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on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations was it was so many nationalities. just a different places but it's one that gives us bank of the us the ability to identify with. the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello welcome to the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha i'm so hold raman this is what's coming up in the next sixty minutes.
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they call the west coast solve the u.s. and canada after a powerful earthquake triggered tsunami warnings. also the campaign team for egyptian presidential hopeful something in iran says he's been arrested and. turkey's offensive against kurdish fighters gathers pace in northern syria as rebel allies capture villages i mean plus. the. legendary anti-apartheid activist and jazz singer hugh bassa kayleigh loses his battle with cancer. i'm joined again with a sporting pleading it's over and out of the world number one. calls it quits in the australian open quarter finals because of an injury.
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welcome to the program tsunami warnings along the u.s. and the canadian and west coast have been cancelled after a powerful seven point nine earthquake hit two hundred fifty kilometers southeast of the alaskan town of at a depth of ten kilometers. in kodiak people were woken up in the middle of the night by the tsunami warning sirens and those warnings. what he did with people flocking to evacuation centers like this one in tofino in vancouver island canada danniella health correspondent joins me on the phone line now from toronto in canada was all a fisherman saying at the moment daniel about the west coast of canada and the potential tsunami. as you mentioned late probably have already
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made it clear that the tsunami warning has been canceled for the canadian west coast not at this point for the alaskan coast that must mean that officials are confident that there isn't a way bracing for the coast of vancouver island where you know is the truth. as far as the last turn there were reports from there that the dummy boys were recording disturbances in the ocean of up to ten meters officials caution that there was a storm a meter area as well so we're still waiting more information some of the more remote areas we do know that the major cities major towns in western canada they have cancelled the tsunami warning came in the middle of the night people had to move quickly text messages siren get to shelters get to higher ground fortunately all these communities do have a back to haitian plan and they do take paid six million right people with well we'll leave it there with you for the moment daniel will cross over now to our other correspondent rob reynolds who's in the american west coast city of los
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angeles rob of course the authorities will be erring on the side of caution regardless of those tsunami warnings being counseled. yes of course the the warnings that and watches that went out were out of an abundance of caution this was a very powerful earthquake in eight point two magnitude located about two hundred fifty kilometers off the alaskan coast and of course a people do remember the terrible tsunami that struck japan in two thousand and eleven and the even more destructive indian ocean tsunami in two thousand and five two thousand and four so. these types of events the do merit a lot of training precautions and warnings when necessary it must have been a very terrifying evening for the residents of kodiak alaska when warning
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sirens blared and text messages were sent out to phones to get to higher ground we saw pictures of. cars and trucks streaming to higher areas people trying to get out as quickly as possible but fortunately as dana mentioned the a warning has now been lifted for all of the continental united states and british columbia as well as those areas of alaska the harbor master in kodiak reported a wave surge of about a meter but nothing higher than that so fortunately for all concerned this does appear to have been. a powerful earthquake but no tsunami waves of any destructive extent and no reports by the way of any injuries on the mainland people said they did he feel the rumble and the shaking but no real
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reports of any damage as well but we'll leave that phenomena up of course we'll continue to keep a close eye on the situation with you and our colleagues bill to the bordering canada thank you. pakistani police have arrested a man suspected of raping and killing a seven year old girl then urban sorry's body was found in a rubbish dump earlier this month the suspect was arrested near the city of course or where the girl was found her death sparked massive protests across pakistan with many calling for justice. years vice president mike pence as does to the western wall in occupied east jerusalem during the second and final day of his visit it's one of the holiest sites in judaism pense was shown around the site by a rabbi early in the day he met israeli president in and told the holocaust memorial hari forsett joins us now our correspondent in occupied east jerusalem and of course the pence vice president did visit. the various
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locations that one would expect a person of his stature to visit on a visit like this is not the first time it had added significance given the tenor of his speech in the knesset just what twenty four hours ago. well that's right i mean that the western wall is a site which has been visited on in a personal capacity by president obama before he became president by donald trump when he was here last year as president without israeli officials again mike pence visited without israeli officials it was a visit which was as you say led by the chief rabbi at the war but after what he said yesterday after the what donald trump said in december in terms of the of declaring jerusalem as far as united states was concerned the capital of israel saying at that time that the final boundaries within jerusalem of israeli
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sovereignty would still have to be. agreed at a later date and then having a white house official say shortly after that that they couldn't see any future in which a western wall was not part of israel it does become because it is here in occupied east jerusalem more of a political issue for mike pence of course someone who has a long held evangelical christian faith it was a religious visit in in his in terms of the way that he was looking at it and he said he was inspired by the visit one other thing to note there was a separation between male and female journalists at the site there was some protest over that it was said to be in accordance with jewish traditions some of the female journalists who were there trying to observe and report on the on the visit of mike pence complain that that was not necessary and prevented them from doing their jobs properly of course the nature of the visit has also impacted directly on the
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palestinians but has really changed the position that the palestinians find themselves in. yeah i mean is it that it is really cemented i think what they felt from the declaration on december the sixth by donald trump it has been a visit which has been marked by incredibly. supportive language for israel in that speech of the knesset and again just repeatedly. emphasizing the fact the united states could now come here in the person of mike pence and call jerusalem the capital of israel it may not change the actual material situation which the power seems find themselves in they had already said many weeks ago that they would no longer view the united states as a potential sponsor or broker or mediator in the peace process mahmoud abbas are sitting president in europe looking for alternatives but it does really that the tone of it all segments what they have been saying since then and indeed the
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chairman of the executive committee of the p.l.o. the person the person liberation organization he said that it was a messianic kind of attitude that might present tense brought with him and just emphasize once again that they viewed the united states now as part of the problem not the solution for the momentary we'll leave it there thanks very much now turkey says its armed forces and rebel allies are making advances in their offensive against kurdish y.p. g. forces in northern syria they say they've captured several villages in the are free region turkey wants to create a thirty kilometer deep buffer zone to protect its border from fighters in regards as terrorists stephanie decker has in antakya forests are on the turkey syria border it seems that it's it ebbs and flows as far as news about where the villages have been taken or not stephanie what more do we know about the situation . that's right we had two days ago the
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f.s.a. captured a village to the northwest about fifteen and then a day later the y p g took it back so it is a very fluid situation on the ground however we've just had the announcement that the free syrian army fighters these are of course the syrian rebels that turkey supports took a village a large village we can call that called how man now why is this important because it lies very close to the turkish border search close to where we are on the western front of africa and so that plays into sort of you know the message that we heard from the prime minister that the emir is to create that sort of security zone pushing the white keiji initially back from the border so yes as you mentioned it is a fluid situation on the ground when it comes to the fighting but of course turkey has superiority when it comes to air power they're flying jets they're bombarding from the sky and that of course carries with it a massive advantage even though the y.p. g. fighters know the terrain well and they're well trained that the weather has
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certainly impact the military operation in the area stephanie but also it would impact all the civilians the conditional the those that are those that are trying to escape. yeah it's hard to establish homes but we have managed to speak to a couple of sources most people we speak to will tell you that people are not leaving and also that the white p.g. is not keen for people to leave because they say they fear that turkey will flatten the city of our freedom if there are no civilians left inside and we do understand from other sources that some people women and children have managed to leave to the aleppo area this is now under the control of the government however other reports say that government checkpoints are not allowing people to pass it's a very murky situation as always when it comes to syria so when we're reporting from the outside in depending on many different sources it is also a propaganda war but what is clear is there are hundreds of thousands of civilians in this area it is
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a military campaign and even though turkey tries to take its utmost its says it does nothing to target civilians only the y.p. gee we know in a war situation that of course is a very difficult thing to keep things absolutely separate it for the moment we'll leave it there stephanie continues in a volatile situation with you thank you. but we've got breaking news coming out of egypt now where the military is arrested the former chief of staff some eight and nine days after that he announced to candace and his candidacy in the presidential election planned for march not according to another campaign team that earlier in a televised statement the military said that an uncommitted violations when he announced his presidential bid without obtaining permits from the armed forces he's also accused of committing forgery to being clued in the voter database well for more on this we can bring in a shoot a professor of security studies at the doha institute could have you with us in the studio. why would he throw his hat into the ring
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potentially knowing that he could upset the current regime in cairo. it's actually quite a courageous move we did not understand why they do that he obviously had presidential ambitions i'm not sure what his calculations was because if you had not if you'd not have loyalists within the military and the security if you not have loyalist within the hard power institutions of the state then you are most likely to get arrested we saw that with. some kind of harassment because that was several presidential candidates the last of them was actually a general in the air force and mubarak's last prime minister. was held in a hotel that we're reading into this that he wouldn't have thrown his hat into the ring if he didn't have substantial support in the armed forces or those that are serving in the armed forces all those that are ex armed forces. yes but until now we don't know his strategic conclusions he may miscalculated because obviously he's arrested now so it's either counter-reaction but there's
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a very important with. the armed forces council now which from which he should get permission it's not the armed forces that he was the deputy head of back in twenty eleven he was the deputy head of the supreme council of the armed forces with the one thousand generals that took over to egypt after february twenty eleven now things have changed all of these nineteen none of them are serving aside from the the current chief of staff and so the current minister of defense official who is a loyalist to a city so whether they are in power or laws whether in service or not how damaging has it been to have someone like throw his hat into the ring as a challenge to adult fattah el-sisi. it is quite damaging it tells you that someone not just from within the ruling establishment or formerly from within the limits. but also a military commander of a higher level of a higher caliber than the c.c. and in an attempt to as he said you know the game you get on the right course regains some form of national and conservation regain some form of egyptian pride
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in very nationalistic sense gets arrested in that way and i think it was the way he tweeted this or whoever tweeted death for him from his account was basically it's the c.c. and his gang arresting a general general sami on and so it was a very powerful statement it's hard to know exactly what the egyptian people are thinking because al-jazeera cannot report from egypt independently but do the egyptian people generally from the contacts you have really care whether a nobody is a former military man or a current military man because it's one military man after another what they still are looking for is a person they could have belief in regardless of their background and every time a military man appears that the alarm bells start to ring this is partly true but you know there was a military man who came in the form of much if you came after twenty eleven he still managed to get twelve million votes so it doesn't matter really i think what matters is someone who inspires and someone who tells them that you will give them
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a solution for their freedom problems with a problem social problems and economic problems i think the current regime did not really deliver on many of its promises since twenty fourteen on woods and represents like a part of the military establishment with different promises could be the same vicious cycle but we will never know with this current condition but we'll just have we will have to wait and see what all is there to counter the action or the counteroffensive because i don't think it will end that point we'll see what does happen for the moment i washer thanks for joining us in studio three a plenty more here on the al-jazeera news hour including. for them to say that they're not willing to protect us it's a betrayal. donald trump's political opponents are accused of cave again after a deal to end the u.s. government shutdown plus. why the growing divide between the rich and the poor will be the focus of the world economic forum has just opened in switzerland. and
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install russia's unofficial olympic team unveiled the look for pill. india's prime minister has opened the world economic forum in switzerland with a warning that protectionism is gaining ground while globalisation is losing its appeal the hundred movies at the annual three day summit in the resort of davos donald trump is expected to join seventy other leaders not the growing gap between rich and poor is expected to be a major talking point after oxfam report said one percent of the population and eighty two percent of the global wealth. globalization give you pretty instead of globalization the power of protectionism is putting its head up their wishes not to favor them some globalization but to change the natural flow of globalization. out of this is that we are seeing new. ways of barriers being imposed by lack of
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multilateral plea negotiations appeared to come to a halt well john has our correspondent force in davos and of course while the madrid modi opened that session the first time i think that an indian prime minister has been there for nearly twenty years all eyes are really on the potential for president trump to arrive at the end of the week. yes i think that's true sila he's certainly donald trump the big ticket attraction here he'll become in a couple days time the first u.s. president to visit down or since one thousand nine hundred ninety when bill clinton came here but he probably shouldn't come expecting much of a hero's welcome remember as a candidate for the presidency donald trump had railed against and dismissed the sort of people who gather here at davos the global elite he's dismissing them as the party of divorce he will go after a year in office now as i say be here he'll be making the closing address on friday
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probably the most anticipated moment of the week and what people will be looking at and for in that speech is a sign of whether donald trump is willing to use this occasion to try and sort of make peace with the global elite to extend the u.s. economic hand towards its allies or whether he will provoke it agitate his audience with talk of his america first agenda economic nationalism essentially protectionism which is anathema here and as you said there and as we just heard near and remote of the attack the indian prime minister making his opening address of the week warning that the forces of protectionism are threatening globalization that'll be seen by many as a thinly veiled slight aimed at donald trump trump aside joe really what else can we expect sort of to hear from davos this year. well an almost incalculable number of things of course as usual huge array of
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decision makers thinkers policy makers c.e.o.'s and n.g.o.s among the nearly three thousand delegates here seventy heads of state and government as well among the big themes the big topics being presented here dad was having it sort of me to moment pushing women's issues high up the agenda but also looking at bridging the inequality gap the wealth gap here for emerging big business and c.e.o.'s to consider the impact that their companies have on society and on the environment and the ngos you alluded to it they're pushing among other stark statistics one that the eight richest people in the world and many of them will be here as much wealth as the poorest four billion people or for the moment general leave their continued coverage with you over the next three days thank you did a worrying sign for the protectionist focus at davos the trumpet ministrations impose tariffs on solar panels and washing machines being imported into the us
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mexico has been directly affected and says it will use all of the liberal legal resources it was china and south korea oppose the move which could see goods taxed up to fifty percent in some cases. well the u. s. have also or politicians have agreed to the compromises and did a three day government shutdown but the immigration dispute at the heart of the crisis is still to be resolved specifically what will happen to young undocumented immigrants who have been protected from deportation and the backup program on the us president trump is touting the stop gap deal as a victory for his party was tweeting big win for republicans as democrats cave on shutdown now it's a big win for everyone including republicans democrats but especially for our great military and border security should be able to get there see you at the negotiating table i did castro has more from washington d.c.
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kicking the can down the road the phrase used to describe the now familiar practice of the u.s. congress delaying a problem solution for another day the motion is adopted without objection a motion to reconsider is laid on the table on monday the house and senate voted to reopen the federal government until let me return eighth that buys lawmakers three weeks to agree on a more permanent budget plan and this is not a moment to put ourselves in the back not even close we very much need to heed the lessons of what just happened here. we need to move forward in good faith. but faith between the two parties is lacking particularly on immigration that issue was the source of the shutdown stalemate as democrats demanded protections for so-called dreamers young undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children and republicans refused monday's compromise as a concession from democrats to reopen the government under intense public pressure
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while accepting a promise from republicans to address immigration later we have not yet protect their creators young dreamers not only should we protect them we should embrace them value them we should be grateful for the inspiration they are to america all our important work for the american people had to be put on hold while this manufactured crisis was dealt with we made no substantive progress and i want to err on the serious bipartisan negotiations that will take to solve issues such as immigration and border security health care defense spending and many other matters come tuesday federal offices will reopen hundreds of thousands of government employees will return to their jobs and a sense of normalcy will return to washington after three days of chaos but the difficult job of negotiating
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a more permanent solution to immigration and to the budget will just be beginning weaving the country wondering whether another stalemate is just around the corner heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. well from the government meltdown in the us to not quite a meltdown in europe has rolled with the weather as well as cheesy as i can get a fright that's sadly appropriate as a title about switzerland i tried my best to you to but mountain cheese now we're going to snow shall we we've had two days was over and this is two days with on the satellite picture just watch it folding dive on to the dollar more secure in the air and although the air was originally warm it came over the alps is picked up and is dropped snow over for example more blunt that's about to meet is fell in one week this is davos doesn't really matter does it you can't see a great deal but that's typical of what's happened in the swiss alps and the french alps which means the avalanche risk is now at the maximum almost in most places that average is going to fall and eventually manmade averages will solve the
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problem when you can dig through and farm machinery you want to create avalanches but this is the position in the chamonix valley well that would be yesterday now one of the problems of the snow is that studies consolidate some p.c.p. to full base or melts all the cold air the real cold is in eastern europe so over here we have something of a bit of problem at the moment the tensions are kids eight degrees which means it's warm enough to start some sort of melt this should be a quiet little stream this is not spring we're talking about middle of winter this should not be flowing but that was just some of the dimes down slope stuff the next day or so eleven degrees in zurich rains coming in early melt could be a bigger problem than we think so. thanks very much rob well now the man known as the father of south african jazz has died from prostate cancer.
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he musta kayleigh was famous for his distinctive afro jazz sound his career spanned more than five decades he gained international recognition through hits such as sweat o. blues a song that became synonymous with the empty apartheid movement. was seventy eight years old while speaking to al jazeera back in two thousand and seven he stressed the importance of music as a unifying force. i think it was a major cut list to go and do. the entire world the borders it was happening in south africa. harry belafonte and marion my game were actually started around nine hundred sixty three to sing a lot of songs that weren't there won a grammy for an album called an evening with bella four and then my gay were and they were mediately band but it took another twenty years for it to get and by nine hundred eighty six nobody was recording is cd with the song that i ever said. with
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the birth of free nelson mandela the base of the couter is a researcher at the al-jazeera center for studies he says the massa killers music transcended south africa's borders projecting the anti apartheid struggle to the rest of the world. he took the struggle of south africa to and from you know turn to raise particularly in europe for many performed at various concerts and he made a point all those performances that highlight the struggle of people of thought of it at the time so you must be going to yes he's up there with the likes of nelson mandela older son i mean his legacy will always be there are certain songs for example that to compose that will never. leave south africans and many people are lost remember one particular from the stimulus which is the sound. three occasions of africa and all us but remember because of that among other things but importantly he contributed not only him in the art of politics of
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a shape to understanding for example of nonracial and south africa which remains one of the cornerstone you know involved in politics but because in the course of. the different races and sort of where he was one of those people who went around the world preaching the concept of nonracial and that people should be affected not by the color of their skin but by who they are all still had all the al-jazeera news the u.s. military has allegedly been told to avoid escalating tensions with council. and afghan officials investigate lapses in security at a kabul hotel that was raided by gunmen on saturday. my mom is still getting billed for appointments tried to sexually assault a. usa gymnastics official stepped down as victims continue to detail their abuse of the hands of the former team doctor joe we'll have that story in sport.
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the scene for us when they're on line what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. right.
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over to the al-jazeera news i'm so ho robin reminder of our top stories egypt's military has arrested former chief of staff sami in a days after he announced his candidacy in the presidential election planned for march that's according to a man's campaign team the military says and committed violations when he announced his presidential bid without obtaining permits from the armed forces. tsunami warnings along the u.s. and canadian west coast have been cancelled after
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a powerful seven point nine earthquake hit two hundred fifty kilometers southeast of the alaskan town of chidiac there were panic go there were scenes of panic in several coastal towns where people were told to move to higher ground. also turkey says its armed forces are rebel allies are making advances in their offensive against kurdish y.p. g. forces in northern syria they say they've captured several villages in the african region turkey wants to create a thirty kilometer deep buffer zone to protect its border from fighters that it regards as terrorists. at least twenty two people are being killed in almost a week of cross border violence in the disputed himalayan kashmir region is a flare up in tensions that have been simmering for years as marion one hundred ports it's threatening a fragile cease fire. trickling back to assist the ruins of their homes these are some of the thousands of people who fled almost a week of cross border violence between rivals pakistan and india the villages live
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in indian administered kashmir christian laos is he's returning to a home that no longer feel safe. there on a good money that are about a lot of us i don't feel like coming here it's frightening look at the losses the whole villages empty nobody feels like coming back to a village kashmir has been divided between india and pakistan since one thousand nine hundred forty seven and remains hotly disputed territory india and pakistan regularly trade fire across the so-called line of control the defect or border separating the parts of kashmir held by both countries but these latest hostilities extend even further the self taking place on the border between pakistan and indian administered kashmir the competing claims have fuelled two wars between the nuclear nations and a behind more than eight hundred cross border incidents in two thousand and
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seventeen alone. in late two thousand and sixteen there was cross border fire from both sides after india said it had carried out strikes on suspected fighters allegedly moving from pakistan administered kashmir into parts of kashmir under india's control something pakistan denied it followed an attack on an indian army base in new jersey that left eight hundred soldiers did. some an indian administered kashmir hoping bunkers will protect them when the next shells fall. on a sense of bridges the line of control is only about fifty or sixty meters away from where we are standing a number of community bunkers have been installed here and we need the government to build even more. many here say the region hasn't felt safe e.u. is officials have closed some schools and definitely impacting a new generation that's only ever known the hostilities still ities that's reason
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the fragile cease fire forged around fifteen years ago and the well being of people on both sides of the border million hardened al-jazeera doubletree forces in the united arab emirates have been told to avoid escalating the blockade of qatar a brigadier in the u.s. air force also told reporters and their r.t. aircraft will fly a whole turn to route over saudi arabia to avoid being intercepted by qatari warplanes qatar denied intercepting two u.e. airliners last week and so the reports were completely untrue hundreds craig is an assistant professor of defense studies at king's college london joins me live could have you with us on the program again what should we read into the statement. i mean it's quite obvious here that the united arab emirates are taking this quite serious the country complained in front of the u.n. about you. going through country airspace is something that the u.a.e. quite worried about i think we can see internationally as well i think there are
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huge concerns ours in the united states that if the u.a.e. continuously uses country air space for their military aircraft as well when they try to go from the u.a.e. towards bahrain for example if they penetrate the country as days without getting prior permission from the country ministry of defense and ministry of foreign affairs they could you know create in this heightened tension created for further escalation by causing country airplanes going and trying to intercept country. military jets when we talk about commercial airliners i think it's up to this point the evidence that has been provided is zero at the moment actually the a morality no commercial yes no commercial airline actually in the emirates has made a complaint about being intercepted by a country airplane so for the information that we've been provided also by the u.s. centcom which is controlling country air space the u.s. forward central command in qatar has not really shown any evidence that country
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a country military jets were there to intercept. commercial airliners if this is the case and by issuing the statement despite i mean how is the u.a.e. trying to persuade the international community that their version of events is correct because as you say no commercial airliner has been. a member do this interview just what few days ago with another analyst and yet he took any sort of social media photographs from within the plane and when these planes apparently landed in bahrain bahraini state television ignored this there was no record and no interviews regarding any sort of interception so what is the a u.a.e. trying to do here. so as a alluded to earlier i think the country's made quite a substantiated. accusation against the u.a.e. for penetrating their space which is going in front of the un which has the backing
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of the united states who control country as pows and now that you are you're trying to get back at carter in you know what has been a an eight month long war all the narrative so when the countries lash out with a complaint the u.a.e. can't you know can't respond to this and they come up with their own complaint and as you rightly say there's absolutely no evidence first of all a commercial airliner is not owned just by the m r r t states a commercial airline would have filed a complaint in front of the i eighty a will regulate air space and regulate the freedom of airspace commercial airliners emirates for example avoid country airspace for quite a long time if there's a lot of evidence for that so they have long not gone through country as they said that doesn't make sense the u.s. centcom as i said earlier has not confirmed any allegations by the u.a.e. that country commercial military jets were intercepting commercial airlines so there is absolutely no evidence even not on social media and not from the battery
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any site so i think what this is is really just kind of trying to keep this war over narratives going by what at this point seems to be fabricated news so what the emirates have to do in order to prove their point is actually provide some sort of evidence which should be quite easy to come by considering. the environment that they're in at the moment when we see what does happen certainly for the moment to address in london thank you. now new videos have emerged showing african refugees being abused in libya illegal detention centers and extortion have become common and we do warn you that you may find some of the pictures in a somber binge of its report disturbing. this man stripped naked is being told to stay silent as he's burnt with what's said to be mauled and plastic. in another video people are being beaten his kidnappers discuss ransom money these videos are reportedly of sudanese refugees being abused in libya.
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disease or cannot verify the pictures. but the humiliation and abuse of african migrants here is not new libya is a major hub for human smugglers and traffickers the use the country as a transit for a perilous board journey to europe some officials have been accused of taking bribes to free people from illegal detention centers where people are kept under inhumane conditions but libyan forces deny the allegations that some are involved in rape forced labor and even murder the poorly equipped navy and coast guard say they're doing europe's job of policing seventeen hundred kilometers of coastline and the mediterranean the navy spokesman says the issue of migrant abuse is being fabricated to force international intervention. and usually. they want to make illegal immigrants victims and to make libya look like the culprit perhaps when these things proliferate the international community will be urged to intervene in libya under the pretext of illegal immigration this is part of their plan. libya
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has been fragmented between two governments and many militias vying for power last year the videos of african migrants being sold in slave auction sparked an international outcry but libyans accuse european nations of not doing enough and see the onus of dealing with migrants from across africa has been dumped on libya and libya did not and cannot play the role of a police this relationship needs to be organized an international conference between the libyans and northern european states should resolve how libya can deal with part of the matter as all that can't be imposed on libya we cannot be a cemetery or residence or a jail. despite the crackdown by libyan and italian navies more than one hundred thousand migrants reached italy last year at least three thousand people died in boats which couldn't withstand the rough mediterranean waters rights groups say the strategy to turn people away hasn't worked and open new avenues abuse and exploitation after years of failure europe and libya need a new approach simon job al jazeera. the united nations is blaming inaction of
4:42 pm
leadership failures for the sharp rise in the number of peacekeepers being killed at least fifty six died last year the highest tally since nine hundred ninety four a new report warns about iconic blue helmets and un flags no longer offer the protection that it says peacekeepers must be allowed to use force when necessary there are more than one hundred thousand u.n. peacekeepers worldwide. taliban fighters who attacked a luxury hotel in afghanistan or thought to have had inside help of smuggled in weapons days or even weeks before the attack at least eighteen people were killed in the intercontinental hotel in kabul at the weekend jennifer glass has wall from the capital. the intercontinental hotel is heavily damaged the government is investigating how the taliban infiltrated the complex security sources believe some players had been in the hotel for days if not weeks they knew the layout of the hotel and were able to hold forces at bay for hours that it was
4:43 pm
a boy in the book come upon them the security at the entrance of the hotel should have stopped but the fighting started inside the hotel that means someone helped them from the inside the attackers targeted specific rooms where foreigners security staff and prominent afghans were staying throwing fire bombs inside. up to hawk ahmadi was with two afghan diplomats when the attack began they barricaded the door of their fourth floor room and marty was on the balcony when a fire bomb exploded his friends didn't survive he and several hotel staff hit on the balcony is really but just wish them for us and that. all the recounts minutes will come and do. us. no more he describes hearing people pleading for their lives before being shot dead one friend in two waiters tried to escape from a balcony and fell to their deaths this time is tourists got to. my room and not get dorsey's he said i'm police will. and opened the door i
4:44 pm
told him before the good guys don't. go out and. they waited for eight hours in freezing cold temperatures before soldiers rescued them the afghan intelligence service blames the pakistan based taliban affiliated hakani network relations between the two countries are already tense and the u.s. has cut nine hundred million dollars in aid to pakistan because of alleged support for armed groups. when i'm out of my form a song it's clear that the enemies of the people of afghanistan are not only the enemies of afghan lives they're also the enemies of development and economy eleven of the dead were foreign staff from one of afghanistan's only international airlines kam air has cancelled flights causing days of delays for passengers one of the focuses of the investigation is likely going to be who were the insiders who
4:45 pm
helped the taleban carry out this well planned and highly coordinated attack security sources believe the attackers had a cache of weapons inside the hotel well in advance of the attack that help them fight the security forces for so long. funerals have begun this one for on farzana a member of afghanistan's high peace council he was part of the effort to map out a peace process with the taliban the taliban firebomb killed him jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. well to tyler now where he would rights activists say migrant workers in the fishing industry continue to be abused for years after the die a working conditions made the headlines human rights watch says government reforms to address trafficking and false labor have been largely ineffective as victoria be ripples. seafood caught in thailand's winces ends up in markets all around the world. but in twenty fourteen the industry was badly damaged by
4:46 pm
accusations that many of its workers were victims of trafficking and forced labor. for years on and human rights watch says the situation is as bad as ever despite government promises to clean up the industry after three years it is unbelievable got people inspection has not been able to identify a single case of forced labor at all the bottom line is many fishermen stay work long hours with little pay for years abuses from captain and to escape from the dilemma. the thai fishing industry depends on low skilled migrant workers from neighboring countries many of them continue to be trafficked across the border and sold on to fishing boats despite being promised other jobs on land they complain of being forced to work through violence or intimidation of physical and mental abuse and of a struggle to get paid. so i thought about running away from the boat but if i try to escape they'd pay people to hunt me down it beat me up and smash my head and
4:47 pm
seventy injured back to the boat industry leaders say that's not a picture they recognise and that all migrant workers have their rights respected wouldn't poor poll i mean they the consumers of america and europe can see food every think is fine every problem has been fixed by the current government the budgets are correct and the workers are correct there is no more forced labor. the international pressure from outrage consumers led to the introduction of real. to protect. without effective enforcement the fishing industry continues to be a big but one that. significant human cost. continue. to slash two statements.
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ok back to the news hour it's time for sports fans just say oh thank you rafael nadal's hopes of winning a seventeenth grand slam at this year's australian open over the world number one was forced to retire with a hip injury and i was up against think stayed in the quarter finals in melbourne he won the first set six three so that rebounded to take the second by the same scoreline before the one seven six his hip problem forced him into a medical timeout in the fourth set which the kraut won six two chillis was turned off in the face when the spaniard retired injured the two thousand and fourteen
4:50 pm
u.s. open champion now advances to the semifinals meeting with britain's cryo at mint. well the unseeded edmund is a surprise semifinalists he was the only british male in the single store after undergoing with dru to have surgery but he now has a chance to do something mari never was and that's when the title in melbourne. at the thirteenth grigor dimitrov in four sets. i am. loving it just you know the one playing twenty three years old my first grandson safer on first time played on the course in the. to be of course but good girl of course all these things on. the great feeling so right now we're in second seat caroline wozniacki is on court against kala suarez of our the day in the opening set pretty easily six love she's also leading in the second wozniak is looking to make the last four for the first time in seven years now the winner of that match will play
4:51 pm
well number thirty seven at least merton's the belgian has been making her debut in the main draw at the australian open she upset full see the lean especially in a six four six loss in seventy three minutes to advance to the semi's is the first time the twenty two year old has beaten a top five player i. said to you last monday so we should be but would you sit and laugh a little bit. but of course that everything is possible and turn is i mean if you believe in yourself then anything can happen but of course same uses wow magazine as his new signing alexis sanchez says it was his childhood dream to play for the red devils united announced the chileans arrival from all snow in a tweet on monday appearing to show the new striker playing glory glory man united on the panic. sanchez has signed a four and a half year contract in
4:52 pm
a straight swap for united's henrik tyrion renowned those who also know he could make his debut on friday in the f.a. cup fifth round. the tory and also said it was a dream to join also the midfielder was allowed to leave united after less than two seasons with the club where he'd fallen out with managers and he'll be looking to revive his career now in north london. always loved the way that arsenal played the way that our sort of anger has managed to team a lot of young players and he was managing them and they were doing very good. of course i was in love for the game of toronto area or. i loved the way he played and maybe that was the reason to support arsenal three top officials have resigned from the board at usa gymnastics ahead of the sentencing of former team doctor larry nasser who's accused of sexually abusing hundreds of victims the chairman
4:53 pm
vice chairman and treasurer all stepped down as the final round of impact statements were being delivered in a courtroom in michigan on monday former olympians have been amongst more than one hundred forty victims to speak to the judge many of us for the maximum penalty which could be up to one hundred twenty five years a fifteen year old confronted nothing in court on monday after being abused by him at michigan state university's medical center i too was sexually assaulted by larry nasser multiple times at multiple appointments my last treatment was in august twenty sixth seen a week later he was like go by unless you i'm possibly the last child he will ever assault and as you sports medicine charge me for those appointments my mom is still getting billed for appointments where i was sexually assaulted. russian athletes have been appealing lifetime bans for doping at a hearing in geneva they're hoping a court of arbitration for sport will lift the bans in time for the winter games in
4:54 pm
pyongyang thirty nine of the forty three fleets disqualified for doping at the sochi games have been making their case a decision is due at the end of the month just nine days before the start of the olympics the i.o.c. has banned russia from these games over allegations of systematic doping but those who proved they are clean will be allowed to compete as neutrals there are most because yes they listened to us perfectly gave us time to think they asked a simple income questions and we did well a lawyer said we did well for sure to be allowed in the olympics this would be a perfect ending for every one. of the russians who are allowed to go to the winter olympics they've been unveiling new uniforms for the occasion although much like the men's outfits the design and what is allowed to go on them is something of a grey area they cannot have the flag but as they're competing under the banner of a limb pick athlete from russia they do have the name of their country sewn into the detail by contrast the usa have gone for red white and blue american designer
4:55 pm
ralph lauren has added a bit of a twist this year as temperatures are expected to be particularly cold the jack kids have been fitted with battery packs they can hate an american flag printed on the inside to keep the athletes. the colorado avalanche have piled on ten straight wins in the n.h.l. they are one of the league's top teams right now the latest victims of the toronto maple leafs on monday like pomo school at the go ahead goal with seven forty three to play in the four to victory december twenty seventh was the last time the avalanche tasted defeat. and that is for now more later thanks very much joe. well scientists in greece have reconstructed the face of a woman who lived nine thousand years ago and she's named dorn offers a glimpse into ancient life holds or office has more from athens she died aged between fifteen and nineteen years old but her hard worn looks suggest someone
4:56 pm
twice that age height of a little more than one and a half metres suggests limited nutrition and doctors say she had difficulty with her hip dawn as she's being called probably lived her natural lifespan at a time when life took a great toll on the body of the athens university orthodontist who led a team of scientists studying her says there is no sign of a violent death in there to me of course. dawn used to mouth as a sort of two for example eskimos used to soften steel skins with their teeth door was born with a normal job but is moved forward with used we don't know what she did with. her skull was scanned and reproduced in a three d. printer her face was then built up around the copy of her skull the tendons muscles and skin laid on in layers the bone structure providing information about where the muscles were thick asst dawn was so named because she lived at the dawn of modern
4:57 pm
civilization around nine thousand years ago the glaciers were receding across europe and the continent was awakening to the temperate climate we enjoy today people like dawn were transitioning from hunting and gathering to growing their own food evidence from the cave reflects that transition dawn would have eaten wild game and fruit but also the produce of agriculture kept goats and some grains. life in dawn's day was tough she reminds me of the mountain dwelling women of decades ago had chopped and carried firewood and she did livestock that the missile looked like period was a paradise compared to what came before and after the climate when i could find for days away and did a bit of agriculture later on people had to found more intensively because the population was growing by yet the caves population grew with agriculture as many as thirty four people lived in it at the height of its occupation peabody's he says
4:58 pm
digging that she understood why they preferred it it was cool in summer and warm in winter and in fact constructed housing has really been able to reproduce jumpstart opal us al-jazeera athens. be watching the al-jazeera news hour with me said the back with more news on the other side of the break and tell him to stay with us and thanks for your time and your company. the sky should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right football of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies
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providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all remember that this world is all of us to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. rewind returns with new updates on the best of all just the us documentary. and the moving story of two young turk men girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of her path of taliban occupation. five years on what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on
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al-jazeera. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage that they put out every day but the message is a simplistic you have been trained good logical rational person crazy monstrous and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. the campaign team for egyptian presidential hopefuls sabi it out says he's been arrested. booked the robber this is officer.


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