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news has never been more i think but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. oh. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news our life more headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes save the children suspends operations in
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afghanistan after an attack on the aid agencies workers. on the move with nowhere to go thousands of civilians unable to escape the fighting in northern syria. also egypt's president of the fact that a c.c. confirms his bid for a second term and to his biggest rival is arrested. and a push to put a demo switch on hong kong's famously bright city lights. over the top sports story for the first time there will be a korean player in the semifinals of a tennis grand slam and chong will meet roger federer in the last. welcome to the news hour save the children has suspended operations in afghanistan in response to an attack on its workers the gunman stormed the aid agencies
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compound in the eastern city of jalalabad after a suicide bombing just outside two people have been killed including a policeman not save the. goldman put out a new statement long ago saying that all of our operations programs probably across afghanistan have been temporarily suspended and offices closed adding that we remain committed to resuming our lifesaving work as quickly as possible soon as we can be assured it is safe to do so so the glass joins me now from the afghan capital kabul and this will be very disappointing news for the many thousands of people that really do rely on this aid agencies help. that's right so we'll not many thousands hundreds of thousands one point four million children save the children serves here in afghanistan so closing its offices closing its operations devastating but they say the safety and security of
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their employees of their workers are is the main priority for them until they know they can move forward in a safe fashion until they know more about this attack and whether they were actually targeted or whether it was simply whether they are the actual target that's something that they're looking into right now but it will get one point four million children and save the children helps here in afghanistan and for now they are their operations are suspended here it is let's come up to speed then certainly with the operation in terms of what is going on around the location where this attack happened. well it's been eight hours since the attackers blew up a car bomb at the offices of save the children in jalalabad that's in eastern afghanistan and that siege continues we know that two of the attackers have been killed by afghan special forces one of them blew up a suicide vest the other shot by afghan special forces but another attacker still inside the building the building had been set on fire the top floor had been set on
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fire two of the three floors had been cleared but one attacker at least still holed out there and the siege has gone on now for just going on eight hours a terrible day for save the children we don't know how many if any save the children staff are trapped inside that building hostages to to this attacker but it's been a terrible terrible day here indeed and what we do know is that the taliban have confirmed that they have nothing to do with this the turks so if they're not responsible who all the likely suspects are the islamic state eisel has claimed responsibility for this attack they do have a stronghold in eastern afghanistan an option that has been that is where they had launched their operations here in afghanistan and so and they have launched attacks here in kabul and in other places as well so we believe that they are the culprits right now at the moment they claim the claims that this on their on their web sites
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we don't have any contact with anybody from the islamic state here to confirm it here in kabul but it seems that they are the group that are responsible for this attack on save the children today before but believe it that we know that your situation force will come back to where the situation develops thank you jennifer. well jennifer said aid workers provide crucial help to huge numbers of afghans but foreign organizations have increasingly found themselves to be a target of victoria gay can be reports. afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places for children to be born following decades of wool insecurity and poverty for twelve years save the children has worked with afghan communities to help kids survive but the attack on the aid agencies office in jalalabad suggests it's becoming increasingly difficult for staff to help afghans without becoming victims of the conflict themselves it's quite possible to save the children would leave afghanistan and the onus is on the afghan government to provide security for them.
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the government says while it's calm prevent every attack it's made improvements to keep aid workers say our government is trying to share security information with them often the government is involved to go and look at the environment to see where they're living and they train the guards usually have in addition to that the government provides additional guards they just to stick so an aide worker security show that over the last fifty years their jobs have become much more dangerous in twenty sixteen there were one hundred fifty eight attacks on aid organizations around the world that's almost triple the number of attacks in two thousand and three south sudan is the most dangerous country for aid workers followed by afghanistan and syria. doctors without borders withdrew from the northern afghan city of conducing twenty fifteen after the medical charity hospital was mistakenly destroyed by a u.s. airstrike analysts say save the children's history in pakistan makes it
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a particular target for armed groups in afghanistan in the past the cia infiltrated these organizations to fully collect d.n.a. to hunt for osama bin laden and as a result there is a lot of. mistrust towards agencies especially save the children afghanistan is dependent on the aid provided by organizations such as save the children if gunmen were to drive them out the afghan government can't support the seychelles services programs on which millions of afghans depend victoria gayton be algis there are now five thousand people are trying to escape the war zone in northern syria where turkish forces are pushing on with their offensive against kurdish y p g fighters turkey's president says more than two hundred sixty of those fighters have been killed in the past five days a kurdish commander says that's an exaggeration though didn't give an alternative number turkey regards the y.p. g.
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as terrorists and its offensive in northern syria is aimed at forcing the white p.g. out of the kurdish controlled city of dreams and create a buffer zone along the syrian border that many civilians are trying to get out of a free and through areas to the south that are controlled by the syrian government they're hoping to reach an enclave inside aleppo city held by kurdish for kurdish forces but human rights activists say the regime and its allies are blocking their escape reza diapered one insists that the world must get behind his country's afraid operation members stand by shoulder hopefully starting from a leash we will continue by thwarting this game along our borders and we will completely wipe out this trouble from our region. most of the deccan is following events force on the turkey syria border i mean we're getting a better idea of how many people are becoming displaced according to the u.n. and that situation isn't going to get any better while the conflict continues and
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as we heard the turkish president is quite upbeat about the operation yes we've been hearing pretty much every day from president to one as he addresses crowds across the country and the message is pretty similar that turkey has the absolute right to do this it is for their own national security to safeguard its borders from what it calls of course a terrorist organization the y.p. ji and that member would be next as you've just heard there which is further east but focusing on this operation for now so the shelling goes on and we've covered this from day one and it's been pretty relentless along this border and that is why i think we're hearing these numbers from the united nations around five thousand people having fled these border areas these mountainous areas towards further into the district of the province of affray in the problem is so they can't get out they can't get out to turkey they can't really get out of the province because of two things one the u.n. says that the zero that they the authorities in are free in that is that p y d
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slash y p g a lot of acronyms. i've cut all the roads off and the second the few people that have been able to leave into government held areas have been set back at checkpoints so it's very very difficult indeed and just briefly no aid agencies are in there at the moment being able to provide for them so if you look at the weather it's freezing it is wet a very very difficult situation the problem certainly is exacerbated you know with all sides having closed off the borders and checkpoints it's really just a matter of time before the accusations of human shields rears its head. yes well i mean turkey is said from day one that this is what the white p.g. was doing and we've been speaking to sources in africa in and from a city in who say that a lot of people don't want to leave actually that they're steadfast and they're very much against this operation they stand behind the y.p. g. but some people will tell you that the y.p. g. doesn't want people to leave is refusing them to leave because they say they fear
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turkey will flatten the city if there are no civilians left again so it's very do you need to read between the lines when it comes to syria it is very much a propaganda war from every side you need to take everything with a pinch of salt the figures the death tolls what happens what is the facts on the ground because it's very difficult for journalists to operate inside but certainly it is an extremely difficult situation for the civilians this is a region that was rajni peaceful throughout this war what you're seeing now with eisel having been pushed out largely from syria is those power play of the international actors and you know there is the u.s. is best allies it's a very complicated situation you know have turkey bombing them so we have to see how it plays out it's day five as you mention and yes certainly the most concern there for the civilians and it will keep up with you for the moments like stuff now the bodies of another two syrian refugees who first to death while crossing into lebanon have been retrieved along with along the mountainous border now they were found last week on a well known people smuggling route so called atolls
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a small from a county in the bekaa valley. we are at one of the camps where people used to live and love the people here are survivors they were on that mountain trail it is and to our journey from levanon to syria now the question is why did these people to go back to syria to be asked back to your example where you live in your cold attack one child was killed and she didn't have the money to medically to provide immediate treatment eleven months if you look back at your work can tell you went to her child and then she had to make her way back here because her family here the two young children lost their mother. her sister in law and her father in law we stood in front of her now smugglers like you mentioned they make you sad like these people they charge them a hundred dollars why did you have to face with this because the lebanese authorities have the order to close the border it's been that way for for three
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years now since two thousand and fifteen they do not allow the refugees to enter the country anymore lieberman says we can't we can't provide assistance for these people we are facing a loss of you know obstacles and we need money to help these people so the the people here are asking and the lebanese authorities please alter the border do not let us make dangerous journeys going back into coming back to lebanon we're ready to pay one hundred dollars fee but then you tell them to if you are able to go back to syria why don't you go back you stay here and they have to tell you where we going to go our houses are destroyed these people are american we have to remember everything is a city that has been destroyed at least thirty one people have been killed up to two car bombs went off in the libyan city of benghazi the first exploded as wash has left a mosque of the evening press on tuesday. the second bomb detonated injuring and killing about see cruise. and five people have been arrested in libya accused of torturing sudanese refugees the army freed the men who were being held captive by
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human trafficking going's who subjected them to shocking abuse they're now in hospital and are expected to be sent back to sudan egypt's president sisi has officially filed papers to run in presidential elections in march earlier another challenger to sisi counseled his election campaign after being arrested somebody who was detained by soldiers on choose day days after announcing that he was a candidate for the presidential election in march egypt's elections committee says the former army chief of staff was removed from the ballot because it's illegal for military commanders to run for political office and several other presidential hopefuls have dropped out of the egyptian election race over the past few weeks mohammed and was sadat the nephew of former leader and was set up with through his last week he says it's to protect his campaign workers from intimidation or arrest the former prime minister. tweeted his withdrawal from the race two weeks ago that
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was after he was deported from the united arab emirates where he was living in exile lawyers say he was arrested as soon as he landed in cairo human rights work early is also six still securing enough signatures to challenge sisi but he's facing a charge of offending public decency and then there is army colonel edward console he was sentenced by a military court last month to six years in prison after announcing his plans to run for the presidency well earlier we heard from middle east analyst sunny handy who told us what he thinks and ends with draw means for the election. i think what this demonstrates is that the army is losing its ability to keep its ranks in order amateur member is also part of the army and served as prime minister and he was he disobeyed the army and announced his intention to run for presidency and likewise of course don't forget that semi and then was also very brazen in his approach to
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the president's presidential candidacy he appointed his shame going into the former top auditor who was ousted by c.c. after claiming that more than seventy five billion dollars was being lost in corruption and then in his speech and mounting his presidential candidacy accuse the army of mismanagement of egypt it was very brazen this is why i don't necessarily think that it's a surprise remember this is a country where presidents don't leave by elections they either die in power like demand of the nice or the either killed like anwar sadat or the ousted by a mass movement like hosni mubarak the problem is for egypt for season right now is he struggling to find a puppet's candide it he's struggling to find somebody that when he wins ninety five ninety six percent of the votes everybody can say oh that's ok that's a legitimate amateur if it is not a puppet candidate semi and then is not a puppet counted it they can call the command weight in the social sphere these other liberal candidates what they command puppets so you need somebody like one of these media personalities or one of these businessmen who are proces who will put
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themselves out for a candidacy and then lose by a sweeping margin c.c. is struggling to find that candid it and that's why there's a need to imprison all of these people. lots more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including we'll hear what's topping the agenda at the world economic forum in davos. plus water water everywhere we'll have the latest from paris on the situation with the river saying. and then sports le bron james hits a scoring milestone in the n.b.a. and he's the youngest person to do it joe it's. well brazil is back in business says its president michel tamer he's among seventy heads of state on the world economic forum in switzerland speaking on the second day of discussions in davos time urged investors to start spending in brazil again after its worst recession on record and the headline speaker on wednesday is german
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chancellor angela merkel he's expected to lay out a very different global vision to u.s. president donald trump who's due to speak later on friday when our diplomatic editor james bases in davos and joins me now james through the day the italian and the greek prime ministers have spoken about migration the arab foreign ministers have taken to the podium and in as we say the next few minutes we're expecting the german chancellor to be talking lots for her to touch on regarding her domestic economy back on the up again. yes absolutely that's probably the most important speech today the speech coming from chancellor merkel which will be listening to hear in particularly at this very tense time in germany is she still tries to form that coalition government in her country but of course we have another european heavyweight here as well the french president a man well back home is also going to be addressing. the world economic forum
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the sort of messages we'll hear from both i think the sort of thing you expect to hear from world leaders were telling you that the theme for this year's event is creating a shared future in a fractured world they'll be talking about global trade about globalization about global values all perhaps very different from what we expect to hear from the top billing here at this year's davus in the next forty eight hours of course all eyes are on the arrival of president trump and the potential for bombshell statements all bombshell tweets. absolutely what is donald trump going to say this is a club that has invited him to speak but it's a club even though he's a businessman president the first one for decades that he's not really a member of and certainly his message as president has not matched that creating
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a shared future message of this devils his message in power now for just over a year has been america first what we're being told by the white house is that means america first but not alone and they're saying that america is open for business so we could practice expect to see the salesman in chief coming here to davos in fact in the last few minutes some of his delegation even though the president isn't here for another twenty four hours have come past me i spoke to stephen minutiae very briefly through a question about how the atmosphere was here in davos ahead of trump's arrival he said it was excellent we also saw the commerce secretary and the energy secretary come past me a short time ago so the administration are certainly working davus ahead of the arrival of president trump but as you say with this president we can expect surprises whether they're in the speech or in trade in tweets that come from the president when he arrives here in switzerland indeed it will come back to you as
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your monitoring events there certainly are on wednesday thanks james well zimbabwe's new leader and as the milingo is also in davos he is looking to use the world economic forum as a platform to show the international community how he will be different from his predecessor robert mugabe how do with us a reporter from harare. claimants my dad and i used to work in a big he says he closed down when zimbabwe's economy collapsed almost twenty years ago. to survive the capital makes and sells furniture in a neighborhood compound he wants the international community to in zimbabwe's economic isolation now the relevant lobby is no longer president that. we want investors so our business can grow and they can only improve when they come and see what we have and what we can do there will encourage others to invest. the new president gore says he isn't davos to hear from world leaders and potential
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investors on what they're once a bubble to do to convince them the country is ready for change reassure the number of issues which include the international isolation i think the targeted sanctions also some of the property rights issues would naturally come it's present from the world and i'm quite sure that the president is stuff that zimbabwe is not right for business. opposition leaders however are warning the international community to be wary of managua whose nickname is the crocodile he replaced longtime leader robert mugabe after a military intervention you're muslim my god what you remember. for fifty years what is sure as your cue cards are you is should. go so far as showing that is a program and the market is responding and that's the challenge is the state owned railway company has struggled financially for decades resuscitate ing it and creating jobs needs direct foreign investment but investors will want to know when the well will be very different from as peter says investors want guarantees it
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won't be more of the same in zimbabwe some of those conditions include compensating white farmers whose land was seized during land reform and the holding of internationally acceptable election equipment and infrastructure is old and falling apart when that god is under pressure to deliver. zimbabweans say they are expecting him to come back from davos with realistic timeframes of when zimbabwe's economy can start moving again how to al-jazeera. well paris is only floating along the river saying rises to the record levels after weeks of heavy rain across france galleries are considering moving priceless works of art out of harm's way. as well right here where i'm standing really gives you a sense of just how hard the river has risen because this is a pedestrian ice road and usually what you would say are people jogging and cycling
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getting from a to b. and over that also boats there are restaurants and bars there but as you can see they cannot be accessed and it is pretty much the case right across the city on both sides of the river side where the river level is normally around till meters in paris it's already reached over thought if meters and city officials say it will probably go to six meters at the end of the week now if it does we haven't seen those levels since twenty sixteen a bank then the world famous move museum which is home to the mona lisa and right next to the river well it's had to shot because many of its works are kept in the basement city officials have put some emergency measures in place they have stopped all the boats on the river except for emergency vehicles of course and closed some metro stations and the reason we've seen the rising waters is because across for all those four weeks there has been extremely heavy rain in fact in the east of the country there's been some severe flooding. the thoughts about that i well it's time
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for the weather here is i would say with these are floating on the other side of the atlantic now yeah that's right so i would say some really heavy rain into peru because see more rain over the next few days and incidentally we're in for paris over the next day or so going to start to dry out in the case of peru you can see this massive cloud just across the western side of the amazon has been producing copious amounts of rainfall and we have what has been described as epic flooding the potential for epic flooding over the next few days this is a situation now very close to lee member this time last year we had a similar situation going on around ninety people lost their lives and we have had around two hundred thousand homes destroyed or damaged as a result of the flooding at that stage you can see it doesn't look a whole lot better now as i said further floods further heavy downpours over the next couple of days that's a situation for the remainder of wednesday go on into thursday and if anything you can see how the easterly of the north easterly winds pushing those showers across the amazon basin continue to do so through thursday and indeed only to friday
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friday could be even wetter still say flooding to come as we go on through the next couple of days further north into north america well we have flooding here as well but this is a result of a rather different because of the situation here we've got ice jams which of course the flooding into philadelphia we're seeing some very heavy rain here recently i think should be law she tries to go on for the next few days but watch out towards the other side of the country with further flooding here thanks evident thank you well pakistani police have taken conclusive d.n.a. evidence from a man suspected of raping and killing a seven year old girl they have been sorry's murder triggered mass protests against investigators who've been accused of incompetence in the case and others are in the home reports. police had rounded up more than a thousand mean a wide sweep to track down the killer of the child whose death had caused outrage in pakistan in the end the search narrowed to the neighborhood where the girl lived
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punjab province is most senior official sheva shetty for says the d.n.a. of twenty four year old emraan ali is a match he alleges confessed to him into and seven others and while al is yet to stand trial or into a formal plea shadi called for him to be hanged zana. killer has been arrested his name is imran his a resident of course or he's twenty four years old he is a serial killer. zeinab and said he was last seen alive in this grainy c.c.t.v. footage holding the hand of an unknown man and being led away his parents were on pilgrimage in saudi arabia at the time they accused the police of doing little when they reported him missing. she was found dead four days later in the city of customers raped and strangled to death and discarded and a rubbish dump. the. use of her death ignited simmering frustration on social
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media and on the streets of a number of cities a perceived police in action and the government's failure to protect children and family last year police in short did a suspect in the killing of another child as he allegedly tried to escape they still investigating whether he was innocent but in the months that followed they were reportedly twelve other child move is in custer district including zeinab. the hash tag justice for cyanide trended in pakistan. demonstrations turned violent and two people were killed local reports say the suspect is known to the family zeinab father mohammed amin has denied rumors he's a relative and. his voice to course was a neighbor's killer to be hanged your body today during the committee meeting i demand to be accused behinds publicly since there's no provision for that in the constitution they moved an amendment process. because sergio international
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attention two years ago when police arrested several suspects in a child six simple no graffiti ring hundreds of videos of child molestation surfaced an official told al-jazeera that he had been taken in for questioning in the initial sweeps but was released because of a lack of evidence to perform police say they believe zainab killer is now in custody but given the reaction to her death it will likely take more than a single arist to restore confidence madame hond. still ahead hold the al-jazeera news our war the disappearance of a home called based author and publisher. also be leaving court decision in brazil the could be a pivotal moment it's political future. time to support from the n.b.a. to the all schools find out which basketball great has been nominated for a film award on the other side of the break to stay with us.
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i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance of the our guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the
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stories they tell. us about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera has a whole run the reminder of our top stories this news are these save the children aid agency has suspended operations in afghanistan after a violent attack gunman killed two people including a policeman as they stormed the agency's building in jalalabad. also the u.n. says about five thousand people have fled the afi region in northern syria since turkey began its cross border offensive against kurdish fighters five days ago
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turkey's president says around two hundred sixty eight of those fighters have been killed. egypt's president of the sisi has officially launched his bid for reelection earlier a prominent challenger somebody that canceled his campaign after being arrested no we've been given a clearer picture of how migrants are contributing to the economies of countries are settling in the organization for economic cooperation and development better known as the o.e.c.d. joined forces with the international labor organization on a four year report focusing on ten developing countries it found immigrants have a higher rate of participation and employment in the labor force than native born workers however they tend to end up in lower paid roles which require fewer skills and the average contribution of immigrants to g.d.p. in the country studied is seven percent though it reaches as hires nineteen percent in ivory coast the report's authors are urging countries to adapt their migration
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policies to better suit labor market needs. theodore is a see the a migration specialist at the international labor organization and joins me now from the french capital good to have you with us on the program some of the findings do seem to suggest that immigrants in these countries make a valued contribution to certain sectors are there particular sectors that they hold that you have identified are more suitable to immigrants. yes thanks very much and thanks for your interest in the borders we have been producing over the past couple of years. immigrant workers are often more likely to work in sectors in which there is what we call nonstandard employment and there is you have to think in terms of construction sometimes agriculture it is seasonal sometimes trade the trade sector or and these are sectors in
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which you see less of the. norm more let's say for. open ended sort of employment that we call soon more standard employment and migrant laborers labor workers therefore often in a more difficult position in the in the labor markets and what we've tried to emphasize is one that these workers make a strong contribution to the native economies the host economies. even with they are working and often there are possibilities to even the race deathless to use them further in a very important finding we think that in most countries the magnet workers are not displacing native born workers who thought so much the case part of your report actually does detail about the fact that countries need to adapt to the needs of those my currents in the workforce and that's all very well but there has to be
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money nationally in those countries to develop the policies to perhaps attract more migrants to the types of jobs that they can fill where they don't sort of push out the nationals in that area. yes and that is often a method of having their i fall asleep in place in of for example employment services and they have to be partly the same as for the workers that are already in that country the native born workers so it is often a matter of making the same services available to immigrant workers then that are available for native born workers in some countries more efforts are made in that regard than in all the countries that's what we tried to demonstrate is that it is often worthwhile to do that because then countries can in a sense a better lever it's the contribution that migrant workers are making to their
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economies indeed is a very important message you're trying to get out because as you sort of touched on then may not be a national backlash by those people who live in a country and think migrants are taking their jobs away from them and that message is very important to get across because they're filling a void that needs to be filled and they shouldn't be seen as a threat would that be part of the way your report is handled. oh yes and i think these had two of the most important sort of negative perceptions that many people have over migrant workers that is one they may take the jobs away from the native population and to another the negative perception that is often era is that they do not contribute as much in terms of texas in terms of contributions to the public finances as native workers are doing and what we basically show in our reports is that both i'm not sure that's in general migrant workers are not
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displacing native born workers and also their contribution their fiscal constitution is often forces if more positive than the constitution of the native born population and that has to do with the fact that you what you mentioned earlier that there are often the very relatively high employment rates of migrant workers interesting conversation certainly an interesting topic to follow up on in the future for the moment to theaters problem thanks for joining us from paris now of course in brazil is due to decide whether to uphold a corruption conviction against former president lucio in arceo lula da silva thousands of his supporters rallied in southern brazil to hear him speak before the decision if he loses his appeal has been able to run for the presidency this year despite being the early favorite to win. only one thing will stop me from doing what i'm doing and that's the day i'm not here anymore and that's the day i die if i'm still here another year ten years fifteen years or only
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a day you can be sure that i will be in this country street fighting for a just society and egalitarianism society a society where people are proud of this country. well lived through to reason but i was important in southern brazil of course that this appeal is crucial for the lula's political survival because he still wants the top job. well most definitely in fact one of the judges of the panel of three has already started speaking so we should have a vote in the next two to three hours that's what we're being told and when we are given a camp of you will of the three of us supporters where there's a lot of anxiety about the outcome because there's a serious chance that this could hurt his chances of running for president one again there's people from all around brazil thousands of them some of them camping on the street not far away from the stadium here they're saying that an election
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without. would be equivalent to fraud of what they see in new light is the only chance to challenge the current administration of michel's them out of what they say is a right wing administration of we showed. very team measures are hurting this country's most part of all and any state that those measures are necessary to get brazil out of the current crisis but for people who are supporting the feeling about all of the current administration's measures are going against all of the achieved that to . achieve while he was in office and that put brazil as an example in the fight against inequality so for people here you would rather see in a sense there is not enough evidence or a case against him it is all based in political persecution and that's what they're saying is that they're going to take over the streets. because what's at stake here is brazilian democracy if he doesn't go to jail and he does manage to fight this general election it doesn't really have that national support that you sort of
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suggest he does have across the country because brazil has really gone through the mill in the last say two to three years. well most definitely and there are several polls that show that if you have just enough work to run for president today because thirty five percent of the population would vote for you and the reasons why many but most of them and most of the people we've spoken to is because they remember it was a faith that was this country's poor that the current administration is not that bad that the support was still camera right now around i think. it was only but only getting convicted in this case the banks think at least six other cases to be either in. them based on the car which we seem to have lost to reason but of course that you had the party mood that certainly knew that
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a silver supporters in and of course we'll follow that story from brazil throughout the day here on al-jazeera now hundreds of thousands of people are returning home in the democratic republic of congo after months in hiding fighting between the army and rebels from the cosigner region broke out in august twenty sixth in killing more than three thousand since this conference only reports from kasai people are worried a fragile peace could end the tourney time. these former child soldiers relax at a rehab center in concise central they will fight his supporters kooks of cumberland and supple a rebel group that has been fighting government forces since twenty sixteen mark is seventeen years old he joined the group to avoid the consequences of not joining his in his friends get beaten up or even killed for insisting he was also afraid of government soldiers. i joined as a fighter my fist through was burning houses when we attacked then i was promoted
4:42 pm
to money it would look i was finally arrested and spent six months in jail before i was rescued by u.s. forces. fighting increased after police killed a traditional chief who was critical of president joseph kabila as government in the mineral rich region with a history of political and territorial tension the violence spread fast these house belongs to a police commander and when the rebels came to this area back in august they banned him alive inside the house people here also told us they terrorize them for three days before the military came. to some but she says her husband was killed by a government soldier son by militias totally rigid about uniform and i blame them all i never imagined my home which has always been peaceful would become so violent so quickly and i pray never to see that happen again the violence has significantly
4:43 pm
reduced after an easy peace deal between the states and their grief a community of sample kinda it was negotiated by this man the community spiritual leader but he says the government has not or not their green meant and accuses its forces of widespread across ities. i ordered for peace to come back because it is the government and the president who are not ready for peace conditions set out in the peace talks have not been met whatever happens will not be on mine. the military and police deployed to this area remain on high alert guarding the airport and other facilities they've also been accused of human rights abuses but. the government and no reason to attack civilians did not create the conflict or enemy shias they come on runs up on the motive. many people in the countryside where the conflict was at its worst our families they've been unable to plant crops
4:44 pm
for three seasons and though they say it's time to rebuild their lives they still fear they may have to run again catherine saif al jazeera concise central and the democratic republic of congo the european union's a battle to china is urging the immediate release of a hong kong based author and publisher the chinese foreign ministry denies having any of the nation of where you've been hey his daughter says police seized him from a train at the weekend while traveling with swedish diplomats he has swedish nationality he first disappeared from hong kong more than two years ago along with four other publishers who sold books on politics which are banned in china. the european union fully supports the public statement which was made by sweden the pope the efforts by the swedish government which have been undertaken to bring about a solution to this situation and we expect the chinese authorities to immediately release mr graham in harare from detention and to allow it allows him to reunite
4:45 pm
with his family to get consular support and medical support in line with his rights because as you underlined he is a three d. citizen and thereby also a citizen of the european union are. tsuna i have no new information on the relevant situation and i have already said i don't know anything about the situation but in terms of sweden and the e.u. ambassador calling on china to release claiming high i think that is baseless any country must respect the chinese authorities handling of cases involving foreigners in china in accordance with the law i also want to mention if any foreign government really wants to protect their citizens the best thing to do is to educate them beforehand that they must respect the laws of the country in which there is. well. coming up including. my own. mother i know i'm
4:46 pm
expected to feel straight open about stories of the bright.
4:47 pm
welcome back it's time for sport i think it's tennis was started with we're going to start with tennis that's right to hell roger federer is into his fourteenth australian open semifinal the thirty six year old brushed past thomas but a hit in straight sets but as elise homan reports he'll face an unexpected opponent next space it was list semifinal but no one would have predicted the world number
4:48 pm
fifty eight he couldn't show them both as the ninety seven to frank tennis said grant the last time an american from tennessee had never won a grand slam much before this tournament but he's unlikely run appeared destined to end. chongjin basin novak djokovic john he's way to the quarterfinals of a twenty one year old looked composed as he went on first straight sets victory he's the first korean to reach the last four of the grad slam thank. you so proud because i really don't know if i make seven years have been such a no vote. good player and i've never taken second to get grants that i was surprised. that i'm going couldn't escape control the sea in defeat he had wiped his twitter account after a number of tweets suggesting farai to us political views were highlighted and he
4:49 pm
had a message to read to the media you seek to put people in these little boxes so that you can order the world in your already assumed preconceived ideas you strip away any individuality for the sake of demonizing by way of the collective. with a handful of followers and some likes on twitter my fate has been sealed in your minds. roger federer a is one man who knows how to charm the media and the thirty six year old made light work of his quarterfinal opponent with this wispy thomas bet it came straight sets as he played for twentieth grand slam but he's also celebrating the rise of hewn schoen and fellow quarter finalist kyle let me and so i like it when we don't know the guys i don't hardly know chung to be honest i've hardly spoken to him. i had one like your parents once was over in london and that's about it and otherwise of maybe shaking his hand twice and spoken a few words to him so i don't know these guys in a way i like it because it's really something totally new to me in the women's draw
4:50 pm
well number one similar to how a part of the came a slow start to it bob said the last four she trailed six they'd caroline a place called the three love in the first set the rape of the first six three six two six three. halep will face german and julie covering the semifinals coba crushed american medicine keys in just fifty one minutes as she looks to add to her twenty sixteen title in melbourne i release coleman al jazeera. so going back to that game you saw between one chung and ted assange granite was delayed for a short while after an announcement on the stadium's p.a. system take a look at this. i was just dismayed you and your sister show that you wait back to me not say seventy
4:51 pm
times so what does that mean this is a gentleman we're just finding out from my internal want to see what that message may just i. ladies and gentlemen thanks for your patience. i serino williams is to return to combat so ted is next month for the first time since the birth of her daughter in september the twenty three time grand slam winner has been named in the united states fed cup squad for their first round tie against the netherlands williams withdrew from the australian open saying she was not yet ready to compete . le bron james has become the youngest basketball player to reach thirty thousand points in the n.b.a. james became the seventh member of the thirty k. club as he scored twenty eight points for the cleveland cavaliers against the san antonio spurs on monday his milestone wasn't sufficient to stop the cavs from
4:52 pm
dropping their tenth came out of thirteen the spurs were one hundred fourteen to one hundred two winners there's still lots of love from the front while never fully appreciate what i do any time our conversation about a person when a loss you know i've always told you jason told our guys back home looking forward to the moment when i'm. very sick and be done with the game and i can sit back with my family my friends we can sit back drink some wine talk about all the companies that i had in fees that i'll be able to accomplish the bronze the past kobe bryant to become the youngest to reach thirty thousand points but bryant had his own reason to celebrate on choosing the five time n.b.a. champion has been nominated for an oscar for this animated short film he helped produced produced titled did it basketball it's based on a poem he wrote upon his retirement from the game in two thousand and fifty four. now tiger woods will make his return to golf p.g.a. tour for the first time in almost
4:53 pm
a year on thursday woods practiced at the torrey pines course in san diego and of his first round at the farmers insurance open the fourteen time major winner has won the tournament a record seven times it marks another comeback for the former while the one he's been plagued by back and knee injuries and personal problems over the last eight years. the governing body of college sports in the united states the end c.w.a. has launched an investigation into how michigan state university handled the case of laurie nasser that's the doctor who sexually abuse hundreds of female athletes the abuse happened at the m.s. you medical center as well as the usa gymnastics training camp and his own private practice nassar is expected to be sentenced later following the testimony of more than one hundred fifty of his victims one of those victims told the court on tuesday that nasa had failed to diagnose a broken leg while he was abusing her you were never a real doctor. you did not hear me you only hurt me the n.f.l.
4:54 pm
season started with control to see over players needing during the ten minute looks likely to finish with it to the league has rejected an ad for the official super bowl program asking players to please stand the one page advert was for donations to an american veterans organization the n.f.l. says the super bowl isn't the place to make a political statement while having said that the league's commissioner admits that the protests have brought the players and officials closer are players who are all trying to do what's in the best interests of communities that they live in that they care about and trying to improve and i and i admired that a great deal i wish all our players are standing for the national anthem i always did and i always told them that. but i i also we really took the time to understand and i think we could use a little bit more of that in our society the man who started that protest to draw attention to police brutality and racial inequality was former san francisco forty nine ers quarterback colin kappa nick he hasn't played in over
4:55 pm
a year but has been shortlisted for the players' association awards for community m.v.p. in two thousand and sixteen cap'n it pledged one million dollars to organizations working in a press communities and he's making good on that he's also roped in top sports stars like serena williams and steph curry. and that is all his support for now more later sale thanks very much to the hong kong is well known for its timing skyscrapers emblazoned in bright lights that are on advertising signs turn night into day trading tours from all over the world some locals though can't get to sleep and want the government to hit the off switch as sarah clarke reports from hong kong. when the sun sets in hong kong the city skyline comes alive billboards and neon lights aluminite the crowded streets the glow from the densely packed skyscrapers is one of the city's mind attraction it's. the lights were so on . and. so nice but this
4:56 pm
appreciation is not shared by everyone in hong kong last year the government reported a record number of complaints the curtains may be drawn but residents argue the glare outside is hard to a skype we receive some complaints about the light pollution they get in so all they have. to stop us from the light outside the building to. their home scientists at the university of hong kong spent eighteen months studying levels of light pollution collecting more than five million measurements they found hong kong one of the world's worst offenders the lights pollution condition in hong kong was extremely severe in particular in the urban regions you know that the lights night sky brightness which is what we measure is on average a few hundred times over the level off that's without light pollution in cities
4:57 pm
such as seoul london shanghai i'm sorry billboard lighting and signage is regulated and there are penalties. but in hong kong there are no laws a voluntary charging card just businesses to switch off between eleven pm and seven am the critics say it's not enough to make a difference. the government says four thousand eight hundred properties have signed up to the charges so far and it satisfied that it's working we are doing our utmost to address this public concerned we we attach importance to the voting to extend the life and is taking effect if but not everyone is convinced and some resident. a tycoon upon themselves to act so each outlet a campaign to have a commercial building switch off after midnight she won but she expects a lot to eventually turn back on her i know that the building happened as side the child of his turn on logic but just can't help as turn the light there is no one is
4:58 pm
is it has fallen tara i just thought i meant they very for now it seems hong kong's broad lots will continue to shine sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong well nobody's telling us off will be your turn don't follow for half hour of news on the other side of the break to stay with us. what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important we have a right to publish it bit of a duty to be offensive or provocative whatever nice people do setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera.
4:59 pm
it's called the pearl of the north the largest freshwater lake in northern china it's about to be transformed into an urban mega region to ease pressure on nearby beijing president xi jinping has taken a personal interest in the project this area relies on hunting ground water a human consumption and that the culture and groups like greenpeace are concerned about the impact of millions more people moving here on the lakeside restaurant a guest house changing say she is concerned about what the future holds but has faith in the government if you have more people you have more garbage and the environment could be damaged but i believe the government will look after us this is seen as she didn't ping's legacy project and many people believe if he has the will and the resources to create a development here that's three times the size of new york then it should be within his power to do it in an environmentally friendly way news has never been more
5:00 pm
available it's a constant barrage that they put every day but the message is a simplistic you have the frame that good logical rational person crazy monstrous and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusation and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. save the children. aid agencies work.


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