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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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the scene for us whether online what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth that i would that's what this. egypt's former military chief of staff is arrested days after announcing he's running for president.
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this is al jazeera live from london also coming up in the program a growing calls for turkey to show restraint as the death toll rises and thousands flee the fighting in the region of syria. aid workers warn the conflict in the democratic republic of congo has left three million people at risk of starvation. in kenya over allegations of male staff sexually assaulting new mothers at a flight ship hospital. i don't want to recruit beautiful thing destroyed. toto's fantasy drama the shape of water leads the oscar race with thirteen nominations. so over the last challenge is seen as a potential threat to the reelection of egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi has been detained by the military and has called off his campaign for the military
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chief of staff sami anon for me declared his intention to run as a presidential candidate in the march elections on saturday in a televised statement the military said that anon had announced his bid without obtaining the correct permits he's also accused of committing forgery to be included in the database to other presidential hopefuls were forced to quit the race earlier this month one of them said the nephew of former leader anwar sadat said last week he wanted to protect his campaign workers from intimidation or arrest. the main concern is are we going to really be able to continue in the race under such a climate the answer that we will reached is that we don't think we can continue in such an environment and we have decided not to run and for the prime minister an air force jet. shafique had also announced his interest in running but he was placed under house arrest and then to ported from the united arab emirates where he'd been living in exile his lawyers say he was detained as soon as he landed in
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cairo freak later announced over twitter that he was withdrawing his candidacy. or none was made military chief of staff in egypt in two thousand and five under former leader hosni mubarak at the time of the revolution in two thousand and eleven he was closely involved in liaison with u.s. officials including james mattis trumps a defense secretary he was forced to resign by former president mohamed morsy back in two thousand and twelve and subsequently formed his own party to fight in elections let's hear now from our shore who's a professor of security studies at the institute and he says a counter-reaction from unknown supporters is possible this is not just someone from the ruling establishment this is the deputy head of the supreme council of the armed forces the former chief of staff someone who is accused of architect or being the architect of the twenty for britain to eleven coup against mubarak so it is very well connected i think he had presidential ambitions during the time when he was in supreme council of the armed forces but now it is interesting is the whole
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supreme council has changed in one thousand generals that were who were willing egypt back in twenty eleven only one don't need two that exists from them from these nineteen is as a president and the midst of defense that asked of them are all gone are retired pushed aside marginalized and he's one of them so i think he would find some support among these one thousand generals but they don't exist anymore as the top at the top of the armed forces. thousands of people are fleeing fights in the syrian region of our freedom amid the ongoing shelling and ground operation by turkey. a defensive which also involves s trikes is now in its fourth day it's believed some eight hundred thousand civilians are living that many of them displaced from other parts of syria the syrian observatory for human rights has accused syrian
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government forces of blocking those trying to cross into a nor the neighborhood of aleppo a city that is under kurdish control stephanie deca has the latest now from antakya near the syrian border the village of how mad which is now been announced at the f.s.a. have taken a significant why because it lies very close to the turkish border in the area just close to where we are just a further east of a hundred and it does play into the narrative that we heard from the turkish prime minister just a few days ago that their plan is to establish what he called up to a thirty kilometer security zone pushing the y.p. g. away from its borders it has been a fluid fight however on the ground there are incidents when villages have been taken by the free syrian army and turkish forces and you know a day or so later retaken by the white b.g. but of course turkey has superiority when it comes to the sky they're flying jets they're bombing from the air and that of course carries with it a huge advantage at least twenty one people suffered breathing problems alternate
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ledge chemical attack on a rebel held enclave near damascus rebels in the syrian observatory for human rights are accusing the syrian government of being behind the attack they say white smoke was released officer and government forces fired a barrel ger rockets into duma a similar attack was reported there were in general the thirteenth causing seven cases of suffocation is in eastern guta which has been besieged by government forces since two thousand and thirteen four hundred thousand people trapped. you know to say it's vice president my parents has visited the western wall in occupied east jerusalem during the second and final day of his visit to israel the wall in the old city is one of the holiest sites in judaism hence was shown around the site by a rabbi earlier in the day he met the israeli president ruben rivlin and to the well of course memorial aid workers in the democratic republic of congo warning of mass starvation because of continuing conflict they say three million people in
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the castle region do not have enough to eat including four hundred thousand children fighting between the army and rebels means that farmers have been unable to plant crops for several years as catherine soy now reports. the year old couple go to his mother more baca and three siblings spent two months on their world from their village to a scythe scentless capital kananga with little to eat they had fled the fighting between government forces and the complainant sapper rebels which was adding to communal conflict that already existed it's been a month since they arrived and both mother and son still have symptoms of malnutrition. it was very hard walking so long with my children at some point i couldn't walk at all if it wasn't for the help of the people we were with in the forest i would have died. at another nutrition center mothers bring their children to get weight and for food and medicine she did tom was distended belly discolored
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hand and left their chicks data all these signs that he needs assistance humanitarian agencies say about four hundred thousand children in this region are malnourished and more than three million people are facing starvation because they have been unable to plant crops for three seasons it's quite difficult to see they're still on the crisis in class five because most of the affected are in five villages that are hard to access people who have fled to the forest but are now coming back home and those who are still displaced say they need much help let's not forget this is really a protection crisis and right now when the conflict has. been dispersed in certain areas we start seeing very difficult cases of children that had seen a lot of atrocities committed on their on their farms we've seen children that have heart to witness how their parents were killing her mother people here are now
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receiving some mate but in this area last year dozens of people were killed the catholic church put in the figure for the entire region since the conflict began at around three thousand both rebels and government forces accused of the killings and . i do not want to go back to my home village my house is destroyed my children were killed how could i return. at the centime can we are told she is going to be all right he'll get all the medical any traditional help he needs that beacon sign is that many other children would be so fortunate because aid agencies don't have enough resources to go around katherine saif al jazeera a sigh central in the democratic republic of congo. new videos have emerged showing african refugees being abused in libya illegal detention centers and extortion have become common as many people trying to reach europe are either court or return to
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libya in a warning you may find pictures in a cell of binge of its report disturbing. this man stripped naked is being told to stay silent as he's burned with what's said to be mauled on plastic. in another video people are being beaten his kidnappers discuss ransom money these videos are reportedly of sudanese refugees being abused in libya a disease or cannot verify the pictures. but the humiliation and abuse of african migrants here is not new libya is a major hub for human smugglers and traffickers they use the country as a transit for a perilous bored journey to europe some officials have been accused of taking bribes to free people from illegal detention centers where people are kept under inhumane conditions but libyan forces deny the allegations that some are involved in rape forced labor and even murder the poorly equipped navy and coast guard say they're doing europe's job of policing seventeen hundred kilometers of coastline
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and the mediterranean the navy spokesman says the issue of migrant abuse is being fabricated to force international intervention. and. they want to make illegal immigrants victims and to make libya look like the culprit perhaps when these things proliferate the international community will be urged to intervene in libya under the pretext of illegal immigration this is part of their plan. libya has been fragmented between two governments and many militias vying for power last year the videos of african migrants being sold in slave auction sparked an international outcry but libyans accuse european nations of not doing enough and see the onus of dealing with migrants from across africa has been dumped on libya and libya did not and cannot play the role of a police this relationship needs to be organized an international conference between the libyans and northern european states should resolve how libya can deal with part of the matter as all if it can't be imposed on libya we cannot be a cemetery or residence or
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a jail. despite the crackdown by libyan and italian navies more than one hundred thousand migrants reached italy last year at least three thousand people died in boats which couldn't withstand the rough mediterranean waters rights groups say the strategy to turn people away hasn't worked and open new avenues for abuse and exploitation after years of failure europe in libya need a new approach some of the job al-jazeera hundreds of kenyans have marched through nairobi demanding action after allegations of sexual assault at a fly ship hospital in the capital dozens of women many of them new mothers say they were sexually violated by male staff during their stay at can you at a national hospital the government has ordered an investigation and hospital is reported to have hired more private security. who can and now. who has just given birth to be raped. you know we live in a society where we need to protect women yeah the person we're supposed to protect
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is the same person who is raping you so what we are we going as a society where are we under moral fabric it is the fact that. we may be that critical you. could not imagine or must be told that this place of their own. it is pick up all that women freshly from delivery beds are met with fact. when they can't lift protect themselves three senior board members of usa gymnastics have resigned in the two thousand and twelve olympic team coach has been suspended in the wake of the sex abuse scandal involving the former team doctor. they've been accused of failing to protect gymnasts who were being molested by now turning a blind eye to the crimes the u.s. olympic committee says the board needs new members who can support the survivors more than one hundred forty women including a limp ians have accused larry nasser of abuse he faces at least twenty five years
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in jail. still to come this half hour. alaskans flee to higher ground after a seven point nine magnitude earthquake sparks a tsunami warning plus. remembering humoristic you know the man known as the father of south africa has died from prostate cancer. had ofter remarkably mild winter so fast things are about to change not so much in southern china still twenty one on kong but i'm in the middle this developing rain and snow i really believe spa time we get to say the tension shanghai has dropped to plus three it may well snow in shanghai itself can is a vast amount further inland in china but it remains warm still in hong kong versus
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as in china to be honest but a bit of a turbulence in the atmosphere around new delhi a thunderstorm reported you see the cloud developing that it doesn't seem to done anything at all to change what's happening on the ground it still was quite cold out today for people living there it's misty foggy all smoky that's through the plain north india showers by this time have reached in the poll katmandu reporting and we're likely to get what i see otherwise things are quiet except down in the bay of bengal was a bit of a hint of shower stuff going on here that there has been a bit of a dusty breeze blowing down to the northeast of saturday to count on towards the u.a.e. it's going to cut off when these dying atmosphere will drop a little bit twenty four degrees in doha thirty one in mecca it's always warm with further west to hit the development of cloud here in western society.
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when diplomacy fields and fear sweet and borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven that barriers are built to impose division and it's not to sixteen's instead of being an obstacle to tell wastes it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. and we get a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera and the egyptian presidential
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candidates has been detained by the military in this cold office campaign he was seen as the only remaining threat to the reelection of. thousands of people fleeing fighting in the kurdish held enclave of a free and in syria on the fourth day of turkey's offensive. aid workers in the democratic republic of congo a warning of mass starvation because of continuing conflict in a region. pakistani police have arrested a man suspected of raping and killing seven year old girl zainab and saris body was found in a rubbish dump earlier this month the suspect was arrested near the city of quetta where the girl was found murdered sparked outrage on social media and led to protests across pakistan. taliban fighters here attack its guests and stuff in a luxury hotel in the afghan capital of kabul are thought to have smuggled in weapons days or possibly weeks before anything eighteen people were killed in the attack on the intercontinental hotel on saturday several known to be americans
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jennifer glass reports from kabul. the intercontinental hotel is heavily damaged the government is investigating how the taliban infiltrated the complex security sources believe some fighters had been in the hotel for days if not weeks they knew the layout of the hotel and were able to hold forces at bay for hours that it was a boy and he come upon them the security at the entrance of the hotel should have stopped but the fighting started inside the hotel that means someone helped them from the inside the attackers targeted specific rooms where foreigners security staff and prominent afghans were staying throwing firebombs inside. up to hawk ahmadi was with two afghan diplomats when the attack began they barricaded the door of their fourth floor room and marty was on the balcony when a fire bomb exploded his friends didn't survive he and several hotel staff hit on the balcony is a very bad situation for us and that. all the recounts minutes
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will come and do. us. no more it leaders trying to escape from a balcony and fell to their deaths this time there is tourists got to. my room and not get dorsey's he said i'm police police and opened the door then i told him before the guys that don't. and don't speak got out and thus has risen and. they waited for eight hours in freezing cold temperatures before soldiers rescued them. the afghan intelligence service blames the pakistan based taliban affiliated haqqani network relations between the two countries are already tense and the u.s. has cut nine hundred million dollars in aid to pakistan because of alleged support for armed groups. when i'm out of the mouth on a sun it's clear that the enemies of the people of afghanistan are not only the
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enemies of afghan lives they're also the enemies of development and economy eleven of the dead were foreign staff from one of afghanistan's only international airlines kam air has cancelled flights causing days of delays for passengers one of the focuses of the investigation is likely going to be who are the insiders who helped the taleban carry out this well planned and highly coordinated attack security sources believe the attackers had a passive weapons inside the hotel well in advance of the attack that help them fight the security forces for so long. funerals have begun this one for almost farzana a member of afghanistan's high peace council he was part of the effort to map out a peace process with the taliban the taliban firebomb killed him jennifer glass al jazeera kabul it's been revealed that the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions was questioned last week over a ledge collusion between double trucks presidential campaign to russia sessions
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was interviewed for an inquiry led by former f.b.i. director robert mueller is believed to be the first time a member of a president trumps covered it has been questioned in the inquiry trump has described the accusations of collusion as a fake news and a witch hunt troubled with straightness impose tariffs on solar panels and washing machines imported into the united states mexico which will be directly affected says it will use all available legal resources in response china and south korea have a lot of cute against move which could see its goods up to fifty percent in some cases congress has no authority to review or veto the decision. the indian prime minister nuri intermarriage he has warned against threats to global civilization in his opening address at the world economic forum in switzerland at the center of this year's summit is the debate over the growing gap between the rich and the poor u.s. president donald trump will close the gathering of seventy world leaders on thursday general reports now. the rising economies of asia new leadership in
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africa nationalism versus internationalist values donald j. trump versus much of the world this year's world economic forum annual meeting in the swiss ski resort of data also offers as wide a perspective on the global economy as any in recent years globalization if you put it instead of globalization the power of protectionism is putting its head up there wishes not to have them some globalization but detain the natural flow of globalization special attention this year is reserved for donald trump whose closing address on friday is the meetings most and disappeared to moment. protests have already taken place by. trump is the first u.s. president to visit down morsi in eighteen years and one who stands apparently opposed to the devil's ethos of globalism with his america first policy of economic
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nationalism i think we should be surprised by was all raise plays really look for surprises and i hope it would be a positive surprise six the facts he is coming to davos is already a message in itself from inauguration that took place amid such global uncertainty at the same time as the davos meeting last year feels like a long time ago now a general upswing in world economies has nifty in the mood of many but they'll be asking themselves here is it sustainable. and geos will again warn that global growth can only go up if inequality comes down the will to eight richest people they say hold the same amount of wealth as the poorest four billion this year's meeting with c.e.o.'s to be improve their companies contribution to society that's the sort of focus downforce isn't best known for. al-jazeera devils
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a volcanic eruption in central japan has caused an avalanche at a ski resort killing one person the volcano shot at rocks on skis injuring more than a dozen some of them critically six members of japan's self-defense force which trapped by the avalanche as they took part in a training session a strong earthquake has struck the gulf of alaska prompting a tsunami alerts which is now being lifted the epicenter of the seven point five magnitude quake was two hundred ninety kilometers southeast of kubiak island the tsunami warning was issued for. and the west coast of canada as far as frank who. is just off the midnight local time when the quake struck sending coastal residents scrambling to higher ground to take shelter from possible tidal waves officials had warned residents as far south as san francisco to be ready to evacuate coastal areas until the tsunami was canceled. now the oscar nominations are
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out ahead of a ceremony on much of fourth that will be watched closely for how the academy reacts to recent events in the movie world the film picking up the most nominations was graham adele toto's friend to see drama at the shape of water. with rule including best picture and director three billboards outside the missouri got seven nominations including best actress for francis mcdormand her portrayal of a mother seek revenge on a sex attack and is seen as topical in the wake of abuse allegations against siena hollywood figures and she'll be up against the short lists which includes ronan in . the go wake film is also nominated for best picture and director allowing the oscars to avoid the old male shortlist of directors that was criticised at the golden globes and off the complaints in recent years of the white house because it was a strong showing for get out which is a horror film satirizing us race relations including
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a best director nomination for jordan peele and one consequence of the sex abuse scandals is the presence of christopher plummer among the nominations for best supporting actor in all the money in the world and he took on the role of jump all getty for a reshoot just two months ago after kevin spacey was dropped and well joining us live from los angeles is robert reynolds and rob how much do the nominations reflect what's going on in the movie world right now. well you ran through the list nic i think in addition to kevin spacey being abruptly dropped in the film all the money in the world re shop with. with christopher plummer we could also look at the fact that james franco was kind of critically acclaimed for his lead role in the film disaster artist did not get a nomination so i think that was
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a reflection of the fact that in recent weeks he too franco has been. the source of the subject of allegations of sexual harassment. so he's definitely a loser there the three billboards outside evan missouri which got nominated for best picture and also its star frances mcdormand deals with issues of essentially violence against women as well as abusive policing so those are two very topical issues tackled by that movie critic gerwig of course in lady bird. quintessential. tale of a young girl's coming of age a sperry strong female cast there with sharon ronan getting a nomination for best actress and also a picking up a
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a best supporting female role for the actress who played her mother and then we've seen the the as you said some strong female female law roles in films like. the shape of water with sally hawkins. a robot of the kind began to write pasting last time around for lack of divesting they shaped up this time. that's right the twenty fifth. it was a bad year for the academy that was the oscars so white hash tag that went went viral dis year we've seen we see a strong racially themed. film get out of the horror movie with that looks at race relations in america and we see no fewer than four acting best acting awards for black actors mary j.
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blige octavia spencer daniel and denzel washington in the shape of water which was. directed by a mexican director guillermo toro sally hawkins plays a disabled woman with a with a hearing disability so you have. a large number of. different minorities and conditions expressed in this year's oscar nominations all right that's right reynolds reporting for us in los angeles thanks rob but the man known as the father of south african jazz has done it from prostate cancer. hugh messick you know it was famous for his distinctive afro. crisp and more than five decades he gained international recognition through hits such as so at a blues song that became synonymous with the n.t. apartheid south africa i think you know was seventy eight and speaking to out zero
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in two thousand and seven explained how music spread the anti-apartheid message right across the world. i think it was a major catalyst to question the entire world the bug was happening in south africa . harry belafonte and miriam i gave are actually started around nine hundred sixty three to sing a lot of songs have been for the want to grammy for an album called an evening with bella four and then my carer and they were mediately band but it took another twenty years for it to catch on and by nineteen eighty six nobody was recording is cd with the song that i ever said done with a part of three nelson mandela by then there was international fever. of concern but music not just by africans but internationally by musicians all over the world in every language saying about gays the parted and that helped i think the.
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pressure the countries that were doing business was. to pull back. let's check out the top stories here on al-jazeera and the last challenge is seen as a potential threat to the reelection of the egyptian president out of abdel fattah el-sisi has been detained by the military and has called off his campaign former military chief of staff sami anon for me declared his intention to run as a presidential candidate on saturday the military say and that it has not attained the correct permits and committed forgery to be included in the votes a database another candidate forced to quit mohamad and was said that said last week he wanted to protect his campaign workers. the main concern is are we going to really be able to continue in the race under such a climate the answer that we will reached is that we don't think we can continue in
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such an environment and we have decided not to run. thousands of people are fleeing fighting in the northern syrian town of. turkish shelling and a ground operation. to take his offensive which also involves airstrikes is now on its fourth day it's believed some eight hundred thousand civilians are living there many of them displaced from other parts of syria you as far as president might pence's visit the western wall in occupied east jerusalem during the second and final day of his visit to israel the wall in the old city is one of the holiest sites in judaism aid workers in the democratic republic of congo are warning of mass starvation because of continuing conflict they say three million people in the region don't have enough to eat including four hundred thousand children. hundreds of kenyans have marched through nairobi demanding action after allegations of sexual assault at a flagship hospital in the capital dozens of women say they were sexually violated
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by male star of government has now ordered an investigation. all right you're up to date with headlines here analogies are coming up next walls of chez looks at the divisional. in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the good friday agreement was signed brokering a peace deal between republicans and unionists in northern ireland. nearly a decade later al-jazeera visited belfast to explore ongoing divisions in the city .


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