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by qatar airways going places together. in the early. zero. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes seventy is
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of war in syria the u.n. tries again to bring both sides to the table. new evidence of abuse by men miles military as a former u.s. diplomat quits an advisory panel on the hangs a crisis. a morning commute and it's lead to unstick tale soft train derailed leaving two people dead and dozens injured. and i'm far as small with the sport tennis world number one small know how it is through to her first australian open final she'll face second seed caroline wozniak if he survived a labor fight back in her semi final in melbourne. the new military front opened by turkey in the syrian war could further complicate un backed peace talks in vienna the past six days turkey's been attacking y e p g kurdish forces in the northern syrian region of the brain they want to push the
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fighters who say they're terrorists from the area and create a buffer zone along turkey's border the un special envoy for syria says the ninth round of talks comes at a very critical time in the conflict to speak not to hold up to her and she joins us live from vienna so what is there so far. well certainly as you said the funding is to i said that these were critical talks we also heard similar comments from the head of the opposition delegation however we haven't heard anything from the government delegation all we know that it has a right last night quite late here in vienna and is due to come to this building just behind me in about half hour's time the u.n. says that the round of talks will start with a meeting between the fundamental and the government delegation and then later in the day will meet the opposition now is anyone expecting anything to move i think
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at this point probably a lot of people will be skeptic about that just remember geneva eight rounders just which were in mid december didn't achieve much defender mr rudd the time had actually expressed really was a bit worried that. they had reached a deadlock he also blamed a lot the government delegation for not wanting to go ahead with with talks on the issues of constitution and elections which are the two main subject that should be discussed this time around in the geneva nine talks even if they're held here in vienna and he had said at the time that he was frustrated because the government delegation was concentrating on the issue of terrorism and didn't want to talk about anything else now would that happen again this time does a lot of skepticism around certainly but i think also what you will have on the table is a conversation about the upcoming talks in sochi they should be held earlier early
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next week the opposition just as as of last night said that it will actually announce whether it will attend those talks called upon by russia along with turkey and iran at the end of the end of the talks here in vienna ok i mean as you mentioned the this is the ninth round of talks it was only in the eighth round back in december that the opposition came to the table as a unified voice how strong is that delegation this time round. well certainly when they are trumpeting the fact that they have now become a unified voice there said they're all here and they all stand together on their demands what you do know there's a bit of a shift in their demands in the sense that the moment they're concentrating on rewriting a constitution and calling for presidential elections whereas the issue of the fate
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of bashar al assad whether he can remain in power whether he can be part of a transitional period or not well that for the moment is put on the side the opposition wanting to show and that we heard that yesterday from the head of that delegation arsenal had to be saying we are here as one opposition one voice to put an end to the complaints by both not only to syrian regime but also russia that the opposition is fragmented and they said that taking that away from them that there is no reason anymore do. to really decry the opposition of being fragmented and russia having said more than once and the syrian government having also said that they didn't know who to talk to now the opposition is positioning themselves as a united front how do with this new military front opened by turkey in the syrian war an african region how does that complicate the masses there.
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well certainly we that question was yesterday to the head of the opposition and it seemed that he was saying that actually he didn't really put it in those terms but basically he was trying to say that there was a group within the kurds a white b.g. actually said that were actually behaving with impunity they were using violence to impose their rule of law and that could not happen so it seems at least from the opposition there was no there was no. opposition to that i would say at this point at least publicly we also know for example that turkey feels quite confident that russia has given its green light for that operation at least in disco but turkey has declared so far but it does complicate the situation simply because the humanitarian situation the ground becomes more complicated you have many more displaced people now those of a free add that to the difficult situation for example in places like it live or
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situations like places like eastern luton that becomes very complicated that at the end of the day the east the syrian people sit and watch all these talks happening whether here in vienna before in geneva they watch the opposition traveling far and wide around the world to gather support and momentum but they want to know when there be concrete steps that will actually put an end to that suffering and that is something that leader of the opposition or to government all the u.n. can give an answer to a demo meant ok many thanks joining us there from vienna with that update us on a sensitive very complicated situation in syria for more now on who controls what in the country has a prayer. the better map of the syrian civil war has changed dramatically over the past year seemingly shifting the balance of power this is what syria looked like
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a year ago fractured between various sides syrian government areas are marked in red their opposition areas in queens the kurds in yellow at the top and i saw in brown there fast forward to now and the syrian government has managed to expand its control over much of the country and i saw has been pushed out into these tiny pockets the rebels have been further squeezed into the west in italy and some other parts like these pockets around cap of damascus in eastern guta and the palestinian refugee camp yarmouk which is split between various sides but what's of real concern is eastern guta with the syrian government along with this russian our eyes have intensified the airstrikes since november the regime has also titan is nearly five year long siege with devastating consequences for some four hundred thousand people living there. well the kurds they are in control of these big chunks of territory in the north kurdish group the y p g is facing turkish air and ground offensive in northwest in
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a free ankara considers kurdish groups in syria terrorists turkey is also training its eyes now on one big in the east to push kurdish dominated syrian democratic forces east of the a free distributor in an attempt to further secure its borders and that might make the complex war of syria even more complicated because the s.d.f. is backed by turkey's nato ally the u.s. in its fight against myself. of kabul as director of policy and. is judy joins us now here in the studio good to have you with us are these u.n. led talks in vienna i mean they've they've been billed as the last hope but really there's still no political solution in sight is there through i mean this is number nine now because this is the continuation of the geneva process but it has been moved actually from geneva to begin according to what are the u.n. envoy to syria because of logistical reasons. we haven't been seen actually
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much progress over the past actually few years since this whole process started actually in two thousand and fourteen nearly two thousand and fourteen and as i said we have been having now like this is mine and we i mean we don't expect much actually to come out of this of this town because most of the attention right now is focused mainly on switchy the russians actually they want to bring home most of the syrian parties actually to the switch a conference the believe that in suchi they can actually having some sort of consensus among syria's on two things. number one is the new and your constitution which will be the way for presidential and parliamentary elections in syria and that hopefully will be leading actually to ending the conflict and establishing the way forward. for political solution the russians tried to create a parallel track and who is that so she who isn't at vienna because of course the opposition was very fragmented we had. saudi. and they
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all come together under one umbrella and will they be in sochi or we talking about two different negotiating teams i mean. you can see that the people who are going to be invited are many more than those actually while attending in geneva in geneva we are having mainly the syrian regime on the one hand we are having the high and high commission of negotiation on the other hand but the high commission of negotiation includes in fact people from from what is called the we are the group. we have so many groups anyway but they are they presented in this begin talks anyway but why we are not expecting much to come out of this talks actually because we don't have the major powers actually putting bush i was on their clients in order to give something special we're talking here about the russians and the iranians i don't think that russians and the iranians want to see progress in in vienna or in geneva they want to see it in fact in a stand in so this is where despite the fact that the russians are denying what the
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opposition is actually charging that the russians are trying to create some sort of a little talk actions are saying this is a compliment if you are playing actually to have the geneva talks by by bringing more syrians here to have the sort of consensus on the constitution and also on on the on the elections but i don't think that that what the russians are actually poor because the russians are having their own agenda here talking about. their attempt actually in order to get something political now on the ground because they want to because then within want to very much to use it as a leverage in the upcoming presidential elections in in russia so this is also has it's the mystic aspect i mean the russians. in order to solve the syrian crisis in vienna we're seeing the two sides really sort of hunkering down in their positions aren't they they're not even coming to the same table and when we look at the situation in syria on the battlefield when assad really has so much the upper hand
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that he's he doesn't have to make any this is a very important point and this is the key actually point to the negotiations and i know the syrian regime still things and this is from the very beginning things that he can solve this with military approach he can actually finish of the opposition was a sort of political solution that he actually and its allies want very much so this is why if we don't see pressure of the russians from the iranians from the allies of the we are not going to see any sort of progress either in vienna in geneva. on any sort of peace negotiations so this is why we need all these regional and international parties to come and agree for us and then try to impose a sort of political solution on the syrian parties as a very good to have years of thank you now billionaires and world leaders a gearing up for a third day at the world economic forum and switzerland the most anticipated event
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will give the appearance of donald trump has just landed in zurich he's now on his way to davos is the first u.s. president sitting u.s. president to attend the summit since bill clinton back in two thousand but with his america first agenda many are skeptical about what he can bring to the table of a global focused forum that. joins us live now so james with trump arriving touching down there within the hour bringing his america first message will he be welcome. well that is the big question as president trump heads here from zurich where he arrived on air force one arriving here we think imminently on marine one in fact i thought i heard the roar of a helicopter which is just a couple of what miles away the landing zone for the president when he lands here on marine one yes we have the first business woman president of the u.s.
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for decades but we have a businessman president who perhaps doesn't fit in with the sort of people who normally go to dav also it's worth noting that in all his years running the trump organization he never came to this gathering how does he fit in with the views of the politicians and the economists and the business people here while they very much stress global values global trade and yet you have a president for a year since his inauguration and he said it on the first day america first the white house is stressing is america first but not america alone and they're saying that he's here to drum up trade in the u.s. even that though i don't think is going to go down well because that's not what davos is supposed to be this isn't a trade fair it's a discussion of the way the globe the global economy should move not normally a place where you sell your companies where's it going with a huge delegation isn't what fun trumps the gender who's either thank you meeting.
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well the meetings the key meetings i think we need to watch are happening in the coming hours or soon after his arrival here in devils' he'll be meeting one of the u.s. is longest allies of course the u.k. and prime minister to resign may and then an important meeting given the situation in the middle east and trumps. claims that he could be the man to bring peace to the middle east will be meeting again with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu but of course there have been no meetings for a very long time with the palestinian side those peace efforts look to be going absolutely nowhere after the u.s. recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and more recently after the u.s. pullout pulled out some of the funding that it normally gives to the agency of the u.n. that deals with palestinian refugees under so talks with prime minister netanyahu
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worth watching those later today and the really big event here in terms of public events and public statements of course will be the speech of the president to dabble to the world economic forum here on friday everyone is asking what tone will he strike will he try and speak to the people here in the sort of language that they normally hear or will you hear a very america first donald trump domestic type speech perhaps they will be watching it closely as well genspace thanks very much. of only a u.s. diplomat has quit an international advisory panel talking arrange a crisis calling it a whitewash bill richardson was a former close friend and frankly cheney in resigned from the queen as it was making at first trip to the heightened state of violence has forced more than seven hundred thousand people to flee to bangladesh he says its decision to quit a lengthy argue it c.t. during a meeting on monday. i was very unhappy and distressed by down
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sunset she reaction to my point that this issue of reuters journalists being treated fairly and rapidly and that brought almost an explosion on her part. saying there were issues relating to the official secrecies act that this was not my charter as a member of the advisory board and the very heated exchange that we had i don't want to be part of a whitewash. and i felt it's best that i resign immediately. military as accused of using gang rape as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign against the rehang rights groups say the attacks occurred during a recent crackdown and that kind statement as many as seven thousand people have thought to have been killed child stop that reports from could have how long refugee camp in bangladesh us. the system is fifteen and seventeen years old say
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myanmar the soldiers tied them to trees and gang raped them the eldest says assisted consciousness is the second man began to prove the lie so he did include. the army surrounded our house she says my sister and i were in the bathroom the soldiers bustin and drank this outside seven main raped me she says passes by found them unconscious and still tied to the trees them it was difficult to walk she says but they helped us it took us fifteen days to walk to the bangladesh pulled of rights groups say that the myanmar army used to gang rape as part of its ethnic cleansing campaign that killed thousands of people and destroyed their homes in rakhine states. they also say the case highlights massive floors in the international criminal justice system and there are questions being
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asked as to whether the interests of powerful countries like china could jeopardize myanmar ever fully being called to account gathering evidence in myanmar is almost impossible at the moment the me on the government has banned the un's top human rights investigator from entering the country me and my has made a very big mistake in banning myself and also a fact finding mission and other investigative teams to going in because this is exactly what the world needs to to see and hear from. first hand reports from persons like myself and others rights groups say the un security council should refer to the international criminal court in the hague. but the i.c.c. only has jurisdiction over crimes committed by states that have signed its founding treaty the room statute and myanmar is not
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a signatory getting myanmar an i.c.c. referral in the un security council would likely fail because of china's power of veto pipelines across rakhine and the construction of a deep water port. the girls now live with the woman that found them in the camp four months ago they say they heard gunshots inside their house as they were dragged the way they say their mother father and three siblings were inside is the soldiers look at the front door behind them and set their home on fire. al-jazeera from the refugee camp and with their fish. on the news hour including brazil's lula da silva insists he's not out of the presidential race despite losing a court appeal over his corruption conviction. on the run has spike in violence forces thousands of people to flee the democratic republic of congo. and has
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brought north korea's women's hockey team arrived in south korea for their first joint on the big training session there details coming up. two people are dead and dozens of others injured after a train derailed in italy it happened in the province of milan trying came off the tracks during the morning rush hour because of the accident is not yet known earlier we spoke to reporter tancredo mehdi who's in. alaska. was because. being. involved especially to. the middle of the convoy. weaknesses all of the pulls.
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all the. little. point. of the accident it is particularly difficult. operation because the least. popular difficult to reach. was the fact. to be taken out by. egypt's last main opposition candidate for the presidential election and march has withdrawn from the race. maybe announcement just as president i'm about to l.c.c. filed his nomination papers on tuesday former army chief of staff sami allen was arrested after announcing his candidacy. all this indicators we're
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pointing towards planed intentions to poison and corrupt the entire operation and to evacuated from it's a presumed democratic meaning and to push us into spaces which we are not able to handle we are honored to not participate. twenty seven january marks the seventh anniversary of the egyptian revolution that brought down president hosni mubarak spoke to some of the people who were there seven years ago i chance of down with mubarak and wanted been enough to earn a beating from egypt's feared security services but on january twenty fifth twenty eleven the police made only a half hearted attempts to stop hundreds of thousands of egyptians packing tahrir square in cairo to demand the resignation of president hosni mubarak i will rahman ferrous and i have join those protests seven years ago for what.
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we used to say that the revolution is coming that it was our dring to change the regime through revolution we've been protesting for years but it was only ever a few dozen one hundred people so the regime considered us a bunch of children. for three weeks mubarak clung to power he fired cabinet ministers and promised reforms but he refused to meet the main demand that the now millions of protesters nationwide were not moving they have to move. democracy needs a change of these police. amnesty international says more than eight hundred forty people were killed during the revolution as once friendly governments from the u.s. and europe abandon the barrack the eighty two year old autocrat was isolated. was finally on february eleventh twenty eleven resigned and handed over power to the military and the time out was. you know what then i. would have
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a feeling i lost my voice i kept saying the people have overthrown the regime that it was a dream that came true i felt we had something like a mini democracy i felt competition between parties then sisi came egypt's post revolution euphoria didn't last long its first democratically elected leader lasted just twelve months i the muslim brotherhoods mohamed morsi was overthrown in a military coup led by sisi. she she's now president i'm standing for reelection for a second term in march just like mubarak he's crackdown on dissent and silenced rivals and on the anniversary of that revolution tahrir square has been sealed off just in case bernard smith al-jazeera. as a professor of security studies at the institute he joins us now here in the studio good to have you with us so another cans that has dropped out has left running.
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pretty much no one all the syrian ones either withdrew or were forced to is drew like. or were arrested by the military police like the case of journal on and so now more all of the you can call them the threatening candidates the deal candidates there one can contest against c.c. credibly. are gone so we'll probably see someone who's not that threatening probably pop up to have some sort of legitimacy so as he would want that probably wouldn't he would want someone to run they get said that just to my eyes is the election that's why he was twenty fourteen he was desperate for someone like. me to to run and he got i think only three percent of the landslide victory was for c.c. so i think he will need somebody like that but someone with much less caliber than the ones who withdrew are the ones who are arrested as they are saying is that we saw these very high caliber military men coming forward to run against
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the theories that suggest that c.c. doesn't enjoy total support from the ruling elite they come from different periods to cause a prime minister who is the head of the air force who is very much loyalist to the mubarak regime and with the deputy head of the supreme council of the armed forces and he comes from also a regime that ruled egypt between february twenty eleven all the way to june twenty twelve so these are two different regimes now which would looking at the very different regime that a large degree who treats around loyalist in the military and the security establishment who seems to be dominating currently the supreme council of the armed forces is very different from the one that we saw in forbid wanted of it in one thousand generals that used to use egypt used to do the egypt only two of them remained sisi and disappeared a minister of defense but all of the rest of the seventeen others are gone and the semi on an attempt was more or less trying to get back the power of the old military establishment and i don't think that you were successful so far. seven
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years after the uprising do you think egypt is in a worse place now than it was at the start about the ousting of hosni mubarak the death or so so economically it is politically it is the first time you have that level of massacres and killing on the streets. these numbers of political prisoners on president and even on the mubarak extrajudicial killings disappearances and insurgency going on in sinai also unprecedented on the. saw in terms of levels of instability in indicators of economic and political progress much worse than the mubarak times so we'll have to wait and see how these reactions because it's a very big country. one hundred million it's now the hundred million with very limited resources and very very repressive and corrupt regime so this combination does not lead to stability could we could see another uprising in the reasons i want to show thanks very much for joining us here. now people fleeing the eastern
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democratic republic of congo are reporting a surge in killings rapes and abductions by armed groups the u.n. says violence has pushed more than ten thousand people into neighboring uganda since the beginning of december welcome web report from the refugee transit camp in uganda. rebecca salama says many of her neighbors have been killed or raped in recent weeks armed groups keep attacking her village in the democratic republic of congo that's why she's walked here to neighboring uganda with her family met by ugandan soldiers near the border. when you go to pick your crops or go to the forest for firewood if you're a man they kill you and if you're a woman they'll rape you that's why we came here. along with other new arrivals with back it continues her journey in a u.n. truck u.n. says more than ten thousand people of arrived here in the last month seeing
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a spike in violence at home and everyone we spoke to says they don't know which armed groups attacking them or why they say the fighters carry guns wear uniforms and speak languages from all over congo and neighboring rwanda since it's not safe at home this refugee transit camps the better option. side uncovered with the new arrivals first have to line up here and get their feet frayed if in fact and then everyone is made to come over here and wash their hands as well. after the journey must be tiresome to made to go through this but the camp managers say it's necessary that everyone has to queue up here for a medical check in that sense at the end. rebecca's baby twins kelvin and carole they are identified as severely malnourished. she says she hasn't been able to harvest her crops for weeks and so hasn't produced enough breast milk u.n.
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officials say these kinds of problems a typical among those arriving at the transit camp before they can be assisted and taken to long term refugee settlements most of the reason he's always wind of it because when you talk to them to walk for a long distance we also have cases where women are they and the names of been sexually either or they have this cold here especially at night when kids will help keep the back as family warm until they can build a new home a husband in a small can still never go back. we've heard that here is peaceful we're still on the way though we're optimistic that everything will be better and not like long ago. a new life started spending the night on the floor of this shelter. is safer here but it will be weeks before things get any easier. malcolm webb al-jazeera the arab land a transit camp uganda. thirty three minutes we have all the weather with advice and still ahead here on out of there. flying in africa is
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a nightmare. a plan to open up african skies and make ad travel easier on the continent. getting up to speed palestinians in the occupied west bank finally get access to three g. technology. and in sports fourteen time major champion tiger woods gets ready for his p.g.a. tour comeback bar has those details coming up. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. well some parts of france have had their wettest january since nineteenth and already the what is generally since nine hundred ten you can see a lot of clouds still in place here some very heavy rainfall and in parts we have got flooded for a good part of the country then this of course is the sun where the rivers remains
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a rain well swollen here we're going to see more rain as we go on through the next few hours or so at the moment we've got this large band of catching sea it stretches from the sky right up across the low countries all the way up beyond the baltic states to parts of this weather system trying to make its way further south some pasta trying to make their way further north so it's a slow moving feature we've got some very heavy rain still there into central parts of france and you can see that does include paris but as we go on through the remainder of thursday into friday has its way further south so the heaviest rain will just not a little further south was but i think parts of paris for example parts of central and northern france could see another ten to twenty millimeters of rain the wet weather the more disturbed weather will make its way down across the study to snow in the process malo still there across service. those northern parts of the year at temperatures getting up to nine or ten celsius for london and paris and as we go
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into the weekend there's more rain coming into the northwest. the weather sponsored by cateye piece. i know now. it's the school election and the candidates are pulling out oh the stops. i make you have a link in my. mind. if i'm saying tell him he's telling me because i'm a pain in society i don't call a vote this time. and then reported on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians
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still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. again you're watching out there and it's a reminder of our top stories this hour a new military front opened by turkey in the syrian war could complicate u.n. backed peace talks in vienna trying to push my b.g. kurdish fighters of forces out all of the african region especially the ninth round of talks comes at a very critical time in the conflicts. a convoy
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of helicopters including the u.s. marine one carrying president donald trump is arriving at the. landing zone for the world economic forum and with the first. sitting u.s. president to attend the summit says the two thousand. can bring to the table of a global focus for him given his america first agenda. former u.s. diplomat bill richardson has resigned from an international panel tackling the ranger crisis calling it a whitewash at least seven hundred thousand. region for bangladesh since the military crackdown in or. the death toll from an attack on a kabul hotel has now climbed to twenty five the thirteen hour standoff at the enter continental hotel began on saturday taliban gunmen targeted foreign workers and guests still looking at how security was breached c.c.t.v. footage shows the armed men were not searched before entering the hotel. former
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president of brazil. insists that he will run for reelection in october despite losing his appeal against corruption and money laundering convictions his lawyers are planning another appeal this time in the supreme court after his nine year prison sentence was extended to twelve stories about reports. his boy lawyers denounced the ruling as a politically driven fos. these people are standing by. they're convinced he will be presumed next president despite a ruling that makes it almost impossible for him to run. the risk distance will never die we lost the battle but not the war president twenty eighteen.
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again on wednesday an appeals court upheld his conviction for corruption and money laundering even increased the sentence to twelve years and one month one of the judges said there is no doubt that the former president was involved in a corruption scheme. i looked at these questions one by one reaffirming specifically that the issue of culpability is the largest vector for the sentence and i consider culpability to be extremely high in this case. it happened in the city of port city where extreme security measures were taken to prevent clashes between supporters and those who backed the court's decision. in sao paolo brazil's economic capital many celebrated look at something nobody thinks he shouldn't be investigated because he's god all his companions are behind
1:40 pm
bars and are incriminating him we want justice should be arrested he must be convicted. he's now seventy two he was prisons first working class president and is credited with lifting millions out of poverty. the court's judgment complicate his chances of making it to this year's presidential race but remains defiant. for me this court ruling is an opportunity to travel through brazil and have a dialogue with the brazilian people now i can see that everything that they're doing is to close the door to my candidacy as provocation is so shameful but now i want to be counted for the presidency of the republic brazilian law bans candidates who have been convicted from running for office there are two legal moves and make to avoid prison and to fight to be allowed to run in october's election. but for
1:41 pm
many that will now be tougher than his supporters would like to admit. donald trump says he's willing to be interviewed by investigators looking into alleged collusion between his presidential campaign and russia the us president told reporters he would speak under oath a special counsel robert muller this investigation team has so far charged for trump associates but so far there's no proof of wrongdoing by the president has the latest from washington d.c. . a sense of confidence and optimism is what trump projected at least publicly he spoke to a group of reporters informally while at the white house i'm sure you know. that if you go to the market there's no structural work and i'm looking forward i believe the reason we're going to let you go. and you know you are in of course you
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heard that important cause it's that trump inserted there subject to the advice of his lawyers and the fear among trump's legal team is the president's penchant for hyperbole and for half truths and even lying to the american public and to the news media for which he's paid little consequence politically but in a room before investigators and is under oath it is a different matter altogether and there is a fear that trump may perjure himself and he does not stick to the straight and narrow facts and the truth the fact though that this investigation has led to this point bringing the president himself face to face with investigators is an indication of the the circular motion of investigators first doing their homework with documents and then interviewing top officials and now reaching the apex of the president of the united states himself donald trump who said he has no idea when
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this interview will occur although it could happen in the next two to three weeks alison is the real cuba and west bank of finally gained access to three g. mobile phone services to israel lifted the ban on the technology but the infrastructure upgrade wasn't allowed to go all that way uses a stock with slow and that works under simmons has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank. it's be the long haul for everyone in the cell phone business here but now the big switch on has happened. intense competition between two palestinian companies joe while and what anea to give their customers are three g. service old technology maybe but it's a first here it's a good for the economy finally our customers have a choice to get data services to get connectivity. they've rolled out the promotions the marketing campaigns and t.v.
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adverts until now the internet in palestine has only been available from wife i hope spots or at home to everyone's frustration their ten years behind the rest of the world. whatever the commercial rights but there's a cold reality about most things that go on in the occupied west bank that's because israel has a handle on whatever comes in whatever goes out even the technology inside the palestinians. the green spots mark thousands of cellphone mosques but the bare patches show areas see as sprawl of land in the occupied west bank where israel imposes tougher restrictions the companies do their best to improve the cell phone range but they're also up against israeli signals available in some places and these services are thirty percent cheaper nevertheless some people believe there will be loyalty to the palestinian companies. until this moment they choose sometimes to choose some products over the israeli products even that the israeli
1:45 pm
products and maybe better quality because they still try to make that conscious decision of not supported israel nation but what the cell phone users think adam but that is that the world stopped using three g. and we have just started i just hope we can catch up to the technology. i think it was only through international pressure that gave us. it was outside political pressure some of it from the united states that got cell phone companies this fall and they just want to be on a level playing field sooner rather than later and so slow progress may be but palestinians aren't giving up with their demands for human rights and it's time rights symons al-jazeera ramallah in the occupied west bank. now after three months of protests in india the controversial bollywood film. has released two positive reviews and portrays a muslim as the lover of
1:46 pm
a hindu queen inviting him to the film is historically inaccurate and an insult to the community i shall have ballasts report's. release day for padma vos in cinemas nationwide resemble security checkpoints the bollywood blockbuster has already provoked months of protests by some members of the hindu community. on the day cinemas braced for more reaction. the film portrays a fourteenth century hindu queen people longs to the high rajput cost analogy encouraging a muslim ruler the sticking point is a romantic dream sequence between the characters scene is a step too far by right wing hindus. actress to pick a colony replace the queen received death threats. hindu activists from she rushed put cannae say in a scene. i mean he is a hardline nationalist group of late proteus and several indian states anger at
1:47 pm
last week when india's supreme court rejected bids by four states to ban the film. community lives only to protect the country the religion and one self-respect. can be noticed in a crowd he's disciplined never flees a battle and is always ready to die yet. this debate over whether their concerns are relevant historians say there is a whole evidence the hindu queen existed and a confident she's a fictional character in a suit poem fans of the movie rejected the protests apart from all the quandary was . a wonderful kind of movie it's always worth watching so you know why miss out on this one just because of one controversy. it's only politics they want media attention why don't they just watch the movie as entertainment this is nonsense. hardline him do ism is on the rise in india some
1:48 pm
say emboldened by prime minister narendra modi's hindu nationalist party indians are waiting to see if they'll be further reaction to the movie at the box office or on the streets dallas. now buying a ticket to fly anywhere in africa is their tourist expensive and difficult rules and regulations mean passengers often have to take the long way home and idea of a single space was first proposed thirty years ago and now it could take off at a meeting of the african union and. twenty page report. ethiopian airlines is spreading its wings across africa buying parts of other country's national carriers the expansion is expected to be boosted by the african union's launch of a single in space during its summit in edison this week mark butler who runs the african diaspora forum in south africa he's originally from the ivory coast and
1:49 pm
constantly fear travel complaints. are when. to get burns on your have to dig different flights and i could not believe. when when i fly to france after a ten hour was. i live in france i'm in another continent africans often have to fly to european cities as transit stops first before flying on to african countries journeys that should last hours sometimes take days not only does time consuming and expensive air travel keep families apart but it hinders economic development easier travel will help africans do business with each other another important priority for the african union. prosper is the chairman of the pan african business forum the entrepreneur runs
1:50 pm
a charter flight company to help business people get around the lack of direct routes as well as liberalizing air space for african airlines he says the a you should be charging international carriers more to fly in africa. is that all is this where everybody come and do whatever he wanted you can't do that in the us you can't do that in europe but you can come to africa you can fly in as anywhere. to get into that there's billions the airlines association of southern africa says a single airspace could provide a major boost to the continental airlines if you look at the whole question of international aviation into africa eighty to eighty two percent of the passengers are carried by international airlines and the eighteen percent is owned by african airlines so there's a huge disparity between. the united nations says up to the year twenty fifty more than half of the world's population growth will be in africa or the launch of
1:51 pm
a single is space is a step closer to meeting their travel needs and aspirations tinier page al-jazeera johannesburg. signs. in the same process. twenty years ago. still some life in the. polls.
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because you can't. stop. let's get your sport now as far as laura thank you so much the women's final of the australian open is sad top seed simona halep will face number two seed caroline wozniak ie in melbourne on saturday helen put on a compelling fight back in her semifinal on thursday the romanian was up against germany's angele kerber with a match even at one set all hollow won the first five games in the deciding fads but cover award back before how the same two match points to seal a six three four six nine seven victory in two hours and twenty minutes she
1:54 pm
advances to her first australian open final. show faced a former world number one caroline wozniak who was also through to her first australian open final the danish second seed dominated for much of her match against at least merton's was iraqi though survived a late charge by her twenty two year old belgian opponent to clinch the match six three six most likely yet to win a grand slam title and this is just the third grand slam final for the twenty steps . finals two thousand and thirteen for the match against. how to manage her no law student loans the flume ride out there it's. just shards just shines through com was looking so good going to win. the first men semifinal is underway with succeed. facing britain's kyle edmund of the united kingdom chile is currently two sets of north korea's women's ice hockey team have arrived in
1:55 pm
south korea for their first joint olympics training session fifteen players cross a heavily guarded border earlier on thursday under the agreement the two koreas decided their first ever joint olympics team will wear unity flags and march under a unified flag at the games opening ceremony. arsen vendor is on course to lead his arsenal side to a fourth trophy in five years their through to the league cup final the gunners got there by beating the reigning e.p.l. champions chelsea swiss international grounds getting the winner in the two one win the league cup is the only domestic honor of anger hasn't won his team will face man city in the final. in the final you know very strong side of course but the moment top of. the end of a day you have only a chance to be doing much of your best with what we try to do when you arrive at
1:56 pm
this point you you want you want to preach the define in this competition and see that in this competition we had a good run in d.c. so. we had the great decider. to try to to play it wimbley australia have appointed bert van marwijk as the new head coach of their world cup bound football team and dutch will have actually cost australia automatic qualification for russia twenty eight team by guiding his former team saudi arabia to finish ahead of them in the final group stage australia were in need of any coach after the resignation of and pasta coughlin game of qualification via the play offs. gold's former world number one tiger woods is preparing for his first p.g.a. tour appearance in almost a year the fourteen time major champion has been practicing at torrey pines in san diego ahead of the farmers insurance open on their say has been dealing with both back any injuries and some personal problems as well the forty two year old as
1:57 pm
a record setting seven time champion at this event. i have to rely on my own field . body can and cannot do. it's not look like it used to i mean i don't have the mobility that i do not like i used to and this is some reality and now it's just a matter of what can i do and i just you know practicing getting my feels and trusting me experimenting a lot to try and figure out what we can this body do and how explosive can it be. by going to control shots with different shapes and i can have different fuels and you know some of the stuff is you know some of the stuff is different. and absolute learning. these are in conference is top team the boston celtics bounced back from a four game slide on wednesday they beat the l.a. clippers one hundred thirteen to one hundred so there was also a win for the portland trailblazers damian lillard had
1:58 pm
a big game he scored thirty one points the minnesota timberwolves a hundred and twenty three to one hundred fourteen. and that's all your sport for now laura back to you. and that's it for me nor a call for this. in just a moment with more of the day's needs.
1:59 pm
carcinogen. new yorkers are very receptive towns because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. rio has big plans to turn its largest favelas into spectacles. but inside the favelas. has big plans of his own. building since the age of twelve listen trained yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any at seeing his vision come to light. the federal and the must a plan a the concluding part of rebel architecture at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting
2:00 pm
a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds. up to date just what president stated in no country that is not the other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the model and award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. seven years of war in syria the u.n. tries again to bring both sides to the table.


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