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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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as part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint to challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. arabic over the look the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary to people in power at this time on al-jazeera. the u.s. government shutdown comes to an end as president donald trump signs the funding bill.
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no i'm fully back to watching al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha also coming up anger in the israeli parliament over the u.s. vice president's reassertion of jerusalem as the capital of israel. turkey intensifies its military operation in northwest syria and opens a new front in the town of a free and world leaders arrive in the swiss resort town of davos for the world economic forum but can the summit find a solution to global inequality. thank you for joining us at three day u.s. government shutdown has ended after politicians approved a bill to extend federal funding president trump has now signed the bill into law but the immigration dispute at the center of the crisis. as saw from resolved the
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bill is only a stopgap measure allowing government funding to continue until february the eighth democrats agreed to support it after republicans will be a vote in the coming weeks on the status of undocumented migrants brought to the u.s. as children also known as dream as president donald trump tweeted the democrats had come to their senses he says he's open to an immigration deal but only if it's good for the country however deep divisions between the two sides remain how did you cast all reports from washington kicking the can down the road the phrase used to describe the now familiar practice of the us congress delaying a problem solution for another day the motion is adopted without objection a motion to reconsider is laid on the table on monday the house and senate voted to reopen the federal government until the brewery eighth that buys lawmakers three weeks to agree on a more permanent budget plan this is not a moment of better selves in the back not even close we very much need to heed the
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lessons of what just happened here we need to move forward in good faith. but faith between the two parties is lacking particularly on immigration that issue was the source of the shutdown stalemate as democrats demanded protections for so-called dreamers young undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children and republicans refused monday's compromise as a concession from democrats to reopen the government under intense public pressure while accepting a promise from republicans to address immigration later we have not yet protected their create just young dreamers not only should we protect them we should embrace them value them we should be grateful for the inspiration they are to america all our important work for the american people to put all wallace manufactured crisis. we've made no substantive progress and i want to on the serious bipartisan
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negotiation that will try to solve issues such as immigration and border security health care defense spending and many other matters come tuesday federal offices will reopen hundreds of thousands of government employees will return to their jobs and a sense of normalcy will return to washington after three days of chaos but the difficult job of negotiating a more permanent solution to immigration and to the budget will just be beginning weaving the country wondering whether another stalemate is just around the corner heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington david good friend is a former staff secretary to president bill clinton he says the funding crisis is likely to head republicans more than the democrats i don't think the american
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people are persuaded that this is democrats causing a problem i think rather than the party that has this much political power is this inept at governing the voters we're already starting to see that just recently just today it was revealed in some polling that generic democratic candidates for congress are up twelve percentage points over incumbent republicans in house and senate races that is staggered it just to put it in perspective when newt gingrich in one thousand and four letter republican takeover of congress from the democrats republicans were up plus two points in order to college it's the democrats are ten points more in favor ability raised going into these midterm elections this year i don't think the republicans didn't sell anything leavers or less few hours. the opening date for the u.s. embassy which is moving from tel aviv to jerusalem has been brought forward to the end of two thousand nine hundred nineteen u.s. vice president mike pence made the announcement in israel but was briefing
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interrupted by protesting israeli palestinian politicians harry fossett has more from them. on the day he would become the first u.s. vice president to address israel's parliament the knesset mike pence was greeted with almost presidential ceremony by israel's prime minister it didn't take long to return the favor by the great our. president stays would be. israel's capital jerusalem. it was a description of jerusalem that pence would repeat three times during his set piece a vent before he was interrupted by israeli palestinian members of the knesset decrying the u.s. position and any prospect of u.s. involvement in the peace process there in force departure cleared the way for pens to speak to two other audiences israelis and u.s. evangelical christians who declaration was a major campaign pledge in the weeks ahead our administration will advance its plan
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to open the united states embassy in jerusalem and that united states embassy will open before the end of next year pence's said that his faith largely determines his long standing backing for israel this speech fused that religiosity with as offered the near total political support of the trumpet ministration for the government of the watching benjamin netanyahu including its position on iran i have a solemn promise to israel to all the middle east and to the world. the united states of america will never allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon i he said the u.s. would back a two state solution if both israelis and palestinians agreed and israel's security could be guaranteed and put the onus on the palestinians to come to the table mr trump gave them jerusalem i mean what an honest broker that is the deal of the century in which jerusalem plays
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a major role above all this speech threw into sharp relief the different realities which the united states and israel on one side and the palestinian leadership on the other and are operating in the palestinians this was further damage after donald trump's december declaration further evidence the united states could not be an honest broker for israeli ministers they were calling it emotional inspiring even zionist netanyahu later added his voice calling it a magnificent speech in particular complimenting its focus on what he called the evil regime in iran it was a powerful explosion of the enduring bond between our two countries and of your personal commitment to israel the commitment of president trump and your entire delegation on the first full day of his visit mike pence has earned the fulsome praise of his hosts the have a stronger rejection by palestinian leadership of any u.s. role in the resolution of this conflict that al-jazeera western. meanwhile the palestinian president has been in brussels where the e.u. has reassured him supports his ambition to have them as the capital of
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a palestinian state mahmoud abbas has been holding talks with the e.u. foreign policy chief eric and european foreign ministers he urged european union nations to recognize the state of palestine to hear what. we pay all due respect to the positions of the european union we truly consider the e.u. as a partner in free and and therefore we call its member states to swiftly recognize the state of palestine and we confirm that there is no contradiction between rick. ignition and the resumption of negotiations. in other world news turkish troops and their syrian rebel allies are closing in on kurdish forces in their fight to secure the border area the operation to push out the syrian kurdish y p g is intensifying and president insists it will succeed the white house has been more cautious and says turkey must exercise restraint stephanie deck every force on the turkey syria
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border. it's almost becoming routine shelling and heavy artillery fired by the turkish army into syria. the monday border new development with turkey opening a new front in the ground offensive free syrian army fighters will now move towards africa and from the east. initially the f.s.a. forces entered syria through turkey from its west and more than borders and after the airstrikes and heavy shelling helped pave the way in the first twenty four hours turkey says it is targeting y p g fighters a kurdish group it says is a terrorist organization which also happens to be america's strongest ally in fighting isis and in syria as ever complicated web of regional and international allegiances and to russia key to allowing turkey to operate in a free mean something many already knew but the turkey's president admitted to on monday for the first time. we will handle a free there's no stepping back from a free we discussed this with our russian friends we have an agreement with them.
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turkey's top military officials and intelligence chief for in moscow in the run up to the offensive russia had military personnel in a free in which it has now pulled out the people of africa and we've spoken to feel a sense of abandonment a feeling of betrayal echoed in a news conference by the syrian democratic forces further east of a free in the group backed by the u.s. to fight eisel with the bulk of its fighters from the wipe e.g. the north of lots of turkey would not have dared to show our cities or villages or commit crimes against our children without russia violating their ethical obligation towards us and giving the green light to turkey to fly their jet fighters over offer in skies therefore russia is required to provide an explanation of the circumstances around the turkish aggression against our people an explanation may be hard to come by the politics of syria's war are being played out behind closed doors the war however is as active as ever it's been really difficult to get information out of
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a free because the culms have been so bad but we have managed to speak to some sources who tell us that life inside the city of offering itself is pretty normal they say the y.p. g. is adamant that they are not going to give up the city or the region they do tell us however that from the border going to tj's the people who live there many have moved further into because of turkey's relentless shelling and that is something that we've been hearing here intensively throughout the day. there's been a steady stream of minute she hardware heading to the border turkey says it will not stop its offensive until it is pushed the wipe away from its borders further complicating syria's almost seven year long war stephanie decker zero on the turkey syria border and al jazeera takes a look at the key players in the battle for affray in and what could happen next. turkey has always been an easy with kurdish control of areas on the other side of its border with syria it's now engaged in a must've assault on the kurdish forces known as people's protection units or why
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p.d. in a free and district. turkey considers the u.s. backed y p d an extension of the kurdish rebel group p k k that it was for four decades and korea has been angered by the y.p.s. expansion in more than syria after the us backed into the group and the fight against all but of the washington state it will train an army to patrol the border region with the wipe india as a key component tuckey responded with its own military. offensive air strikes and ground up tuck's potentially puts turkey in conflict with its nato ally and turkey say this may expand its operation in mosul in syria to the city of mumbai each after a free and has been cleared the task of taking of a member it will fall off auction of the free syrian army that's allied to the syrian government whether the us will try to convince turkey from taking mumble as
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it's done in the past is unclear at this stage russia syria's ally says it will not interfere in the conflict but it does control over enclaves airspace which means turkish air strikes that began on twenty january must have had russian clearance if you are free in and none bridgewater for turkish backed forces will control a two hundred kilometer continuous threat of serious muslim border was to of the euphrates protect his main aim is to create a thirty kilometer saves all along its border which means the rest of the territory could be hundred over to the syrian government operation opens a new front in the near seven year long city and war which activists say has already claimed more than three hundred forty thousand lives a city of our friend could also have severe humanitarian consequences. still ahead on al-jazeera the devastating impact of yemen's conflict on the most vulnerable. a
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story of peace from a country at war we take a look at syria's first ever oscar contender. hello there plenty of rain and snow is working its way across north america at the moment you can see the system very clearly on the satellite picture there's a circulation running its way north was pulling plenty of mild air ahead of it but plenty of rain as well so it also weather in the south and that's edging its way eastwards and behind it it's turning a lot cooler so forth across the eastern side of canada there on choose day stretching down just about to the northern parts of the u.s. we're seeing a lot of snow and then we're seeing the rain stretch down across new york as that clears out the way on wednesday the temperatures will be dropping so from eleven to about five which is about fifty two to forty one in foreign heights
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a real drop meanwhile towards the west who already had a lot of rain there over the northwestern part of the u.s. and the southwestern parts of canada more heavy downpours and snow a likely over the next few days as well for the central americas you can see this latest system edging its way towards the east that supports a fair few outbreaks of rain across parts of cuba and across the bahamas still a few showers there for us on tuesday but largely drive for many of us towards the west will see more wet weather that stretching all the way down towards colombia some of us here seeing some very heavy rain and the rain in the northern parts of argentina and southern parts of brazil still continuing. hold the benefit of people. so bad they see all the.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al jazeera live from doha a recap of our top stories a three day u.s. government shutdown has ended after president donald trump signed off a bill extending federal funding until february eighth democrats agreed to the temporary measure after republicans sprayed shelby a vote on immigration in the coming weeks turkey's army says one of its soldiers
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has been killed as its troops and their syrian rebel allies close in on kurdish forces present bedouin says the operation to secure the border will be successful but the u.s. is urging turkey to show restraint and the opening date for the u.s. embassy moving from tel aviv to jerusalem has been brought forward to the end of twenty nineteen u.s. vice president mike pence made the announcement in israel but was briefly interrupted by protesting israeli palestinian politicians in parliament. now the conflict in yemen and a blockade by the saudi led military coalition has left millions of people without food and clean water doctors say hospitals are running out of supplies as they struggle to contain outbreaks of diphtheria and cholera as well as malnutrition hoda abdel-hamid reports. it's been a tough start to lug nine month old mariam has only known hunger so far her parents too poor to pay for food and humanitarian aid only built to reach the area because
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of the conflict now she suffers from severe acute malnutrition a just four kilograms marian weighs less than whole fia bridge for a child of her age. we couldn't get to the clinic before because we didn't have money for the journey says her grandfather like many others in the waiting room the family fled nearby towers with people live in the booth airstrikes by the saudi led coalition and artillery fire by duhoux fees. to reach this clinic they had to take mountain roads and evade the many armed groups that roam around yemen a very trying experience for these him a sated little bodies since the start of the war in two thousand and fifteen half of the health facilities of yemen have shut down and during that same time an estimated three million children were born out of those three million two million of them have been born out of hospital and the majority of them they have been born or thought without the support of her skin. that. increases the risk of
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sanctions for the children and an addition would be one of the meijer this is now. one point eight million children and others in the country and out of almost four hundred thousand such severe acute malnutrition an estimated twenty five thousand children a year are dying at birth or shortly after many of those who survive are barely hanging on to life. by then my or for that no matter what we do once they leave they will get sick again because they're not taking enough vitamins any bacteria any disease will get to them there's no income no way for the parent to feed their children let alone getting medicine. yemen relies on its ports for food fuel and medical supplies under international pressure the saudi led coalition ease the blockade last month allowing goods to enter the ports for thirty days now as the
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u.n. and humanitarian organizations are calling for access around the country and for ports to remain open the program is that if we continue to be. in a situation where the food cannot enter the country or a few of the country then we are going to. all that outbreaks this year or me. of the last year outbreak. the conflict in yemen is fragmented and polarized hopes of a political solution remain elusive but if and when this happens the trauma yemeni children are going through will stay with them well beyond the end of who still it is for the army or. the united nations is blaming inaction and leadership failure is how the shop rise in the number of its peacekeepers being killed at least fifty six of them died last year the highest
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tally since one thousand nine hundred ninety four a new report warns there iconic blue helmets and un flags no longer offer them protection and it's a speech he must be allowed to use force when necessary and more than one hundred thousand u.n. peacekeepers worldwide. politicians and business leaders from across the globe are gathering in the swiss alps for the on your world economic forum at the center of this year's summit is a debate over the growing gap between rich and poor u.s. reson donald trump's attendance has raised eyebrows and his agenda as his agenda is out of place at the event john hall reports from davos the rising economies of asia new leadership in africa nationalism versus internationalist values donald trump versus much of the world this year's world economic forum a new meeting in the swiss ski resort of doubles office as wanted to perspective on the global economy as in recent years some things don't change to fall in
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snow. the delegates shuffling through it c e o's n.g.o.s include says and disruptors including seventy heads of state and government the security bristles snipers soldiers and checkpoints at a time of heightened threat. special attention this year is reserved for donald trump whose closing address on friday is the meetings most and to separate it moment i protests have already taken place by. trump is the first u.s. president to visit devils in eighteen years and one who stands apparently opposed to the devil's ethos of globalism with his america first policy of economic nationalism i think we should be surprised by was always plays where we look for surprises and i hope it would be a positive surprise so you're expecting him to be rather more can fill its can
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conciliatory rather than his his feisty self a six the fact he is coming to davos is already a message in itself trump's inauguration that so dominated as the snow fell on davos last year feels like a long time ago now an upswing in the global economy has lifted the mood of many but they'll be asking themselves here is it sustainable and geos will again warn that global growth can only go up if inequality comes down the world's eight richest people they say hold the same amount of wealth as the poorest four billion this year's meeting with c.e.o.'s to be improve their companies contribution to society that's the sort of focus downforce isn't best known for. al-jazeera devils. a german nurse already serving a life sentence for two murders has been charged over
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a further ninety seven deaths in two hospitals nias haga was jailed in twenty fifteen for killing intensive care patients he's admitted to injecting patients with drugs that cause ha failure so he could try to revive them. the u.s. has increased security requirements for six middle east be required to undergo an enhanced call go a screening program when flying on specific rules officials say intelligence show on groups are intent on attacking planes she have a ton of reports. the emergency order means that all cargo loaded on to airplanes from five muslim majority countries will be required to adhere to what's called a cas or advanced screening protocols the transportation security administration admits that most of the requirements were already being voluntarily applied by lines around the world. six outlines egypt road jordanian saudi emirates and he had served in the us from cairo international airport in egypt queen alia
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international airport in jordan king abdul aziz international airport and king khalida international airport in saudi arabia doha hammad international airport encounter and dubai international and abu dhabi international airports in the u.a.e. will be affected turkey had already been mandated to participate in a class following a failed plot to blow up an australian airliner in the summer as part of the plot high grade military explosives were sent from turkey by a cargo make us means air carriers will have to provide details as soon as is possible prior to the loading of cargo to u.s. authorities such as the origin of a shipment of the sender its i to the reasons it was originally sent its destination and contents these procedures are not designed to be extremely prohibit him were extremely. difficult for the airlines that they understand yes i understand that they're going to try to streamline this but again i don't think it's a bad move by the t.s.a. i think it's a prudent move and again it's a move that already has some precedent it's being done in other places around the
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world voluntarily the goal is to detect anomalies authorities give the example of a one hundred dollar printer that's freely available in the u.s. being sent to the u.s. at a cost of five hundred dollars through one of the five countries it's hoped that the information supplied to a cas would flag the shipment for further inspection the t.s.a. says the new requirement isn't based on any quote brand new intelligence but a demonstrated intent by terrorist groups to target aviation possibly with a bomb concealed in a large other tronic device the trunk of ministration is reported to be considering extending the requirements to all at cargo bound for the u.s. she every time see al-jazeera. now this is oscar nominations will be announced on tuesday and for the first time syria has a film in the running for a nomination in the foreign language category it's a documentary centered on the uprising that began in twenty eleven reynolds has a story. from syria's civil war comes
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a documentary about a man of peace. little gandhi is the story of activist. who wanted to free syria from the assad dictatorship but renounced violence and confronted heavily armed police and troops with symbols of brotherhood yes matar as iconic as he was and still and what he meant to the syrian people and his peaceful initiative of facing down you know violence and gunfire with roses and bottles of water is something incredibly powerful. a film crew into the besieged city of daraa would have been suicidal but syrian american filmmaker says he was determined we ended up recruiting over over the internet then over social media and talking to people that we know to find somebody inside the city of who has you know
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a legit camera that we can work with so we used our hotel in turkey as like a base camp and now we gave that activist a crash course about how to shoot a film and how to set in and you know and the framing directed the film. and i was calling the shots basically you know on cutting moving and you know and talking to these people and directing camerawork and it sounds easy right now but it's definitely was it was very very difficult you know a process. of putting one scene to activists being interviewed. as a sniper opened so. they were seen in the film all don't want the best snipers only two hundred meters away from us i think we are safe and i was like what. the story of little gundy has
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no happy ending as matar was arrested and tortured to death the nonviolent approach to change died with the international community fields in syria descended to. follow the steps of martin luther king and mahatma gandhi and that was incredibly you know. inspiring to hear him talk about this in the suburb of damascus in a set on set that looks like world war two said little gandhi may or may not get an oscar but the story it tells and the determination of the people who want to tell it is the cheeseman the lead still through the. robert oulds al jazeera los angeles . hello again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera three day u.s. government shutdown has ended after president donald trump signed off
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a bill extending federal funding until february eighth democrats agree to the temporary measure after republican space day will be a vote on immigration in the coming weeks. all our important work for the american people had to be put on hold while this manufactured crisis was dealt with we made no substantive progress and i want to add on the serious bipartisan negotiations that will try. to solve issues such as immigration and border security health care defense spending and many other matters so i'm glad we're going to get back to work here. the opening date for the u.s. embassy moving from tel aviv to jerusalem has been brought forward to the end of twenty nineteen u.s. vice president mike pence made the announcement in these really parliament but was briefly interrupted by protesting israeli palestinian politicians meanwhile the
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european union's reassured the palestinian president that it supports his ambition tubby's choose them as a capital all the future palestinian state mahmoud abbas has been holding talks with the e.u. foreign policy chief federica morgan rini he's urged e.u. nations to recognize the state of palestine turkey's army says one of its soldiers has been killed as its troops and syrian rebel allies closing in on kurdish forces forces president rochette type edwin says the operation to secure the border will be successful but the u.s. is urging turkey to show restraint. the united nations is blaming inaction and leadership fairly is for the shop rising the number of its peacekeepers being killed at least fifty six of them died last year the highest tally since one thousand nine hundred four a new report warns there iconic blue helmets and un flags no longer offer them protection and it says peacekeepers must be allowed to use force when necessary. and the u.s.
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has increased security requirements for six middle eastern airlines they'll be required to undergo an intensive cargo screening program when flying on specific routes officials say intelligence shows on groups are intent on attacking planes witnesses next and. the latest news as it breaks the government of mali so mikey has pushed to have a series of laws that it says will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government structure so he doesn't recall the cost of college or jumped by sixty percent the clues disappeared at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this.


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