation of the circumstances around the turkish aggression against our people. an explanation may be hard to come by the politics of syria's war are being played out behind closed doors the war however is as active as ever it's been really difficult to get information out of a free because the columns have been so bad but we have managed to speak to some sources who tell us that life inside the city of offering itself is pretty normal they say the y.p. g. is adamant that they are not going to give up the city or the region they do tell
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us however that from the border villages the people who live there many have moved further into because of turkey's relentless shelling and that is something that we've been hearing here intensively throughout the day. there's been a steady stream of military hardware heading to the border turkey says it will not stop its offensive until it is pushed the wipe away from its borders further complicating syria's almost seven year long war stephanie decker zero on the turkey syria border mohammed i don't takes a look at the key players in the battle for what could happen next turkey has always been an easy with cutlash control of areas on the other side of its border with syria it's now engaged in a massive assault on the cut his forces more most people's four units or why puji in a free and district. turkey considers the u.s. backed y p d an extension of the kurdish rebel group p k k that it has fought for decades and korea has been angered by the y.p.s.
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expansion in more than syria after the us backed into the group and the fight against all but of the washington state it will train an army to patrol the border region with the wipe india as a key component tuckey responded with its own military. offensive airstrikes and ground up tuck's potentially puts turkey in conflict with its nato ally and. expand its operation in mosul in syria to the city of mumbai each after our freedom has been cleared the task of taking of a member it will fall off auction of the free syrian army that's allied to the syrian government whether the us will try to convince turkey from taking mumble as it's done in the past is unclear at this stage russia syria's ally says it will not interfere in the conflict but it does control over enclaves airspace which means turkish air strikes that began on twenty january must have had russian clearance if
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are free in and none bridgwater for turkish backed forces will control a two hundred kilometer continuous threat of serious muslim border was to of the euphrates protect his main aim is to create a thirty kilometer saves all along its border which means the rest of the territory could be hundred over to the syrian government operation opens a new front in the near seven year long city and war which activists say has already claimed more than three hundred forty thousand lives a city of our friend could also have said fear humanitarian consequences. the opening date for the u.s. embassy which is moving from tel aviv to jerusalem has been brought forward to the end of twenty nineteen u.s. vice president mike pence made the announcement in israel but was briefly interrupted by protesting israeli palestinian politicians how the faucet has more from west jerusalem. on the day he would become the
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first u.s. vice president to address israel's parliament the knesset mike pence was greeted with almost presidential ceremony by israel's prime minister it didn't take long to return the favor by great our. president stays to be. israel's capital jerusalem. it was a description of jerusalem that pence would repeat three times during his set piece a vent. to go before he was interrupted by israeli palestinian members of the knesset decrying the u.s. position and any prospect of u.s. involvement in the peace process there in force departure cleared the way for pens to speak to two other audiences israelis and u.s. evangelical christians for whom the jerusalem declaration was a major campaign pledge in the weeks ahead our administration will advance its plan to open the united states embassy in jerusalem and that united states embassy will open before the end of next year pence's said that his faith largely determines his
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longstanding backing for israel this speech fused that religiosity with as offered the near total political support of the trumpet ministration for the government of the watching benjamin netanyahu including its position on iran i have a solemn promise to israel to all the middle east and to the world. the united states of america will never allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. he said the u.s. would back a two state solution if both israelis and palestinians agreed and israel security could be guaranteed and put the onus on the palestinians to come to the table is the time and gave them jerusalem i mean what an honest broker that is once the deal of the century in which jerusalem plays a major role above all this speech through into sharp relief the different realities which the united states and israel on one side and the palestinian leadership on the other and are operating in the palestinians this was further
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damage after donald trump's december declaration further evidence the united states could not be an honest broker for israeli ministers they were calling it emotional inspiring even zionist netanyahu later added his voice calling it a magnificent speech in particular complimenting its focus on what he called the evil regime in iran it was a powerful explosion of the enduring bond between our two countries and of your personal commitment to israel the commitment of president trump and your entire delegation on the first full day of his visit mike pence is earned the fulsome praise of his hosts the have a stronger rejection by the palestinian leadership of any u.s. role in the resolution of this conflict that al-jazeera western. the palestinian president has been in brussels with the e.u. has reassured him it supports his ambition to have easter loosen them as the capital of a palestinian state now it has been holding talks with e.u. foreign policy chief said that he come on honey and european foreign ministers here
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june opinion in nations to recognize the state of palestine. we pay all due respect to the positions of the european union we truly consider the e.u. as a partner and friend and therefore we call its member states to swiftly recognize the state of palestine and we confirm that there is no contradiction between recognition and the resumption of negotiations businesses across gaza have gone on strike in protest at the failing economy shops factories restaurants and hotels all closed for six hours israel's blockade in the palestinian territory is now in its eleventh year and unemployment is at a record high economists are calling on palestinians living abroad to send money to their families in the hope of reviving the economy. plenty more ahead in the news hour including. on the search families of one hundred forty three mentally ill patients who died under
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the botched government policy speak of their anger. and find out how greek scientists have given a new face to ancient history. and in sports chile's striker alexis sanchez completes his transfer from austria to man united with henrik nataly and going the other way. but francis has apologised to sexual abuse victims for comments that he said had wounded many the leader of the catholic church says he regrets his choice of words when he insisted at the weekend that the victims of paedophile priests must show proof to be believed he was defending a bishop in chile who denies covering up sexual abuse the pope also said he remains certain that one bottle us the cherry on bishop in question was innocent and would keep his job.
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how did those abuse people feel here i must apologize because that would prove that it had a lot of abuse people but i have to find something certified of this translation of a legal phrase hurt and i apologize if i willingly hurt them but it was a wound that i opened without wanting to it's caused me a lot of pain because i've sat down and listened to and spoken with abuse dictums many times mexico has recorded its highest homicide rate in decades with just over twenty nine thousand murders last year that's a twenty seven percent increase from twenty sixteen mexico's murder rate is also expected to be higher than official statistics that's because the tally is based on the number of murder investigations and not the number of actual victims john homan reports from mexico city. new government figures show that two thousand and
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seventeen was the deadliest year in decade to mexico and there's a variety of reasons for that apart from regular crime it's also the country's cartels which continue to battle over territory and drug routes apart from that when the government manages to capture one of their leaders others usually emerge to try and fight for their place so all of this brings more bloodshed but analysts say there's another reason why the number of murders has gone up and that's that the government hasn't taken this on effectively since it's been in power in the first couple of years president pena nieto didn't really want to talk about the drug war then after a lot of the number of murders becoming creeping up again and still there wasn't really any coherent strategy apart from carrying on doing what the previous administration had done that's continued through two thousand and seventeen the government just passed a new security law which keeps the military on the streets instead of the full scale reform of the country's many police forces that experts say has been overdue for years now or into election year in mexico and so by june this is going to turn
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into someone else's problem and with over a decade of intense violence in the country it really has turned into a bit of a poison chalice former world football star george weah has been sworn in as the twenty fourth president of liberia he's taking over the country with we can't occasion health and a struggling economy bugs has promised to improve the lives of all liberians and interesting points from monrovia from the same football pitch to propel him to global theme george where took the oath as president of liberia the national flag was lowered as former president ellen johnson sirleaf made way for the new presidency. in his inaugural address we had knowledge the enormity of the responsibility of his new office asking liberians to hold him to account. he's to see things and you. see the muslims who see this is.
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the only solution really nice to see she was in this in the was. also asked his countrymen and women to do their part the mood is electric but already some of his strong support base mainly the unskilled and unemployed beginning to sound impatient and want to see results the most people of the young guys to create more jobs create jobs for you jobless you. create. more value that you know we are we have a. lot of on educated people in this country george weah may not be as positive experiences with us but he's got a lot of good well what he does it doesn't rank six years main and may not set him apart from just leaders but many say the next six months will determine which
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direction he will take liberia and it sort of. analysts say that it is a period when he needs to be decisive because was that we had him self has been branded as inexperienced he needs to put his best foot forward he needs a stroll minister fayyad that can send a message to the local and international economic players that liberia is capable of doing business. the seventy two hour shane the george weir era was long and come of many will be watching closely now to see if he can replicate the success of the soccer pitches of europe as leader and president of his country. ahmet you chris. morrow via a former south african health official has apologized for the deaths of one hundred forty three mentally disabled patients that occurred while she was in office but patients died of hunger and neglect after being moved to privately run care
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facilities more than fifty are still missing this time your page reports from johannesburg the families want answers. was. the families of the one hundred and forty three mentally disabled patients who died under this woman's watch into song when she entered the room. the. the song demands i. could on much longer it was the top prevention health official when more than a thousand patients from a facility called life is to do many we're moving into an re just did care facilities because she thought they needed to be reintegrated into society and to save money many of the case in his will equipped despite other witnesses testimony to the contrary she insists she was never warned lives were at risk. i want to apologize for the loss of life during the implementation of the project i know that
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one life loss is too many and i know that those lives you cannot bring them together but for what it's with i sincerely apologize for the apology was hard to hear for christine new model for how far it is didn't say with a move to sista to and after a month of searching for the time she did find her it was far too late it had looked like she had died a long time ago. literally her skin was very calm and there was almost no skin as most people. so for me the question that out but. she had been in. the courses of death of many of the victims point to neglect malnutrition pneumonia and dehydration. south africans had been shot probably on a scale that involved some of the country's close enough honorable citizens who were at the mercy of
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a government that failed they want to answer and just police are investigating and provincial government promises the tragedy will not be repeated in a number of areas the protocols were not properly followed and that the police is where also not followed so we are doing everything to ensure that now we follow all the polices and protocols. that the family say they want for a state until those responsible are sent to jail that the deaths of one hundred and forty three people demands nothing less tanya kach al jazeera johannesburg. in germany a nurse who is already serving a life sentence for two murders has been charged over a further ninety seven deaths in two hospitals males hogle was jailed for life in twenty fifteen for killing intensive care patients but new charges include sixty two further deaths at the same institution and thirty five charges relating to the
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deaths of patients at a hospital in the city of oldenburg. scientists in greece have reconstructed the face of a woman who lived nine thousand years ago she's named dawn and offers a glimpse into life in an ancient athens john psaropoulos reports she died aged between fifteen and nineteen years old but her hard worn looks suggest someone twice that age height of a little more than one and a half metres suggests limited nutrition and doctors say she had difficulty with her hip dawn as she's being called probably lived her natural lifespan at a time when life took a great toll on the body at the athens university orthodontist who led a team of scientists studying her says there is no sign of a violent death in their practice most don't use to mouth as a sort of tool for example eskimos used to soften steel skins with their teeth dole
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was born with a normal job but has moved forward with use we don't know what she did with it. her skull was scanned and reproduced in a three d. printer her face was then built up around the copy of her skull the tendons muscles and skin laid on in layers the bone structure providing information about where the muscles with the coast dawn was so named because she lived at the dawn of modern civilization around nine thousand years ago the glaciers were receding across europe and the continent was awakening to the temperate climate we enjoy today people like dawn were transitioning from hunting and gathering to growing their own food. evidence from the cave reflects that transition dawn would have eaten wild game and fruit but also the produce of agriculture kept goats and some grains. because i want to get this whole year life in dawn's day was tough she reminds me of the mountain dwelling women of decades ago i had chopped and carried firewood
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and ship it to the livestock but the missile looked like period was a paradise compared to what came before and after the climate when i could find for days only and did a bit of agriculture later on people had to found more intensively because the population was growing by a point by yet the caves population grew with agriculture as many as thirty four people lived in it at the height of its occupation by the sea says digging that she understood why they preferred it it was cool in summer and warm in winter and in fact constructed housing has really been able to reproduce jumpstart opal us al-jazeera athens and still ahead and al jazeera plans to repacholi it will hinge it to me and are delayed but concerns are part safety pennebaker are gathering momentum. and in sports six time the standing open champion novak djokovic has means knocked out.
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hello there plenty of rain and snow is working its way across north america at the moment you can see the system very clearly on the satellite picture there's a circulation running its way north was pulling plenty of mild air ahead of it but plenty of rain as well so it also weather in the south and that's edging its way eastwards and behind it it's turning a lot cooler so forth across the eastern side of canada there on choose day stretching down just about to the northern parts of the u.s. we're seeing a lot of snow and then we're seeing the rain stretch down across new york as that clears out the way on wednesday the temperatures will be dropping so from eleven to about five which is about fifty two to forty one in fahrenheit so a real drop for us meanwhile towards the west who already had a lot of rain there over the northwestern part of the u.s. and the southwestern parts of canada more heavy downpours and snow
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a likely over the next few days as well for the central americas you can see this latest system edging its way towards the east that supports a fair few outbreaks of rain across parts of cuba and across the bahamas still a few showers there for us on tuesday but largely drive for many of us towards the west will see more wet weather that stretching all the way down towards columbia some of us here seeing some very heavy rain and the rain in the northern parts of argentina and southern parts of brazil still continuing. with. al jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better market your book. is going to reinvent stuff bill made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face at this
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time on al-jazeera one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as well we cover this region better than anyone else would get what it is you know is that it turns out of it but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. you're watching all this here a reminder of our top stories this hour
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a three day u.s. government shutdown is about to end the politicians passed a bill extending federal funding until february the eighth democrats agreed to the temporary measure after getting assurances from the republicans of a vote on immigration in the coming weeks. turkey's army says one of its soldiers has been killed as its troops and their syrian rebel allies are closing in on kurdish forces president there's a tie up out of and says the operation to secure the border will be successful however the u.s. is urging turkey to show restraint. the opening date for the u.s. embassy moving from tel aviv to jerusalem has been brought forward to the end of twenty nine thousand u.s. vice president mike pence made the announcement in israel but he was briefly interrupted by protesting israeli palestinian politicians in parliament. well palestinians have boycotted pence's visit to the region andrew simmons has the reaction from bethlehem. there may be some expression of mood here as mike pence is
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hosted by the israelis less than five kilometers from the other side of the separation wall but right across the occupied west bank the anger is subdued this is the same district that all too frequently sees confrontation between protesters and israeli forces in a rehabilitation hospital a short distance away lies a teenager who was nothing to do with the protests but just in the wrong place at the wrong time just over a fortnight ago. i am now about that one with us and all i wanted to do was go to school to take an exam and i was shot says has an ms her who is paralyzed from the waist down he says he was about to get on a school bus and shooting broke out as israeli forces on a raid withdrew they'd met resistance some distance away from where he stood he's depressed and doesn't want to talk about mike pence and he says protesting against
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the visit won't have any effect. right now the biggest activity a major square is taking down the christmas decorations penn said wanted to make this a focal point of his visit before it was boycotted by the palestinians he wanted to spread a message calling for more protection and more recognition for christians right across the middle east most christian leaders say pents wouldn't be welcome here this lutheran pastor is one of several clergy investigating the church to which parents belongs he calls him a christian zionist these are groups that read the bible in a way that actually. you know instead of focusing on liberation they focus on occupation they are interested in out of my get done. in wards back at the hospital house and mr is with one of his relatives every day of the week to have a month to do with this is what the u.s.
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wants to partition the region and terrorize our people what's happening with pence addressing the israeli knesset is nothing near. the border here has one window looking out on occupied land and illegal israeli settlement just behind it out of sight is jerusalem for palestinians it now seems further away than ever before andrew simmons out zero bethlehem in the occupied west bank al jazeera senior political analyst marwan bashar says mike pence is using evangelical rhetoric to justify the u.s. position on jerusalem the percentages are totally invisible if anything according to mike pence and his eventually called believes his biblical reading of this land and its future is the better they are wiped out the better for the prophecy to come true. if you look at israeli side on i'm not sure if you noticed but. as if the prime minister now is high. i mean he can he can't stop himself he can't
2:38 am
contain himself from laughing i mean i'm not sure what he's high on and probably is high on this diplomatic crack that we've been you know watching over throughout the day where by the schmoozing the record by the american vice presidents a basically shame that the neo into becoming even more extremists it's been always accepted as a conventional wisdom that israel acts as a rogue state in the region threatens iran and whatever because there's always the united states sort of the wiser. bigger brother so the empire as it were you know will always be able to constrain and contain the rogue israel and its radical politicians but when the is what when the american politicians start speaking like the israeli politicians and go beyond their rhetoric to something even more extreme that's when i start tory. the united states is going to increase security screening
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on cargo planes from six middle eastern airlines arriving at u.s. airports the transportation security administration says the enhanced cargo screening program is part of an effort to raise global aviation security emergency amendment covers egypt air royal jordanian saudi qatar airways emirates and at a high. the u.n. is putting pressure on the united arab emirates over alleged human rights violations is being accused of arbitrary detentions and torture as well as suppressing freedom of expression the u.a.e. insists it's taking action but some activists remain unconvinced that in baba has more from geneva. at the u.n. in geneva the united arab emirates was at the center of attention on monday but as they were lining up with the national flag one floor above diplomats lined up to highlight how the u.a.e. needs to improve its human rights one of the areas of concern in the recent u.n. report is arbitrary detention and torture that's something ninety how down knows
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all about the u.s. lebanese businesswoman was arrested at his home in abu dhabi he still doesn't know why he held an unknown location and beaten over many months he was eventually convicted of supporting terrorism and based on a confession made under duress you know interrogators threatened to. to do things to my wife i couldn't i couldn't take it after the all the physical abuse was you know somehow following but when it came to that i know he was serious because whatever he said before he did. so i could not i told him you know whatever you want i'll sign anything. as a side event at the un victims of abuse and their lawyers spoke out people like david hague as managing director of leeds united football club he travelled to the u.a.e. to resolve a business dispute he was thrown into jail where he says he was tortured and sexually abused he now works to get legal redress for people who've gone through
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similar experiences i've seen it time and time again when unscrupulous companies realize that the u.a.e. has a terribly weak and corrupt justice system open to manipulation and bribery and they use it as a litigation tool and it's happening time and time and time again so when it was happening to me i thought i was the only one but i've realised there are hundreds possibly thousands of others over the years the system of secret prisons remains that hasn't changed at all then the unfair trial processes once persons of brought two to regular prisons continues as well so there needs to be a root and branch of all of the whole system and they have the opportunity to do that no. as part of its charm offensive here in geneva the u.a.e. is putting on a display of traditional amorality culture and in the session itself the minister of state for foreign affairs strongly defended his country's human rights record to the u.a.e. delegation said they were implementing previous recommendations like better support
2:42 am
for foreign workers and tackling domestic violence but there was little of substance on areas such as ending torture or the death penalty for many international rights groups the u.a.e. has a long way to go there barbara al-jazeera at the u.n. in geneva in yemen at least seven people have been killed after an airstrike hit a building which doubled as a home and medical center five others were injured in the attack in the northern province of solder it's believed the airstrikes were carried out by the saudi led coalition. the first batch of supplies since riyadh's aid announcement to warheads yemen have arrived in muddied the saudi air force plane with humanitarian supplies landed in the northern province the coalition has promised to open land sea and air access to ensure delivery riyadh says its operations will increase imports from one point one million metric tons per month in twenty seventeen to one point four million metric tons per month this year. well as the war continues the situation is
2:43 am
deteriorating in areas controlled by the saudi backed government and in the southern port city of aden session as say they want to overthrow the internationally recognized government. reports. the u.n. says three billion dollars will be needed if yemeni children to stop eating out of dumpsters. not many will also be used to provide health sanitation and basic necessities to eleven million people desperate for humanitarian aid. part of the three billion has been promised by saudi arabia as it continues to carry out attacks in yemen. it's targeting hooten rebels but rights groups say most of those dying are civilians it's not just to be directly because of the war in the conflict itself as those people are silent deaths and the villages in the towns where they haven't been able to access. or access medical facilities and die from the
2:44 am
preventable diseases faced the children the conflict in yemen is complicated the column in the port city of aden deceptively hides a political storm brewing between opposing parties supported by the same coalition u.e. back said in the session it's threatening the saudi backed and internationally recognized government was. this is session this have thought for control of in some ports no sudden forces led by the man appointed by president the governor of aden have announced the beginning of the process to overthrow the government not to vote i know i know i did say you know what if your money if you know we reject the deployment of any northern forces to the south while we appreciate their military role and then assess city or forming northern resistance forces to fight in the north. aden is the de facto capital of the ha the government of president hadi has been based in saudi arabia due to security concerns his prime minister ahmed been governor has struggled to control in southern yemen despite support from saudi
2:45 am
arabia. the u.s. gives logistical guidance at the saudi military headquarters in riyadh as well as selling them weapons russia also wants a role in yemen but there's concern based on other middle eastern conflicts it would tilt in favor of the iran backed hooty rebels russia insists it just wants peace. in the complicated chessboard of war babies are dying of hunger yemenis just wanted to end regardless of who can make that happen some of job aid others there bangladesh has delayed plans to repatriate hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled violence including mass killings and rape me and mark the process was due to begin on tuesday but a list verifying the details of people to be sent back is still incomplete but of fears that their agenda will be forced to return to conditions that are still unsafe stratford reports. for abdul foreigners and his wife should jeter it doesn't
2:46 am
matter whether the stance of the myanmar bangladeshi government's repatriation plan has been delayed they say they would not have agreed to return to myanmar anyway and. if we do here at least we get a feel if we are killed amir more there is no federal data just burnt. we must be recognised as a hinge we want to houses rebuilt and freedom of movement if they kill us and meanwhile they just burn the bodies that even three children into the fire some as young as my son thought about us. on the day says the list is compiled of the names of more than a million refugees has not yet been submitted to the myanmar government. plan would then involve verifying the names of each refuse on that list before giving it back to bangladesh will soar chiefs who will then ask refugees if they want to return the religion had their citizenship withdrawn in what was then burma thirty five years ago. the myanmar government considers them illegal immigrants aid agencies
2:47 am
same e.m.r. soldiers and armed gangs killed thousands of men women and children in recent months a situation described by the un as ethnic cleansing the me i'm a government has denied the claim and any independent investigation and says temporary shelters are ready for the refugees it allows to return the idea of asking range of refugees many of whom have seen their family members killed and their homes destroyed if they want to voluntarily return simiane ma now has been described by aid agencies and rights groups as a farce the united nations says the basic conditions which made the ranger so vulnerable to decades of persecution and violence inside myanmar remain the same the united nations refugee agency says three things are vital in any future
2:48 am
repatriation process in the first thing is the need to see the citizenship issue legal status resolved in myanmar the critical issue and the second thing is they need to be able to go back in conditions that are safe and secure number three they need to be able to go back to a home to a village that is going to reconstruct in a place to live the bangladesh government says it's a vital any repatriation process is voluntary and safe but western governments say the range of security cannot be guaranteed and the un special report on human rights banned from entering myanmar says those responsible for the killing and destruction must be called to account until fire says his father was hacked to death by a gang of men as he tried to flee their village he doubts anyone will ever be punished for that chance strafford al jazeera couponing refused camp bangladesh. their oil spill from the sunken iranian tanker in the east china sea has tripled in
2:49 am
size the slick has expanded to cover three hundred thirty two square kilometers in a week scientists of one of a large scale environmental catastrophe the light crude oil the timecode was carrying is highly toxic to marine life it was carrying one million dollars a barrel of oil when it collided with another ship this month the vessel bone for eight days before it sank still ahead on al-jazeera this norwegian schemes her way to gold up her injury layoff peter is going to have all the details in school.
2:50 am
2:51 am
and it's time for the sport here's peter thank you very much manchester united's number seven shoot made famous by eric cantona david beckham and christiane a rebel the will now be worn by alexa sanchez the strike a complete city's move from arsenal on monday sanchez swaps places with his fellow twenty nine year old henrik italian the chilean spent three and a half years at arsenal and has also won the cup america with chile twice he could make his debut on friday in the f.a. cup fourth round when united travel to yeovil town. as mentioned make a tie in as part of that swap deal the armenian joined united in twenty sixteen but he said to fill them out with manager josie marino he'll be hoping to revive his career now at aussie i'm. very happy. we could finish this deal and i'm very happy to be here it's around come true because i've been always dreaming
2:52 am
to play for arsenal and now i'm here i'll do my best for this club to quit story six times australian open champion novak djokovic will not get the chance to play for a seventh title in melbourne the former world number one was knocked out of the tournament in a shock defeat on monday tatyana sanchez reports. no fact jack of it was playing in his fast tournament in six months after a time out with an injury i. the third was run in the australian open came to an end when he was overwhelmed by twenty one year old unseeded here on chung i. beating the twelve time grand slam champion in three sets becoming the fast korean to reach i grand slam quarter final . i'm just happy to know but. i'm just honored. just to see him again on the tour and i'm just like my dreams come true
2:53 am
dominick team fails to reach the quarter finals as well he joins joke of it the number fifteen was knocked out by american tennis who'd never previously won a single grand slam was deaf we had a. real pinch me moment like. wow this is hopefully. i wake up now i'm going to be really upset. but it was better news for the defending champion roger federer the thirty six year old has reached the quarter final stage was he not in fish it six four seven six and six two maintaining his impressive record of not dropping a single set at melbourne during this entire tournament thank you thomas burgess next year i'm looking forward to playing against him he seems in good shape
2:54 am
and i'm happy he's over his back issues and he also had at the end of last year so that's a good thing women's wild number one simona halep is still looking for her first grand slam title the romanian showed little sign of tiredness as she took to the court against my backpack she battled for almost four hours in the third round to get to the point was to go through this much a little more easily than winning in straight sets victory and sixteen. and us open finalist madison keyes advanced to the last eight with a straight sets victory over eight feet caroline go fear she'll play former australian and u.s. open champion angelica there for a place in the standings cabaret the only grand slam singles when i left in the tournament tatiana fanfare how does a. russian athlete to be given a lifetime ban from the olympics have a final chance to have this suspensions overturned in time for the winter games in pyongyang chang thirty nine of the forty three disqualified for doping at the sochi
2:55 am
games have begun appealing at the court of arbitration for sport the decision is due at the end of the month just nine days before the start of the olympics the i.o.c. has banned russia from these games over allegations of a systematic doping program but those who prove they are clean will be able to compete as neutrals and the russian issue has overshadowed the upcoming olympics but last week's announcement of the joint north and south korean women's hockey team was seen as a big step towards peace between the hosts and the neighbors still not everyone is happy with the arrangement south korea's coach suggested it's something of a compromise. it is a tough situation to have our our team be used for political reasons but you know it's kind of something that's bigger than ourselves right now and and we're dealing with it as best we can and we know that we have no control so you know why stress about it why worry about it and even like we even talk to our players like don't complain about it because it's just negative energy it's going to make you feel
2:56 am
worse it's going to make you play worse so just focus on what you can control and we're going to do our best and always turtle shasta christensen has bounced back from injury to claim the final world cup slopestyle even before the twenty eight hundred winter games begin in south korea christiansen had spent a whole year out of action with a knee injury but that's has come back to win a gold medal at mammoth mountain in the united states is looking strong ahead of the games next month finishing this event ahead of sweden's world cup leader jamie lee burman son who entered the event with a one hundred seventy nine point advantage as well as home favorites caroline clay . the new england patriots will play the for the delf eagles in this year's super bowl in minneapolis minnesota the patriots have now reached eight super bowls since two thousand and one under the leadership of owner robert kraft coach bill belichick and quarterback tom brady earlier i spoke to n.f.l. broadcaster michael colson says the patriots impressive run under the street you
2:57 am
cannot go on forever. craft is seventy six i believe bill's sixty five and brady's forty and forty is is old for a quarterback not many quarterbacks continue to play effectively at that age so you wonder how many more they have how many more they have left they'll probably continue on until they get tired of winning and there was of course a huge conspiracy theory around the theory was the owner had forced bill belichick to get rid of tom brady's backup quarterback to make up a low whose contract was about to expire they weren't going to be able to resign him and so the theory is that belichick wanted to dump brady i find a little hard to believe that you dump the most successful quarterback of all time while he's still playing well they were celebrations across the city of philadelphia as the eagles secured this super bowl spot against the patriots they
2:58 am
beat the minnesota vikings thirty eight seven in the n.f.c. championship game the eagles have twice played in the super bowl most recently in two thousand and five but they've never won it and that's all the sport will have another update for you again later and as always you can find much more on all these stories on the web site they just put that is w w w dot i'll design a dog called that's it for me right matheson for this news hour i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news life and.
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in. the carter center. it's enough. to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. and al-jazeera. all the counting the cost why the jury's still out on this by its wall street still lives we delve into china's better than expected growth story
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and count the cost of negative brand populace of the. counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. personal stories of lebanese villages on the border with israel at the line runs through this period their daily struggles when we go get it would you see forces stop us when we go there they're sure that those are out there void and they spoke protests to reason in the place of the interior means the fines and resistance at this time it's means not for tonight and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al-jazeera. u.s. congress approves funding to end three days of government shutdown after wyvil senators reach a temporary deal.


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