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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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already been released after paying settlements princella had been talal is confident that he'll be free soon. there's something they're not charges ok just some discussion between the government you know i mean but there's the issue of that this is is it going operation that we have and we're just in discussion with the government on various matters and that i can't divulge right now because we are coming into discussion with them but there's there should be a b. and b. and then of the whole story and we operate them because you know i mean my country i mean my kids i could talk to the bottom of. it so you live now to vienna where a syrian opposition leaders are giving a press conference after a u.n. sponsored talks were extended into another day let's listen and. we had a short date. vienna which once again proved. this. desire to continue to which is
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a bloody war on its people without any intention to engage in any sort of dialogue . it is just only normal that she is relying on the interview submission. little willingness to engage in serious political negotiations and. international business for the regime has ended yesterday and the regime was in that she is lucky she is continuing its run since you. and the light of our commitment to the diplomatic process and firm conviction that the diplomatic political solution solution is a must which realizes desperation of the syrian people and that's why we continue
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to positively respond with the united nations so that tangible progress can be achieved and within this context i believe that all the meetings held the world are very. useful namely our mutual understanding over the coming day. is out of order a strong belief to reach lugo solution that meets the u.s. very sions of the syrian people these days on the international germs of its. own we have ongoing inducements with the united nations and we have achieved. tangible progress in the political process we have to construct a useful meetings concerning the building of the usual joint understanding of what to come in the coming days. as he said over the past period of time we have repeated meetings with world states and
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international leaders were seeking ways to rally support to reinvigorate the political process of geneva and put an end to the progress the nation and worst of time. by that it is so that just a logical diplomatic solution can be reached living up to the aspirations of the syrian people during which certain views came to surface which may yet for the allies enable us to achieve this goal for this week we held several meetings with leaders around the world we were looking for. ways to. mobilize to lift a verse to revitalize the process in geneva to put an end to wasting time in this process and to leave time short to reach
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a reasonable and just solution the needs of the aspirations of the people of syria . i will be the first we reach some minds. to admitting this and again to this. point how do. we go on among the fields of meetings we had a very significant one under the invitation from the russian foreign minister it was very significant it was a opportunity to exchange views to reach common grounds for the specter of the political solution we also desire and the prospect of having all their interests of all parties as achieved within our purpose for the political process for industry. meeting was. to exchange perspectives and to reach some joint idea is concerning the political solution in order to. achieve the interests of the different parties as you.
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also as we are present here we continue to converse with the russians are a number of occasions with the united nations and with turkey as guarantor of stayed in that stand out before and now in sochi including other friendly states like here knighted states united kingdom france european union jordan saudi arabia all with the effort with the aim to continue to push forward the political process and take advantage of any initiative so that the political process of today very can be reinvigorated. so. as well as our discussions with united nations or friends especially turkey as a guarantor state in the agreement in the conference of us dollars previously and now in sochi in addition to the with other states like the united states of britain
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france the european union jordan and saudi arabia all of these discussions and meetings with in the context of pushing the political process forward and to meet use of any initiative vitalize the process in geneva. all of this all comes within the context of serving the political process of the neighbor and causing any and shit to have supportive to it in a very that's why we gave in more detail of. talks with respect to the associate conference and we also discussed with all the concerned parties all the prospect. of sutra we had ten when and ten said that all this effort would serve the political process of geneva we were open to all the perspectives all the angles and we did all what we can to make this period of time. very critical
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for the syrian people so that we pave the way for a concrete way forward whereby the political process solution in syria can be achieved in service of the political process in geneva we showed willingness to support the initiative will support the political process in geneva disinterest we have details the discussions about the congress in sochi and we discussed all the possibilities that will come out of this conference and we have the strong. truthful will to me this is. useful and we tried to run the corners so to speak we tried to show a large level of understanding because this period is really critical for the syrian revolution and with the syrian people. in a sense to have a real stars for a realistic political solution for see. what are the good all these
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efforts will continue now tomorrow and the day after. we'll continue to exert efforts with all the sides here namely the russians a genuine that a political solution being checked which was welcomed by them so that common ground can be reached to put an end to the crimes perpetrated in syria here i would like to state that he and i am not representing myself i am representing the syrian negotiation commission it is it that a president of the syrian opposition and more than one million fall in bars charges over the past seven years they are also to present a defense of thousands of day to nice. behind the syrian regime's bods many of them have gone. i. now know i'm
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wishing to meet their end but we are also here to represent tens of thousands of detained and raped women and representatives of hundreds of thousands of children who have been targeted physically and mentally. and as we speak thousands of them have suffered disability physical and mental and they are not able to fit into near their journey of life as normal children like many others worldwide we are also represented representing thousands of young you sacrifice preciously and their defense of their homeland engineers teachers farmers workers and syrian people from all walks of life we are here speak for the voices and aspirations of all i mentioned these efforts will continue. and they will continue today tomorrow and after to morrow
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with all the parties especially the russian party who are really serious to reach a political solution we said. we are in we will go to this these discussions to reach usually grounds to put an end to all the crimes that are being perpetrated inside syria and in this notice i would like to say that i don't resent myself here i don't resent these you do not see this those issues commission which i presume is the forces of the evolution and the opposition which represents more than one million martyrs who have been who have fulfilled. these seven years of evolution it represents hundreds of thousands of detainees in the prisons of the gene some of them have already died some of them wish to die every day but they can't even reach that we did presents. still is of thousands of feel
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great will the details in the prisons of the regime will result hundreds of thousands of children who we're talking to physically and psychologically some of them now are. capable to go to new their life or to have a future that they deserve just like any other child in the world we resent hundreds of thousands of young men who are defending their homeland then we're coming from home walks of life they are teachers doctors workers or farmers that's why we're here we see here we try to present the hopes and descriptions of the syrian people. are going are we have been dealing with negotiations in a very positive fashion and we are prepared to continue we could demonstrate maximum flexibility however we can not give up on our established principles for which the syrian people have been sacrificing we are working with
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them at democratic for everywhere so that all simply because we have been as fired and to reach and establish a democratic free state where absolutes of renting that's why our commission after deep and side. discussions and concerted efforts and many tours of negotiations and many rounds of talks with respect to this particular conference here in sochi and within a very open transparent democratic voting within our commission we have. laid down at his dilution that we cannot take part in a sushi conference. and we continue high level of flexibility. right there was. a date from the syrian opposition delegation at the
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u.n. sponsored peace talks in vienna let's bring in zero as hot up will have made his at that conference in vienna and can break down what we've just heard. i suppose i mean to sum it all up useful meetings but but little progress is what i heard. well yeah a little progress and some would argue also no progress whatsoever and that's actually why. really was just saying that. he has decided against attending the conference in sochi we do know however that certain members of the will be going there on an individual basis but a handful of people now it's been very difficult days and you could actually see it even last night quite late at night when the fundament the u.n.
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envoy came out and gave his statement he looked like a very tired man quite frustrated with how things went here if you recall when he first arrived he said that these were very critical talks something that the opposition had also said and then what we saw yesterday is a very dramatic exit of the government delegation angered by this ten point working document that was put forward by five countries the u.s. the u.k. france saudi and jordan that document completely rejected by the syrian government and from what we understand from some of the diplomats we spoke to here in vienna is that also russia wasn't very happy about the documents really seems that now you have these two parallel efforts going on one in sochi and one which
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is the. process that will according to the. new in the near future but what we haven't heard yet is what do you. know about whether to endorse this conference or not and that will also be key to see how things will develop many thanks indeed more analysis from her in a little under fifteen minutes. on al-jazeera let's go live now to antakya zero stephanie decker was also listening to press conference steph what do you make of what you've heard and how will it affect what's happening on the ground in syria. but i think having covered syria throughout this war in this name to these talks year in year out it's difficult not to become cynical age and when all you hear is that there's only a political solution to this crisis and the only thing you see is military campaigns we were in syria yesterday just south of the turkish border in as people
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we speak to still saying how difficult life is there is no electricity water is scarce it's freezing now it's winter the area is dotted with tents i can't even call them official camps there are some closer to the turkish border but even just driving through out of the city and its outskirts there are tents it is totally muddy it is freezing and people will tell you how frustrated they are that there is no help there's a little age people want to go home but the politicians call and seem to agree on anything and i think you know cutting through the chase it seems that the syrians have the least say when it comes to the future of their country ager and you really have the shots being called by players like russia particularly. so i think you know reading from the situation on the ground now you have turkey's campaign enough that it seems that every player in this war and it is a proxy war agent is no one's going to decide or agree on the political solution
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until their own interests have been achieved stuff too many thanks as i said more analysis on those talks in vienna in our news hour beginning just of a ten minutes time here on al-jazeera stephanie decker many thanks indeed. now let's get you some other news stories of the day this but an explosion in the afghan capital kabul that happened close to the old interior ministry in the city and several foreign embassies these the latest pictures that we have. there have been a number of casualties people killed. people injured to two it all comes a week after the attack on the intercom to the continental hotel in the city i'll just say it was a polish who'd is live for us in kabul tell us a bit about what happened and who has claimed responsibility for this attack. i just did when i just spoke to the taliban spokesperson. zombie along which i and
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he is has claimed responsibility for this attack and he said that the target of the attacker was the interior ministry police who were gathered at that second security interests now taliban are claiming that in terms of police who were killed but what we have heard from all sources not at least seventy people are wounded and up to four people killed but this these numbers are going to change now the media is very important it's at the heart of the capital kabul where the interior ministry is located there is e.u. mission there there are diplomatic missions located there a hospital a school the governor's compound and the police chief compound so it's
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a very strategic in an important. now that attack happened during the afternoon time. at the time of this attack there were number of applicants as well as queuing. the old interior ministry building now. an ambulance was spotted a suspicious ambulance was spotted where the afghan security forces have arrested two suspicious people and that ambulance was taken into custody now that. according to afghan security forces. is very. unsecured because there are. threats that another suicide car bomb bombing may be free. right abdullah many thanks data live in kabul the latest figures we have here the reuters news agency reporting
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that at least seventeen people were killed and one hundred ten wounded in that car bomb attack in. kabul although the number of casualties likely to increase as. people killed and injured in that bombing is still being taken to hospital now a billionaire saudi prince albert he'd been to laos says that he'll be cleared of corruption charges within days he gave an interview to the reuters news agency inside the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh where he's been held since november along with many others these are some of the first images from inside that building the saudi attorney general says that many people have already been released after paying settlements with prince i'll believe bin talal says he's confident he'll be free soon. there's something there no charges ok just some discussion between the you know i mean but the rest assured that this is is it dino petition that we have and we just in discussion with the government on various matters and that i kind of
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divides right now because we are coming into discussion with them but this issue would be out at the end of the full story and we made a copper too because you know i mean my country i mean my city so i feel toward the bottom of the analyst not want to cut a lot says that saudi arabia is desperately trying to raise revenue. i think there are two things here it's about money because the saudi. government is facing financial difficulties because of the collapse of the oil prices over the past few years the man is having very ambitious economy actually from the kingdom so he needs the cash money in order to to carry on with this project but this is not the only issue the other issue in my opinion here is that he's trying to create a popular base of support for him because all these people are in fact corrupt so when he goes after these big fish it's this big fish in saudi society and those who
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have been. pointed to for many many years as the heads of corruption i think he's trying to build this sort of popularity and presenting arms of this i would be with the outside community as a reformer and. i think that is the second the second factor in this in this whole campaign there's concern over the planned return of some or hinge of refugees from bangladesh to me and the government leaders in me and monster repatriation centers in rakhine state open and ready to receive some of them as of tuesday but across the border bangladesh officials say the paperwork for the refugees is incomplete it comes as a former u.s. diplomat resigned from an advisory council after a heated exchange with aung san suu chief bill richardson said he feared the crisis was being whitewashed near the mark uses him of pursuing his own agenda will bill richardson told us that he resigned from the advisory council of his own accord they're making it up that they let me go they were begging me to stay the national
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security adviser that last night i was there. what they said was that in public statements that i was pursuing my own agenda yeah my own agenda was basically follow the kofi annan recommendations do something about the refugees stop the human rights atrocities release the two journalists that were detained because freedom of the press is a bedrock of democracy and a coffee anon recommendation of finding out what's going on yeah i was outspoken and unsung suchi my former friend well i still respect or didn't want to hear that this this commission was a whitewash she doesn't want to show moral leadership because she's afraid of the military the military has enormous power there. she says there's a separation of constitutional rights between the military and her she doesn't want
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to offend them she doesn't want to take them on but she should say to the military we're in a terrible mess stop these atrocities allow these refugees to move forward don't do mass graves find ways to stop the human rights violations she's unwilling to take on a very powerful entity and that's the military as tight security in honduras as protests continue ahead of the inauguration of reelected president one of the hondas the opposition has called for a general strike it says that there were irregularities in the vote count off of embassies presidential election since then more than thirty five people have been killed in clashes with police. i'm not accusing you of a fifteen thousand five hundred national police officers that be working so that this signal corp is a peaceful one and that they'll be you know unfortunate incidents a north korean olympic delegation is inspecting venue's ahead of february's chang games the group arrived in south korea on thursday for
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a three day inspection of the facilities athletes will use the two koreas will mom . as one team at the opening ceremony all of the winter games. in just a while remind you about that breaking story that we had this hour about the the bomb attack in kabul where a number of people are being killed as many as seventeen we're told one hundred ten people injured full details coming up in the news with sunny day it's a dam the next here on al-jazeera. it was a pawn which modern day venezuela was established. for over a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people both less than with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies
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of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today. the big picture the battle for venezuela coming soon. to. the final. the latest news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are
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still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. and i had a good look at the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary to people in power at this time on al-jazeera personal stories of lebanese villagers on the border with israel. runs through their daily struggles when we go get emergency forces stop us when we go there they should have. the right and peaceful protests to reason in the place of the interior means the fines and resistance at the same
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time it's means nothing at night and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera. as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea. exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific nations darkstar it when used at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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