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ruggles to comprehend how things went so wrong. demons in paradise a witness documentary at this time on al jazeera. more than seven decades ago a country was split into three big it did get in and now the time. being dropped all it took was a pan a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood at this time. inside turkey so operating against kurdish fighters we report from northern syria
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on an offensive that some say could bring two nato powers into direct military conflict. one of them joining with all this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. u.s. diplomat bill which is and slams me unwisely to on sun suchi for her handling of the refugee crisis. america is the place to do business. donald trump sells his america first visions of business elites in davos but he also wishes a star in warning against unfair trade practices. and we'll tell you why growing numbers of young people have turned up in the french port of cali with the hope of crossing over to the u.k. . we begin inside northern syria where al jazeera is travelled alongside the turkish
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army as they continue their offensive to sweep kurdish fighters from the region president reagan to an earlier war and operation olive branch could push all the way east to the front here with iraq move risks a possible confrontation though with the kurdish y.p. greenmail why p.g. militia now that's a group of fighters backed by their fellow nato ally the united states stephanie decker and hard cameraman jamil basso have this insight from the city of. as we enter syria it is the free syrian army flag that flies high here we're on a media trip into as as organized by the turkish authorities they take us close to where there's been fighting with the kurdish armed group turkey calls a terrorist organization turkish forces are trying to push it out of the region about the front line is just a few kilometers west of here both turkish troops and the free syrian army are taking part you know i'm not sure that you will see one of the f.s.a.
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fighters why he is involved in turkey's operation for some it seems it's personal. we're fighting the white b.g. because they betrayed us and especially because they took over my city. i've been displaced along with many of my neighbors for two years living in the camps there are such bad conditions especially now in the winter. what our target escorts are telling us is that the front line with the y p g with the kurdish fighters is just further along that mountain is also a mountain which is over to this side where there's been active fighting but what is clear here on the outskirts of city is how much of a presence they are of course supporting the free syrian army fighters and syrian rebels that are really taking a large part in this operation that turkey has undertaken against. the wall while we were here two bullets whizzed overhead. and we're told why p.g. snipers are to blame for this. sort of the you know they shot at us and our tires
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and stars. we move on and into the city. i saw was pushed out of here in two thousand and fourteen but life remains difficult now sara has to provide for thirteen members of her family she tells us she is all alone. or has now become the norm she says but the. people are used to the shelling and the explosions the young children are still scared. but we've been facing this for a few years now when afraid anymore. there is hardly any electricity here generators are the only way to get light or heat in the winter rain has left the streets with mud. the black paint on this will be for sale. it seems some still dream of moving on from here. the landscape in this part of syria is dotted with tents millions of syrians remain homeless in their own country
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that in the one cup history we've been here for three years in the tent has never been fixed because of the ryan the tent leaks and there are seven people in one tent our situation is terrible. this is a country ripped apart by almost seven years of war millions of syrians have had to leave their lives behind. and as the years go by the war simply seems to change its form the guns seemingly impossible to silence. stephanie decker al-jazeera as ounds syria. so it looks like a potential cease fire deal has been agreed in the besieged damascus suburb of east and go to and it could begin in the next few hours a spokesman for the second largest opposition faction in ghouta says they've received an offer from russia but the details remain unclear russia has broken previous agreements russian jets in the syrian army have intensified their bombardment of the rebel on klav over the past two months four hundred thousand people live in the area and are suffering from acute food and medicine shortages.
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he was president donald trump's taken his america first message to the world's elite addressing the world economic forum in davos he declared the u.s. open for business and one that washington would no longer turn a blind eye to what he described as unfair trade practices our diplomatic as a james bass has more from deficits. as the band played a president trump stood somewhat quickly beside the man who founded the world economic forum klaus schwab his vision for almost half a century open world trade is not at all with the president's america first policy taking the role of salesman in chief trump declared no america first does not mean america alone. when the united states grows so does the world american prosperity has created countless jobs all around that low trump who has
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recently as this week has been accused of protectionism after slapping terrorists on imports of solar panels and washing machines criticized other nations for their trading practices we cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others we support free trade but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal he was politely received until he lashed out as he always does the media and it was until i became a politician that i realized how nasty how mean how vicious and how fake the press can be as the cameras start going off in the back. trump's capital colleagues seem pleased with the speech. but nobel prize winning economist professor joseph stiglitz said trumpet got his sums wrong and doesn't realize that
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the global trading system is already stacked in the us his favor he tried to put a soft spin the fact is the rules of the game have been written by the united states largely for the united states and now for the united states to say that they are unfair to ninety stakes their unfair to developing countries but to say that they're unfair to the united states is unconscionable as president trump left here davos organizers will be breathing a sigh of relief he was scripted and restraint there was some criticism that there was little new in his speech and no concrete details one veteran davos attendee told me people don't come here to listen tomorrow largo happy talk james out zero davus. the plans to begin the turning range of refugees to mean mars rakhine state of being delayed by problems with paperwork that's according to bangladesh in
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a further set back to me and more u.s. diplomat bill richardson has left and pfizer on the range of prices set up by the government just days ago richardson says he was signed fearing a whitewash but the government says he was removed scott has more now from the angle. if you listen to government leaders in myanmar this week was supposed to see a trickle of britain's refugees returning to these new repatriation centers in rakhine state they said from tuesday the centers were open and ready to receive but the other country in this equation bangladesh said incomplete paperwork for the refugees is causing a delay no word on just how long some human rights groups think it's much more than paperwork the fundamental problem is that all these operations and set up these plans have been used these negotiations have been done leaving the refugees outside the door and they haven't been consulted they haven't talked to many of the
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refugees are simply too afraid to go back anywhere near the burmese military also this week the launch of a new commission to follow up from a group headed by former un secretary general kofi anon members both from myanmar and abroad are supposed to implement recommendations and advise on the range of crisis but even before their first trip to recline the highest profile member bill richardson resigned. the former u.s. diplomat described as a friend of leader on song suchi abruptly left after a heated exchange with her richardson said that he left the commission because it was a whitewash and they. lacked moral leadership while government officials said that they dismissed him because he was here only to pursue his own agenda the remaining member of the commission rebuff to richardson's resignation saying the ma'am our government is both serious and listening to the commission will obviously didn't check with us before he made that statement and i think it's really unfortunate. he
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didn't join most of the proceedings. since through the years ago and. in any case it was not the intention of the advisory board to make fun of conclusions this week one member of the kofi anon commission from myanmar gave us his view of richardson's departure and the need for better transparency he cement to be recalled which i think this is a little bit of a drawback but we can move on we should take criticism and if there is anything that we need to correct we should do that and if there is nothing wrong we should prove it by facts and figures and all to do that the basic fact is that you need people to go to that area but that hasn't happened or kind remains heavily controlled by the military humanitarian groups the un and media are still not
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allowed free access to recount so refugees hoping to return have to rely on limited information to make very important decisions got hardly al-jazeera young gone well i spoke to u.s. diplomat bill richardson who clarified the circumstances around his departure from the wreckage. they're making it up that they let me go they were begging me to stay the national security adviser used on at the last night i was there. what they said was that in public statements that i was pursuing my own agenda yeah my own agenda was basically follow the kofi annan recommendations do something about the refugees stop the human rights atrocities release the two journalists that were detained because freedom of the press is a bedrock of democracy and a kofi anon recommendation of finding out what's going on yeah i was outspoken and
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on sun suchi my former friend well i still respect or didn't want to hear that this commission was a whitewash she doesn't want to show more leadership because she's afraid of the military the military has enormous power there. she says there's a separation of constitutional rights between the military and her she doesn't want to offend them she doesn't want to take them on but she should say to the military we're in a terrible mess stop these atrocities allow these refugees to move forward don't do mass graves find ways to stop the human rights violations she's unwilling to take on a very powerful entity and that's the military and she has continuously disparaged human rights groups foreign governments the international media the united nations can help enormously with the transfer of these refugees as monitors there are
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experts at this and she shuns a united nations she doesn't want to allow any investigations there she's gone from a human rights icon to a politician and she's unwilling to make those tough decisions and the advisors around or don't want to tell her the truth only she can change now i don't think that we should put sanctions on myanmar because that would hurt the people let's find a way for the west not to lose hope in on science and on sun sushi not they'll lose hope in the west and in human rights groups in the un and governments like the u.s. the european community arab countries that have equities because that we're talking about a large muslim population. still to come this half hour. fake news u.s. president on trumped last report saying he ordered the sacking of a special prosecutor looking into his ties to russia. and
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a fire decided korean hospital leaves thirty seven people dead including nurses and don't test on an intensive care unit. how low the heavy downpours continue across northern parts of australia are still still some really big thunder heads rolling across the gulf of carpentaria right the way towards the kimberley and that will remain the story as we go on through the next couple of days further south things will change as we go through the weekend the heat really building there for adelaide forty one degrees celsius on saturday perhaps a touch warmer as we go on one through sunday but as we go into monday. will make its way through this band of cloud and rain will move across south australia that will not just way further east was and the temperatures should fall back to rather more comfortable twenty six degrees celsius so sort of temperature we're looking at
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across the new zealand there has been something of a heat wave here recently it stays fine and dry high pressure in charge they go twenty seven in or clinton warm enough in christchurch at around twenty four degrees maybe a touch warmer as we go through sunday but plenty of sunshine through the weekend chance of a little more cloud just creeping towards the north island as we make our way into the new working week lots of ana try to across japan over the next day or so but a little bit of cloud here to feed wanted to a wintry flurries over the high ground of honshu on saturday bright skies coming back in for sunday but temperatures no high than four degrees. the problem with. the rich and famous discussed making the world a better place but for who are afoot to open up. the link between seafood. down to the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. our minds of our top stories here on al-jazeera. al-jazeera traveled to northern syria alongside the turkish army as they continue their offensive to speak kurdish fighters in the region. to promote bill which is an historic demand my government is lying when it says he was fired from an advisory panel on the range of prices he
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also accused me of. failing to show political leadership. president donald trump has been pushing his america first message of the world economic forum in davos said the u.s. is open for business but warned it will no longer tolerate unfair trade practices. whilst it was and also attacked the media he told to report what should lead she planned to fire a special prosecutor robert muller fake news the new york times says trump wanted to sack mahler in june of last year but he backed down when the top white house lawyer threatened to resign haskell had a small. publicly donald trump is often dismissed the investigation into potential collusion between his campaign and russian operatives but they're never report he ordered the man behind it fired last june but apparently white house attorney dan mcgann threatened to quit in protest so the president backed down trump had his usual response to the news they could use that they were going to get fixed
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but here's what we do know trump has seem fixated with the russian investigators and it started on march second of last year when attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the investigation trump was furious saying sessions' was supposed to protect him on march twentieth f.b.i. director james comey admits the agency is investigating potential collusion between the trim campaign and russia may ninth he was fired and the very next day trump told visiting russian diplomats that firing him took the pressure off the russian investigation he said something similar on camera and in fact when i decided to just do it i said to myself i said you know. this rush your thing with and russia is a made up story that backfired on may seventeenth special counsel robert mueller was appointed to lead the investigation and on june eighth komi testified to congress
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the trumpet asked him for loyalty and to drop the investigation into trump's national security advisor michael flynn that raised the possibility the tribe broke the law by attempting to obstruct justice former federal prosecutor melanie sloan says if in that same month he attempted to also fire moeller that could also be considered against the law of course a loop into the obstruction of justice case he will examine the question of what were the details of when trump was thinking of firing him what had exactly happened was it right on top of other events so it would be part of that pattern of misconduct that bob mueller is looking at the president could get a chance to clarify all of this to moaner him self the president says he expects to sit down for an interview with investigators in the coming weeks but it comes with its own risks lying to them would be a federal offense all on its own. al-jazeera washington. a fire in a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty seven people including
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patients and nurses in an intensive care unit firefight is in the southern city of medicare and managed to rescue dozens of others trapped by the flames kathy novak reports now from saw i the fire started in the emergency ward at about seven thirty in the morning it quickly spread to other parts of said john hospital and took firefighters more than an hour to bring under control and another two hours to extinguish. all or should we stop the fire from spreading from the first floor to the second floor during the initial phase and therefore also prevent a different spreading to the rest of the building. despite the rescue effort patients and medical staff were killed most were suffocated by inhaling toxic fumes about one hundred patients were being treated in the hospital when the blaze broke out about ninety other people in an adjacent nursing unit were safely evacuated president in ordered an investigation into the cause of the fire. that the
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president moving expresses regret and sadness over the situation of the fire that broke out essays on hospital which led to a high number of casualties not long after the fire in that fire in the southern city of jackson claimed twenty nine lives just last month at the time prime minister. promised there would never be a repeat now he says he's ashamed to have to say the same thing questions are once again being asked about fire safety in south korea so john hospital doesn't have water sprinklers because if it's a relatively small size the law doesn't require them kathy novak al-jazeera. philippine authorities say they were moved by force people who refused to leave a no go zone around an erupting volcano there have been no deaths in the ten days since may all began belching flaming lava rocks and ash but over seventy five thousand residents have been forced to flee surrounding farms and communities authorities are worried people have been leaving the shelters during the day to
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tend to their farms and livestock inside the danger zone. inside this first speech since twenty twelve the president of the democratic republic of congo has confirmed the country well hold elections joseph said poland will go ahead even though voting has been postponed twice it follows a wave of pro-democracy protests in the country catherine so ports now from nairobi . the democratic republic of congo faces political uncertainty over. accusations of human rights abuses by government forces security crises and protests by the catholic church and opposition parties president joseph kabila is looking increasingly isolated at home and abroad and his chosen now to give his first news conference in six years probably the most important thing is not this is a. day let's you can organize elections whenever you want. them.
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to do to mold day after tomorrow. but question more important is what happened to the bandage. do you have killed. do you have stability ability stability in order for the country to go. on sunday police clashed with protesters calling for electoral justice the demonstration had been organized by the catholic church six people were killed eight other people died in similar protests on new year's eve. chachi leaders have overstepped their rule do you think he's got though in the catholic church rejected election results in two thousand and twelve and let. people know we're in the bible is it written that jesus presided over an electoral commission it's very dangerous when people try to mix religion and politics. in the capital kinshasa people say they've been waiting for a long time to hear their president speak many. forced to do so now your. president
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has said that he respects the cost. each show by ensuring the election happens yes really developing as he said but without election things will just get worse. a presidential election was supposed to be held in three to sixteen at the end of kabila second and final tom the electoral commission say security and logistical challenges have forced the delay preparations have finally begun for the vote to take place but opposition politicians still do not trust the process the president is under a lot of pressure to step down he said he will but once the reason new head of state to take his place the electoral commission insist that the election which has been postponed twice now is going to happen at the end of this many congolese are hoping that they will finally get to vote in december but more importantly that the polls will be free fair and credible catherine soy all jazeera nairobi kenya.
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that a canadian aircraft carrier carrier manufacturer rather badia has won its appeal after the us slapped huge tariffs on imports a chunk of ministration impose tariffs of two hundred ninety two percent after the u.s. airline delta ordered several bombarding a c. series planes boeing that sits american rival accused bombarding of dumping planes on the u.s. market but on friday the u.s. international trade commission said that wasn't the case symbol bar there shouldn't have to pay such high tariffs spanish government is formally expelling the venezuelan ambassador it's in response to spanish equivalent being expelled from caracas on thursday days after the european union and i'm new sanctions the venezuelan ambassador left the embassy in madrid at the start of the week and returned home. and more than a year after the demolition of the new tourist jungle camp there's been a sudden rise in the number of young asylum seekers arriving in the french port of cali the closest point on the european mainland to the u.k.
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it follows the leaders of france and britain signing a treaty last week and streamlining the process of dealing with the rivals sonja gago reports from cali the deal seems to have given people false hope of reaching the u.k. . playing for time in cali's industrial zone a place where asylum seekers have flocked to in the hope they may escape the limbo they face day in day out while they're here they are trapped many of them been here for months sleeping rough wherever they can go snooping without any front end and there are to me because this year because just because it's. just the best of us. this is not life it's not life good living in the forest we have here. so this is the place the location where one of the few just points was supposed to occur on thursday afternoon as you can see authorities are there and
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they've stopped it from happening and that's been kind of a lot of anger from those who've gathered here to be able to get some food. for months the riot police have been a regular presence here as are the standoffs with my cards desperate to escape. some hope perhaps has been provided by the joint treaty signed by the french president and the british prime minister last week. a particularly important point of the santos treaty will be the subject of on a company. this treaty will allow is for all those in a position to cross the channel to drastically reduce the time limits from six months to thirty days for adults and from six months to twenty five days for an accompanied minus. the treaty is intended to improve the management of the border on both sides of the english channel but there is little evidence as to how it will be done and whether it would expedite urgent asylum cases to reunite them
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with relatives living in the u.k. for those working on the front line of this crisis the expectations have led to rumors that asylum seekers only need to come to cali to get to the u.k. and that's led to large numbers of people turning up here i do feel people have false hope because of this misunderstanding and because there's been no effort to explain any of the changes there's been no effort before on to explain to people what asylum entails and fronts despite the challenges the young the desperate try to find any way they can to reach britain no matter how dangerous the police attempt to stop them climbing on to lorries bound to england but they still take the chance and the risk they feel is worth it to leave behind a life in france that hangs in the balance on a diagonal al-jazeera kalai. violence has broken out in supermarkets in france with
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customers battling to get hold of heavily discounted chocolate spread the answer marsh a supermarket chain slashed the price of the tele by a whopping seventy percent things for forced to step in to control desperate shoppers in one northern french time the tele has distanced itself from the move saying the supermarket launched the promotion by itself. millions of australians have turned out to celebrate the country's national day january twenty sixth marks the day two hundred thirty years ago when british navy ship sailed into what is known as both may be but and did genesis jillian's and others on morning what they say was the colonial invasion of their land and they refer to it as invasion day and there are calls for the date to be changed. you can find much more about the stories we're following at our website it's updated from our correspondents all over the world twenty four seven al-jazeera the comps a later. time
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now for a piece of those headline sounds as it was travel to northern syria alongside the turkish army as they continue their offensive to street kurdish fighters from the region president rage or to an earlier warned off ration all of branch could push all the way east to the front here with iraq the move risks a possible confrontation with the kurdish y p g militia a group of fighters backed by their fellow nato ally the united states. president donald trump is continuing to push his america first message of the world economic forum in davos warning the u.s. will no longer tolerate unfair trade practices that remains open for business. america is the place to do business so come to america where you can innovate create and build i believe in america as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders
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of other countries should put their country first also but america for years does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world donald trump has dismissed this fake news report suggesting he ordered the sacking of special prosecutor wall but muller in june last year new york times says trump backed down when the top white house lawyer threatened to resign miller is leading the probe into allegations of collusion between the trump campaign team and russia in the twenty sixteen election. u.s. diplomat bill richardson's told al-jazeera the me and my government is lying when it says he was fired from an advisory panel on the range a crisis he also accused. of failing to show political leadership. in a hospital and killed at least thirty seven people including patients and nurses in
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an intensive care unit. in the southern city of mitigating to rescue dozens of others trapped by the flames an investigation is now on the way. those are our current headlines you can catch up with all of those on our website. dot com stay with us all counting the cost is coming up next as always thanks very much for your company. the benefit of. documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.


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