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i don't want to live in the world where everything is designed in california. it is in my hands of the corporation the only way to be some diversity is to be able to control the ball and let my small bands he has built a chip that anyone can to build and nothing. new to cost like a pizza spearheading a global movement to democratize technology make our part of the rebel series this time. this is al jazeera. blogs a whole robert you're watching al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s.
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vice president meets with israel's president a day after he reasserts america's jerusalem declaration. for them to say that they're not willing to protect us it's a betrayal democratic party politicians are accused of caving in after a deal to end the u.s. government shutdown. and legendary anti apartheid activist hugh loses his battle with cancer. our top story in sports unseeded briton col edmund leaves a day of surprises at the australian open as he puts his spot in the sand. could have a company welcome to the news i would start of the middle east israel's president of revenue rivlin the house and that the u.s.
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vice president on the final day of his visit. didn't rivlin welcome mike pence to his home where the two leaders held a press conference he became the first u.s. vice president to address the knesset on monday and his speech was cheered by most members of parliament but heckled by israeli palestinian m.p.'s and a general strike is being observed across the occupied west bank protesting against pence's visit with the president pence of the strong bond between the u.s. and israel he also spoke about trade and security and the importance of jerusalem i'm very moved by your reflections. since i first arrived about about what jerusalem means to peace the way the people of the three great face of the world here of live together in harmony for generations and president trump truly believes that. the decision the united states has made. to recognize your
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islam is the capital of israel are we believe will set the table for the opportunity to move forward in meaningful negotiations of course but how we force it joins me now live from the occupied east jerusalem mary another day for the vice president to of course receive high praise as he meets the israeli president but how are the media and the politicians from across the spectrum reacting to monday's knesset speech. yes as you say i mean today is really a bit of a victory lap but so far as the israeli political class and the israeli media are concerned for mike pence president rivlin called him a mensch a man of integrity and honor as far as that the media is concerned well it's been pretty overwhelming the laudatory of the speech at those one quite interesting and instructive deconstruction of the speech comparing it with previous speeches of
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senior ranking u.s. officials for instance from the obama administration saying that usually when. senior u.s. leaders come here they will obviously praise israel praise the people of israel talk about the closeness of the bonds and so on but it would usually be at but that would usually be another issue that would drop talk of frank advice about how to deal with the palestinians and to negotiate talk of settlements but in this speech on monday at the knesset there was none of that it was really entirely laudatory of israel praising the current administration of benjamin netanyahu giving guarantees of security without belief any kind of other side of that coin on the holy had quite a warm reception of the knesset but not from israeli palestinian m.p.'s i mean how does pence's does that change anything for palestinians as a whole if anything at all. well i think very much they're in the same position
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they were after the donald trump declaration on december the sixth and their decision the palace in leadership decision to turn away from the united states in terms of its having any kind of a role in the peace process as far as they are concerned over i think the tone of this visit the tone of vice president and his remarks has really cemented that we had from side erekat yesterday the head of the negotiations part of the house and i was in liberation organization that the the chair of the executive committee of the p.l.o. and he was saying that he was talking about the messianic nature of what hans had come and said and also saying that he was just cementing the fact that they view the united states now as part of the solution not part of the problem rather not the solution despite what pence been saying in interviews and again today about. the united states recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel being a recognition of reality and therefore being a firm a basis upon which to build negotiations the palestinians see it entirely
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differently i'll leave it there for an hour harry and continue to moment monitor vice president pence's visit across the region thank you while staying in the region palestinians have boycotted pence's visit hundred seventy tells us how people are reacting in bethlehem. there may be some expression of mood here as mike pence is hosted by the israelis less than five kilometers from the other side of the separation wall but right across the occupied west bank the anger is subdued this is the same district that all too frequently sees confrontation between protesters and israeli forces in a rehabilitation hospital a short distance away lies a teenager who was nothing to do with the protests but just in the wrong place at the wrong time just over a fortnight ago. i am now but the line with us and all i wanted to do was go to school to take an exam and i was shot says has an ms her who is paralyzed from the
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waist down he says he was about to get on a school bus and shooting broke out as israeli forces on a raid withdrew they'd met resistance some distance away from where he stood he's depressed and doesn't want to talk about mike pence and he says protesting against the visit won't have any effect right now the biggest activity in major square is taking down the christmas decorations pen's had wanted to make this a focal point of his visit before it was boycotted by the palestinians he wanted to spread a message calling for more protection and more recognition for christians right across the middle east. most christian leaders say pents wouldn't be welcome here this lutheran pastor is one of several clergy investigating the church to which parents belongs he calls him a christian zionist these are groups that read the bible in
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a way that actually. you know instead of focusing on liberation they focus on occupation they are interested in out of my get done. in wards back at the hospital house on mr is with one of his relatives every day of the week. this is what the us wants to partition the region and terrorize our people what's happening with pence addressing the israeli knesset is nothing new. the war here has one window looking out on occupied land and an illegal israeli settlement just behind it out of sight is jerusalem for palestinians it now seems further away than ever before andrew simmons al-jazeera bethlehem in the occupied west bank. well even ministers have reassured the palestinian president they support his ambition to have east jerusalem as the capital of a palestinian state mahmoud abbas met e.u. foreign policy chief frederica moghul renia and the european foreign ministers on
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monday when he asked them to recognize the state of palestine. to ensure that the talks were but the recognition of the state of palestine hyundai importance of this despite some media saying that it could stop negotiations never you recognize the state of israel and you recognize the state of palestine and then we go to the negotiations and we are not the ones who are delaying or stopping the negotiations while staying in the region and bad weather in northern syria has slowed turkey's four day offensive against kurdish y.p. g. forces turkish forces are targeting the mainly kurdish city of the free and its surrounding regions they say the aim of the campaign is to create a thirty kilometer deep buffer zone to protect turkey's border stephanie decker has more. it's almost becoming routine shelling and heavy artillery fired by the turkish army into syria. the monday border new development with turkey
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opening a new front in the ground offensive free syrian army fighters will now move towards africa and from the east. initially the f.s.a. forces entered syria through turkey from its west and northern borders and after the airstrikes and heavy shelling helped pave the way in the first twenty four hours turkey says it is targeting y p g fighters a kurdish group it says is a terrorist organization which also happens to be america's strongest ally in fighting isis and in syria as ever complicated web of regional and international allegiances enter russia key to allowing turkey to operate in a free in something many already knew but the turkey's president admitted to on monday for the first time. we will handle a free there's no stepping back from a free we discussed this with our russian friends we have an agreement with them. turkey's top military officials and intelligence chief for in moscow in the run up to the offensive russia had military personnel in a free in which it has now pulled out the people of africa and we've spoken to feel
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a sense of abandonment a feeling of betrayal echoed in a news conference by the syrian democratic forces further east of a free in the group backed by the u.s. to fight eisel with the bulk of its fighters from the wipe e.g. the north of lots of turkey would not have dared to show our cities or villages or commit crimes against our children without russia violating their ethical obligation towards us and giving the green light to turkey to fly their jet fighters over offer in skies therefore russia is required to provide an explanation of the circumstances around the turkish aggression against our people an explanation may be hard to come by the politics of syria's war are being played out behind closed doors the war however is as active as ever it's been really difficult to get information out of a free because the culms have been so bad but we have managed to speak to some sources who tell us that life inside the city of offering itself is pretty normal they say the why p.g. is adamant that they are not going to give up the city or the region they do tell
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us however that from the border going to just the people who live there many have moved further into because of turkey's relentless shelling and that is something that we've been hearing here intensively throughout the day. there's been a steady stream of minute she hardware heading to the border turkey says it will not stop its offensive until it is pushed the wipe away from its borders further complicating syria's almost seven year long war stephanie decker zero on the turkey syria border. and tensions about what's going on in our freend have boiled over germany's hanover airport. i heard holding planks representing northern syria and do argue kurdistan child ships are one in reference to turkey's president but twenty turks and kurds are involved in the fight two people were hurt but turkey's offensive has sparked protests amongst the kurds u.s. politicians have agreed on a compromise that ended
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a three day government shutdown for now but the immigration dispute at the heart of the crisis is far from resolved specifically what will happen to young undocumented immigrants who've been protected from deportation under the dhaka program the us president donald trump is touting the stop gap deal as a victory for his party tweeting that a big win for republicans as democrats cave on shut down now i want a big win for everyone including republicans democrats and but especially for our great military and border security should be able to get there see at the negotiating table how did you castro has more from washington d.c. . kicking the can down the road the phrase used to describe the now familiar practice of the u.s. congress delaying the problem solution for another day the motion is adopted without objection a motion to reconsider is laid on the table on monday the house and senate voted to reopen the federal government until the wreath that buys lawmakers three weeks to
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agree on a more permanent budget plan this is not a moment of better selves in the back not even close we very much need to heed the lessons of what just happened here. we need to move forward in good faith. but faith between the two parties is lacking particularly on immigration that issue was the source of the shutdown stalemate as democrats demanded protections for so-called dreamers young undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children and republicans refused monday's compromise as a concession from democrats to reopen the government under intense public pressure while accepting a promise from republicans to address immigration later we have not yet protect their create just young dreamers not only should we protect them we should embrace them value with them we should be grateful for the inspiration they are to america all our important work for the american people had to be put on hold while this
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manufactured crisis was dealt with we made no something to progress and i want to all the serious bipartisan negotiations that will take to solve issues such as immigration and border security health care defense spending and many other matters come tuesday federal offices will reopen hundreds of thousands of government employees will return to their jobs and a sense of normalcy will return to washington after three days of chaos but the difficult job of negotiating a more permanent solution to immigration and to the budget will just be beginning weaving the country wondering whether another stalemate is just around the corner heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. now the man known as the father of south african jazz has died from prostate cancer.
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hugh masekela who was famous for his distinctive afro jazz sound his career spanned more than five decades he gained international recognition through hits such as so wet zero blues a song that became synonymous with the anti apartheid movement in south africa he was aged seventy eight. but plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including a second group of refugees detained on mother silent head for the u.s. under a controversial resettlement deal with australia also anger in hong kong that a prominent bookseller is reportedly snatched again by authorities in mainland china. and in sport russia's other official olympic team unveiled their look appealing chang. which is going to be some breaking news coming out of the us a magnitude eight
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point two earthquake has struck off the coast of alaska the tremor was centered two hundred fifty kilometers south east of chile yank at a depth of ten kilometers a tsunami warning has been issued for parts of alaska and canada almost one hundred people mostly children have been killed by measles and malnutrition in the indonesian province of pop over the past four months now the military has sent more than fifty medics to the area and plans to send more is rich in mineral resources but is one of the poorest parts of indonesia the government has promised to improve infrastructure but papon say the region is being neglected . address of sana is an indonesian researcher at human rights watch and he joins me now from the indonesian capital jakarta good to have you with us live on al-jazeera now the recent cases of the infant mortality deaths has shocked an international audience but is it too simple to say that papa has been neglected by this president
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surely successive governments in jakarta have failed isolated communities not just in papa or year this is not the first case ever if we take a look at church report the un report year after year you can mention the name of the name regency of the region see sometimes sixty sometimes seventy children die in a single you up why has the lowest life expectancy in the meanwhile mortality rate for children and mothers. the highest in their nature why haven't haven't you more likely why haven't organizations like yourselves been able to raise the issue made your voices loud international n.g.o.s foreign journalists united nations official have difficulties to end up while for instance are just euro or associated press every time they want to go to pub why are they have to apply for permit or
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very difficult some time take years to get into pop wa but what if we think differently and then other parts of indonesia if you want to go to bali for instance you just fly to bali you get fees on rival but if you want to go to pump water then it is a totally different planet it is so difficult to go to pop up restriction for foreign journalists you and foreign n.g.o.s including those that provide medical services is it fair to say there's a general apathy in the corridors of power in jakarta to isolated communities like purport that they're not worth investing in but that minerals are certainly worth having. the problem is i think racism the underlying issue is racism and also there is the feeling of paranoia in indonesia that if foreigners going into up why are they real help at nicked up one to be independent from indonesia it is totally illogical but the feeling is here to stay in indonesia
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how much time are you willing to give the president would do to. on this issue because he has visited part four on several occasions he said he would deal with the issue well before this particular incident was highlighted how long are you willing to give him before you raise your voices again well every time i meet president joke or we joke or we don't go i also mentioned that despite his open statement that foreign journalists should go to pump water freely but the restriction underground is still there from the ministry of foreign affairs from the police from the military intelligence from the military from immigration offices if there is a foreign face lending at any airport the first thing that that foreign journalist is going to do is what is your plan for permit to arrive here so this bite what the president had promised things on the ground is not changing at all what we see what does happen certainly in the coming weeks the moment andras have started from human
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rights watch thank you very much for your time from jakarta. just breaking news as we just mentioned that earthquake off the coast of alaska rob rebels as our correspondent in los angeles you can start a little bit more about the response and reaction from the authorities. hello there's been a. warning and a watch issued by the u.s. government authorities the national oceanographic and atmospheric administration the maumee watch says that there is a warning in effect now for all of british columbia. southeast alaska. and the aleutian islands. from essentially from north to south where any means that people in the affected area should seek higher ground get away from the water off of the go to the upper stories of multi-story building if they are
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in a low lying area there's also a tsunami watch in effect for all of washington state excluding the city of seattle because that's on the inner closed the outer coast of washington oregon and california all the way from the oregon border right down to nearly the stand on the mexican border but this comes after a. strong magnitude eight point zero earthquake struck southeast of kodiak video last at a gap of twelve miles. this is a strong earthquake and the authorities are suggesting that people change precautions if they're in the watch area and if they are in the good me in the warning area they should take precautions such is moving away from shore and in the
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watch area that is from washing down to the california mexico border people should stand by for further information as it will continue to monitor that situation and come back teeth of any developments in the real battles thanks joining us from los angeles. now india's prime minister narendra modi is about to deliver the opening keynote speech at the annual world economic forum in davos verde is among the seventy heads of state and government attending the three day event president donald trump is also flying to the swiss ski resort to give a speech on friday the growing gap between the rich and poor is expected to dominate talks at davos while journal is our correspondent following events for us and hoping sessions of started but really all eyes on the trump visit towards the end of the week jonah. yes i think that's right so while the arrival of donald trump only announced a couple of weeks ago has really lit
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a fire under this year's world economic forum and you will meeting all but buried really under heavy snows the heaviest nose to fall here in twenty years remember that donald trump as a candidate was just barely antagonistic towards the whole sort of guiding ethos of davus just a year ago people were sitting here demos watching his an inauguration live on television with perhaps a sense of battlement that will do and will be with them and wondering what it all might mean for them he had as a candidate talked about draining the swamp a message largely aimed at the sort of people who gather here he'd written off the global elite he and his team calling them the party of devils well a year in office and here is the first u.s. president to arrive here in a couple to couple days time since nine hundred ninety his closing speech on friday perhaps the most anticipated moment of the week and people will be watching and waiting to see whether he decides to take the opportunity here to make sort of
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common cause with that idea of globalism to extend the hand of the united states to the global economy as it were or whether he will agitate antagonize and provoke his audience here pushing his policy of america first a policy of economic nationalism that many people here see as the united states withdrawing from the world a policy that stands as i said largely in opposition to what people gathered here are all about said beatrice and interesting watch on friday but trump aside generally what else can we expect from davos this year. the usual sort of a ray of big names in politics in big business n.g.o.s up to three thousand delegates here seventy heads of states and world leaders big talkers big speakers rather keynote speeches coming from there and remotely the prime minister of india justin trudeau canada emmanuel macron will talk up the strength and unity of europe
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and theories of may we'll talk about it counterpoint gregg's it and of course donald trump each annual meeting has a sort of theme of this year's is catching the titled creating a shared future in a fractured world taking in so the geo political challenges wars the refugee crisis and so on and also looking at solutions the wealth gap the inequality gap of the world economic forum pushing companies now to look at the contribution their companies make to society while the n.g.o.s are pushing this line in this rather stark reality that the world's richest eight people hold the same amount of wealth as its poorest four billion or leave it there for now and of course follow events with you jonah over the next three days thank you. dozens of refugees who've been held in australian run prison camps on papua new guinea's none of silent have left for the us forty men are being moved as part of a resettlement deal that was brokered with the obama administration and australian immigration policy people who try to reach shores illegally by boat intercepted and
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sent to prison camps on pacific islands the minus island camp close last year well andrew thomas has more. and these men are just a few of the more than two thousand people that australia has held in offshore processing centers they call them in other papua new guinea on the route for the last four and a half years now australia sent them to those countries as a terence against other refugees trying to reach australian shores by boat and it's always said that those refugees would never be allowed to resettle in australia but the refugees are refusing to settle in other parts of new guinea or in the room either which is left australia with a problem what to do with them and it's been desperately trying to do deals with other countries to take these refugees well the deal that these men are being resettled on was one done between the australian government and the outgoing a bomber of ministration when donald trump came into office he was fieri us about it in a heated phone conversation he told us straight as prime minister that it was
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a done deal but nevertheless he has on it even more than a year after that angry phone call fewer than a hundred refugees have now been resettled in the united states including the forty flying to the us via manila on monday refugee advocates while pleased for these forty men still say australia needs to come up with a long term solution for the other refugees almost two thousand of them still languishing in papua new guinea and the roof. well if you member of the weather with rob but still ahead here on al-jazeera. the devastating impact of yemen's conflict on the most vulnerable. also more nafta talks the future of the trade pact hangs in the balance as the u.s. continues to push for better terms with its neighbors. my mom is still getting dealt for appointments dr sexually assaulted. also usa gymnastics official stepped down as victims continue to detail their abuse at the hands of the former team
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doctor joe we'll have more sport. from long flowing island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. hello a few days ago a nice in siberia northeastern china you can find about minus sixty two celsius i've had a look today i mean it's much much warmer in the coldest places in mongolia minus thirty two not any mention this because this and it gets exported quite frequently during the winter well that has just happened again and when it gets in sport it comes across what still open sea the sea of japan and it rapidly produces vast amounts of snow so we had one system says through yesterday another one that she's on the shores no which prompted the first warning in four years of snow in tokyo it snowed from nine hours continuously in the city of tokyo they did cause
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a bit of destruction but to be honest not a huge amount they're well used to it but it ends up off this nine hours or something like twenty three centimeters of the ground in the suburbs that needs a certain amount of clearing up now that was the first warning issued in four years however we have got more snow coming on the right the code is leaking out again the picture for wednesday five degrees in turkey and they're warning at all but certainly warnings for high waves high winds and snow in honshu the day after a drop to three degrees you might get more snow even in tokyo. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better marketeers bill gates would have liked to win than stuff bill made
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software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries brief break through is inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story. rebuilds corruptly did just what the president said in our country there is not other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mall and board winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news arms the whole robin a reminder of our top stories a magnitude eight point two earthquake that struck off the coast of alaska the traveler was sent to two hundred fifty kilometers southeast of chile and kept the depth of at least ten kilometers an hour it's normally what he has been issued for parts of alaska and canada. israel's president revolution revlon has met the u.s. vice president on the final day of his visit my parents spoke of the strong bond between the u.s. and israel on trade and security and the importance of jerusalem. the musician known as the father of south african jazz has died or was seventy eight and suffered prostate cancer his music is synonymous with the anti-apartheid movement and long campaign to free nelson mandela from prison while speaking to
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back in two thousand and seven muscular stressed the importance of music as a unifying global force against apartheid in south africa. i think it was a major cut the list to go and do cringe and then world of blood was happening in south africa. harry belafonte and miriam i guess were actually started around nine hundred sixty three to sing a lot of songs and went they won a grammy for an album called an evening with the love and then my game and they were immediately banned but it took another twenty years for it to get john and by nine hundred eighty six nobody was recording is cd with the song that i was. done with the bird free nelson mandela the beast of a good is a researcher of the al-jazeera center for studies and joins me now in the studio could have you with us always subjects like this i mean if nelson mandela desmond tutu walton walter sisulu were the political heavyweights of the apartheid era then
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she was sick a lot has to be there in terms of music heavy weight that changed in defined the way we look at apartheid through music or indeed i mean in fact he was much much more effective many will argue because he took the struggle of south africa to and from you know territory's particularly in europe i mean he performed at various concerts and he made a point all those performances that highlighted the struggle of people of thought of it at the time so hugh masekela yes he's up there with the likes of nelson mandela to salute and the government because he was one of the first artists to promote the anti apartheid. force that was. from the time of. a whites only south african system i mean how influential was his music in terms of influencing others that were nonwhite and across other parts of the world i mean he came up with something called the protest aunt and he collaborated with with with
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many. musicians and artists of course the world and he was extremely affected in fact a lot a generation of sort of of musicians from work. and you in time for plotted and later performs during a budget many of them over their careers two to two to hugh masekela who not only facilitated the rise of so i thought africa in terms of career wise but also helped in composing some of the most memorable songs and sort of a. general particularly when we had to bring him back home was that he was one of the most famous that that. he influence how he belafonte peter gabriel the listener and i mean that the list is endless so one wonders what his legacy will be because south africa will obviously be mourning yet another one of the original you might say liner of anti apartheid fighters who transformed that country into
1:36 pm
what it is today i mean his legacy will always be there certain songs for example or to compose that will never. leave south africans that many people will also remember one particular song. which is every occasion in south africa and all of us but remember because of that amongst many other things but importantly he contributed not only in the art and sort of but politics of sort of a shaped their understanding for example of nine racialism in south africa which remains one of the cornerstone you know in the south in politics particularly in the course of. the different races and sort of where he was one of those people who went around the world preaching the word the concept of nonracial is that people should be affected not by the color of their skin but by who they are and this is one thing that more in many african countries like where you had the dominance of ten african isn't for example in different parts of africa but who was one of the
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the properness of of often and racial politics in south africa a great loss to the music industry and especially to south africa at this moment in time for the moment to be sometimes. well saudi arabia has begun auditing aid to the yemeni city of about a bit east of the couples it's part of a saudi pledge to donate one and a half billion dollars to alleviate famine and disease in the war torn country. it's been a tough start in life nine months old mariam has only known hunger so far her parents too poor to pay for food and humanitarian aid unable to reach the area because of the conflict now she suffers from severe and acute malnutrition just four kilograms mariam weighs less than half the average for a child of her age and. we couldn't get to the clinic before because we didn't have money for the journey says her grandfather like many others in the waiting room the family fled nearby towns where people lived under both airstrikes by the saudi led
1:38 pm
coalition and artillery fire by the who fees to reach this clinic they had to take mountain roads in the veda many armed groups that roam around yemen a very trying experience for these him a stated little bodies since the start of the war in two thousand and fifteen half of the health facilities of yemen have shut down and during that same time an estimated three million children were born out of those three million two million of them have been born out of hospital in the majority of them they have been born or thought we saw this or. that. increases the risk of sections for the children and a magician would be one of the meijer this is now children one point eight million children and others in the country and out of almost four hundred thousand such superior acute but in addition an estimated twenty five thousand children
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a year are dying at birth or shortly after many of those who survive are barely hanging on to life. so well then my offer that no matter what we do once they leave they will get sick again because they're not taking enough vitamins any bacteria any disease will get to them there's no income no way for the parent to feed their children let alone getting medicine. yemen relies on its ports for food fuel and medical supplies under international pressure the saudi led coalition ease the blockade last month allowing goods to enter the ports for thirty days now as the u.n. and humanitarian organizations are calling for access around the country and for ports to remain open the program is that if we continue to be. in a situation where the food cannot enter the country or. the country then we
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are going to. all that outbreaks this year or me. of the last year outbreak the conflict in yemen is fragmented and polarized hopes of a political solution remain elusive but if and when this happens the trauma yemeni children are going through will stay with them well beyond the end of hostilities but at the. now hundreds of women have taken to the streets of nairobi to raise awareness of allegations of sexual assault that can be at a hospital in the kenyan capital dozens of vulnerable women who just have their babies allowed to have their babies allege they've been sexually violated by male staff during their stay the government says it's investigating. now the u.s. government is ordering six middle eastern airlines to come out extra security checks cargo will be more intensively screened following intelligence reports of attacks planned on flights to the united states she have
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a tense explains. the emergency order means that all cargo loaded on to airplanes from five muslim majority countries will be required to adhere to what's called a cas or air cargo advance screening protocols the transportation security administration admits that most of the requirements were already being voluntarily applied by airlines around the world six outlines egypt road jordanian saudi emirates and he had served in the us from cairo international airport in egypt queen alia international airport in jordan king abdul aziz international airport and king khalida international airport in saudi arabia doha hammad international airport encounter and dubai international and abu dhabi international airports in the u.a.e. will be affected turkey had already been mandated to participate in a class following a failed plot to blow up an australian airliner in the summer a spot of the plot high grade military explosives were sent from turkey by a cargo make us means air carriers will have to provide details as soon as is
1:42 pm
possible prior to the loading of cargo to u.s. authorities such as the origin of a shipment of the sender its i to the reasons it was originally sent its destination and contents these procedures are not designed to be extremely prohibit you have worked really. difficult for the airlines that they understand yes i understand that they're going to try to streamline this but again i don't think it's a bad move by the t.s.a. i think it's a prudent move and again it's a move that already has been president it's being done in other places around the world voluntarily the goal is to detect a normal ease authorities give the example of a one hundred dollar printer that's freely available in the u.s. being sent to the u.s. at a cost of five hundred dollars through one of the five countries it's hoped that the information supplied on the a cast. would flag the shipment for further inspection the t.s.a. says the new requirement isn't based on any quote brand new intelligence but a demonstrated intent by terrorist groups to target aviation possibly with
1:43 pm
a bomb concealed in a large other drawing device the trunk of illustration is reported to be considering extending the requirements to all and cargo bound for the u.s. she every time see al-jazeera. security forces in afghanistan are investigating where the gunman who attacked a popular tourist hotel managed to avoid being searched at the main gate at least eighteen people were killed at the intercontinental hotel in kabul the weekend jennifer glass has more. the afghan government continues to investigate how this attack on an iconic afghan hotel happened there's no question it was well planned and highly coordinated the attackers had a lot of weapons and ammunition and they also targeted rooms with prominent individuals suggesting they had insider information and perhaps a cache of weapons security sources suggest already planted inside the hotel well in advance of this attack now there's been some accusations that it may have been connected to the new private security firm that it's taken over just three weeks
1:44 pm
before they were in charge of the external security checkpoints coming in and outside of the hotel inside the hotel hotel management was in charge of security we understand that there were some communications difficulties that some v.i.p.'s on the orders of hotel management were allowed to come in and not be searched we do know that the x. ray machine for baggage was not working for several weeks so definitely some holes in security the taliban have claimed responsibility for this attack a very very highly coordinated attack that went on for many many hours with the fighters going room to room people trapped on balconies for many hours you can see a sheet there hanging some of them trying to get out as this attack went on but the real question for the government is going to be how did they get people inside the building who is helping the taleban to carry out this very very complex attack that killed so many and has the government wondering can they prevent something from
1:45 pm
having something like this from happening again the trump of illustration i suppose time of some sort of puddles and washing machines being imported into the us mexico which will be directly affected says it lose all available legal resources in response china south korea have long argued against the move which could see its goods taxable to fifty percent in some cases congress has no authority to review or veto the decision. because she is from the us canada and mexico for the latest round of talks on the north american free trade agreement donald trump has been a frequent critic of nafta saying he's prepared to withdraw if the negotiations don't produce more favorable terms for the u.s. a move some fear would be an economic disaster as daniel lak reports. during the two thousand and sixteen election donald trump often said nafta cost the us jobs and loss trade as president he's given mixed signals sometimes supporting
1:46 pm
a new agreement then tweeting that nafta was a bad deal privately frustrated canadian and mexican officials are putting on a brave public face there have been five previous rounds in which progress has been made and for mexico it's very important to continue to make progress both with the united states and with canada for an example of nafta is impact look to the auto industry since the deal was signed twenty five years ago carmakers have moved much production to mexico where wages are lower that makes the industry more globally competitive say now to supporters but critics reply the costs have been too high for everybody as a relates to the working classes last summer nafta canadian workers lost their jobs american workers lost their jobs mexican workers got the jobs but they were never compensated this is sustainably fished. at this gourmet pet food company north of toronto now to has been good for business u.s. customers of the largest market if these nafta talks don't succeed the firms
1:47 pm
founder says he'll look elsewhere to make up for lost business situation familiar to thousands of companies in canada and mexico now with that potential. nafta being destroyed ripped up continue to build in the us or do we focus my efforts into the. earlier this month canada angered the u.s. by filing a big trade complaint against it with the world trade organization that said to be increasing tensions in the nafta talks so is the trumpet ministration stance on a border wall with mexico but canadian and mexican negotiators say they'll continue to work for a deal even as the us president talks about tearing it up is that absolutely no guarantee for canada and mexico that the other side really wants to complete a deal so canada and mexico know that if they walk away from the deal for the table nobody's going to call them back unless the us pulls out in the coming days there
1:48 pm
will be more talks later this year now that president trump has relented on his demand that march be the deadline for a new deal or no deal daniel lak al jazeera toronto sweden has summoned china's ambassador over reports that books in high has been snatched by beijing again i was one of five hong kong based booksellers who disappeared in late twenty fifteen they would know for something political gossip publications banned in mainland china browne explains. well graeme in haiti is chinese but he's also a swedish citizen and as of tuesday his whereabouts remain unknown the only official information we're getting is coming from the foreign ministry in stockholm and from his daughter now she says that her father vanished while traveling to beijing by train in the company of two swedish diplomats apparently he was taken away by unidentified chinese officials it's not known exactly why he was going to
1:49 pm
beijing but the fact that he was in the company of two swedish diplomats suggests that he suspected he might well be detained now this is not the first time the way has suddenly disappeared he vanished in thailand while on holiday in two thousand and fifteen only to emerge in china shortly afterwards along with other publishing colleagues from hong kong he then later gave a televised confession on state television in which he admitted to being involved in a traffic accident some ten years earlier now subsequent to that televised confession he had remained detained until october two thousand and seventeen and had been living in the city of new bono his disappearance comes just a few days after a prominent human rights lawyer was detained while taking his son to school now human rights groups say that in the past three years more than three hundred activists and lawyers have been detained as part of president xi jinping continuing
1:50 pm
campaign on the send. two semifinalists of surprises continue on the tennis grounds to stay with us.
1:51 pm
but i guess time for sports history to help thank you well number one tennis player rafael nadal is on court right now as he looks to back his thoughts in the semifinals of the australian open he's taking on sixty blair in chile but as you can see he's won the first set six three only fortunate to rebound and take the
1:52 pm
second by the same score line and they are tall huge four games all in the it's a tournament responded has never has won since two thousand and nine now the unstated call edmund is a surprise semifinalists he was the only british male in the single stroll off to margaret three to have hip surgery but he now has a chance to do something mary never has and that's when the title and melton atman beat to recall dimitroff and full set so moved by the winner of the down challenge thanks i am. loving it just you know the one playing tracers all my first grandson say phone first time played on one of the british courts in the world. to be called to play that great of course all these things on the world and the great feelings. there was also a shock in the women's draw as the world number thirty seven at least merton's her place in the last for the belgian has been making her debut in the main draw at the australian open she beat fourth seed i mean especially in
1:53 pm
a six four six love in seventy three minutes to advance to the semi's the first time the twenty two year old has beaten a top five player. and said to you last monday she says we should be but would you sit and laugh a little bit. but of course that everything is possible in tennis i mean if you believe in yourself then anything can happen but of course amy says wow i just hear knight is new signing alexis sanchez says it was his childhood dream to play for the red devils united announced the chileans arrival from all snow in a tweet on monday appearing to show the new striker playing glory glory man united on the piano. bench as a side a four and a half year contract in a straight swap you know i says henrik tare and who now goes to also you could make his debut on friday in the f.a. cup for round. three torino also said it was
1:54 pm
a dream to join also all the midfielder was allowed to leave united after less than two seasons with the club where he'd fight for them out with manager j.c. marine year he'll be hoping to revive his career now in north london. always loved the way that arsenal played the way that our side of anger has punished the team and a lot of young players and he was managing them and they would think very good. of course i was in love with the game off to around the area or. i loved the way he played and maybe that was the reason to support arsenal now three top officials have resigned from the board at usa gymnastics ahead of the sentencing a former team doctor. is accused of sexually abusing hundreds of victims the chairman vice chairman and treasurer all stepped down as the final round of impact statements will be delivered in the courts in michigan on monday four million peons have been amongst more than one hundred forty victims to speak to the judge many of
1:55 pm
asked for the maximum penalty which could be up to one hundred twenty five years a fifteen year old confronted nasser in court on monday after being abused by him at michigan state university's medical center i too was sexually assaulted by larry nasser multiple times at multiple appointments my last treatment was in august twenty sixth seen a week later he was like go by unless you i'm possibly the last child he will ever assault. and as you sports medicine charge me for those appointments my mom is still getting billed for appointments where i was sexually assaulted. russian athletes have been appealing lifetime bans for doping at a hearing in geneva they're hoping the court of arbitration for sport will lift those bans in time for the winter games in pinching thirty nine of the forty three athletes disqualified for doping at the sochi games have been making their case
1:56 pm
a decision is jew at the end of the month just nine days before the start of the olympics the i.o.c. has banned russia from these games over allegations of systematic doping but those who proves they are clean will be allowed to compete as neutrals go on us because yes they listen to us perfectly gave us time to think they asked a simple income questions and we did well a lawyer said we did well for sure to be allowed in the olympics this would be a perfect ending for every one. of the russians who are allowed to go to the winter olympics they've been unfailing new uniforms for the occasion although much like the men's outfits the design what is allowed to go on them is something of a grey area they cannot have the flag but as they are competing under the banner of a limb pick athlete from russia they do have the name of their country sewn into the detail by contrast the usa have gone full red white and
1:57 pm
blue american designer ralph lauren has added a bit of a twist this year as temperatures are expected to be particularly cold in pyongyang jackets have been fitted with battery packs that can hate an american flag printed on the inside of the jacket to keep all of those athletes nice and toasty. the color avalanche have piled on ten straight wins in the n.h.l. and one of the top leagues the top the league's top teams in fact right now the latest victims of this one time a police on monday como school they go ahead goal with seven forty three to play in the four two victory december twenty seventh was the last time the avalanche tasted defeat. but the league's best raechel belongs to the tampa bay lightning they reclaim the owner from the las vegas golden knights with a two male victory over the chicago blackhawks on monday tamba have won thirty two of their forty seven games this season. and that
1:58 pm
is all the sport for now have more feel little bit later thanks a lot joe we'll have more news coming with elizabeth and more news on the tsunami warning from moscow to stay with us.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. the scene for us where there are online what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera al-jazeera is
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a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. a magnitude eight point two earthquake has struck off the coast of alaska a tsunami warning has been issued for parts of the u.s. state and canada.


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