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little. current tensions between countries along the river nile have their roots in a colonial cost from egypt point of view not a tank non-agreement full ticals victory a new political realities on the ground or increasing the sense of uncertainty over clooney as the rhythm on the or the need to do that underneath. the concrete for which he may have pushed kind of been a feat for the struggle over the model of this time on al-jazeera. zira. taylor this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes
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save the children suspends its operations in afghanistan after arsenal gunman stormed its regional office killing three of its staff. appeals court upholds a corruption conviction for former president lula da silva but will have a major impact on his political ambitions. the disgraced former doctor of the u.s. gymnastics team is jailed for up to one hundred seventy five years. and us president donald trump calls on his turkish counterpart to limit military operations in northern syria or risk conflict with american forces. i'm tatiana sanchez with the sport as an unlikely face make the australian open semifinals for the fast time there will be a korean a player in the last for the tennis the grand slam. dunk roger federer.
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save the children has suspended its programs in afghanistan following an attack on its eastern offices in jalalabad three of its staff members were killed in the suicide attack and siege which is now being claimed by i saw jennifer dos has more from the capital kabul. i detect began with a car bomb at the door of the state of the children office in jalalabad eastern afghanistan the gunman stormed the building for more than eight hours they battled afghan security forces while dozens of save the children staff were trapped inside the building was set on fire eventually afghan police and soldiers killed the attackers and rescued the staff afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places for children to be born following decades of war insecurity and poverty for twelve years save the children has worked with afghan communities to help kids arrive but the attack on the agency's office in jalalabad suggest it's becoming increasingly difficult for staff to help afghans without becoming victims of the conflict
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themselves it's quite possible to save the children would leave afghanistan and the onus is on the afghan government to provide security for the latest to to stick on aid worker security show that over the last fifteen years their jobs have become much more dangerous in two thousand and sixteen there were one hundred fifty eight attacks on aid organizations around the world in which one hundred to one hundred workers were killed ninety eight wounded and eighty nine kidnapped that's almost triple the number of attacks in two thousand and three south sudan is the most dangerous country for aid workers followed by afghanistan and syria the u.n. humanitarian coordinator calls afghanistan one of the most challenging and dangerous environments for humanitarians in two thousand and seventeen seventeen aid workers were killed and thirty two injured doctors without borders withdrew from the northern afghan city of could use in two thousand and fifteen after the medical charities hospital was mistakenly destroyed by a u.s. airstrike and last year the international red cross which is operated in
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afghanistan for more than thirty years close to clinics and limited his operations nationwide after seven staff members were killed and others abducted now we're in a very. explosive situation i think where we note the community says communities can no longer guarantee also a fifty an hour roxas and that's now where it's becoming extremely different. to know. who we can rely on and that's that's the challenge today more so than in the last thirty years afghanistan is dependent on either organizations have gunmen were to drive them out the afghan government can't support the social services programs on which millions of afghans depend save the children says it helps one point four million children in afghanistan and it's committed to its work here the organization would like to restart its programs but it can only do so when it's sure its staff can work safely jennifer glasshouses era kabul. thorning schmidt is the c.e.o. of save the children she says attacks against aid workers must not be tolerated
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well we have for now suspended our activities but rest assured that we are still committed to helping the afghan people and particularly children in afghanistan we have been there for so many years and we know what we do there help millions of children survive be educated be protected so we will continue to do what we are doing in afghanistan this is a setback for sure and we will take us a long time to recover from this and we should never ever accept at tax on aid workers people who are spending their lives helping children this is very innocent work this is where that all parents would want for children this is work that help children survive and learn and be protected and i have still am completely saddened by the fact that someone would try to stop this in such a violent attack this was a very violent issued never happen and of course this is a setback but we remain committed to helping the children in afghanistan and all
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over the world where save the children is working. well i mean this years i mean you know i had b.b. he's a former spokesperson for the international security assistance forces in afghanistan thanks for coming in to talk to us so why do you think save the children has been the target of an attack in this way when this strategy to insurgents in afghanistan and the terrorist organizations law has been that you want to drive to prison self international community out of afghanistan to disengage and to put international community under pressure to disengage with afghanistan and leave afghanistan alone so that they can carry on with their own works or rather terrorist attacks in afghanistan i think the chief executive said that you know there are children and everybody has a child or children and why they should have targets such a center that the reason is that they want to push the international community out of afghanistan so there is no you know it's not strange it's their policy and in
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terms of who they claim responsibility for this what what sue do you have thoughts on who might be behind it and what evidence there isn't is i see. or rather die in afghanistan is an umbrella that they want to carry attacks in afghanistan under the name of diet it's not it in force in afghanistan it's not something that we should compare with you know and the middle east or i saw in india be the least in afghanistan is a proxy groups or other proxy groups that the regional countries. intelligence service is using to to further their own aims and goals in afghanistan and this is done under the name of the. or i still i think there are other organizations behind this and linked with some very serious networks in the region and tell me about this in the security situation more generally as we came after a weekend we saw an attack on the intercontinental hotel in general. how well or
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badly on the security forces coping with these kinds of attacks and i think the security forces can cope well but the problem is the lack of capacity in terms of how to manage these security forces in afghanistan where of whatever we see challenge the security forces go on tackle the but the problem is how to manage it i think i should point a few more things one is that these are guys asians want to challenge the new strategies of the united states as well and so they want to see whether the u.s. will come with some actions or it will remain in just a civil a serious thing that kind of testing the water to see whether they get a reaction it is true they are testing the strategies and in the meantime putting their foreigners under pressure to leave afghanistan. a few days ago and the attack to tell in kabul the ukrainians just withdraw their self from afghanistan so that's their goal i mean in terms of to go back to the to the engineers and for instance
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the aid organizations as we had in jennifer report play such a big part in in afghanistan. we've we know that the red cross has had to limit some of its operations we know that say the children are saying they were temporary spending what they do to extend these groups appear to be getting what they want i think they are pushing for that i think these you know these groups are linked with some. intelligence services in the region the countries that do not want afghanistan to stand on its feet trying to disengage afghanistan from the international community put international community on to pressure that it's not a safe country you know leave afghanistan it's not for your base to stay here they want to drive the forces did want to drive the institutions they want to drive the chinese immigrants it's just out of and just want to pick up about one of them she said earlier the protests in reaction in the united states what you think it will be if if these kind of attacks continue i think i think the narcisse if they if it wants to to show that they are serious they should go behind us i think they can
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find it because it's not or i said it's mainly to do it and it works like they are counted towards that supported by the regional countries ok i mean i have a we thank you very much i think you're putting on to torch and i'm just here thank you. i presume in court has upheld a corruption and money laundering conviction against former president not a silver the popular politician known across the country is had appealed against a nine and a half year prison sentence last year for money laundering and corruption is leading the polls for october his presidential election but the ruling could see him disqualified from running. outside the court in fortran angry obviously people here are very disappointed that away but they're also telling us that they did not expect anything different that they know about the country about the government in a way the judiciary are against. that that this whole case has been fabricated that
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there are political motives because they don't want him to run for the presidency the most popular politician in the country at this point what many here are asking . not going after. that have been investigated members some have been at other candidates other presidential candidates why are they not being judged. that so many people here are telling us that this is political and that obviously they believe in. so i mean i from new york is brian winter the editor in chief of america's quarterly magazine thanks for being with us what do you make of this result in terms of what it will mean for a new notice or will. it was a very bad day for lou. everyone most everyone expected that the ruling would go against him but not this strongly i mean it was a three to zero unanimous result from the three appeals court judges and they're actually increased the jail sentence from nine years to twelve years and while it's
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still possible that he you know may escape jail he has many potential you know opportunities to see injunctions and stays ahead of him but i think it's going to be a hard road for to still be a candidate in october for the next presidential election as he said is his intention and do you think you could it's going to end up in another series of legal appeals oh there's no question i mean the lewis lawyers have said that they're going to seek every opportunity available to ensure that he remains both free and viable as a candidate because you know brazilian law does say that if you if you commit a crime you're not allowed to run for the presidency or other other political office and so you know it looks pretty bleak for him though after what happened today because even a two one result would have opened up more avenues for appeal than this three zero
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result dead it's interesting isn't it though that there's still some people who are very supportive of him in spite of this kind of scandal and this and this ruling i mean any and lots of countries that kind of is would be would be sort of politically it would be the end politically wouldn't it so what is it about him that means that he can still carry on and potentially even win a presidential election. well people still have very good memories of lula's presidency which of course was from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten those were boom years for brazil's economy and they were years that also saw a massive growth in the middle class and reduction in poverty it was they were years that saw brazil grow its influence on the world stage it was the time when it was granted the right to host the world cup and the olympics and the equation in people's minds the reason why lula is running first currently and virtually every poll for the october election is
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a lot of people sort of make this calculation in their minds and they say ok well look you know all of these politicians are corrupt but lou is the only one who ever did anything for me and in terms of that corruption issue the car wash scandal which some of the had an awful lot of politicians getting way into is it making a difference in terms of the level of corruption in the country i do and it already has and i would actually take issue with something that your correspondent said i know that she was just repeating the view of people there on the ground in port au allegri but the notion that lula has been targeted individually by the judiciary is just factually wrong i mean there have been many other politicians including the former speaker of the house it was who is now in jail and is from a completely different party and what we've seen is that as a result of this jailing not of particularly individuals but really many members across the political class that you know the kind of the cost benefit analysis that
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politicians and business leaders make when it comes to corrupt transactions has as forever changed but i'm going to thank you very much and thank you you thank . coming up on this news hour from london egypt's president officially files his papers to run in march his presidential election as another rival withdraws from the race class. and james day. is expected in the coming hours will be set. to gather here. and his supporters bron james hits a scoring milestone in the n.b.a. and he's the youngest person to do it tatiana will have the. u.s. president donald trump has warned his takesh counterpart rich in a phone call to limit military operations in northern syria or risk conflict with
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american forces u.s. backed fighters have already been deployed to the front lines in the northern syrian town of big to confront a possible assault by turkey has promised to expand operations towards the town to confront the threat he sees posed by the kurdish y p g fighters viewed as terrorists. hopefully starting from we will continue by thwarting this game along our borders and we will completely wipe out this trouble from our region. turkey has already launched an air and ground operation in the city of a free and because of the y p g presence there at least five thousand people have been displaced in five days of fighting turkey says some two hundred sixty eight fighters have been neutralized in the operation so far kurdish commando says that's an exaggeration or he didn't give an alternative number one story can be held that joins us live from washington d.c. tells bit more about that conversation between trump and add on. well as far as
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readouts go laura and the white house press office released a rather detailed reach out of the call that took place earlier we're told between president trump and president to one apparently donald trump relaying his concerns about the escalating violence in syria in the view of the united states undercutting what the white house calls shared goals to defeat eisel apparently the u.s. also urging as you pointed out earlier and for turkey to exercise caution particularly around man bish given the fact that there are u.s. forces present there and given the fact that there has been this call in fact that there may in fact be turkey's advancement towards that area that there needs to be an avoidance of the confrontation or direct contract contact rather between the two forces now in addition to that the white house says the donald trump urged closer bilateral cooperation to address what the u.s.
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is calling turkey's legitimate security concerns so understanding the sensitivities of the concerns with regard to the kurdish forces that are being expressed by president ed want discussing the need to stabilize and bring about a unified syria that poses no threats to neighbors including turkey now the president did however express very strong concern when it comes to what the united states is calling destructive and false rhetoric coming from turkey about the united states so certainly it sounds like the call got a little heated but there is this in courting to the readout understanding that the two leaders did promise to improve their strategic partnership particularly when comes to combating terrorism as well as fostering regional stability committee how could you very much indeed. a former u.s. gymnastics team doctor larry nasa has been sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years in prison when one hundred fifty women and girls came forward to accuse him of sexual abuse among us his victims is one of the most decorated gymnasts in
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the pic history john hendren reports it's a me too moment that resonates throughout the world of sport if you're going to want. this staggering sentence mattered less than the statement it made wow. mr. whitehead through to. dr larry nasser was already handed his sixty year prison term for related child pornography last month that will keep the fifty four year old away from children for life perhaps you have figured it out by now but little girls don't say little forever they grow into strong women that return to destroy your world he pleaded guilty to molesting seven girls in usa gymnastics in michigan state university through intimate treatments that he told them had therapeutic value and accept the apology to all of you it's impossible to write in convey or carry your words with me for the rest of my days he was accused by more
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than one hundred fifty women and how dare you say sorry about everything you've done and all the lives you've destroyed we all see right through your bull now you're a pathetic monster that is only sorry you got caught the accusers included gold medalists some own byelaws alley reisman gabby douglas in mckayla maroney who statement was read by a prosecutor dr nasser was not a doctor. he in fact wasn't forever shout the a child molester a monster of a human being and a story. he abused my trust he abused my body and he left scars on my psyche that may never go away the victim's anger went beyond nasser this monster was also the architect of policies and procedures that are supposed to protect athletes from sexual abuse for both usa gymnastics and the u.s. o.c. abusers your time is up the survivors are here standing tall and we are not going
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anywhere on monday three leaders of usa gymnastics the national governing body for the olympic sport resigned under pressure among nasser's latest accuser is byles one of the most decorated gymnast in olympic history on twitter she said she dreaded returning to the training center where she was abused this week usa olympics announced it will close the texas center that haunts or whether the organization can regain the trust of dozens of women who say it failed to protect them remains an open question john hendren al-jazeera. egypt's president has officially filed his papers to run in the presidential election in march it comes as potential rival. withdrawing from the race saying conditions did not allow for a fair contest when. president has sisi officially launched his bid for a second term in office after announcing his candidacy last week submitting
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registration documents for his reelection bid in march in a speech to police force members seem determined to project an aura of strength and . all egyptians must remain alert and some people want to divert our attention from the goals we have been working to achieve i see that as gyptian people do not listen to their nonsense talk and stay committed to achieving construction development and prosperity. the rhetoric was similar in tone to promises made to voters during his first presidential election campaign in two thousand and fourteen which the former military chief of staff won with ninety seven percent of the vote observer said that election fell short of international standards. since then disillusionment with his rule has grown along with a return to the authoritarian security state that prevailed under former president hosni mubarak cc's remarks also came the day after one of his main potential rivals
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semyonovna was arrested by soldiers army commanders say their former chief of staff committed violations when he announced his presidential bid without obtaining permits from the armed forces egypt's elections committee says he was removed from the ballot because it's illegal for military commanders to run for political office . former prime minister and air force general as much if you had also announced his interest lawyers say he's also been detained in cairo another would be candidate behind bars as army colonel ahmed a military court sentenced him to six years in prison after announcing plans to run for president some believe sisi perceives the rivals as a threat to his presidency remember this is a country where presidents don't leave by elections they either die in power like them out of the knesset they either killed like i said it or the ousted by a mass movement like hosni mubarak the problem is for egypt for sisi right now is he struggling to find a puppet candide it he's struggling to find somebody that when he wins ninety five ninety six percent of the votes everybody can say oh that's ok that's
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a legitimate amateur if it is not a puppet candidate semi and then is not a puppet candidate they can call they command weight in the social sphere even before sisi declared his reelection bid it was widely assumed he would win now critics say this election is turning into a farce one more reason why on the eve of the seventh anniversary of the beginning of the egyptian revolution the brief experiment in democracy that began and to have your square seem so very long ago. does either. there is demanding the release of its journalist know what hussein has been in prison in egypt for four hundred days they say it is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos but he and dollars are a strongly deny his repeated complaint of mistreatment in jail as to me and in the occupied west bank finally gained access to three g. cell service after israel lifted a battle of technology and the infrastructure upgrade wasn't allowed in gaza where
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users stuck on slow and networks under simmons has more from ramallah and the occupied west bank. it's been a long haul for everyone in the cell phone business here but now the big switch on has happened intense competition between two palestinian companies and what anea to give their customers a three g. service old technology maybe but it's a first here it's a good for. me finally our customers have a choice to get. to get connectivity. they've rolled out the promotions the marketing campaigns and t.v. adverts until now the internet in palestine has only been available from wife i hot spots or at home to everyone's frustration their ten years behind the rest of the world. whatever the commercial rights but there's a cold reality about most things that go on in the occupied west bank that's
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because israel has a handle of whatever comes in whatever goes out even the technology inside the palestinians. the green spots marked thousands of cellphone mosques but the bare patches show areas see as the role of land in the occupied west bank where israel imposes tougher restrictions the companies do their best to improve the cell phone range but they're also up against israeli signals available in some places and these services are thirty percent cheaper nevertheless some people believe there will be loyalty to the palestinian companies until this moment they choose sometimes to choose some products over the israeli products even that the israeli products and maybe better quality because they still try to make that conscious decision of not supporting the israeli occupation but want to cellphone users think that about that is that the world stopped using three g. and we have just started i just hope we can catch up to the technology and. i think
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it was only through international pressure thought it would give us. it was outside political pressure some of it from the united states that got cell phone companies this fall and they just want to be on a level playing field sooner rather than later and so slow progress maybe but palestinians aren't giving up with their demands for human rights and their time rights and drew simmons al-jazeera ramallah in the occupied west bank. still to come on the news hour now undercover report into sexual harassment at a menu meat charity event is causing outrage in the u.k. . we'll tell you about the bollywood film that's caused widespread protests in india because of its muslim hindu not story. and sport from the n.b.a. the oscars find out which basketball great has been nominated for a film award. how
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the real cold winter air in europe is in the east in fact just going over into western russia is this gray stuff or slow moving cloud that's way feels like it should do but further west this a reasonable thing like winter is when the smile to contains lots of rain in the forecast not could be a problem so waltz we have goals for thursday's forecast max when temperatures subzero for book rest in kiev the sun might be up to the before ground as well and in turkey it's snowing as it is indeed in finland if you look through germany and france and even spain and portugal were up to double figures we've got right now this rain is falling on top of snow a vast amount of snow in the alps so we've already had something in the way of too much water flooding on the rise in the run for example on these smaller rivers in
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switzerland and now are about to top it up with more melt is there and then add some snow on top come friday so it's going to be a bit of a dangerous mess not just avalanches but flood and mudslide risk now what's happening on the european mainland which means most of the train is funds and most of north africa is looking fine twenty one degrees now jena's but the some i'm sure breeze through egypt and you can see quite obvious circulation to cyprus and turkey . al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how libel reigns influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro is a feudal eastern not a communist or just for want of his country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face at this time
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on al-jazeera. we have a news gathering team here that is second to none and they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once we've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. we're going to run to the top stories here on. the aid agency save the children to
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suspend operations in afghanistan after three of its employees were killed in an armed attack on its offices. brazil's appeals court has upheld the corruption conviction of for president bush in the us or the lettuce over. the former u.s. gymnastics team doctor larry has been sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years in prison for sexually assaulting women and girls. business leaders are meeting heads of state in davos where the world economic forum is underway the german chancellor has used her speech to warn against protectionism all france's president says globalization is undergoing a major crisis trying to report. on the eve of donald trump's arrival in dan balz and empty trump a cold front has blowed into town leader after world leader has taken to the podium lists week to warn about the dangers of populism and protectionism. the young
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french president emanuel was to have been the star attraction this year until trump announced he was coming ladies and gentlemen my i'm my first missy he said france is back france is back at the call for europe. now is the resistance. good good does indicate to me a few kilometers from here there are people who think the solution is to get out of globalization and there are more and more people who are convinced that that is the right option now that means we have a major challenge to meet earlier it was the turn of the german chancellor angela merkel who talked about what she called a polarizing state of affairs if you gladdened us up so doing once this trade that period we believe isolationism will get us nowhere we believe we have to cooperate and the protectionism is not the right answer but the politics of davos go beyond this year the spotlight has fallen on new leadership in africa the likely next
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president of south africa will run a pose that is clear as is the man they call the crocodile emmerson man and gaga earned his nickname as a fighter in zimbabwe's war of liberation he's now the man who plans to put zimbabwe back together again after decades of robert mugabe's rule now we are seeing to the world. now open for business zimbabwe has good reason to be hopeful the global economy is doing well for the moment putting a slushie spring in investors' steps joel al-jazeera davos senior u.s. officials have hit back against suggestions that donald trump's america first agenda is hurting globalization and trade its president himself as as we had due to arrive at the world economic forum in the swiss town of davos on thursday that's james bays reports from there there's skepticism over what he can bring to the table.
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high in the swiss alps this is the ultimate annual gathering of the global elite captains of industry business commas and finance how fit talk fest every year here in davos see you might think the u.s. is first a businessman president in decades would fit right in these are powerful people but they mostly do business in a sober and polite manner unlike trump they are the richest people and represent the most wealthy companies on earth but they tend to take a global view unlike trump the motto of the world economic forum is working together in a fractured world in and so he is he's not to be a representative of that philosophy the idea of america first is is the antithesis of that it's the idea of you know raising one nation one community above
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those of all others and i think that's really what's. challenging to this community about about donald trump i think if you read between the lines of what it takes to bring everybody together diversity of thought and all of the turn that it creates is part of the process and i hope that that he takes into account. trump will be the first president to address stabbed us since bill clinton eighteen years ago those who wish to roll back the forces of globalization because they ferret's disruptive consequences i believe are plainly wrong fifty years of experience shows that greater economic integration and political cooperation. are positive forces. that message was countered at the time by repeated protests around the world by antiglobalization camp and. now nearly two decades on the main voice questioning expansion of global trade is the president
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himself from this day forward it's going to be only america first president made his name and his money signing people up to his golf clubs and condos he is the almost guest here at davos but he remains a guest and not a member of this club james byrd's al-jazeera davus switzerland hundreds of thousands of people returning to their homes in democratic republic of congo after spending months in hiding more than three thousand people have been killed says fighting broke out between the army and rebels in the cast iron region eighteen months ago as catherine sawyer ports who are worried that a fragile peace deal could collapse at any time. these former child soldiers relax at a rehab center in concise central they were fighters porters cooks of come on and
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supple a rebel group that has been fighting government forces since twenty sixteen mark is seventeen years old he joined the group to avoid the consequences of not joining his in his friends get beaten up or even killed for insisting he was also afraid of government soldiers. i joined as a fatal my fist through was burning houses when we attacked then i was promoted to money in the hood look i was fine they were arrested and spent six months in jail before i was rescued by u.s. forces. fighting increased after police killed a traditional chief who was critical of president joseph kabila less government in the mineral rich region with a history of political and territorial tension the violence spread fast these house belongs to a police commander and when the rebels came to this area back in august they banned him alive inside the house people here also told us they terrorized them for three days before the military came. to some but she says her husband was killed by
12:38 am
a government soldier has signed by militias to the rigid about uniform and i blame them all i never imagined my home which has always been peaceful would become so violent so quickly and i pray never to see that happen again the violence has significantly reduced after an easy peace deal between the states and their grief a community of sample kinda it was negotiated by this man the community spiritual leader but he says the government has not or not their green meant and accuses its forces of widespread across a tease. i ordered for peace to come back because it is the government and the president who are not ready for peace conditions set out in the peace talks have not been met whatever happened will not be only the military and police deployed to this area remain on high alert guarding the airport and other facilities have also
12:39 am
been accused of human rights abuses in. the government and no reason to attack civilians who did not create the conflict or enemy she has become one runs up all on the motive. many people in the countryside where the conflict was at its worst are farmers they've been unable to plant crops for three seasons and though they say it's time to rebuild their lives they still fear they may have to run again catherine sorry al-jazeera concise central and the democratic republic of congo in our nations says the number of people in somalia on the brink of famine has grown ten fold since this time last year around half the population is an urgent need of humanitarian aid from the miller reports from mogadishu. in twenty seventeen aid agencies managed to avert a famine here in somalia a year later the situation isn't any better in fact the united nations is concerned
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that the amount of somalis who are on the brink of famine has increased ten fold the united nations is appealing for one point six billion dollars to provide humanitarian assistance to millions of somalis they say that six million people in this country that's at least half the population need humanitarian assistance at least half of those people are children and all of that amount half of the people who need assistance need emergency lifesaving assistance what's also of concern much like the people at this camp in mogadishu is that two point one million somalis have been displaced by drought. rainfall as well as the realities of poor security in many parts of the country and that's one of the issue for the united nations a round development and the future of somalia is that of security african union
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forces troops that have been in this country for ten years securing the country pushing back al-shabaab fighters are expected to continue they withdraw this year at least one thousand troops did leave somalia at the end of twenty seventeen or twenty two thousand are expected to withdraw by twenty twenty two main concerns to the united nations one security the other again averting famine in somalia as well as ensuring that there's some level of political stability in this country in india there have been growing protests by rightwing hindu groups against release of a controversial bollywood film demonstrator so the pattern of art film which portrays a muslim ruler as the lover of a hindu queen is an insult to their religion and cultural heritage a fokker report. protests are intensifying across several indian states in how close of the capital delhi right wing hindu groups blockaded roads and in the city
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of bhopal police arrested several demonstrators off they set a car. a number of cinemas across the country have also been vandalized on choose day hundreds of riotous descended on the ball of the western state of good to rant vehicles and damaging shops. the escalation came hours after india's supreme court rejected bids to allow some states to ban the controversial film cleared for release nationwide on thursday. as the patrol fourteenth century hindi queen a member of the high raja pute cost of the muslim. the film depicts a romance between the two characters seen as a step too far for these demonstrators many from the hardline raj hindu group sriracha. they say the relationship between a hindu and a muslim is a distortion of fact and are determined to defend their culture. their community lives only to protect the country the religion and one's self respect. can be
12:43 am
noticed in a crowd disciplined never flees a battle and is always ready to die. a story and say the queen's existence is very likely a legend character in a sci fi epic poem this is an epic. it's not. and it is the dead in fifteen for. most of the set in the thirteenth century because that was a ruling in the thirteenth century so people forget that this is not a piece of history it's an epic written by. the film's director sanjay leela bhansali tonight's the movie disrespects the hindi queen he's had to contend with vandalize sets in a delay to the original release date hardline hindu islam is on the rise in india in bowl. believe many by the country's prime minister and hindu nationalist there and remote. police have boosted security in all theaters screaming the film but
12:44 am
many cinemas are reluctant to take the risk of the barker al jazeera. and undercover reporter into sexual harassment at a men only charity fund raising gala in the u.k. has caused outrage the financial times found the women were sexually harassed and propositioned at the event attended by leaders from the worlds of business politics and finance since the fall out two major sponsors seven ties and the club has announced it's shutting down one of the philips has more. an exclusive charity evening at one of london's smartest hotels it's called the president's club so exclusive that the only guests are men some of britain's leading bankers businessmen property developers was the only women like the undercover reporter who took these pictures who's tess's told to west sexy clothes forced to sign a document saying they won't talk about what happened here one of the auction prizes plastic surgery to make we're told your wife more attractive other prizes
12:45 am
tea with the governor of the bank of england lunch with the foreign secretary boris childs the women are repeatedly groped harassed invited to bedrooms up stairs man and ensnaring. quite a course on things very quickly took time to watch. some of that it was pretty shocking things depressing politicians from all parties say they're outraged women have the right to feel safe wherever they were and allegations of this type of behavior are completely unacceptable or could then that a government minister attended the evening he says he left early he was appalled by the behavior and know he doesn't plan to resign a leading hospital to receive some of the three million dollars raised by the presidents club house return the money and by the end of the day the president's
12:46 am
club itself had disbanded in disgrace giving its remaining money to children's charities this is the hotel where the event took place the door just in central london popular with movie stars and royalty it says it's deeply concerned by the allegations an investigation is under way barnaby phillips al-jazeera may fetch in central london. but want to come on the news hour including. business updates.
12:47 am
business updates.
12:48 am
thank you so much lauren roger federer may be no stranger to an australian open semifinal he's reached there for a fourteenth time but his opponent is something of a surprise and as elise homan reports federer is excited to be in among some exciting up and coming players in the last four. years. it was list semifinal that no one would have predicted the world number fifty eight. both as the ninety seventh ranked tennis sound grinned the latter an american from tennessee had never won a grand slam much before this tournament but he's unlikely run appeared destined to end. chongjin basin novak djokovic john he's
12:49 am
way to the quarterfinals of a twenty one year old looked composed as he would tone first straight sets victory he's the first korean to reach the last four of a grad slam we were really surprised because i really don't know i make sammy's have been such a. good player and i never thing second to getting grants the only surprise was so i'm going couldn't escape control the sea in defeat he had wiped his twitter account after a number of tweets suggesting farai to us political views were highlighted and he had a message to reach the media you seek to put people in these little boxes so that you can order the world in your already assumed preconceived ideas you strip away and any individual ality for the sake of demonizing by way of the collective with
12:50 am
a handful of followers and some likes on twitter my fate has been sealed in your minds. roger federer is one man who knows how to charm the media and the thirty six year old made like one of his quarterfinal opponents with this wispy thomas but it came straight sense as he played for twentieth grand slam but he's also celebrating the rise of hewn shown and fellow quarter finalist kyle at mit and so i like it when we don't know the guys i don't hardly know chung to be honest i've hardly spoken to him i've had one parents once it was over in london and that's about it and otherwise of maybe shaking his hand twice and spoken a few words to him so i don't know these guys in a way i like it because it's really something totally new to me in the women's draw world number one summer and a hell of boys they came a slow start to it bob said the last four she trailed six stayed caroline a place called the three love in the first set but rebounded first. six three six
12:51 am
two six three. halep will face job at our julie covering the semifinals kober crushed american medicine keys in just fifty one minutes as she looks to add to her twenty sixteen title in melbourne i really spoke with al jazeera. all bad game between young chang and tennis sangram was actually delayed for a short time by the stadium's p.a. system take a listen. to this lady on your sister show you that way back a bit about seventy times so what does that mean this is a gentleman we're just finding out from the internal office what that message mean . ladies and gentlemen
12:52 am
thanks for your patience. well serina williams says she's ready to step back into competitive tennis five months after having her daughter the twenty three time grand slam winner has been named in the united states fed cup squad for their first round tie against the netherlands in february williams withdrew from the australian open saying she wasn't yet ready to compete. the bron james has become the youngest possible player to reach thirty thousand points in the n.b.a. james became the sevens the member of the thirty k. club as he scored twenty eight points for the cleveland cavaliers against the fan ontario spurs on monday his mall sign wasn't sufficient to stop the calf from dropping their tenth game out of thirteen the spurs a one hundred fourteen to one hundred two winners but still lots of love for the brown. was never fully appreciate what i do any time our conversation about it was a winner or
12:53 am
a loss. you know i've always told you jason told our guys back home looking forward to the moment when the. various you can be done with the game and i can sit back with my family and my friends we can sit back drink so why talk about all the companies that i had in fees that i'll be able to accomplish the bronze the past kobe bryant to become the youngest to reach thirty thousand points but brian how does own reason to celebrate on tuesday is a five time n.b.a. champion has been nominated for an oscar for this animated short film he helped produce titled it did basketball it's based on a poem he wrote upon his retirement from basketball in twenty fifteen viruses called. former world number one tiger woods has been practicing at torrey pines in san diego ahead of his first page of a tour paris in almost a here the fourteen time major champion has been making his final preparations on wednesday before he takes part in the farmers insurance open that begins on thursday woods has dealt with several issues over the last few years including
12:54 am
a back and me injury and some past no problems as well but he is ready to make his comeback the forty two year old is a seven time champion at this very event that's a record in itself. i have to rely on my own fields and play around my body can and cannot do. it's not look like it used to i mean i don't have the mobility that i do not like i used to and this is the reality and now it's just a matter of what can i do and i just you know practicing getting my feels and trusting me experimenting a lot to try and figure out what. well can this body do and. can it be you know how you are going to control shots with different shapes and i can have different views and some of the stuff is yes some of these different. absolute learning now the oldest motor early kick starts the new world rally championship season both the
12:55 am
month the collar race it was first staged in nineteen eleven and it formally starts on thursday and ahead of it belgian terry knew full finish quickest is when states first shakedown otherwise known as the test before the race to be done is sort of he was second quickest with part time at third surprisingly reigning world champion sebastian came in seventh but the french missed still the man to look out for he's looking for a sick consecutive championship this year. so the sport and are more later. thank you no interest gursky was known for his large scale often spectacular pictures is considered one of the world's greatest living photographers is purchase portrays sights and scenes of contemporary life in the global economy charlie under which long term retrospective of his work in london. airports stock exchanges industrial complexes. has earned a reputation as an artist documenting global capitalism from chicago's board of
12:56 am
trade to basket weavers in vietnam the scale to u.t. and complexity of his epic photographs have reinvented the art form here on the walls of the hayward gallery photographs like abstract paintings especially this one of germany's riverrun which sold for a record four point three million dollars when i first saw this picture twenty years ago i thought of finding this great patch of river but i wouldn't be able to because of the buildings and the dog to create it it's an image of a place that doesn't exist but that doesn't make it any less. his pitches are masterpieces of manipulation multiple shots taken from different angles a digitally spliced together some details a raised others repeated everything focused sharply. taken on the i phone in person the german photographer is a vase of about his methods and the way. history. mentions
12:57 am
. the good news the secret history maybe it's good to talk to much older folks. despite his everyday subjects gursky says he's not reporting on reality but looking back and it like this ceiling of the french communist party headquarters designed by utopian brazilian architect. half the lights perhaps a comment on what's happened to utopian dreams this is first london retrospective and to bring it to life he collaborated closely with the hayward gallery as director i think he's doing. it's very different from what other people are doing and that is new in history. but i think more important to me is the fact that whether you know a lot of contemporary art or you know nothing these images give you. a very
12:58 am
powerful counter. you can linger long over the studying the details because he wants you to read each pitch line by line because the devil is in the detail. in london. for me and the team for this news i would all be back in a minute with. the day's news thanks for watching.
12:59 am
arts. conservation is helping kick isto to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but this snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international
1:00 am
list of threatened species. rewind returns with new updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries. and the moving story of two young turkmen girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of repressive taliban occupation. five years on what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on al-jazeera. save the children suspends its operations in afghanistan after i saw gunmen stormed its regional office killing four people.


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