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tv   Pencils and Bullets  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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it's a constant barrage that they're putting out every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain that good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is right dismissal and does not go all well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. to. tell them here in london our top stories cover now says iraq u.s.
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president donald trump has defended his america first message to the world's elite addressing the world economic forum and also declared the u.s. open for business and said u.s. coolth would help the rest of the world are diplomatic at the same space as more. as the band played a president trump stood somewhat could leave aside the man who founded the world economic forum klaus schwab his vision for almost half a century open world trade is not at all with the president's america first policy taking the role of salesman in chief trump declared no america for us does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world american prosperity has created countless. all around that low. trump who was recently as this week has been accused of protectionism after slapping terrorists
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on imports of solar panels and washing machines criticized other nations for their trading practices we cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others we support free trade but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal he was politely received until he lashed out as he always does the media and it was until i became a politician that i realized how nasty how mean how vicious and how fake the press can be as the cameras start going off in the back. trumps cabinet colleagues seem pleased with the speech. but nobel prize winning economist professor joseph stiglitz said trumpet got his sums wrong and doesn't realize that the global trading system is already stacked in the us his favor he tried to put
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a soft spin the fact is the rules of the game have been written by the united states largely for the united states and now for the united states to say that they are unfair to united states they're unfair to developing countries but to say that they're unfair to the united states is unconscionable as president trump left here davos organizers will be breathing a sigh of relief he was scripted and restraint there was though some criticism that there was a little new in his speech and no concrete details one veteran davos attendee told me people don't come here to listen to mara lago happy talk james out zero davos. yes to come up which isn't has accused me in mars they don't sung switchy of assailing to show political leadership he's allowed to see where the million mark government is lying when it says he was fired from advisory panel on the range of crisis i resigned they're making it up that they let me go they
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were begging me to stay the national security adviser you on that last night i was there. what they said was that in public statements that i was pursuing my own agenda you know my own agenda was basically follow the kofi annan recommendations do something about the refugees stop the human rights atrocities turkey's president says his forces will sweep kurdish fighters from the syrian border and could push all the way east to the iraqi front here the turkish offensive against the kurdish why p.g. fight is in syria's a freenet region has already strained ties with its nato ally that's the us turkey considers the wipe e.g. a terrorist group but the militia has played a prominent role in the u.s. led efforts to combat eisel and syria. far in a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty seven people including
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patients a nurse says in an intensive care unit firefighters in the southern city of marianne managed to rescue dozens of others trapped by the flames an investigation is now underway. you are officially up to date those are current headlines here and i'll just say right up next it's rewind pencils and bullets we'll see in just under half an hour's time. up to our up.
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i'm laura. there and back in two thousand. stories and find out how they moved to. two thousand and thirteen and afghanistan. traveled to the remote north of the country to see one of the most dramatic changes to take place in the previous decades under the taliban women had. an education but after two thousand and three. able to return to school after the taliban had been toppled by u.s. backed afghan forces today's rewind film focuses on. the minority tuchman. on the border with. her and noria
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a both keen to take advantage of the new found opportunity. to explore the future prospects for girls' education in afghanistan and the efforts of a minority to educate its children from two thousand. i. want to. monitor the plan. at hand that. that day on the reactor not go away at best and
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then after that that was that i learned that i am. not going. to edit then pin them to me sam. tyler said well. look closer. i've. just gotten a bill bennett said that it is today is that whatever they're selling there's some not going to. close that. there. were no days. or the onward. good in days in the sun. so.
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that this is not a gun it was but it is though a law that. he's not. very bright i didn't want to name them well no wonder they don't want kids at conferences and so on the fight. the fight only satisfied that. it
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was better. to go psycho for militant to. me money don't be on my phone been for you who shall go sheffield out for me just. off. in one that's. my ped up. cast. off. me call a big mike down lol me yeah so what i don't get mad at her sack of little. cap off have acted as a normal girl have. a going with. my pal joy. and boys. my. joy just. ed. as my.
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oh my god oh my god oh my god that is the. madcap and i'll keep it out i sorta. men then less crazy to knock who's down on the moon they too young i'm alone i live . and pete. beach on the other to. hire their mom. who they didn't. get. along much good chairmen i wish my. daughter and childless. said they are seriously. done enough. to get into the ring that write it down their berretta cause look first the letter ship because that would have a lot. of it is that when dick and me class the good thing
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yeah madam oh well good we're just some there's nests in sat there and you're tired so. when you go through the food the. world impossible for me to gather nassau some of them been there and and can learn to love those when they're not all out of. bed looked up that i love money good not that a villain. that i knew up the side to up to the. job. over the. cold the knelt clear. political you. know it dirty. little clay when you know it doesn't. matter that it.
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was done as. it was done. i am a. young man and the mother and i have been planning for more some are very well some of them going to have you some who want to google for you people most won't be born usual in. this country not. now not all but
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a man who was fighting there on. who she really has and was the man who was on his back man but that i must gather my cat. may have seen it done and yet nothing has been erased on the monday night a better day for almost going out jungle sub with the blood of the last out in the body we are all works i love. to. look up all the ducks in the unit but i get a lot more just looking at one of them to lose out on an asylum. or money. out of not a visit of this the nun on my side lost elevator pitch of the them all the time one on em and i feel i'm on the show but not of them was an invasion over my limbs i'm a pessimist. not suck eggs in the study but you know that's mcconnell told my mom this come on i don't that's not i'm not lending out that.
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money on that i. don't wash it would have to go would you know children know a lot of play mother give over what i know hostages of us saudi johnny based on. reasonable know how you would to love to could deal with on a lot and i got that to do so does. that's the will of the body that's a damn good enough plus i would like that could just as well that. it was a lot of money that that's made of this shit is thus the good that it should be to mock that beyond. that is the key to go beyond. that beyond a delusion again if that was laying. in wait for. me . it. wasn't. for.
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me the. television another my pepto of the result i was about to not to get along side other side the good old so much and all of this must have got ladies with dessicated i know like a blue shirt trying not to sound like nothing. at all you know why it's not what it was when you. talked on the top. because. i still. don't know stronger than any other stuff but yeah. but the school must be down as well that's the start of. those. so that. was. her. before her but you're going to are right i am.
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clues show the lady was. said he. said about a steady job the old clothes had to be set aside. because . of this stuff. it's a. good thing to. think. that. the. men in the room for the men to get. to the when i am of age come on let me listen to the premium ok some of that would have us and been seen. to so was. that the mother to
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open up. the old that some of them is going to the living room at the salon but that it will lose all along with that i get that it's going to. come up with it on the chin and then when i'm in last words of insulin it's going to hit the. bottom of the muslim island. and it's going to get them to sell them the taliban along the. the minerals. the soloist. the caymans hold but on a map i just moved to ana. i have a number he's done it would give them i'm honest. been told it. out
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a lot invested with an idea. that a little of about that more than the bust wind of the. on the make you know make. sure that the good that. fundament the mother would want to get the paxton. too and then get the best done desi them and. let the kiddo when does your new tickle hurt. the seductive hole was at the heart of it though one of the scripted. form for the we all know into bold on the on going on between both the. bill and the windows for the government that don't quite. like them and this image because i'm going to let on the grounds that i get. but it
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doesn't go to i'm told up front. are trying to spend. the limited number of loans people can pull pull pull pull. me.
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see. sunny side up. now look to our knowledge. was. the person who was the man. and i. didn't get. one wish it was so large cake. was the man i. loved.
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the way it was yeah i was like the. bottom out that is not a lot of. work and stand there looking. lol. love. me gave me a. reason to come. on with the money with a good name. was appointed. by. the elderly lady. the mother in a little stand. now lad they can come and go kill. all. the. war game
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your. keys old kids uncle won't be able. to. eat. something go to stand back looking to get a look at the. an adult yes. can talk more of your. job over the last half of the sadness began looking good. then they sacked cell phone numbers yeah i know but i had a moment to. kill my truck to beg you to get back family and some food well gosh unbeknownst to you.
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not as good looking i'm the lead and keep it job luckily the last. thing this puzzle is it is going to be i was about to me to learn. to get out. she goes on with that stick it and we should get that out kid and. that evolution. was the lemon yellow streak of the day was it was madame a lad enough to. give up. to
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. who he is. because it. was by a bottom up well it wasn't that i come to visit it that's made all muddy and his image. is about. my ash and i'm just as many of them i should. have them. to be i don't mean empty just like the generic you live that's been the paddle. good though isn't the cause not i'm in the mood inside. the ozzy
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subclass of it then ya bastard it that it was a very good to see that. many of them. alive and that's me then i can let it is imaginative doesn't play with the give me the money to get a. gun out of. shot into chile that. jelly that i used to. know someone not allowed up hawken let anybody they skinny them an apartment they had the pile and the not just me good i was the odd one out maybe the last but i'm a little. out of that. if a lot. much the last awful pull by let me get this lad is that all the lot of them he displayed made that get more miles than cloth in my limbs was a family. that i was i would apply lives that my.
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beloved till sunday said at that news hour in china is just. a mile from my view on the other was never anything to naming them. all the kids on the land the more lot of them i don't lead good luck to those in the got it to the new none when they're given a mug i'm not balls not a last option that was malala the border was letting me down the. bus was about.
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to. walk. off but i'll never vomit are all so i don't bother coming back doesn't ah. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. how. to meet. us in the arab league. and are. going to. come here. government. in georgia.
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now in our budget on whatever charge i would not want to back to my. personal stories of lebanese villagers on the border with israel up the line runs to this theory their daily struggles and the moment when we go get emergency forces stop us when we go there they shoot at us how to survive and peaceful protests to rule them in the place of the interior means defines and resistance at the same time it's means not for knife and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square done talking. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover
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news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. from current tensions between countries along the river nile have their roots in the colonial past from egypt point of view the nine to twenty nine agreement fulfills a victory for the new political realities on the ground are increasing the sense of uncertainty over close the rhythm not out there with the need to view it as bringing us how to come face to which the male voice can benefit the tempo of the struggle over the nile at this time on al-jazeera. how them to know when tom was here a number of the top stories on al-jazeera president donald trump is continuing to
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push his america first message of the world economic forum in davos warning the u.s. will no longer tolerate unfair trade practices but remains open for business. america is the place to do business so come to america where you can innovate create and build i believe in america as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also but america first does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world u.s. diplomat bill richardson has accused me in muslim dunks and switch of failing to show political leadership he told our government is lying when it says he was fired
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from an advisory panel on the range of crisis i resigned they're making it up that they let me go they were begging me to stay the national security adviser you on that last night i was there. what they said was that in public statements that i was pursuing my own agenda yeah my own agenda was basically follow the kofi annan recommendations do something about the refugees stop the human rights atrocities turkey's president says his forces will sweep kurdish fighters from the syrian border and could push all the way east to the iraqi fun tear the turkish offensive against the kurdish y p g fight is in syria's a free region has already strained ties with its nato ally the united states thirty considers the y.p. g. a terrorist group but the militia has played a prominent role in the u.s. led efforts to combat eisel in syria. a fire in a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty seven people including
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patients and nurses in an intensive care unit far fighters in the southern city of mini on managed to rescue dozens of others trapped by the flames and investigation is now on the way those are top stories you are firmly out today of course you can head to our web site to be deadly deadly built al-jazeera dot com in the meantime the wind continues that see the top of the hour. well in one of the most. remarkable mining mind that's the tunnel song. which is. a hummer saab one of saddam drawn a father not mine. but
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of. mine got a. good one about the. farm on about hockey and. i will ross i want to. read it only meant that indeed. they did. not mind. it was the last. place i only. stayed in the.
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you know for. you know looking. for you. that would make. them. more than. good honest and not listen to no we're not all going we'll be. told me to look at those american one little club all of the media ingenuity had no idea who can wish one up on us winning. the match but we'll just close them it was going a little over good couples hope someone will lift me up i know. i've loved.
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him he said i'm going to. mend our little you know i just wanted to have to. take. them next to one that doesn't call push when. you have to battle. these men to. help he batted zero zero. zero zero go to the next. oh let's go let's go thump on the some good thought of oh yeah yeah. yeah i'm ok yeah so i'm down there last took up. the kids and let's get this.
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don't choose louis and motion we're. going to look we'll have to lose this next. to the. young man do you think. we could. not. put. our might send a nation admit it and it's now those. close to him.
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and said let's not give him up to the mean you let us in and. wouldn't come up on the new lumia one key element is that even then i wouldn't put a little love to cook you know of one woman moving little and a little blue and. then at the. cameras in the room cramming it to me. so i'm not. tyler does that worry or so either as well it doesn't warm. for that. meaning would. all lynch alyssa and the only numb up.
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over them with a limp and because i thought the cosmic they're very good with the length of the grass will do a film about a fifth of the bit of the end of the month of build up to the. you cannot open up does. not this open that you have money all commodity members real. men. met and. said. to them about it honest on the ottoman that had been but. how much all of the lot in the. absent that though i just spend a lot and still get to the plan isn't a. win or kind of you know like. when is. it going to pop open.
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to them on the butt of a lot i can be. you know what periodic. this or that. when i said i'm going to. renew the way when you are. running and honest. enough i'm going to. read into who you know i you know why that. should be looking with the. market going to. kick the can down the phone.
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what. do you think. it's about to. well there. is that on sunday to win that and then this whole bus from and at that end up in that i'm both up to defeat the horses are the real thing. is that all the hydro tax thing that was the. best vessel loaded how did one wolf blitzer joins a clerk in a car crash when the facts that if ya got a lot of. all of the coke look good for food nonsense or learn momma your good deal will move beyond the womb conceived on or. on sick because it does
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not affect stun the. pair of socks. and that is easy for television that listen on them when you know that. in that condolence a film came out again into some sort of dick lugar's all for them god the. all clear suck would let him come in the tent had been tightening with the project making slow point and then does that he are us on stand the first one up to the ministry could be eased a. plan how them will sew them to come and then chatted us a lot of that's on your. dick in headshot audio georgia for ya so will send you one of. these on my way out of the little one month and the yale school of salon having been this basan losing it suddenly it's so cute this next they get you on. a last meal and.
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to win the right than it did in the debate was going to be mr manning who is it your charitable to set up to put my name. newcomb is that. noted that i'm going to go in there cannot you get there live in nashville absorb liberalistic not just on their own of. its review of the. if they get it get your stuff actually get in the other just a. few yes yes yes. and. no was was was yes. it has.
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to. stop i'm not. rivals. some that have. most of us. talked much.
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and there is. a lot of in sam go back. there. and then. give your global. one let. us. look bad. or bad and again and then walk again. and then them. so make those who can. make them. go and blog
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and can find out why so i said if. i let go of. it. you eat. meat.
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that's what i want to him my name donovan from in join us on the run call us with out that you got hired. and i think you know them well chris and i'm a lot of talk as lamar does not as overkill as the mike the behind him in show low how most. definitely but on the long run not just a lot of. the fact that not only. of this one i hold to him. was to learn the most and don't live. on the organ game film based on. still a home movie i. saw but i'm. joined on. close and on the chinese food with.
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the best carlo in turned. to look. alone yeah. i'd go to. a good. but. sure sort of long but there's no. way. you know it was going to check up on. the folks in the first off i think. well it sure could yeah. i said listen all internal and. i missed one but. i was looking at the world the world to come from to. find out how much. i believe. in each
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fungible. and the money on. going. you can physically go shooting fish that's a good thing you're at them to turn your stupidity. oh fine as a absolute and. saw what i. was a life long but often it's not the one. they jack up. your good luck but it's the one i'm done on going. on a kind of dirty girls enjoyed i was all that you could have done so i was alone when i was behind. job another mark cobb.
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salad. sandwich first time and this is a time. but it was a famous does this lomas not the mama nugent put. on him is the look that's made invalid. so long. on look at the. movement you get a lot of us the same. little
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lamb you are now most wealthy in afghanistan to make sure that more. careless family that gas than they possess well yes indeed said. frank. the border.
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of const on the witten with the negative thoughts before. they have been that there was hyde's address in the was silent for a. man burns in beverly. hills in. a moving story of turtle girls and their hopes for the future but five years on what has become of those dreams of their education and the high at a noria themselves we all still may come elect to return to afghanistan for rewind to find out. what they are now and make them here in south.
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korea. has given their lives here and then make it a couple mission certain if they last night forgive their federal court care then let it come on somebody here. and that means i don't. want to call him cool admission he came out of that update on as though to change the of showing. off but i'm just saying put it on a mother you don't admonish whole lot as often as each going allen no no never going back on live in your. head can was a person a action. in the name of comedy a chicken with my book a lot of people. take allen rather than a lot of one like that and then he too was not only on the resume not missing him you know. that i sent him. and show oh boy one and then the
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good idea was that month. or are. very. kind of odd and then when they get done they still paul kind of added them but it was enough. at the idol came monday right there you can't the world to see the slug that this banana the semi that. i thought was dead ok my hands are tied up then mine a little bit belong and he sat down by that ok monday said i don't know.
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but down the hill on the left and then they got from one another to the men. folk and let the soak in the can be so soft they could have been. cooked dinner while your nose left their son alchemize you are clueless a lesson that adam is a feeler yes you are. correct and so. on that just meant that the plaintiffs decide when they have a dog that are in sync at the moment this bomb is the same in the as a semi that he says and i have a plus nibble so this. it's . only something that you. couldn't get in your. young man or the man does a lot of yelling approvingly. and i was something. i'd
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gone. that. it was a lot more cya last moats i'm out of luck. though so when mixed in with your song in a better you learn top of that that's at the top of a ok by little i had a negative in the king is a kill list so i guess just on the list of those are on and it will be into a conservative then. send it to an alignment this is a dance song in that they assume that the. so it could be going on to something. a collapse that is giving up. to the lead. up to the new america glad i'm certain. it could. be the. after then a shout out of the better for the bus before they get to suffer as an anaesthetic.
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hans is still very impressed that you daughters had to tune in to cut the clues in to see the. start of it and then the doctor solo that there will be a memory that the. apollo one will not. satisfy. because i am sure you. snag. some with us because. human ok then you.
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lose. how low the heavy downpours continue across northern parts of australia there are still still some really big thunder heads rolling across the gulf of carpentaria
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right the way towards the kimberley and that will remain the story as we go on through the next couple of days further south things will change as we go through the weekend the heat really building there for adelaide forty one degrees celsius on saturday perhaps a touch warmer as we go on through sunday but as we go into monday cooler where we'll make its way through this band of cloud and rain will move across south australia will nudge its way further eastward and the temperatures should fall back to a rather more comfortable twenty six degrees celsius sort of temperature we're looking at across the new zealand has been something of a heat wave here recently it stays fine a dry high pressure in charge they go twenty seven in or clinton will be off in christchurch at around twenty four degrees maybe a touch warmer as we go through sunday but plenty of sunshine through the weekend chance of a little more cloud just creeping towards the north island as you make your way into the new working week now if you want to try to across japan over the next day or so but a little bit of cloud here to feed wanted to
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a wintry flurries over the high ground of honshu on saturday bright skies coming back in for sunday but temperatures no higher than four degrees. on counting the cost the problem with us every day is the rich and famous discussed making the world a better place but who moves or afoot to open up travel across the african continent plus the link between seafood. in thailand counting the cost at this time on i'll just do. this is algae.


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