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and peaceful protests during the middle east of the interior means defines and resistance and piecemeal time it means nothing at night and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera. as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea when a when used exposes shocking human rights abuses. of a specific mission stark stark when used at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes a car bomb in the afghan capital targets the high peace council killing at least seventeen and injuring more than one hundred others. in syria a fragile cease fire in the south as a turkish military offensive continues in the north plus. gives the survivors first and foremost the self what it department is universally in my family an opportunity . to heal more fallout from the u.s. gymnastics sexual abuse scandal the entire governing body resigns. and the saudi believe there is five star prison the collapse of a construction giant and what both of them say about the kingdom's economic reforms .
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i least seventeen people have been killed more than a hundred injured in a suicide car bombing in the afghan capital it happened near the old interior ministry building comes a week off the road toward a bomb attack on the city's intercontinental hotel jennifer gloss has more now from kabul. all right so jennifer let's start with casualties what are officials saying about. the ministry of health says seventeen dead and more than one hundred ten wounded in this car bombing it happens on what is usually a very busy street the taliban have claimed responsibility al jazeera spoke to the taliban spokesman just in the last half hour or so he says the target was policemen who were having their lunch out on the street that is a very heavily guarded street come to the high peace council as you said also
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nearby the government's anti-corruption unit there's a school there a prominent hospital and there is there are a series of checkpoints there so ordinary cars can't get through there without being checked and this vehicle got to the second checkpoint when it detonated now i was at the scene just a few minutes ago there were still ambulances and security vehicles ferrying out the wounded and the dead security very tight it is a very busy part of town not only those ministries it's also home to the governor's office a prominent court there are also a number of businesses as well as the country's intelligence service on that main road all of that shut down right now police guarding it heavily and of course the second attack in kabul in a week have we had any claim of responsibility jennifer. the taliban have claimed responsibility for this attack they claim that they were targeting the police that men that checkpoint there are now they claim that dozens of police and. were killed but we do have numbers from the health ministry saying
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seventeen people were killed and more than one hundred ten wounded so a massive bomb in a busy street a lot of casualties in an already in a city already on edge already security was tight more questions will be asked how this vehicle got through a heavily guarded road how it got to the second checkpoint and how it even got to that part of town at all because there have been new checkpoints set up around the city since the attack on the intercontinental hotel last week that killed twenty two. jennifer i'm recalling at this point what the u.s. brigadier general spawn said in december when he was commenting on the new strategy by the trumpet ministration he said quote this is a new war no new does it local does it look like the same old we've had a series of these things lately. we haven't actually somebody commented on me how depressing it is to cover the same story over and over except this isn't the same story certainly not for the seventeen people who died today not for the twenty two people who died last week and for the dozens and dozens who've
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been injured in these attacks the president actually gone to the afghan president says these attacks for example and save the children into a lot of bad earlier this week and on the intercontinental hotel show that the military strategy is working because they're attacking soft targets but today of course the ministry of interior story the high peace council a government target in the center of kabul a scene of the attack and it's going to i think further erode confidence in the afghan government's ability to keep its people safe that is the main complaint here you can't have stability or proper prosperity without security and clearly there is not security right now the foreigners are on high alert because they're not sure exactly why save the children was attacked earlier this week and everybody is very concerned that these attacks continue to go on high profile in the center of town or a jaffa blast. and say to another war zone now a cease fire has gone into effect in syria's besieged area of eastern also that's
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near the capital damascus it was brokered by russia the area is the last remaining rebel stronghold near damascus it's been under siege by government forces for almost five years this comes as syrian opposition members meeting in vienna say they'll boycott talks that russia is hosting in sochi next week but they did say they willing gauge with russia if moscow generally works towards a solution meanwhile turkish forces continue their operation against kurdish fighters in our free and in northern syria forcing the thousands from their homes the violence has increased tension with the u.s. which supports the kurdish why p.g. forces in the area as they battle i'm still under serious stephanie decker joins us now from one type here let's start with the situation at least in the halter if we can stephanie is the cease fire holding. it is for now thirteen hours into it and as anything with syria it really does depend things
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are very fluid and what is often decided politically thousands of kilometers away doesn't always translate to the ground why is this important summit because yes it's the last rebel stronghold close to damascus but also the humanitarian situation inside eastern is dire because of that speech the u.n. saying that the malnutrition among people there around four hundred thousand civilians is one of the most severe in the syrian war so you know this would be a welcome move of course but as we say things are very fluid when it comes to the actual front lines and the situation on the ground now just briefly moving on to the offensive that we have going on closer to we are this is turkey's eighth day of the operation against fourteen the weather is lifted sami for the first time in days it is clear or so not sure if that's going to have an impact because the fighting has been quite relatively calmer when it comes to the ground forces but turkey is very keen to show us what they're doing they took
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a group of us the media inside syria yesterday we went in an armored convoy and it was interesting for us certainly because we've never been into as asked city it so it's rare access and we wanted to try and see what life is like for the people there. as we enter syria it is the free syrian army flag flies high here we were in the media trip into as organized by the turkish authorities they take us close to where there's been fighting with the kurdish armed group turkey calls a terrorist organization turkish forces are trying to push it out of the region about the front line is just a few kilometers west of here both turkish troops and the free syrian army are taking part in all not particularly one of the f.s.a. fighters why he is involved in turkey's operation for some it seems it's personal. with the white b.g. because they betrayed us. and especially because they took over. two
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years. especially now in the winter. what are. telling us is that the front line with the kurdish fighters is just further along. which is over. what is clear here on the outskirts of city is how much of a presence they are of course supporting the free syrian army fighters and syrian rebels that are already taking part in this operation that turkey has undertaken against. while we were here two bullets whizzed overhead. and. for this. sort of they shot at us and. are. pushed out of here in two thousand and fourteen but difficult. for thirteen members of her family she tells us
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she is. war has now become the norm she says but the. people are used to the shelling and the explosions the young children are still scared but we've been facing this for a few years now we're not afraid anymore. there is hardly any electricity here generators are the only way to get light or heat in the winter rain has left the streets with mud. the black paint on this will be for sale. it seems some still dream of moving on from here. the landscape in this part of syria is dotted with tents millions of syrians remain homeless in their own country . we've been here for three years in the tent has never been fixed because of the ryan the tent leaks and there are seven people in one tent a situation is terrible. this is
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a country ripped apart by almost seven years of war millions of syrians have had to leave their lives behind. and as the years go by the war simply seems to change its form the guns seemingly impossible to silence. so sadly as the politicians are not being able to decide on lists that is the reality it's into its seventh year now as we heard there and the misery is continuing for millions and millions of syrians and even though all we hear is that there's only a political solution to the crisis in syria it is the military option that continues to do all the talking we will talk to. a political solution as you mentioned for now thanks so much stephanie. in his first speech in six years the president of the democratic republic of congo has confirmed his country will hold elections joseph kabila said polling will go ahead even though voting has already
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been perspiring twice he also denied accusations that security forces are cracking down on protesters want him to step down catherine soyuz in nairobi. the democratic republic of congo faces political uncertainty. accusations of human rights abuses by government forces security crisis and protests by the catholic church and opposition parties president joseph kabila is looking increasingly isolated at home and a brute and his chosen now to give his fast news conference in sixty is probably the most important thing is not this is a. fait mitch you can organize elections whenever you want to bend over nails them . to day to day after tomorrow. but what's more important is what happened to. manage. do you have.
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to have stability that your stupidity in order for the country to go. on sunday police clashed with protesters calling for electoral justice the demonstration had been organized by the catholic church six people were killed eight other people died in similar protests on new year's eve. leaders have overstepped their will do you think he's got the catholic church rejected election results in two thousand and eleven. nowhere in the bible is it written that jesus presided over an electoral commission it's very dangerous when people try to mix religion and politics. in the capital kinshasa people say they've been waiting for a long time to hear their president speak many. forced to do so now you president has said that he respects the constitution each show by ensuring the election happens yesterday development as he said but without an election things will just get worse as
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a presidential election was supposed to be held in twenty sixteen at the end of kabila second and final tom the electoral commission say security. how forced the delay preparations have finally began for the vote to take place but opposition politicians still do not trust the process the president is under a lot of pressure to step down he said he will but was the reason new head of state to take his place the electoral commission insists that the election which has been postponed twice now is going to happen at the end of this many colonies are hoping that they will finally get to vote in december but more importantly the paul will be free fair and credible catherine saw an al-jazeera nairobi kenya now all remaining members of the u.s. gymnastics board have agreed to step down after former team doctor larry naso was jailed for sexually abusing female athletes. rector at michigan state university where nasir quit worked also quit university is now the focus of
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a federal investigation that mr brooke is there one day after the u.s. olympic committee sent this letter demanding the resignation of the full usa gymnastics board all remaining members stepped down the u.s.o.c. threatened to strip the group of its power following wednesday sentence of dr larry now sir i just find you're getting boring the physician for the u.s. women's gymnastics team and michigan state university pleaded guilty to sexually abusing seven women athletes be on the campus of michigan university friday evening outrage students demonstrated over nassar and the school's potential complicity in the case just hours earlier a michigan state's athletic director announced his retirement i don't want anyone to perceive that i'm walking away i'm walking forward and walking forward in a way that based upon. my deep assessment.
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gives the survivors first and foremost the sephardic department this university in my family an opportunity. to heal and and step forward michigan state already faces more than one hundred thirty lawsuits from women and girls michigan's governor and attorney general say they are launching separate investigations u.s. education secretary betsy divorce says her department is also investigating i think there's going to be a broader look not just at gymnastics i wouldn't be surprised if the n.c. double a which is the organization that oversees collegiate collegiate sports at large in the united states is under scrutiny as well here by the time it's all over with nearly one hundred fifty women have accused nasser of sexually abusing them including a limpet gold medalist ellie raisman who wants more answers this is bigger than
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larry nasser we have to get to the bottom of how this disaster happened if we don't figure out how it did we can't be confident that it won't happen again there could also be financial consequences for both michigan state and usa gymnastics the school could lose millions of dollars in donations usa gymnastics could lose millions in sponsorships dion estabrook al-jazeera. i'll have more on the u.s. gymnastics scandal later in the show in sports also coming up in. the interests of history the sense of project to restore millions of documents destroyed in communist germany. the internet. of information now we have the internet of money. your money told money the world's financial elite discuss the future of digital currency is.
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the billionaire princella lead been. cleared of corruption charges within days he gave a government approved interview to the reuters news agency inside the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh where he's been held since november many others are being held there too these are some of the first images from inside the complex the saudi attorney general says many have already been released after paying settlements dismissed employees of the saudi construction company oj are demanding their salaries it's been almost two years since they were paid show which was forced to close last summer was owned by the family of lebanon's prime minister saddle how do you get all the reports from beirut the employees have now become political bargaining chips. or has lost almost everything he returned home to lebanon from saudi arabia after working for the construction
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company saudi oshie for twenty two years it was a good life now this attic is his home. his children are all he has left but since he was laid off last summer taking care of them is hard. are in an orphanage didn't just lose his job he is owed around sixty thousand dollars the company was in financial trouble before it closed down last july tens of thousands of saudis. their salaries for two years. with some of us not even my wife left me because of the situation i've had two heart attacks and i haven't been able to afford to buy medicine for five months when i came back from riyadh i only had twenty dollars in my pocket. the construction company employs more than fifty thousand workers three thousand five hundred of them. and many of them. they have been holding protests. demanding their rights
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but i'm not hopeful because this has become a political issue. years ago by the father of lebanon's prime minister. the. saudi arabia. the preferential treatment the company enjoyed a few years ago. because of oil prices and reduced saudi government spending.
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billions of dollars. the company is indebted to. what happens. prime minister. months before the election but the stakes are much higher. creagh is an assistant professor of defense studies that king's college in london joins us now from london on skype good to have you with us so whether we're talking about detaining princes whether we're talking about companies that don't pay their bills that are owed money by the saudi government tell i did lee there's all of this point to the saudi states need for cash is that the sort of connecting factor in all of this yes and no i think there are two strands to this story the one is
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obviously saudi arabia has an endemic problem with corruption that runs all the way from the top to the bottom and it's a rentier state as a red state it has problems with corruptions people stealing all the problems with how money is being distributed in the country this is something we have and someone has to address and he also has to use harsh measures to do so on the other hand i think there is also this political side of it i think there is a mohammed and so much crown prince in saudi arabia who tries to consolidate power and not just to fight corruption but also to basically in a mass power for himself and that he can exercise politically so there's certain people that have been imprisoned who i don't think have been somewhat directly involved in business scandals someone like prince matter for example has been a very powerful player within the saudi political sphere and these people have been sidelined as well during that courage and i think that suggests to me similar to the case of of really here this corruption narrative is used as an
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excuse to basically push the country of potential dissidents or opposition figures people that don't like to play along with my have been so amount of political and economic agenda. what you make of the statements from officials they've raised one hundred twenty billion dollars from detained princes i mean what does that mean for the budget and for the state of finances if that's true. if that's true i think that is quite. an interesting calculation i'm not sure they were able to write raise one hundred twenty billion dollars dense a lot of money but we need to understand this within the context of the set of saudi finances today saudi this is supposedly at least run a deficit of fifty two billion dollars after running a similar deficit last year and the previous years since that in two thousand and fourteen we've seen a drop in oil prices and the saudis really on the brink brink has been on the brink of bankruptcy every single year so one hundred adding one hundred billion if that
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is even if there is even a correct number means that you can actually just about counterbalance the problems that saudi faces financially but i don't think it's going to be a drop in the bucket if the endemic problems that are running this country internally that they're certainly leads that are trying to enrich themselves including mohamed bin so man and so this a man branch of the family if that continues and well does not distribute it effectively that will break the neck of saudi arabia so the hundred billion there will not make that huge difference i got a couple of questions over who will have time from one is what this whole case means for investor confidence. right i think we have to understand this car and i'm stepping away from the purge within the context of the course i mean the world public is now focusing on you know in international economic developments saudi arabia plays a wants to play a very important part of this gender twenty thirty supposed to play
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a very important part of this in terms of raising investor confidence so in this current context i think having someone like prince to allow for example speak out publicly as he did yesterday shows that you know the saudis are trying to use him as somewhat the poster child of liberalism they're trying to appeal to investors overseas saying we realize that what we did and the way we did it with that courage that we saw completely undermined the business confidence and investor confidence in saudi arabia because let's face it there is a country that says we want to fight corruption and we does just misappropriate or nationalize so. certain privately owned acids and privately owned company companies and that obviously undermines investor confidence now they're trying to come back and say it's actually all not that bad we came to a settlement the problem with all of this is there has not been a due diligence process there has not been a process that follows the rule of law that's seen it until now it seems everything that has happened there seems to be absolutely abba treasury and based on bullying
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that's obviously not how you deal with such problems and i think that is the big problem. with this entire affair and now the saudis are trying to pull back saying look actually it's not been that bad a using tell all to say actually we've come to a mutually beneficial agreement in the end of it and it wasn't all that bad but let's be honest here i mean if people especially billionaires are being adequately detained that has an impact on international business confidence and investor confidence obviously or i will leave it there for now under a screen thanks so much thank you. a multi-billion dollar project meant to digitize files of east germany's secret police has been abandoned millions of documents amassed by the stars he was shredded soon after the fall of the berlin wall historians are restoring some of them by putting millions of bits of torn papers back together but the scanning hardware being used to digitize the old documents is not sophisticated enough to have more it's been called the world's biggest
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jigsaw puzzle six hundred million bits of paper are now having to be put back together again by hand there is still fifteen thousand bags of them to go through an urgent search is now going on to find sophisticated new software to try and cope with the task without a cutting edge computer and scanner it will take many decades to finish victims of the secret police might now go to their graves without ever really knowing these missing pages of their own lives and says it is at risk and looking into your own starting file is something very personal i felt it myself it allowed me to regain some control of my past. the relics of communist rule beyond the iron curtain in berlin can give those include what it was really like to live through those dark peers these archives contain some of the names of the collaborators and files that have been successfully pieced together men like could not schmuck code named jack
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colby who spied on fellow border guards all informants had to make a hand-written of out of loyalty i pledge to support the ministry for state to purity in the. service of its great tasks regarding the protection for to vacation of germany with all my power this is a star's expenses receipt showing payment of seven thousand five hundred and garion farrant to an informant here a photograph of an undercover surveillance operation and this a letter of commendation for a senior spy code name shefa stationed abroad is reward three hundred german marks and a bronze medal. the stasis hole unshown hausen prison in east berlin is now a memorial it's been estimated that nearly one in six of the population of the german democratic republic collaborated with the secret police thousands of lives were torn apart by the stasi and nothing can put them back together again but
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nearly thirty years after the fall of the berlin wall victims might find some painful comfort in finally finding out the name of the person whose betrayal put them behind bars thomas is now a tour guide in the prison where he spent more than two years in the cells for trying to escape to the west. as a god but for many years there were situations where people were surprised learning that maybe even their best friend was an informer that happened the other for some people want to know about this but others don't. they stole two years from my life for this will have consequences until the very end of it swoops and of a david chaytor al-jazeera or eastern berlin i don't know we'll have all the way there was definite still ahead here on al-jazeera returns to the streets of tehran but for many the anger in this trust towards the government remains. stark
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cricketer ben stokes off field problems i haven't seen this career prospects to march will explain all that in sport. why the sky knowing the. coast of the italian riviera. hello there well it's very wet at the moment over the northern parts of australia the satellite picture is showing up the cloud there over the northern parts of queensland through the northern territory and northern parts of w.a. as well and we have seen to wrench of the heavy downpours out of this cloud though in what we saw ninety nine millimeters just in the last twenty four hours which brings the total for this month to four hundred ninety six that's really very wet when you compare it to the usual january total of four hundred twenty four so we're
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already above that we're not quite at the end of the month just yet and actually most of the wet weather we've seen this month has just been in the last six days that's been around half of the overall total so it's been incredibly wet and there's plenty more rain still to come fact over the next few days you've got to watch this area here because the simple areas of low pressure within the and if any of them flip over the sea there's a chance that they could develop into a tropical cycle and so it's all quite active area at the moment elsewhere across australia though the weather is very different down in the southeast corner well look at the temperature chart bright red here all stretching down to the coast adelaide there up forty two degrees on sunday really very very wet but then a cold come front goes through and as it does all maximums just twenty seven for more bearable. there with sponsored by the time. rewind returns with new updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries. and the
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moving story of two young turk men girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of repressive taliban occupation. five years on what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds. up to date just what the president say in our country there is not other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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watching out is there a time to recap the headlines now at least forty people have been killed or more than one hundred injured in a blast in the afghan capital kabul the taliban says it was behind the suicide car bombing at the old interior ministry building. and billionaire saudi prince had to leave says he'll be cleared of corruption charges within days he gave an interview to reuters news agency inside the ritz carlton hotel that's where he's been held since november along with many others. cease fire brokered by russia has gone into effect in the rebel held area of eastern. near syria's capital damascus almost four hundred thousand people live in the region which has been besieged by government
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forces for almost five years. well as you heard earlier the syrian opposition says it's decided not to take part in russia back talks in sochi next week spokesman not sort of how dearly was speaking on the last day of u.n. back talks on the syrian conflict underway in vienna. joins us now live from the austrian capital so it sounds by the tone of that press conference we had out of the agency a short while ago that this round of talks will be joining the list of eight others builders failed. yes one might put it that way i think they've been very difficult and complicated talks for example yesterday the session between the opposition and u.n. envoys to find a mystery last about five hours there was some buy laterals going on at the same
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time between some members of the s.n.c. and the russian delegation by the end of it there was no common point of found and we also heard in the afternoon a very angry. shuttle jaffery the head of the regime delegation basically out right throwing away that working paper that had been put forward the opposition saying that would working paper was just offering new ways new mechanism on how to revive these peace talks that had seemed to have gone nowhere. really now as you said the s.n.c. has taken the decision not to go to sochi there might be some members of the s.n.c. that will indeed go but they will be heading there on an individual basis now joining me here is dr hugh hill he is the spokesman of the s.n.c. and he will explain us more there was a lot of talk before do this meeting in vienna that this was
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a critical time and we heard that from the fundamental to russia and also from the head of the s.n.c. personal headed what happened now. exactly this rome in vienna was meant to be test for the commitment to the implementation of you once you could go solution to to fight for what. unfortunately this thirst has been. the theme that both the regime and those who are supporting the regime to continue surviving no based on the results of. the thought that there could be commitment the sit ins could have been made regarding what russia is proposing unfortunately the test was free and the decision was taken by the s. and c. not to go to sochi or as you say well russia is proposing what exactly it was the west says answer to that working document on known paper with these ten points well
1:37 pm
just you have to think of the timing goals which you have to think of those what attending it without it is under the umbrella with the goals of this to contribute or the of what the outcome of this meeting would contribute to the geneva process old the ideas that came to us not indicate in any way that it is contributing to the geneva process how although we hope that could come out of something deleted to the constitution and procedures that can seize a committee that would hold. and move geneva for would say no we we we are in a situation now where basically there's a deadlock a day and the two delegations are not in the building even at the same time and in geneva eight they would sort of label proximity talks that did not happen this time either where is this going to go i mean how many times are you guys going to attend
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talks went to geneva or anywhere else and each and every time there's no outcome absolutely all right but you have to think of the person who was trying to obstruct the political process from the very beginning of the g.m. has selected the military solution to be the star to geve for just silencing people how about the world food a political solution should u.n. security council resolutions that is somebody who is working against these political attempts of the because of you shouldn't and finding ways and means to obstruct you on from just doing its. jobs it is a challenge not only to the city and people it is a challenge to the u.n. it's the it's good that comes with solutions this is the problem so has to be some turnover will in order to force the team in particular russia could exercise a certain will which is a certain power in order to bring the genie to find
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a political solution because russia talking about the possibility of finding a political solution for syria this for the sake of syrian people if they care about syrian people responsibility towards them and also care about this international body that you go on the view and in general it's true solutions at stake now if this is if this is populated if this is not implemented this is another breaching challenge to the yuan thank you very much now of course we still haven't heard a final word from the u.n. on whether it will endorse these. talks or not they are due to start in a couple of days certainly we did feel a certain level of frustrated frustration from u.n. envoy is the founder mistura last night he gave a very late statement in which he said he is still waiting to hear from u.n. secretary general and to a new good terrorists about his final decision now you have to recall that the
1:40 pm
secretary general had put some preconditions for the u.n. to endorse these talks among which a public commitment by the syrian regime to resolution two to five for that hasn't happened or active really in gauge meant here during the talks according to the opposition and the u.n. that hasn't happened and the escalation of violence of the ground certainly a very difficult situation and those in syria or outside of syria were hoping that there might be a step forward where even this time their hopes were dashed all right hoda abdel-hamid that. delegation of iranian m.p.'s is scheduled to visit protesters in prison promising to investigate reports people have been tortured and even killed in police custody. returned to the streets some continue to distrust their leaders. reports from iran's capital. in the weeks
1:41 pm
that followed antigovernment protests iran security forces and police detained thousands of suspected demonstrators most have been interrogated and. some made to sign a pledge promising never again to participate in unrest were damaged public property almost everyone tried to contact even those who marched in favor of the government declined to speak to us many said they worried they might say the wrong thing and lend themselves in a prison cell by coincidence or by design government actions following opposition rallies have created an atmosphere of fear and speaking publicly is seen as an act of courage. is the secretary of the justice seekers a student movement with members from universities across to run the advocate for public housing and better economic conditions and took part in protests last month but stopped when protests became violent. problems exist protests will
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happen and they happen in every country these kinds of protests are something normal and it is the people's right and it's something natural he said iranians are frustrated after enduring years of hard times but violence was something most anti-government protesters did not want. things happened that we didn't want some people died in different parts of the country also in tehran some students after these incidents were arrested and there were news reports that someone was killed during an interrogation but it just to seek a movement wants without any judgment is transparency on these kinds of incidents he also. the lack of transparency about the deaths of protesters and people in police custody was making many iranians distrust their own government and the government leaders blaming outside forces with no evidence was unacceptable even though they admit that the demonstrations were started by people who have
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legitimate economic concerns the official position of the government is still that the protests were overtaken by foreign enemies so instead of framing the anti-government rallies as a domestic disturbance of civil rights the government is framing everything that happened as an external threat to iran's national security iranian leaders say they live in a tough neighborhood and maintaining internal stability must come first and. we have some enemies that never hide their animosity america the cia global imperialism and international zionists have never hidden their animals to towards us and this climate any protests could actually compromise our security while an organized and peaceful protest in the streets can give us insight it shouldn't be in a way that our enemies could be so use no rosie added that any iranian is welcome to seek out people like him and demand their rights but they would have to play by the government's rules. those who hold rallies and protests there are children i've
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been in parliament for two years most days we see thousands of people in front of parliament protests they come to hold banners chant slogans sometimes the silent we see they've written but as we speak to them they agree we agree we legislate some laws for them i don't think there is a country that has the kind of freedom we already have in iran while president hassan rouhani continues to publicly defend the rights of protesters earlier this week the provincial governor's office denied a request by the city council to designate a part of the capital specifically for peaceful protests critics say it's an example of government double speak. right let's bring these. breaking news just coming into us here in al-jazeera according to a family's sources of the detained or ones today should say prince saudi prince had really been now his family sources telling reuters news agency that the prince has now been released from detention now just to give you some background on this you
1:45 pm
may recall he's one of several members of the royal family which were put in detention at the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh the been there for more than two months. on well i should say allegations if not charges of corruption so now family sources of the prince. saying to reuters news agency he's been released. it's been described as our bubble about to burst a way of laundering money but also as the future of finance world economic forum's meeting in switzerland this week the spotlight fell on digital currencies like bitcoin and the technology in which they're built. has more from davus. there was something different about the davos prominent this year cryptocurrency said arrived they became household names in two thousand and seventeen now believers say the
1:46 pm
underlying technology block chain is the future but these are the suspects are young before any feeling like point reform and so forth there is fraud there are. but i don't think that's the majority of it you're going to build a block train across africa exactly what does that actually mean one person who tried to explain it was jamie smith former obama deputy press secretary turned block chain promoter you think about it it's like a train track between you and me the black chain or the rails and then the car and travel there is a digital token so i'm attaching any asset to anything i'm sending it to you and i do that on that car and that car is a digital token of the most famous words follow. their clears that up there this week it felt like the only buzz in town is donald trump with an off the hind v's doors the trump name is barely mentioned because here they are party like it's nine hundred ninety four we're in that stage one nine hundred ninety four the beginning of the internet yes let's go get em in the fervor that's happening in the world
1:47 pm
today the market today is in this room that they're buzzing that there's a new thing that the internet is of information now we have the internet of money with the internet of value and we can do the internet of law and the smart contracts we can do artificial intelligence so through this side all internet of value exchange is going to be bigger than it's block chain enthusiastic tend not to underplay its potential we are creating a new financial infrastructure for the world we're going to see pretty much everything that we do as humans be put on this ledger so that we can prove that we're being trustworthy but there are those willing to sound a note of caution now with becoming the. very speculative so i'm just going to take a step back and reread our point to a little. block chain technologies nine hundred ninety four moment has already seen
1:48 pm
currencies like bitcoin rise in value by one thousand eight hundred percent in twelve months the growth potential of block chain is such that around here they call bitcoin yesterday's news show how al-jazeera davos canadian aircraft manufacturer bombard the area scored a victory against its u.s. rival boeing that's after a u.s. trade commission ruled in its favor in a trade dispute boeing had argued that bombard the air was benefiting from unfair government subsidies allowing it to undercut its business the decision paves the way for body or to sell its jets to american customers without high tariffs ivery stores across china have closed after a ban on the trade came into force that means there's a lot less work for ivory carvers were solemn and trying to find new ways to use their expertise bribe reports from beijing. leach encourage one of china's master carvers using skills learned over
1:49 pm
a lifetime working with the material that he says has no equal ivory. is the best material to work with not too hard and the not too soft in spite of the ban he is determined to pass on his skills to his apprentices his workshop like others in china is now using mammoth task from russia. dug out of the ground from animals that died thousands of years ago early human ancestors first learned their carving skills with it. so now that you know. even thirteen thousand years ago humans were using the car it's one of their earliest materials were worth with. as the biggest market for ivory in the world china's ban on the trade is seen as vital for the african elephant after years of ivory poaching and
1:50 pm
smuggling. lease says he never worked with poached ivory and fears his skills may now be lost if carving goes out of fashion apprentice li yang is determined to learn the craft regardless. even though i don't make much money my family's support and i really appreciated where i explain to my friends the importance or car wink in chinese culture he's been learning for eight years i did still considered a novice a basic apprenticeship is ten years it takes at least twenty years to become a professional carver and with more than fifty years experience. reckons he's still learning. some ivory carving techniques traffic already being lost and it would be very easy to lose their skills altogether and that he says would be not only china's loss but the world's robert pride al-jazeera beijing. still to
1:51 pm
come in al-jazeera in the sport find out if this was enough for the former world number one to make the cut in san diego. what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important. to publish it. to be offensive or provocative or whatever it is people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. we're here to deduce computer covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the
1:52 pm
story we have presence here all the time apart from the good time and it's also very important to give journalists you know the story very well before going into the field covering the united nations and global to only see for al-jazeera english it's pretty incredible this is where talks and what happens there matters. all right time to catch up with all the sports news his father sammy thank you so much we start with the australian open women's final top seed simona halep is currently facing number two seed caroline wozniak you it's tied at one side all both players are trying to win their first ever grand slam title but stokes's off
1:53 pm
field problems didn't put off suitors at the indian premier league auction yngling star all rounder was sold for just under two million dollars to the rajah's son royal stokes who was named the i.p.l. as most valuable player last season there is currently under investigation in the u.k. he's been charged with a fray for an altercation outside a nightclub in september and will appear in court next month the season begins and april. xina dean's a down has admitted leaving his job as around madrid coach is a possibility if he cannot turn around their form or else face to valencia in the league a later or actually one place above them in the table last blanco's looks certain to miss out on any domestic silverware this season they're currently down and fourth nineteen points off leaders barcelona they also crashed out of the copa del rey this week to lay gayness. if i wasn't sure i could change that to ation i would have left i think we can change this streak and
1:54 pm
achieve something positive there are nineteen league matches the head of the champions league against p.s.g. and i only think of that alexey sanchez has made a winning start to his manchester united career united beating fourth tier yeoville town in the english f.a. cup sanchez's debut coming after his move from arsenal earlier in the week the chilean striker didn't score but his team are through to round five after a four no win. no surprise for us for the sick lady shaw for three years the show was that for the past three days it was thrilling with those so amazing additions for us. tiger woods has made the cut at the farmers insurance open in san diego the former world number one birdie to its final hole of the second round to finish the day on one under seventy one and that was just enough to make the cut for the fourteen time major champion woods is ten strokes behind leader brian palmer this is the forty two year old's first p.g.a. tour starting over a year after having back surgery last april. a totally different feels because my
1:55 pm
body is different i can't tell you the same feel i had been because i wasn't fused and this is a different body and that's why i excited to play the weekend continue getting used to my feels because they are different. i can do do it at home and hit certain shots become out here in competition my adrenaline goes up a little bit i hit the ball further but how much further. and also on top of that what are my new fields are going to be and these are things that i have to learn and michigan state university athletics director mark hall a step down on friday the move comes the same week that former usa gymnastics national team doctor larry nasser was sentenced for molesting female athletes master previously worked at the university a rally took place earlier on campus to protest the handling of years of validation is against nasser all this is regular resignation comes just two days after the school's president also stepped down schools board of trustees apologized for the
1:56 pm
use of the institution is now under investigation. is a senior writer for roll call he says there will soon be stricter regulations in sports bodies. well i think that the first thing that we're going to see on capitol hill is that is early as the beginning of next week they're going to try and pass least some legislation that will move in the right direction incrementally in terms of making it so that you're required if you're an organization like usa gymnastics or anything else that falls under the umbrella of the u.s. olympic committee to at least report to the proper authorities when you have allegations of sexual abuse it is a long undertaking if this investigation by the the energy and commerce panel where the house of representatives or anything that the senate might do actually goes on it seems like it could be similar to the investigations into steroids use in major
1:57 pm
league baseball in the united states which went on for years there was a big upset in the n.b.a. on friday the toronto raptors who got the second best record in the east were beaten by western conference strugglers utah donovan mitchell was jass a star man netting twenty six points in what was a really tight affair utah were actually trailing with five seconds to go but they were saved by ricky rubio on the spaniard training and under pressure three to take the lead they close the game out ninety seven to ninety three. canada's j.c. j. anderson has become the oldest snowboard winner in world cup history the forty two year old olympic gold medalist won the parallel giant slalom race at the snowboard world cup in bulgaria it's anderson's twenty eighth career when the canadian will represent his country in his six olympics at next month's time trying to. feel fine you know train a little bit and work a lot though so. i'm happy when i can get out of the shop and go ride some nice
1:58 pm
turn zero i'm always happy i'm holding on on. holding. and here is another one of canada's olympic medal contenders mats parrott won gold in the men's snowboard big air final at the extreme x. games and aspen colorado. and that's all your sport for now will have more later but for now it's back to you sammy find so much for a while that's it for this news hour way back in a couple of minutes adrian will have a full show so do stay with us here on out just zero.
1:59 pm
dark thirty. the street is quiet the signal is given gang members are out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty murders in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes it caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking past to try to take control gang violence i lost my. way lived or years
2:00 pm
ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. as witchcraft of sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea when used exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific nations darkstar it when used at this time on al-jazeera. a car bomb in afghanistan's capital targets the high peace council killing at least
2:01 pm
forty people and injuring more than one hundred of those. one hundred for the good of the.


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